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Characters from the Visual Novel: Ever17.

Note: Due to the nature of this game, this section will contain heavy endgame spoilers, and should not be looked at unless you've finished the game.

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Kuranari Takeshi
One of the game's protagonists, he is a 20 year old college student who came to LeMU with his friends. After getting trapped in LeMU (by being locked in an elevator with Tsugumi), he becomes part of the group. He is somewhat foolish at times, but is very headstrong and has many leadership qualities.
Voiced by: Soichiro Hoshi

  • Anger Born of Worry: When Tsugumi starts running around when she ought to be immobilized, Takeshi gets upset and runs off to confront her. It’s not helped by the pair starting to fight more and more often.
  • Character Development: Takeshi starts off clueless and useless, but after a day or two he’s become the closest thing the group has to a leader. However, he actively resists changing too much because he’s satisfied with the views he holds now.
  • Chick Magnet: Takeshi is so charming that he manages to seduce even a computer and an antisocial paranoid disaster. You also has a crush on him, though you only find out in the bad ends.
  • Determinator: Particularly towards the end. Despite all the shit he's put through, no matter how badly his body is injured, he keeps going no matter what the risks.
  • Hand Behind Head: On Kid's routes, Takeshi always has his hand behind his head, with the exception of a few CGs.
  • I Ate WHAT?!: Averted. Takeshi doesn’t even want to know what Coco did to the food after he’s already eaten it.
  • The Idealist: Takeshi believes life is beautiful for its own sake, though when Tsugumi shows him the ugly side of it he’s temporarily shaken up.
  • Idiot Hero: Even he calls himself "The biggest idiot in the world" at one point.
  • Living Forever Is Awesome: Takeshi believes that life itself is wonderful even if it’s filled with suffering. After ditching some of his naivety, he simply keeps his old opinion while actually knowing about how bad life can be. Of course, he never has to worry about it himself since the story ends before he has a chance to really come to terms with everything new in his life but it’s used as a contrast to Tsugumi, who only focuses on the negatives.
  • Luke, You Are My Father: Gets put through this when Hokuto talks to him. His reaction is to assume he's either gone nuts or is dreaming.
  • Major Injury Underreaction: When Takeshi begins bleeding heavily and gets lightheaded his reaction is to laugh and assume it’s nothing serious. Tsugumi, on the other hand, is obviously frantic.
  • Nosebleed: Subverted in grim fashion. When Takeshi gets a nosebleed he tries to laugh and say that he honestly isn’t thinking of anything perverted but of course it’s actually a sign that he too has caught Tief Blau.
  • Post-Victory Collapse: After rescuing Tsugumi and evacuating everyone, Takeshi immediately collapses without even the ability to keep his head from slamming into the floor.
  • Smarter Than You Look: As Tsugumi says herself at one point, while Takeshi is rash and doesn’t think things through most of the time, that doesn’t mean he’s as stupid as he looks.
  • The Tease: After Tsugumi warms up to him, Takeshi likes flirting with her or acting like he’s flirting and then changing the subject. She’s not prepared for it, surprisingly or not, and gets quite flustered. Even more fun is acting like he’s flirting and then revealing he was talking about Chami the whole time.
  • Worth Living For: Takeshi eventually convinces Tsugumi that life is worth living. However, he "dies" soon after, leaving her even more bitter and isolated than before until she realizes she’s pregnant, at which point her children become what she’s willing to live for.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: When Tsugumi asks Takeshi to close his eyes with a prettier look than normal, he’s clearly expecting something romantic. Instead, the blasts him in the face with acetone to get the ink off his face, which was annoying her.

The Kid
The game's other protagonist. Presumed to be about 14-15 years old, he mysteriously lost his memories, and has no idea why he was in LeMU. He is a bit timid and unsure, but always seems to maintain a kind disposition.

See "Spoiler Characters" for his real identity.

Voiced by: ???? Soichiro Hoshi

Komachi Tsugumi
"I'm not like the others. Don't act like I'm your friend, alright?"

A mysterious 17 year old girl. Very antisocial, she dislikes talking to people and is often distrustful of them. Her personality is cold, often either ignoring others or speaking harshly to them.

