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Trivia: Death Battle

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BEWARE! Umarked spoilers ahead!
    Trivia Tropes 
  • Actor Allusion:
    • Team Four Star voiced Shadow and Vegeta in their battle. When Shadow sends Vegeta to the moon, the Space Duck (A Ducklett wearing a space helmet) is behind him.
    • Goku has Masakox's, another Dragon Ball Z Abridged regular, voice. Thus the episode begins with the cast watching a save of Superman's on the news and the Kaio-what? Running Gag goes on.
    • He-Man's line "let's go do something normally seen as impossible" is perfect for his voice actor Ohmadon, especially after voicing Grant and Gront.
    • Probably not a coincidence that Robocop's actor died on the show as Lion-O.
  • Executive Meddling: The show has been hit by Youtube's infamous copyright claims a couple times, but the shining example would be the Godzilla preview, which was taken down in less than 10 minutes after it was uploaded. Fortunately, it's still safe and viewable on the Screwattack website.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
    • Lanipator and MasakoX Reprise their abridging roles as Vegeta and Goku, respectively.
      • Takahata101, who voices Nappa, Guru, and many others supplies his voice to Shadow the hedgehog and the gun shop owner in Robocop vs. Terminator.
    • Omahdon Voices He-Man.
  • What Could Have Been: Leonardo was originally supposed to fight Tommy (as his White Ranger form), but Zitz came instead. However, Tommy got in with a battle with Zechs.

    Trivia about the Show, Hosts and Cast 
  • Ben (Wiz) confirmed that the show was inspired by Deadliest Warrior and online debates including Goku vs Superman.
  • Wiz and Boomstick make an Easter Egg cameo in the indie videogame AVGN Adventures. Chad James, the voice of Boomstick, makes another appearance as his real-life appearance along with fellow Screwattack host and owner Craig Skistimas.
  • According to Asylum 2013 Interview:
    • Death Battle will not do Street Fighter's Ryu vs Goku because they think Goku would obviously win.
    • Harry Potter was originally going to fight Aang, not Luke. But the hosts decided that Aang was too powerful for a fair fight against Harry.
    • The hosts believe that one of the most lopsided duels was Raiden vs Thor. However, they were proud that they could keep the fight entertaining despite Thor's overwhelming power against Raiden.
    • Boomstick likes Street Fighter more than Mortal Kombat.
    • Ben's favorite turtle was Donnatello, despite having the most violent death of the turtles.
    • Both hosts don't like Spider-man and do prefer Batman, but they both enjoy the Spider-man villain Carnage.
      • They considered doing Carnage vs Green Lantern since both characters can create and materialize various objects.
    • Death Battle gets the most fan-rants and flamewars from heroes dying, while the least come from villains dying. This is because most heroes are inspiring for fans while villains are much more hated. Also fans rage alot with duels involving rival franchises or companies like DC and Marvel or Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat.
  • In the online series The Best/Worst EVER, Wiz mentions Sonic's franchise multiple times, implying that he hates the Sonic series or if he is a fan, he does acknowledge when the series does something bad. Wiz hates Rouge the Bat for being a sex-symbol of the series despite her weird appearance, does not like Amy and hates Silver. However in one episode Ben acknowledges the usefulness of Sonic's power rings, implying that he does play some Sonic games.
  • Boomstick cameos on Top 10 Educational Games on Screwattack, asking "Is someone talking shit about Reader Rabbit!?"
  • Boomstick is one of the newest narrators of the ScrewAttack series 'The Armory'.
  • In the Magfest 12 Panel.
    • The hosts mentioned the idea of Deadpool vs Deathstroke.
    • Their favorite episodes were Rainbow Dash/Starscream and He-Man/Lion-O because of how silly they were, especially the puns from latter.
    • Superman/Goku originally had about 30 minutes of dialog.
    • When asked about new abilities that happened after the episode aired, the hosts said that they would not remake any episodes because currently there is no new outcomes that would occur. The hosts agreed that Super Saiyan God Goku would lose against Superman even if it was allowed (as it requires assistance from other Saiyans, which is violating a major rule of Death Battle). Also they mention Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rain-Nuke.
      • The hosts are avoiding any Bleach, Naruto or One Piece crossovers since they have yet to end and their characters continue to evolve in power and abilities.
    • The hosts do not know how they could make an entertaining or fair duel against assassin or stealth characters like Solid Snake or Sam Fisher and will avoid them.
    • Boomstick thought that the Rainbow Dash research was the weirdest. Wiz mentions how weird Batman's pirate story was.
    • The hosts mentioned the popular suggestions of Dumbledore vs Gandalf and Hawkeye vs Green Arrow.
      • Hawkeye and Green Arrow are so similar that the hosts want to avoid having identical characters duel.
      • The hosts don't have a lot of information regarding Gandalf's abilities and don't know if summoning the Giant Eagles should be addressed or not.
    • The hosts have considered The Avengers vs Justice League but mentioned that researching multiple characters takes a lot more time than a normal episode.
    • Ganondorf is a very commonly suggested character by fans.
    • The hosts have done some work on Voltron vs Power Rangers but had troubles with an animator who has yet to finish the episode.
    • They made the Link vs Cloud fight 3D since neither character had good 2D sprites. Most 2D Link games have a bird's-eye-view of him, which would be weird for a Death Battle.
    • The hosts have considered Kirby as a fighter.
    • They actually began working with multiple animators at once to keep Ben from going insane in animating the fights.
  • The show has a few instances of the Colbert Bump.
    • More obscure titles and characters often get more notice when they are announced. One youtube clip of Bucky's cartoon intro has a commentator stating Death Battle brought him here the day the fight was announced.
    • The lets player Ris Grestar who does reaction videos under the title Lets watch Death Battle was given a bump by the creators themselves. He did a 1000 subscription video 3 days before Death Battle linked one of his videos on twitter, 4 days later he hit 2000.

