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  • The Venture Bros. has this gem.
    • Also from "Operation PROM" as Brock is about to give chase to Molotov Cocktease:
    Brock: I'll take care of this. This has been a long time coming. Me and her got to get something straight between us. (leaves)
  • Non-sexual example: when Terra reappears in Teen Titans, her first line is "So... which team am I on?" She's referring to volleyball, but it alludes to her becoming the Sixth Ranger Traitor.
  • The Ambiguously Gay Duo from Saturday Night Live is based on these, from the episode titles (such as "A Hard One to Swallow" and "First Served, First Come") to the dialog to their car. And the plethora of Sight gags in each episode, lampshaded by "...what's everybody looking at?" "Nothing!"
  • Animaniacs was infamous for this kind of humor, mostly courtesy of Yakko, who would frequently blow a kiss to the audience and go "Goodnight, everybody!" whenever someone else made a Double Entendre.
    • In "Hercule Yakko", Yakko takes the role of detective on board a ship. Instructing his sister Dot to check for prints, she soon returns with the singer Prince in her arms. Yakko clarifies it as "fingerprints", wiggling his fingers. Dot merely glances at Prince, who leers at her, and remarks, "I don't think so."
    • One episode, "Hot, Bothered And Bedeviled" is about the gang trying to find "Six Flags Over Flushing". This might mean that Wakko is having a Potty Emergency.
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends:
    Wilt: [referring to a vacuum cleaner] No, Ed, no! Not blowing! The other way! The other way!
    Eduardo: Other way? [flips switch]
    Wilt: Yeah, yeah! That's really sucking!
    Eduardo: [sighing] There's no pleasing him.'''
    • And:
    Bloo: [watching a golf show] Look! That man's hitting a little white ball into a hole!
  • South Park: For a number of episodes, the main characters got a new teacher whose name was Ms. Choksondik (pronounced "Chokes-on-Dick"). Humorously, none of the otherwise dirty-minded main characters seem to have understood the joke, and have made fun of her by calling her things like "Ms. Choksonrocks" or "Ms. Makes-me-sick".
    • The Movie was also called South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut. If you don't get the entendre there, think about it for a while.
      • The title is also a Shout-Out to 15-Minutes-of-Fame John Bobbit's porn movie.
      • What makes this even better is that the original subtitle was "All Hell Breaks Loose", but the "Hell" in that was unacceptable, unlike the final title.
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    • Also, Chef's songs and his chocolate salty balls.
    • As long as we're talking about songs from South Park that have double entendres, how about the ones that aren't sung by Chef? Like the "Getting Gay with Kids" song from season three's "Rainforest Schmainforest" episode? Or that song Butters tapped to in season eight's "You Got F'ed in the A"?
    • In AWESOM-O when Butters receives a huge box as gift, he cheerfully babbles what a big package it is and how he always wanted to have a big package.
  • Rocko's Modern Life was famous for the sheer amount of (very thinly veiled) double entendres it has employed. Some examples include the Show Within a Show "All Scottish Show" (as an acrostic), a fast food restaurant called The Chokey Chicken, a board game the characters play called Spank the Monkey, an eye doctor cupping one of Rocko's eyes in his hand and asking him to "cough, please", a ride operator at a carnival reading a magazine called "Playslug", immigrants from a country called "Balzac", a toy for dogs called "the Doggy-Style rides", and a banjo-playing coon saying menacingly "We're gonna make you squeal, piggy!" (He then proceeds to pull a pig from behind his back and tickle it with a feather, making it, in fact, squeal). All this from a show intended for elementary school children.
  • The Simpsons episode "Whacking Day" is about an annual Springfield tradition to bludgeon snakes to death with clubs. Lisa Simpson is horrified by this barbaric tradition and brings Barry White to lure the snakes away from being whacked as they are attracted to his sensuous music. Are you picking up the subtle innuendo here?
