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  • Don't tell me you didn't snicker at the mental image of vanilla ice cream dripping down onto the Kid's lap. We both know you did.
    Kid: Ah, it's cold...
  • Can't sleep because of the noisy guy next to you? Take out your trusty pen and draw funny graffiti all over him. Heaven only knows how they could draw on his eyelids without the poor sod waking up...
  • So, to get down to the part of Dritte Stock where the Generator Room is located, they have to find stuff that can help weigh them down enough to make the Egg sink. Takeshi drags along a planting pot, You gets a plaster ornament, Kid comes with a stack magazines and a stand for them... and then Sara heaves in a. Gigantuan. Frozen. Tuna. The following CG really doesn't help at all.
  • When You brought the tuna back Sora somehow thought that the tuna was Takeshi. Her panic over the tuna is hilarious.
  • Sora's Valley Girl stint in her route. So OOC that it made Coco cry.
  • Look carefully at Takeshi's counting during "kick the can" game. He's counting to 100... in base-2!
  • "Dear Mother and Father... How is everything with you? I'm currently playing "chicks" 102 feet under the surface of the ocean."
  • The true ending is half-heartwarming and half-hilarious:
    • Hokuto dropping several bombshells on poor Takeshi. Not only Takeshi found out that he's been sleeping for 17 years but he also has a son and a daughter.
    • When Takeshi meets Sara he goes in full Doting Parent-mode, still not convinced that he's not dreaming but deciding it doesn't matter since he has so cute daughter... while in front of completely ignored Hokuto.
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    • Tsugumi meeting Takeshi again for the first time in 17 years. Takeshi hugs her and starts throwing compliments... to Chami. When Tsugumi realises who he's talking to she instantly goes from Dere to Tsun and throws a temper tantrum wrecking the cabin, while Hokuto and Sara have a good laugh. Bonus points for Tsugumi being in her Myumyun costume the whole time.

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