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Avatar: The Last Airbender

Baldur's Gate

  • In Empty, Kivan finally confronts the ogre who tortured and murdered his lover, triumphantly announces that he will die for killing her, and is appalled to find that the guy has no idea what he's talking about.


  • BloodRayne: Chronicles of Blood: In Origins chapter 20, Ophelia doesn't recognize Rayne, revealing herself to have personally "picked out" women for Kagan to rape. It isn't until the next chapter that she remembers assisting in the slaughter of Rayne's family.

Code Geass

  • When Suzaku asks why he made Euphemia massacre the Japanese in Screw You Fate, I'm Going Home, Lelouch has to take a moment to remember why he did it the first time, as he's been through so many loops that Lelouch initially gave the reason he did it most recently.


  • In Wizard Runemaster, when Fleur tells Harry she wants to thank him for "killing the bastard who enslaved her", Harry blithely tells her that doesn't narrow things down any. He killed a lot during the war against the Burning Legion.
  • In Heir to the Empire , an amusing inversion is used, when Setsuna looks into Ranma's past:
    Setsuna: THAT SON OF A BITCH! He did that to you?
    Ranma: Which 'that' are you referring to? God knows I can't keep track.
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  • Blood That Flows: When Lina met Dilgear, she said that he tried to kill her. Dilgear didn't recognize her, but he admitted maybe he did at some point.
  • The Bridge: In the spin-off The Bridge: Sound of Thunder, the evil Mirror Universe Godzilla Junior doesn't bother to remember his victims. Titanosaurus seemed to leave an impression, but he cannot recall her name.
  • As an ironic inversion of canon, in Cycles Upon Cycles, what the Citadel refers to as the "Koprulu Contact War", the Koprulu sector call the "Backyard Skirmish".
  • Cassie Cage invokes this trope in Mortal Kombat Vs Marvel Universe after she kills Kano:
    Cassie: You know, when we look back on this years from now, we're gonna remember this moment quite differently.
    Sonya: How so?
    Cassie: Given your beef with Kano, me killing him will be the most important day of your life.
    Sonya: And what will it be for you?
    Cassie: Given what I go through both as a mutant and under your command on a daily basis...for me, it was Tuesday.
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  • In the Mass Effect/Halo crossover When There Was A Tomorrow and its sequel Guilty Sparks, Shepard and his crew are worryingly blase about the number of people who seem to feel that Shepard is an affront to the gods, which at the conclusion of the second story include The Covenant, the vast majority of the Batarian species, the Blood Pack, the Reapers, multiple mercenary bands, Cerberus, Guilty Spark and his legions of sentinels, and Colonel Ackerson of the Office of Naval Intelligence. They also feel this way about suicide missions, with Legion stating that a mission with only a fifty-three percent chance of success is "Significantly higher" than the missions they usually undertake.
  • In Fate Genesis, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy have had so many crazy adventures on a regular basis, up to and including being transported to other worlds, that ending up in the middle of the Grail War doesn't phase them that much. Dr. Eggman is a similar case, his reaction when Orbot figures out that they've transported to the Nasuverse is a complaint that other worlds never have anything familiar on TV.
  • Beyond the Veil Volume One: Arrival:
    "Great, Invasion of the Doom Bots Part Ten Million," Johnny said. He rolled his eyes. Again, for him, Doom Bots was just another Wednesday.
  • When Jedi Master Fay tries to remind Harry Potter of the time he saved her life in I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, she has to elaborate quite a bit before Harry recalls the incident and he better remembers fishing a galleon out of lava than saving her.
  • Hammering It Home:
    A big, beefy blond coming in and taking down all his guards, no biggy.
