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Their filmography is the stuff of legends.
An American film production company founded in 2004, Legendary Pictures is a financer of several Warner Bros. films following a 40-picture deal made by the two studios in 2005 (Altough, the studio branched out into producing original IP such as Pacific Rim and the MonsterVerse). As that deal started to die down, Legendary entered a five-year production/financing deal with Universal Pictures, starting in 2014. In 2016, Legendary was purchased by the China-based Dalian Wanda Group. In 2018, as a result of a number of box office failures during their partnership with Universal, Legendary opted to return to Warner Bros. via an output deal that gave both parties more favorable terms. The company's CEO is Joshua Grode, who replaced founder Thomas Tull after his departure in 2017 (after an interim CEO, Jack Gao). In 2022, Legendary announced that it was looking for a new distributor for many of its titles (such as Sony Pictures and Paramount Pictures) after Legendary's deal with WB expires. Legendary later made a deal with SPE to distribute its titles.

In 2010, the company created Legendary Comics, a comic publishing division; their first release was the infamous Holy Terror by Frank Miller.

Franchises overseen by Legendary include The Dark Knight Trilogy, The Hangover Trilogy, Pacific Rim and the MonsterVerse. note 

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