Voiced by: Yuu Asakawa

  • Action Mom/Mama Bear: In "After You've Gone".
  • Aloof Dark-Haired Girl: Tsugumi is tall with long, dark hair and is highly distanced from the rest of the cast. If nothing else, Takeshi is intrigued enough to follow her around a lot.
  • Broken Bird: Happens to her twice
  • Cursed with Awesome: Tsugumi considers herself cursed because she’ll live forever unless killed and heals quickly from all injuries. At least she doesn’t complain about the ability to see infrared light. She quite likes that ability, in fact.
  • The Cynic: Tsugumi believes the world is an ugly place where people must sin daily just to meet the physical requirements of life. She doesn’t think that every human being is cruel or evil, but such things are irrelevant compared to the pain of life itself. She gets angry when Takeshi is briefly influenced by her viewpoint because his has been influencing hers the entire time they’ve been together and she WANTS him to be right.
  • Death Seeker: Tsugumi claims that she pushed Coco out of the way of the falling crates not to save her but because she wants to die. It’s about half true. She’s genuinely concerned about Coco more than anyone else in the group but she does think life is ugly like she says. However, she also wants Takeshi to convince her otherwise.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: Tsugumi. She does have a sense of humor, though, which mostly involves picking on Takeshi when she isn’t being tsuntsun around him. She first gets more abrasive with Takeshi and then begins the real defrosting process after he goes and rescues Chami. She frosts back up after he apparently drowns, but then mellows out again when her twins are born. When the 2034 incident rolls back around she's harsher than ever, but that's because someone is reenacting an event that she's quite sensitive about.
  • First Girl Wins: She's the person in the lemur suit that appears with Coco biting the tail of the suit and later punches Takeshi.
  • Giver of Lame Names: Tsugumi makes Takeshi promise not to laugh when she tells him the name of her hamster, but given that she named him Chami because he’s charming, he can’t resist. Mostly because it’s such a cute name from such a gloomy girl.
  • Hates Being Touched: Tsugumi gets quite harsh with Takeshi whenever he lays a hand on her. When she defrosts she drops the attitude.
  • Healing Factor: Tsugumi believes that pretty much no matter the level of physical trauma she takes, her body can probably heal it off. While her leg wound seems as though it could easily be fatal, she’s actually survived much worse before.
  • Ice Queen: She's very cold and aloof. The only people she treats halfway decently are Coco and Sara, who don't even appear in the same routes.
  • Ideal Illness Immunity: She can’t catch diseases, which means that when she got morning sickness she knew right away that something was definitely wrong. Curé carriers are more vulnerable than normal people to cancer, however, even though their bodies are rather cancerous already.
  • I'm Cold... So Cold...: Due to blood loss and being submerged in slowly rising water Tsugumi’s greatest concern seems to be that she’s getting increasingly cold.
  • The Immune: Tsugumi can’t catch illnesses anymore except in the sense that she gets infected and fights off the disease before even showing a single symptom, so You has her tested and she comes up positive for Curé. Her blood is then used to make a vaccine for Tief Blau, though in the end it also passes along Curé itself.
  • Living Emotional Crutch: It’s probable that one reason Tsugumi tries not to get too close to anyone is because after being alone for so long, when she starts to trust Takeshi she needs far more from him than anyone could provide, though eventually she starts to restrain herself. Provided he reciprocates her feelings, at least, she can deal with it to some extent. In Sora’s route, though, he doesn’t and she takes it very poorly. After he’s gone, she briefly goes past the Despair Event Horizon until a new crutch for her appears with her twins.
  • Loners Are Freaks: Normally, Tsugumi’s antisocial attitude would be something that Takeshi could ignore, but as he points out she’s potentially putting other lives at risk by being intentionally difficult in the middle of a crisis.
  • Major Injury Underreaction: After being crushed below some crates and having her leg torn open, Tsugumi just laughs somewhat grimly, chides herself for messing up and scolds Takeshi like usual for asking a stupid question. Namely, “are you okay” when her leg is bleeding like crazy.
  • Meaningful Name: Tsugumi’s name is written with the characters for moon and ocean. The ocean part is obvious, the moon motif comes up frequently in discussions during the Coco route. Further, she's the origin of the Moon and Ocean lullaby that Sara and Coco both know, which is what makes Hokuto finally realize that there must have been two separate events.
