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The Character Page for Twitch Plays Pokémon Randomized Platinum. For a directory of all character pages, as well as characters shared between runs, see here.

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Major Humans


PP (Pepe)

The protagonist of this game. The mob was disappointed, as they wanted to play as the female trainer this time, having been the male trainer the last time they'd been to Sinnoh.
  • Butt-Monkey: His name is PP. It took about a second for the mob to determine his nickname to be Pee-Pee, and he's been trying to shake it off ever since. Furthermore, he spends most of his time depositing stronger 'mons in the PC, and often had no more than a few pokemon on hand.
  • Contrasting Sequel Main Character: With his brother Napoleon in the original Platinum run.
    • Both got a fire starter, but while Napoleon released his, Pepe simply deposited it.
    • A Shinx caught early on became a breakout character that was Not Allowed to Grow Up. However, While Napoleon kept it in his party for the majority of the run, Pepe deposited his early on.
    • Napoleon claimed to dislike pokemon and grew to like them over the course of his journey. Pepe seems to like them so much he keeps catching more and switching his team around so he can spend time with multiple different ones.
    • Napoleon remained away from the PC and kept his party mostly the same after the first days. Pepe switched his party daily, and often had no more than one pokemon on hand at a time.
    • Napoleon had no interest in the ancient Fossil Pantheon, while Pepe revived four of the fossils into his party and received Lord Dome from an NPC.
    • Napoleon was often characterized as haughty and cold, which explains his non-skill with people. Pepe however was considered shy and gentle.
    • Napoleon was characterized as a gambling addict, but mostly stuck to slot machines, notoriously the casino game most stacked in favor of the house. Pepe was Born Lucky as he became the first host to capture a non-scripted Shiny, and named said shiny with a playing card suit.
  • The Eeyore: He's usually been connected to Pepe the Frog from 4chan, mainly as the Pepe from the "Feels Bad Man" Meme. The Mob wanting to play as a girl didn't help. In addition, he had problems exiting the tutorial, exiting his room, and even didn't want to fight Pearl before eventually losing.
  • Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling: Back and forth with his brother. Pepe's team consistently has more evolved pokemon on it, Napoleon doesn't deposit as many pokemon as Pepe does. Pepe doesn't gamble as much, Napoleon doesn't waste as much time underground.
  • The Illegible: His signature consists of a long backslash ending with a dot. Ao would be proud.
  • Named After Someone Famous: It was quickly pointed out that when Napoleon Bonaparte made his siblings rulers of other countries, his brother Joseph became "Pepe Botella" when he was King of Spain, thereby creating a connection with the protagonist of the previous Platinum run, who is stated to be his older brother.
  • Name's the Same: Pearl from the original Platinum run was named PP too, but everyone just ended up calling him Pearl anyway.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Some lore suggests that Pepe isn't actually his name. One guide to Hosts displayed that his name is actually Giuseppe.
  • Pals with the Pantheon: Has revived 5 of 7 fossils (Helix, Dome, Root, Armor, Skull fossils, though not as the actual selves) and received Lord Dome as a gift. The end of his run had him capture a Celebi as well.
  • Recurring Element: Alongside Jimmy and his fellow Frenchman D, he is yet another protagonist that the Mob didn't plan for. This marks the third time that the Mob wanted a girl but got a boy instead.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: Some lore presents him as the ex-prince of a failed kingdom, trying to reunite Sinnoh under his rule. The kingdom in question? His brother's own "Court of the Sun".



The rival character. He was given the preset name.



The leader of Team Galactic. At Celestic Town he had a Pidgeot, a Pelliper and a Kadabra.



The Champion (randomized to Artisan) of the Sinnoh region and a specialist in Bug-type Pokémon. Her party consisted of two Torterra, an Ursaring, a Kangaskhan, and two Lapras. She was finally beaten by Pepe upon his 24th E4 Urn on Day 11.
  • One-Steve Limit: Her name was randomized to Jasmine, sharing it with the Steel-type Johto Gym Leader who is coincidentally in the game as well.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Her dialogue at Turnback Cave seemed to have a lamenting tone while talking to Pepe, most likely due to the fact he failed to capture Giratina in the Distortion World and wasted the Master Ball on a Chingling. The Mob subsequently portrayed Cynthia as sneering toward Pepe and his abilities as a trainer.


Minor Humans

    Gym Leaders 
The Gym Leaders of Sinnoh.

Tropes applying to all of them:

  • Dance Battler: The randomizer replaces all instances of one trainer class with a different trainer class, and the Gym Leaders were changed to Dancers.


The leader of the Oreburgh Gym. Like his non-randomized counterpart, he used Rock-types, including an Onix. Unlike his non-randomized counterpart, he had a Horsea and an Azumarill.
  • Gender-Blender Name: Or rather, decidedly feminine name (does Tomboyish Name have a Spear Counterpart?). The randomizer didn't randomize appearances (and in fact, he still introduces himself as Roark before being identified in battle as "Dancer Kate"), but changed names.


The leader of the Eterna Gym. Used Normal-types. Had a team of Snorunt, Zangoose, and Magneton.
  • Shaped Like Itself: Forrest hands out... the Forest Badge.
  • That One Level: Not Forrest herself, but her gym had two trainers with Shedinja, which has been randomized into the dark type... while still possessing Wonder Guard. This let it No-Sell everything but bug and fighting attacks... neither of which any pokemon in the mob's possession had. If not for Doom Desire, getting past them could have proved an impossible task.
  • Tomboyish Name: Again, gender doesn't quite match name.


The leader of the Grass-type Hearthome Gym. Her team consisted of Venonat, Murkrow, and Scyther.