    • After learning that Apu has been cheating on Manjula, Marge notes that they're playing backgammon with them the next day, and hopes that nobody makes any double entendres. Cut immediately to the game:
    Manjula: Apu, you keep scoring when my back is turned! Are you sure you're not cheating?
  • Danny Phantom is known for innocent lines of dialogue that could mean something... else. For example:
    Danny: I couldn't sleep with my arch enemy in the guest room next to me.
    Sam: My parents sleep in the bedroom next to me. It's not the same, but I can't sleep, either.
    Sam: You'd scream, too, if you were stuck in a sleepover with [Paulina].
    Danny: Actually, I kinda doubt that.
    • And:
    Sam: (dancing with Danny) Promise me you'll keep your pants up? (Danny's ghost powers had unintentionally made them fall down in front of Paulina)
    Danny: I'll do my best!
    • Also, watch the episode "Eye for an Eye" and just hear any insults between Vlad and Danny. Their words have a very Subtext feel to it and they say it so frequently it just borders on Foe Yay.
      • Season Three in general is rife with Danny/Vlad Foe Yay and subtext. It's all over the place.
    • Also this:
    Maddie: (trying to remove the bottom half of a deadly battle suit) Vlad, help me get these pants off Jack!
    Vlad: Nope. Sorry. That's all you.
  • Beavis And Butthead have a special talent for finding double entendres in the most innocuous of statements — even if they have to isolate specific syllables within a word in order to do so, and if the double entendre makes absolutely no sense or has absolutely no relevance to what's going on at all. And yet they sometimes fail to understand plainly spoken or shown sexual references, when that works better.
    Van Driessen: ... There's a wonderful world out there when we find we don't need TV to entertain us.
    Butt-Head: Huh huh huh. He said "anus".
    • Van Driessen's song "Touch a Mountain"
    • Also, in one episode, "Wet Behind the Rears", Butt-Head's quote:
    Butt-Head: If I could turn into a bird, I'd turn into a cock.
    • The boys couldn't contain themselves even when their lives were on the line.
    Butt-head: (Calling 911) It's Beavis! He's choking...on chicken...
  • Adventure Time
    • In the episode The Enchiridion, Princess Bubblegum tells everyone to turn around while she shows Finn her "secret place".
    • There's an episode featuring a talking heart named Ricardio who, when introduced, was giving Princess Lumpy a "special massage meant only for best friends" and assured everyone that it was "completely consensual".
    • There's one case where, when trying to distract Jake, Finn tells him to play "fifteen minutes in heaven" with his girlfriend, and shoves them in a closet. To top it off, there's an episode where Jake is so attractive he's causing animals to rush to him-including snakes. Finn then says "These snakes are everywhere. There's even one in my underwear!" as he holds up a pair of underpants with a snake in them.
    • When Finn and Jake pull Billy's sword, one exclaims that it's Billy's "legendary crack".
    • In the first episode where Finn and Marceline hang out, Finn mistakes Marceline's gig as entertainer for the Nut Kingdom as an undead invasion and brings about this piece from the Duke of Nuts himself: "But why would someone want to sack my nut castle?"
  • In the TV cartoon The Flintstones, Wilma is pregnant, and needs to be taken to the hospital. Her husband Fred's best friend Barney follows along to help Fred get her into the hospital. Barney is, however, too aggressive moving her out of the car, and as a result, spins the revolving door so fast Fred is spun out, and across the street into a hotel. Arriving at the front desk, Fred, quite calmly states the truth, "I'm looking for my wife, she just came in here with my best friend." The clerk, nonplussed, simply says, "Look, we don't want any trouble here", to which Fred responds, "What kind of a hospital is this?" to which the clerk replies, "This is a hotel; the hospital is across the street."
  • This example from Beast Wars, after Silverbolt has been spending time with Blackarachnia:
    Rattrap: So, where ya been, bird-dog?
    Silverbolt: Scout patrol.
