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Video Game: PAYDAY 2

Following the success of PAYDAY: The Heist, Starbreeze (makers of the Riddick games) decided to buy the previous developer and fund a sequel. Dubbed PAYDAY 2, the game follows the same crew (albeit short a few original members) of hardened criminals, who have moved on to bigger and better heists. The game was released worldwide on August 13th on Steam and August 16th on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in 2013. A playable beta was released on July 24th on the same year for players that pre ordered the Steam version of the game.

Like its predecessor, PAYDAY 2 involves hitting a target for huge cash bonuses, and carries a lot of similarities: guys in clown masks, tropes and ideas borrowed from heist movies, and core mechanics that mirror the Left 4 Dead series. Rather than having swappable classes, the game uses a more refined character class system; you spend skill points to level up different class trees that contain different abilities, allowing you to mix-and-match abilities. The game also contains weapon mods that allow players to tweak and customize weapons as they wish for optimal performance, as well as customizable masks that have different materials, patterns, and colors.

The crew from the first game return except for Hoxton and Chains, who are new characters using the old aliases/masks and are based on the actors from the web series; Word of God says that the old Hoxton and Chains were either arrested or have retired from their criminal careers, much to the dismay of quite a few fans. Despite this, the game notably earned enough on pre-order sales for Overkill to break even, meaning they'd paid the expenditures of making the sequel while it was still in development.

In addition to the game, Overkill Software created a promotional mini-series, simply called PAYDAY: The Web Series, which consists of six episodes (averaging at about 10 minutes each) based on the game. The series showcases the main characters in action while also showing minor characters that play a role in the overall story arc, or what kind of people they are. The series was produced and directed by Demian Lichtenstein, who also directed 3000 Miles to Graceland, and was co-produced by Overkill Software. It can be found for free on Youtube and several gaming news-sites.

The game had five DLCs planned, until Overkill's publisher 505 Games gave several million dollars in funding to ensure content and support for the game for the next 20 months. The successful beta test from the community had the developers release the first DLC, Armored Transport Heist, for free towards anyone who pre-ordered the game. The game is also receiving continued updates every few weeks, which includes free content, bug fixes, and the occasional paid DLC. Free bonuses are also being periodically released as build-up to the series' third anniversary: dubbed CrimeFest, the creators are releasing free additional content (a great deal of which would normally be charged for) every time the official Steam group passes member milestones before October 18th 2014.note 

Currently, the game is set for a series of heists contracted by newcomer "The Dentist" (trailer); said contracts are to be released every two/three months throughout late-2014, and involve massive targets for big rewards. They cover:
  • The Big Bank, released June 17th (trailer).
  • Hotline Miami Crossover, released September 30th (trailer).
  • Hoxton Breakout (TBA), a heist based on breaking Old!Hoxton out of prison. invoked
  • "The" Diamond (TBA).
  • Golden Grin Casino (TBA).

Also, like its predecessor, the soundtrack is acclaimed enough that Steam have released downloadable albums of the game OST and the GO Bank Christmas singles. Almost all of the music can be heard via the in-game jukebox for free (provided you own the core game), and several can be heard for free on the PAYDAY Bandcamp page and composer Simon Viklund's site.

PAYDAY 2 provides examples of:

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  • Absurdly High Level Cap: Firstly, players can attain a maximum level of 100, and levelling slows to such a crawl that even DEATHWISH heists will provide only a fraction of later levels. Taken even further with the "Infamous" prestige levels, which require players to grind to Lv 100 for the pleasure of paying $200M in saved offshore cash to lose all normal cash and upgrades; in other words, players wipe the slate totally cleannote  for a spade logo in front of their name, increased XP rewards, special 'infamous' items, and a better chance of rare drops.
    • Taken even further with the Infamy system as, while each restart increases XP gained after a mission by 5% (e.g. Infamy Level 2 = +10% XP, Infamy Level 5 = +25% XP), it should be noted that players still need to raise $200m offshore, and there are currently up to five levels of Infamy; if the current chart is anything to go by, OVERKILL has plans for three more class levels and a final one, meaning players will max out at Infamy 14.
    • The grind has been somewhat alleviated in a recent major update that rebalanced XP rewards for everything.