    Recurring Trends & Fan Speculations 
  • Usually, if any of the fighters attacks the other before the battle begins (before "FIGHT!!" appears), the one who does the preemptive attack loses. Examples are Boba Fett (his ship attacking Samus Aran's), Shang Tsung (attempted one on Akuma, who dodged the attack), Wonder Woman (doing a flying kick on Rogue), and Felicia (accidentally pouncing a napping Taokaka). The only exception is Justin Bieber (spraying Rebecca Black). Even Goku vs. Superman is not immune to this, as Goku shot a ki blast at Superman, who admittedly did retaliate before the FIGHT signal appeared. Not to mention Bucky O'Hare's crew vaporizing Slippy, and then Fox's retaliation via Smart Bomb.
    • Also, even after the "FIGHT!" signal appears, the one who throws the first punch also usually dies. Examples are Shang Tsung (tried to hit Akuma with a fireball, who dodged yet again), Wonder Woman (hurls her Tiara at Rogue), Zitz (headbutts Leonardo against a chain-link fence), Riptor (combos Yoshi), Kratos (tries to hit Spawn with his blades but Leetha blocks them), Shadow (tries to kick Vegeta, who blocks his attack), Harry Potter (tries to use Avada Kedavra on Luke twice but fails), Chun-Li (tries to use Kikoken on Mai, who dodges), Raiden (hurls bolts of lightning at Thor, who blocks them), Cloud (charges at Link, who blocks the attack), Lion-O (fires a beam at He-Man, who deflects the beam), M. Bison (Attempts an aerial kick on Shao Kahn, who blocks and punches him between the legs), Ryu Hayabusa (throws shurikens at Strider Hiryu, who dodges), Terminator (first to fire his gun), Charizard (first to attack one of the other pokemon in the arena), Sektor (fired a missle at Fulgore, who deflected it.), and Gamera (Hurls a large chunk of an office building at Godzilla, who tanks it.}
    • On the other hand, whoever wins the first struggle and lands the first clean blow usually wins. Exceptions are Boba Fett, Wonder Woman, Zitz, Cloud, and Riptor.
    • However, Ben Singer (Wizard) confirmed that they debate on who would be the one to throw the first punch for the fight, and it comes down who they believe is more fitting to do so.
  • If a character tries to use social tricks/mind control/brainwashing during the fight, it will invariably fail and possibly leave that character open to attack. Luke Skywalker, Starscream and M. Bison are examples.
  • If a character is given vehicles, steeds, or other similar things, that character will lose. The hosts will often give a character the benefit of the doubt by giving them such things, making the fight more decisive by proving that even if a character had their vehicle or steed, they would still lose. Examples include Harry with his broomstick and Bomberman with his Rooey.
  • If a character has traits or abilities that could be used in the battle glossed over and disregarded for any reason, that character will win regardless. Examples include the complete disregarding of Silver Age Superman as a factor, Shao Khans inner Beast and Emperor's Sword, ignoring the RoboCop (2014) reboot, and not giving Tails access to any of his vehicles or mecha (or his Chaos Emerald powered Super Mode).
  • If a character uses (as opposed to merely being able to do so but not doing it) teleportation during the fight, they usually lose. Examples include Shang Tsung, Harry Potter, M. Bison, Zelda, Goku, Raiden, and Sektor. Spawn is an exception. While Fulgore had teleportation in his battle, he doesn't count as a true exception because his opponent, Sektor, also had that ability.
  • Magic users tends to lose in their respective Death Battles. Examples are Harry Potter, Ryu Hayabusa, Shang Tsung, Kratos, Ivy Valentine, Zelda, and Goku. Exceptions include Link, Mai Shiranui, and Shao Kahn.
  • When one of the fighters is waiting for the other, the 'waiter' usually wins. Examples are Yoshi, Dig Dug, Vegeta, Sonic, Luke Skywalker, Mai Shiranui, Thor, Superman, He-Man, Shao Kahn, Fulgore. Exceptions are Justin Bieber (again), Dr. Wily (which were both draws), and Ivy Valentine.
  • When both fighters are entering the arena in where they'll fight, as opposed to one waiting for the other or both being there already, it's usually the first one who arrives who wins. Examples are Akuma, Justin Bieber, Princess Peach, Spider-Man, and Tails. Exceptions are the Koopa, Zitz, Kratos, Starscream, Doomguy, Fox, and Godzilla.
  • Between fights against a male and female, the female usually wins. Examples are Samus Aran and Rainbow Dash. Partial exception is Rebecca Black (again).
  • Also, whenever a hero goes against a villain, the villain loses. Examples are Boba Fett, Starscream and Terminator. The exception somewhat being Godzilla, who has been on both sides of the morality spectrum, and killed the heroic Gamera.note 
  • If one fighter is almost obviously stronger than the other, the seemingly weaker character tends to win. Examples are Yoshi, Rainbow Dash, and Peach. Exceptions are Michelangelo, Pikachu and Gamera.
    • And a CLEAR exception is Superman, though his obvious strength isn't explained until AFTER the battle.
    • Somewhat along this note is that if a character is stated to have a move, technique, or weapon that just screams "this will easily kill the opponent when used", it will fail and that character will lose. Examples are Boba Fett (his homing missile), Chun-Li (her Kikosho), Kratos (his Blade of Olympus), Goku (Super Saiyan 4 and the Spirit Bomb), Bomberman (his Mega Bomb), Harry Potter (Avada Kedavra), Doomguy (his BFG 9000), Cloud Strife (his Omnislash), Pikachu (Volt Tackle), M. Bison (Final Bison Mode), Luigi (both his Super Jump Punch and Negative Zone), and Sektor (the Compactor). Exceptions are Vegeta (his Super Saiyan form, though in fairness Shadow had almost the exact same ability, as well as his Galick Gun), Akuma (his Raging Demon), Peach (her Mega Strike technique, though its lethality wasn't expressly mentioned until after the battle), Blastoise (his Hydro Pump), Superman (the Infinite Mass Punch), Rainbow Dash (her Buccanneer Blaze), and Fulgore (the Devistation Beam).
      • It seems Wiz and Boomstick learned from their mistake with Peach and explained Superman's Infinite Mass Punch during his bio (which is again another exception).
      • On another note, if a character has a "will kill an enemy very easily" move and it doesn't fail, it is often the finishing move. Almost all of the exceptions to the above observation were when the "this will easily kill the opponent when used" move was the last move.
  • If the clip at the end of the characters rundown shows them at a point of incompetence and/or vulnerability, they tend to lose. Examples being Donatello, Raphael, Starscream, Cloud, Harry Potter, Felicia, Lion-O and Luigi.
  • If a character involved in a battle has blonde hair, they usually win. Examples are Samus, Thor, Luke Skywalker, Taokaka, Link, Peach and He-Man. The only exception is Cloud, who lost to another blond character.
    • Subverted with RoboCop and Tails as Murphey had blonde hair as a human and Tails has yellow fur
  • Characters that Boomstick has an obvious preference to tend to lose. Examples are Haggar, Doomguynote , and Charizardnote 
  • Wonder Woman is the only combatant whose negative qualities/flaws were never mentionednote .
  • The Master Chief vs. Doomguy battle received some complaints due to the animation contradicting the research. First and foremost, Master Chief can't throw grenades inside his bubble shield. More to the point, however, Doomguy is treated as a slow, plodding Implacable Man in the animation despite his greatest advantage being his speed, with an average jogging speed of over 30 miles per hour and a full speed (due to an engine exploit) being nearly twice as fast.
  • Similar to the above, the Peach vs. Zelda battle has received complaints regarding not just the animation contradicting the research, but also the research itself:
    • Peach won because of the convenience of her sheep note 
    • The light arrow was only stopped by Peach's Rage note 
      • But it's still an arrow in her chest note 
    • The Mega Strike should be inadmissible for only being seen in a sports game note 
    • Peach can only use the Vibe Scepter powers on Vibe Island note 
  • If the description questions whether a certain fighter can take on another, the questions would be answered a "Yes." Examples are Rainbow Dash, Link, and Shao Khan. Exception is Pikachu.
  • Whenever a character clearly instigates the fight, they're usually the one who loses. Examples include Boba Fett [shot Samus's ship out of space], Wonder Woman [attacked Rogue while she was flying, knocking her out of the sky], Riptor [viciously attacks a terrified Yoshi], Shadow [challenges Vegeta to a fight because he senses his powerful energy], Starscream [threatened and mocked Rainbow Dash], Goku [challenged Superman, thinking he was going to try to destroy Earth, and continued despite Superman trying to convince him to stop], Lion-O [attacked He-Man thinking he was using Battlecat as a slave], M. Bison [attacked Shao Kahn's men], Bucky O'Hare, [killed Slippy thinking he was an enemy, enraging Fox], and Terminator [Killed the gun store owner, then resisted when Robocop tried to arrest him].
  • When describing combatant abilities, the traits that are viewed the longest normally have more importance to the outcome of the fight, like Spidey's Spider-Sense.
  • If a matchup has previews of the combatants released before the actual episode, the fighter who gets previewed first dies. The exceptions are He-Man, Fulgore, and Godzilla note .
  • If a fighter gets their Final Smash from Smash bros they usually lose. Direct examples are Mario, Zelda, Luigi and Pikachu. Indirect, as in they use a Final Smash move but are not a fighter themselves in Smash bros, examples are Shadow and Venusaur. The exceptions are Sonic, who fought Mario and Blastoise, who fought Venusaur and Charizard.
  • Characters with superior defense tend to win their battles. Examples are Vegeta (he could easily tank Super Shadow's blows), Master Chief (had significantly better armor, regenerating energy shields, and the impenetrable bubble shield), Blastoise (had moves that could bolster his already high defensive stats), Spawn (only the Blade of Olympus could even hurt him, he had a Healing Factor, and he can only be killed by decapitation) Spiderman (had superhuman durability compared to Batman being just a man), Link (his shield was indestructible), Robocop (he has been completely unphased by things that have obliterated Terminators), Superman (he was hundreds of times more durable than Goku) and Godzilla (who has taken hits from a small black hole, a kaiju sized meteor and nuclear explosions). An exception is Starscream (he has taken missiles and lasers, while Rainbow Dash clearly wasn't avoiding his bullets because they would tickle), and Akuma (his stamina and defense was explicitly stated to be poor).
  • If a character's name appears first in the episode's name, they usually lose. Of the 34 battles at the time of writing, 18 episode names (Boba Fett vs. Samus Aran, Mike Haggar vs. Zangief, Zitz vs. Leonardo, Felicia vs. Taokaka, Kratos vs. Spawn, White Bomberman vs. Dig Dug, Mario vs. Sonic, Chun-Li vs. Mai Shiranui, Starscream vs. Rainbow Dash, Raiden vs. Thor, Cloud Strife vs. Link, Batman vs. Spider-Man, Pikachu vs. Blanka, Son Goku vs. Superman, Ryu Hayabusa vs. Strider Hiryu, Ivy Valentine vs. Black Orchid, The Terminator vs. Robocop, and Luigi vs. Tails) listed the loser first and 12 (Akuma vs. Shang Tsung, Rogue vs. Wonder Woman, Yoshi vs. Riptor, Vegeta vs. Shadow, Luke Skywalker vs. Harry Potter, Master Chief vs. Doomguy, Princess Peach vs. Princess Zelda, He-Man vs. Lion-O, Shao Kahn vs. M. Bison, Fox McCloud vs. Bucky O'Hare, Fulgore vs. Sektor, and Godzilla vs. Gamera) have listed the winner first. The remaining 5 episodes are the TMNT and Pokémon battle royales (which were just labeled as battle royales with none of the combatants' names in the title), and Justin vs. Black, Eggman vs. Wily, and Goomba vs. Koopa (where all combatants died).
    • On another note, the first person to be analyzed is the first person in the name of the episode. The only exception is Peach as the episode is titled "Princess Peach vs. Princess Zelda".
  • A character's track record against other fighters is generally not taken seriously when considering the result. Wiz noted in the TMNT battle royale that the results of fights within a character's own universe are often plot constructive (and not based on who is objectively better) and therefore the results are questionable. In addition, since fighting ability is not a straight number or ranking, some fighters may be good against some combatants but not others and therefore even the seemingly rock solid logic of "A beat B, who is obviously more powerful than C. That means A would beat C" is moot. To put it another way, imagine someone arguing that since rock beats scissors and scissors beats paper, then rock would beat paper.
    • The exceptions to the above rule are when a fighter has experience with fighting and winning against foes similar to the other combatant (Spiderman was able to counter Batman as Spiderman fights the Green Goblin, who is also a strategic, gadget-oriented fighter), or when the defeat of a character is analyzed as a feat of strength, ability, or skill (such as how Orchid defeated Eyedol even when no one else could, which establishes her as very capable).
  • The Official DEATH BATTLE Fan Blog is incredibly good in its predictions of who will win. They have predicted every fight since Batman vs. Spider-Man, and a majority of the official bloggers (who, on an interesting note, also help out with research) have concluded on the eventual winner in all but 1 battle, which was Ivy vs. Orchid. Their current record stands at 12-1.
  • The Official Death Battle Blog also made a top 10 list of the most necessary Death Battles:
  • Peach vs Zelda is widely hated amongst the Death Battle writing community on deviantART.
  • Some of the most requested fights and the most intense rivalries are also the most one sided battles:
    • Superman was several orders of magnitude stronger, tougher, and faster than Goku
    • Only one of Kratos' weapons could even have a chance of killing Spawn, and even then Spawn has a Healing Factor and a host of other superpowers that Kratos had difficulty matching and countering.
    • Bastoise won 48% of all simulated scenarios in a three way battle
    • Zangief had more training and was far stronger than Haggar
    • Raiden was severely outclassed in strength and his most powerful attacks were ineffective against Thor
    • Shao Kahn curb-stomped Bison even in his final form
    • Godzilla is much bigger, heavier, stronger, and more durable than Gamera, on top of having far more powerful attacks.
      • Two exceptions are Link vs. Cloud and Ryu vs. Strider; both fights were described as very close.
  • Any attempt to use self-destructive means to invoke a draw will fail. Examples are Terminator using its fuel cells and Gamera's ejection suicide move.