    Said muscle man attempting to lift the strange hammer from the sky and then suffering what pretty much amounted to a mental break-down, just a normal day in the life of Phil.
  • The Equestrian Wind Mage has an heroic example in Season 3 — when Majora's armies march on Hyrule Castle, the Hylian forces are petrified with fear, only to then be stunned by the Equestrians running into the fray undaunted. As Rarity explains to Zelda, despite their cuddly appearances, the ponies have a lot of experience in fighting horrible monsters, so it doesn't really faze them anymore.
  • The Marvel Comics/Mass Effect fic Just Another Tuesday flat out invokes it with its very name. For the Citadel races, the becostumed lunatics, planet threatening monstrosities and incredibly arrogant ambassadors are completely beyond their experience. For Earth? It's all old hat.
  • In Per Volar Su Nata Superman mentions possible support against Voldemort.
    Harry: I understand. I'm sorry for dragging you into this, but...
    Superman: It's fine. Believe me, I've been dragged into worse situations than this. Compared to dealing with Darkseid, this is just another Tuesday.
  • My Huntsman Academia has Toshinori say this nearly word-for-word to Izuku after an especially tough battle.
    Toshinori: Damn, I can barely even remember the last time I had a fight that tough... actually, that's a lie. I can remember the fights I had that tough of a time with ease.
    Izuku: Really? I mean, you've had to have a lot of fights, how could you remember all your tough ones easily?
    Toshinori: [flashes a wide, cocky grin as he points to himself with his thumb] You kidding me, kid? I'm The All Mighty Huntsman, The Symbol of Peace. Sure, I get into a lot of fights but I breeze through so many of them. To a lot of these criminals, their fights with me are probably the most climactic clashes of their lives... for me, it's a Tuesday.
  • In Tok'ra Apocalypse, while time travel isn't something the SGC encounter on a regular basis, they're still relatively nonchalant about that as an explanation for Henry Winchester's presence after he appears in Dean and Sam's room in the SGC through their closet.
  • Spider-X:
    • Peter only learns the day after he did it that he assisted the police in capturing a major serial killer, arguing that he didn’t mention it at first because it didn’t seem like a big deal at the time.
    • Also applies when Peter learns that he is being framed for a series of crimes by Mysterio for ruining Quentin Beck's early attempt at revenge, as it takes him a few minutes to remember who Beck is even after unmasking him.
  • In Time Anomaly, once he first hears about the time Rory shoved Hitler into a closet, Tony is continually amazed that these people could have lived the kind of life where doing that wasn't the most interesting thing to happen to them.
  • Infinity Crisis:
    • It's still unusual, but Joe wonders what it says about their lives that Iris is so nonchalant at meeting an alternate version of Barry who doesn't even look like the Barry Allen she married.
    • Earlier, Nate sums up to Ray the reaction of the Legends to meeting Loki in his ghost form
    Nate: This is when you know you've been at this job for too long. We're talking to the ghost of a Norse god and I'm not even surprised by it anymore.
    • In Powers and Marvels, the Power Rangers are nonchalant over meeting the Hulk and others.
    Rocky: Dude, we fight a winged golden monkey every other day, this is nothing.
    • The Rangers and Thor are equally 'nonchalant' when Fin Fan Foom manifests for the first time, although the other Avengers are still shocked by it.
    • In Of Kryptonians and Queens, the returned Cat Grant has this reaction to Morgana and Etrigan attacking the office;
    Cat Grant: A badly-dressed psychopath trying to cause destruction. Now I really do feel like I'm back home.
  • In My Heroes Reborn, Bakugo genuinely forgot he suicide baited Izuku until someone posts about it online. It causes a Heel Realization for the boy that he'd both do something like that and then forget about it.

