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Embassies And Protectorates

Embassies serve as the Z-Splat to Princesses, that represent a cause or concept the Princess takes responsibility for and incorporates into herself and her magic. Once organizations in the time of the Kingdoms, the Embassies were made to either improve the concepts they stood for, or served as actual embassies to foreign powers which allowed for common ground and diplomacy between the Princesses and the other beings.

As for Protectorates, they’re technically the same as Embassies, save for the factor that they’re property of the Queen of Tears and focus on expanding her dominion of Earth through different means.


  • Astonishingly Appropriate Appearance: The appearance of the beings within the Embassies and Protectorates have their Transformations change more to suit what the Embassy/Protectorate represents. For example, in the Embassy to Fortune the Nobles can gain more features pertaining to luck or the Cat himself until the Ambassadors look exactly like the Cat. On the other hand, the Protectorate of Pyrite/Garnet take on features of the Queen of Tears herself, even up to the endless crying.
  • Crossover: Embassies are created when a Princess takes some foreign power and incorporates it into her magic. Often this power is another game's magic resulting in abilities suited to crossover; and the Princesses who join that embassy usually do so because they want to interact with that other game's protagonists.
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  • Evil Counterpart: The Protectorates are this to some of the aftermentioned Embassies.
  • Prestige Class: The Embassies and Protectorates serve as this for Princesses, the latter more for the Princesses of Tears.
  • Supernatural Aid: Some of these Embassies serve as such to other supernaturals, or directly dealing with certain types of beings like Spirits and Ghosts for the Embassy to Ephemera and Death respectively.
  • Theme Naming: Protectorates are all named after minerals. This is a shout out to Sailor Moon.



     Embassy to the Arcane 
"Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, because they are subtle and quick to anger ... Of course, I’m very, very good at not being caught."

Alternative Titles: The Sorcerer’s Embassy, the Order of Witch Finders

Informal Names: Spooks, Sparkles, Witches

The Embassy to the Arcane is filled with Princesses who’ve taken notice of magic being used or magicians proper. Some complain that it’s used for the wrong purposes, some believe it’s too exclusive, but they all agree that it has much potential, and believe that it should be available for the masses to own and wield. Regardless, the Princesses in this Embassy must take care around the magic wielders they find, for it can be dangerous around them or because of their spells.

Marks of this Embassy take the form of the stereotypical Witch Classic (or Wizard Classic for Princes) and usually some form of accurately symbolized magical amulets. The Requirements take the form of the Intelligence Attribute and the Occult Skill.

  • The Conscience: Some Princesses in this Embassy simply want to save Mages from themselves and their own hubris.
  • Crossover: This Embassy is a good crossover with Mage: The Awakening, but it can work with most other kinds of magic users as well that aren’t a gameline.
  • Cute Witch: Princesses within the Embassy to the Arcane take on witch like features, mainly in terms of clothing. This trope can definitely come into play.
  • Insistent Terminology: Members of this Embassy don't like being called Witches, not because of any moral implications but simply because they use "Witch" as a technical term for a specific class of magic-user.
  • Sufficiently Analyzed Magic: Most of the Embassy’s powers are done by analyzing the magic, and their Ambassador Privilege allows the Princess to personally assist in a ritual.
  • Witch Classic/Wizard Classic: They are designed to have this aesthetic in mind.

     Embassy to Childhood 
"I assure you, my credentials and references are practically perfect in every way."

Alternative Titles: Governesses

Informal Names: Mary/Maries, Julia/Julias, Roger/Rogers, any title used to refer to childminders or babysitters.

An Embassy only within the Dream Version of Princess, the Embassy to Childhood is focused around raising children, believing them to be the architects of the future. And who better to give them the tools and ability to do so than Princesses?

Marks of the Governesses take the form of either the youthfulness and energy of children or the dignity and authority of adults. Requirements take the form of the Composure Attribute and the Empathy Skill.

