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    Anime and Manga 

Puppetmon: (dying) Cherrymon... what is it that those kids have... that I don't?
Cherrymon: Friends.

Don't underestimate the power of friendship!
Natsu Dragneel when fighting a god, Fairy Tail

Yeah, it's true. The one thing I've always wanted was to have friends... like them.

[Ryuko] may have lost the match, but she won with friendship! Winning with friendship means winning at life!
Mako, Kill la Kill, "So Sexy, She Might Pass Out"

Then one day, I realized you were all there for me, Shizuru, and Mai and Mikoto, and there I was, smiling, happy. If that hadn't dawned on me, I might've remained the bitter girl I'd been. But the love that Shizuru had for me and the feelings that Mai and Tate had for each other made me realize that people can't live alone. It might seem obvious to anyone else, but it was an important truth that I discovered only recently. Anyway, it's kind of embarrassing, but let me say it. Thank you to all those who stuck around me.
Natsuki Kuga, My-HiME Special 25

Because they saved me from myself; they rescued me from my loneliness. They were the first to accept me for who I am. They're my friends.
Naruto Uzumaki, Naruto

Even in Hell, there is a single blooming flower of friendship. It rocks back and forth over the waves, leaving one single petal behind as a memento. Someday, it will certainly bloom. Okama Way!
Mr. 2 Bon Kurei, One Piece

Bonds of people is the true power.

Greater than one is two.
Greater than two is three.
Greater than three is four.
When the strength of friends is combined into one...
Then true power and courage are created!

Optimus Prime: You see Starscream, when you betray those around you, you've got no one you can rely on.
Leobreaker: But when you're part of a team, you never stand alone!
Optimus Prime: It really is a valuable lesson, but some people just have to learn the hard way.

Unico: I'm sorry that you're full of... so much hate. You think that all people are your enemies but that's only because you've never had a friend.
Kuruku: Did you say a friend?
Unico: I know how important friends are. That's why I understand you.
Kuruku: (getting weak) Please stop it, the idea of being someone's friend. It's making me feel quite ill. (shrieks)
Unico: I know what happened to you long ago, I know that some people treated you badly. If you had a friend you'd know not everyone's like that. You must be very lonely.

    Comic Books 
The Thing: How about you tell me why you're wrecking all them planes so I don't have to-
The Hulk: You do what, rock man? What will you do to Hulk?
Thing: I think I was gonna say "clobber", but I have choices because I got something you don't.
Hulk: What's that?
Thing: (points to the arriving Fantastic Four) I got friends.
Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four #29

"I see now that my uncle spoke the truth when he sent me on this quest. There are indeed many kinds of power that you can gain in life. And while some power can be taken... true power must be earned.
That's what you've shown me today, my friends. I've finally found the power within myself. The power of responsibility, the Power of Trust, and most importantly...
The Power of Friendship! And that was the whole point of this quest, after all."

    Fan Fiction 
Trust us on this one. Good friends are worth more than their weight in gold.
Keiichi, Kyon: Big Damn Hero

Calvin was horrified what this... evil... thing... had just done to his best friend. But Calvin didn't cry. Calvin didn't give up. He didn't let Hobbes' sacrifice be in vain. Instead, Calvin did what most grown-ups wouldn't do in this situation. He shouted, "GOTTA CATCH ME FIRST, YOU RUSTY PIECE OF SCRAP METAL!" Now that's guts. Now that's courage. Now THAT'S friendship.

"I envy you. No matter how long, you can hold out and wait for the sake of the one you loved. You're strong..."
Suika talking about Kasen, Suikakasen

Akechi: Are you telling me. That the only way. To fully exploit my power. Is to make friends.
Jose: You got it!
Akechi: What Very Special Episode hell is this?

    Film - Live-Action 

"Dear George: Remember, no man is a failure who has friends. Thanks for the wings. Love, Clarence."

"The guys underground who pinned their hopes on me... and everyone above... are more valuable than any prize money. I can win because of them. Even over this infernal 'Swamp'!"