DC Universe

  • In the Justice Society of America fanfic "Black Sunset", a serial killer is targeting retired supervillains, and the villains descend en mass on the JSA Brownstone demanding protection. One of them snarls that Hawkman wouldn't be sorry to see him dead, and is taken aback when Hawkman clearly has no idea who he is. They fought once, forty years previously.

Death Note

Doctor Who

  • A rare heroic example in The Road To Shalka - Feigle (the antagonist) hates the Doctor viciously for helping out a guy who toppled Feigle's Evil Empire. Since this is pretty much what the Doctor does on a daily basis, he has a lot of trouble placing Feigle (although he remembers the man he's helped back then).

Dragon Ball Z

  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged's Frieza has gotten so bored of people coming at him with righteous fury that he's turned the trope into a game, keeping a running total of how many times he's heard certain lines.

Harry Potter

  • In the Troll Fic Genesis Dumbledore lets his students get gang-raped on a regular basis.
  • In If Them's the Rules, after getting stabbed and threatened by Grindlewald Harry blithely goes about his day, putting it out of his mind.
  • In Season of Change Florean Fortescue's is attacked while Alya Cassiopeia Black (formerly Harry Potter) and a new friend are eating there.
    She knew Margret hadn't taken almost being murdered well, but to Alya it was just another day in Diagon Alley.
  • In A Muggle Technicality Fenrir Greyback encounters an unjustly-imprisoned Muggle werewolf during an Azkaban break-in staged by Voldemort.
    Fenrir: I bite anyone. The younger the better though. Don't remember biting an ugly bleeder like you though.
    Muggle: I was much younger...only would have been 1970.
    Fenrir: Really? They all sort of blur a bit. I'll take your word for it.
  • Fade to Black:
    Penelope: For me, a good day usually doesn't entail being threatened with a beheading.
    Harry: For me, that's just Tuesday.
  • In The Hidden Hero Harry pretends to be a Muggleborn. After an unjust stay in Azkaban and a recovery period in St. Mungo's he confronts Voldemort.
    Voldemort: Mudblood! You think you, a mudblood, can kill me? Me! The greatest wizard of all time! I will swat you like a fly!
    Harry: Like Cedric Diggory?
    Voldemort: Who? I don't know who Diggory is. Another mudblood?
  • Like an Erumpent in a Graveyard:
    The noise level intensified as everyone was clamouring to be heard on the unusual occurrences. Well, unusual for anyone who wasn't Harry Potter. This was just another Saturday at Hogwarts for him.

Marvel Universe

  • In North Wind, Loki ends up delivering one of these. Given that Thor had just accused the God of Mischief of lying, he kind of walked into it.
    Thor: [accusatorily] You are a vile liar!
    Loki: [still reading his book] You will have to be more exacting than that.
  • A heroic example in TSA The Amazing Spider Man.
    Spider-Man: "The Destruction of the Milky Way Galaxy... our Galaxy."
    Johnny: "Huh... must be Thursday."
    Spider-Man: "I never said I was afraid Agent Hill, nervous yeah. I mean here we are again, going up against impossible odds with a plan that may or may not work, oh and not to mention our planet, excuse me Our Galaxy is hanging in the balance."
    Ben: "Definitely Thursday."

Mass Effect

  • In Square One, A Cerberus scientist who had stolen research and had been on the run for years looking over his shoulder thinking they were after him finds out they forgot about him years ago until they finally needed the research back.
    Miranda: "Poor little man. To you, the day you scraped up the guts to plant a knife in my back was the bravest and proudest day of your life. But to me? It was Tuesday. I didn't give a damn where you went, and I wouldn't now if you didn't have something I wanted."
  • Played with in Mass Effect: End of Days. A Batarian rebel is intending to have his revenge against a Hegemony officer who killed the woman he loved, remarking the officer may not remember her, but will remember him. However, the officer actually remembers... which makes him almost shit himself once he realizes the former slave is just outside the door.