The Leader of the Bug-type Veilstone Gym. Her team consisted of a Snubbull, a Noctowl, and an Empoleon.


The Leader of the Water-type Pastoria Gym, the same type as his non-randomized counterpart. His team consisted of an Omastar, a Breloom, and a Raichu.
  • Gender-Blender Name: The third gym leader in the region to use a female name and the second of those three to be male.
  • Nonindicative Name: Scarlett would be a perfect fit had he chosen to train Fire-type Pokémon. Instead he remains a Water-type specialist despite randomization.


The Leader of the Poison-type Canalave Gym. His team consisted of Politoed, Glaceon, and Banette.
  • Gender-Blender Name: A decidedly feminine spelling, but at least this one is legitimately unisex.


The Leader of the Psychic-type Snowpoint Gym. Her team consisted of a Dragonair, a Staraptor, an Empoleon, and a Claydol.


The Leader of the Flying-Type Sunyshore Gym. His team consisted of Aerodactyl, Sharpedo, Hippowdon, and Vaporeon.

    Elite Four 
The Elite Four of the Sinnoh Region.


The first Elite Four member of the Sinnoh League and a specialist in Psychic-type Pokémon. In battle, he used two Relicanth, two Empoleon, and a Claydol.
  • History Repeats: Dancer Stacey was a Psychic-type specialist as well, thus proving that types could repeat.
  • Gender-Blender Name: As usual, the name doesn't really match up with the owner's gender, but...
    • Meaningful Name: At least Crystal as a name somewhat makes sense for a Psychic-type specialist.


The second Elite Four member of the Sinnoh League and a specialist in Fighting-type Pokémon. In battle, she used a Slowking, a Seaking, a Clefable, a Lanturn, and an Arcanine.


The third Elite Four member of the Sinnoh League who remained a specialist in Fire-type Pokémon. In battle, he uses two Weavile, two Tangrowth, and an Abomasnow.
  • Hyper-Competent Sidekick: By far the most competent member of the Elite Four. In the initial challenge, he defeated Pepe 10 times, compared to 5 each for the two members that came after him. In the rematch, he defeated Pepe 7 times, which was 7 more than the other four members combined.
  • Kill It with Fire


The fourth and final Elite Four member of the Sinnoh League and a specialist in Poison-type Pokémon. In battle. he used a Ampharos, Exxegutor, a Leafeon, a Electrode, and a Gorebyss.

    Other Minor Humans 

Leader Max

A trainer in the Eterna Gym who led off with a Shedinja. As Shedinja's Wonder Guard (and HP) were specifically exempted from the randomizer, this caused a minor roadblock as Pepe had only one Pokémon in his party at the time.

Lazy Daniel

A quiet girl who accompanied Pepe through the eastern part of Victory Road, apparently searching for Shaymin. They reunited at the end of Route 224.
  • The Quiet One: Just as in canon, but enforced further since the Mob didn't engage her in conversation once during their time together.
  • Ship Tease: The Mob persistently referred to her as Pepe's girlfriend.
  • Tomboyish Name: The randomizer struck yet again. Though given her quiet nature, it's entirely possible that her name is actually Danielle and Pepe simply misheard her.
  • Twice Shy: The Mob tried to talk to her at various times, but never managed to do so, in part because directional inputs in anarchy are processed to always result in a step rather than simply turning. As such, the canon Sugar-and-Ice Personality ended up being the more vocal half of the pairing as far as expressing feelings.


PP's Team

    The Team In General 

  • Aerith and Bob: Pokémon with names like h___☹7PL4 and single letter names like _E_ both fit right at home in the party.
  • Guest-Star Party Member: Due to the large amount of switches and deposits early on, quite a few 'mon in the run were significant members of the party for a day or so before being deposited and replaced by something else.
  • No-Sell: The whole team is outfitted with mail, preventing them from being deposited or released.
  • Pals with the Pantheon: The party has contained five different divine beings at one point or another due to amount of pokemon revived from fossils.
  • Lunacy: Contrasting with the original Platinum run, this team seems more associated with the moon, due to iconic pokemon such as Moonflash and Rotomtina (who only appears at night) obtaining Moon Stones early on, and the major progressions made at night.
  • Medieval European Fantasy: Another common perception of the team to tie in with Grasscutter's knighthood and Pony being Pepe's noble steed. Firewall is seen as a hot-headed warrior whereas Maggie is a cool and calm lancer. Emma is a mage who practices water magic while Pachi is a underestimated prophetess.


AAAK the Kingler (Pony)

A Ground-type Ponyta who was briefly in the party when he was captured after Horsea was deposited. Shortly after his capture, the party was reduced to a single Pokémon again, though he unexpectedly returned on Day 4. His ability is Synchronize (formerly Pure Power) and his nature is Hardy. Originally was not given a nickname. After defeating the Champion on Day 12, He finally evolved and became Ground/Dragon at level 74, 34 levels higher than the minimum level.
  • Cool Horse: Pepe's loyal steed, and strongest 'mon currently.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: A ground type.
  • Mighty Glacier: Insanely high Special Attack stat and his ability doubles his physical attack, which would otherwise be his weakest stat. As a result, his weakest stat is Speed. Highlighted even more with evolution as he gained more HP, Attack, and Special Defense in exchange for less Defense, Special Attack, and Speed.
  • Multiple Head Case: This artwork drawn shortly after its evolution shows a Kingler with heads for claws; the smaller one is a horse's head (vaguely reminiscent of the logo of the NFL's Denver Broncos) in deference to its Ponyta origins while the larger claw is unmistakably the head of Tyrantrum, which in this setting means he wields the power of a god.
  • Not Allowed to Grow Up: The mob won't let him evolve out of fear that his evolved form (Kingler) will be weaker due to a lack of Pure Power and randomized stat distributions.
    • Once they discovered that Kingler would gain the Dragon type, most of them came around and want him to evolve, but a persistent minority has kept him from evolving. Finally allowed on Day 12.