Spock: I saw V'Ger's planet, a planet populated by living machines. Unbelievable technology. V'Ger has knowledge that spans this universe. And, yet with all this pure logic, ...V'Ger is barren, cold, no mystery, no beauty. I should have known.
Kirk: Known? Known what? ...Spock, what should you have known?
Spock: (holds Kirk's hand) This simple feeling... is beyond V'Ger's comprehension. No meaning, no hope, and, Jim, no answers.

"I have been, and always shall be, your friend. Live long... and prosper."

Spock: I would accept that as an axiom.
Amanda: Then you stand here as a mistake, made by your flawed, feeling, human friends. They have sacrificed their futures, because they believed the good of the one – you – was more important to them.
Amanda: They do indeed.

"Had you worked together instead of against each other, you might have been successful."
M. Bison, Street Fighter: The Movie

Turkey Creek Jack Johnson: Why you doin' this, Doc?
Doc Holliday: Because Wyatt Earp is my friend.
Turkey Creek Jack Johnson: Friend? Hell, I got lots of friends.
Doc Holliday: ...I don't.


Two are better than one: they get a good wage for their labor. If the one falls, the other will lift up his companion. Woe to the solitary man! For if he should fall, he has no one to lift him up. So also, if two sleep together, they keep each other warm. How can one alone keep warm? Where a lone man may be overcome, two together can resist. A three-ply cord is not easily broken.

Friendship Day can be any day you want it to be.
Franklin Turtle, "Franklin's Valentines"

There was laughter inside his own head, shrill, high-pitched laughter... he could smell the Dementor's putrid, death-cold breath filling his own lungs, drowning him - think... something happy...
But there was no happiness in him... the Dementor's icy fingers were closing on his throat - the high-pitched laughter was growing louder and louder, and a voice spoke inside his head: "Bow to death, Harry... it might even be painless... I would not know... I have never died..."
He was never going to see Ron and Hermione again-
And their faces burst clearly into his mind as he fought for breath.

Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art, like the universe itself (for God did not need to create). It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things which give value to survival.

    Live-Action TV 

You can never hope to grasp the source of our power.
Buffy Summers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

A Slayer with family and friends, that sure as hell wasn't in the brochure.
Spike after Joyce hit him with a fire axe, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

You know... you act like such a lonely man. But look at you! You've got the biggest family on Earth!
Sarah Jane Smith, Doctor Who

Cora: Are we to be friends then?
Lady Grantham: We are allies, my dear, which can be a good deal more effective.

Mickey, there's something more important, more powerful than hatred, and that is friendship. I'm your friend; I've always been your friend. If I have hurt you, in any way, please forgive me. And if I am to die now Mickey, remember that I forgave you. Remember that. And remember that I died as your friend.
Robert McCall, The Equalizer

Iolaus: You never gave up on me.
Hercules: What do you expect? You're the best friend I ever had.


Friends will be friends
When you're in need of love, they give you care and attention
Friends will be friends
When you're through with life and all hope is lost
Hold out your hand 'cause friends will be friends
Right 'till the end
Queen, "Friends Will Be Friends"

Well, the worst of times they, they don't faze me
Even if I look and act pretty crazy
I went way down, she betrayed me
Now my vision is no longer hazy
I'm very lucky to have my crew
They stood by me when she flew
I've been knocked down, beat down, black and blue
She's not the one coming back for you
Rancid, "Fall Back Down"

Lean on me, when you're not strong
And I'll be your friend
I'll help you carry on
For it won't be long
'Til I'm gonna need
Somebody to lean on
Bill Withers, "Lean On Me"

You and I can share the silence
Finding comfort together
The way old friends do
And after fights and words of violence
We make up with each other
The way old friends do

Times of joy and times of sorrow
We will always see it through
Oh, I don't care what comes tomorrow
We can face it together
The way old friends do
ABBA, "The Way Old Friends Do"


    Puppet Shows 
Gobo: I just feel so alone.
Trash Heap: Alone? Then don't be alone. Get some friends. Friends help.
— "Beginnings," Fraggle Rock

    Video Games 

I don't need a weapon. My friends are my power!
Sora, Kingdom Hearts

Ven: Whatever it takes. Anything to save Terra and Aqua.
Vanitas: Hmph. It's always about your friends, isn't it?
Ven: At least I have some! I've become a part of their heart, just as they've become a part of mine. My friends are my power... and I'm theirs!