My Hero Academia

  • Yesterday Upon The Stair: In second grade, Katsuki pulled an especially cruel prank on Izuku. One that left several emotional scars, causing their already shaky relationship to be even worse than canon. When Izuku finally calls him out on this, Katsuki claims not to remember, which doesn't help his case:
    Izuku: "That's why — that’s why I don’t see you the way you want to be seen. Because you want to be a hero, and yet you can hurt someone like that. You can hurt them so bad that they still think about it and the scars still itch and it’s shaped the person they are, and not even remember. It was the worst day of my life, Bakugou. But it was just another Wednesday for you, wasn’t it?”
  • Apotheosis (MHA): The day All Might crushes his dreams dramatically altered the course of Izuku's life to drive him to villainy to take the power to change society. To All Might, Izuku was just a kid that's working to destroy everything All Might has worked for as a result of well-meaning but poor advice. All for One calls All Might out for crushing Izuku's dream without any consideration and Izuku point blanks asks if All Might would have ever thought of him again hadn't Izuku become a dangerous villain.
    Izuku: You're not sorry for what you said to me! You're sorry about the end result! If I didn't become a villain, would you be here apologizing to me?! Did you even once think about me again after our first meeting?!
    (All Might looks away in shame)
    Izuku: That's what I thought.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • Pony POV Series:
    • Discord reacts this way to recounting his multiple counts of genocide. Ultimately subverted with the Sea Ponies: he only pretends to feel this way because he actually does care he did it because he genuinely enjoyed their music, he's just can't stand the thought of accepting responsibility for anything, including the destruction of something he liked.
    • Nightmare Paradox has been pulling her "Groundhog Day" Loop revenge plan on Dark World!Discord for so long she's forgotten when she started, and reveals she doesn't bother remembering the names of anyone but her main pawns, especially the innocent bystanders who get killed, as shown when she doesn't remember who Poison Apple (Apple Pie's identical twin sister) is, asking if she's her coltfriend when asked how many times she's let her die.
    • While recounting her origin story to The Interviewers, Queen Chrysalis doesn't bother to remember the names of any character she interacted with unless they were really important to her. Out of her original village, she only cared enough to remember her childhood friend Maua; even her parents only get called Mother and Father.
    • The sadistic mass murdering Mad Doctor Professor Kabuto also has this mentality, viewing his victims as little more than lab rats. Given he refuses to refer to any creature who he has no respect for by their species with a number, it's little surprise.
    • Ditzy Doo's "Butterflies" story has a more humorous example with this exchange between Sparkler and Prince Blueblood (who's since undergone Character Development in his own story).
    Prince Blueblood: You look rather familiar, we've met, haven't we?
    Sparkler: Uh... yeah... we had a date... It ended with me chewing you out.
    Prince Blueblood: Unfortunately... that doesn't narrow it down as much as I wish it did...
    • Tirek's minion Lancaster, who tried to kill him, explains his motive was Tirek destroyed his hometown of Crystal Port and killed his brother. Tirek's response is to state he doesn't remember that one. When Lancaster asks in shock how he can't remember, his answer?
    Tirek: Do you remember every ant you step on?
  • In Twillight Sparkle's awesome adventure, ADMIRAL Awesome had managed to completely forget about having killed Enemy Boss Leader's family and friends by the time we learn about it.
  • In Fallout: Equestria, Littlepip comes across a memory orb (a recording of past events) where she witnesses Rainbow Dash being approached by a group of pegasi. When one asks if she remembers him, she remarks she's busy and thus only has time to remember important ponies- and promptly gets humbled when he angrily asks if she remembers his younger brother, a casualty in a recent battle.
  • In Harmony Theory, Melody Drop wants revenge on Max Cash for murdering her master, destroying her hometown, and using her loyalty to her master to Mind Rape her. While he vaguely remembers the act, he doesn't remember her.
  • In the first chapter of Principal Celestia Hunts the Undead, Sunset Shimmer is confused as to why Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna are so nonchalant about the magical shenanigans caused by Sunset herself, the Sirens, and Twilight Sparkle (corresponding to the first three movies of the Equestria Girls series). It's because, as the title indicates, the principal sisters have been hunting all sorts of monsters that plague Canterlot for a while now.
    Celestia: I know that the Fall Formal was a terribly exciting day for you, but for was Thursday.
    Luna: Friday.
    Celestia: No, definitely Thursday. It was a school night.