    Rattrap: Oh, yeah, scouting the enemy. Find any new positions?
    • Though that double entendre is acknowledged rather than something the writers tried to slip past, as Silverbolt punches Rattrap in response to that remark.
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars: After Grievous mockingly offers Asajj Ventress some battle droids for the escort, she replies to the cyborg in a hyper-sexy voice:
    Ventress: My dear General, there is nothing you have that I could want.
  • Also used in Transformers Animated in a conversation between the speedster Nanosec and the time-slowing Slo-Mo as they exchange meaningful looks.
    Slo-Mo: I like a man who does it fast.
    Nanosec: And I like a woman who takes it slow.
  • By that same token, on Justice League, Flash's constant bragging about being "the fastest man alive" eventually causes Hawkgirl to quip "Which may explain why you can't get a date."
    Green Lantern: Don't startle me like that! You know what this ring could do to you?
    Vixen: Promises, promises.
    • And again when Flash is eying the South American superheroine Fire.
    Hawkgirl: I hear she's, you know... (meaningful pause) Brazilian.
    • There's also the Season 5 episode "Ancient History" where Hawkman and Hawkgirl battle the Shadow Thief. At one point Hawkgirl attacks the Shadow Thief with a whip, and Hawkman, who believes the two are reincarnated lovers, says:
    Hawkman: You always were good with that thing.
    • Then there's the episode where reporter Linda Park (Flash's eventual wife in the comics) attempts to explain to a friend why she finds Flash attractive:
    Linda: Gosh, he's a total babe! Like the entire track team at once! Um...
    • Explaining how she established project Batman Beyond:
    Amanda Waller: Bruce's DNA was easy enough to obtain: he left it all over town. (Terry reacts with an Eye Take). Not remotely what I meant.
  • In the Batman: The Animated Series episode "Cult of the Cat", every other thing Catwoman says has sexual meaning.
  • Most of whatever Roxy Rocket says is this in both Batman: The Animated Series and Superman: The Animated Series:
    Roxy Rocket: I was the best he ever had.
  • Seriously, in case of the DCAU this stuff is blatantly used the entire time. Here's a little quote from Lois during the 3-part series premiere of Superman: The Animated Series:
    Lois: Nice "S".
  • Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law: The entire Apache Chief episode.
    Harvey: So as we see from this tape your power was...
    Apache Chief: Growing large, at will... especially in the mornings.
    • The scene usually cuts to Judge Mightor waving objects like a golf club or a pool noodle saying "Deedle leedle leedle leedle." whenever a phallic related double entendre is made.
    • Secret Squirrel is convicted of flashing:
    Mentok: Looks like the squirrel's been showing everyone where he keeps his nuts.
    • Harvey's closing arguments for that episode were loaded with them, which Mentok dutifully lampshades.
    Harvey: Every time this squirrel opened his coat, it was to pull out a critical tool
    Mentok: I'll say!
    • Phil Ken Sebben is always firing off a load of these. Ha ha! Load!
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy occasionally dabbles in this. Like in the episode "Run For Your Ed", where Rolf is seen carting away a giant sausage and boasting "Rolf's giant wiener will fetch a pretty penny at the market".
    • And we can't possibly exclude this infamous dialogue in "Look Before You Ed".
    Eddy: What's winter without a snow job, eh, Sockhead? Get it? Snow? Job?
    Edd: (smiles nervously) Yeah, well...that was clever.
    • And how about this line in "Ed Overboard"?
    Eddy: I'd swear, but standards won't let me.
    • Heck, Double D's name alone could be considered this.
  • The Looney Tunes Speedy Gonzales shorts feature a few of these, when the mice need to get Speedy's help and someone knows how to contact him...
    Mouse 1: Sure! He friend of my sister!
    Mouse 2: Speedy Gonzales friend of eeeeeeeeverybody's sister...
  • The Spectacular Spider-Man:
    Liz Allen: You can web me up anytime, Petey.