  • Adam Smith Hates Your Guts: So much so he'd dance on your grave; EVERYTHING costs an extortionate amount of cash. Whilst it's understandable a rare weapon might cost upwards of a few hundred thousand (plus because of balancing), upgrades are on par with weapon costs. Attaching purely cosmetic wooden-handle to your shotgun? $34,200 without discount upgrades. Removed it and decided you want it back on again? I hope you have another $34,200 handy.
    • Done to absurd extremes on — if you want to play a specific level with specific settings without waiting,you're expected to have a few million to spare (though it thankfully comes from your offshore account instead of your actual spending cash). Patches nerfed the costs of buying contracts where most of them cost a few hundred thousand dollars and a few will reach a million bucks.
    • Somewhat averted with the Gage Mod Packages DLC. The weapon mods in it are given to players for free after collecting enough in-game packages during heists, and do not cost anything to attach them to your weapons.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Frequent, as some missions allow certain classes to thrive whilst others are reduced to support. The typical pairings are: Mastermind & Enforcer, who focus on theatrical, powerful approaches; and Technician & Ghost, who focus on indirect, defensive approaches).
    • Partially due to post-release patches, "Techforcer" is now a popular direct-combat option because it combines the technician's "Bulletproof" skill with the Enforcer's heaviest body armor, while Mastermind is more useful for stealth because stealth is more often than not a matter of managing civilians and guards (Mastermind's ability) rather than staying out of sight and moving quickly (Ghost's ability).
  • A.I. Breaker: Averted unlike the first game. SWAT units are more synchronized in their attacks and will flank players from every possible angle when given the chance. There's almost nothing that breaks the enemy AI - bar having a computer that can't handle all of the simulation work. It's very possible, on lower-end machines, for the cops to stand around staring, not shoot for several seconds after acquiring a target, and other stranger behaviours.
    • However, a programming quirk regarding setting the storage room on fire in the Nightclub heist causes the team AI that are near the room to suddenly stand still and not follow the player until the fire goes out. This is likely due to team AI sharing similar path finding with the enemy AI and enemies caught behind the fire are programmed to stand still to avoid walking into the fire mindlessly.
  • All or Nothing: The sequel ramps up the trope with having a lot of cash and valuables being optional. You can try to get more of them for a bigger payout, but if you are not careful, your team can get wiped out and you'll lose everything. There's also Pro jobs, which are the ultimate all-or-nothing; if you fail *any* day of the job, you are kicked back to the lobby and the job is terminated. Do not fuck up right at the end of a 3-day job.
  • An Axe to Grind: The Survival Tomahawk, one of the new melee weapons added in the Gage Shotgun Pack DLC. It deals the highest uncharged attack damage, making it the best for spamming uncharged melee attacks.
  • And Your Reward Is Masks: Completing heists allows each player to draw one of three cards, and possible cosmetic prizes include different mask "ingredients"; designs, fabric/material, and color schemes.
  • Animesque/Moe: Parodied with the Kawaii mask, which turns your murderous criminal into a pink-haired moeblob.
  • Anti-Frustration Feature: PAYDAY 2 has any bags of coke tossed into the water during day 2 of Watchdogs respawn at the truck where they first appeared in. All mission critical loot bags cannot be completely stolen by the cops, but they can be moved elsewhere.
    • Averted in the final parts of "Rats". Players need to wait for a second loot helicopter that hovers beside the bridge and, should they miss when throwing a bag, it falls off the bridge and is Lost Forever. note 
    • Advancing to the next tier of infamy resets all your skill points, but as compensation, the points needed to unlock the next tier in a class tree is cheaper. Experience points needed to level up is also reduced.
  • An Offer You Can't Refuse: Dallas' dentist in The Dentist trailer knows exactly who he is and uses that information to strong arm him into doing a few jobs. Though telling Dallas he can help him break Old Hoxton out of prison probably made a much easier a decision for Dallas to make.
  • Anti-Grinding: PAYDAY 2 discourages players who try to grind for EXP and cash by having heists you completed show up less frequently, forcing you to play other heists instead of playing the same one over and over. The game also had an level limit penalty by reducing EXP gained on heists that are above your level, but it was changed to have the EXP gained be scaled to your level.
