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Funny: Death Battle
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    Boba Fett Vs. Samus 
  • During Boba Fett's pre-battle analysis, Wizard notes how Fett has a tendency to screw up, pointing out that he's fallen into the Sarlacc Pit three times.
    Boomstick: Three times! How do you even do that once? It’s a giant hole in the ground with teeth, and he’s got a jetpack!

    Akuma Vs. Shang Tsung 
  • On Akuma's Kongo Kokuretsu Zan:
    Boomstick: (after struggling to pronounce the move properly) How do you say that?
    Wiz: No idea.
    Boomstick: Well, I'm pretty sure that's Japanese for Fuck you up.
  • Boomstick's final analysis on Akuma's victory:
    Boomstick: I mean, Tsung loses to Liu Kang all the time. (screen shows Akuma and Liu Kang) And compared to Akuma, Liu Kang is the nicest guy on the planet! (Liu Kang now has a smiley face superimposed over him)
  • While describing Akuma's role in the Street Fighter mythos, Wiz and Boomstick bring up the only loss Akuma ever had in the series; to his brother, Gouken.
    Wiz: But after a brutal rematch...
    (cut to a picture of Gouken's defeated body, with the kanji on Akuma's gi painted out of blood on the wall behind Gouken)
    Boomstick: Oh, hey, look; he can fingerpaint!
  • Partway through the battle between the two, Tsung transforms into Scorpion and uppercuts Akuma into a series of fireballs, at which point Dan Forden pops in with the Mortal Kombat series' "toasty!" chime.

    Rogue Vs. Wonder Woman 
  • During Wizard's initial description of Wonder Woman...
    Wiz:... Created from earth, borne by gods, trained by ancient warriors—-
    Boomstick: Maker of Wonder Bread, designer of the Wonderbra—-
    Wiz: Boomstick, that's not true!
    Boomstick: See, I can do it too, Wiz!

    Goomba Vs. Koopa 
  • The whole thing.
    • Wiz tries to list their abilities as impressive but fails and the list sounds more like backhanded compliments.
    • Boomstick repeated references to the ninja turtles.
    • Two mooks engaging in mock epic battle.
    • The hilariously anticlimatic ending.

    Mike Haggar Vs. Zangief 
  • On Zangief's Spinning Piledriver...
    Wiz: ...which he learned after getting caught in a cyclone while piledriving a bear.
    Boomstick: That is the most awesome thing I've ever heard!

    TMNT battle royale 
  • There's also Boomstick cutting in when Wizard was about to mention Michelangelo's Weapon of Choice. Complete with picture and description.
    Wiz: Moving on. His weapon of choice—
    Boomstick: The bong!
    Wiz: No, the nunchaku, isn't really a weapon at all.
  • "Mikey's not gonna win this fight, is he?" "He better not!"
  • Your mileage will definitely vary, but their breakdown of Mikey is really just one long "The Reason You Suck" Speech. Depending on your opinion of the character, it can be downright hilarious.
  • Donatello briefly leaps onto a set of crates and starts pummelling Leonardo with his staff, as Leonardo is apparently unable to so much as get out of the way or counterattack. Somewhere, Rocksteady is shedding a tear of sympathy.
  • Raphael's death scene. After getting stabbed by Leo he screams out a really demonic "DAMN!"

    Leonardo Vs. Zitz 
  • This little bit about Leonardo's katana (actually a ninjaken).
    Wiz: The ninjaken is in fact an invention of hollywood, as there is no historical evidence of the weapon's existence.
    Wiz: Shut up.

    Yoshi Vs. Riptor 
  • Boomstick's surprising amount of knowledge on dinosaurs is attributed to him having always wanted a pet raptor.
    Boomstick: I was gonna name him "Barney" after I found out what irony was.
  • Boomstick throwing a fit at the end of the match, wherein Yoshi kills Riptor by dropping him onto Boomstick's car (a pink convertible with flames), which Wiz pays no attention to.

    Felicia Vs. Taokaka 

    Kratos Vs. Spawn 
  • In the midst of describing the history of Kratos, Boomstick accidentally lets slip that he kills Zeus, before he quietly adds on "uh... spoilers."
  • After the hosts list Spawn's few weaknesses, they go on to describe his accomplishments, including kidnapping the series' interpretation of God, which is an old woman.
    Wizard: Yes, that little old lady is THE God.
    Boomstick: Really? God looks like my Nana... am I a demigod?

    White Bomberman Vs. Dig-dug 
  • Boomstick opens Bomberman's overview with a rather unpopular version of the backstory...
    Boomstick: Bomberman is a psychopathic cyborg slave, forced to duel other slaves to the death in dimly-lit maze-like arenas for the entertainment of alien terrorists—
    Wiz: NO, no, not that Bomberman, Boomstick, White Bomber the Bomberman.
  • Bomberman's reaction right before he accidentally blows himself up.

    Vegeta Vs. Shadow 
  • Vegeta's incredulous reaction to Shadow claiming to be the Ultimate Life Form.
  • Vegeta's reaction to Shadow after he enters Super Mode with the Chaos Emeralds?
    Vegeta: ...Wow. What a ripoff.
    • He gets comboed immediately after saying that, which only increases the potential for lulz.
  • As a shout out to Team Four Star and how two of their cast members voiced Shadow and Vegeta in the fight, a majestic Space Duck (a recolored Ducklett with a space helmet) makes an appearance when Vegeta is on the moon.
  • At the end of the fight, Shadow's Super Form runs out of juice right as he's about to finish his foe off, and he transforms back to his original state. What does Vegeta do in response? Nonchalantly quip "Sayonara!" before vaporizing Shadow with a Galick Gun.

    Mario Vs. Sonic 
  • During the analysis, Boomstick's thoughts on Princess Peach's constant kidnappings.
    Boomstick: He's never keeping track of his woman! She's always getting kidnapped and he's always showing up at the wrong castle. Somebody needs to throw a GPS tracking bracelet on that bitch.
  • Mario and Sonic race to a volcano and have a stare-down....and then double take when they realize that a colony of Bob-ombs are also there. Three seconds later, the two are flying out of the volcano.

    Justin Beiber Vs. Rebecca Black 
  • Anything Boomstick says in this episode. You can feel the hate.
  • Rebecca Black kicking Justin Bieber in the crotch. Justin doesn't even react. Heck, the entire fight was funny as hell.