    • Everything Black Cat says. I distinctly remember a line about Spider-Man getting his goop in her hair.
    • Possibly unintentional, but MJ says this to Peter and Gwen in the New Year's Eve episode:
    MJ: You [two] could go down to Times Square, watch the ball drop. (winks)
  • One interesting stretch of dialogue in Code Lyoko takes place between Ulrich and Odd as they're getting out of the shower (common bathroom at a boarding school, in case you're wondering), with Odd talking about Heidi, the last girl in his class he hasn't dated:
    Odd: Hey, speaking of "hot chocolate", I finally got a date with Heidi.
    Ulrich: Eh, you gonna give her your croissant?
    • The writers were playing with the "croissant" jokes throughout the episode, but there was absolutely no way the hidden meaning of the last one was that well hidden. It also didn't help that the above conversation occurred after Jeremie, one half of the show's Official Couple, innocently remarks on his love interest Aelita's fondness for actual hot chocolate and croissants together.
  • In the Mickey Mouse (2013) short "Fire Escape", Goofy refers to Minnie as "smokin'" and "on fire". Mickey takes issue with that, until he is turned around to see Minnie's apartment is apparently on fire.
  • Family Guy will usually do the old joke of a string of double entendres, followed by a plain-spoken line that makes it clearer than it ever had to be they weren't accidents. When they don't do this, the double entendres are borderline single anyway. In one episode, specifically about Peter's (heh heh) jealousy of Chris' enormous... Little Chris, he tries several stereotypical methods of compensating, most blatantly a red car with an unreasonably long and phallic hood. He then drives at an overpass saying, "Don't worry, baby, I'll be gentle", stops halfway through, reverses, goes forward again, and repeats. Then he's met headlong by another vehicle, making his car as short as a Volkswagen. Then a bus drives by full of beautiful women pointing and giggling.
    • Also:
    Brian: So, uh, where's your good buddy James Woods?
    Peter: Eh, turns out he wasn't so good at catching stuff in his mouth. So where's your girlfriend?
    Brian: Same problem.
    Brian & Peter: Wooooaahh!!
    • When Stewie wants to follow Lois on a cruise:
    Stewie: Farewell, Brian, I'm off to sea. An hour from now, I'll be surrounded by seamen; sperm whales and seamen. Oooh, a swallow.
    • Subverted in one episode when Quagmire actually runs out of innuendo.
    Quagmire: You know what I'm talking about right? (silence) Oh!
    • Also:
    Peter: I am gonna sue that bastard and make him pay out the ass. No ifs, ands or but(t)s. I'm gonna be real anal about this. ........... Sphincter!
    • And:
    Peter: Just don't forget our deal, Lois. I sit through this and later tonight I get anal. You hear me? No matter how neat I want the house you have to clean it.
    • In the episode "Jerome Is the New Black", when Peter finds out that Lois used to date his new friend, Jerome:
    Peter: Well, you datin' that guy? It's just a lot to take in.
    Lois: Oh, you tellin' me!
    • Later in the episode Peter becomes very insecure, causing Lois to proclaim, "Come on Peter, it was over ten inches ago! I mean years!"
    • Or in "Quagmire's Dad", where Quagmire is stressing about the possibility that his dad might be a reception held by his fellow navymen in his honor:
    "Glenn, you should be very proud of your dad. It was an honor to serve with him. Come on Dan, let's get a drink. So glad to see you back in your element, surrounded by seamen."
    "Your dad took supplies where no one else would go! I can't tell you how many loads your dad took when I served with him!"
    "Everyone here admires your dad. He'd walk into an army barracks and make every private feel special. He really knew how to stroke those privates."
    "Your dad was the cock of the walk, Glenn."
    "Every day at rifle training, he'd help me clean my butt!"
    "Your dad once drank me under the table!"
    "If there was one man you wanted in your hole, it was your dad!"
    "Your dad had the best penis in the military!"