    • The game also has some single day heists include an escape sequence if you finish them loud instead of quiet (some levels can be done quickly with the right skills if you rush it), forcing you to secure your loot and to not farm a level over and over. The chance of an escape generally seems to be linked to the number of civilian casualties and the total completion time. If you take more than a certain amount of time, then you probably won't get an escape sequence even if you do the job loud.
    • The booster system also discourages grinding the same levels by reducing your EXP gains while boosting gains for playing levels you haven't been playing. It was possible to have a 100% penalty, but that was only if you did nothing BUT play one specific job over and over. Patch 35 tweaked the boosting system by limiting it to 15% max while making penalties capping out to only 30% so that players aren't punished too heavily if they want to play specific heists multiple times.
  • Artificial Stupidity: The sequel mixes this up. This time around, civilians are less likely to run around if a fire fight is happening near them. However, shouts and other intimidation sources now vary in strength meaning that shouting people down may take more or less time; a high level mastermind upgrade can even terrify people by sounds other than shouts.
    • Sometimes occurs with friendly AI. Since starting a heist is only character specific (i.e. Player 1 can mask up and break in the back while Player 2 keeps watch without drawing a weapon) it's entirely possible to start a heist only to have an AI stand about outside unarmed; this can even extend to being downed in a firefight only to have an AI stroll up all incognito, revive you, and wander off again.
    • Friendly AI can sometimes (for no discernible reason) either: 1. Charge into a swarm of enemies without regard for survival; or 2. Hide in cover when you really need help, such as staying hidden in Rats when SWAT start scaling the building.
    • It often happens to the enemy AI as well - setting the gym on the top floor of the Mallcrasher mall on fire can occasionally lead to the cops trying to take cover inside the burning room. They don't survive very long. This is extremely useful on Death Wish, as the cops won't last very long even with their increased max health.
    • Shields, in particular, have a hole in their logic. Shield AI is programmed to always face the front of a player to block attacks. However, if you turn around and walk backwards towards the Shield, you can easily get behind them since the Shield won't know where to face.
  • Armed Blag: Armoured Transport lets you pull these on GenSec convoys, albeit with more violence than the original trope. Each convoy has between one and four trucks, with each truck having several lockboxes you'll need to crack open to get the goods. You need at least two bags of loot (gold, jewels, or plain old cash) to complete the heist - each van has at least two, though the exact quantity per van depends on difficulty and van count, plus the risk of some being destroyed if you use C4 to blow the doors off.
  • Ascended Meme: When you first start the game, you'll start a "heist" (actually just a tutorial) where you enter your safehouse. Bain will tell you to go inside, and the first command he'll give is for you to answer the phone on the table. You can't actually answer it, just like in Counterfeit-fortunately, Bain talks to you anyway, and says "See? I'm one step ahead of you, as always! You didn't even have to answer the phone!"
    • GO Bank and The Benevolent Bank also include phone-answering objectives as part of their stealth sequence. Failing to answer the phone can cause the mission to go loud.
  • Ascended Glitch: Patch 11 introduced a bug where street cops had triple the amount of power than they normally have, which meant a cop using a pistol could easily shred your armor and health, even if you had obtained armor and health upgrades. Many people liked the bug for the challenge it presented, so the developers decided to give street cops the Bronco .44 a few patches later, which is a freakishly powerful revolver.
  • Asshole Victim: The crew runs against a few people that really deserve it. There's the Mendoza drug cartel (Firestarter, Rats), the corrupt Democratic senator (Framing Frame), and the horribly corrupt plunder-happy PMC Murkywater (Shadow Raid). In-universe, the crew holds this opinion of banks as well.
  • Badass Boast: The Bulldozer is particularly fond of these, and their distinctive voice yelling something is often the first warning of their arrival on the field. They have a large set of lines for several events such as starting an attack ("There's only four of them?!" or "You are up against the wall... AND I AM THE FUCKING WALL!"), having their visor shattered ("I'm still gonna kick your ass, VISOR OR NO VISOR!") and incapacitating one of the players. Cloakers also deliver them after incapacitating a player.