    Luke Skywalker Vs. Harry Potter 
  • Boomsticks' little quip when discussing Luke's Jedi training and the many abilities he has with it:
    Boomstick: Like the Mind Trick thingy! Oooh man, the horrible things I could do with that.
  • This snippet on the YouTube version, before the battle itself.
    Wiz: But first, let me recommend Carbonite.
    Boomstick: For all your Han Solo freezing needs.
    Wiz: No, Boomstick. It's a website.
    Boomstick: What?
  • Discussing the curses Harry knows.
    Boomstick: And then there's the killing curse: Abra Kadabra.
    Wiz: Avada Kedavra.
    Boomstick: Oh. That magician wasn't trying to kill me. I guess I should go apologize to his family.

    Chun-Li Vs. Mai Shiranui 
  • Boomstick having a perverted comment for each and every opportunity:
    Wiz: When it comes to fighting, combatants come in all shapes and sizes.
    Boomstick: And I'm liking the shapes and sizes on these two.
    • On Chun-Li's Spinning Bird Kick:
    Boomstick: I wouldn't mind taking a ride on that helicopter!
    • Likewise, on Mai's Single-Strike martial arts:
    Boomstick: If she misses one, she's left wiiide open....heh heh heh.
  • Chun-Li's Background
    Weight: Secret
  • Boomstick's reasoning for why Chun-Li isn't allowed to use a gun in her movepool.
    Boomstick: Round 1! BANG! Winner!

    Starscream Vs. Rainbow Dash 
  • While Starscream is preparing a counter attack while faking pleading for mercy, we see him locking on with his missiles. At first, he just has the Sparrows... then we have him shifting to the Slammers then the Sidewinders than finally... EVERYTHING. It's really funny to see him getting so frustrated. As well as seeing it backfire when Rainbow Dash gets him hit with his own missiles.
  • The bar is set near the start;
    Starscream: That's it! I am going to kill you!
    Rainbow Dash: *flies up to and taps Starscream* Tag! You're it!
  • Better, the lock-on screen lists "TARGET: STUPID PONY" and "OBJECTIVES: Destroy Happiness; Defeat Megatron".
  • As a shout out to an episode where Rainbow Dash tries to get a reaction from royal guards by taunting them (to no avail), the same faces Rainbow Dash makes in the episode are the ones she makes at Starscream right after he tries to lock his homing missiles onto her and fails horribly (this time, she gets results).
    Rainbow Dash:...You're not very good at this, are you?
  • Like always, Boomstick is a good source of moments:
    Boomstick: How does a pony learn karate, let alone master it!?
    • Which is immediately followed by Apple Bloom slamming into the punching bag with a flying kick and falling over in failure.
    Boomstick: This is a pony! A baby horse girl toy! Why is it so awesome?!
  • Wiz and Boomstick making fun of the time Starscream possessed Atari Hitotonari in Transformers: Kiss Players, which was not one of his finest momentsnote .
    Boomstick: Props to you, Japan. I didn't see that one coming.
  • Wizard had a pretty good comment alongside a great picture before showing off a video calculating Rainbow Dash's speed.
    Wiz: By calculations according to this guy.
  • In the same video, as a shout out to the actual show, Derpy makes a cameo in the fight.
  • Boomstick's Deadpan Snarker remark before the fight begins after Wiz's rundown of Rainbow Dash.
    ... Welp, let's make it fight a giant robot.
  • After the fight and they list their after battle facts, it says one of the reason Rainbow Dash won is because she's "20 percent cooler than Starscream."
  • After Starscream gets blown up, his Spark floats out of his wrecked body and loudly rants at Rainbow Dash about how he can't be killed, while floating right in her face. Rainbow's reaction is both brutal and entirely in character for her: she shuts Starscream up by swallowing his Spark whole.

    Master Chief Vs. Doomguy 
  • Boomstick's excitement when getting to analyze Doomguy's Chainsaw:
    Boomstick: "(making chainsaw noises) Oh no, not the chainsaw!" "Yes, the chainsaw! (more chainsaw noises)" ... And the chain gun mows down everything in seconds.
  • What does Master Chief do after killing Doomguy? He teabags him, of course!
  • Boomstick getting all excited when Wizard describes the Unmaker, declaring he wants one, then complaining when Wiz explains it has no effect on non-demons.

    Dr. Eggman Vs. Dr. Wily 
  • At the very beginning, introducing the combatants.
    Wiz: Dr. Ivo Robotnik, a.k.a. the Eggman.
    Boomstick: And Dr. Albert Wily, a.k.a. Einstein without Rogaine.
  • Before the battle, Boomstick insults the advertisements that are shown before a fight on the YouTube version of the series, but quickly gives a long apology. While apologizing, clips of Robotnik getting beat up by a woman, Wily dressed up as a ninja and Robotnik sticking his tongue out occupy the screen.
  • While discussing the Robot Masters, Wiz mentions... Sheep Man. Boomstick's only response is "...WHAT THE FU-"
    • Also, Boomstick's very deadpan "okay" when Wizard explains Slash Man was designed to be a warden for a reserve for recreated dinosaurs, something that should normally excite the deep south denizen to no end.
  • The battle between the Death Egg Robot and Wily Machine Number 9. Made even funnier if you read Worlds Collide, in which the two machine's designs are merged to make the Egg-Wily Machine X.
  • Scratch and Grounder arguing between themselves in the battle when they stumble upon Sheep Man, before he blasts them both with lightning and swaps their heads.

    Peach Vs. Zelda 
  • The princesses getting into a slap-fight during their match.
  • Boomstick laughing uncontrollably at Wizard's mention of the Vibe Scepter and pointing out the fact that Peach and Zelda never "put out" no matter what Mario and Link do.