    Trivia about the Fighters 
  • All the fights have some relationship between the fightersnote .
    • Boba Fett and Samus Aran are both space Bounty Hunters with futuristic body armor.
    • Akuma and Shang Tsung are bosses and villains of their fighting games, both using dark powers.
    • Rouge and Wonder Woman are popular female superheroines of their universes (with oversexualized outfits).
    • Goomba and Koopa being both soldiers of Bowser's army and appear together in almost every game.
    • Haggar's Final Fight series has merged into Zangief's Street Fighter series (as they are both owned by Capcom) and so fighters from both series can fight each other in the crossovers. However Zangief and Haggar have NEVER been in the same game, mainly because they are both the heavyweight grappler characters of each series. Not to mention that they share identical movesets. As mentioned on the show, this has made many fans think they are rivals.
    • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with their obvious family bond.
    • Zitz and the Battletoads are described to be an imitator of the TMNT, having similar appearances and enemies.
    • Yoshi and Riptor are dinosaur-based game characters both published by Nintendo.
    • Felicia and Taokaka are catgirls of fighting games.
    • Kratos and Spawn are anti-heroes who were once mortal warriors before being gifted hellish powers from evil deities. Despite pledging loyalty to the deities, they betray their leader after he tricks the anti-hero by losing his family. In their vengeance they have bested deities above them in terms of powers, both bringing an end to their own worlds. Also their signature weapons involve chains.
    • White Bomberman and Dig Dug are from late 1980s puzzle-action games.
    • Vegeta and Shadow are hardcore, super-powerful antiheroes and the rivals of the main characters Goku and Sonic. Vegeta also notes that Super Shadow looks similar to Super Saiyans.
    • Mario and Sonic have a rivalry based on the 1990s Sega vs. Nintendo rivalry. They are both two of the most popular characters in video game history and have appeared in the Olympic game crossover series.
    • Rebecca Black and Justin Bieber are recent pop stars known for having a large hater community. Black actually idolizes Bieber.
    • Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter are protagonists of two of the most successful sci-fi and fantasy franchises in cinema history. They are both young boys who naturally had extraordinary skill and abilities in dueling and mystical arts. They were also both raised by their aunt and uncle who hid their true nature until they were much older.
    • Chun-Li and Mai Shiranui are considered to be the most powerful female fighters of their franchises (despite not winning any tournaments and getting rescued A LOT). Their titles are also similar: “Strongest Woman in the World” and “Queen of Fighters”. Additionally, they were officially pitted together as rivals in the SNK vs. Capcom series. note 
    • Starscream and Rainbow Dash are from hit Hasbro toy and TV franchises. They are also masters of flight and have large fanbases compared to most other characters in their franchises. There's also the matter of Rainbow Dash being a magical horse as opposed to Starscream being an alien robot.
      • They're also on opposite ends of the loyalty spectrum. Rainbow Dash bearing the Element of Loyalty and Starscream being…well
    • Master Chief and Doomguy are superhuman space marines that took down entire otherworldly armies with their weapons, armor, and skills. The Doom series popularized early First-Person Shooter games and Halo is considered to be the best of the genre.
    • Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily are both mad scientists who use flying UFOs and giant robots to fight. They also both command large armies of robots (most of them with cartoonish designs). Not to mention they are villains of two of the most popular 3rd party video game characters: Mega Man and Sonic.
      • Also, Bass and Metal Sonic are evil twins of the main characters Mega Man and Sonic, not to mention both of them have transformations, copying powers, and have betrayed their creators before.
    • Peach and Zelda are pink Nintendo princesses, infamous for being kidnapped CONSTANTLY by the main villain (which becomes the main story and conflict for their heroes). Despite this, they both appear in the Super Smash Bros.. series (and they actually work together in The Subspace Emissary).
    • Raiden and Thor are thunder gods, based off of real thunder gods of the same names (Thor from Norse and Raiden from Japanese mythology). Their martial arts and electrical godly powers make them some of the most powerful heroes of their franchises.
    • Cloud and Link are adventure/fantasy swordsmen who wield iconic indestructible swords and magical weapons that have saved their worlds many times.
    • Spider-Man and Batman are both city heroes who fight in the night, also considered to be one of the most popular heroes of their franchises (DC and Marvel). They both recently appeared in multiple successful film trilogies, are gadget fighters, and fight common street thugs using their wits and martial arts. Also, Spider-Man was denied by Batman from the Justice League.
    • Pikachu and Blanka are electrically-charged fighters of video games.
    • Superman and Goku is the most requested match as both warriors are superhuman in unbelievable and impossible levels. They are also both aliens of a nearly extinct superhuman race of aliens who look exactly like humans, so as babies they were sent away from their doomed planet to Earth where they became the planet's greatest protector.
    • He-Man and Lion-O star in 80s cartoons marketed to boys. Both are associated with cats (He-Man has a tiger for a pet and Lion-O should be obvious) and carry cool swords.
    • M. Bison and Shao Kahn, similar to Akuma and Shang Tsung, are the prime threats in two of the most recognizable fighting game series, and desire to conquer Earth.
      • Both of them also have a tendency of being really cheap when they are the final boss.
    • Ryu Hayabusa and Strider Hiryu are blatantly unhidden reconnaissance agents who proved themselves as youngsters. However, Ryu uses more magic, while Hiryu uses more technology.
    • Ivy Valentine and Black Orchid are sensually dressed beauties with dark, parent-related histories, floral-themed names, and exotic weaponry.
    • Fox McCloud and Bucky O'Hare are animal-like space pilots who fight in teams against a warlike, planet-spanning regime. Also, foxes have been known to eat rabbits in the wild.
    • The Terminator and Robocop are human-robot hybrids from 80's and 90's film franchises that revolve around dystopian societies. However, while Robocop works to keep the city of Detroit under control, the Terminator seeks to kill the humans that stop the robot uprising in its future.
    • Luigi and Tails are the younger sidekicks to the big mascots of the 90s console war. Fittingly enough, the verdict given is similar as their counterparts.
    • Venusaur, Blastoise, and Charizard are the three fully evolved candidates for the player's first Pokemon in the Gen 1 games.
    • Fulgore and Sektor are evil-aligned cyborgs from super violent fighting games.
    • Godzilla and Gamera are aquatic, reptilian Kaiju with Breath Weapons who star in a series of Japanese Dueling Movies that go back to The Sixties where they find themselves fighting against other Kaiju.
    • Many fans have wondered what would happen in a fight between Captain America and Batman. Both are considered physical and mental pinnacles of humanity without superpowers, but Captain America got his physique through a drug, while Batman had to build himself up from childhood.
    • Zechs and Tommy are both mid-nineties operators of Giant robots of wich they are the sixth member of their show (Zechs name means six and Tommy is the Trope Namer for The Sixth Ranger just to further the point). Both have an odd tendency not to hold a job for very long.
      • The Epyon and Tigerzord are both Humongous Mecha patterned after mythological beasts that transform. The Epyon and the Tigerzord are also not the first robot they piloted. Ironically the Tallgeese was white and the Dragonzord well.
  • The only losers in Death Battle to not leave behind a body or anything remotely representing one are Goomba [killed in the same way a Goomba dies via turtle shell in the actual Mario games], Koopa [presumably totally dissolved by the lava], Bomberman [Blown to ashes by his own bomb], Shadow [Blown to ashes by Vegeta's energy wave], Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black [presumably destroyed in the explosion], everyone but Metal Overlord in Eggman vs Wily [Totally obliterated by Metal Overlord], Raiden [Thrown into the sun by Thor], Pikachu [Eaten by Blanka], Goku [blown to dust along with the rest of a planet, though somehow one of his boots survived,][[ M. Bison [body obliterated by Shao Khan after the battle], Ryu Hayabusa [Body destroyed by Strider Hiryu after the battle], Venusaur [Most of its body was destroyed by Charizard's flames, and its flower, all that remained, was eaten by Blastoise], Sektor [Body parts were blown to smithereens by Fulgore] and Gamera[totally destroyed by Godzilla's Red Spiral while self-destructing.]
  • Shadow, Master Chief, Goku, and Superman survived falling from outer space, though Shadow was seriously injured. Lion-O is also capable of surviving in outer space.
  • Thus far, only Blanka, Master Chief, Thor (possibly), Shao Khan, Robocop, Blastoise, and Fulgore have done things to their defeated enemies bodies.
  • Only three battles have had the characters already in the arena at the same time: Cloud Vs Link, Strider Vs Ryu, (both battles were considered to be very close), and Venusaur Vs Blastoise Vs Charizard (which also seems tough at first given that they have a Rock, Paper, Scissors relationship with each other.
  • There are two episodes where one host introduces both combatants of a Death Battle. The first is Wizard introducing Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black. The second is Boomstick introducing Ivy Valentine and Black Orchid, though he did have to interrupt Wiz to do so.
  • Slippy, Shao Kahn's men, that guard Strider and Hayabusa killed, the army sent to intercept Godzilla and that gun shop owner Terminator robs are the only ones who have died before the "death battle" begins.
  • Mike Haggar, Raphael, Felicia, Bomberman, Mario, Harry Potter, Doomguy, Zelda, Pikachu, Goku, Bison, Luigi, and Venusaur are the only losing combatants to let out a death cry.
  • The combatants have a variety of different sprite and model sources:
    • Samus' sprites are from Super Metroid‎.
    • Boba Fett's sprites are from Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.
    • Akum's sprites are from Street Fighter III: Second Impact..
    • Shang Tsung's sprites are from Mortal Kombat 3.
    • Rogue's sprites are from the Marvel Vs Capcom series.
    • Wonder Woman's sprites are from Justice League Task Force.
    • Goomba's sprites are from the Super-Mario All-Stars version of Super Mario Bros 3.
    • In the trailer for Goomba vs Koopa, Koopa's sprites were also from Super Mario All-Stars, however, in the final version they were changed to it's sprites from Yoshi's Island. This also goes for the sprites in that were used for a Koopa in Yoshi vs Riptor.
    • Haggar's sprites are edited versions of The Hulk's sprites and Zangief's sprites from the Marvel vs Capcom series. They were created by Jelly Fish for Acey Infinity's M.U.G.E.N. character.
    • Zangief's sprites are from the Street Fighter Alpha series.
    • All four TMNT had their sprites from the SNES version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters.
    • Zitz's sprites come from the arcade version of Battletoads.
    • Yoshi's sprites are from Yoshi's Island
    • Ripor's sprites are from the first Killer Instinct.
    • Felicia's sprites are from the Darkstalkers series
    • Taokaka's sprites are from the Blazblue series.
    • Kratos' sprites are from the mobile phone game God Of War: Betrayal
    • Spawn's sprites are from the SNES version of Spawn
    • Bomberman's sprites are from Super Bomberman 4.
    • Dig Dug's sprites are from the arcade version of Dig Dug.
    • Vegeta's sprites are from Dragon Ball Z: Super Butōden 2.
    • Shadow's sprites are from Sonic Battle, with Super Shadow's sprites being slightly edited versions of it.
    • Mario's sprites are modified from his Super Mario World sprites by Greg Mc Cleod for Super Smash Flash 2
    • Sonic's sprites are custom, with a mix from various different sources, with Sonic Battle being the main source.
    • The body of Justin Bieber's sprites come from Stephen Sills from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game
    • The body of Rebecca Black's sprites come from Kim Pine from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game
    • Luke Skywalker's sprites are from Super Star Wars - Return of the Jedi
    • Harry Potter's sprites are from the Game Boy Advance version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.
    • Chun-Li's sprites are from Street Fighter III: Third Strike.
    • Mai's sprites are from The King of Fighjters '98.
    • Starscream's sprites are custom M.U.G.E.N. sprites made by Omega Supreme.
    • Rainbow Dash's sprites are from the canceled fan-game My Little Pony Online, created by urimas.
    • Master Chief's are from the online game Halo Zero
    • Doomguy's sprites are from the original Doom.
    • Dr. Eggman's Sprites are custom sprites created by D. Burraki.
    • Dr. Wily's Sprites are from Mega Man 7 and Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters
  • Most of the combatants originally came from or are most recognized from video games: Of the 72 combatants so far, 44 (Samus Aran, Akuka, Shang Tsung, Goomba, Koopa, Mike Haggar, Zangief, Zitz, Yoshi, Riptor, Felicia, Taokaka, Kratos, White Bomberman, Dig Dug, Mario, Sonic, Chun-Li, Mai Shiranui, Master Chief, Doomguy, Doctor Eggman, Doctor Wily, Princess Peach, Princess Zelda, R Iden, Cloud Strife, Link, Pioachu, Blanka, Shao Kahn, M. Bison, Ryu Hayabusa, Strider Hiryu, Ivy Valentine, Black Orchid, Fox [McCloud], Luigi, Tails , Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Fulgore, and Sektor) have originated or have had their most iconic appearances in video games. The rest of the combatants are a mixed bunch as far as their origins. In order of descent: 1 for literature (Harry Potter).