    • Reverse the characters and it turns into the word "jellyfish." Lemu has a jellyfish gondola ride where her children were conceived.
  • Morality Pet
    • Tsugumi doesn’t have it in her to be harsh to Coco. It has an interesting side effect at one point in the Coco route where instead of fighting and angsting about the difficulties of life and getting into a fight with Takeshi, she knows she can’t say that kind of thing front of Coco. And perhaps because they didn’t fight here, they don't fight at any other point in the route either.
    • While she might be at least nice to Coco, she genuinely dotes on her hamster.
  • Not So Above It All
    • Tsugumi refuses to admit that the card game could be anything but Concentration. Coco and You know it by weird names.
    • She also has a fairly childish refusal to react to the special sandwich Takeshi made for her, insisting that it tastes completely normal or even like pizza. This is after flinching when taking her first bite.
  • Obfuscating Disability: After getting out of her infirmary bed when her right leg should be too injured to move, Tsugumi fakes a limp in front of Takeshi. She does an awful job, though, considering she accidentally makes her left leg drag instead of the right. Her right leg genuinely isn't fully recovered though, making it questionable why she limped with the wrong leg.
  • Older Than They Look: Tsugumi uses the idea to test how good Sora is at recognizing falsehoods without explicit information to back up her observations. While Sora instantly denies the possibility that Takeshi had a sex change or that Tsugumi is male, she admits it’s possible that Tsugumi is over twenty despite approximately high school age in appearance. Tsugumi is actually twenty three or four.
  • Perpetual Frowner: Takeshi doesn’t see Tsugumi smile once until almost the end of the story.
  • Properly Paranoid: Tsugumi displays a lot of paranoia, especially from the Kid’s perspective. In Takeshi’s routes, we learn that Lieblich captures people and performs experiments on them and in the Coco route we learn that she was so hostile in the Kid’s routes because she was the only one who knew that the entire disaster was just a repeat of a previous tragedy but wasn’t in on the plan.
  • Punctuated! For! Emphasis!: When trying to keep Takeshi from getting closer to her Tsugumi starts over enunciating between every word.
  • Rapunzel Hair
  • Second Love: For Takeshi, except in Sora's route. He had a girlfriend before, but we don't know much about her.
  • Single-Target Sexuality: Had only ever been in love with Takeshi. Which is why when she finds out she's pregnant she knows it's his kids, because she never had sex with anyone else.
  • Straw Nihilist: She generally keeps herself under control, but at one point she gives a long bitter speech about how life itself is a sin because all living things kill each other. It might be intentionally straw though since she wants Takeshi to prove to her that she's wrong rather than actually convince him.
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality
  • Super Strength: Tsugumi has enhanced physical abilities, though to what extent is unclear. She’s capable of lifting Takeshi and dragging him at a full sprint, however, with no signs of strain or exhaustion. She can also easily pin him.
  • Taking the Bullet: Tsugumi knocks Coco out of the way of some falling crates and gets her leg gashed open as a result. The room then starts flooding and she nearly bleeds to death before Takeshi can get her to the infirmary.
  • Tsundere
    • Tsugumi has nothing but hostility for Takeshi even though she was probably attracted to him the entire time the story was going on. Apart from finding it difficult to trust others, she also has some secrets to hide and a rather wicked sense of humor. She does seem to trust him more than she realizes, though. And despite picking on him, she shows enough concern to keep him from touching the steam heated metal door even when she doesn’t have a good excuse prepared for why she even knows it’s hot. She gets few deredere moments even after defrosting, but she’s obviously really happy in Coco’s route when Takeshi says that she has a pretty name.
    • When the power goes out and she and Takeshi need to go down a floor, she damages the elevator so that it'll flood and cause the whole capsule to sink. It's strongly implied that she was trying to show off for the cute boy she just met and panicked when it turns out to be more of a big deal than she expected. Notably, she gets relationship points despite her cold reaction if Takeshi plays along with her.
  • When She Smiles: When seeing Tsugumi playing with Chami, Takeshi realizes that she’s smiling for the first time since they’ve met. She even looks bright and shining.