    • (after Quagmire finally freaks out and runs to his dad)
    "Glenn, you're ruining this ball. You know how much I love balls!"
    • And then there's Quagmire's face, shaped kinda like... well, with his nose and chin it's kinda obvious.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender:
    • "Fruit tart" is regarded as something of a secret code in Mai/Zuko circles, given the contexts in which they're mentioned.
    • When a guard is ordered to protect Mai, she replies with, "I don't need any protection." To which Zuko chuckles and replies, "Believe me, she doesn't." Intentional or not, you will never hear that line the same again.
    • The Drill is about stopping a giant drill from penetrating the wall of Ba Sing Se and releasing soldiers to conquer the city. However, Katara and Toph manage to increase the pressure on the drill from behind, so that some sludge spews out prematurely. Then Aang works the front and causes it to explode.
      • The Fire Nation intends to penetrate the walls of Ba Sing Se (which proudly translates to "inpenetrable city") via use of a mobile drill tank. Aang and Katara weaken the metal column supports inside the drill using waterbending in hopes that the machine would collapse on itself. When this doesn't work, Katara and Toph build up pressure by water/earthbending (respectively) the rock slurry back into the drill. Aang delivers the fatal attack to the drill by earthbending a stone pin, running up the wall of Ba Sing Se, running down the wall at super-speed, and hitting the pin with a powerful blow. The drill then collapses and the slurry system ruptures, resulting in Azula's plans being foiled yet again by "Team Avatar."
    • Along the same lines, in "Nightmares and Daydreams" Aang has a daydream about finally confessing his love to Katara, and when he snaps out of it she asks what he was dreaming about. He replies with:
    • "Love is brightest in the dark."
    • In "Bitter Work", Toph is deliberately pissing Aang off to teach him to stand his ground like an Earthbender. She steals his bags of nuts and cracks them with his staff, which she notes "isn't the only delicate instrument around here".
    • When Tahno first meets Korra from the Sequel Series The Legend of Korra qualifies. It helps that Tahno has a really sexy voice.
    Tahno: You know, if you'd like to learn how a real pro bends, I could give you some private lessons.
    Korra: You wanna go toe to toe with me, pretty boy?
    Tahno: Go for it.
    • Also from Korra: "When you pass through me, I feel an incredible rush of power!"
  • There's this show out there called I Got A Rocket! in which the protagonist, er, got a rocket for his birthday. No, seriously. And it won an Emmy, too. Seriously.
  • Futurama made this into a brilliant running joke for the episode Spanish Fry, all about Fry's ''lower horn''... which is his penis.
    Fry: (after escaping from Lrrr) Yes! I never thought I'd escape with my doodle, but I pulled it out!
    Bender: Just like at the movie theater! Wooooo!
  • The Simpsons has done this many multitudes of times over the years. However, there is one episode in particular that stands out... the episode where a sudden snowfall traps the kids in the school with Principal Skinner has lines like "Ach... that's the last time you'll slap your Willy around" (- Groundskeeper Willie)... "Good work, Nibbles. Now chew through my ball sack" (- Principal Skinner, trapped inside a duffel bag that held dodgeballs)... and a suspicious looking silo full of "salt" that explodes when it hits the ground.
    Marge: You turned Springfield into America's trash hole!
    Homer: Marge, Ix-nay on the asshole-tray."
    • The "We Put the Spring in Springfield" song from "Bart After Dark" is a pretty clever one. It's the episode where Bart (and subsequently everyone else in town) finds out about that Burlesque house. So that "spring" could refer to other things...
  • The Fairly Oddparents has Timmy's Mom saying "He's so affectionate" with a nervous-looking smile when Adam West/Catman hugs her legs. This causes Timmy's dad to become jealously angry.
    • In fact, Timmy's dad seems to get jealous a lot, especially, oddly enough, whenever Crocker is in the Turner house.
