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In-universe reasons as to why some Death Battles were as they were
Doomguy VS Master Chief: Why is Doomguy sluggish and tanking every hit? Why is Master Chief able to deflect all of the chaingun's bullets like that? They aren't the real Doomguy and Master Chief, just two other awesome (at least one of them) Space Marines with the same appearance, but different strategies.
  • It could also be representative of their own intelligence levels. Master Chief is a Genius Bruiser and would use terain to his advantage, Doomguy is probably too busy shouting things and claiming he'll RIP AND TEAR Master Chief's guts to do much.
  • Master Chief wasn't deflecting the Chainguns bullets - he didn't need to. Those were standard 9mm pistol rounds, and he was wearing the Mjolnir Powered Assault armor - the chaingun simply did absolutely no damage.
  • Starscream VS Rainbow Dash: Reasons why the Null Ray doesn't work.
    • In-universe, prior to the battle, Rainbow has been given a one-time protection something that saves her from death. Whether it's from a potion or spell (from Princess Celestia, Twilight Sparkle, or somepony else entirely).
    • There is more to a pony than meets the eye. For all we know, for all the damage they can take, they probably have something in their physiology that equines in our world don't have that can protect from the Null Ray's effects.
    • As they mentioned, she's Ponyville's weather manager, so she obviously has dealt with lightning before. In fact, fan favorite Derpy Hooves got hit with a blast of lightning and outside of being slightly charred and shaken, she was fine after a few seconds, which is pretty much what happened when Starscream used the Null Ray.
    • Starscream has shot humans with his null ray and it doesn't inflict any serious harm to them, so why would it bother something with magic powers that can take G-forces that would kill a human 10 times over.
      • More or less confirmed. They note that the Null Ray is specifcially designed for destroying machinery, and thus has no effect on living organisms.
  • Terminator vs. Robocop: The Terminator somehow brought along a weapon from the future into the past, despite that being impossible in his universe. Skynet must have made some sort of dramatic advancement in time travel technology after John Connor proved more difficult to destroy than calculated.
    • If you look closely, the weapon was stored in his chest. The rules of the Terminator universe say that only things covered in flesh can travel back in time. The Terminator was covered in flesh, and since the gun was inside him, that fits into the rules. However, what would make it impossible is the fact that no Terminator in the films has been shown to have a chest cavity large enough to hold such a large weapon.
  • Luigi vs. Tails:
    • For the strength difference: Tails is holding back and meeting his opponent with equivalent force. After all, many of the fights escalate once started; it is possible that both opponents don't intend to kill at first; if that was the case, one character would just use their most powerful attack and finish the enemy that way. It is possible that whatever force makes the meeting of two characters possible also eliminates things like mercy, unwillingness to kill, and the concepts of surrendering or retreating. That way, an escalating fight is the only option. As for why Tails didn't kill Luigi that way, it's simple: there were other ways.
    • For the Lightning thing: Tails has psychological weakness to lightning; using it wouldn't guarantee victory by itself. Luigi also didn't know that Tails was afraid of lightning. He could have spammed lightning to send Tails cowering in fear so allow an opening for an easy kill, but he just simply didn't know how it would affect his opponent. The rules of Death Battle forbid such prior knowledge. It was only one of the many attacks he used, and he probably didn't see anything happen to Tails that would make it an obviously better choice than say, an extremely powerful vacuum cleaner or huge hammer or an zone that breaks logic and physics. Yes, he saw Tails blasted into the distance with lightning, but if your opponent simply comes back ready for more, are you really gonna try again?
  • Batman Vs. Captain America: Batman actually was Dick Grayson. In addition to explaining why he's still alive, it explains how he was able to beat Cap spoe easily. Dick regualrly kicks the crap out of Deathstroke, who is a more deadly version of Captain America with an indestructible sword instead of a shield.