  • Call on Me: At the Consul level they can teach children a phrase that will magically summon them. However they also know why they're being summoned and can choose not to use it if they think the child doesn't have a good reason.
  • Crossover: This embassy pairs well with the standard New World of Darkness Splat Book Innocents, which contains most of the rules/tips for using children both as players and as Non-Player Characters in this setting.
  • Friend to All Children: As they’re an embassy based around caring for children, this is a must.
  • Magical Guardian: Though not required, it’s mentioned in more war-torn parts of the world that they serve as this to the children under their protection.
  • Magical Nanny: Their shtick and powers in a nutshell. They focus on taking care of children.
  • Relegated Mentor: They mentor children, which means they leave as soon as their charge's grow up.
  • Spirit Advisor: Children mentored by the Embassy to Childhood have been known to gain advice from their old mentor in dreams when they need it. However this isn't a literal spirit advisor, it's just how the memories manifest.
  • Super Empowering: Some of their Privileges allow them to temporarily give part of their Inner Light to children.

     Embassy to Death 
"Death is an end. But it is not the end"

Nickname: Reapers

In the past of the Kingdoms, death had a different nature. The grief of losing a loved one was met with the comfort that they were in better and safer hands. When Death’s eventual scythe struck a sudden blow, the person could remain a little while longer to say goodbye. But in the World of Darkness, death comes painfully, suddenly, and most of all commonly. Ghosts linger behind unable to leave the world by their own hands. The Embassy to Death seek to bring comfort to those grieving and appease the Ghosts that continue to wander, hoping one day to make death as it once was in the Kingdom: not through kicking and screaming but by acceptance.

Marks take the form of dressing in funeral garments appropriate to the Princess’s culture, even up to appearing like angels of death with grey wings. Requirements take the form of the Resolve Attribute and the Empathy Skill.

  • Crossover: Thanks to their focus on ghosts, they are obviously the best-fitted Embassy to handle crossovers with Geist: The Sin-Eaters. To a lesser extent, they are also adapted for crossovers with Mage: The Awakening if a Moros or another type of mage with the Death Arcanum is involved.
  • Don't Fear the Reaper: Their modus operandi. The Princesses in the Embassy to Death want to ease the transition of life to death and giving comfort to those dying and dead.
  • Feel No Pain: Two of the Privileges specialize in giving Composure and willpower upon pain and wiping out pain entirely.
  • Hell Gate: Not necessarily evil, but a Consul of Death can open an Avernian Gate to enter the Underworld.
  • I See Dead People: A Secretary power allows a Princess to see Ghosts in Twilight.
  • Magic Mirror: Somewhat. One of the powers lets a Princess create a mirror made of ectoplasm that allows for seeing into Twilight.

     Embassy to the Dreamlands 
"We live two lives, in two worlds. Each is missing something we dearly need. Our task is to bring them together, to build something new, something whole and complete."

Alternative Name: The Lords and Ladies of Sleep

Informal Names: Daydreamers, Somninaughts, Terriers, The Resistance (defunct), Heralds of the Rooster (defunct)

During the Long Night, as newly Blossomed souls came into the world, they found remaining pieces of guidance from their trapped forbears in the form of the Embassy to the Dreamlands. Their prime mission was simply to learn about the Dreamlands and find a way to break the Trap. Given the Moon landings had broken the Trap, their efforts were ultimately worthless, but they were still useful to the now growing population of Princesses. After all, the Dreamlands has hope but no reality, and the Earth has reality but no hope. If they can combine dream and reality, they may yet make the world have the best of both.

Marks take the form of a mix of sleepwear and exploration equipment. Requirements take the form of the Wits Attribute and Empathy Skill.

  • Adventure Guild: One that specializes in exploring the Dreamlands.
  • A World Half Full: The Heralds of the Rooster believe this to be the case for both the Earth and the Dreamlands. The Earth has reality, but little hope. The Dreamlands have hope, but no reality. Their mission is to bring the best of the two together.
  • Dream Walker: They have some powers that can bring other mortals into the Dreamlands.
  • La Résistance: They originated as scattered groups of lucid individuals among the Hopeful who had discovered the Awful Truth of the Dreamlands, and they spent centuries trying to defeat the Wardens and somehow free the rest of their people. While their efforts were ultimately made redundant by the Apollo moon landing triggering the Release, the Heralds of the Rooster simply reformed themselves into a formal embassy dedicated to studying the Dreamlands.
  • Shout-Out: All their abilities are named after fictional characters.
  • Visions of Another Self: A secretary power, Christopher’s Parallel Lives, is using this trope, the waking body and dreamland body able to act on their own.

     Embassy to the Economy 
"That is a common mistake, the actual quote is “The love of money is the root of all evil.""

