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Characters / The Capitol Games

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With 24 tributes, 12 escorts, 12 mentors and a variety of Capitolites already in the cast with more being added with each installment of The Capitol Games, the cast is quickly becoming innumerable.

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     Tributes of 'The Capitol Games' 

Liotta Mckensie

Jason Blackheath

Natalia Marinos

Marshall Matthews

Francesca von Bardot

Holland Wickbird

Minerva Nanaia

Vinel Greggorus

Ari Saint-Claire

Laco Sykora

Faye-Anna Cholores

Brandit Gailer

Galaxy Jones

Ferroh Axum

Koriana Wilder

Diego "D"

Britney Frailer

Montserrat de Saint-Phillipe

Evon Sanhorn

Jasse Harridan

  • Afro Asskicker
  • Eye Scream: When he's mauled to death by an Alpha bear, the bear bites his head and one of its fangs punctures through his eye.
  • I Know Karate: Jasse took lessons for fun with his friends. He never wanted to be in a situation where he'd actually use them.
  • Informed Ability: He never actually uses those kung-fu moves... against a bear, he didn't have a chance.
  • Killed Off for Real

Cotton Ferier

Vince Pace

Sapphire Emril

Julian Farraday


Iilvsea Crane

Winn & Remy






Antony Cross

Mars Donovan

  • Abusive Parents: Had a 'turbulent' relationship with his father. After winning the games, the first thing he did upon seeing his father was killing him.
  • Nice Guy

Ava Gardener

Juan Olivier

Vernon Alistern

Sienna Moreno

  • Jerkass Façade: While she treats her tribute Brandit like a typical career by openly scorning and insulting him, it's just a front to keep her from feeling bad and pitying him.

Eden Skipper

Corbin Niles

Javier Heydrichs

Dalton Rhodes

Moyna Everwood

Nikolai Medve