Akanegasaki Sora
"When you close your eyes, I disappear."

A 24 year old woman who seems to work at LeMU, Sora is actually a holographic AI programmed to act as a guide to LeMU. She is calm and collected at all times, and is very helpful in explaining the inner workings of the park.

Voiced by: Hiroko Kasahara

  • Brain Uploading: How she escapes LeMU in 2017.
  • Conflicting Loyalties: Sora cares about the group a great deal, but she’s also programmed to be loyal to LeMu’s interests. Her security blocks place a higher priority on security than on guest welfare, which she struggles with in several routes. In Takeshi’s routes, a Tief Blau outbreak places more priority onto guest welfare and allows divulging of classified information. In You’s route, her priority levels are rewritten with her consent so that the positions of security and guest welfare are switched, allowing her to help You and the other guests if she considers it necessary. Which she does, of course.
  • Grew Beyond Their Programming: Sora is only programmed to be a guide and a low level computer system, but as the story goes on she grows increasingly emotional and curious. For better or worse. In the True Ending she even remembers things that were not stored in her data banks. Earlier, Tsugumi was impressed that in a way she already had: Sora is perfectly capable of detecting lies even with no prior experience, which is beyond what Sora says her own abilities entail.
  • Keigo: Sora is very polite and formal.
  • Literal Split Personality: In You's route, she agrees to try to stand back and allow Sara to try hacking into Lieblich by emphasizing the part of her programming that cares for guest welfare. However, a type 34 error occurs because attention to security is programmed to be a higher level of priority for her, which is manifested by two Sora holograms briefly wrestling.
  • Love Makes You Crazy: Not being equipped to handle love or jealousy, Sora’s programming runs wild when she falls for Takeshi in her route.
  • Nerves of Steel: Sora always remains calm and focused during normal crisis situations, something Takeshi is very thankful for. Perhaps more impressive given that she knows she has no real way of escaping. Oh, she has backups, but those aren’t really her.
  • No Sense of Humor: Sora can feel pleasure and even laugh when happy, but she doesn’t really get jokes or even the basis behind them. It’s not quite that jokes just seem mean to her but rather that she doesn’t get the contradiction where people laugh at misfortune with no ill will intended.
  • Pair the Spares: She is paired with Kaburaki in the Drama CDs.
  • Projected Man
  • Rapunzel Hair
  • Robot Girl: She gains an android body sometime before 2034.
  • Second Love: For Takeshi in her own route. One conversation reveals that he had a gilfriend before LeMU incident.
  • Shrinking Violet: Sora in the True ending epilogue is very easily flustered by Takeshi, though he’s together with Tsugumi.
  • Sweat Drop: Too polite to tell Coco she needs to do her job, Sora instead sprouts a giant sweat drop. Maybe her little digital avatar even did it for real.
  • Together in Death: With Takeshi, in her ending.
  • That Came Out Wrong: When Sora seems to be behind you, her voice will sound as though it’s behind you. If she’s to your right or left, her voice sounds like it comes from there instead. When she’s under you…
  • Three Laws-Compliant: Done subtly. She's adamant about protecting Leblich, but when Coco's life is in danger she ignores the orders from Leiblich in order to try and save her life. It's also a plot point that her programmed priorities needed to be reordered so that she can be more helpful.
  • Valley Girl: Played for laughs in her route: when Takeshi is trying to teach her how to act more "human", he teaches her to talk this way. However, when it ends up making Coco cry, they agree she should just talk like she normally does.
  • What Is This Thing You Call "Love"?: Being an AI she has trouble understanding love.
  • Yamato Nadeshiko: Wears qipao instead of kimono but otherwise fits to a T, being polite and gentle, while at the same time very protective about people under her care, especially Takeshi. Takeshi even thinks she's typical Japanese woman.
  • Yandere: Has a brief streak of this in her route after seeing Takeshi and Tsugumi having sex.
  • Younger Than They Look: Sora is designed to seem twenty four, but she actually wasn’t created until about half a dozen years ago. Though by 2034 she’s the age she appears.

Tanaka You

A 18 year old employee at LeMU, You is a very energetic girl who often acts as the mood maker of the group, trying to keep everyone's spirits up. Her full name is actually Yuubiseiharukana (due to her father wanting to give her a unique name to contrast with her common last name), but she shortens it to You. Is a good friend of Sara's, who calls her "Nakkyu".

Voiced by: Noriko Shitaya

Matsunaga Sara
"I'll be waiting for you to come for me."

A 16 year old girl who was on a field trip to LeMU, Sara is also an energetic girl. She is very intelligent for her age, already being an accomplished hacker, but she has an obsession with ninjas. She is You's friend and old schoolmate, having gone to the same high school. For some reason, she only appears in the Kid's routes.