R♀ the Sandslash (Grasscutter, Ferroslash, Sandslasheon, Translash)

The Eevee that was given to Pepe in Hearthome City was randomized to a male Sandslash. His ability is Limber and he's a Grass/Steel type. His nature is Docile.
  • History Repeats: This isn't the first time that a Pokémon received from an NPC in a randomizer turned out to be a Sandslash.
  • Knight in Shining Armor: Some portray him as a knight in service to Pepe's royal family.
  • Light 'em Up: Knew Mirror Shot, and later Flash Cannon.
  • Mighty Glacier: Horrendous speed, but base HP, Defense, and Special Attack are all in triple digits and Special Defense is a very serviceable 70.
  • Non-Indicative Name: Yes, again, though originally he had no nickname.

    h ☹ 7 PL 4  

h___☹7PL4 the Pachirisu (Pachi)

A female Pachirisu captured on Day 4. She's a Psychic-type with the Clear Body ability. She's imagined as a priestess of ancient gods due to her previous knowing of Cosmic Power and Miracle Eye.


E the Quagsire (Emma)

A female Wooper caught on Day 5 in the Great Marsh, she was eventually added to the party on Day 6 and evolved immediately upon leveling up for the first time. She's a Water-type with the Sturdy ability, just as she was before her evolution.
  • Jack of All Stats: Even more so than Pachi. Her HP, Attack, and Defense are all about even with Special Defense just slightly better than those three, and her Speed, while not great, isn't that pitiful compared to her four best stats.
  • Making a Splash: Randomized... into a water type. (This is still different from the unrandomized game, though, as the Wooper line is normally Water/Ground.)
  • One-Letter Name: Technically, her name has three characters in it, but the first and last are both spaces.


A the Donphan (Firewall)

A female Bidoof captured on Day 8. She was a Flying/Fire type with the ability Arena Trap. Upon evolving to Porygon, she lost her flying type and gained the Huge Power ability. Then evolved into a (once more) female Donphan with Anger Point.
  • Brought Down to Normal: Upon evolution, A lost her Flying type. Ironically, 3 of its 4 moves were Flying-type, though she immediately got a Fire-type move back before evolving the second time.
  • Easy Impersonation: Flaredoof/Womanizer is back! Only he's a she now. And stronger. And different characteristics. Basically different in every way but looks. Reverted upon evolution, although some still try to convince others that this is actually our starter pokemon fully evolved.
  • Glass Cannon/Fragile Speedster: Insanely high Speed and above average Attack and Special Attack, but her Defense and Special Defense are so abysmally low that they're on par with a first stage pokemon. Her third highest stat is her HP, which helps offset this, but she still isn't capable of taking many hits.
    • Stone Wall: Before reaching her final stage. As noted below under the starter's profile, Bidoof have insane Special Defense but little else besides passable Speed; upon becoming Porygon, her Speed dropped and her abysmal Special Attack and HP didn't improve much, but her Defense skyrocketed and her already great Special Defense actually improved slightly!
      • Mighty Glacier: Thanks to Huge Power, however, Porygon's effective Attack was on par with her defenses as even without the ability, it was her new third-highest stat (though still rather sub-par)
  • Ironic Nickname: The "Firewall" nickname would have fit a lot better before her final evolution.
  • Loser Has Your Back: During what would become TEH URN against the E4 and Champion rematch, Only two pokemon were left: The party's prized sweeper Firewall and...the tagalong Spades. However, the latter would end up Taking a Level in Badass and dealt the finishing blow when Firewall fainted.
  • Oh, No... Not Again!!: Referring to how the Mob had obtained a Bidoof as their starter and soon deposited him, only to later catch another Bidoof and place her on the team.
    • Passing the Torch: Whether she is a daughter or a relative, she is seen as Flaredoof's successor.
  • Running Gag: Her in-game name looks awfully familiar...
  • In the End, You Are on Your Own: When Emma fell to Cynthia's second Torterra, the Mob switched to Firewall and promptly swept her team using Air Slash.


ll♠♠♠Δ the Shiny Plusle (Spades)

Given the Mob's tendency to call Plusle "Shiny Minun" and Minun "Shiny Plusle", it was only fitting that the first non-scripted shiny in TPP history to actually be captured would be one of those two species. A male Plusle encountered late on Day 11 as PP made his way through Victory Road, he's an Ice/Dragon-type. During the Victory Road journey, run coordinates were being spammed, but by a stroke of divine luck, Democracy activated just as he was encountered and touchscreen coordinates aren't enabled in Democracy.

After defeating the Elite Four, he was retrieved from the PC in Democracy and added to the postgame team. His ability is Unaware

  • Flight: Was taught the move Fly.
  • Fragile Speedster: As far as special attacks went, anyway. His second-best stat is actually Defense, but his Special Attack and Special Defense are pretty weak.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: Cute yellow mouse. That can fly. Three of his four moves upon being captured were Dragon-type.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Came with an array of devastating moves, all with base powers of at least 110.
  • Poisonous Person: The one non-Dragon move in his initial movepool wasn't of his other type, Ice. Instead, it was Sludge.
  • Take Up My Sword: It's the final rematch battle against Artisan Jasmine and Pepe only has two pokemon left. Firewall was paralyzed by Jasmine's fifth pokemon and would later be felled by her Aggron's Bug Bite. It then fell upon Spades, the so-called Load of the team, to finish the battle. Although all hope seemed lost when Dragon Dance was selected instead of Fly, Spades managed to tough out Aggron's attack and deal the Finishing Move.