Backstories Behind the Death Battles?
  • Boba Fett vs. Samus Aran: A bounty is put on Samus Aran's head and Boba Fett has tracked her down to claim his prize.
  • Akuma vs. Shang Tsung: Akuma, still on his search for the perfect opponent, crosses paths with the cursed shape-shifter, and promptly engages him in combat.
    • #2: Akuma is chosen to represent Earthrealm in the MK tournament, and eventually takes on Tsung.
  • Rogue vs. Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman has gotten sick and tired of Rogue hogging all the "attention" and wants to show the world what she's capable of.
    • #2: The Amazons attack, once again corrupted by the evils of subpar writing, and this time, Wonder Woman's at the head of the invasion. However, Rogue isn't about to let her run around and cut down her fellow Americans.
  • Goomba vs. Koopa: Bowser has decided to up his troops' combat prowess and figures the best way to train his minions is to kill off the weaker ones while the survivors only get stronger. Unfortunately, it doesn't work as planned.
    • #2: One of the Koopa Troopas decides the life of fighting under Bowser's rule isn't worth the coins anymore, and about to retire. However, the Goomba isn't going to let him without a fight.
  • Mike Haggar vs. Zangief: Their rivalry has reached an all time high. Zangief visits Metro city to challenge Haggar and they decide to settle it once and for all.
    • #2: The Cold War just turned hot! Zangief is encouraging and fighting alongside his brothers and sisters in arms, when he finds Haggar tossing them around like dodge-balls while taking their bullets like a champ! For the Motherland, he must be stopped!
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Battle Royale: The turtles are victims to some sort of brainwashing and are forced to fight to the last turtle standing.
    • #2: There's only one slice of pizza left, and the turtles are willing to die for it.
    • #3: The Turtles are training through a simulation made by Donatello, Leo proves his worth by being the last turtle standing.
  • Leonardo vs. Zitz: Leonardo (still under the effects of the brainwashing) is on a hunt for various other warriors, he comes across Zitz and all hell breaks loose...
    • #2: Zitz was sent to destroy a rampant Leonardo.
    • #3: Leo, after realizing he had just committed fratricide, leaves and plans to stop whoever made him do this, only to get into a misunderstanding/battle with Zitz immediately after.
  • Yoshi vs. Riptor: Riptor's effing hungry and wants Yoshi for lunch! The ultra-combos were supposed to tenderize the meat.
  • Felicia vs. Taokaka: This one already has a sort of back story; Felicia accidentally tackles Tao, who mistakes it for an attack and promptly retaliates.
    • Why was Tao loafing around there in the first place? Maybe she was on the hunt for either Rawrgna (who she doesn't yet know is Ragna, AKA "good guy") or some food... or both!
  • Kratos vs. Spawn: Spawn notices some chaotic activity on Earth and decides to investigate. He quickly tracks down Kratos as the cause of this chaos and intends to "stop" him.
  • White Bomberman vs. Dig Dug:
    • Bomberman visits Dig Dug and the two decide to find out who is the true master of terrain via the ways they know best.
    • #2: Bomberman blew up several of Taizo Hori's friends in a fatal mistake and tried to make a getaway, only to run into Taizo himself. He is (understandably) unwilling to listen to reason.
  • Vegeta vs. Shadow: This one also already has one.
  • Mario vs. Sonic: Much like Haggar vs Zangief, a way to end this rivalry once and for all! They're tired of the little games they've had together. They want a definitive end to their rivalry. note 
  • Justin Bieber vs. Rebecca Black: They duke it out to find out who is the real king/queen of bad music.
    • #2: It's just a normal celebrity feud taken to a very extreme level.
    • #3: Black, a confirmed Belieber, wanted to get a literal piece of Bieber. Bieber, fed up with his Fan Dumb, decides to finally kill them all off, starting with the Belieber right in front of him.
  • Luke Skywalker vs. Harry Potter: Harry's teleportation goes wrong and he appears in the Star Wars universe. Mistaking Luke as an enemy, he attempts to quickly dispel him using Avada Kedavra. Unfortunately for Harry, Luke wasn't going down without a fight.
  • Chun-Li vs. Mai Shiranui:
    • A simple sparring match gone WAY too far...
    • #2: Mai has been assassinating Interpol officials, and Chun-Li has been sent to stop her by any means necessary. However, her guns and assorted weaponry have been rendered inert by a Shiranui curse while chasing Mai, and she can't escape, so she's left to her martial arts skills to take down Mai.
  • Starscream vs. Rainbow Dash: The Decepticons invade Equestria and Starscream is sent on a recon mission for any possible rebels, and indeed, he finds one. Rainbow responds with Esquestria's greatest weapon: friendship. This explains her casual greeting, teasing, and her 'love and tolerate' line.
    • #2: Having had enough of Starscream, Megatron tells him that someone wanted to challenge him and gives him the coordinates to Equestria to finally get rid of him.
  • Master Chief vs. Doomguy:
    • After dealing with Hell's invasion Doomguy is teleported onto a Halo while Master Chief is on a mission. The cockfight ensues...
    • #2: Doomguy's mind is so screwed up from his trip to hell that he's been carving a big bloody swathe all over the universe. Master Chief steps in to put him down.
    • #3: Master Chief and Doomguy are in a multiplayer Free For All Deathmatch. They see eachother, The obvious results ensue.
  • Doctor Eggman vs. Doctor Wily:
    • The world ain't big enough for two evil geniuses to rule over, robot armies collide!
    • #2: After Mega Man (and all of his allies like Dr. Light and Protoman) were sent away by Dr. Wily, Dr. Eggman decides to invade the Mega Man universe... Dr. Wily anticipated him and amassed his army to counter the attack.
  • Princess Peach vs. Princess Zelda:
    • The Mushroom Kingdom and the Land of Hyrule are at war with each other! The Princesses accidentally meet while escaping the battlefield and have no choice but to fight for their homes!
    • #2: The two princesses have seen something incredibly gorgeous and aren't willing to share it, nor give it up. They are, however, willing to kill for it.
  • Raiden vs. Thor: A test to see who is the true God of Thunder! Thor sent the invitation and Raiden accepted.
    • #2: Being a Thunder God is one of those Highlander-type deals, and the god who slays the other gets the power of their fallen foe. Raiden and Thor are both willing to kill each other because they know the other deity will put their strength to good use.
    • #3: The Fallen Raiden believed that Thor was unworthy of the position of God of Thunder and challenged him to Mortal Kombat.
    • #4: God Ego.
    • #5 Raiden was snacking on Child Haggis when thor, as part of the avengers, went in to investigate.
    • #6 Thor is mad that Deadliest Warrior gave a win to Samurai over Viking and went over to kick some Japanese rear, Raiden taunts him with his nation's victory and a fight ensues.
  • Cloud Strife vs. Link:
    • The two swordsmen consider each other to be worthy opponents, and swords clash.
    • #2: Cloud and Link teamed up to destroy a common foe, only for one of them to fall during their adventures. The villain later resurrects the dead person as a zombie slave and pits him against his former friend.
  • Batman vs. Spider-Man:
    • #1 Batman's become a Justice Lord, while Spider-Man has succumbed to the Symbiote. Fallen heroes will fight furiously, but only one will live to wallow under the summit they once stood upon.
    • #2:Boomstick joked on from a cover of Spidey being denied membership in the Justice League; Spidey's either taking out the members one-by-one or Batman's testing him in combat only for Spidey to take it too far.
    • #3: This isn't your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man . . . and Batman knows it.
      • Otto knew for a fact that he couldn't fool Batman of all people with his quirky repertoire, so he went into battle with Peter's old equipment and movements, and also decided to pick up on some of his old famous/infamous in-battle grunts and quotes to play it safe.
    • #4: Taking place after the events of Batman vs Captain America, Peter learns about the cruel, sudden death of his partner and role model. After discovering it was at the hands of Batman, he tracks down the Knight to avenge the first Avenger.
  • Pikachu vs. Blanka:
    • #1: Going by the preview, Pikachu just happened to be unlucky enough to come upon a starving Blanka.
    • #2: While searching for his mom, Blanka unfortunantily runs into Ash, who mistakes him for a Pokemon and sends Pikachu to weaken him.
  • Son Goku vs. Superman: Saiyan invader Kakarot battles Justice Lord Superman for the fate of a (totally screwed) Earth.
    • #2: Mr. Mxyzptlk mind-controlled Goku and made him fight Superman.
    • #3: The two pods ram into each other and the babies are deposited on a desolate area of the world.
    • #4: The planets are about the collide, superman moves in to change Dragonball!Earth's orbit when Goku finds some weird dude in tights pushing his planet. or vice versa. Although Goku would be more likely to fall for such a stunt.