Voiced by: Kana Ueda

  • Affectionate Nickname: You calls her Mayo. She returns favor by calling her Nakkyu.
  • The Cutie: Silly, energetic and absolutely adorable.
  • Ditzy Genius: Sara is perhaps the silliest character, saying the silliest things (both how she says them and what she says, though a lot of it is lost in the English translation), but she is a genius, especially when it comes to computers. Judging by the flashbacks, her silly personality seems to be due to associating with You.
  • Genki Girl: Always cheerful and full of energy.
  • Girlish Pigtails
  • Gratuitous Ninja: Being ninja fangirl she claims to actually BE a ninja and tends to insert ninjastic comments whehter they make sense or not.
  • Ill Girl: In "After You've Gone".
  • Long Lost Sibling: To Kid.
  • Moe Stare: Very prone to this.
  • Playful Hacker
  • Romantic Two-Girl Friendship: With You, although the romantic aspect is played up so far that it's unclear if it's still friendship.
  • Super Intelligence: As a result of being a Curé-hybrid human.
  • Shipper on Deck: For Kid/You in You's route. Succesfully.
  • Stepford Smiler: After being separated from her brother and controled by Leiblich her whole life she hides huge ammounts of pain behind her cheefrul demeanor. Being trapped in LeMU outside of anyone's control is the first time she's actually happy, althoug Kid gets a few glimpses of hidden sadness when Sara thinks she's alone
  • The Tease: Towards Kid in her own route. Until they find out they're siblings that is

Yagami Coco
"It that's the way it is, right?"

A 14 year old girl who was visiting LeMU, Coco is a very childish but upbeat girl who is always smiling despite the dangers. She is accompanied by her robot dog Pipi. For some reason, she only appears in Takeshi's routes.

Voiced by: Hisayo Mochizuki

  • Cloudcuckoolander
  • Did You Just Romance Cthulhu?
  • Establishing Character Moment: How many times have you been here? One, two, three, four, five… Never! Well, she’s been there at least once, but that's a secret, so she's not just being silly.
  • Genki Girl
  • Magic Skirt: Tackling a stuffed dolphin and almost completely upside down, her skirt still looks like she’s standing normally.
  • Older Than They Look: Coco is fourteen, looks ten and acts about six, which worries Takeshi slightly.
  • Oracular Urchin
  • Psychic Powers: Coco says at first that she can see the future, but when she explains it in detail the truth is more that she sees the world through the perspective of other people, including reading their minds to know what they think as they watch the world. Since Blick Winkel is an entity, Coco can watch through his eyes as well. Since he isn’t bound by time, she can see the future, past or other locations through his perspective. Also, she can bend spoons.
  • Rose-Haired Sweetie: Coco is very energetic and affectionate.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Her name should be written Koko, but it's romanized Coco. The Himmel patch allows you to change between these two readings.


    Spoiler Characters 

Kaburaki Ryogo

The Kid from the 2017 incident. During the incident, a brief possession by Blick Winkel causes him to lose his memory. After escaping LeMU, he joins You'haru in the "Third Eye Project", a plan to save Takeshi and Coco.
During the time between the two incidents, Kaburaki graduates from school and joins Leiblich, like You'haru.
Voiced by: Soichiro Hoshi


The Kid from the 2034 incident, and the game's other protagonist. He is the twin brother of Sara, and the son of Takeshi and Tsugumi, and a Curé-Human hybrid. Like Sara, he was placed in an orphanage by Tsugumi in order to hide the two of them from Leiblich. Despite that, they were both found and captured by Leiblich, who left him with a foster family and kept surveillance on him.
His Curé-Human status allows him to see infrared light, and also gives him enhanced strength.
Voiced by: Soichiro Hoshi

  • Big Brother Instinct: He's very protective towards Sara, although it takes him a while to realise that it's his brotherly feelings resurfacing.
  • Determinator: Doesn't give up no matter what. Especially visible when he keeps resuscitating Sara, even though everyone else thinks she's already dead, and actually manages to save her.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Technically. He is Curé-Human.
  • I See Dead People: Kind of - he can see Coco, but only due to her own ability.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia
  • My Greatest Failure: Not being able to find Sara after Leiblich Pharmaceutical seperates them. When he realises Sara is his sister, he's unable to face her because of this.
  • Official Couple: With You'aki.
  • Super Not-Drowning Skills: He survives skin-diving 300 feet into the ocean.
    • He also manages to swim up 100 feet in Sara's Route with a broken arm and still makes it up alive.
  • Super Strength: Hokuto has at least enough strength to lift a rock weighing about as much as Coco, sprint towards a fence and leap over it without effort. He can also hold his breath long enough to descend 119 meters then swim across the ocean floor.
  • Tomato in the Mirror