On Standby

    GH Hdg c'' 

GHHdg_c'' the Magnezone (Maggie, Nosey)

A female Nosepass captured on Day 6. She was a Normal-type with the ability Forewarn. Upon evolving to Magnezone, she remained a pure Normal-type, but now has the ability Unaware. Her nature is Hasty. Wasn't originally given a nickname. Reached the Hall of Fame but was boxed shortly afterwards
  • The Artifact: Magnezone are genderless, but Nosepass aren't, so Magnezone is still referred to with female pronouns.
  • The Load: Her Special Attack isn't phenomenal, but her Physical Attack is atrocious. Naturally, her movepool is entirely physical, and this isn't even entirely the Mob's fault—they actually went into Democracy to try to teach her some decent Special moves via TM and found that she was incompatible with most of them. Culminated in her failing to even appear on the field during the successful Elite Four run.
  • Stone Wall: Bordering on Lightning Bruiser, as her Special Attack and Speed are respectable as well, but she's got very good defenses against both Physical and Special attacks (likely even with neutral nature, though the Hasty nature gives a penalty to Defense) and her HP is even higher.
    • Fragile Speedster: Before evolving, this would be the closest fit, though she actually had good HP to go with her speed.
  • Super Speed


Spinarak (Spinaroar)

PP's first capture, a Dragon/Ice type. Did not receive a nickname. His ability is White Smoke. Got deposited in the attempt to retrieve Shinx.
  • Fragile Speedster: His Speed stat has been calculated to be 90, but his next-best stat, Special Defense, is not even half that.

     0 EEFFFFF 

0 EEFFFFF the Spoink

PP's third capture, a Steel-type Skitty. Got deposited in the attempt to retrieve Shinx. Retrieved on Day 12 as part of the Stone Evolution bonanza, the chat was dismayed to find that because of how weak Delcatty is, she still wasn't fully evolved.
  • Jack of All Stats: Well, Jack of about Half the stats, anyway, but it's a combo that doesn't lend itself well to any of the usual archetypes. Her Defense and Speed are her two best stats, with HP not that far behind, which makes her too durable to be a Fragile Speedster, too offensively weak to be a Lightning Bruiser, and too quick/balanced to be a Stone Wall. (Even though Flaredoof, who is very quick, was classified as a Stone Wall. It fits better there because his stats are far less balanced.)
    • Retained this distinction as a Spoink; while her two best stats were Special Attack and Attack, none of her stats were outstanding and only one was inordinately low compared to the others (Special Defense, which was estimated to be lower than any Pokémon in canon.)



The first capture after the Shedinja-block, she's an Electric-type with a Docile nature and the ability Oblivious.
  • Jack of All Stats: Like Spoink, slightly leaning towards offenses and weakest in Special Defense, but very balanced.
    • Mighty Glacier: It was determined after the run that had she been allowed to stay in the party, she would've evolved into Persian, which would have had very appreciable HP, Attack, and Defense but mediocre Special stats and very low Speed.


c the Slakoth

The second capture after the Shedinja-block. He's a Ground-type with the Forewarn ability.
  • Mighty Glacier: His best stat was Defense, followed close behind by Attack, with Special Attack in third. Speed and Special Defense were both extremely bad; even the aforementioned Spoink had appreciably better Special Defense.
    • Stone Wall: His random evolution would've been Manectric, which would've had extremely high HP and Special Defense while still retaining most of his physical defense. His speed would've merely doubled, which would still have left it abysmal.
  • One-Letter Name
  • Punny Name: The stream went down shortly after the catching spree, leading to the mob praying to him to help them "c".

     AA and 0000100 

AA and 0000100 (Binary) the Zigzagoon

Two Zigzagoon captured in the span of less than a minute. They're Steel/Water types with the ability Steadfast.
  • Hope Spot: Their Doom Desire ignores typing matchups, allowing them to hit the Shedinja that had walled Pepe at the time of their capture.
  • Jack of All Stats: Extremely well balanced, with only a few points separating their best stat (a tie between Attack and Defense) from their second-worst (Special Defense) and the one worse stat (HP) still being roughly two-thirds of the best.
    • Mighty Glacier: Had they been allowed to evolve, they would have become Arbok, leaving their speed and HP almost unchanged and lowering their physical defense while sending both attacking stats and special defense skyrocketing.
  • Those Two Guys: Same species, both male, and since they're still fresh recruits, they've yet to differentiate themselves from one another. At the time of their boxing, Binary was one level ahead of AA.

     Abc c 'dd 

_Abc_c_'dd the Hippowdon

A Rock-type Shellder that was captured on Day 3, just before the meeting with Giratina. She has the Vital Spirit ability and her nature is Brave. Briefly was the only member of the party on Day 4. A Water Stone was finally found in the postgame, and she was evolved to Hippowdon.
  • Can'tCatchUp: By far the weakest 'mon on Pepe's team.
  • Not Allowed to Grow Up: Shellder only evolve through the use of the water stone. While this means that the mob doesn't have to grind her to an impossible level to evolve her, the randomization of items means finding a water stone is at best a shot in the dark.
  • Remember the New Guy?: The first Pokémon to be auto-boxed upon capture and then make its way into the party, magnified by her capture quickly being overshadowed by Giratina's appearance and by being the lone party member for a little while.
  • Stone Wall: Brave nature cuts her already pitiful Speed stat in favor of more Attack, but her three best stats are Defense, HP, and Special Defense.
    • Magnified further as a Hippowdon. Her HP climbs to absurd heights, her Defense climbs appreciably and her Special Defense nearly rises to match it, but her Special Attack barely rises at all and her Attack and Speed actually drop.