  • Referenced in the fanfic Naruto: Consequences once Naruto and Hinata find out that Konoha has been destroyed and that the Fire Daimyo committed suicide.
    Naruto: For Fire Country, the destruction of the Leaf and the suicide of their leader will probably be the most important day of their lives.
    Hinata: Really? So what was it for the both of us?
    Naruto: For us...It was Tuesday.
  • Brought up when Naruto saves Kayo in The Pride. She mentions that he rescued her once before, only for Naruto to ask her to be more specific because "When [he] was a genin, it seemed a week didn't go by without [him] rescuing someone or other."
  • Also referenced in Naruto: Wrath of the Emperor
    Naruto: "You tried, remember?" "And what was the end result? Oh, that's right. Sixteen ANBU dead. Three maimed Jounin. One Sannin missing an arm. And Kakashi Hatake dead. And that was me and Hinata without trying. I am not the same gaki you once knew, Tsunade. You and all of Konoha should do well to remember that. The Akatsuki found out the hard way. You should be thanking me, Senju for eliminating the Akatsuki. Wiping them out was probably the most important event in the history of the Elemental Countries."
    Onoki:"And what was it for you?"
    Naruto: *shrugs shoulders* "Tuesday."
  • Referenced in two separate scenes in Kitsune no Ken: Fist of the Fox, both times concerning Gaara.
    • In Chapter 132, during Yahiko's pre-recorded "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Gaara after luring him and his family into a trap, he declares that while he could explain his motive for leading Akatsuki and hunting the Kyuushingai, he won't bother to "bore" Gaara with the story since he's certain that Gaara, having taken part in the 365 days' violence with the other Terrors, likely wouldn't remember Yahiko's specific situation.
    Yahiko: For me, the day of my suffering was the most intense day of my life...but for you and your peers, Gaara, it was probably just another day to kill, right?
    • The trope is later discussed between Gaara and Hinata during their encounter in Chapter 189. Gaara doesn't deny that, for his past victims, each act of atrocity he's pulled would have made a major impact on each specific victim...but he doesn't see it as anything more than him doing his thing as usual.
    Hinata: Everything you’ve done since you started this campaign of yours...for the victims you’ve left behind, every act you’ve committed against them was a significant event in their lives.
    Gaara: For them, perhaps it was. But for was just another day on the go.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • A Crown of Stars: When the main cast confronted Jinnai, Misato showed that she remembered him too well from a prior meeting. Jinnai did not:
    Misato: "Well, well, well, if it isn't Katsuhiko Jinnai. I remember you, mister Junior Vice-President of Isshinshima Heavy Industries. You've oozed your way up in the world since we met, I see."
    Jinnai: "Who the Hell are you?"
    Misato: "You tried to sell us an overpriced second-rate knock-off of the Positron Canon we were developing ourselves. Then you grabbed my ass and tried to ask me out for drinks. I might have almost broken your wrist. I know I gave you one Hell of a black eye."
    Jinnai: "Wait, Captain Katsuragi?!"


  • A rare heroic version in Ashes of the Past: Ash tells Riolu that the day they first met and rescued him from Hunter J was a slow week by their standards.
  • Kukui in A Professor And A Student finds it very curious that what Sophocles thinks of as an amazing adventure (to Kukui's agreement) doesn't even warrant a mention from Ash, who's more concerned about finding out how to use Kukui's washing machine.


  • While pretending to not remember Blake in Not this time, Fate, Jaune keeps insisting she has to narrow things down.
    Blake: We met a little over a week ago.
    Jaune: You'll have to narrow that down.
    Blake: When you were with a woman?
    Jaune: You'll have to narrow that down.
    Blake: I saw you naked.
    Jaune: You'll... er... still have to narrow that down.
    Blake: I caught you having sex with a random woman on a train! And if you tell me you need me to narrow that down, I will throw you out that window!
    • Raven, as monstrous as she is, at least as the decency to avert this when she comes across two people that survived her raids.
  • Invoked in Playing Our Roles when Roman meets Adam years after they nearly killed each other. Roman blithely pretends he doesn't remember meeting Adam before, though it is noted that if he wasn't a Self-Insert, he might well have forgotten.

The Silmarillion

  • A Boy, a Girl and a Dog: The Leithian Script: In the spin-off chapter Betrayals, Renunciations Sauron tries to tempt Beren in the dungeons of Tol-In-Gaurhoth. Beren retorts that he still remembers what happened to one of his companions that trusted Sauron... but Sauron has completely forgotten that happening:
    —Yield to me, and serve me, and undo some small measure of the harm you have worked to my King, and in return I shall give you news of one you have long wondered for: Emeldir, who journeyed far, and never guesses the fate of her only child—
    —Even as you kept your promise to Gorlim, he thinks, and braces for the gloating and cruel mockery his slip must surely call forth, but the name is meaningless to his captor, and the answer but a dismissive — Who?