    Season 1 
  • Before animating for Death Battle, one of Mr. Lange's big claims to fame was a very well-made animation called Cannon Something, in which Peach suffers a horrible death at Mario's hands as a result of his frustrated attempt to demolish a castle. Come fights 13 and 20, Mario is the one who suffers the horrible death, while Peach avoids such a fate. Fight 20 was also the very first one Mr. Lange animated.
  • The following fights were bloody ONLY in the killing blow; Episodes 1, 5, 13, 20, 21, 23, and 24.
  • Only Leonardo (in his second fight), Spider-Man, and Link left the battlefield after finishing off their opponents.
  • Two fights so far have had both fighters who have electricity as their main method of attack: Raiden VS Thor, and Pikachu VS Blanka.
  • The longest sprite Death Battle (recorded from the start of the animation until the end) is the Wily VS Eggman battle at 5 minutes and 8 seconds. However, for those who wish to invalidate that record since it wasn't one-on-one, Mario VS Sonic is the longest battle at 3 minutes and 9 seconds. The shortest Death Battle was Chun-li VS Mai Shiranui at a mere 51 seconds.
    • The longest battle with Mr. Lange as the animator is also the longest Death Battle with no recorded dialogue that can't be found on the character's sound board (i.e Spidey's quips in his battle with Batman) is the Thor Vs Raiden battle at 2 minutes 36 seconds. With all the anticipation for the Goku Vs Superman battle, one can only hope it'll be pretty lengthy and this is a testament to show that that's possible.
    • And it IS possible and PROVEN! The ENTIRE FIGHT 9 minutes and 10 seconds if you count Lange's animation ONLY. The Entire fight as a whole including the Excuse Plot clocks in at about 10 minutes and 28 seconds. It was worth every second of waiting.
  • Death Battles 2 through 9 and 18 are the only Death Battle where neither combatant says a word.
  • Superman, Goku, Spawn, and Metal Overlord have the highest defenses shown. Spawn, being a ghost from Hell, can only be killed by Holy or Unholy weapons, and even then he needs to be decapitated. This helped him survive Kratos's overwhelming offensive abilities. Metal Overlord in Sonic Heroes was immune to any damage except for Team Super Sonic's team attack, which required time to charge it. Since SUPER SONIC needed HELP to defeat Metal Overlord, Super Bass couldn't do enough damage to stop his transformation. Goku can survive nuclear explosions and Superman can survive supernova explosions. Also Mega Mario, Starman Mario, Metal Mario, Super Sonic and Super Shadow are immune to damage, yet can't stay in these forms for long.
  • Dig Dug is the only warrior with only one method of attack: his Pump. (Though he can have rocks fall on his enemies, that wasn't talked about and it is more of Dig Dug manipulating the environment instead of having rocks as a weapon.)
  • Batman (thanks to his Utility Belt), Link (thanks to his large inventory) Spawn (thanks to his hellish powers), Goku (from the versatility of Ki) and Superman (from his Kryptonian DNA) have more weapons than any other warrior. (Yet most of Batman's weapons are non-lethal except maybe for The Bat-Car Bomb.)
    • The weapons used by Batman include Batarangs (normal and explosive), the Grapple Gun, combat armor, a cape used to glide, a taser in his suit, smoke bombs, non-lethal explosives, kryptonite (not used against Spiderman's fight), lethal plastic explosives, stealth, skill at martial arts, is very strong and intelligent for a human, gadgets that can summon swarms of bats, and the bat-lasso or bolas.
    • Link has the Master Sword (which can fire Skyward Strikes or lasers and use Medallions), the Hylian Shield, a Boomerang, Bombs, Hero's Bow (with various elemental arrows), Hookshot, Red Ring, Chainmail Shirt, Golden Gauntlets, Boots (hover boots, pegasus boots, and iron boots), the Triforce of Courage, Z-Targeting, and the skills of all previous Links.
    • Spawn has superhuman speed, superhuman strength, pseudo-immortality except from holy or unholy weapons (and even then he needs to be decapitated), quick regeneration, the ability to absorb evil energies or sins, is a skilled assassin, uses dozens of guns AT ONCE, Leetha of the 7th House of K (which has a mind of its own, can shapeshift into anything, normally acts like a shape-shifting cape, spikes or chains, and can also feed on evil as well), can alter matter, communicate with animals, fly, teleport, fire necroplasm, control elements (including fire and water), raise the dead, heal sickness, create explosions, transform, turn invisible, read minds, and open portals to Heaven or Hell.
    • Superman has no clear limit in his strength, durability or flying speed under normal conditions because of his body's solar aura, and can enhance these abilities or heal with energy from sunlight (becoming god-like when inside the sun). His senses are almost unlimited in terms of distance, precision, clarity, and are occasionally impossible (like hearing through the vacuum of space). Superman has Super Breath (which can freeze enemies in ice as Arctic Breath), Heat Vision (powerful enough to destroy planets or precise enough to perform surgery or lobotomy to others), can phase through attacks or turn invisible, can perform the Infinite Mass Punch (striking with the force of a supernova), can calculate information like a super-computer, knows pressure-point combat, boxing, Amazonian martial arts, developed psychic barriers, can control his muscles to various levels of strength, has learned the martial arts of Torquasm-Rao and Torquasm-Vo, can survive without oxygen or food, and repair holes in reality with static electricity.
    • Goku at SSJ4 can fly faster than light speed, lift at least 100,000 tons and survive explosions of several quadrillion megatons. From a lifetime of divine training he knows the After-Image, Dragonthrow, Mimicry, Janken, Fist Shockwave, Hasshu-Ken, Kamehameha, Kaioken (from levels 1-20), Super Saiyan 1 to 4, Dragon Fist, Teleport with Instant Transmission, can read minds and use Telepathy, create barriers of ki, fire ki blasts, Destructo Disk, Solar Flare, Kiai Cannon, Spirit Bomb (either as an attack or energy source), telekinesis, Ki Sensing, wields Senzu Beans, Power Pole, and the Flying Nimbus.
  • Vegeta has one of the highest offensive abilities in the game, able to punch the MOON into the Earth and his Galick Gun or Final Flash can destroy THE PLANET. Goku, Thor, and Superman has similar offensive abilities as well.
  • As mentioned at the end of the Spawn VS Kratos episode, the hosts are not afraid of allowing the more popular character to be defeated, even if their popularity is shown in online ScrewAttack polls.
  • Vegeta, Goku, Zangief, Master Chief, Akuma, and Batman have some of the longest, deadliest and most skilled training methods of the warriors seen in Death Battle. Mike Haggar also trained constantly until his role in politics forced him to train less. Other warriors who train include Mai, Chun-Li, Luke Skywalker, the TMNT, Wonder Woman, Ash's Pikachu, and Samus Aran. Blanka fought jaguars and crocodiles in the jungle, though his training teacher is Dan Hibiki (who is a Joke Character, meaning Blanka could become a weaker fighter if he followed him). Rainbow Dash also trains, but focuses more on flying than combat skills.
  • Yoshis can be one of the youngest warriors, as they can fight shortly after being hatched from an egg. Riptor is second at only 4 years old. Harry Potter is the youngest human warrior, fighting against Death Eaters during his teenage years (though Rebecca Black is technically younger, she isn't much of a warrior to begin with). Thor and Raiden are the oldest warriors, as they are ancient thunder gods.
  • Superman appears to be the fastest character in the series, easily traveling several times the speed of light with no confirmed limit to his speed. Super Sonic, Super Shadow, Metal Sonic, Goku, and Rainbow Dash are some of the fastest warriors, easily traveling faster than the speed of sound. Vegeta, Starscream, Wonder Woman, and Thor (at Mach 32) can fly at mach speeds as well. Raiden and Goku are capable of teleportation.
  • Eggman, Wily, and the Egg Robo are the only warriors using only vehicles to fight, and never using their own physical bodies in combat.
  • Derpy Hooves makes a cameo in the Rainbow Dash/Starscream fight (her cameo appearances are a running gag in her show).
    • Big the Cat, Princess Peach, and Pedobear also cameo in the Haggar/Zangief battle.
  • Starscream (in his Spark form) is the only warrior that is immortal (a trait not allowed for the other warriors). However he was still defeated (as Rainbow ate him). Fans asked if Rainbow can truly win if Starscream isn't technically dead, but the hosts confirmed that Rainbow officially won the match (despite Starscream now living in a sewing machine).
    • Thor and Raiden both can live forever but are still able to die in battle.
  • Batman, Spider-Man, Eggman, Dr. Wily, Donatello, Superman and Zelda (wielder of the Triforce of Wisdom) have very high IQ and intelligence (at the same time, Batman, Wily, and especially Eggman suffer from obvious mental instability).
    • Raiden, Kratos, Master Chief, Dig Dug, Leonardo, Shang Tsung, Samus and Boba Fett are skilled strategists.
    • Goku, Peach, Zangief, Michelangelo, Taokaka, Goomba, Riptor, Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black are know for being stupid or unintelligent.
    • Doomguy, Raphael, Vegeta, Zitz, Starscream, and Thor are poor strategists (though Starscream is deceptive).
    • Vegeta, Raphael, Doomguy, Cloud and Kratos are known for a tendency to be blinded by extreme rage.
    • Spawn is a skilled assassin but is haunted by demons and the impact of his death, making him violent and unstable. The Violator/The Clown (Spawn's main enemy) haunts his dreams and summons insane criminals and demons to fight Spawn multiple times, stressing him out even more.
  • Michelangelo is the only warrior denounced by BOTH hosts (Boomstick jokes about his mentality, even accusing him of smoking pot. Wizard openly admitted that he didn't want Mike to win due to his lack of training and terrible nunchuck weapons). However, in the Death Battle Q&A the annotations show that in real life, at least one of them preferred him. <Rebecca and Justin don't deserve to be called warriors.>
    • In another Q&A accessible only to Advantage Program subscribers, Chad (voice of Boomstick) was shown to like him.
    • Haggar is one of the most beloved warriors of both hosts.
  • Michelangelo's 'THE BONG' and the Goomba's 'Telephathy Powerz? OMG' are the only weapons jokingly and obviously not used by the warrior.
  • Red Goombas, the Piranha Plant, the Thwomp, and Bullet Bills interrupted the Koopa/Goomba fight. Bob-ombs interrupted the Mario/Sonic fight.
  • Kratos and Spawn cameo in the intro of Vegeta VS Shadow.
  • The TMNT are mentioned in the Koopa/Goomba episode as the Koopa Bros. are based on the TMNT.
  • Shang Tsung, Kratos, Spawn, Leonardo, Sonic, Doomguy, Raiden, Thor, Goku, and Link have all fought against devils or an evil god. Akuma is sometimes considered to be a devil. Darkseid is the ruler and god of Apokolips, the DC's version of hell, so Superman technically fights the DC's version of the devil. Rainbow Dash can also be said to have fought evil gods via the Elements of Harmony (though with the conjunction of the rest of her friends).
  • Thor, Spider-Man, and Superman have defeated The Incredible Hulk, an accomplishment worth mentioning on Death Battle by the hosts.
    • Both Thor and Spider-Man are noted to have the martial arts skills capable of fighting Captain America hand-to-hand.
  • Due to Mario having more games than any other warrior, he is considered to have fought a larger variety of bosses than anyone else.