    Thor vs. Raiden 
  • When discussing Thor's Mjölnir, Boomstick finds it unimpressive until a clip from his first entry within the MCU shows the damage it can cause. Cue Boomstick changing his mind entirely.
    Boomstick: That's his weapon?! I think it's way too tiny. I mean, if he was the god of mending fences or something I guess I could see—
    (cut to a clip of Thor swinging Mjölnir, releasing a mass shockwave of destruction)
    Boomstick: WOAH! OH SHIT! ... NEVER MIND!
    • Right afterwards, Wizard explains several details about it, such as how it was forged from a supernova that killed the dinosaurs and the bit of snark that follows:
    Boomstick: Yeah, I changed my mind; I'm liking the dino-slaying hammer! Where can I get one?
    Wiz: Mjölnir can only be wielded by Thor...
    Boomstick: Awww!
    Wiz: ... but there is a workaround; superhumanly strong characters such as Red Hulk have held onto the hammer as Thor used it for flight, which may be the dumbest loophole in comic book history.
  • Then there's his theory regarding Raiden's lightning having certain... side effects.
    Boomstick: The sheer power of these lightning attacks apparently overload his brain, causing him to spout out random gibberish in mid-attack.
    (cut to gameplay from Mortal Kombat 2; the screen shows Raiden fighting Jax)
    Raiden: HAIJEBABADAAAAH! (flies into Jax)
    • Even better being how Raiden makes said noises in the flight, seemingly spouting airplane noises while flying around Thor.
  • Thor is the god of Oak trees, this actually is part of the fight as he literally uses one as a projectile against Raiden, who hits the non-conductive wood with lightning, exploding it. Great, they combined two utterly random bits into one.
  • Some fridge funny can be found in comparing the fighters' end-of-analysis clips, which make Raiden seem much too unprofessional a thunder god, maybe even downright sinister compared to Thor:
    Thor, after Boomstick applauds him on his ability to get things done, arrogance be damned: (swings Mjölnir into a frost giant, smashing it into pieces) Next?
    Raiden, after Boomstick "praises" him for his tendency to sacrifice people for the greater good: (cackles mischievously for a few seconds) ... Sorry.

    Cloud Strife Vs. Link 

    Spider-man Vs. Batman 
  • What Spider-Man says after defeating Batman:
    "Sorry about that. (swings away) WEB SWING!"
  • What Spidey says at the start of the fight:
  • Boomstick saying Spider-Man is a nerd with no friends, but giving him props for getting laid... a lot.
  • The summarization of Batman's capabilities:
    Wiz: (after listing off some of the events Batman has survived) And yet, he somehow pulls through every time.
  • During the battle, Spiderman redirects an explosive batarang at Batman. You can hear Spiderman say "Toasty"!

    Blanka Vs. Pikachu 
  • How Blanka wins against Pikachu is hysterical, due to how abrupt and thorough it is. The two are deadlocked, electrocuting each other with all the strength they can muster, when suddenly, Blanka grabs Pikachu and bites his head off. Then, he gets a blender out of nowhere, powers the blender with his mouth, and washes his meal down with the remains. Then he burps... for a long time.
    • It's made funnier by the fact that the two were evenly matched as usual, and yet, the victor acts like he hasn't been bludgeoned, fried, and headbutted in the past few minutes.
  • After Wizard explains how Blanka got his electricity powers, Bomstick wants to test it out right away.
    Boomstick: Be right back! Getting eels!
    Wizard: No, Boomstick! It doesn't work like that! Plus, we kind of have a show to do!
    Boomstick: All right. But afterwards, I'm proving you wrong!
    Wizard: (humourous) Okay.
  • On the YouTube version, before the commercial break:
    Boomstick: Wait! I accidentally deleted all of my porn! What do I do?
  • Wizard and Boomstick's reaction to the next battle: Goku VS Superman. And there was much rejoicing.
    Boomstick: ... Holy motherfucking shit, I don't believe it!
    Wizard: Oh my GOD!
    Boomstick: Somebody get me a motherfucking table to flip!

    Goku Vs. Superman 
  • Stuttering Craig records Wiz and Boomstick as they discuss how fast Goku is on Snake Way. Wiz' explanations on Goku's speed and Boomstick's arguments eventually bored Craig enough he stopped recording.
    Then Craig stopped recording. We're a bunch of dorks
  • During Goku's preview video, Wizard asks Boomstick to come back because he needs to explain the Kamehameha. What does Boomstick say?
    • Made funnier by the fact that Boomstick was leaving only because it was Taco Night.
  • The Superman preview has Boomstick saying that Superman is a hippie because he's powered by the sun.
    • And continuing that, since he gets more powerful the closer he is to the sun…
    Boomstick "So he gets more powerful the higher he gets? He is a hippie!"
  • During the fight, before the actual fighting, Chi-Chi's comment about Supes.
    Chichi: "Look at him, wearing his underwear on the outside. I bet it chafes."
    • There's also this gem about Superman's strength.
    Goku: Finally someone as strong as me.
    Vegeta (off-screen): Screw you!
    • Goku had been twirling around Chi-Chi seconds prior to Master Roshi telling him he heard Superman was an alien prompting Goku to stop and absentmindedly throw Chi-Chi into the air.
    • At the beginning there's this from random civilians:
    "It's a bird."
    "It's a plane."
    "It's gonna kill us all!"
    • And then there's Superman as he stops the airplane:
    "This looks like a job for Sup—whoa! *nearly hits a window washer* I got it! I got it!"
  • Vegeta bragging how he could beat that 'pretty-boy ass-clown' Superman, while referencing his previous fight.
    "Please, I can kill him with my eyes closed! Even faster than that stupid transforming hedgehog..."
  • They manage to keep a Running Gag in the Superman and Goku fight from Dragon Ball Z Abridged:
    Goku: Kaioken!
    Superman: Kaio-what? *is struck in the face*
  • Superman's brilliantly delivered response to Goku offering him a Senzu Bean:
    Goku: Want one?
    Superman: NO. *cue heat-vision*
    • Later, there's Superman's rather nonchalant response to Goku turning Super Saiyan, punting him onto the roof of LexCorp and hitting him with a kamehameha wave, demolishing the entire building.
      Superman: ...well. This might take a while.
      • After Goku destroys the Kryptonite hindering Superman after the above.
      Goku: It's no fun when it's not fair. I want to beat you at your best.
      Superman: Well, gee... Thank— *kicked in the face*
  • At the end of the match between Goku and Superman the Earth explodes and only one thing is shown drifting through space: Goku's boot.
    • Boomstick's reaction to the end of the match.
    Boomstick: It's over! It's finally over! We never have to hear about it again!
    Wizard: Indeed.
    • As well as his reaction to seeing Goku and Superman's limits stacked up to each other. It's Goku's that fail to compare to the Man of Steel.
    Boomstick: HOLY SHIT! Not even close!
  • This little tidbit:
    Boomstick: Superman has survived some pretty crazy things; like when Coldcast hit him with fifteen supernovas in the face!
    Coldcast: That was like fifteen suns exploding in his face.
    Boomstick: I JUST SAID THAT!
  • This exchange:
    Boomstick: Mild-mannered Clark kept his identity a secret with the brilliant disguise of nerdy glasses and wimpy demeanor. Proving that people only see what they want to believe!
    Wizard: Boomstick, that's surprisingly profound!
    Boomstick: (burps)
  • On Superman's Kryptonian martial arts.
    Wizard He is also proficient in two Kryptonian martial arts; Torquasm Rao and Torquasm Vo.
    Boomstick Orgasm what now?
  • Boomstick, in the midst of describing Goku's many, many abilities, has this to say about Super Saiyan 3:
    Boomstick: "It multiplies Super Saiyan 2's power by 4, but comes at a horrible price... THAT HAIR...oh, and it pretty much destroys his body while using it- BUT MY GOD, THE HAIR!"
    • On Super Saiyan 4...
    Boomstick: Complete with pink fur and eyeshadow! Feeeear the ultimate foooorm!
  • Boomstick mentioning how enormous Goku's power level was even as a kid.
    Boomstick: Not yet! *Fast forwards from Goku's battle with King Piccolo to the aforementioned scene* OK, now it is.
  • This on Superman:
    Boomstick: Holy crap, he sounds invinicible!"
    Wizard: Not exactly. (shot of the universally panned Superman64)
  • Superman on Goku's Super Saiyan 4 form:
    Ultimate form, huh? About time you ran out of hairstyles!"