    • #5: Goku asks for a 'friendly match' between Superman, only for the sake of the fight. He also points out that if anyone (including the other fighter) dies, the winner can find the Dragon Balls and wish whoever died in the fight back to life.
      • JOSSED! It's because Master Roshi told Goku that Superman was an alien and Goku thought that alien = blown up Earth! Then again, all the characters were treated as their Dragon Ball Abridged selves.
  • He-Man vs. Lion-O: One of the heroes has been irrevocably hexed by the combined powers of Skeletor and Mumm-Ra. The curse is too powerful: The afflicted will either be put down, or continue their killing spree.
    • #2: Possibly a more comical idea; Lion-O gets easily enraged upon seeing He-Man ride Kringer in his Battle Cat mode and wants to free him, thinking He-Man is using him as a servant.
      • CONFIRMED!
    • #3: Similar to the above reasons for Link vs Cloud, the two heroes teamed up against common foes (likely a team-up of Skeletor and Mumm-Ra), and one of them falls at their hands. The other now must fight their zombie-reincarnated teammate. Or...
    • #4: The two heroes of their worlds clash for sport as they find each other to be worthy opponents.
  • M. Bison vs. Shao Kahn: Shao Kahn has won the right to take over Earthrealm, but M. Bison has no intention of kneeling before another conqueror.
    • #2: Same as Akuma vs Shang Tsung: M. Bison is chosen to represent Earthrealm in the MK tournament, and eventually takes on Shao Khan.
    • #3: Given the terrain chosen for the Death Battle: Bison learns of Shao Kahn and his immense power and believes the conqueror's immense power will make him unimaginably powerful. Unfortunately he bites off a little more than he could chew. Even if he knew how strong Kahn was and felt all right with disregarding his body—else he would not have used Final Bison—he probably was too arrogant and cocky to consider the fact that he would not be able to possess Kahn.
  • Ryu Hayabusa vs. Strider Hiryu: The Mastermind clones Ryu to kill Strider, while Cliff Higgins duplicates Strider to assassinate Ryu. The two clones mistake each other for the real deal, and go all-out.
    • #2: the Dragon Ninja Clan and the Striders have been at war for some time, the ninjas in question are the last two standing.
    • #3: Both ninjas are hired to take out the same organization and mistakes the other ninja for working for said organization.
  • Ivy Valentine vs. Black Orchid: The warped powers of the Soul Edge send Ivy several centuries into the future before she can rid herself of it once and for all. Ivy prepares a ritual to get back, but the US Government finds her actions suspicious and send Black Orchid to interrogate her. Ivy goes on the offensive, paranoid and desperate to get back to her own time.
  • Fox McCloud vs. Bucky O'Hare: Bucky mistakes Slippy for one of Komplex's cronies and attacks him. Fox fights back to protect his teammate.
    • Confirmed! Thanks to the Righteous Indignation blasting Slippy to pieces, Fox returns fire before the two leaders duke it out on the ground.
  • The Terminator vs. RoboCop: The Terminator is dispatched to Detroit several years in the past to kill John Connor, but its attempts to murder him invite the judgment of Robocop.
    • Semi-confirmed, semi-jossed. Robocop does pay the Terminator a visit, but because of his ravaging a gun store and assaulting its owner.
  • Luigi vs. Tails: Luigi sets out to avenge Mario's death by Sonic's hands, but Tails finds out about his plot and attempts to intercept him. And succeeds
    • To throw a bone for Luigi. Luigi had rubbed out Sonic, but it is not enough. Tails was the next target.
  • Pokemon Battle Royale: A pokemon battle between three trainers gets way out of hand.
    • Jossed. According to Wiz, the three starters in the fight will be wild Pokemon, so they could simply be fighting for territory, food, or other resources.
    • Team rocket test out their latest creation on three small pokémon; Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. The creation? Extremely addictive rare candies that not only level up a pokémon, but also turn them into ruthless killing machines.
    • Alternatively, a Pokemon Lab is testing which of the three Kanto starters is the strongest with as few variables as possible, but it gets extremely out of hand.
  • Fulgore vs. Sektor: Ultratech has made a new model of Fullgore and sent it out to fight other robots, who happen to be victims of the Lin Kuei's Cyber Initiative. Sektor is dispatched to destroy this threat.
  • Godzilla vs. Gamera: Humanity has pissed off Godzilla again but this time Gamera decides to stop him from getting his revenge.
    • #2: This is one of Godzilla's nastier incarnations, and he's been wrecking everything he can get his claws on with no regard for casualties. Gamera, Friend to All Children, will not stand for this unchecked brutality.
  • Captain America vs Batman: In an Alternate Universe where Batman brought Ethyl Chloride pesticide to his fight with Spider-man, Captain America hunts him down to ensure he won't kill any of his other partners in crime-fighting.
    • #2: After Goku & Superman's battle destroys the Earth, Superman travels to Namek and uses the Namekian Dragon Balls to restore the Earth and its inhabitants, including his fallen comrades, Wonder Woman & Batman. With Bruce Wayne walking once more and better knowledge on how to defeat Spider-Man, the Dark Knight begins to track down the web-slinger. Unfortunately for him, his plans are intervened by Steve Rogers himself, who isn't interested in letting one of his Avengers fall.
    • #3 The events here take place before Batman's fight with Spider-Man, Spidey set out to avenge Cap, Spidey caught him at a time where he wasn't using Explosive Gel and the like.
    • #4 This is the All-Star version of Batman aka Crazy Steve who we all know is an off the rails psychopath explaining why he mutilates Cap's body post-mortem. Captain America stopped in Gotham because he believes that Batman is a dangerous psychopath and it wouldn't be the first time. After spotting the Dark Knight he corners him in an alleyway and the battle begins.
  • Tommy the White Ranger vs. Zechs Merquise: Rumors circulate around the OZ of a mysterious and powerful revolutionary who summons his mobile suit with a flute. Zechs finds out that these rumors are true, and attempts to terminate the enigmatic rebel before he causes any more trouble.
    • #2 While the other Rangers are out fighting a monster, Zordon detects an incredibly powerful mech being piloted by someone who isn't a ranger. With the other rangers busy, Zordon sends Tommy and the Tigerzord out to fight this warrior to see if they are friend or foe. However, due to a misunderstanding, Zechs and Tommy end up in a fight that escalates to lethal levels.
    • Both jossed, Tommy and Saba are doing a test run for the Tigerzord and fire off a missile without the safety system activated. It hits and kills Noin right in front of Zechs, who fights Tommy out of Rage.
  • Ryu vs. Scorpion: Ryu and Scorpion come across each other. Ryu senses evil from Scorpion and engages in a fight with him to rid the world of evil.
    • Possibly Jossed given Scorpion attacks Ryu, before he knew Scorpion was there.
    • Alternatively Scorpion has been deceived to believe that Ryu has some kind of involvement in his clan's massacre or is allies with Sub Zero/Quan Chi (whoever he currently thinks killed his clan). Ryu was simply training in the mountains on his quest to be the best street fighter.
  • Deadpool vs. Deathstroke:
  • Kirby vs. Majin Buu:
    • Kirby's warp star drops down on Buu's head who was engorging himself in food. Kirby wants in, but Buu is unwilling to share.
    • #2: Majin Buu is on a path of destruction that leads him to Pop Star. Kirby gathers an arsenal and sets out to eliminate yet another horrific creature threatening his world.
      • Confirmed to a degree. He was turning the inhabitants into sweets when Kirby showed up.
    • #3: If this is Mister Buu, Kirby eats Mr. Satan! Buu doesn't like that so he tries to turn Kirby into chocolate.
    • #4: King Dedede needed a monster to clobber that there Kirby. That's what NME does best, so they sent Majin Buu to locate and fight Kirby. Hopefully, Dedede got it for the money back guaranteed.
  • Ragna the Bloodedge vs. Sol Badguy: Something's gone wrong with the Azure Grimoire. It's taken control of Ragna and driven him mad with a desire for destruction, but has preserved his original form instead of turning him into the Black Beast. Sol just happens to be unlucky enough to be the first victim of Ragna's rampage.
    • Jossed. Sol actually sees Ragna's wanted poster and decides to go for the bounty when he sees Ragna walking down the street. Ragna is less than thrilled.
  • Gaara vs. Toph:
    • #1: Gaara appears at the newest Earth Rumble and challenges Toph for the title and things get out of hand.
    • #2: Toph hears about an extremely skilled "sandbender" and tracks him down to prove herself better than him. Unfortunately for her, this version of Gaara is still a bitter mass murderer, and what was supposed to be a friendly exhibition turns into a struggle to survive.
    • Jossed. It's because Toph arrives on what Gaara declares sacred ground. Gaara tells her to leave, but Toph stubbornly refuses.
  • Chuck Norris vs. Segata Sanshiro: Segata sees Chuck doing as one fact dictates, and NOT playing a Sega Saturn. When Segata tries hawking his product to Chuck, it gets roundhouse-kicked off, pissing him off.