  • Superman, being created in 1932 and debuting in 1938, is the oldest character in terms of franchise ages. Obviously this makes DC Comics the oldest franchise. Taokaka and her game BlazBlue had a 2008 debut, making her the youngest franchise debut. Rainbow Dash's Friendship is Magic generation of My Little Pony debuted in 2010, makes her the youngest character debut in terms of franchise generations (though many other characters don't have a specific generation that the hosts focused on).
  • The Justin Bieber vs. Rebecca Black fight used character sprites from the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World XBLA/PSN game.
    • To be specific, Justin Bieber uses the sprite for Stephen Stiles, Rebecca Black uses the sprite for Kim, the kid in the car may be a random background character but it is probably it's Lucas Lee in a sports car, The Jonas Brothers all use the sprite of Gideon Graves and Miley Cyrus uses Envy Adam's sprite.
  • According to Youtube, the most widely accepted match by fans is the TMNT fight with a 20:1 like/dislike ratio (possibly because Leonardo has obviously superior skill, weapons and tactics compared to his brothers).
  • The most despised match-up according to Youtube's like-dislike ratio is Zelda vs. Peach (for the illogical plausibility of the ending, ignoring Zelda's transformations and using non-canon sources to predict the character's effectiveness in battle among other things) (with about 50% of viewers liking or disliking the video). The second is Goku vs. Superman, the third is Mario vs. Sonic, fourth is Master Chief vs. Doomguy (due to the animation contradicting the research), fifth is Batman vs. Spider-Man, and sixth is Kratos vs. Spawn (especially the somewhat anti-climatic finishing move and Spawn's immortality effecting the outcome). Mostly, these other fights are hated because the more popular character lost, yet the hosts (as mentioned in the ending of Kratos vs Spawn) do admit to allowing the less popular character win because they test the warrior's skills and not their fanbases. The hosts have mentioned that characters who are more affiliated with good video games are going to receive more praise on a video game website like Screwattack.
  • According to the Youtube Q&A annotations, Riptor and possibly Raphael were originally chosen to win but they changed their minds after further research. Boba Fett, Kratos, Felicia, Bomberman and Michelangelo were also loved by at least one of the hosts but lost the fight.
  • Spider-Man and Spawn are both from New York City and both protect it, normally at night. Batman used to live in NY city before Gotham City was created for the comics. Also, artist Todd McFarlane worked on the comics the three were based on.
    • They also are popular because of how (somewhat) relate-able they are to the audience, Batman because of his lack of superpowers, and Spider-Man due to him dealing with real life conflicts similar to the teenage and college-aged audience (like being overworked or stressed).
    • Some of Batman's abilities and tools are similar to Spider-Man. They both 'soar' through their cities but cannot fly (Batman glides with his cape and Spider-Man web-swings). Batman's grapple gun allows him to reach high places like Spider-Man, but isn't as flexible and isn't for long distance travel like web-swinging. Batman's quick reactions and reading of muscle movements allow him to counter enemies similar to the Spider-Sense (this is more obvious in both Batman and Spider-Man videogames.) However, it is nowhere near as advanced.
    • Batman has had crossovers with Spider-Man and Spawn.
  • Thor, Spawn and Raiden became supreme beings but intentionally gave up their powers, returning to their original forms. In some possible futures, Superman absorbs so much energy from the Sun that he becomes a god.
  • Both Thor and Superman can survive being on the sun. In fact, Superman is more powerful on the sun. SSJ4 Goku once commented that "even the sun cannot hurt me now", though in the past he was at risk of being killed in it. However, Cooler was able to (just barely) survive being sent to the sun, and since Goku is more powerful today, it is possible but not confirmed.
  • Cloud has survived being impaled multiple times, yet was still able to fight. Kratos impaled himself with the Sword of Olympus but survived. Spawn has a long history of being impaled and surviving without permanent damage. Spawn, Kratos, Superman, Goku, Batman, and Vegeta have all come back to life after dying (Vegeta and Goku have died multiple times, depending on the canon). Sonic was killed in Sonic '06, but due to time travel paradoxes, his murder was erased from history.
  • The top 5 ScrewAttack videos on YouTube (as of 2012) are also the top 5 Death Battle videos. In terms of YouTube views they are; Sonic vs Mario, Goomba vs Koopa, Vegeta vs Shadow, Kratos vs Spawn, and Starscream vs Rainbow Dash.
  • As mentioned on the website, Wiz claims that the Goku vs Superman episode took 2.5 years to make.
  • Felicia, Blanka, Sonic, Hyper Metal Sonic, Silver Sonic, Mecha Sonic, Mecha Knuckles, Tails, and Shadow can all do a Spin-Dash while the Koopa has sometimes shown to attack with his shell in a similar manner.
  • Death Battle milestones:
    • Boba Fett vs Samus Aran: The very first episode of Death Battle. Also the first battle where both warriors use mostly ranged weapons.
    • Akuma vs Shang Tsung: First battle to feature two male warriors.
    • Rogue vs Wonder Woman: First battle without health bars, as well as the first in which both warriors are female.
    • Goomba vs Koopa: First battle to end in a draw, also the first battle in which both combatants are from the same series. And the first "joke" Death Battle. And the first between two non-humanoid characters.
    • Mike Haggar vs Zangief: Possibly the first fan requested Death Battle. And first battle that had a future combatant (Peach) appear in the fight.
    • TMNT Battle Royale: First Death Battle to feature more than two warriors in combat.
    • Zitz vs Leonardo: First to feature a returning champion.
    • Yoshi vs Riptor: First battle to feature animals without any human-like traits.
    • Felicia vs Taokaka: Second 'catfight'.
    • Kratos vs Spawn: First Death Battle to ignite severe amounts of fanboy rage.(Though all the previous Death Battles still get their fair share of complaints).
    • Bomberman vs Dig Dug: First battle in which the losing character was killed by their own weapon.
    • Vegeta vs Shadow: First battle in which both warriors are constantly speaking.
    • Mario vs Sonic: Currently the most popular/viewed Death Battle as well as the most legendary rivalry (after Goku vs Superman of course.)
    • Justin Bieber vs Rebecca Black: First battle in which the combatants (as well as the background characters) are based on real people.
    • Luke Skywalker vs Harry Potter: First to have warriors who are from primarily live-action fictional works.
    • Chun-Li vs Mai Shiranui: Shortest Death Battle recorded, and thus the quickest kill.
    • Starscream vs Rainbow Dash: First battle in which the combatants are almost completely different and only have one thing in common(flight). Also only one in which the loser doesn't die.
    • Master Chief vs Doomguy: Second battle where both warriors use mostly ranged weapons and thus make almost no physical contact.
    • Eggman vs Wily: First battle to feature armies fighting to the death and the first to have a third party claim victory.
    • Zelda vs Peach: First Death Battle to be animated by Mr. Lange. Also has the highest dislike-like ratio on Youtube.
    • Thor vs Raiden: Second-least viewed Youtube Video.
    • Link vs Cloud: First Death battle to be animated completely in 3D.
    • Pikachu vs Blanka: First non-joke battle that has a killing blow that can be considered a "joke" (Blanka suddenly eating Pikachu's head, pulling a blender out of nowhere, and turning his body into juice to drink).
    • Goku vs Superman: Longest battle ever, as well as the most requested, longest to produce, and most disliked on Youtube.
    • Luigi vs. Tails: First battle to have both combatants be the sidekicks of other previous combatants. Also, Tails sets the record for youngest organic (the Terminators are sent on their missions fresh off the production line) fighter so far, with an age of about 11 years.
  • Wiz seems to be a firm believer that plot convenience and plot construction do not go hand-in-hand with logic and accuracy. This is one of the reasons given as to why Leonardo defeated Raphael. The fact Raphael won in a battle against Leonardo in the TMNT movie was specifically plot constructive and it was what the story of the film called for. And Rogue's victory against Wonder Woman despite "getting her ass kicked a lot" which is only for plot convience and does not hinder chances of winning.
    • This also helps to somewhat justify Peach's and Spider-Man's victories against Zelda and Batman. One could debate that the only real reason why Peach is kidnapped constantly is simply to serve as an initiation for the plot and main conflict for Mario, and has nothing to do with her actual skills. Thus even though Peach is kidnapped slightly more often, she's still more physically capable than Zelda. One could as well debate the fact that Batman is able to defeat the entire Justice League and super-powered villains is only because it's how the story is supposed to go. But even if that is not the case, Spider-Man is still much stronger, much faster, more mentally stable, and just as intelligent as Batman.
  • According to the hosts, Link vs Cloud was one of the closest matchups yet.
  • According to Boomstick (in both the episode and in his responses to the episode) the battle between Goku and Superman was the most lopsided fight even when giving Goku the benefit of the doubt for every attribute he had and measuring Superman by his consistent limitations.
  • Of all the Death Battle victors, Luke Skywalker suffered the least amount of deliberate hits (Only one in the form of Harry Potter's Sectumsempra. The Firebolt was just incidental). Running in second is Rainbow Dash (Once smacked by Starcream's hand, and once hit by the Null Ray).
  • Development Hell: The most requested match, "Son Goku vs. Superman", began production early in the series, according to Wiz, for 2.5 years. It was scheduled for release on December 21, 2012, then it was delayed to later in December, then the animator confirmed that it will not be released before January 2013. On January 6th, Wiz announced that the episode would be released later in the week, according to the animator. It was finally released on January 10th between 8 and 9pm EST.
  • The Remake
    • The "Starscream vs. Rainbow Dash" battle was remade including new information and better effects in the battle.
    • About 24 hours after "Thor vs. Raiden" was released, Shortfactor (the animator) improved the visuals of the final phase of the battle, and was subsequently updated with the video.
  • Schedule Slip: The "Son Goku vs. Superman" episode was scheduled for Dec 21st but was delayed when they decided the animation wasn't finished. Odd when Screwattack advertised that a prophecy would be fulfilled in the previews. It was the end of the Mayan Calendar. What had so many fools worried would happen that day, and what happened at the end of the fight?
  • What Could Have Been
    • Originally, Riptor was meant to win against Yoshi, if you turn the annotations on in their first Q and A video, but after more research they decided Yoshi would win. They also went back and forth over who would win in the Turtles Battle Royale.
    • After the TMNT Battle Royale, viewers were given the chance to vote for the winner's next opponent. The choice besides Zitz was Tommy Oliver, specifically his White Ranger persona.
  • Some franchises in Season 1 have multiple fighters being used.