  • BFG: The light machine guns are this by having an extremely large ammo pool, magazine size, high rate of fire, high suppression, and being huge. The trade off is you move slower while you have the gun out and you can't use iron sights, forcing you to hip fire.
    • The Thanatos .50cal sniper rifle is a weapon meant to take out armored vehicles. It ignores armor, shields, and singular walls while making short work of everything, with the only thing requiring more than one hit being a Bulldozer. Unfortunately, the ammunition is so heavy and so massive that you only get five rounds to each magazine, with fifteen rounds total.
  • Bilingual Bonus: The Big Bank trailer has a pair of vocalists singing in Italian, which also appears in-game as the map's Plan-B theme. Provided you can speak Italian and have a good ear for opera, you'll find the song (rather appropriately) talks about greed, power, and wealth; in essence, the male singer is filled with avarice, the female singer warns him of it, and he discards her advice only to die and lose it all.
  • Bladder of Steel: While usually expected of online games (i.e. a pause function is seldom available), this is invoked through the inclusion of escape sequences. Needed the toilet for most of that thirty minute heist? I hope you can hold it another ten, because leaving means forfeiting the entire mission's cash and XP.
    • Averted now in that you have a chance to change your gear set up before the escape mission, giving you a chance for a break.
  • Bloodless Carnage: Averted in the sequel; enemies unfortunate enough to be in the way of your bullets will introduce their insides to the walls behind them, leaving for a rather gruesome wallpaper.
  • Blown Across the Room: The Bronco Revolver, Deagle, and any shotgun is capable of sending a mook ragdolling through the air. Special mention to the Mosconi Shotgun which, by being a long range shotgun, can even blow an enemy across the room from across the room. The GL40 can also send several cops flying across the room at the same time with one well place grenade shot.
  • Bond One-Liner: Alongside all their other verbal sparring, Bulldozers will deliver one of these every time they down a player.
    Bulldozer: "Got you, shitbag!"
    Bulldozer: "What? You're dead already?"
  • Bonus Level: An odd example for the genre. During any Armored Transport Heist, there's a random chance that a military blueprint can spawn in one of the deposit boxes. If you find it, you get to play an extra level afterwards called the Train Heist, which cannot be played through at all. The Train Heist has the biggest payout in the entire game if you can steal all 40 bags of military ammo and steal the main objective item, which is a military turret. On Overkill, the payout in spending cash alone is over $2 million!
  • Boring, but Practical: Technician's drill upgrades. It's uninteresting and passive, but upgrading all of his drill perks earn you much faster, much quieter drills that can even self repair every other time they jam, cutting chunks off heist times.
    • The Mastermind's Cable Guy skill, which lets you tie civilians faster and acing the skill lets you carry more cable ties. Cable Guy may not be anything fancy, but tying up people quickly and having more ties to work with means better crowd control that can help your crew out whether the heist is in stealth or goes loud.
      • The Mastermind also has the Endurance skill, which effectively doubles the player's stamina, allowing him to sprint for a longer period of time before tiring out. Acing the skill adds another 50% to the player's stamina and also gives that 50% boost to the rest of the crew. Sprinting is the most basic action anyone can do, but it can also be the difference between someone reaching the escape zone in time or being shot down due to their limited stamina.
    • Transporter, in the Enforcer tree, is considered a mandatory skill for almost every build since it lets you move faster when carrying bags and acing the skill lets you throw bags farther. Fast Hands, in Ghost, is also highly recommended due to the skill increasing your pick up speed for bagged loot. Both help out greatly with the ubiquitous bag-moving that is required.
    • Similar to Endurance, Ghosts get Sprinter, which allows them to rebuild their stamina 25% faster and acing the skill grants a 25% boost to the player's sprinting speed. Being able to run sooner and run faster can be a lifesaver when one has to move from cover to cover.
      • Endurance and Sprinter are basically mandatory for any armour-heavy build, as they're essential for keeping up with the rest of the team and repositioning to respond to threats. Being a bullet sponge with a BFG is no good if you can't be where you're actually needed.
  • Bottomless Magazines: In two forms; the Enforcer's Bullet Storm skill grants temporary Bottomless Magazines for a few seconds after deploying an ammo bag, and the Technician's Mag Plus skill increases ammo capacity for all but the Bronco and the Mosconi. It's entirely possible, with extended magazine upgrades, for some pistols to hold more ammo than the default maximum pool - and for shotguns to hold upwards of 20 rounds!
