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Characters / Seven Little Monsters

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The eldest of the septuplets, One is a tomboy who often tries to be responsible, but is usually undone by her bossiness. Although she is easily worked up and gets frustrated by her siblings' antics, she really does care about them.

Voiced by Joanne Vannicola



The most helpful of the monsters, Two has a very prominent nose which he often sticks where it doesn't belong. Bit of a goody two shoes.

Voiced by Colin Mochrie



The most dramatic monster who takes on a new role each episode. Although he is perhaps the weirdest monster, he also seems to have the most knowledge.

Voiced by Dwayne Hill


Grumpy, selfish and rambunctious, Four has a troublesome and negative personality. Despite his flaws, though, he loves his siblings and usually does the right thing in the end. He is almost always seen with Five.

Voiced by Sean Cullen


The most child-like of the monsters, Five follows Four like a lost puppy and seldom speaks, and when he does he speaks with a thick accent that requires Four to translate for him.

Voiced by Sean Cullen


The resident ballerina, Six thinks she's the most beautiful of the monsters, and often worries about her appearance.

Voiced by Michele Scarabelli


The youngest of the septuplets, Seven is the tallest but most timid and gentle of the monsters. He has a detachable head, which he is prone to losing.

Voiced by Sean Cullen


The monsters' mother. A tiny woman who speaks in a heavy accent and usually provides her children with support and the episode's Aesop.

Voiced by Debra McGrath


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