    Goomba vs Koopa 
  • The Goomba/Koopa episode already shows Mario killing Goombas with the Koopa shells, technically showing the result of the match (which happens a lot for real players who play Mario games).
  • Except for the soldiers in the Wily and Eggman battle, the Goomba is the only warrior to appear in multiple numbers in their fight. This also means that Koopa is the only warrior to kill his enemy multiple times.
  • Goomba is currently the most frail combatant yet. The weight of a Toad can easily crush his skull. Koopa is probably the most cowardly, refusing to leave its shell until several seconds after being attacked.
    • Also the Goomba is clearly the stupidest combatant yet, commonly depicted as running off of cliffs for almost no reason.

    Haggar vs Zangeif 
  • Haggar is the first character animated with fan-made sprites. Wiz claims he found them in a Mugen artist.

  • The Leonardo vs. Raphael match from the CGI film is mentioned at the end of the episode. Although Ralph won in the canon movie, it was discounted for the Death Battle for several reasons:
    • Leonardo didn't want to win in the canon; in Death Battle, all mental reservations are ignored.
    • The canon fight was a solo battle; Death Battle was not.
    • Leo won the fistfight beforehand in the canon movie.
    • Leo had a chance to kill Ralph in the canon fight, but obviously didn't go through with it; were it a Death Battle, he totally would have.
    • Ralph was wearing body armor.
    • It was plot constructed, which is normally inaccurate anyways.
    • It was a stupid movie anyways, at least according to Wiz.

    Vegeta vs Shadow 
  • Vegeta is the second combatant to appear in multiple episodes after Leonardo, though the second episode (Mewtwo vs Vegeta) is a joke episode.
  • Super Saiyan is the first Super Mode to appear in a battle.

    Mai vs Chun-Li 
  • Some promotional art and posters for Capcom/Snk Card Fighters DS pair Mai and Chun-Li together.

    Felicia vs Taokaka 
  • Rogue appears in the stage background of the fight along with her boyfriend Gambit.

    Starscream vs Rainbow Dash 
  • Of all the Death Battles, the Starscream VS Rainbow Dash was the only one where the two combatants have the most contrasting qualities; size, gendernote , 'alignment', lifeform typenote , attack rangenote , and trustnote .
  • The Starscream/Rainbow Dash fight was a combination of three fan requests. Firstly, having one of the Tranformers fight. Secondly, having any of the Mane 6 fight (all six of the main characters in Friendship Is Magic have their, for want of a better term, buff and nerfs, but in the end Dashie was chosen). Thirdly, mostly by the vocal non-brony population, having something huge (with no conceivable chance of losing) fight one of the My Little Pony characters. Needless to say, after doing the research, they concluded that Starscream had no chance against Rainbow Dash.
  • The Rainbow Dash/Starscream battle is the 2nd most unbalanced duel in terms of size. Rainbow is a pony, which is shorter than a person (about 4 feet in height). Starscream is about 20 feet tall, the size of a fighter jet.

