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This is the main listing for All Stars fics. After all, you can't have a Pretty Cure fan community without All Stars fics. These include:


Pretty Cure All-Stars: The Magical, Unforgettable Christmas! contains examples of:

Pretty Cure Fandom DX: Island Full of Friends contains examples of:

Pretty Cure All Stars 3D: Live and Loaded! How About That! contains examples of:

  • Actor Allusion: When James is introduced to the PCHM girls, he tells Shugo she looks like Emma Watson's long-lost twin sister. Shugo thanks him for it. This only applies to the English dub.
  • Deadly Gas: Non-lethal example: The antagonist uses tear gas to knock out everyone so he can kidnap Kane
  • Disney Death: Invoked; at one point, Kane lampshades her own death from episode 15 of Full Color by saying, "I've been dead before."
  • (Formerly) Evil Brit: Emiru, whose lines feature rather peculiar spelling and Stock British Phrases, including this line
    Emiru Omemi: It's jolly good of you to show up here, James. I saw other Cures here as well and figured there'd be at least one of you who's a boy. The other chap here is Hisato, who was better behaved around you than Tessalia and Izayoi were. Off we go, then, to the local hotel in Isuten.
  • Gunslinger: Shugo/Cure Hendrix really knows how to pack a pistol, leading Kane and Emiru to admire her gunslinging abilities and wonder why even back when they were villains they weren't able to wield such powerful weapons
  • Ink-Suit Actor: Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, and Kay Panabaker. The former looks like her character; the latter two actually portray the characters in the live-action series Pretty Cure The Silver Knight Chronicles.
  • Name's the Same/One Sakura Limit: The Full Color and Heavy Metal girls, especially Aki/Cure Autumn, are confused when both their Sakuras are together. For example:
    Aki Kazeno: Sakura!
    Sakura Cobain: Yes?
    Aki Kazeno: Not you! The OTHER Sakura!
  • Not So Different: Rare wholesome example: The BwGPC Cures, save for Hisato/Cure Esquirol, believe James/Cure Genesis to be suspicious at first due to his armor, but Genesis manages to set them straight in the end. The rest of the Cures find nothing wrong with Genesis from the start, with Genesis making the occasional remark that all Cures are equal
  • The Other Darrin: Averted with the SKC characters; Daniel Radcliffe and Kay Panabaker reprise their imagined roles from Pretty Cure The Silver Knight Chronicles in the English dub. However, Shugo is now voiced by Emma Watson.
  • Precision F-Strike: Oddly enough for a ryanasaurus0077 fanfic, there are only a few profane moments in this fic. All examples are below.
    • After Aki indicates that she was calling for Sakura Tsuitei, Sakura Cobain asks, "Well, how the hell was I supposed to know there was another Sakura in this group!?"
    • James says "Bloody hell!" upon realizing that Kane got kidnapped.
    • During the rescue scene, Emiru, right before using Trance Lock on a mook standing between the heroes and Kane, shouts, "All right, you bastard, you left me with no choice!"
  • Real Men Wear Pink: Brawns doesn't think so, and Cure Hendrix sends him running away with his tail between his legs for expressing it out loud in the vicinity of Mitsuuru
  • Shout-Out: Kane says exactly what Spock says in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country when she lampshades the Disney Death trope
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Emiru uses a Trance Lock on Cures Frosch and Pingu to pit them against monsters resembling the Zetsobana attacking Cure Genesis so they'd know who the real enemy is and later apologizes to Genesis for the two Cures' aggressive behavior toward him
    Emiru Omemi: You'll have to excuse Cures Frosch and Pingu. They're too suspicious around that type of armour and would've dented it within a second had I not put them in illusion worlds and sicced on them creatures that resembled those that you were fighting.

Pretty Cure All Stars 3D 2: Spark of Metal on the Rebound contains examples of:

  • Evil Overlord List: Rule #7 comes in play again when Cure Hendrix is being held captive by a lesser terrorist. When she asks him the exact question, "Look, before you kill me, will you at least tell me what this is all about?", he shoots her between the eyes and says, "No." Unfortunately for him all Cures are Made of Iron, so the bullet is rendered a dud, and Hendrix turns the tables on him.
    • And then Rule #13 comes in play when the Cures reach the terrorist lair toward the end. Cure Tora is tied up, loaded into a cardboard coffin, and loaded into a metal oven (kinda like the one seen during a flashback at the start of Avatar), all while she's yelling, "STOP IT! PLEASE! I DON'T WANT TO DIE AGAIN! HARUKI! GET THOSE CREEPY BUGGERS AWAY FROM ME!" Then one terrorist pushes a button, and flames shoot at the coffin. Cure Phoenix, upon hearing his sister's cries for help, flips out, lashes out at the terrorists, and pulls her out of the oven before the flames can do any damage.
  • Ink-Suit Actor: Emma Watson. Shugo's design is actually based on her, and Yasu looks just like she does in the Live-Action Adaptation of her series.
  • One Sakura Limit: The Full Color and Heavy Metal girls interact again, thus causing more confusion concerning each group's Sakura
  • The Other Darrin: Like with their other respective movies, Shugo and Yasu are both voiced by Emma Watson
  • Precision F-Strike: In an otherwise PG-rated fic, Cure Hendrix drops the F bomb uncensored:
    Terrorist leader: Any last words?
    Cure Hendrix: Yippie-ki-yay, motherfucker.
    [Cure Hendrix puts a bullet between his eyes]
  • Real Women Never Wear Dresses: Shugo, at least in the movies — including this one — as well as Yasu and Shun are never seen wearing so much as a skirt — unless you count tunics, which are part of Yasu and Haruki's modified boys' uniforms as well as Licht Panzer's costume
  • Thou Shalt Not Kill: What Shugo usually believes. However, there are times when she threatened to make exceptions of criminals, including the bank robbers at the start and the leader of the terrorists that had sieged the anything pub she and the rest of the group was enjoying themselves in. For example, after the attempted murder of Cure Tora, she has this to say:
    Cure Hendrix: I don't pass sentence. That's for the courts to decide. But this time... this time... I am sorely tempted to do the job myself.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Shugo gets this a few times:
    • At the start of the film, Cure Spinne confronts her for the extremist activity she had just witnessed, and they wind up fighting each other;
    • During the first strike against the terrorists, Cure Tora calls her out for blowing a terrorist's head off ("Dost thou honestly believe that killing is the appropriate response to all dangerous crime?");
    • Before escaping with his men, the terrorist leader says, "We could use the likes of you, who has slain several of my men with your gun." Then she briefly — and, unbelievably, seriously — considers a full Face–Heel Turn, which leads to Lady Rainbow yelling at her ("I can't believe you'd actually consider defecting to their side just because of what that blasted villain said!")... before invoking her own tenure as a villain (i.e. back when she was still Belldandy) and her own death at the hands of Furyze, calming down in the process, and reminding her just how many friends she had made as a Cure, even outside the Tri-Cities.

Pretty Cure All Stars 3D 3: Hollywood Field Trip contains examples of:

  • Ascended Extra: The rest of Vanilla Stardust have bigger roles here, and Cure Dawn, Devance, and Mekuramast make their All Stars debuts here.
  • Celebrity Voice Actor: Emma Watson as Shugo, Lina, and Yasu, and Chris Rankin as Devance
  • Chop Sockey: Shugo and Lina demonstrate how it's done, and Yasu calls them out for being too acrobatic. Lina explains that Jackie Chan was her sensei when she was younger.
  • Defictionalization: Somewhat. A setlist has been constructed for a concert film called The Lovely and Wild Angels and Vanilla Stardust Live in Montreal.
  • Dragged into Drag: It seems there isn't anywhere Haruki can be featured without being put in a skirt; this time, his own sister stuffs him into a cosplay of Princess Peach Toadstool in one scene early in the film.
    Haruki: Take a hint from Nanami, much? You weren't even provoked!
    Yasu: I had to do it at some point in this film; I just had a perverted thought in my mind at the moment.
    Haruki: But why dress me up as Princess Peach?
    Yasu: Because it reminds me of a game I played on the NES in my youth—and no points for guessing the game I had in mind, people!
    Haruki: No, really!
    Yasu: All right, I'll tell you. Nanami stuffed the costume into the Mirai gang's baggage, and someone had to wear it, so I figured you should be the one to wear it.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: It may be more of a protective stance, but after seeing Cure Western torture Kuroimetaru endlessly and not hearing anybody call her out on her callous behavior, Lady Marilyn gets up and punches Western so hard she's sent flying backwards a VERY long distance.
    Lady Marilyn: That'll teach you about being sadistic!
  • Evil Laugh: Cure Western gets one as she tortures the zombified Kuroimetaru. Cure Kame lampshades this:
    Cure Kame: Lina, you sound like a villain.
    Cure Nirvana: You said it. She's seen too much clips of The Joker from those animated TV shows.
  • Expy: Here, Devance looks like the Man With No Name.
  • Great Balls of Fire!: Ayameko nearly got roasted alive during the Montreal concert when a phosphorous column she was standing over erupted in flames. Fortunately, she jumped back just in time to avoid the deadly flame.
  • Ink-Suit Actor: Shugo and Lina resemble Emma Watson in general. Specifically, Shugo resembles pre-2010 Emma, and Lina resembles Emma following her pixie cut. Also, Yasu once again resembles her Live-Action Adaptation counterpart.
  • Non-Serial Movie: Averted; this film takes place during the Lovely and Wild Angels/Vanilla Stardust Stadium Tour, as revealed by Ayameko. At least one show is described in detail, with said show almost becoming a repeat of one Guns N' Roses/Metallica Stadium Tour show in the same city—Montreal—when Ayameko barely avoided a similar accident to what James Hetfield actually did go through.
  • Not Using the "Z" Word: A Call-Back to episode 14 of Pretty Cure Heavy Metal in that Sakura hates when people refer to the zombies in this film by using the Z word.
    Lina: What the kriff are zombies doing here in Tinseltown?
    Sakura: We don't say the Z word!
  • The Other Darrin: Shugo, Lina, and Yasu are all voiced by Emma Watson in the English dub. They're not the only ones, though; Chris Rankin is the voice of Devance here, and he does a spot-on impersonation of Clint Eastwood.
  • Precision F-Strike: This time, Lina's mouth is clean... most of the time. The few times she does swear, you'll know she means it. The most serious incident is when she gets punched in the gut by a zombie.
    Cure Western: That's it! You're in for a hail of fucking gunfire!
  • Shout-Out: Like James Hetfield, Ayameko had an incident with pyrotechnics during a show in Montreal. Unlike Hetfield, Ayameko managed to jump backwards just in time to avoid being incinerated. She thought she'd mention it, since it happened the month before her band, Vanilla Stardust, and the Lovely and Wild Angels arrived in Los Angeles.
    • Also, when Yasu gives her reason for dressing her kid brother up as Princess Peach, Lina remarks, "At least it didn't remind you of something from LJN."