    He-Man vs. Lion-o 
  • The preview for He-Man was two-and-a-half-minutes of hilarity, some of the best moments include...
    • Introducing Prince Adam:
    Wiz: Prince Adam is the pathetic, bumbling son to the royalty family of Eternia.
    *Prince Adam smashes into a torchlight*
    Boomstick: Haha, dumbass.
    • Discussing how Adam became He-Man, even funnier in that it's Wizard that says this line instead of Boomstick who normally says these kind of things.
    Wizard: …transforming him into He-Man, THE MOST POWERFUL CHIPPENDALE IN THE UNIVERSE!
    • Made even funnier when you read the analysis captions at that time, the one at the bottom reads "An excellent singer?"
    • And how Boomstick calls him out on how Adam transforms into He-Man:
    Boomstick: Wait, wait, that's his origin story; he just thrusts his sword up and down and yells some random shit until he turned into a near naked superhero!?
    Wizard: Well, more like a cheap action figure.
    Boomstick: …but I don't know where he's keeping those things. I mean, he's pretty much n- *cut to He-Man taking his Bolas out of his small, spandex shorts* WOAH-HO-HO-HOA!
    • On Cringer, He-Man's pet tiger:
    Boomstick: He named him Cringer 'cause, well, he's a little bitch!
    • At the end, as Wiz was about to talk about The New Adventures of He-Man, Boomstick interrupts him about the scene where He-Man fixes a chain like it was nothing:
    Boomstick: *the event in his own words* WHA?! "Okay, so it's broken, oh I guess I'll just magic it back together!"
    Wiz: The magic of the 80's, Boomstick, the magic of the 80's.
  • Lion-Os' preview:
    Boomstick: Y'know, I'm gettin' really tired of people rippin' off Superman.
    • When they mention Thundrainium, Wiz apologizes to the audience for yet another Superman ripoff.
    • Boomstick loves kittens.
    Boomstick: Awww, we missed the cute kitty stage! *a picture of a cute kitty in a lion costume appears* … shut up! Kittens are adorable.
    Boomstick: Which is great for when you're on the couch! "Swooord of Omeeeens, bring me snacks beyond snacks!…and a beer!"
    • Boomstick's comment on Lion-O's Claw Shield.
    Boomstick: …with which, in his first outing, he effortlessly punched down a tree. Hey, that's just like how I catch squirrels for supper!
    • Much like the end of He-Man's analysis, the ending of Lion-O's analysis has Wiz baffled by Lion-O being able to breathe in space. Boomstick's response?
  • At the start of the fight, Lion-O tells Battle Cat to throw off He-Man and turn against him. He-Man replies by casually uppercutting Battle Cat into the sky. Battle Cat lands before He-Man after he crushes the Eye of Thundera in his bare hands.
  • This exchange; Sigmund Freud is probably spinning in his grave right now.
    He-Man: Back off, feline, you are clearly not equipped to—
    *Sword of Omens extends*
    He-Man: *way too pleased* Ooooooh!
  • Throughout the fight we are treated to some truly…80's one liners, anyone allergic to puns beware this episode.
    • "Want to keep going? You're a bit tied up at the moment."
    • "Sorry cat-man, but you wont string me along that easily."
    • "A Whirlwind should blow him off-course."
    • "Looks like curiosity, KILLED THIS CAT!"
  • The starting scenes themselves are hilarious. He-Man looks like he's buck teethed and Lion-O looks like he has Blinding Bangs.
  • He-Man's victory pose after killing Lion-O? HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA!.
  • The stinger at the end right before revealing the next matchup? He-Man giving a PSA on spaying and neutering cats...
  • During the post-match analysis we get one of the most hilarious puns from Boomstick given the Ho Yay overtones in both shows.
    Boomstick: See and you thought you'd never see He-Man pound a pussy.
  • He-Man's leads in this episode are punctuated by a chorus yelling HE-MAN! When he charges at Lion-O after chucking a mountain at him (that is destroyed) and landing a hit on him, the music stops for a second then suddenly, "He-Man!"
  • When they're describing Battle Cat:
    Wiz: Battle Cat is so vicious, it's implied that if he doesn't transform back into Cringer, he could go on an unstoppable rampage. After all, he is half-tiger, half-dragon.
    Boomstick: Gimmegimmegimmegimmegimme!!
  • Some of He-man's feats are ridiculous. Boomstick says what we're all thinking.
    Wiz: He-Man has moved mountains, reversed a tornado, ran in circles fast enough to create a vacuum...
    Boomstick: THE FUCK?!
    Wiz: ... and dug to the center of the planet with nothing but a broken stalactite.
    Boomstick: THE DOUBLE FUCK?!