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Several of the Cloaker's lines, now that they're back.
    Cloaker: "I know, I know, I'm late!"
    Cloaker: "I've got your DLC right here!"
    Cloaker: "Now go to the forums and cry like the little bitch you are!"
    Cloaker: "I bet you let yourself get beat up just to hear what I have to say!"
  • Bribing Your Way to Victory: The Gage weapons pack DLCs vary between releases with some content either being Difficult but Awesome or useful only in the right hands:
    • Subverted with the weapons themeselves, as each weapon pack has nifty weapons that have great (situational) advantages, but have some major drawbacks. Unless you're willing to spend a fortune on specific mods and perks, the guns don't overpower the vanilla guns: LMGs have massive ammo and high rate of fire, but have awful accuracy and lengthy reloads; and Sniper Rifles can one-shot multiple units and even ignore Shield SWAT armor, but the ammo capacity is low and the reload times are lengthy.
    • Played straight with frag grenades. While grenades are well balanced weapons,note  owners of the right DLC start maps with three of them, whilst those without the DLC only have access by playing with a DLC owner and then buying the grenade crate asset.
    • Also played straight with melee weapons, which come in several varieties provided you're buying the packs. While powerful alternatives require a wind up to maximize their power, non-DLC players are stuck with the default fists, joke money bundle, and weak knuckle dusters (if they join the steam group).
    • Played straight again with the mod pack as, while it requires level grinding to find enough hidden packs, the outcome lands players with free weapon mods, which can lead to some seriously powerful combos normally unavailable to others (save for some alternatives which require specific card unlocks and tons of cash). Players who don't own the mod pack DLC can still earn extra experience points from the packages they find, though the amount depends on how many the team finds and it's still a paltry amount of points.
    • Also played straight with some DLC assets: the sniper pack, for example, grants the unlockable bonuses like two-way zip lines and vantage points which, like grenades, can be a huge advantage but require at least one player to have paid for the DLC. The assets also have their own downsides: vantage points can put you far away from the rest of the team, which means if cops swarm your location or take enough potshots at you, you're screwed. Zip lines, while cool to use, won't allow you to use iron sight aiming while using the line and you're also open to attack by enemies.
  • Brutal Bonus Level: The "Train Heist." Only unlocked if you can find the randomly-spawning intel in an "Armored Transport" Heist, the mission is notoriously hard, with frequent sniper spawns, minimal cover, a ton of loot, and random spawns of multiple vaults. Broke into a traincar, drilled the vault and found ammo bags? That's bonus loot, so you'd best start again on another car and hope for the sentry!
    • Especially so considering it doesn't have the stealth icon on the loadout screen, meaning if you want to do it with zero alerts, it's going to be a Luck-Based Mission. Even if enemy spawns work out great, guards don't randomly swap train sides and see you, and civs don't accidentally glimpse you when looking under the train, the pilot still kicks the vault drill out of a moving helicoper, meaning it will probably land on top of the train or the wrong side and be spotted by everyone.
  • Bullet Dodges You: The Dodge mechanic, which is more like Immune to Bullets in practice due to gameplay limitations; it's a chance for shots that actually hit you (complete with impact sound) to be completely negated and do no actual damage. Heavy armour reduces your Dodge rating, but certain skills increase it. The Ghost tree specializes in this, able to achieve a very high Dodge score when sprinting.
  • Boss in Mook Clothing: The Commisar looks similar to his fellow Russian mobsters, but has way more health and wields the KSP, a light machine gun that is used by the Bulldozers on Death Wish difficulty. The Commisar isn't immune to being knocked down though.
  • Bullet Time: PAYDAY 2 has the action slow down for a moment whenever you get incapacitated in order to get some clean shots off your attackers before the action resumes. Bullet time also kicks in when you put on your mask near a guard and have a few slow seconds to dispatch him before he attacks you.
  • The Cameo: The trailer for "The Dentist" has one from Giancarlo Esposito, famous for appearing in Breaking Bad as Gustavo Fring.
  • Camera Spoofing: The Camera Loop ability allows the player to render cameras harmless without breaking it this way for a number of seconds.
