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Supplemental Material

    The Desk of DEATH BATTLE 
  • The Goku doll advertisement. Complete with possessed doll, Self-Deprecation, and Anti-Climax with a little Fridge Logic (why can't Goku just teleport out of the box?) added in for good measure.
  • Apparently there's a rule against mentioning The Clone Saga, and Boomstick bursts into the room just to stop Joclyn from mentioning it.
    • Also from that episode, when bringing up the Spider-Mobile: "Danananana— Oh, wait, wrong franchise..."
  • Near the end of an episode on how Captain America's shield has been broken on different occasions, Joclyn keeps getting sidetracked by Molecule Man's strange helmet.
    Joclyn: "What is that, some sort of cosmic trashcan—?! ...Nevermind, i'll figure it out later..."
  • At the end of the Godzilla vs. Charles Barkley, Joclyn declares it the stupidest idea she's ever heard. Cue Boomstick entering to announce that Wiz just transplanted Peanut's brain into a dog.
    Joclyn: "...I mean, I wanna be surprised, but that totally sounds like something Wiz would do."
    • Then Joclyn reveals she's more concerned about the dog than Peanut.
  • As Joclyn goes into the idea of math by using the Mulan song "Make A Man Out Of You", she muses at how strong Mulan would have been if she did have "All the force of a Great Typhoon" and we're shown Mulan + Typhoon = One-Punch Man
  • The LootCrate Ad has Joclyn... as a mannequin. Seeing the thing try to hold and open the box is both adoarble and hilarious.

    Gag Reels 
  • In the first gag reel, Chad claims that it's hard to say "pony" in the Boomstick voice, "probably because it shouldn't be in my goddamn vocabulary."
  • This exchange...
    Wizard: The BFG is strong enough to annihilate the gargantuan Cyberdemon in a mere two or three shots, and the unprecedented range of its splash damage ensures no one's getting away unscathed.
    Boomstick: Huuuughghghguh...
    Wiz: …You okay over there, Boomstick?
    Boomstick: Towels! Bring towels!
    Wiz: Wow! Wow! I did not need to--okay, I'm leaving now…
  • The Gag Reel for Mewtwo vs. Shadow
    • Ben realizes the opening narration is rhyming.
    • Ben also creates a new franchise - Popemon! Complete with a picture of Mewtwo wearing the Pope's hat.
    • Both Ben and Chad have to hold back their giggles over how Mewtwo is weak to Bug-types.
    • Takahata101's fails at voicing Shadow:
      • "Get away! (belch)"
      • His disbelief that they actually want him to say "Ha ha ha!"
      • "SCREW YOOOOOOOOOU!....*fart*
      • He comments that one of his takes sounds like a shitty british accent, which immediately devolves into this:
    Taka (Impersonating Tracer): Tracer here! What's this? Porn of me online? Oh Blimey...

    The Armory with Boomstick 
  • Boomstick was called in to revive one of Screwattack's older series's, The Armory, wherein a sinisterly-enthusiastic narrator discusses some of his favorite weapons in fictional history. For Boomstick's first episode he starts off with the Shotgun, from Doom in particular, praising the reload sound.
    Boomstick: Fun fact, I even have it as my text message tone.
    (the reload noise is heard, and Boomstick's phone pops up on screen; Wiz's text asking if Boomstick has time for a Death Battle later on, proves, indeed, that the sound is what Boomstick has as his new text message indicator)
  • Episode the second of The Armory highlights the family of Sheep weapons from Worms, with Boomstick starting and finishing the rundown of sheep by stating how well they work as improvised rations as well as exploding ungulates.
  • The Episode where he inducts the Poke Ball has him exulting its virtues as a combination capturing and Mind-Control Device that forces anything it catches into loving and obeying its trainer, and mentioning how it shouldn't be too hard for a Professor named after a tree to add humans to the list of species it could catch. Then he fails to catch Xerneas with an Ultra Ball, whereupon he changes his mind and specifically adds the Master Ball only into the Armory.

  • The idea behind Ronald McDonald vs. Colonel Sanders. Who doesn't want to see two mascots of fast food companies fighting to the death?
  • King Dedede vs. Amy Rose:
    • Why does the fight begin in the first place? Dedede apparently forgot his contacts and mistakes pink-and-red Amy for his old enemy Kirby.
    • What happens after the fight is over. We see Kirby taking a peek at Amy's corpse. Then we see Dedede celebrating his victory, only for Kirby to walk up to him and knock him out of the arena with Amy's Piko-Piko Hammer. Special mention goes to the brief moment where Dedede realizes that wasn't Kirby he splattered.
  • Sasuke vs Hiei; What could get anime's most infamous emos fighting? Ownership of a Hello Kitty doll!
  • Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump. The winner? Captain America.
    Captain America What the fuck, guys?!
    • Seriously, this battle is the funniest DBX until now. The fight reflects all the memes of both candidates in a hilarious way.
    Eagle: And that's how Captain America became the president forever.

  • Takahata 101's Death Battle debate, all of it.
  • Electric Star's Outtake real.
  • During Magfest, Chad James (Boomstick) told an amusing story about when he and Ben Singer (Wizard) were researching the maximum force behind Goku's Ki abilities for Goku vs. Superman. When Ben found an instance where Goku had teleported the entire human race to another planet, Chad began painstakingly calculating how much the entire human race would weigh based on the world averages for the weight of adult men and women, plus children. Only after several hours later, when Chad finally finished his calculations, did Ben remember to tell Chad that Goku had also teleported a bunch of dinosaurs and other things at the same time. Apparently, Ben had remembered this before Chad was finished, but waited to tell him because he wanted to see if Chad could find how much the entire human race would weigh.
  • Shaun's version of Solid Snake vs Sam Fisher in The Industry. See here, at around 3:12.
  • During one of the Sidescrollers Podcast, the crew kept saying who Bayonetta would fight while bleeping out the name and franchise. It appeared that it was something along the lines of D-BLEEP, but that's just about it.
  • While it May feel like the video is more of a take that to some fans, this video points out a lot of complaints that people have with the show. The fact that it was done on their own channel makes it all the more hilarious.