    M. Bison Vs Shao Kahn 
  • After revealing that Bison's reasons for taking over the world is to keep the world's government from depleting the planet's resources, Boomstick compares M. Bison to Captain Planet and proceeds to do the theme song and interrupts Wiz.
    • Even funnier is that during the analysis when Boomstick gives us a little preview for the song he outright interrupts Wiz for his second verse.
    Boomstick: Master Bison, he's a hero, gonna take pollution down to zero!
    Wiz: His psycho power-
    Wiz: (waiting for Boomstick to finish singing before resuming) ... His psycho power…
    • And the kicker? M. Bison's exaggerated scowl superimposed over Captain Planet's body.
    • Followed by the complete song in The Stinger.
  • After explaining Bison's Dub Name Change with Vega and Balrog, Boomstick questions why they would change Mike Bison to Balrog. Cue a title card showing that Street Fighter II's release and Mike Tyson's rape case were the same year.
    Boomstick: ... oh.
    • Right after, when his upbringing was discussed.
    Wiz: After murdering his parents at a young age, he was found and raised by a tribe of nomadic gypsies.
    Boomstick: Wait, are we still talking about Tyson?
  • Shao Kahn's Wrath Hammer was discussed in detail, but if you look at the captions, another one of his weapons is noted, that one being The Sword of Shao Kahn from "That crappy TV show".
    • Also, they begin to mention the movie Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, only for Boomstick to be horrified and beg to be made to forget it. Wizard is only too quick to agree.
    Wizard: [Shao Khan] can also access his inner beast to transform into... this thing.
    Boomstick: Quick! Make me forget that shit!
    Wizard: Right! (screen fades to white) Never happened!
  • At the start of the match, Bison attempts a scissor kick on Shao Kahn, Shao replies by blocking said attack and then punching Bison right between the legs.
  • This is the only Death Battle of which there is an alternate ending. Kahn and Bison face each other and then FRIENDSHIP! Hilarity Ensues.
  • When Bison manages to break Kahn's defenses he goes in for his trademark Nightmare Booster (a powerful move involving flying into an opponent, carrying his opponent into the air, and then slamming then into the ground with the full weight on his body). Cue Kahn nonchalantly getting up and quipping:
    Kahn: Is that your best?
  • Boomstick's summation of the battle's actual ending ( Shao Kahn absorbing Bison's soul) is brilliant as well.
    Boomstick: *Beat* That can't be good.
  • While going over M.Bison's move set, Boomstick gets really mad regarding his slide kick.
    Boomstick: And that cheap-ass slide kick! Over and over and OVER again!
  • When discussing Shao Kahn's flaws his arrogance is brought up and we are treated to a clip of him taunting Liu Kang in mid combat and getting kicked in the head for his troubles.
  • M. Bison's end-of-analysis snippet, from the animated series:
    "Yes, yes, I killed your father. What is it with you women, anyway? I killed my father too, and you don't hear me whining about it!"

    Ryu Hayabusa vs. Strider Hiryu 
  • Ryu's preview has some pretty funny moments in it; for example, when listing off some of his personal details, his hobbies are listed as "mountain climbing, fishing, eating sushi, and kicking ass."
  • While Wizard and Boomstick talk about how Ryu was a talented ninja even in his youth, the screen is busy showing some over-the-top (and slightly unnerving) footage of a baby Hayabusa chopping a bridge made of toy bricks in half and backflipping in the air.
  • On the topic of Ryu's ninpo arts:
    Boomstick: He's also a magician! But, instead of pulling a rabbit out of a hat, he pulls out a giant fire dragon!
    Wiz: Well, no... but that would make for an amazing party trick...
  • Strider's listed hobbies, listed as "peace, seclusion, other boring stuff," are equally entertaining.
  • Going over Ryu's ninpo abilities, Boomstick was taken aback by Ryu's transformation into a bird.
    Boomstick: And he even seems to be able to teleport short distances- OH WHAT THE FUCK, DID HE JUST TURN INTO A BIRD?!
    • Even Wizard, explaining how Ryu's ninpo worked, was taken aback, only describing it as "the bird thing" when listing some of Ryu's abilities with it.
  • Wiz's annoyance at the ninjas not acting like ninjas.
  • The very beginning of the fight has both Ryu and Hiryu slicing through a random soldier... who then promptly explodes, complete with the Wilhelm Scream.
  • Near the end of the fight, we get a nice little shot-for-shot homage to NES Ninja Gaidens' opening. Opposite from what you'd expect from this, Ryu doesn't win that Single-Stroke Battle.
  • In the NES Ninja Gaiden games, birds were among the most obnoxious of Ryu's enemies. He ends up shredding a whole bunch of them in the fight, even though they're robot birds. Also, guess what disposes of his corpse.
  • Boomstick's comment on Strider's Razor Sharp Hand

     Ivy Valentine vs. Black Orchid 
  • This episode puts Chun-Li vs. Mai Shiranui to shame in terms of sheer, perverted hilarity from Boomstick.
    • The opening sequence is taken for a spin when Boomstick interrupts Wiz and introduces both combatants out of sheer joy.
    "Sorry, I'm excited!"
  • On their rundown of Ivy, the usual statistics list (real name, birthplace, age, etc.) is capped off by having them mention Ivy is a "dominatrix for no real reason."
  • On Ivy's biological father leaving her on the doorstep of the Valentine household:
    Boomstick: Good call on the baby dumpster donation, zombie pirates don't make good fathers. Believe me, I know.
    Wiz: ... What?
  • While Wiz is discussing the sentience of Ivy's Valentine, he mentions that it came into being "by summoning the hand of Nightmare, which breathed life into the sword."
    Boomstick: Wait, hold on, how does a hand breathe, exactly?
    Wiz: ... Of all I've talked about, that is what you question?
  • When Wiz speculates that Ivy must use her large breasts as counterweights to pull off some of her martial arts moves, Boomstick immediately declares, "If that is a real martial art, I am going to find it, and teach it."
  • Again Ivy gets a notable moment, when the hosts bring up her canon win-loss record in the Soul series being 3-4, two of those wins being rematches.
    Wiz: While she is indeed a skilled fighter, canonically, she has a rather spotty record.
    Boomstick: Don't they make pads for that?
  • At one point, Boomstick comments that Orchid's breasts are large enough to kill people; by the time they get around to discussing her finishing moves, one of which has her flashing foes into having a heart attack, he states "ha, and you all thought I was being a pig earlier!"
    • Wiz, having a moment of fun, speculates on how Orchid can do such:
    Wiz: There's only one logical explanation: her breasts are so impossibly large, that no human brain can fully comprehend them.
  • During the very end of the preview and partway during the fight in the episode proper, we are treated to Orchid using her infamous finishing move on Ivy as the screen fades to white. Ivy's response? She laughs.
    • Ivy then meets Orchid flashing her by doing the same in kind, causing Orchid to throw a little tantrum before pulling out her tonfas and resuming the fight.
  • On comparing Ivy and Orchid's bust sizes post-battle and revealing Orchid's size being one "D" smaller than Ivy's.
    Boomstick: Aww, I had an extra "D" I could've given her!
    Wiz: Too late!