  • Chase Scene: Done off screen in PAYDAY 2 where in between days, your group may get ambushed by the cops as your driver fruitlessly tries to outmaneuver them and crashes. You take control of your character after the crash.
  • Cheat Code: Multiplayer version again. This time, cheating has become worse than it was in the first game since players have been spotted using every single skill at once, having infinite supplies, infinite health, converting special enemies to fight for the player (which is currently impossible to do; you cannot even intimidate special enemies with normal skills), spawning enemy units at will, and having enemies drop loot bags or explode like grenades when killed.
  • Cherry Tapping: You can beat enemies to death with a Pistol Whip, your fists, a baton, or even a wad of cash, though doing so will take many hits just to kill an enemy and is very risky as well.
  • Class and Level System: Mixed up from the first game, as you can't choose a specific class at mission start. A Level Up grants you one skill point (three for every 10th level), which can be placed into one of four classes; each class has certain bonuses and/or exclusive specials, but upgrades can be mixed and matched onto your one character. Each class has skills useful to the other classes as well - such as Enforcer's Oppressor making your gun more threatening; very useful for a crowd-controlling, cop-intimidating Mastermind.
    • The Mastermind (Dallas) has the most team bonuses, and focuses on situation control and manipulation. Also doubles as team medic, and abilities can expand to team buffs, exclusive mission purchases, personal discounts, and enemy/hostage manipulation. The Mastermind's Weapon of Choice is pistols, especially the Bronco .44.
    • The Enforcer (Chains) specializes on strong armor, high damage, and has exlusive use of the best armor and a circular saw that can cut locks. Is also the only class that can instantly open safety deposit boxes (with the saw). The Enforcer's Weapon of Choice is the shotgun or the saw. Or maybe just everything.
    • The Technician (Wolf) is objective based, and has the most gadgets: it comes with better drill abilities, can deploy sentries, multipurpose mines (works as tripwire mine or motion sensor), and C4 (can blast open some doors and secure locks). The Technician's Weapon of Choice - rifles, automatic or single-shot.
    • The Ghost (Hoxton) focuses on stealth, and comes with a jammer to block alarms and electronics, and can pick locks much faster. Also comes with dexterity upgrades, luck bonuses (such as higher unlock chances and a random self-revive ability) and can crack safes. The Ghost's Weapon of Choice is SMGs, especially suppressed ones.
  • Cold Sniper: Certain missions allow you to purchase a Sniper asset for a reasonable sum of money. They generally aren't in the best position and will occasionally miss, but their supporting fire can help quite a bit. You also don't need to worry about the cops taking them out for some reason. The icing on the cake, though, is the voiceovers, as the sniper will count off his kills.
    Ilija: " down. It has begun."
  • Colon Cancer: Every mission briefing is usually displayed as [Contract name]:[Mission name]. For Bain with the bank heists conducted by him, you can get stuff like "Bain: Bank Heist: Gold".
  • The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard:
    • Just like in the previous game, cops can shoot through civilians to hit you while you can't do the same thing. On the flip side, the lack of friendly fire shooting through allies (even if you're clipping into them) is fine. Civilians being immune to gunfire is also a god send since the Stockholm Syndrome skill has a civilian revive a player and they may do so when the cops are shooting at the player that is downed.
    • Physics has no real concept (surprise!) and SWAT will routinely do things like stand in mid air on the outside of a window to shoot at you.
    • Players need to bypass secure doors by drilling, sawing, detonating, etc., whilst the AI can open secure doors immediately by turning the handle. There are a few exceptions to this (some keycard doors can be instantly opened from the opposite side should you bypass them) but these are, well, the exception.
    • Whilst the friendly AI can only shoot, move, and revive players, enemy AI are capable of carrying loot bags and interacting with hostages, among other things. The friendly AI can also make some movement types that players cannot, such as rappelling down from high ledges (trying to jump down would just make you take incapacitating levels of fall damage).
    • SWAT snipers can sometimes shoot at you way before they have readied themselves as their sniping spot. Snipers may also shoot you while facing a completely different direction.