Sora: Hearts are made of the people we meet, and how we feel about them—they're what ties us together even when we're apart! They're what...make me strong.
Xigbar / Braig: Duh! You're strong because of the ties you have with other people. As if the Keyblade would choose a wimp like you.
Sora: I know the Keyblade didn't choose me, and I don't care. I'm proud to be part of something bigger — the people it did choose. My friends. They are my power! (Visions of his allies, past and present, suddenly surround him)
Xigbar / Braig: (backing away, grimacing) ...Those are just words! You - you've lost! Fine, see where your power gets you here. Xemnas, he's all yours!

You and your friends vs 10 million zombies... They're gonna need more zombies.
Left 4 Dead 2 tagline

Satan: What the devil? That Hell was practically inescapable.
Sam: Sorry, Satan. Your demon impostor was no match for the true power of friendship and cooperation!
Max: Plus I ripped out his kidneys.
Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space: What's New Beelzebub?

OK then, let’s get ready to do this. We’ll show that creep the REAL SUPER POWER of TEAM WORK!
Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Heroes

This war has brought us pain and suffering and loss. But it's also brought us together; as soldiers, allies, friends. This bond that ties us together is something the Reapers will never understand. It's more powerful than any weapon. Stronger than any ship. It can't be taken or destroyed.
Commander Shepard, Mass Effect 3

After I met you, my life changed for the better. That's the nature of true friendship.
Paladin Danse if his approval for you is at its highest, Fallout 4

Final Boss: You are all pathetic weaklings! You lack the courage to challenge me in lone combat.
Claude: Yet we have the strength to scale the walls between us... To reach out our hands in friendship so we can open our true hearts to one another! THAT'S HOW WE WIN!!!
Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Verdant Wind route

My dad's just one man. He didn't beat the Imperial army on his own. It took a lot of people working like crazy together to protect the country. Weren't you one of those people? And it's the work of all those people that brought the war to an end. We still feel the same, here and now. When we found out what you were planning, we didn't get it... But it's our will to help people that's led us here. Don't you think that's miracle enough? Even if it's not... We still believe that there's potential in anyone, heck, everyone. If another war should break out in the future... people will do the same thing: they'll work together and do what has to be done to make it through. I don't know much about this ancient power, but I DO know that we can count on our fellow Liberlians!
Estelle Bright, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Skynote 

    Visual Novels 

Tell me... what is a friend? An adversary of equal strength. A paramount aspect of life. Someone who knows and understands all about you? The yin and yang present in all matters attract each other, regardless of background or sex. There is no bond stronger than one born through this phenomenon.


You became friends with Yosuke. Yosuke will now die for you.

Sooner or later you will have to face the fact that literally all adventures are about learning the value of teamwork.
Teamwork and friendship. The two razor sharp edges of the mighty excalibur which EVERY hero should keep in his scabbard.
Even shitty heroes like you.

    Web Original 

To my mind, a JRPG just isn’t a JRPG unless it ends with teenagers using the power of friendship to kill God.

Aw, c'mon Twilight, there's no problem that friendship can't solve!... Yeah, okay, that sounded kind of gay.

Remaining MiGs are bugging out because of our teamwork and kindness!

You know, there's one thing you Freelancers always seem to forget. And that's the fact that we've managed to kick your ass time and time again. Oh sure, you've got all your smart plans, and your fancy technology, and your advanced training, but in the end, what has that gotcha? Without a team you can count on and your fellow soldier by your side, all that doesn't really amount to squat, now, does it?
Sarge, Red vs. Blue

Genkins: Argh! What IS it with you people?! I trapped you in your past, you get out. I get the powers of a GOD, you skewer me with a golf club. I drop you into custom-made nightmares and you make the nightmare fight me with a golf club...? HOW ARE YOU LIKE THIS?! HOW DO YOU DO IT?!?!
Caboose: Hmmm... friendship?

Earthbreaker Groon: "Where do you find your strength?"
Grog: "...In my friends."
Critical Role, Episode 43: Return to Vasselheim

Fiore: And now, you die!
Mina: Don't, don't! Sailor Moon has done more for me than like anyone!
Lita: She's the best friend you could wish for; just ask Darien, and she could be your friend too.
Amy: Join us, Fiore! Put your powers towards building more friendships!
Fiore: You think I'm an idiot? She did this to herself! You're just want to trick me so you can steal Darien away.
Lita: I know! I can't believe I kept a straight face through that shit.
Mina: God, Amy, could you have said more sappy shit?
Fiore: You lying whores!