     Fox Mc Cloud vs. Bucky O'Hare 
  • In Fox's bio, one detail noted is "Personality modeled after Shigeru Miyamoto! Seriously!"
    • When it goes to his weaknesses, there's a comment that states how he was "doomed to a pathetic and lonely existence for no good reason after Star Fox Command."
  • Boomstick deeming Pigma as "the ugliest pig you've ever seen" and Peppy Hare as "older than the greeters at Wal-Mart."
    • Also regarding Pigma, once Wizard explains how he was in league with Andross and killed James via this betrayal, Boomstick states Pigma is why "pigs are for eating, and nothing else." While saying this, a roasted pig with Pigma's face (and an apple stuffed in his mouth) superimposed on it is shown.
      • This is even funnier following a scene of Fox letting out a Big "WHAT?!".
  • After starting Bucky's introduction with the full length theme from his animated series, Boomstick starts humming it briefly, commenting on his love for the show.
  • Boomstick is a little too fond of the title of Bucky's ship, The Righteous Indignation.
    Boomstick: ...Which is now the new name for my penis!
    • And he keeps on going, with Wiz trying to describe how agile the Righteous Indignation is and all the firepower it carries.
    Boomstick: But enough talking about my genitals, Wiz!
  • Those who deem Slippy Toad as The Scrappy might enjoy Bucky killing him, even if the Star Fox crew (ESPECIALLY Fox) don't share the same enthusiasm.
  • As a shout-out to the mission start screens of Star Fox 64, the screen shows the same format as Fox touches ground to fight Bucky, with the location of their fight only being given as a "random-ass planet."
  • There's something strangely funny about Fox repeatedly failing to use the Fire Fox attack while Bucky stomps on him mid-charge.
  • During the end of fight analysis, Wizard laments that Bucky's long-awaited spotlight didn't last long, whereupon Boomstick remarks how "considering foxes eat hares, I am not surprised".
  • Fox strangling Bucky and the look on the latter's face during it can bring a bit of dark humor for some viewers.
  • After the fight ends, Fox is seen on top of Slippy's Arwing, ripping the prosthetic legs off his friend's corpse and using them for himself, before jumping into Slippy's Arwing and taking flight once more.

     The Terminator vs. Robocop 
  • The opening line of the showdown:
    Boomstick: Sci-fi movies have taught me two things. One, I want my own lightsaber and two, the future blows.
  • The Terminator's rundown, which includes but is not limited to moments such as:
    • Wiz explaining that the Terminator series takes place in 2004. What really sells the moment is how his voice trails off near the end, as if he's questioning the validity of homicidial robots mere decades into the future.
    • Boomstick's remark on the Terminator's "perfect" disguise:
    "Because two time power-lifting champion Arnold Schwarzenegger is totally your average guy."
    • This is followed up by Wiz mentioning Terminators have hundreds of different facial designs, and again comes Boomstick:
    "What was that one designed for, attracting women and making men feel inadequate?"
    • Boomstick summarizing the T-850's adventures, worthy of a laconic wiki entry:
    "This model was first sent to super-early-abort John Connor... then protect John Connor... then protect John Connor again... and then blow up this bitch ."
  • Wiz lampshades the T-850's complete lack of software protection and its tendency to get hacked.
    Wiz: "It just screams lazy lazy design."
    T-850: "Fuck you, asshole."
    • In the midst of Wiz listing the arsenal the Terminators carry (during the character introduction, not the epsidoe proper), Boomstick derails the topic when he gets to the minigun, wishing they had one. Wiz then tells him that they do have one, and much like his almost-wrestling-eels moment from Pikachu vs. Blanka, Boomstick makes a detour from analyzing the Terminator to give it a test run.
    "(revs up the minigun and lets the bullets fly for a moment) Check it out, I drew my name! … and a puppy."
  • Robocop's preview had its fair share of laughs.
    • Wiz doesn't have the best views on Detroit.
    Boomstick: Damn! That guy can eat more bullets than 50 Cent!
    • Boomstick on the Cobra Assault Cannon.
    "…which goes boom, and then there's no more anything."
    • Wiz saying the jet pack from the third movie helps Robocop jump sharks. Boomstick has nothing to say in response.
      • However, he does have something to say about the next clip:
      William Ray "Pudface" Morgan: Where's your sense of humor?!
      Robocopnote : (raises fist) Right. Here. (knocks "Pudface" out)
      Boomstick: (flabbergasted) jesus christ
    • Wiz's comment on Robo's data spike:
    Wizard: …and a terminal strip for collecting data.
    Boomstick: Or for rippin' out throats! Just look at that thing!
    Wiz: No wonder Detroit's falling apart! All their USB flash-drives can double as shivs!
    • Wiz and Boomstick's shared incredulity at Robo's feats since they stretch from all of films and TV series, even the 80's cartoon. It harkens back to the Lion-O/He-Man fight since Robo's an 80's action hero as well but neither of them saved Sting from the WCW Four Horsemen. Wiz played footage of the event to prove that he wasn't making this up.
    • Boomstick's commentary about how Robocop's human elements leave him vulnerable to the common cold.
    Boomstick: To top it off, his human parts add extra vulnerability, which is stupid because it means he can even get a common cold and…
    Cut to scene from Robocop: The Animated Series showing Robocop sneezing electric bolts.
    Boomstick: Murphy maybe a walking tank but he also moves like one. He's sooooo slooooow!.
    Wiz: His main function is to chase the bad guys, so you'd think OCP would prioritize running legs instead of say his frisbee skills.
  • Paying homage to the series, the Terminator's entrance into Detroit has him time warping into a gun store, then proceeding to rob and kill the store owner… who happens to be voiced by Takahata101.
  • The Freeze-Frame Bonus when RoboCop is analyzing The Terminator one of the descriptions reads: cool sunglasses.
  • Anything the Terminator says during the fight is funny with the hilariously exaggerated and over the top impression of Schwarzenegger's performance.
    • When the Terminator yells, "Fuck you, dickwad!"
  • The Terminator staring at his shotgun when it runs out of ammo.
  • The preview for Luigi vs Tails. The two characters are imposed on a dramatic flaming background partially silhouetted, with their appearances punctuated by low drum beats. Keep in mind that one's a cowardly plumber, while the other is an adorable kit.