Alternative Names: The Accountant’s Embassy, The Auditors, The Smith Institute

Informal Names: Suits (formally pejorative), Taxmen (pejorative), Lamars (pejorative)

The Embassy to the Economy is based on the ideals of Adam Smith, who wrote on both of the workings of economics and ideals of morality must be intertwined with each other. Of course, a common problem is that the greed of people can make them twist the system to their own ends, making illegal money while others suffer. The Smith Institute is of course focused on rectifying the latter.

Marks take the form of formal and mundane attire matching to the culture the Noble belongs to. Requirements take the form of the Intelligence Attribute and the Academics Skill.

  • Badass Bureaucrat: Being an Embassy based on finding criminals within money making systems, this is a given.
  • Follow the Money: One of the Embassy’s privileges is the ability to tag money a business owns and see what it’s used for or how it’s earned.
  • Honest Corporate Executive: Some members of the Embassy fit the category, but most are crime fighters.
  • White Collar Crime: The Embassy is dedicated to opposing this trope.

     Embassy to Ephemera 
"Listen, you idiot. I know you mean well, but you’re creating fear-spirits like you wouldn’t believe it with your anti-mugger campaign. We’re going to have to find a better way to do this than just appearing and attacking anyone who looks suspect."

Alternative Titles: The Animist’s Embassy, Speakers to the World, Guardians of the Silent Hillside

Informal Names: Shamans, Jumpers.

The Embassy to Ephemera is an Embassy dealing with the Shadow and Spirits. Unlike what their Alternative Titles and Informal Names imply, they do not usually partake in appeasing Spirits. Instead, they focus their efforts on studying Spirits, excorcizing any spirits possessing people and studying how the Shadow and Earth deal with each other and use said knowledge to help make a difference.

Marks of a Shaman take the form of her regalia changing according to the resonance within the Shadow of where she’s at. Requirements take the form of the Presence Attribute and the Persuasion Skill.

  • Crossover: Because of their affinity with the Spirit World, they are the ideal Embassy to interact with Werewolf: The Forsaken. A lot of abilities granted it make it easier to interact with Werewolves, including speaking the First Tongue and opening portals to the Shadow.
  • Hell Gate: A secretary power allows them to open a gate to the Shadow as long as they are in an area influenced by a Loci. This is a somewhat dangerous power, as just as they can use it to enter the Shadow, Spirits sometimes use it to get in the World of Flesh.
  • I Did What I Had to Do: Sometimes the Embassy’s Princesses kill a Spirit-Claimed (or its exorcised host) so the Spirit can be properly destroyed and the Host doesn’t have to live with the Spirit’s tendencies living within it for the rest of their lives. Notably, this only goes for spirits reflecting evil stereotypes. An example in the description for the Embassy lists a Spirit of Rape.
  • I See Dead People: Subverted that they can’t see Ghosts, but Spirits instead.
  • Spirit World: As per an Embassy dealing with Spirits, they tend to deal with the Shadow.

     Embassy to Fortune 
"You should realize by now, Your Highness. A cat has no duty but to do exactly as he pleases."

Alternative Titles: Embassy to the Cat, Those who Walk by Themselves

Informal Names: Dancers, Stalkers, the Cat’s Girls (only used by the Cat himself)

In the World of Darkness, the forces of fortune run rampant and most Princesses grow to wonder whether they are lucky or unlucky to bear the burdens of hope. Funnily enough, the Princesses didn’t approach making an embassy to fortune, but instead a being called the Cat who claims to be Fortune Incarnate, the foe of Ineluctible Fate, came forth to help Princesses establish the Embassy. Sometimes he says it’s because they’re owed so much good luck because of the Fall. Sometimes it’s because he says the world is tangled so much by bad luck that he has to straighten it out with good luck. Sometimes he says it’s because his Embassy is filled with beautiful women, and he is a tom cat through and through.

Marks of the Dancers take the form of a form of mask and graceful clothes that allow a flexibility in movement. Requirements take the form of the Composure Attribute and Athletics Skill.