Goku vs Superman will be the season finale
  • Confirmed.
    • And, in keeping with the pattern of "If a character wins a Death Battle, the next character from that series will lose and vice-versa", Superman will win because Vegeta won his last Death Battle and Batman lost his. Goku's loss will be due to his Cloud Cuckoolander mentality and a possible appearance of the Muffin Button.
    • Confirmed on Superman winning the battle. Jossed about the Muffin Button.
  • Because {=Its Just Some Random Guy=} is voicing Superman, there may be a segment where Superman and Goku are represented by action figures. Or the other superheroes are watching from the Hero Bar...
    • Jossed
  • Jokes and Memes from Dragon Ball Abridged will show up. "Kaio-WHAT?" has been confirmed.
  • Because of the talent involved, this is really going to be more of a "I'm A Marvel and I'm a DC" VS. "Team ~~Three~~ Four Star's Dragon Ball Z Abridged" fight than a "REAL" Superman vs. Goku.
    • As far as the animation is concerned anyway, which has no bearing on the research.

The past winners and losers (or their graves/corpses per say) of Death Battle will appear in Goku vs Superman...
Just to get killed during the battle or when the Earth is (eventually) destroyed. and or the Spirit Bomb is used.
  • Jossed. The only previous combatant to show up is Vegeta in the intro.

The next fight isn't actually Goku VS Superman.
They're just tricking us with the preview.
  • Jossed. They confirmed it's release, and released an analysis.