Hilda: ORF, you gotta remember me! I'm your friend.
ORF: FRIEND... (face scrambles) Hilda... (returns to normal) Friend! (Hilda bops her "nose")
Mad King: What is this Disney bullshit?! ORF! Gooify her! I am your master!
ORF: CEO of Monarch Labs... ENEMY. (face turns red)
Mad King: Oh, poopie...
Hilda: That's friendship, bitch!

You never really understood, did you? It is our loyalty to our friends that provides our truest, greatest strength. This is what separates us from the ogres and troggs—and even the goblins. This is why the dwarves helped us back from near extinction, even surrendering a portion of their hallowed halls for us to call home. And this is why there are dwarves, humans, draenei, and night elves dying alongside us in the surrounding tunnels to reclaim a city that was never theirs. They are here because they are our friends, Sicco. My friends. It is a power that numbers cannot match.

Friends = Power Ups. Have as many as you can at all times.
— The Laws of Super Robot Anime #48


    Western Animation 

Darkwing: Wow! Friend Power really worked!
Launchpad: So, you two, have you learned the lesson from this?
Darkwing: Oh, I sure have. We got to join together, in friendship, and mercilessly crush our enemies into pieces!

You're right, Victor [about me not being as powerful as you on my own]. But you forgot one thing. Unlike you, I'm not alone!

U.S. Acres Characters: For a walk in the park, for a shot in the dark, friends are there!
Garfield: I don't care.
U.S. Acres Characters: But friends will care... for youuuuuuuuu!
— "Friends are There," Garfield and Friends

Choten: Once again, you see that befriending Creatures is no substitute for commanding them!
Ray: Speaking of friends, meet mine!
Ray then proceeds to summon five creatures simultaneously
Choten: (gasps) You can't possibly control that many Creatures!
Ray: I don't need to control them. They're my friends.

"I felt it the very moment I realised how happy I was to hear you... to see you... how much I cared about you. The spark ignited inside me, when I realised that you all... are my friends!"

Tirek: How is this possible!? You have no magic!
Twilight Sparkle: You're wrong, Tirek! [...] I carry within me the most powerful magic of all!

Rarity: No one pony is as smart, or as tough, or as fast as all of us! That's the real magic of friendship!
Rainbow Dash: Well, that and the magic lasers we can fire out of these jewels.

There are all kinds of presents of every shape and size
But the present I like best is better than a prize
It has no special wrapping, it's not in a store
It is the gift of friendship and is well worth waiting for.
Friends hold your hand
Friends make you smile
They are always there for you
Friends make life worthwhile.
— "The Gift of Friendship," Strawberry Shortcake

Starfire: I am sorry.
Robin: You're sorry? For what?
Starfire: When things were...bad, there was a moment where I truly believed that you Slade. I doubted you. And for that, I am sorry.
Robin: I doubted myself, Star. Focused, serious, much as I hate to admit it, he and I are kind of alike. But there's one big difference between me and Slade. (smiling) He doesn't have any friends.

Ezor: Why aren't you dead?
Hunk: Because...of the power of teamwork?
Voltron: Legendary Defender, "The Way Forward"

I know we're supposed to be related, but you remind me more of a friend of mine. Strong-willed, bit of a loner, and when the time came for him to become part of a team, he resisted. And while he never liked it, he'll tell you he did far more good as a member of that group than he ever could alone. It just took learning how to compromise.
Superman, Legion Of Superheroes

Alucard: I told you before I wouldn't let you do it. I grieve with you, but I won't let you commit genocide.
Dracula: You couldn't stop me before.
Alucard: (Trevor and Sypha enter from behind him) I was alone before.

    Real Life 

Loners are losers.

The man with friends is rich.
— Eritrean proverb

Friendship is the greatest of worldly goods. Certainly to me it is the chief happiness of life. If I had to give a piece of advice to a young man about a place to live, I think I shd. say, 'sacrifice almost everything to live where you can be near your friends.'