  • Deal with the Devil: Princesses in this Embassy are actually on speaking terms with their patron, who is willing to use his nigh-omnipotent powers of luck for the Princess's benefit in exchange for doing something for the Cat which usually involves throwing a bit of bad luck on the princess equal to the good luck he would give in the bargain. It's subverted however, in that the Cat makes his workers aware of what they're getting into and that he always keeps his word if the Princess pays the price in bad luck.
  • Equivalent Exchange: Unsurprisingly, good luck given must eventually be paid back with bad luck with the Embassy of Fortune’s powers.
  • Luck Manipulation Mechanic: All of the Embassy’s Privileges in a nutshell.
  • Mysterious Backer: The Cat, the patron to the Embassy of Fortune. Subverted that some of his motives seem known: he wants the Princesses to succeed and untangle the threads of fortune that could sink existence due to bad luck. And also that he’s a bit of a pervert for his workers, being a tom cat through and through.

     Embassy to Lilith 
"At heart, people aren’t afraid of the dark. They’re afraid of what calls it home. But what about the monsters who have no home but the dark?"

Alternative Titles: Children of the Night, Heralds of the Dawn

Informal Names: Dusks, Rehab Counsellors, Grave Tamers (Derogatory)

Another Embassy within the Dream Version, the Embassy of Lilith is made up of Princesses who are aware of Vampire’s predation upon humanity, and yet also recognize that underneath the Beast still lies the Man inside. The Dusks who inhabit this Embassy seek to bring the man over the Beast, to help Vampires retain attachment to their humanity and to make feeding safer.

Marks of a Rehab Counsellor takes the appearance of sickness, of paling cold skin, bagging eyes, and most importantly looking like any other average Joe out there. Requirements take the form of the Resolve Attribute and the Empathy Skill.

  • Beyond the Impossible: While they cannot cure vampires, they are capable of curing ghouls, and doing so while protecting them from No Immortal Inertia, something usually impossible.
  • Creepy Good: They have a tendency to look rather creepy, as described above, and they deal with one of the darkest corners of the World of Darkness, but they are good people.
  • Crossover: With Vampire: The Requiem, obviously. Their entire power set focuses on interacting with vampires, usually with the intent of helping them behave morally.
  • Friendly Neighborhood Vampire: They aren't ones themselves, but they focus on helping actual vampires being this trope. Their powers are partially focuses on making it easier for Kindred, including the ability to lower the limit of what kind of blood they can feed on and tone down the effect of Frenzy.
  • Good Counterpart: To the Protectorate of Heliotrope, which focuses on killing vampires and stealing their stuff.
  • Good Is Not Dumb: Despite their efforts of trying to be friendly with Vampires, they’re well aware of how manipulative their society, powers and blood can be. Most of their Privileges deal with averting them.
  • Have You Tried Not Being a Monster?: Subverted and controversy of the trope aside, the Embassy does recognize the need for Vampires to feed on blood, but they would desire them to be more ethical in their feeding.
  • Monsters Anonymous: Their entire shtick, trying to help Vampires retain their humanity.
  • Vampire Hunter: Not in a malicious way; the Embassy does seek vampires, not to kill them, but to try and help them retain their Humanity.

     Embassy to Machines 
"Now that is a beautiful piece of work."

Informal Titles: Mechanists, Techies

The Embassy to Machines is focused on Princesses who find the universe to be filled with awe and wonder, and see the use of Machines as the instruments of wonder that can help the lives of millions.

Marks of a Mechanist take the form of either appearing as a sleek, futuristic iPrincess appearance, or the appearance of a Wench Wrench or Hammer Men that dominated the ages of technological development. Requirements take the form of the Dexterity Attribute and the Crafts Skill.

  • Crossover: While not explicitly stated in their section, their focus on machines make her suitable for interactions with Genius: The Transgression.
  • Everything Is An Ipod In The Future: One of the aesthetics of Princesses who enter this embassy.
  • Magitek: Any Princess can learn how to create a Magical Accessory, and any Princess might decide to make one that looks like technology, but only the Embassy to Machines (and only the strongest members) can create a Magical Accessory that anyone can use.
  • Measuring the Marigolds: Inverted. One of the core principles of this Embassy is that to know how the world works only makes it more wondrous. When a Techie sees a rainbow, she appreciates not only the beautiful display of light and color, but the intricate mechanisms of precipitation, evaporation, reflection, and refraction that created that same display.
  • Technology Marches On: In-universe, this Embassy is a hopeful take on this trope, making machinery that can help humanity.
  • Technopath: More than a few Privileges aid in helping machines function.
  • Universal Driver's License: They have no trouble applying skills at using one kind of machine to any vaguely similar machine. If they learn to drive a car then can apply that knowledge to piloting a jet.
  • Wrench Wench: The other popular aesthetic for Princesses.
  • Zeerust: It's common for older Princesses who Blossomed before Everything Is An I Pod In The Future to have some other aesthetic to their outfit based on when they Blossomed; Raygun Gothic can be found in the oldest Princesses, and Cassette Futurism isn't uncommon for the appropriate generation. Steam Punk is timeless, though, and never seems to go out of fashion.