    Mario vs. Sonic 
  • Mega Mario is one of the largest characters in Death Battle, though is only a temporary transformation.

    Master Chief vs. Doomguy 
  • When Boomstick was chosen to revive Screwattack's old The Armory series, Boomstick chose Doomguy's shotgun as his very first episode.

    Eggman vs Wily 
  • Wily and Eggman teamed up in the 2013 Archie Comics crossover Sonic the Hedgehog/Mega Man: Worlds Collide. They combined their technology and forces to roboticize Sonic's friends into Badniks and with Wily's modifications, become Robot Masters to hunt down Mega Man and Sonic. In the comic, Metal Sonic and Bass also partnered up.
  • Scratch and Grounder are the only warriors without their abilities mentioned AT ALL. They also might not classify as elite Badniks because their designs are based on ordinary robots in Robotnik's army.
  • The Roboenza Virus was only used in Mega Man 10. This means it's one of the only weapons to appear just once in canon.
  • Neo Metal Sonic is the only warrior who NEVER fought in battle. However his abilities shown in Sonic Heroes are accurate to the show's depiction.
  • Mecha-Knuckles is the only warrior to die before even attempting an attack.
  • Metal Overlord is one of the largest warriors in the series, being over 20 feet long. The airships in the Egg Fleet are the largest vehicles in the series.

    Peach vs Zelda 
  • Peach's 'fatality' was the only finish move NOT designed to kill (it is designed to kick soccer balls). There is no evidence in Mario canon that this move can be weaponized.
  • Peach vs Zelda is the only battle to show the simulated fight end with a lucky shot.
  • According to the Youtube like/dislike bar, this episode had the lowest rating of any season 1 episode. Various factors can be attributed: Peach winning due to luck (the opening for her Mega Strike being caused by an unguided, falling sheep that was batted into the air towards the beginning of the fight), the questionable canon status of the Mega Strike (see above), Zelda losing (her abilities were more combat oriented than Peach's, so it came as an outrage to many fans), and the questionable idea of Peach as a fighter.

    Thor vs Raiden 
  • Thor only hits Raiden once with Mjolnir, and that one blow rips his body in half.
  • Via Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, Raiden's breakdown includes footage of him fighting fellow Death Battle combatant Batman. In his analysis, Raiden also fights other characters such as Shao Khan and Shang Tsung.
  • Ben and Chad have stated that this is one of, if not the most, lopsided Death Battle they've done, and required them to leave a LOT of stuff about Thor out to make it seem remotely fair.

    Batman vs Spiderman 
  • Superman appears in the analysis of both heroes- getting attacked by Batman and rejecting Spiderman to join the Justice League.

    Pikachu vs Blanka 
  • The sneak peek of Pikachu's Death Battle analysis had one text reading 'Beat Lance's Dragonite with help' in the anime when it was actually Drake's. This error was corrected in the full version.
  • Pikachu vs. Blanka is the most unbalanced duel in terms of size. Pikachu is only 1'4" and weighs only 13.2 pounds. Blanka is 217 pounds and 6'3.5". Pikachu is also one of the smallest fighters in Death Battle history.
    • Pikachu maybe the most physically weakest combatant in terms of strength. In The Path to the Pokémon League, Pikachu had trouble lifting a tiny barbell, thanks to its tiny arms.
  • A common complaint to the researchers was that they ignored Pikachu's pokedex entries, possibly due to being an anime specific pokemon and not a games specific pokemon. This was later rectified in the Kanto Starter Battle Royal, where all three (game specific) combatants had their pokedex information considered and analyzed.

    Goku vs Superman 
  • Superman is the first DC character to win.
  • As mentioned on the show, Superman and Thor have both fought each other and teamed up in crossovers. Pre-Crisis Superman also defeated Spider-Man effortlessly.
  • Technically, Superman may have killed another Death Battle combatant—Vegeta—when the planet was destroyed. In a broader extent, all other earthbound combatants on Death Battle might have died as well (except for Spawn, because he is immortal).
    • Also, Vegeta mentions his victory against Shadow the Hedgehog.
    • This also contracts his stance of defending others by destroying the Earth.
      • Luckily because this fight combines DC and DBZ canons, he could just gather the Namekian Dragon Balls.
    • Rainbow Dash from Equestria (and to a possible extent, Starscream's spark) can also be excluded from this, being that her home does not exist on an Earth with human life.
  • The quote 'Kaio-what?' is used in the DBZ Abridged series as a running gag.
  • As mentioned in this interview (it starts at about 15:40), Boomstick supported Goku in the fight and hated Superman because of how overpowered he is as a superhero.
  • Superman has been measured as the fastest, strongest, and one of the most durable Death Battle characters ever. Superman can fly way faster than light speed, move planets, and survive supernova explosions.
    • Goku was also estimated to travel faster than lightspeed in SSJ4 form (without using instant transmission) and can survive explosions large enough to destroy a planet.
  • The 'Infinite Mass Punch' is actually the most powerful attack of The Flash, who achieves this by vibrating his molecules and moving at about lightspeed. Superman can use this attack because he has similar speed powers to The Flash; flying faster than light speed and being able to phase his body. However, Superman also has nearly unlimited strength, making Superman's Infinite Mass Punch much more devastating than The Flash's.
  • Superman's ability to create tornadoes with his superhuman speed, one of Superman's more well known abilities, is not mentioned.
  • Death Battle created the 'gravity formula' to determine Goku's traits and limits. It is Goku's base abilities (1G) multiplied by the 40 tons of weights he could handle in training (which is 586 times the amount of Earth's gravity it would be on Goku and Goku's physical limit without ki or Super Saiyan forms) multiplied by his Super Saiyan forms (SSJ1 is 50 times the strength of Goku normally, SSJ2 is 100 times normal or twice the strength of SSJ1, SSJ3 is 400 times normal or 4 times SSJ2 and SSJ4 is 4000 times normal or 10 times SSJ3) divided by the gravity he experienced while demonstrating his limits. (1G)*586*50*2*4*10/Gforces or (1G)*2344000/Gforces. This formula would need to be off by over 250,000 times these estimates just to be close to killing Superman with a Kamehameha X10 or a Dragon Fist, and even then Superman's strength would easily overwhelm Goku.
  • Ben (Wiz) mentioned that Superman vs. the Elite was one of the most important sources to measuring Superman's abilities because in the fight, Superman shows how powerful he actually is when normally he doesn't use his full strength because he doesn't want to kill his enemies.
  • Goku's Spirit Bomb used in the fight is actually one of his weaker ones. Goku probably wasn't allowed a lot of time, and even then it's significantly weaker than the Spirit Bomb used against Kid Buu, which required Mr. Satan to rally the humans. Since Kid Buu was a match for Goku at SSJ3, this Spirit Bomb would do little against someone who is a match for SSJ4.
    • And since Superman is more pure hearted than Goku (who has shown no qualms in the past about killing his opponents when it suits him, as opposed to Superman who has rarely gone so far as to kill, and even then only when it is his last and only resort), the Spirit Bomb would have been completely useless as a weapon.
  • There is a Dr. Slump character named Sourman who is a direct parody of Superman (except without any superpowers). The Dr. Slump series was the first successful franchise of Akira Toriyama, who created the Dragon Ball franchise (allowing a few crossovers between Dr. Slump and DBZ).
  • The hosts admitted that they did little research for Superman in The New 52 series as that reboot was out for less than 2 years, meaning Superman's new limitations or powers were not yet fully demonstrated, and so they focused on Superman outside of The New 52.
  • It took 112 days from Pikachu vs Blanka to Superman vs Goku, making it tied with Robocop vs Terminator as the longest gap between episodes within a season.

    Season 2 

    He-Man vs Lion-O 
  • He-Man's bio claims that he might be a 'good singer?'. This is referring to the video HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA, a youtube video with over 33 million views starring He-Man singing. His sprite imitates the video at the end of the episode.
  • Superman is mentioned multiple times in He-Man vs Lion-O as both warriors fought Superman and Lion-O's weakness and backstory are obvious ripoffs of Superman. Also, He-Man's impossible strength and random feats are similar to Superman's.
    • He also commits genocide by accident in the fight, similarly to Superman. Superman blows up Earth by accident, while He-Man crushes the source of life for all Thunderans.
  • He-Man vs Lion-O mention the previous episodes of Superman vs Goku and Felicia vs Taokaka.

    Shao Khan vs M. Bison 
  • Shao Khan was shown using a fatality move on Kratos in the episode. Also Raiden was directly mentioned to have stopped Khan by going back in time while Akuma almost killed M. Bison once.
    • Coincidentally, the second match of Season 1 was between Shang Tsung and Akuma, meaning this is the second Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter match to involve series antagonists whom both serve as bosses. Both Shang Tsung and Shao Khan mastered similar sorcery and soul powers and Akuma and Bison mastered dark magic.
  • According to Wiz's calculations, Shao Khan conquered 10 realms, which could mean he either had control of or absorbed the souls of over 60 billion people if each realm had about 6 billion people.
    • Of course, this assumes that all realms have a constant, unchanging population, which makes no sense since ours does not. If we assume equivalency in population between unconquered realms at 500 year intervals over which the tournaments took place, he likely has an estimated accumulated 1.31 billion souls power
  • Shao Khan is the first Mortal Kombat character to win.
  • M. Bison marks the second opponent who can survive their "death" through their soul possessing others (the first being Starscream and his "Spark", which is essentially a Transformer's soul). He's also the second opponent who lost after having their soul devoured by their opponent (the first, obviously being Starscream again). Though, unlike Starscream, M. Bison can't come back from having his soul eaten by his opponent. Not to mention Starscream's spark, unlike Bison's soul, is only capable of possessing Transformers and other machinery, not living flesh.
  • Shao Khan is one of the oldest characters in Death Battle history and is the oldest of Season 2. His exact age is unknown but thanks to the billions of souls he devoured, he is over 10,000 years old.