0 the Wurmple

A female Wurmple, caught shortly after GO. She's a Water-type with the Shed Skin ability. Briefly became the only member of the party until Flaredoof was withdrawn, at which point she was deposited. Learned Cut. Briefly in the party again on Day 6. After the end of the run, it was determined that her two possible evolutions were Wooper and Pichu.
  • Dumb Muscle: As a Wurmple, her two worst stats are Special Attack and Special Defense.
    • Jack of All Stats: If she were to become a Pichu, her stats would've all been fairly close to one another except for a weaker Physical Defense.
    • Glass Cannon: The next stage in the Pichu line is Shellos, which would have even further lowered the floor for potential Special Defense from where c set it while having Defense as her next-worst stat and her two offenses as her best ones.
    • Lightning Bruiser: Shellos would have then evolved into Electabuzz, losing quite a bit of Special Attack but bringing her defenses up to respectable levels and sending her Attack and Speed up over 100. Her final stage, Muk, would've sent the Attack and Speed even higher, with the latter reaching levels that no canon Pokémon has, while also improving defense slightly at the expense of even more Special Attack and dropping her Special Defense fairly far.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Due to the randomization of move BP, she had a BP 100 STAB Bubble.

     00 BB 1 V2g 

00 BB1 V2g the Gengar (Lord Root, Obi-Wan v. 2g)

Lord Root's Randomized form was a male Gengar, a Water/Rock type with Heatproof.
  • Lightning Bruiser: His HP, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed were all very good.
  • Scratch Damage: What he takes from Fire-type moves. Both of his types are resistant to Fire as it is, quartering the damage he'd take, and his ability further halves the damage to 1/8.


Nidoqueen (Lord Armor, Robespierre)

Lord Armor's randomized form was a Nidoqueen, a Fire-type with the Anger Point ability.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: Knows Guillotine, which apparently has slightly better accuracy than normal in this randomizer (but still pretty bad).
  • Gender Bender: Lord Armor is typically depicted as male in the Fossil Pantheon, but was randomized to an all-female species. Then again, as a divine being it probably lacks a fixed gender.
  • Mighty Glacier: Very high defenses and Physical Attack, but extremely slow.

    CC Cw♀♀mnr♦ 

CCCw♀♀mnr♦ the Bidoof (Flaredoof, Womanizer)

PP's starter, a Fire/Flying type Bidoof. Came knowing both Blaze Kick and Peck, leading to jokes that it was actually a Blaziken. His ability is Limber. Got deposited in the attempt to retrieve Shinx, but eventually returned to the party.
  • Damage Over Time: Awful attacking stats, but can cause the Burn status.
  • Non-Indicative Name: The mob has picked up right where they left off in Alpha Sapphire, peppering the names of male Pokémon with the "female" symbol.
  • Spin-Offspring: It's been suggested that this Bidoof is the son of Solaireon and Agent 006 from Platinum.
  • Stone Wall: At least as far as taking hits from Special Attacks are concerned. While his Special Defense is godly, his only other stat that isn't downright pathetic is Speed.
    • Overall BST has been confirmed not to be randomized, so one user tried to calculate the team's base stats. Bidoof's were estimated to be HP 25, Attack 15, Defense and Special Attack 10, Special Defense 115, Speed 75. Which means it hits about as hard as a Feebas but can tank Special Attacks as well as the likes of Gardevoir and Mega Blastoise.



The egg received from Cynthia after beating Lazy Wayne hatched into a male Scyther, who was not given a nickname. He's a Grass-type with the Flame Body ability. After the run ended, it was determined that had he been able to stick around and evolve, he would have become a Sandslash.
  • Mighty Glacier: Had a similar stat distribution to Nidoqueen, but with Special Attack replacing Physical Defense as the third outstanding stat. Not quite as slow as Nidoqueen, though.


Pidgeotto (Bird Mary, Prophet of Fire)

Lord Helix's new randomized form was that of his prophet, Bird Jesus...except Gender Flipped. Alternatively, she's the reincarnation of the original Flareon from TPP Red, redeemed by Helix. She's a Fire/Psychic type with Keen Eye.
  • Heel–Face Turn: If she really is the original Flareon. And if the original Flareon was actually evil.
  • Irony: Had she been allowed to evolve, she would have become a Nidoqueen, Lord Armor's randomized form.
  • Mage Killer: Extremely unbalanced stats, with an Attack stat of 122, Special Defense of 112, and the other four stats combined only adding up to 114. Of those four, speed was appreciably lower than the other three.

    B☺^ ^%♠ ☺!☀ 

B☺^_^%♠ ☺!☀ the Koffing (Smiley, Laffing)

Lord Skull's randomized form was a female Koffing. She's a Dragon-type with the ability Hyper Cutter. Had she been allowed to evolve, she would have become a Kingler.



A Horsea captured early on Day 3, just after reviving Helix and Skull. She's a Rock-type with the Rock Head ability.
  • Jack of All Stats: With Glass Cannon leanings. Her physical Defense is her only bad stat and her HP, while relatively close to the rest of her stats, is her second-worst.
    • Stone Wall: This becomes inverted upon her potential evolution to Fearow, where Defense is now her best stat and Special Defense her second best. Attack is now her worst stat and Special Attack second-worst.
  • Use Your Head: She has Head Smash, which in the unrandomized game is a very powerful move with immense recoil damage, something that her Rock Head ability allows her to avoid. However, thanks to a combination of a Nerf to Head Smash and a buff to Rollout, it's nearly useless even with the ability as even the first hit of Rollout does more damage than a Head Smash.