     Embassy to Night 
"The night belongs to humanity too, leach. It all belongs to humanity."

Alternative Names: Lord/Lady of the Night, Night Witches, Moon Knights

Informal Name: Bats

The Embassy to Night is an embassy dedicated to the night as a time of beauty, of secrecy, of existence cast in silver and blue. However, as done in the World of Darkness, the night is a dangerous place where many horrible things happen. As a result, the Lords and Ladies of the Night are dedicated to ending what makes the night such a horrible time.

The Marks of a Bat take the form of wearing blues, blacks, silvers and whites of the night sky and the stars and moon that adorn it. Requirements take the form of the Composure Attribute and Stealth Skill.

  • Boring, but Practical: Their actual powers are rather low key. They gain a bonus to stealth, can see in pitch darkness, and at the second level they gain a bonus to see through stealth or subterfuge. However being the Stealth Expert can be very useful; as is turning off the lights so that you're the only one who can see a thing.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Being based on bringing the night back into being a time of beauty rather than of evil secrecy, this is the general theme for it’s princesses.
  • The Cowl: Being an Embassy based on the Goddamn [[Batman, this can be a case for the Champions in it.
  • The Sacred Darkness: The Embassy believes that Dark Is Not Evil and is full of Champions who hunt down the monsters and criminals who give the night a bad name.
  • Stealth Expert: They gain a bonus to stealth and to seeing through other people's stealth.
  • Technicolor Fire: Any charms a Princess in this Embassy wields that create light as a secondary effect loses that trait, but an extra effect to this is that charms that would make light in general changes to silver or blue. For example, Fuoco charms that produce fire wouldn’t produce light, and said fire is now blue.
  • Time Master: Their Ambassador power, Midnight Noon. When invoked, all supernatural powers that make a reference to daytime, nighttime, sunlight, moonlight, starlight, etc, will behave in the Princess's vicinity as if the time was whatever would be most advantageous to her. So a changeling trying to escape his Fae overlords might find his contracts with Moon functioning even in broad daylight, while a hungry vampire might find that starlight burns him as if it were Sun.
  • Triple Shifter: Almost a requirement to fight evil by moonlight.
  • Weakened by the Light: A downplayed example with no moral connotations. When a Princess reaches the apex of the Embassy to the Night she becomes irritable and tired during daytime no matter how well rested she should be. Most accept it and become fully nocturnal.

     Embassy to the Ocean 
"Look down there. It goes for nearly a mile down here; much further in other places. Dark, cold; no air, and many creatures we don’t fully understand yet. But that doesn’t mean we should fear it. It’s a lovely place, really."

Alternative Titles: Explorers, Vanguards of the Depths

Informal Names: Mermaids, Magellans, Divers

The Embassy to the Ocean isn’t necessarily dedicated to the Ocean, but it is dedicated to exploring the unexplored regions and areas of the world, from the depths of the Ocean to Space to the Shadow.

Marks of the Mermaids take the form of seashells forming in their hair, the subtle sounds of waves in the distance and the smell of the sea. Requirements take the form of the Wits Attribute and Survival Skill.

  • Adventure Guild: Like the Embassy to the Dreamlands, but much more of a focus on finding new places to visit and explore.
  • Batman Can Breathe in Space: The Ambassador Privilege to this Embassy allows for a Princess to adapt to survive environmental hazards, even including being in the depths of space. Note that it only protects the using Princess from environmental hazards, so even if a Princess adapted to survive in an airless environment she’s not protected against being strangled.
  • Our Mermaids Are Different: Some of the Embassy’s privileges covers things found for stereotypical mermaids, such as a mermaid’s form, ability to breathe underwater and even enchanting songs.

     Embassy of Stories 
"So Santa Claus married The Little Mermaid to The Little Match girl and they all lived happily ever after."

Alternative Titles: The Storytellers Embassy, The Authors.

Informal Names: Godmothers/Godfathers, Bards, Editors.