     Luigi vs. Tails 
  • Luigi's preview.
    • Boomstick's theory on why Luigi is such an obedient sidekick to his older brother
    "He's [Mario] gotta have some serious dirt on their childhood."
    • To demonstrate Luigi's Super Jump Punch, it displays Luigi slowly creeping towards Jigglypuff... and promptly rocketing her to the moon.
    • One of Luigi's listed accomplishments is 'Winning Mario Party by doing absolutely nothing'.
    • When showing the effects of the Negative Zone, Boomstick asked the question we were all thinking when we first saw Luigi's Final Smash
    "Remember when Mario Bros. was about running around and jumping on turtles?
    • In the preview video for Luigi, Wizard states that he is the Mario Universe's equivalent of the Ghostbusters. In the actual Death Battle episode that covers Luigi, we get this line.
    Wizard: He ain't afraid of no ghosts
    Cut to the scene where Luigi first encounters the ghosts in the first Luigi's Mansion
    Wizard: Scratch that, he's afraid of all ghosts...bugs, water, flowers, the sun...
    While showing part of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show cartoon, it shows the Sun enemy from Super Mario Bros. 3 as Wizard mentions the sun
    • Also, there's the reminder that the "unmaking cannon" is in the hands of children.
    Boomstick: Is it bedtime now mom? Whooosh! No more parents
    • Wiz saying Luigi could be watching you right now, and then it showing a picture of Weegee.
  • Tails' preview.
    • Boomstick pointing out Tails Real Punny Name, Miles Prower = Miles Per Hour.
    • Wiz on tails' odd flight ability.
    [regarding his tails' ability to function like helicopter blades] "…Which is obviously impossible, as they could never create lift to- *cue Tails flying* WHAAAAT?
    • Boomstick calling Tails a "rotary ass".
  • Wiz's snarky remark on the reason behind Tails' given nickname and comparing it to nicknaming Boomstick such because of his preference to shotguns. Boomstick is not amused.
  • Boomstick was about to eschew his usual shouting "DEATH BATTLE!" at the end of Tails's initial analysis no the Death Battle proper), only for Wizard to insist he do so. He begrudgingly does.
  • During the battle, Luigi comes up with an ingenious counter to Tails' bomb spam: he sucks them all up with his Poltergust, then blows them all back towards the airborne Tails. Unfortunately, he gets his timing wrong and the bombs all fall back towards him first before exploding.

     Venusaur vs. Charizard vs. Blastoise 
  • "Venusaur, the pimply plant monster! Blastoise, the bazooka turtle! And Charizard, the......dragon."
  • The teaser
    • Boomstick's excitement at Venusaur's Solarbeam, and calling Venusaur a "Flower Froggy Thing."
    • Boomsticks Theory on Blastoise's creation is so absurd that it's hilarious.
      "Did a turtle just get drunk enough one day to have sex with a tank?!"
      • The full episode makes it even funnier, with Boomstick going on a wild tangent theory much longer than the earlier quote.
        Boomstick: And then it came across a tank and was like, "ehh, I'll put my dick in that!" then nine months later, the tank showed up at his door and was like, "BOOM, this is yours!" and then he raised it out of shame until one day it evolved and all the other turtles were like, "THAT'S FUCKING AWESOME" so then they all started plowing tanks?
        Wiz: ...Sure... why not?
    • The whole segment was dramatized with a crude flash animation with a turtle and a tank...and pistols.
  • How do we start the battle? How about dumping a ton of Rare Candies on top of Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle? They probably battled just to work off the sugar high.
  • Boomstick is on fire this episode.
    • Regarding the Bulbasaur family:
      "Becoming uglier and uglier with every form, seriously, what the hell is that thing?"
    • On Sleep Powder:
      "Which is used to put people to sleep...and take women home from bars..."
    • On Solarbeam:
      "When I find flowers that can do that, I just might take up gardening; Try and pollinate now, bees!"
      • Doubly funny if you remember Boomstick's quip about his garden in Robocop vs. Terminator.
    • On Grass type pokemon's weakness to fire and flying:
      "Because as we all know; plants burn, and birds fucking hate grass."
    • His theory on Blastoise's creation, as shown above.
    • On Blastoise's water attack:
      "Water Gun, Water Pulse, Aqua Tail, and…Bubbles…"
    • After Wiz deduced the PSI of Blastoise's water cannons:
      "That'll get the stains off your patio!… along with…your patio…and… possibly house…"
    • Learning fully grown Charizard's average at 5'7":
      "WHAT?! that's bullshit! I wanna ride a dragon to burn the villages of my enemies, not hang out with it on the sofa!"
  • Blastoise sneezing himself awake after a spore puff of Venusaur's disembodied flower makes contact, delivered with a cartoonish "A-choo!"
  • Blastoise filling Charizard up with water to the point of Balloon Belly before he explodes might bring some dark humor to some.
    • If you look closely, you can see Charizard's eyes bugged out of his head right before he explodes.
  • At the end of fight summary, the talk about type advantages is given the caption "Inevitable Youtube Comment", as well as a drawing of a stupid-looking Venusaur.
  • Wiz and Boomstick's own rendition of the {{Pokémon}} Theme.

     Fulgore vs. Sektor 
  • Right at the beginning, acknowledgement of a certain other MK ninja-cyborg.
    Wiz: [introducing Sektor] ...the ninja cyborg from Mortal Kombat
    Boomstick: Totally shoulda been Cyrax
    [Wiz punches Boomstick with his cybernetic arm]
    Boomstick: GAH! WHAT THE HELL?!
  • During Fulgore's rundown…
    Wizard: There is only the mega-corporation which controls the earth...
    Boomstick: Walmar— Uh-um-UltraTech!
  • Boomstick's utter confusion over where Fulgore and Sektor keep the massive weapons they use to perform their finishers.
    Boomstick: I don't even— WHERE WAS HE KEEPING THAT??
  • Sektor's rundown.
    Wizard: [summing up the Lin Kuei Clan Grandmaster's plan] "Let's turn all our ninjas…INTO ROBOTS!
Boomstick: That guy's my fuckin' hero.
Boomstick: it's like "I'm gonna give you this cool cyber name, just in case I ever pull off my crazy as shit plan to turn everyone I know into robots".
  • Boomstick arguing that Sektor's Pulse Blades are lightsabers.
"Sweet, royalty-free Lightsabers!"
  • Then in the official episode, actual Lightsaber sound effects are used when Sektor whips the blades out, StarWars fans are sure to chuckle and/or facepalm at that very moment.
  • Instead of the usual Death Battle theme song playing as Wiz says his catchphrase, it's Boomstick singing part of the Mortal Kombat theme.