  • Concussion Frags: The Gage Weapons Pack #1 DLC adds frag grenades to the game, which damages enemies and stuns them at the same time. It can easily kill most weaker police forces such as streetcops and basic SWAT units; if it doesn't, it can still (sometimes) knock the helmets off them and tougher enforcers, leaving them open for quick headshots.
  • Conspicuous Gloves: The four playable characters always wear blue latex surgical gloves with their two-piece suits regardless of the mission. They're obviously to prevent leaving fingerprints, but it can be somewhat disconcerting when you notice you always wear them, even while covertly casing a robbery target. This coupled with the aversion of Informed Equipment can lead to players who, although geared for stealth, always seem to A) be wearing surgical gloves and B) carrying gear like first aid kits slung over their shoulder. It can start to seem like an Unusually Uninteresting Sight when four men resembling extremely fashion-conscious paramedics in varying degrees of military-grade body armor walk through a bank mumbling about guards and cameras.
  • Continuity Nod: The safehouse in PAYDAY 2 has a front as a dry cleaning store called Bohdi's Dry Cleaning, which is a subtle nod towards the front the crew used in the Counterfeit heist from the first game named Bohdi's Pool Repair.
    • If you have Alex drop off ammo bags for you in day 2 of Big Oil, he may sometimes drop them within inaccessible locations, like at the bottom of the cliff or on top of the trees. Bain may say "This is like Panic Room all over again!", referencing to the time Alex dropped the bag of C4 in an undesirable location in the first game.
    • The Bank GO heist has you air lifting the loot via a plane with a hook. Bain references the event to Green Bridge, another heist from the first game which also had a similar event.
    • In the Hotline Miami heist, when you find the meth lab, Bain will reminisce about all the other meth labs you've blown up, which is both a reference to the Rats heist as well as a mild Take That to players who always opted to blow up the lab in Rats rather than cook the meth.
  • Cool Mask: There are tons of masks as the base and letting players customize their masks with various patterns and colors.
  • Cool Shades: Unlocking your first tier of infamy gives you a pair of shades that you can wear during a heist instead of a mask and it is badass.
  • Corrupt Politician: The Elephant falls squarely into the trope; he wants a lot of shady and high risk criminal activity done under the radar in order to make him look good, benefit his agenda, or ruin the image of his political opponents while paying you handsomely for your work.
    • One of the Elephant's jobs has you double crossing a crooked Democrat by stealing paintings for the Democrat and exchanging them for money, then proceeding to infiltrate his apartment to steal his illegal cache of gold (he got them from an arms deal) while planting cocaine. You really get to see how corrupt the Democrat is during plan B (heist goes loud) where Bain digs up dirt on him and sees that the Democrat not only exchanged arms for gold, but was also involved with drugs and other illegal activities, sometimes even sampling the 'product' as part of the deal.
  • Counterattack: The Shockproof skill in the Technician tree gives you a small chance of staggering a Taser that is stunning you while the aced version of the skill lets you do massive damage in retaliation against him.
  • Crossover: The Christmas Heist is based on a bank level from Counter-Strike Global Offensive, a game made by Valve.
  • Cut His Heart Out with a Spoon: The Commissar keeps giving you these threats in Day 1 of Hotline Miami.
  • Difficulty Spike: Some heists are unlocked after you reached a certain rep level. Around level 30, you unlock jobs given by The Elephant, which are very difficult for first timers due to the heists encouraging stealth and having SWAT swarm in from many spots if the stealth fails; other heists have levels that are more straightforward with cops coming in from predictable locations.
    • Heists released after the game launched tend to be harder than 'stock' ones despite having equal or lower official difficulty ratings, almost always due to absence of good cover. Additionally, all but two cannot be stealthed and one of those two can only be stealthed if you're lucky with random events.
    • Following the tradition of Overkill 145+ in the original Payday, the Death Wish difficulty has been added, and contracts at this difficulty will start to appear for you when you reach level 90. Not only do the police hit harder, but there are special elite SWAT who spawn in mobs, specials begin appearing everywhere, all safes become drill-required Titan safes, and many cameras can no longer be broken. That's saying nothing of the new "Skulldozer," an elite bulldozer wielding a machine gun.