The Embassy of Stories sees the world in terms of stories and tropes running in recurring patterns, usually that of tragedies and pain. Sometimes, the stories even come to life and take others away. To that end, a Godmother’s duty is to enter a story and throw it onto the tracks of a happy ending.

Marks of a Bard take the form that foreshadows her role within the story. For example, a Champion saving innocents appears as The Hero, whereas those teaching younger princesses appear as The Smart Guy. The only constant appearances is usually that of a leather bound book, reading glasses, or some other form of utensil for making or seeking out stories. Requirements are in the form of the Manipulation Attribute and Expression Skill.

  • Crossover: With Changeling: The Lost no less, due to them using abilities similar to Talecrafting and drawing power from the Wyrd.
  • Fairytale Motifs: Much like Changelings, they have a Fairy Tale theme to them.
  • Genre Savvy: It’s required to be a Bard. Heck, there’s even a sidebar that lists how Nobles can count as “Nobles” when they enter a story.
  • Invoked Trope: Possible with their Ambassador Privilege, which outright grants the power of Talecrafting.
  • Theory of Narrative Causality: The Embassy of Stories recognizes the plot of the World of Darkness involves loads of tragedies... and their mission is to avert this trope and make happy endings.
  • The Storyteller: The mark of those who are in the Embassy of Stories is usually appearing as this trope.


     Protectorate of Amethyst 
Alternative Titles: The Grave Tenders, The Keepers of the Necropolis, The Keepers of Memory

Informal Names: Funeral Priests, Corpse-Brides (derogatory)

Parent Order: The Order of the Parrot

They say all are equal in the eyes of Death, but the people of Alhambra call this a farce. Even if people die, sometimes something of the person remains. And while it remains, it still owes it’s loyalty to Alhambra and the Queen of Tears. The fragile servants of Tears must be cared for.

The Protectorate of Amethyst is the Queen of Tears as Lady Protector of the Dead. In Alhambra, the Grave Tenders are responsible for taking care of the resident Ghosts and performing funeral services. On the Rebellious Provinces, the Protectorate’s job is to safeguard the ghosts in the Queen’s name.

The Marks of the Corpse Brides is pale skin, but not to where it’s unhealthy. They gain funerary shrouds that become white, with colors on their regalia becoming muted and distant. Official hairstyle is long, white or silver, and swept back. Requirements take the form of the Presence Attribute and the Expression Skill.

  • Crossover: Potentially with Geist: The Sin-Eaters, as Funeral Priests primarily interact with ghosts.
  • Due to the Dead: This Embassy covers this job in taking care of ghosts and the like, as well as looking after the Ghost Princesses that reside in Alhambra. This trope is also inverted. After all, even the undead must still offer service to the Queen of Tears.
  • The Necrocracy: The Protectorate of Amethyst is focused on bringing this quality of Alhambra to Earth.
  • Symbiotic Possession: Sharing Life With Death allows a Princess to have a ghost enter her body to enjoy fleshy pleasures or double as transport to and from Alhambra. She may also inflict this on another with Blessing the Union of Life and Death.

     Protectorate of Blue Topaz 
Surprised? You shouldn’t be; for one, the third act’s always the one with the big reveal. Second - you’re the one who told me about this place.'

Alternative Names: Respectful Guild of Actors and Writers, Curators of Inferior Rites (Parrot), Oneiromantic Research Council (Raccoon), Her Eminence’s Messengers (Ghost Owl)

Informal Names: Playwrights, Ornithologic Conjurors, Mind Knights (respectful, among those authorized to know their true nature), Schemers (insulting), Heretics (very insulting), Alhambran Ministry of Love (Radiant followers only)

Attached to Order: Ambiguous - has charters from Ghost Owl, Parrot and Raccoon under different names.

Only appearing in the Vocation version, the Playwrights are the exceptions of Alhambra's Creative Sterility that proves the rule; while they accept the ability to create art, for them it is the vessel by which Alhambran ideals may be transmitted to the world. Thought by the Orders to be a dumping ground for the unacceptably eccentric and individual among them, in truth the Guild are half exactly that, a creative forum for designing art that the Queen feels is acceptably laudatory of the virtues of Alhambra (exaltation of the group over the self, willingness to do what is necessary, and contempt for all those who doubt the previous two) for consumption by the Rebellious Provinces. The other half is turning the planet into unknowing method actors in the play "Alhambra's Victory Over All", helped by their Irim familiars.