     Ryu Hayabusa vs. Strider Hiryu 
  • Ryu Hayabusa vs. Strider Hiryu mentions the Yoshi vs. Riptor battle.
  • Strider Hiryu was seen fighting previous Death battle combatants Rogue, Zangeif, Felicia, Spiderman, and Akuma in the pre-battle analysis portion.
  • The hosts claim that Ryu/Strider is one of the closest matches ever because Strider is only slightly but still significantly more superhuman than Ryu.
  • The Strider development team have officially endorsed the Hiryu vs Ryu episode.

    Ivy Valentine vs. Black Orchid 
  • Past Death Battle combatant Riptor makes a cameo in Black Orchid's rundown as one of the characters fighting her, and being killed by her breasts.
  • Ivy's cup size is about 100 cm or G or DDDD with a chest size of 177.8cm, though it grew throughout the Soul Calibur series. Orchid's cup size is estimated to be F or DDD and her chest size is 170cm.
  • After the Death Battle thumbnails where updated Orchid's picture is from the 2013 game. In spite of the game not being used for her analysis as her announcement was a few weeks after the battle was completed.

    Fox McCloud vs Bucky O'Hare 
  • Bucky is the first combatant that, according to the hosts, has few modern fans since his franchise existed in the 1980s and 1990s. While He-Man and Thundercats also existed in the 1980s, their franchises were renewed in recent years and Bucky's wasn't.
  • Fox possibly had the most amount of damage for any victorious fighter, losing his artificial legs in the battle. This makes Fox the only amputated victor (though as the aftermath shows, Fox gets new artificial legs anyways).
  • While it's never outright stated, this is perhaps the closest Death Battle in the series so far; with the only deciding factor being experience in combat, as both Fox and Bucky had advantages and good counters for said opponents advantages throughout the entire fight. Other close battles had a major boon deciding the factor. (Link vs. Cloud had the Master Sword's ability to purge evil energy and Link's super agility; Ryu Hayabusa vs. Strider Hiryu had the Falchion's heat destroying all but one of Ryu's arsenal; and Mike Haggar VS. Zangief with Zangief's greater weight, youth, and up-to-date training.)
  • Stock Footage: Fox's sprites are the custom sprites created for Super Smash Flash 2, used with permission.

    The Terminator vs Robocop 
  • As mentioned in the intro, these two characters have actually had a Crossover comic book together. This is the second time that Death Battle will be pitting two characters who have actually fought each other in official material, after the TMNT Royal.
  • Similar to the first Terminator film, Terminator murders a gunshop owner to steal his weapons. This gunowner is voiced by Takahata101 who is known for working on DBZ Abridged.
  • The airing of this episode is most likely intentionally during the upcoming release of RoboCop (2014) remake, though it appears it was not used for their research as no clips from the film were shown.
  • Many scenes of Robocop talking in the fight had his mouth not sync with his words, instead just moving nonstop.
  • Terminator's analysis of Robocop's Vital Weak Points are both "human heart", including the one pointing at his brain.
  • It took 112 days from Fox vs Bucky to Robocop vs Terminator, making it tied with Superman vs Goku as the longest gap between episodes within a season.
  • Luke Skywalker cameos in the intro of this episode as Boomstick mentions he wants a lightsaber.
  • Terminator is technically the youngest combatant of Season 2 since Terminators are deployed shortly after their construction. He is also one of the few characters to die multiple times because he is a line of robots, not just an individual. Yoshi is the only other combatant with a similar ability to be battle ready after birth.
  • The RoboCop Terminator crossover shown in the intro also had its own videogame on the SNES and Sega consoles. The 2014 indie game [[Broforce]] has Brobocop and Brominator as playable characters.
  • RoboCop is currently the slowest combatant yet, walking much slower than a normal human and being unable to run. However he does have a subsonic jetpack.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger is the only actor of a character mentioned, as Boomstick questioned how effective the Terminator's human appearance camo would be if it was resembling an Olympic bodybuilder.

    Tails vs Luigi 
  • As mentioned in the end of the episode, this episode aired at the end of the 'Year of Luigi', Luigi's 30th anniversary. And considering the outcome, that's a sad way to send it off.
  • Originally in the preview of Luigi's overview, they mentioned that Luigi was stronger than Mario. This error was fixed in the official release. Most games that confirm Mario's and Luigi's stats have Mario obviously stronger than Luigi, especially Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games and Super Mario Bros. 2.
  • Tails and Luigi are rivals in the Mario and Sonic Olympic Games.
  • Both Tails and Luigi are afraid of ghosts and are cowardly.
  • The hosts agreed that the combatants were not allowed to use their mechs or vehicles because Tails would have an obvious advantage.
  • Luigi's feat of 'Winning Mario Party by doing absolutely nothing' refers to a series of popular youtube videos. The AI of Mario Party can be so bad that some minigames can be won by literally doing nothing and allowing the CPU to kill themselves.

     Venusaur vs Charizard vs Blastoise 
  • This will be the third Death Battle where characters who have actually fought each other in official material now fight to the death, the first two being the TMNT battle royale and by Robocop vs Terminator.
    • Many of the pre-fight analysis is actually scenes of these pokemon fighting each other in the games and anime.
    • One example of a Charizard vs Blastoise fight is in the anime episode Can't Beat the Heat! (episode 270) featuring Gary's Blastoise and Ash's Charizard. Ultimately Blastoise lost, but at the same time this match is different from Death Battle's rules for the episode. Blastoise and Charizard suffered damage from other fights before their duel, they both had Trainers raising and commanding them and the levels of the pokemon were not determined. A similar duel occurred in the pokemon miniseries Pokémon Origins.
  • This is the second Battle Royale.
  • This Death Battle considers the Pokedex entries of all three combatants, unlike Pikachu's appearance.
  • According to the results of the show there are at least 7000 different ways this battle would have ended, based on how every move effects both other pokemon and the chance that a move will miss. But the chances of victory from these matches conclude to 17% for Venasaur, 35% for Charizard and 48% for Blastoise.
  • As the hosts mentioned, the 3 pokemon would have the same experience or level and have no pokemon-trainer influence and technically be wild. To show this; a young bulbasaur, charmander and squirtle were each given hundreds of rare candy at the beginning of the fight to evolve into the combatants. This also meant that they had no EV training or access to Mega Stones.
  • Technically Blastoise had a territorial disadvantage in the fight. Venasuars live in forests and plains and Charizard was allowed to fly, but Blastoise had no access to water.

     Fulgore vs. Sektor 
  • Both Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat have only one victor prior to this fight: Orchid and Shao Kahn respectively (both of whom were mentioned in the preview).
  • This marked the second Death Battle to withhold the identities of at least one of the combatants, as Fulgore was shown in the initial preview while Sektor followed in the second preview, where he was left unidentified until the video's half mark.
  • There was a slight mathematical error during Fulgore's preview, Boomstick stated Fulgore weighed a half-ton note  when he actually weighs only a (little over a) quarter of a ton note as shown in the analysis captions.
  • Robocop is mentioned twice; first to demonstrate other fictional cyborgs and to mention Ed 209's glitchy AI being similar to the Fulgore army.

     Godzilla vs. Gamera 
  • Godzilla and Gamera will be the largest and heaviest combatants yet. Godzilla's size is different depending on the canon and film, but it is between 50 to 108 meters and 20,000 to 60,000 tons. Gamera has been between 60 to 80 meters and 8,000 to 10,000 tons.
    • Godzilla's smallest depiction is still 20,000 tons, twice as heavy as Gamera.
  • Godzilla's fight was announced in Fulgore vs Sector, which aired 2 days after the release of the film Godzilla (2014).
  • This is one of the oldest and most iconic rivalries so far; they are both very famous, and fans have been debating the outcome of a fight between them for decades.
  • Godzilla comics were once owned by Marvel, which allowed Godzilla to fight The Avengers and the Fantastic 4. Godzilla was strong enough to easily survive the heroes' attacks and even overpowered previous deathbattle combatant Thor.
  • Ben's hard drive crashed while rendering Gamera's preview, as such, Gamera's preview was wiped entirely, and the overall episode was hastily replaced with a powerpoint presentation for its debut for SGC 2014.
  • Godzilla is the oldest character from a 'live-action' franchise. At the time of this episode's release Godzilla was 60 years old, debuting in 1954. Godzilla's animated appearances were ignored and his comic and videogame appearances were barely mentioned.
  • Gamera is the first 'turtle' character on deathbattle to lose to a non-turtle character.

     Captain America vs Batman 
  • Batman is the first previously defeated opponent to return for another fight.
  • This is the fourth fight where the combatants have previously fought each other in canon, in the JLA/Avengers miniseries. There, the two call off the battle after a few bouts, but Batman himself admits that Captain America would win a very long fight between the two of them.
  • This episode was pushed ahead of Epyon vs Tigerzord due to Ben's hard-drive breaking during the creation of Godzilla vs Gamera, and Epyon/Tigerzord needed to be rebuilt from scratch, a process that can take months.

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