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Digital Domain (website here) is a California-based effects studio. Originally a collaboration between James Cameron, Stan Winston and former head of ILM Scott Rossnote  in 1992. Since then, the company has provided effects for over sixty films, multiple commercials and over a dozen games.

In 2006, Ross sold Digital Domain to an affiliate company called Wyndcrest Holdings, LLC (which includes director and reoccurring client Michael Bay, former Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino, and the man whom would drive the company into the ground, John Textor).

On September 11th, 2012, they filed for "Chapter 11" bankruptcy. They've since shut down the Florida studio (the ones in LA, Asia and Vancouver are still open), made John Textor step down, become tangled in lawsuits between longtime partner Prime Focus and South Korean firm Samsung over a 2D-3D post-conversion process, against creditor/shareholder Legendary Pictures for fraud and has since become a turning point in Florida's history.


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