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Sonic X: Dark Chaos: In Episode 75, Cosmo calls Maledict out on all the people he's killed and the horrible things he's done, including slaughtering the Seedrians and ruining Tsali's life. After a moment of silence, Maledict openly admits that for him, the Seedrians' extinction and the slaughter of Tsali's family was "just another day," before following up with a Hannibal Lecture.
    Maledict: Do you know what I have seen in my immortal lifetime? I have watched the Big Bang scatter all the matter through the canvas of creation. I have seen whole galaxies collapse into oblivion. I have watched time itself expand and shrink in its eternity. I have seen countless civilizations rise and fall. And you think you are unique in your suffering? I have stood knee-deep in mud and bone. I have seen murdered dissidents and masses starved into faith. The innocent, the innocent, Sonic- trod and bled and starved and beaten and killed! This is your galaxy! This is the lawlessness of nature!
  • In Prison Island Break this is invoked by Shadow when he admits that he's raped so many women that their faces all blur together, despite only being convicted for eleven of them. Sonic is visibly sickened by this.
    • Shadow is then faced by three women whom he's raped in the past. Shadow comments mockingly on how he neither remembers nor cares. Then Rouge accuses him of this, and Shadow shrugs it off, telling her that he's raped lots of women and she's nothing special.
    Shadow: "One date and I changed your life forever. How does it feel to know that means nothing to me?"
    • Turns out she is special...

Sword Art Online

  • There is a heroic version in the The Kirita Chronicles. Prior to the Death Game the genderbent version of Kirito, Kirita, met the genderbent version of Asuna, Akio, twice in the real world before Sword Art Online. First she complimented him and the second time she saved him from bullies. While Akio remembers their encounters as they had a huge impact on him, Kirita doesn't until Akio tells her at the end of Chapter 9.


  • Transformers Animated: Cybertronian Genesis:
    • Megatron has no memory of Kup's stand against him at Kaiba-3 due to how many planets he's conquered over the years.
    • Megatron's ultimate goal in Cybertronian Genesis is to make Optimus Prime this. In Transformers Animated, Optimus, as a captain of a Space Bridge repair crew, one who only had his rank thanks to the charity of Ultra Magnus, should've been just another bug on the windshield for Megatron. The fact that he wasn't grates on Megatron's nerves, and by killing Optimus, he can finally forget his name and treat him as just another Prime he's killed over the years. When Optimus escapes him again at the end of the story, Megatron edges closer to a breakdown more than ever before, and promptly clears a space between the helms of the two Magnuses he's killed specifically for Optimus. Come the sequel, he goes Jumping Off the Slippery Slope in his attempts to finally triumph over his enemy.

Warhammer 40,000

  • Attelus Kaltos of Secret War has a subversion of this when a local Hammer confronts him for killing his brother. He doesn't remember it at all, after killing so many in the many months past. But is still genuinely sorry for the loss. For a short time at least.

[[ACL Youji Senki]]

  • When Mary Sioux talks about Tanya killing her father in A Young Girls Delinquency Record, it takes a lot of narrowing down for Visha to remember the incident - as the top ace of the war, Tanya had killed a lot of people's fathers, and rarely learned their names.


  • This Trope is Zigzagged in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Thousand Year Door Redux. During his duel against Leopold in Twilight Town, Stan attacks his ace monster Grandsoil the Elemental Lord, making it an And This Is for... attack for Philip (one of Leopold's former victims, the husband of the barmaid at the inn). Leopold doesn't even remember him. (And at this point, after all he has done, Stan really didn't expect him too.) In a much later chapter, however, Leopold searches through some records and looks the name up. When he finds it - and realizes the frivolous nature of offense he had taken the man in for, then he remembers Philip, leading to a Heel Realization for Leopold (coinciding with those of his siblings).

Yuri!!! on Ice

  • In Rivals Series, Yuuri treats this as an awful fact of life. The day Viktor insulted him and crushed his dreams when Yuuri attempted to get his autograph during Viktor's Junior Grand Prix Finals was the day Yuuri's life took a drastic turn. It was the day Yuuri's previous adoration of Viktor turned into a life-long burning hatred and ignited Yuuri's desire to surpass Viktor in ice skating. Yuuri realizes that its likely unlikely that Viktor even remembers it as Yuuri was just one of many fans that day. In a subversion, Viktor is absolutely crushed that he doesn't remember their first meeting while Yuuri is bitterly accepting of it.


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