    )EE 2 

)EE2 the Spheal

A Spheal captured on Day 3. She's a Poison-type and her ability is Truant. Briefly returned to the party on Day 6. After the run, it was determined that she was actually the second stage in a four-stage line: Seedot to Spheal to Flaafy to Ampharos.
  • Jack of All Stats: While she definitely favors HP, Defense, and Special Attack, none of her stats are awful and none are outstanding.
    • Stone Wall: Her first evolution would have been Flaafy, which gains even more HP and a lot more Defense, but is notably lacking in other stats.
  • Razor Wind: Has the Trope Namer move, not that she'll ever be able to use it unless she's hit with Gastro Acid.
  • The Slacker: Her ability causes her to move only every other turn. This is especially problematic given that one of her moves takes two turns to execute.



A Fighting-type Shelgon captured on Day 3 after )EE2 was deposited.
  • Fragile Speedster/Lightning Bruiser: Speed was its best stat, but it somewhat averted the "fragile" part by having Special Defense as its second-best stat. Its physical Defense was its weakest stat, though.
    • Would have become a full-fledged Lightning Bruiser upon evolution into Arcanine, inverting its focus to be more of a physical attacker and defender but still having greater Speed than any of its offenses or defenses while gaining plenty of HP.

    ♀ F Ggfe 

♀ FGgfe the Bronzor

Following the reshuffle that sent everyone but Bidoof into the PC, this Bronzor was the first new capture. It's a Grass/Fire-type with the Marvel Scale ability. It then ended up as the lone member of the party upon reaching Hearthome City and again later on after it received Air Mail.
  • Jack of All Stats: With a slight focus on Special Defense and Physical Attack. Possibly Speed too, to a lesser extent.
    • Mage Killer: Had it been allowed to evolve, it would've become a Camerupt. While all six stats would've gone up, a rarity in this randomizer, Defense and Special Attack would have done so only barely, leaving a moderately speedy Pokémon that can take hits and is offensively better with physical attacks while defensively stronger against special attacks.
  • The Unpronounceable


___G_____ the Kabuto (G-Man, Dome.exe)

The Porygon that would normally be received in Veilstone City became none other than Lord Dome's immature form. He's a Flying-type and his ability is Forecast. His nature is Lonely.
  • Jack of All Stats: Leans slightly towards defensive stats, but aside from Special Attack, he's solid all around. The Lonely nature exaggerates this as it gives a boost to his worst stat other than Special Attack (Physical Attack) and a penalty to his best stat (defense).
    • Stone Wall: He would have evolved into a Cherrim and received cuts to Speed and Attack while getting nice boosts to HP and both Defenses. His Special Attack would've risen, but not enough to keep it from remaining his worst stat.
  • One-Letter Name: Three spaces, then a G, then some more spaces.
  • Useless Useful Ability: Forecast is an ability keyed to a specific Pokémon, in this case Castform, and does nothing when given to any other Pokémon. While it's not an actively detrimental ability like Truant and Slow Start, he might as well not even have an ability.



A Poison-type Voltorb captured on Day 4. Its ability is Flame Body.
  • The Generic Guy: Despite spending roughly two days in the party, it did little to distinguish itself aside from a clutch win against Pansy's Kadabra.
  • Stone Wall: Very high HP and solid defense to support it, but Special Defense was its third-best stat despite being not even half of what HP was.
    • Glass Cannon: Had it been allowed to evolve to Glaceon, it would have inverted this, gaining insane Attack and Special Attack and very nice speed, but losing quite a bit of HP, Defense, and Special Defense.


Umbreon (Metal Bee, Black Knight)

A female Umbreon captured on Day 6. She's a Steel-type with the Flash Fire ability.
  • Ditto Fighter: Knows Copycat.
  • Healing Factor: Knows Heal Order, hence the "Bee" part of her nickname.
  • No-Sell: Like all Steel types, Poison attacks. Her Flash Fire ability also absorbs Fire attacks, which is one of Steel's normal weaknesses.
  • Recurring Element: She may not have been in the party for long, but she nevertheless fulfilled the role of obligatory Eeveelution.
  • Stone Wall: Another one that borders on Lightning Bruiser. HP, Special Defense, and Speed were all phenomenal; Defense was pretty good, Attack not bad, Special Attack not very good.

B-List Pokémon

These Pokémon had little impact on the run, but most of them at least briefly made it out of the PC.
     G 0 

G0 the Tentacool (GO)

A female Tentacool captured after the party had yet again been sent to the PC. She's a Bug-type with the Anger Point ability. Briefly made her way into the party again on Day 6, but overall had less than an hour spent as a party member.



A Water-type Wartortle with the Stench ability, captured on Day 6. It was captured when there was an opening in the party and was boxed as soon as PP got back to a PC.



A Drowzee was technically a member of the party at some point in the run, she was withdrawn and deposited again without ever stepping away from the PC at one point on Day 6.

A female Carnivine captured on Day 8 after Shellder was deposited. She's a Dragon-type with the Steadfast ability. The Mob didn't really want her around, but was at least willing to wait until they got to Snowpoint City to deposit her so that the nearby wild Pokémon would be at a comparable level to the party.
  • Mighty Glacier: Very low speed and her other five stats were all fairly balanced.