Since MasakoX is voicing Goku in this,
There will be a reference to the Muffin Button from Dragon Ball Z Abridged.
  • Jossed, unfortunately.

Superman will use the Dragon Balls on Namek to revive the Earth
  • Well he has to do something with all his friends and family dead after the Earth blew up due to his Infinite Mass Punch.
    • It helps that Goku, being Goku, is almost certainly OK with having died in such a fun fight, and, not holding any grudges and wanting the Earth back, will probably let Superman know about the Namek Balls via King Kai telepathy messaging.
    • It's also possible that Superman will charge up in the sun for 15,000 years and become Superman Prime, then travel back to the past and resurrect the Earth and it's inhabitants. How? Because he's now God.

Vegeta was right and he COULD have defeated Superman.
  • At least in the scenario. Because when the Kryptonite came into play, he wouldn't destroy it and let Supes back up. He'd mock Superman for being weak to a green rock and keep beating him, likely with the Kryptonite. Because Vegeta is a dick like that.
    • Some people argue that his Saiyan pride would get the better of him since he himself was cool with letting Cell reach his Perfect form in spite of the huge advantage he had (Regardless, he was still a huge dick the whole time).
      • He only let Cell reach his Perfect form because Cell played on the aforementioned Saiyan pride by promising him a much better fight if he allowed him to do so. Before that, Vegeta was seen to be perfectly content on beating down Cell and mocking him for his weakness. So, unless Superman did the same by promising a better fight if Vegeta destroyed the Kryptonite, then Vegeta would likely do as stated above.
      • On the other hand, the kryptonite came into play because Goku just happened to blow Superman down into the ONE building in metropolis that one can reliably find Kryptonite in. Vegeta would simply be unlikely to do the same actions that Goku did during the fight, do to different combat styles and slightly different powers. So, in 99 potential fights out of 100, Vegata, without knowing about Kryptonite, where to get Kryptonite, or that Superman is weak to the green rock, would just of lost faster than Goku did.
      • Wiz said that the kryptonite could fall from the sky for all he cared, it wouldn't matter but for context. But as stated above, if Vegeta even came across it in any scenario, we all know what he would do if he saw it was Supes' weakness. But also as stated above, a fight between Vegeta and Superman, and any other character for that matter, could happen any other way. But in the end, whoever would truly win will depend on the truth and facts. Especially, here in Death Battle.
      • It should also be noted that Superman's reaction to Kryptonite during the battle was HEAVILY exaggerated. It's rare for it to be an instant 'Superman off-button' and usually takes a longer period of exposure for it to actually fully depower him.

At some point in He-Man vs Lion-O, the "HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA"/"What's Going On" song will be heard or referenced.
  • It's possible since we already saw a clear reference to it in the preview analysis rundown for He-Man. Maybe an instrumental of it could even show up as the background music for whatever advertisement they'll plug into the episode right before the fight in the YouTube version.
    • Confirmed. He-Man's stats list him as "An Excellent Singer?" as stated above, and at the end of the fight, He-Man's victory profile is that of his infamous "HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA" face while inaudibly singing said song to a rainbow background.

Outcome guesses for He-Man vs Lion-O
  • Lion-O will use his power over cats to sway Cringer to his side... if Cringer is even allowed to take part.
    • Confirmed. It doesn't really help him much in the end however.

Goku vs Superman will need to be done over
With the release of "Battle of the Gods", Goku now possesses a new transformation in the form of Super Saiyan God, which is several magnitude more powerful than any other transformation, canon or otherwise. It is either that or doings Bills vs Superman or Bills vs Doomsday.
  • Jossed. In an interview Wiz and Boomstick mentioned that Super Saiyan God form, even if it had been usable note , would not have impacted the episode's ending significantly.

Regardless of who wins in Shao Kahn vs M. Bison...
The winner will end the battle in the goriest possible fashion, and then yell FATALITY at the top of their lungs.
  • All confirmed. Interestingly, the fight isn't even over yet after Shao Kahn's finishing blow on Bison.

Shao Khan shall break Mortal Kombat's losing streak
As noted in the trivia section for this show, when a character from a series wins/loses, then another character from that series who appears later on is far more likely to have the opposite result, this is made several times more likely if it subverts this trend and gives us two wins/losses in a row, as evident with DC comics (2 loses then 1 win) and Street Fighter (2 wins then a loss... then a win...). If Shao Khan loses the battle, Mortal Kombat will hold the record for most losses in a series for Death Battle, inversely, Street fighter will surpass Marvel Comics as the record holder for most number of wins in a series for Death Battle.
  • Confirmed on Shao Khan winning the fight.

Goku vs. Superman was the reason the new Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods movie was made.
  • Both Toei animation and Akira Toriyama where pissed about the result (hence this being the first Dragonball related thing Toriyama's done in years), so they made a new movie in which Goku gains a new an even more uber Super Mode (Super Saiyin God) to give him the edge in any later rematch. Yes, this makes no sense given that the movie was still being made when the episode in question aired, but it's an amusing thought none the less.
    • Jossed. Battle of the Gods was in development way before Goku vs Superman was even announced.

Samus Aran vs. Master Chief will be the second season finale.
Not only is it one of the biggest dream matches among fans, but it would also be the first battle to involve two previous Death Battle winners (Leonardo fought in two Battles, but he's just one competitor), unless another fight reached that milestone, like Spawn vs. Thor.

Episode 27 In-Universe...
...Was the day that Shao Kahn challenged M. Bison to Mortal Kombat. But for Bison....it was Tuesday. Considering how it ended, it was Bison's last Tuesday...