As befitting a secret Protectorate, the Schemers have an extremely varied set of Marks, all revolving around their view of human motivations as fitting into a spectrum between Love and Fear. To put it simply, their Transformed selves always have the theme of duality; past and modernity, light and darkness, servant and queen. Given how these motifs can be extremely subtle, an Orinthologic Conjuror who needs to show her true allegiance just shows her Irim.

     Protectorate of Fused Quartz 
Alternative Names: Heralds of the Ineluctable, The Students of Nappilu

Informal Names: Mannequins, Sibyls

Attached to Order: Order of the Raccoon

A Protectorate only found within the Vocation version, the Protectorate of Fused Quartz was created when a man named Nappilu was taken in by an Enclave, showing his skills of bending time and fate in ways no Alhambra could understand. Taken into Alhambra, his powers were emulated by the Order of the Raccoon, whose odd plans and the like were a perfect home for studying Nappilu’s powers, and so rose the Protectorate of Fused Quartz, the ultimate planners against the enemies of Alhambra.

The Marks of the Sibyl takes the form of becoming vacant in expression, appearing very much like living mannequins until they show signs they are alive once more. Requirements take the form of the Composure Attribute and the Occult Skill.

  • Crossover: With Demon: The Descent, or at least one of the Unchained is where the Protectorate sprang from.
  • Fantastic Time Management: Most of their Edicts are written in the form of excellent foresight with a bit of time manipulation.
  • For Want of a Nail: The Butterfly’s Wing Edict allows a Princess to make one action that will, by a set of improbable circumstances, proceed to do an action she desired to come to fruition.
  • Seer: They are Alhambra’s Sibyls, who sees omens and signs of things to come.

     Protectorate of Garnet (Dream)/Pyrite (Vocation) 
Alternative Titles: The Queen’s Questers (Dream), Her Eyes and Ears (Dream), The Voices of the City (Vocation), The Beacons Among Barbarians (Vocation)

Formal Epithets: Quester (Dream), Royal Emissary (Dream), Your Majesty (Dream, Questers represent the Queen Herself)

Informal Epithets: Inspector (Dream), Inquisitor (Dream), Attaché/e (Vocation), Liaisons (Vocation), Natives (Vocation, derogatory), Cuckoos (Vocation, derogatory)

Parent Order: None, the Protectorate of Garnet is directly attached to the royal palace (Dream) or Order of the Ghost Owl (Vocation)

Despite the numerous differences in names above, the Protectorate of Garnet/Pyrite share one similar duty. Namely, they serve as those who would command the Rebellious Provinces to follow the will of the Queen of Tears and Alhambra. Of course, they have certain differences still. In the Dream Version, the Protectorate of Garnet are representatives of the Queen of Tears herself. In the Vocation Version, the Protectorate of Pyrite pulls it’s ideals from “Unity” and “Obligation”.

There are also differences in the Marks and Requirements of Dream and Vocation. For Dream, the Marks of a Royal Emissary are that of the Queen of Tears before the years took their toll on her beauty. In Vocation the Marks of a Liaison is that of the Princess at their very best.

The Requirements in the Dream Version is the Presence Attribute and Intimidation Skill. But due to representing the Queen of Tears herself, they’re also required to be a paragon of Alhambra’s ideals, shown by owning Lacrima 5. The Requirements in the Vocation Version is the Manipulation Attribute and the Socialize Skill.

  • Authority Tropes: You name it, and the Protectorate can take it over.
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady: In the Dream Version, the Marks of Garnet take the form as appearing as the Queen of Tears herself. Even Princes can be mistaken for being female at first glance.
  • Government Conspiracy: The Protectorate can easily serve as such.

     Protectorate of Heliotrope 
Alternative Names: The Night Audit.

Informal Names: Night Vultures.

Parent Order: Order of the Vulture.

A Protectorate found only within the Dream version, the Protectorate of Heliotrope is affiliated with the Order of the Vulture, the order responsible for the Wisp harvests that keep Alhambra alive. Sadly, committing a Wisp Harvest isn’t as easy as going out of Alhambra, throwing charms and running back, it takes time to break even. To do this, they need infrastructure, places for their servants to sleep, etc. Luckily, there’s one type of supernatural that makes havens secretly and subtly away from human eyes, and this Protectorate specializes in killing them and taking their resources for their own. Of course, we refer to Vampires.