1g▯ the Marowak

A Dark-type Marowak captured early on Day 9. Like Wartortle, was captured with an opening in the party and was boxed almost immediately.


Chingling (Master Chingling, Master Bell)

An Ice/Steel-type Chingling captured in the Master Ball.


00000Q☀️☀️00 the Politoed (Dat Boi, Pepe)

A Poison-type Nuzleaf with the Liquid Ooze ability, captured on Day 11. Withdrawn the following day in a session of mass stone evolutions in democracy, she became a Politoed with the Speed Boost ability, retaining her Poison monotype.

    !D5L LG6L 

!D5L LG6L the Victreebel

A Water-type Weepinbell captured on Day 5, she was withdrawn as part of the stone evolution bonanza and retained her typing as she became her canon evolution, Victreebel.

     7 DOWYS 

7 DOWYS the Togekiss (Down 7)

A Psychic-type Togetic captured on Day 11, his ability was Hyper Cutter. Neither his typing nor his ability changed upon his non-random evolution into Togekiss as part of the stone evolution bonanza.

    G MD000DT 

G MD000DT the Floatzel (GM Dood)

A Steel-type Vulpix captured on Day 10, her ability was Pressure. She was the last of the stone evolutions on Day 12 and arguably the best of them, as she gained the Electric typing and the Flame Body ability upon evolving into a Floatzel.


Gardevoir (Dark Waifu)

A Dark-type Gardevoir captured on Victory Road shortly before TEH URN. Though she never actually made it out of the PC, she was still a fan favorite and was considered to be in the running to replace Magnezone (the spot that eventually went to Shiny Plusle).
  • Glass Cannon/Jack of All Stats: None of her stats were awful, with the worst being Attack at 54. Aside from HP, though, they all looked bad compared to her massive Special Attack stat.

    C-List Pokémon 

C-List Pokémon

Pokémon that didn't have any impact on the run.

66RRRR the Ralts

The first Pokémon to be sent directly to the PC, despite being the 17th Pokémon he obtained.


The Spoopy Brigade

Seven Pokémon captured on Day 3 en route to trying to catch Giratina at Old Chateau. They consist of four Swablu, a Lotad, a Geodude, and a Nuzleaf; the first six have no nicknames and the last is called 6 RH0 600.


AR the Surskit

666 ☹ ☹☹☹ the Clefairy (Satan)

  • Number of the Beast
  • Wrath: While they're represented as sad faces here, the symbols in its name are actually angry faces.

E____0 aa the Mightyena


B the Trapinch

Sr0rgg8888 the Jynx

EW O56S2 3 and MMMg6QSD77 the Pachirisu

AA~~☹☹♦ the Spheal



d the Gulpin

C0:: ☺:: the Aipom

FC'♥ the Gulpin

♠???? :♠ the Marill

000☀ the Aipom

the Gulpin

☀N( ;''⛄⛄,☹ the Bulbasaur

5k r c the Weedle

♥7f7n the Ledian


Two or three Roselia without nicknames

the Combusken, the Silcoon, and the Pichu

  • One-Letter Name: Like the Gulpin above, all three of these Pokémon have a single space as their names.

J the Seadra

H the Munchlax

☹ the Munchlax

Two unnamed Wooper

***) the Wooper

E the Swalot

LW@♥BQ2 NM the Seedot

MW-"05 the Minun

♥ the Piloswine


A6, bzb ♂a the Corsola

the Gligar

A 00ddAANO the Surskit

0 p0d00vvq the Surskit

00000bd@cc the Mightyena

TArl3ALQEN the Rhyhorn

0sPK the Slakoth

☔ the Cherrim

Two unnamed Nosepass

0 the Cacturne



The Dome Fossil discovered on Iron Island revived to Glameow, but by this point, the Mob had suddenly put Mail on their entire party and was no longer making spaces all the time. Since the Gen IV games don't allow you to send revived fossils directly to the PC, forcing you to have a free space in your party to receive them, Glameow remains in the custody of the Oreburgh Museum.

50uVG"GRLG the Staravia

1ai00o the Luvdisc

Y the Turtwig

G#◇︎!☹; ~;☂︎ the Spinda

Two nameless Bulbasaur

G; ♣!ᶻzZᶻzZ! the Bulbasaur


;☺☺☺♥♪; ◎︎O the Togepi

!! vg0ccc1 the Mudkip

  • Author Appeal: The Live Updater on duty at the time of its capture was "KipTheMudkip".

☉☀⛄ the Castform

☺ the Gible

0☀︎01DE2L the Ponyta

YEEEE!yehlr the Spearow

...66G the Whismur

ABGHIMMGGO the Charmander

00O( "♦ Z the Empoleon

gp r lll the Banette

mZGYNMo pg the Buneary


2 the Nidoran♂

A the Horsea

AAr the Hoothoot




ΔΔ@@♥☹ the Luvdisc



Two unnamed Carvanha

Two unnamed Bidoof

Two unnamed Ledyba

00>.< the Omanyte

"". the Stunky


66 the Zubat

08 the Granbull


OGE the Poliwhirl


AMORQED ♂♀ the Corphish

KR the Linoone


.AE the Slakoth

uk a mtmvw the Bidoof

C B 1i d- the Buizel




2;c the Wailmer

0!♦♦2n the Furret

♦♥0!MWW the Heracross




A., JXIIIQ the Slakoth

GE the Drifloon


U H RSEEJ the Bidoof

A♦♦♦♦;'FL the Fearow

A!.!"-#;♥ the Riolu



K the Lumineon



AAA the Drifloon (Santaloon)

PP's fourth capture. Like non-randomized Drifloon, he's a Ghost-type, but he lacks a secondary typing. Briefly ended up as the only Pokémon in the party after everyone was deposited while trying to retrieve Moonflash, only to end up getting released at the end of Day 1 following a long grinding session.
  • An Ice Mon: In addition to his Ghost-type moves, he knows Ice Punch. May be associated with Delibird of all things as it knows its signature move Present.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Very poor physical defense and not great at physical attacks, but HP, Special Attack, and Speed are all quite solid for an unevolved Pokémon, on par with some fully evolved Pokémon.
  • Shoot the Shaggy Dog: Pepe intentionally lingered in Eterna Forest to grind him, only to release him almost as soon as he got to Eterna City.