Episode 29 will have Boomstick make a Shout Out To Shakespeare.
Specifically, it'll be something like "A flower by any other name would kick just as much ass!" Because someone as rough as Boomstick making reference to the most celebrated playwright of all time is just hilariously inappropriate.
  • Jossed, unfortunately; brilliant as the idea is, the episode was more Boomstick's traditional antics.

Boomstick's father is/was a zombie pirate.
Because it was the first thing that popped into my mind when he mentioned that zombie pirates don't make good fathers.

Death Battle Has a Dark Purpose Behind It
Wiz and Boomstick are actually Those Two Bad Guys employed by some sort of multiversal Big Bad, who has gathered the greatest warriors in the multiverse together for two purposes-
  • First, to eliminate as many of those warriors as possible in preparation for his eventual plan.
    • Secondly, to gather up the remains of the losers, and using a fusion of arcane science and sorcery, combine them into a necromantic, bio-mechanical demigod possessing the combined abilities of every Death Battle loser, to act as the vanguard of his eventual invasion, traveling to every universe in turn to destroy it's heroes before his Dark Master annexes those universes to his own. Of course, this is assuming an entity of such power could be controlled...

As an alternative to the above...
Wiz and Boomstick were chosen by a multiversal Big Good, to gather the greatest warriors in the multiverse together for two purposes-
  • First, to determine which warriors are the strongest and more capable over the other, so that many of the superior ones may be gathered together in preparation for his eventual plan.
    • Secondly, to battle a major Big Bad that plans to travel to every universe in turn to destroy it's heroes before his Dark Master annexes those universes to his own. Also, exactly as above, it will also gather up the remains of the losers, and using a fusion of arcane science and sorcery, combine them into a necromantic, bio-mechanical demigod possessing the combined abilities of every Death Battle loser, to act as a sentinel against his eventual invasion. As well as the above, this is assuming an entity of such power can be controlled...

Most of the battles are just a simulation.
With the exception of the ones containing truly villainous characters, or the ones that have a story behind them [Goku vs Superman, He-Man vs Lion-O, Fox vs Bucky, Robocop vs Terminator], the other battles came into being by the characters meeting up with each other one day, striking up a conversation, and realizing how much in common they have with one another. They get curious as to who would win in a no-holds barred fight, but they know better than to act on it and refuse to even try...until Wiz and Boomstick show up with their simulation machine, allowing them to settle their match without causing either of them any lasting harm. As for the ones involving villainous characters and the ones with stories behind them, Wiz and Boomstick have a satellite out there to record those ones so they can show them to the public.

Wiz is a Troll
It's not an accident he has knack for saying things that piss off or baffle Boomstick (such as piece of Justin Bieber's hair selling for over $40000 and Rainbow Dash being karate blackbelt respectively), he does it on purpose to get a reaction out of him.

The climax of Luigi vs. Tails will involve the Negative Zone.
The Negative Zone's slowdown effect is one of the only things in Luigi's arsenal that can provide any sort of counter to Tails' speed, which is enough to keep up with Sonic when he's in a full run. It's ripe for a dramatic moment after which both combatants look like they're going to die at any moment.
  • It happened, but Luigi still lost; Tails was able to beat the Negative Zone by attaching a bomb to Luigi's vaccuum.

The Starter Pokémon Battle Royale will use ALL the starter Pokémon.
Every region's trio will appear, leading to a battle with dozens of combatants.
  • Jossed, previews indicate it's only a battle royal of the first gen starters.

The next Death Battle isn't a Starter Pokemon Battle Royal, but rather, Charamander or Charizard vs Agumon or Greymon.
The Death Battle Twitter mentioned these choices as a possible matchup, plus there are three Pokéballs, so maybe it is next?
  • To clarify for the latter statement, during the "Next Time" preview, three Pokéballs roll onto the screen. In the beginning of Pokémon Red, Green, Blue, Fire Red, and Leaf Green, Charmander is always contained within one of three balls present on the table at Professor Oak's laboratory for the main protagonist to possibly choose as their partner. This may only further enforce Charmander/Charizard's possible appearance.
    • Jossed. It's a battle royal of the fully evolved Generation 1 starters.

The Next death battle will mention or reference Twitch Plays Pokémon in some way
  • JOSSED from what I can tell.
Shao Kahn worked for Death Battle
His job was to shout "Fight!" at the start of each battle. But then Khan decided to quit and demanded Wiz and Boomstick to find him an opponent (under the threat of having thier souls devoured) so he can participate in a Death Battle himself. Wiz and Boomstick promised him they would sent him a challenger to his castle one day and it came.

Wiz and Boomstick will have the final season of the show (however long it lasts) consist entirely of battles between previous winners.
  • I know it's kind of a long distance prediction, but it just seems so weird to have someone as powerful and/or iconic as He-Man or Shao Kahn just be in one battle and never be used again.
    • Some possible matchups for "Death Battle All-Stars: Rumble In the Jungle":

      *** Master Chief vs, Samus Aran (badass super soldiers in powered armor)
      • Fox vs. Tails (they are both foxes)
      • Vegeta vs. Thor (they're both pretty powerful Lightning Bruiser-type fighters)
      • Akuma vs. Shao Kahn (The most powerful street fighter and the most powerful kombatant. Let's settle this rivalry once and for all!)
      • Orchid vs. Mai (big breasted fighters that fight hand-to-hand)
      • Superman vs. Spawn
      • Spider-Man vs. Blanka (brute force and speed vs. tactics and powers)
      • Zangief vs. Princess Peach (can the famous bear wrestler's strength defeat the petite damsel's magic?)
      • Sonic vs. Rainbow Dash (they're both pretty fast)
      • Link vs. Leonardo (a good old sword fight is always nice)

In the Pokemon Battle Royal Mega Evolution's will be mentioned but will be unusable for the battle
  • Confirmed on the unusable part, since the three will be treated as level 100 wild Pokemon, as such they will have no trainer to have a strong bond with and no way to achieve mega form as a result.