    Godzilla vs. Gamera 
  • While the intro trailer for this battle was extremely epic, they still managed to stick in Gamera swinging around on a pole Gymkata-style.
  • Godzilla's preview, with Kaiju being as over the top as you can imagine, there was a lot to poke fun about.
    • On Godzilla's Walking Wasteland abilties.
      Wiz: Godzilla's presence alone makes a city block completely uninhabitable.
      Boomstick: Like that noisy upstairs neighbor, or people who let their dog shit in your front lawn.
    • Boomsticks excitement over Godzilla's "epic gravity defying dropkicks" cue said scene.
    • On the atomic breath attack.
      Boomstick: That's like microwaving at least 100 balls of tin foil
      Wiz: Not even close...
    • The epic Take That to the American Zilla, who was bought by Toho themselves just for the purpose of having Godzilla deliver a curb stomp.
      "Ha ha... take that, America."
    • Godzilla's infamous Flight scene... the corny music just adds to the absurdity.
      Wiz: least Japan is...creative?
      (Cue Boomstick attempting to lift off like Godzilla did... and succeeding.)
      Wiz: Well... holy shit.
  • At SGC 2014, after explaining the Ben's computer died and they lost the pre-fight analysis (they still had the fight thankfully), Ben and Chad give rundowns for both fighters live. One hilarious moment is when Chad misreads the Fire Ejection Technique as Fire Ejaculation Technique. Which gets brought up a few times afterwards, to hilarious effect.
  • At SGC Godzillas win frame? Silly dancing!
    • And during the fight itself, Godzilla performs the epic sliding kick, which ends with him riding Gamera's shell like a skateboard.
      • When they showed that flight scene to the public, many of the audience were saluting.
    • Then there's his comment that after the fake out, Chad commented that "nobody was happy", as if everyone wanted Godzilla to win despite what was going on.
  • When the official episode came out, we're treated to the usual hilarious commentary from Boomstick.
    • How Godzilla gained the Red Atomic Spiral Breath
      "After absorbing a giant pterodactyl's soul.....oooooookaaaaay?"
    • His Joy at Space-Godzilla being a thing.
    • Referring to Godzilla's second brain near his backside as an "Ass-brain".
    • Him questioning the Atlantians choice of species to create
      "But instead of creating something safe, like a dog or a bunny, they created giant laser shooting murder-birds."
    • His new nickname for Gamera, "The flying fire breathing ninja turtle of doom".
    • On Gamera's fire breathing capabilities
      "...and a fire breath so strong, it can be used underwater...despite being...y'"
    • His astonishment at Gamera's flight abilities
      "WHY CAN'T MY TURTLE DO THAT?!...someday, Mr. Snappy...someday..."
      "How does he know where he's going? More importantly, how is he not puking his guts out?
    • Referring to the Vanishing Plasma Fist as a "Kaiju sized Falcon Punch."
      "FUCK YEAH!"
    • His quip after demonstrating the Mana Beam
    • On Gamera's technological know-how
    • His disappointment at Gamera's lingering fear for humanity becoming Earth's greatest threat.
      "I knew it was too good to be true...he's a hippy turtle..."
    • Accusing Gamera of being a pedophile... by singing a parody of the Showa Era theme song.
    • You can hear him trying not to burst out laughing
    • His usual end-of-episode pun was so bad, even he seems to acknowledge it.
      "Looks like Godzilla put Gamera through living... *unenthusiastic* Shell..."

    Gag Reels 
  • In the first gag reel, Chad claims that it's hard to say "pony" in the Boomstick voice, "probably because it shouldn't be in my goddamn vocabulary."
  • This exchange…
    Wizard: The BFG is strong enough to annihilate the gargantuan Cyberdemon in a mere two or three shots, and the unprecedented range of its splash damage ensures no one's getting away unscathed.
    Boomstick: Huuuughghghguh...
    Wiz: …You okay over there, Boomstick?
    Wiz: Wow! Wow! I did not need to--okay, I'm leaving now…

     Batman vs. Captain America. 
  • Boomstick Comically Missing the Point on Batmans tragic origins.
  • Wiz clarifying the infamous Shark Repellent wasn't part of Bats utility belt and was actually from the helicopter he was dangling on... both host agree the concept is still stupid.
  • When Batman's triangulation imaging system unnerves Boomstick.
    Boomstick: "You mean, he can see everything I do just because I have a phone?
    Wiz: "More or less"
    Boomstick: "Ask him where I left my keys..."
  • 'MERICA!'
  • Wiz's snarky retort on Cap being able to "see faster".
    *complete deadpan* "Which is the absolute stupidest way of saying that his brain can process images faster than a normal human."
  • Boomstick mentions that Captain America knows every form of hand-to-hand combat known to man and follows it up with this:
    Boomstick: "That's right, I bet you didn't know that Captain America was a ninja."
  • Boomstick is quite impressed by Cap successfully giving the Hulk a Groin Attack.
  • One of Cap's abilities is listed as "jumping out of a plane without a parachute and landing successfully", which is a Running Gag in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • Pointing out Captain America's feat of defeating the personification of drugs... despite the fact that drugs are what made Cap he is today, Wiz proceeds to label Cap as a hypocrite.
  • The difference between "could" and "would".
    Boomstick: I could survive a fall out of an airplane, but I wouldn't bet on it... unless you're doing it Wiz, you should totally try it! five bucks if you make it.

     Tigerzord vs. Epyon. 

     The Armory with Boomstick 
  • The spinoff called The Armory, Boomstick discusses some of his favorite weapons in fictional history, and starts off with the Shotgun from Doom, in particular, praising the reload sound.
    Boomstick: Fun fact, I even have it as my text message tone.
    (the reload noise is heard, and Boomstick's phone pops up on screen; Wiz's text asking if Boomstick has time for a Death Battle later on, proves, indeed, that the sound is what Boomstick has as his new text message indicator)
  • Episode the second of The Armory highlights the family of Sheep weapons from Worms, with Boomstick starting and finishing the rundown of sheep by stating how well they work as improvised rations as well as exploding ungulates.
  • The Episode where he inducts the Poke Ball has him exulting its virtues as a combination capturing and Mind-Control Device that forces anything it catches into loving and obeying its trainer, and mentioning how it shouldn't be too hard for a Professor named after a tree to add humans to the list of species it could catch. Then he fails to catch Xerneas with an Ultra Ball, whereupon he changes his mind and specifically adds the Master Ball only into the Armory.

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