The next capture after Bronzor, a Rock/Fighting type with Limber. She was able to learn Rock Smash, allowing PP to return to Oreburgh City to revive his fossils. Was released in the Fossil Wars.
  • Stone Wall: Defense was easily her strongest stat, followed by Special Defense, and HP narrowly edged out Speed for third place. Had she stuck around and evolved (becoming a Medicham), this would have remained true, except Special Attack would replace HP as the third-strongest stat.


gg the Psyduck

The only C-lister released thus far. Caught on Day 3 and released roughly 11 hours later.

    ♀♀0♀♀ ::. 

♀♀0♀♀ ::. the Blaziken (Transhinx, Moonflash)

PP's second capture, a Grass-type Shinx. Her ability is Speed Boost and her nature is Bashful. Got deposited in the PC on Day 1, leading to the rest of the party sans AAA being deposited in the attempt to get her back. She was deposited again late on Day 2, but retrieved late on Day 3, only to go there again in Day 4. Withdrawn again after beating the Elite Four for the first time and evolved to Murkrow, which had Normalize, vindicating those who wanted to "keep her cute" when they didn't have a Dusk Stone. Now that they had one, however, it was time to evolve her again, and she became Blaziken. Disgusted with this, the Mob released her in Democracy.
  • Apple of Discord: Has caused the entire team to be boxed over six or so times in people's attempts to get it out of the PC. The resulting mess has caused a massive gap in the community over those who want it permanently boxed and/or released so it'll stop wrecking the team to those who still want to use it because it's cute. Naturally, False Prophet comparisons have been drawn.
  • Disability Superpower: The two colons and a period at the end of her name look like a Braille letter Q turned sideways, so the lore immediately declared her to be blind.
  • Foil: To Sunshine. Sunshine stayed in the party throughout the run (aside from a trip to the Daycare to fix her loss of offensive moves), but never evolved. Transhinx was sent to the PC multiple times and ultimately ended up being left there, but was then withdrawn for the purpose of evolving her after beating the Elite Four, only to be killed off when the Mob decided they didn't like what she became.
  • History Repeats: Like Sunshine, she's remained a Shinx far past the level she should be evolving at.
  • Light 'em Up: Knew both Flash and Moonlight early on, though she eventually forgot the latter.



Celebi (Zero)


Giratina (Lord Giratina, Satan Snake, Satan)

One of the legendary dragons of Sinnoh. Due to its importance to Platinum's storyline, it absolutely was not randomized.
  • Actually a Doombot: The incarnation of itself that appears in the Old Chateau TV is merely a phantom image, with only a mere fraction of its true power. The real Giratina is in Turnback Cave, which is the boundary between the real world and its home: the Distortion World.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Showed up early on Day 3 at the Old Chateau.
  • Final Boss Preview: Well, more like Climax Boss Preview since the Team Galactic storyline is wrapped up between the seventh and eighth Gym Battles, but nevertheless, it showed up long before anyone expected it.
  • Leitmotif: Perhaps the only greater surprise than the Old Chateau Rotom being randomized to Giratina was that the Old Chateau Giratina battle actually used Giratina's battle theme from Platinum.
  • Satanic Archetype: Giratina's reputation as the devil of TPP still holds true here, seeing as how the Distortion World is believed to be the PC.
  • Troll: Unlike last time, Giratina now truly lives up to its moniker of the God of Trolling. It strings the Mob along by pretending to be captured, only to break free and vanish the next instant. Its moveset consists of Rage, Leer, Encore, and Teleport. Furthermore, Teleport was obviously in the fourth slot for the Old Chateau Giratina, because the Distortion World Giratina still had it. The level difference between the two battles is such that it would've learned exactly three new moves.
  • Villain Teleportation: "The wild Giratina fled from battle!"

    Sinnoh Pokemon League Building 
In the original Diamond/Pearl/Platinum games, once you reach the binoculars at the viewing platform in Sunyshore City you will see a clip of the Pokemon League of Sinnoh building above the waterfall. Normally it's a dark and foreboding place. However, due to the emulation not rendering the game correctly, it ended up being obscured by fog with what looked like two closed eyelids. This makes it look like a Palossand, one of the new Pokemon introduced in Generation VII. Here's what it looked like.

  • Eldritch Abomination: Speculation rages as to just exactly how it became sentient. The most common interpretations, however, boil down to either Giratina or OLDEN doing it.
  • Genius Loci: Due to the graphical error in the emulation, it's believed to be a living being.
  • Haunted Castle: PP has to go there, if wants to become champion. Plus it's atop a foggy mountain cliff that looks rather ominous.
  • Haunted Headquarters: To the Elite Four and the Champion.
  • Living Structure Monster: Some artists depict it talking to PP. It's as every bit as creepy as you think it is.
  • Ominous Fog: Only the outline of the building is visible through the fog, and part of the windows for some reason.