    (initially referring to his possessions, now referring to his wife, who Crocker accidentally walked in on in the bathroom) "ALSO mine!"
  • The Legend of Zelda cartoon was remarkably full of Parental Bonus lines, although few of them were presented as double entendres. However, in the episode "A Hitch In the Works", Ganon offers a gem when he orders the abduction of Zelda. Making it even funnier is the fact that he's ordering his mooks to kidnap her so he can force her to marry him:
    Ganon: I want that princess!
  • In episode two of Static Shock, Virgil is talking to his doctor, trying to figure out if the Bang Baby gas he breathed in will have any adverse affects aside from his superpowers. He does this while not telling the doctor that he inhaled Bang Baby gas. It sounds like he's talking to the doctor about puberty and being sexually active until Virgil realizes that's what it sounds like.
  • Archer:
    • In "Killing Utne":
    Archer: You said no dates!
    Malory: I said no such thing.
    Archer: Well, your mouth did!
    Malory: Well, your mouth better get over there and make Torvald happy!
    Archer: Um, phrasing?
    Malory: Regale him with exciting tales of ISIS exploits!
  • In KaBlam!:
    June: Henry, you really should try taking your relationship with Dawn to the next level.
    Henry: *stares at her*
    June: I meant talking to her.
  • Haha! Cody's got a tiny sausage!
  • Larry from Time Squad (a.k.a "Cartoon Network's 26-episode juggernaut of Ho Yay and Does This Remind You of Anything? Moments") gives one when a robot grouped with Sheila, Buck's ex-wife, shows off his modern thermal sensor which helps them locate Alfred Nobel. Larry clearly lacks such advanced equipment, which makes him deliver the line:
    Larry: It's not the size of the equipment. It's how you use it!
    • Then there's the beginning of ""Kubla Khan't", where Tuddrussell refers to a "centerfold" of a phaser as a "sweet piece of action."
    • Tudrussel makes it into this trope too with his line in "Horse of Horrors". While reading a magazine "Burgers and You", he exclaims; "Man! Will you look at the size of those buns! Mm-mm!"
  • In Fillmore! there's a particularly unsubtle one in "Cry the Beloved Mascot":
    Larkin: (to Ingrid) Hey, Third! How'd you like that cream pie?
  • Probably unintentional but in an episode of Rugrats in which Chuckie becomes obsessed with Tommy's Mr. Boppo toy (a clown punching bag) and isn't paying attention to his friends Phil remarks "A kid should be outside playing with his friends not bopping his Boppo all day".
  • Used in many Robot Chicken sketches. Lampshaded here
  • Half of the things on Phineas and Ferb's GCPtR page belong here. For example:
    Vanessa: Well, Ferb, you sure know how to show a girl a good time.
    Doofenshmirtz: I had to disable it. It was doing weird things to my head, man.
    • Complete with a stoner-like accent.
    Candace: Hmmm... maybe they should call it jump, duck and blow!
    Jeremy: At least you don't have a weenie on your head!
    Major Monogram: Carl, don't forget to lift the seat when you're done!
    Norm: I'm drilling!
    Background Singer: She's gonna be a big sensation, cuz she's sporting major kinkification!
    Candace: ...and I am NOT using the banana this time!
    Doofenshmirtz: Thwart me, Perry the Platypus!
    • With Perry reacting appropriately.
    Candace: Oh, yeah, Jeremy. Nobody makes a corn dog like you.
    Doofenshmirtz: This is really a two-handed job.
    Laird Hamilton: Whoa, you got pounded!
    Jeremy: Y'know, Candace, I've had a lot of fun in your backyard, but this is the best time yet.
    Candace: Oh, pardon my reach. I'm just getting in the most convenient position to drive this stake into the ground.
  • Jimmy Two-Shoes: When Peep, a salesman, is hitting on Heloise and showing off his merchandise at the same time, she yells "I'm not interested in your junk!"