This Protectorate represents the Queen of Tears as a benevolent ruler who cares for the downtrodden and banishes all slumlords, gangs and other predators. The Marks take the form as a contrast to the Vampires, their skin becoming tanned and their hair in golden spikes that represents the sun.

  • Anime Hair: Princesses working for this Protectorate often sport spiky golden hair as one of their Marks, meant to invoke the sun.
  • Big Brother Is Employing You/Mook Carryover: Of a sort, the Protectorate of Heliotrope gives Ghouls new lines of work by making them into Sworn for Alhambra.
  • Crippling Overspecialization: Their Regent Edict lets them create the same Midnight Noon effect as Ambassadors to Night... except that the Heliotrope version only works on vampires, considerably reducing its potential utility.
  • Crossover: With Vampire: The Requiem, as this Protectorate revolves around killing vampires and taking their stuff.
  • Dark-Skinned Blonde: Part of their Marks.
  • Evil Counterpart: To the Embassy of Lilith and their attempts to redeem vampires.
  • Impossible Theft: The Modus Operandi of this Protectorate is to find Vampires with good infrastructure, kill them, turn their Ghouls into Sworn and redirect their Blood Bond loyalty towards the Princess using the Edicts. Yes, you read those last two bits correct.
  • Vampire Hunter: As stated, Night Vultures hunt wealthy vampires and kill them for their resources.

     Protectorate of Malachite 
Alternative Titles: Bearers of Mercy, Redemptionists

Informal Epithets: Hypnotists, Reallocators, Wardens (Derogatory)

Parent Order: Pelican

A Vocation only Protectorate, the Protectorate of Malachite serves as Alhambra's counselors and confessors, using their abilities to reprieve the citizens of Alhambra of any personal desires or conflicting loyalties that would compromise Alhambra. They also specialize in keeping their enclaves from enjoying the wonders of Earth, and converting those that would be useful to them to the glory of Alhambra.

Their Mark is a glittering object, usually worn on the forehead, hand or chest of the Hypnotist, that draws attention to those that look at them. Their requirements use the Presence Attribute and the Persuasion Skill.

     Protectorate of Pyrite (Dream)/Novaculite (Vocation) 
Alternative Titles: Alhambra’s Drafting Agency (Dream), The Rebel Guard (Dream, Derogatory), Her Majesty’s Cadre (Vocation), Instructors in War (Vocation)

Informal Epithets: Drafters

Parent Order: Order of the Spotted Hyena

Like the Protectorate of Garnet (Dream)/Pyrite (Vocation) above, the Protectorate of Pyrite (Dream) and Novaculite (Vocation) also differ between the versions. In both versions, they serve as part of Alhambra’s forces protecting Wisps at outposts and recruiting people from the Rebellious Provinces. As for differences, the Protectorate of Pyrite (Dream) focuses on dressing up Alhambra as a wonderful place for the provinces outside, hiding the flaws from those the recruit and the flaws in their recruitment from the Queen of Tears in favor of making wisp returns. The Protectorate of Novaculite (Vocation) focuses more on training their recruits for war, ensuring they will be able to defend against breaches of the Darkness and their enemies.

The Marks of a Drafter differs with the Version. In the Dream version, the Drafters dress in elegant clothes and tasteful jewellery that show the perks of joining Alhambra, their hair in golden spikes and even looking well fed and healthy. In the Vocation Version, a Drafter’s clothes are stained with blood and dirt, and the more Shadows the Princess has the more it seems to appear.

The Requirements also differ with the version. In Dream, the Manipulation Attribute and Politics Skill is used. In Vocation, the Presence Attribute and Weaponry Skill is used.

  • Big Brother Is Employing You: This Protectorate specializes in hiring people from Earth to work for them and their Enclaves.
  • Conscription: This protectorate is “Alhambra’s Drafting Service”.
  • Doublethink: At least within the Dream Version, most recruiters in the Embassy engage in this, hiding Alhambra’s flaws from it’s potential staff, keeping up incentives to work and if a Sworn from Earth is unlucky enough to enter Alhambra, they crush them under the Bureaucracy.
  • Mook Maker: They have the ability to create loads of Sworn.
  • War Is Glorious: Played with in the Vocation version. They say war is terrible and monstrous, and become monsters and sacrifice their conscience. Regents of the Protectorate mention that "War is a goddess who is most pleased by that sacrifice".

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