Pretty Cure All-Stars DX: Everyone's Hope! Festival of Friends! contains examples of:

  • Thou Shall Not Kill: Akari strongly, strongly believes in this, and so does Oh So Catholic May

Pretty Cure All Stars DX3 Recut contains examples of:

  • Disney Death: See Hope Spot below.
  • Hope Spot: Here the Miracle Lights have an opposite effect and make Black Hole, not the Cures, stronger. This is soon followed by Black Hole brutally murdering the Cures until they're nothing but broken-down corpses lying on a pool of blood. They would have stayed dead if it wasn't for the mascots and Cure Destiny's intervention.
  • Swiss Army Tears: What summons Cure Destiny in the climax.
  • Tron Lines: The power-up jumpsuits have these.

Pretty Cure Drive Dynasty contains examples of:

  • The Casanova: Kinomi is never seen with the same girl twice, as he loves to toy with girls' feelings and break their hearts at the end, which is demonstrated in episode 6 with Chowa.
    • Casanova Wannabe: Noboru, meanwhile, just wants to attract girls with his so-called "charming BAMF-y looks", but ends up scaring them instead.
  • Catchphrase: Like Fumi, Moe really inflicts Flanderization on the "Moe Moe~~ KYUN!" meme. Correction: she doesn't just Flanderize it; she WEAPONIZES it.
  • Celebrity Voice Actor: Not Emma Watson this time. Instead, the vocalist of 7!! ~seven oops~, NANAE, provides her voice to Chowa in episode 6.
  • Knight In Sour Armor: Eden genuinely wants to save the Prism Flower, but comes off as a bit of an antisocial bitch towards anyone but Mei.
  • Love Potion: Episode 9. As a Shout-Out to My Babysitter's a Vampire, Mei becomes affected and hopelessly in love with Noboru before going Ax-Crazy on him as soon as the potion wears off.
  • Meaningful Name: Eden; her first name alludes to the Garden of Eden (she came from the Pretty Cure Garden); her last name, Alistair, means "man's defender". Also counts as a Tomboyish Name because Alistair is more commonly used for males.
  • Mythology Gag: Among others, Eden's first encounter with Nozomi in episode 3 may remind one of Nozomi and Coco's first meeting from the original Yes! Pretty Cure 5.
  • Next Sunday A.D.: The story is set in 2013, the year in which the Pretty Cure franchise will reach its 10th anniversary.

The Door to Summer contains examples of:

  • Expy: Given how much the fanfic is similar to Hurricane Touchdown, Diana is naturally this to Wallace/Willis, though she does have her differences. For one, she's a tad more antisocial, and her backstory is a tad different.
    • Also, mostly because of the hairstyle, her alter ego Cure Hyperion unintendedly resembles Cure Sapote, another one of the author's characters.
  • Forgot I Could Fly:
    Helios: But why did we have to leave that train ~heri? It's too hot out here ~heri! My soles are already worn out and I don't even wear shoes ~heri!
    Diana: You forgot you can fly, didn't you? You're a bird, remember?

Dissonance contains examples of:

  • Fate Worse than Death: The exile is pretty much exactly this. A location where the sole occupants worst fears torment her until release.
  • Growing Up Sucks: Several of the now adult characters talk about how it is much harder to be an adult than they thought.

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