  • The animated Beetlejuice: In "Mom's Best Friend", Beetlejuice changes into a dog and can't change back because of a restrictive collar around his neck. Sweet, innocent little Lydia delivers this as she takes out a pair of scissors:
    Lydia: I know how we'll fix it...we'll cut it off! (Beetlejuice shrieks in panic; Lydia shakes her head long-suffering)
  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold features a song called "Birds of Prey" (from episode "The Masks of Matches Malone!") which isn't even subtle. Listen to it here.
    "Blue Beetle's deeds are really swell, but who will bring him out of his shell?"
    "Flash's foes finish last... Too bad sometimes he's just too fast!"
    "Green Arrow has heroic traits; that is, when he's shooting straight."
    "Aquaman's always courageous! His little fish, less outrageous..."
    "Plastic Man can expand... Becomes putty in our hands!"
    • Not helping is Black Canary (Green Arrow's girlfriend) indignantly yelling "Hey!" after Catwoman quips the latter half of his verse and she just shrugs and remarks "I'm just saying..."
  • Grim puts a powerful artifact in his mystic trunk and warns Billy to "Stay out of the junk in me trunk!"
  • In the Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode "Revenge of the Mooninites", the Mooninites are watching porn stolen from Carl's secret stash, leading to this exchange:
    Meatwad: Ooh yeah, baby. That's a neat car she's washing. You think that's a straight six?
    Err: I think I have a 'straight six'.
    Ignignokt: Ooh, Err, your sexual innuendo is priceless.
  • King of the Hill had it in the episode "Texas Skillsaw Massacre," where Hank and Dale were arguing after Dale came out from having his finger re-attached. Bear in mind that the medical personal thought it was a domestic dispute between the two of them, and then Dale says
  • From title to conclusion, The Powerpuff Girls episode "Members Only" is loaded with double entendres.
    • The show manages to pull off a rare quadruple entendre in naming a villain Dick Hardly.
  • A non-sexual example occurs in The Critic, where Duke Phillips is on hold with the "spastic colon people". He asks if they can hold. Naturally, they can't.
  • Another non-sexual example occurs at the end of the two-part premiere of Batman Beyond. Bruce Wayne offers Terry McGinnis a job, and tells him, "Welcome to my world." when he accepts. Terry's mother thinks he's referring to the world of the wealthy and powerful; Bruce and Terry (and the viewer) know that he's referring to Terry taking up the mantle of Batman.
  • An episode of Chowder had Mung Daal on a search for a condiment for a recipe. He says to Truffles (his wife) "We need some spice." Truffles deadpans "Well, at least one of us admits it."
  • Gravity Falls: In "Bottomless Pit", while Grunkle Stan is under the influence of a set of false teeth that render him unable to lie, Dipper takes the opportunity to ask what Stan does in secret every lunchtime, to which he replies "Usually I spend the hour aggressively scratching myself in places I shouldn't mention", much to the kids' disgust. However, in context, "Places I shouldn't mention" would probably refer to the secret lab Stan often runs off to.
  • The Wander over Yonder episode "The Party Poopers" is one long string of poop- and butt-based sight gags and double entendres as Wander struggles to keep a straight face when he and Sylvia visit the "Hi-Nee Council" for help dealing with Lord Dominator.
  • Voltron: Legendary Defender presents us with this gem in the very first episode:
    Allura: Wait, this castle has a particle barrier we can activate!
    Lance: Girl, you've already activated my part—
    Shiro: Lance!
  • In one episode of Kaeloo, Stumpy claims to have been abducted by aliens who examined his "nuts". He was talking about actual acorns, but Kaeloo's reaction makes it clear she thought he was talking about the other "nuts".
  • The first episode of Samurai Jack season 5, which had since been moved from Cartoon Network to Adult Swim, gives us this wonderful line:
    Scaramouche: Well, come on, Sammy baby, whip it out! You know what I'm talking about. That crazy sword of yours.


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