Fulgore will face Iron Man in the next battle
  • Knowing that Death Battle likes to use similar combatants (Fett and Samus are bounty hunters, Zangief and Haggar are wrestlers, etc.),who is appropriate? Robocop and Terminator seemed unlikely, considering they've had their own battle, but that image of Fulgore's chest laser created an idea. "Hey, Iron Man! He has a chest laser too!" It's kind of a stupid reason to think so, but the possibility of a Beam-O-War between chest lasers seems strangely appealing to me.
    • JOSSED. It's Sektor.

There is a loose continuity among all the episodes
  • P.S. This will be updated as new episodes come out. This was inspired by a Crack Fic continuity between all the Deadliest Warrior episodes.
    • First, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Samus had accidentally destroyed an important planet belonging to the Empire after a mission went awry. Boba Fett was hired to take her down in retaliation. He failed, and soon word spread that a powerful warrior had killed the legendary Fett. Luke Skywalker set off to find and recruit this warrior, but ran into Harry, who was scared and alone in the aftermath of a disastrous combination of teleportation and time travel magic. A fight ensues as Harry tried to protect himself from a perceived attacker, which he lost.

      During ancient times, Kratos' killing of the gods had attracted Spawn's attention, and they fought.

      During the Cold War, the Mortal Kombat tournament commenced. Haggar vs. Zangief, Chun-Li vs. Mai, Raiden vs. Thor, and Pikachu vs. Blanka were some of the matches used to determine Team Earthrealm. Thor could have easily won the tournament with his million-ton hammer, but fell prey to Shang Tsung's trickery and was falsely disqualified by the Elder Gods. Mai and Zangief were killed, while Akuma faced off against Shang Tsung and won the tournament. M. Bison, angry that he wasn't allowed to enter the tournament (Akuma, having brutally beat him in the past, was a much wiser choice to be on the team), decided to prove everyone wrong and tangos with Shao Kahn right in his palace. It doesn't work out so well, and Shao Kahn is now god-like. However, since his warriors lost the tournament, he can't invade Earth. Goku and Superman do not participate as they were busy dealing with other threats.

      A Decepticon invasion of Earth had been repulsed by the Autobots, with heavy losses for the former, and Megatron set his sights on a seemingly weaker land. Starscream performed an aggressive recon mission but got into a fight with Rainbow Dash. Felicia and Taokaka got into a fight as well.

      An argument over the last slice of pizza escalated until three ninja turtles were dead, and Leonardo set off to redeem himself by killing the reckless and dishonorable Zitz. Meanwhile, Eggman and Wily decided to determine who's the best scientist. Their fight ended up with Metal Sonic gaining power, but he was mere practice for a young Superman.

      A time-traveling Terminator sought to kill John Connor, but his mission failed when Robocop confronted him. Mario and Sonic got fed up with everyone arguing about who would win in a fight, and settled it. With Mario dead, Luigi decided to take revenge by killing Sonic's friends, starting with Tails. With Luigi and Mario dead, Bowser was uninterrupted in his conquest of the Mushroom Kingdom. War refugees fleeing Bowser's army were lead by Peach to seek refuge in the land of Hyrule. However Zelda won't hear of any refugees in her kingdom, and thus fought Peach. Strider and Ryu sought worthy opponents, and hear of each other, while He-Man got all up in Lion-O during a patrol in the woods.

      Bowser's empire was firmly established, but now his minions begin to turn on each other. Fantastic Racism and power struggles in dividing up the conquered spoils led to a civil war among the Goombas and Koopas. Before the invasion, Yoshi had to deal with Riptor, who time traveled and teleported to the Mushroom Kingdom because plot convenience.

      In the present time, Batman had decided to test out Spider-Man's skills in order to evaluate him as a potential member of the Justice League. The fight got a little too far, and shocks were sent down everyone's spines as dawn revealed the dark knight's dead body; if the goddamned Batman wasn't invincible, then what does that say about everyone else? A manhunt by the JLA falsely landed their sights on Rogue, who Wonder Woman failed to apprehend. Shadow and Vegeta fought, with the latter emerging victorious. Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black got into a brawl, Vegeta makes his way home, and eventually Goku fought Superman. The Earth was destroyed, but a quick roundup of the Dragon Balls and a wish erased all of that. Goku thanked Superman for a good fight and they became friends.

      In the future, Doomguy is on the run after assassinating a superior officer and defying orders (as well as just being a lunatic), and Master Chief is sent in to pacify him. Meanwhile, another Mortal Kombat tournament sees Cloud and Link fight to be Earthrealm's protector, and Buck and Fox clash in space near the Random Ass Planet. Bomberman is sent in to help Earth fight a villain, but his reckless collateral damage leads to a heated confrontation with Dig Dug. Scientists also test out which Pokemon is the best. Orchid fights Ivy after a magical incident for the latter results in teleportation and time travel.

Fulgore will lose because he seems more robot-like than a human
  • In Terminator vs. Robocop, the other fight between mechanized combatants, had the cyborg Robocop prevail over the wholly robot Terminator due to human creativity. Fulgore seems less human than Sektor, and seeing as they have similar abilities, human creativity, unpredictability, and genius tactics will be on Sektor's side and allow him to win.
    • Jossed. Fulgore wins.

We're going to have to wait another 5 months for Death Battle 35 to come out.
  • On one hand
    • Godzilla is a very old character with tons of appearances to sift through. Depending on how Ben and Chad want to approach this, we could be waiting a very long time for them to complete their research on the King of All Monsters alone, to say nothing of the research on his opponent or the animation of the fight.
  • On the other hand
    • They have other people to do research for them, such as the folks at The Official DEATH BATTLE Fan Blog, and even though there's a lot of mythology behind 'Zilla, a quick google search of his abilities, then tracking down in which works he displayed them in (so they can then quantify and analyze them) should suffice. Failing that, they don't always cite their sources, so it's not like the pressure's on to be super-meticulous.
      • JOSSED. Death Battle 35 will be shown at SDC, July 11, 12, or 13.