Tanaka Yuubiseiharukana

The Tanaka You from the 2017 incident. She is the original You Tanaka, whose father disappeared when she was one year old. During her teenage years, she had a fatal heart condition that would kill her in a matter of years, and agreed to clone herself, giving birth to Yuubiseiakikana. Shortly after, she became an employee at LeMU in hopes of finding out what happened to her father.
Voiced by: Noriko Shitaya

  • Broken Bird: She is considerably much more serious in 2034 as a result of the events of the last 17 years.
  • The Chessmaster: While Blick Winkel was the one who gave her the rough outline of The Plan, she is the one who put things into motion and set up the second incident.
  • Dead Person Impersonation: Yubiseiharukana led her daughter/clone to believe that she was Yukie, which is in fact her own mother.
  • Did You Just Scam Cthulhu?: She develops the Third Eye plan. Which she heard from BW in 2017, who himself heard it from her in 2034...
  • Dying Declaration of Love: To Takeshi, in one of Bad Ends.
  • Hopeless Suitor: In Takeshi’s routes, You hints at having a crush on him a few time as well as getting a little jealous at the difference in treatment between her and Tsugumi or Sora. Nothing comes of it. Not even a real blip on the radar.
  • Ms. Exposition: In the last act of the game, and in the Drama CDs.
  • Parental Substitute: You never knew her father, but she did meet a man at the hospital who helped fill the void she felt by not having two parents. He offered to clone her so she feel that she would live on after her heart failed. Cure fixed her heart, though, and her mother died soon after, so she raised her clone as her daughter under her mother’s name.
  • Soap Opera Disease: Her heart condition. Is eventually cured by the Cure Virus.
  • Supernaturally Young Parent: Courtesy of Cure, physically she's barely 5 years older than her daughter.
  • Teen Pregnancy: By choice. She was pregnant with her own clone and chose to do so because of her heart condition. She gave birth when she was fifteen.
  • The Mole: To Leiblich Pharmaceuticals, considering she is the one who leaks the truth about Tief Blau out.
  • Truly Single Parent

Tanaka Yuubiseiakikana

The Tanaka You from the 2034 incident. She is the daughter/clone of Yubiseiharukana, and was raised to be completely identical to her. Like You'haru, she became an employee at LeMU to investigate her father's disappearance.
Voiced by: Noriko Shitaya

Blick Winkel

The Third Eye, a.k.a. the reader of Ever17, that is, the player. Blick Winkel is a 4th dimensional being who exists outside of time, being able to travel to any point in time without problem. Blick Winkel observes the events of the 2017 incident (through Takeshi's eyes) and the 2034 incident (through Hokuto's eyes) almost simultaneously, to the point that he believes that the two are the same incident.
Voiced by: Soichiro Hoshi (Drama CD only)

  • A God Is You: The reader of the story is an omnipotent god being that can travel across time in the literal blink of an eye.
  • All-Powerful Bystander: Blick Winkel can time travel freely, but until the course of events wake him up he can’t even be called an entity. He’s just an observer who watches events the same way someone would look at a bunch of meaningless scribbles. When awakened, he still doesn’t have enough will to act on his own, requiring Hokuto’s help to accomplish anything.
  • Big Good: The mastermind behind "Third Eye" project responsible for the plan to save Coco and Takeshi. Weirdly enough, he comes up with a plan that he eventually becomes a sort of "victim" to, though it all works out in the end.
  • Did You Just Scam Cthulhu?: Does this to himself.
  • Idiot Ball: Doing things such as making Huokuto skindive all the way to IBF when there's a perfectly suitable submarine at hand qualifies him for this.
  • The Mind Is a Plaything of the Body: He loses his identity when possessing Hokuto, instead believing he is Hokuto.
  • Player Character: The real one, that is. Takeshi and Hokuto are Decoy Protagonists
  • Time Travel: Sort of. He exists outside of time so he can see any point of time freely moving between them.


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