Godzilla will lose.
He's an old character with a lot of victories under his belt, and giving him yet another win would simply be cliche. The final step of his journey as the King of Monsters would be to be dethroned; going down fighting to the end. The point is this: we don't want the story of Godzilla to end of him dying of old age, do we? No, we want a warrior's death to mark an honorable end to one of DB's most prolific and famous combatants.
  • Alas, this is jossed; Godzilla had this one in the bag quite easily.

Godzilla will face the The Iron Giant
They're both nigh-indestructible giant things. In addition, one is more villain-like while the other is more of a hero.
  • JOSSED. The opponent is Gamera.

Godzilla's opponent is Gipsy Danger
A mech made for battling Kaiju like Godzilla would be a challenge for either one!
  • JOSSED. The opponent is Gamera.

Godzilla's opponent will be Cthulhu
Both are known for being insanely powerful juggernauts, both have memetic popularity, both will rake in views.
  • JOSSED. The opponent is Gamera.

Characters don't stay dead
While Wiz and Boomstick have said that they CAN bring back characters who have been killed off, this is unnecessary as the characters don't actually stay dead either way. Most combatants thus far have had some means of Video Game Lives (including Continues for fighting game characters), Resurrective Immortality, or some other way to come back from death unharmed. This would also explain why Sonic was so casual about settling his rivalry with Mario with a brutal fight to the death despite knowing that it would mean the main villains from their series would be able to conquer the world unopposed; he knew that regardless of the outcome, the loser would be Back from the Dead very shortly since both have steady access to extra lives. Not to mention it'd explain away how the destruction of the world in both Wily vs. Eggman and Goku vs. Superman was given a Retcon; one of the fallen characters would just have to pop a 1-Up or use a continue and the world would be set back to before their death. And as an added, final bonus, it'd also explain the removal of Thou Shalt Not Kill tendencies from characters that'd normally have them: When Death Is Cheap, why bother holding back?
  • Confirmed it seems, Batman will be returning to the Season 2 ring after dying in Season 1.

The Batman fighting against Cap is actually Dick Grayson.
  • Jossed. It was once again Bruce Wayne, in the flesh.

The Goomba vs. Koopa fight was rigged
Specifically, Wiz and Boomstick knew that a simple straight fight between individuals belonging to the weakest and most vanilla Mario enemy types would make for an incredibly boring fight. Thus, the littered the surrounding area with all sorts of death traps and hazards for the sake of making the fight more exciting and presumably dragging it out.

Related to the Batman vs Cap fight...
Batman's fight with Captain America is actually before his fight and death at the hands of Spider-Man. This allows the team to cheat a bit by having previous losers on again by having Anachronic Order in effect.

Related to the Tigerzord VS Gundam Epyon fight...
Zechs has to take responsibility and take over the White Power Ranger's job, so the planet is still safe... Sorta. As long as Zechs stays on the right side this time.

Battles that happen with no in-universe reason
Are caused by some sort of Hate Plague that has infected one or all combatants, making them attack each other.

This is set in the same universe as Super Smash Brothers
Not only does this explain how certain characters come back to life after diying in the ring, but think about it. In the Smash Bothers world, the heroes fight each other with little reasoning, no one really dies, and it feels like it is all caused by a massive hand. Heck, Wizz and Boomstick are in fact, Master hand and Crazy Hand.

Kirby will land the Hypernova...and still lose.
The preview for Kirby's profile states that Kirby's insides are actually a portal to some kind of weird alternate reality, so if Buu is swallowed, he will technically still live. This is a Death Battle, so incapacitation won't do the trick here. Besides, Buu once tore a hole in reality after being trapped in a supposedly inescapable dimension. If he could make it out of there, it's very possible he could make it out of Kirby's "stomach". With few means to get past Buu's defenses, it's distressingly likely Kirby will be stonewalled to death.
  • On the other hand, Kirby could still copy Buu's power before he escaped, giving him regeneration as well. It is possible that the fight will end up going the "let's see who can make the biggest boom and vaporize the other first" route.
    • Jossed. It was used to reflect Majin Buu's deadly energy ball instead. Also, Kirby won.

Deadpool is going to verbally abuse Wiz and Boomstick (mainly Wiz)
Deadpool breaking the 4th wall is guaranteed here, considering who were talking about. In addition, since he'll be voiced by Takahata101 who has had heated conflicts with Wiz beforehand. During the fight, he'll probably direct his attention to the camera, and bring upon a slew of self-deprecating humor regarding Wiz, the show, and the fans, perhaps with a "Reason You Suck" Speech.
  • He does talk to the camera during the fight, but he doesn't directly reference the show while in battle, the exception being him announcing the "FIGHT!". During the analysis however, he does fool around with the hosts and even lampshades on getting it on with Boomstick's wife and the results of Goku vs Superman, among other things.

Deadpool will intrude on the analysis and become a third host
His Medium Awareness means he will notice Wiz and Boomstick talking about him and thus he will comment on it and start his own talking points.
  • Confirmed. He's present for the just about the entire analysis of both combatants, and even the aftermath results. He even adds his own statistics that Wiz "forgot to add".

Every Season Finale will be a Superman fight
After Goku vs. Superman, we will have fights against other heavy weights like Superman vs Godzilla or Superman vs Phoenix or Superman vs Neo (in the Matrix of course).

In the series finale, all the previous losers will return as Black Lanterns
and have their revenge on Wiz and Boomstick by having them fight to the death!