  • Difficult but Awesome: Explosive weapons in a nutshell:
    • Grenades from Gage Weapon Pack #1 apply, as while players can easily clear chokepoints and knockback shields, a single misfire can kill numerous hostages, and, since damage causes them to detonate prematurely, can cause serious friendly damage if timed incorrectly.
    • The HE rounds/explosive rounds from the Gage Shotgun Pack DLC are difficult to use due to inflicting friendly fire damage, and having a significantly reduced shotgun ammo pool due to balancing. Mastery of the HE rounds in the right hands can allow the player to easily stun lock a cluster of SWAT units and can also stun the Bulldozer, buying the team enough time to run to safety or to pump the Bulldozer full of lead.
    • The GL-40 Grenade Launcher from the Gage Assault Pack applies too, as while players can one-shot most enemiesnote  over pretty long distances, it has a rather small blast radius and a tiny ammo total. If anything, it's like a long range OVE 9000 Saw; fantastic in the right hands, but is very situational and means depending on secondary weapons. If you land a direct hit to a Bulldozer's faceplates with the GL-40, it'll blow them right off (along with about a third of the bulldozer's health!); but it's a small target to hit with a slow-moving, ballistically-arcing projectile...
  • Double Unlock: To get new guns and weapon mods, you have to unlock them through leveling up or getting lucky with the Random Drop system and then purchase them with your money. Getting masks and mask materials are done through the same way.
    • Unlocking skills requires you to spend enough points to climb the class tree; unlocking said skills requires spending money and assigning skill points.
  • Drop the Hammer: The Gage Assault Pack DLC contains a hammer that can be used as a melee weapon. The hammer has one of the highest knockback stats out of all the melee weapons and it can cause quite a bit of damage as well. The hammer's only downside is its lengthy wind up charge.
  • Dummied Out: An early version of the ECM feedback would have civilians and enemies vomiting, but the effect was replaced with having people hold their head in pain instead. The old vomiting animation is still within the game's code.
    • It's now back in the game; buying the Poisoned Cake asset in The Big Bank will result in one guard hunched over throwing up for the entire mission.
  • Dynamic Entry: Cloakers, with their nasty habit of looking just like blue SWAT units, do so love to wait until the group is occupied with a huge ass shootout, then launch themselves at an unaware crew much like a rocket-propelled law-breaker-breaker missile... thing.
    • One of their favourite tricks is also to drop down from ceiling vents, often right behind an unsuspecting heister. If you don't hear the telltale sound of the vent hitting the floor in time, you may find yourself joining it and enjoying a nice view of a retractable baton.
  • Early Game Hell: New players will be having a rough time trying to acquire anything, do any serious damage, or survive long enough to not go down in their first few hours of the game. Players only start off with a weak assault rifle, pistol, and no body armor, though they quickly can unlock a new gun and better armor within the first few level ups. Buying weapons and new skills are extremely expensive, which is something the developers pushed for so that "every choice you make matters" (which runs into problems when, in the early game, you rarely get any choices to begin with, and the general lack of detailed information to make informed decisions doesn't help either). Once you start racking up money effortlessly, the expenses become trivial.
  • Earn Your Fun: Similar to the first game, PAYDAY 2 pulls no punches and will force new players to learn through trial and error. While there is a tutorial of sorts in the safe house, it only teaches the mechanics to heists such as lockpicking and opening safes; combat skills have to be learned on the fly. The game also has a Random Drop feature for weapon mods, so you may not be able to have a fully pimped out gun if your luck isn't in your favor.
  • Easter Egg: Music from the first game playing on the radio in the safe house.
  • Elite Mook: The special SWAT units from the previous game return and behave the same way. New to the game are tan FBI SWAT units that wear full body armor and can't be hurt unless you hit them in the back or headshot them. The Death Wish update also added GenSec armored SWAT units, which are more accurate than the tan FBI SWAT and react faster too.
  • Enemy Mine: The Mastermind class can convince officers to fight alongside the robbers and turn against their own allies. They also also convince civilians to revive them and even give them ammo.
  • Escort Mission: Entirely optional, but if you want an achievement, then you'll have to escort a civilian nicknamed Bobblehead Bob to the vault in Big Bank and make sure you don't accidentally kill him.
  • Everyone Calls Him Barkeep: The Elephantnote  and The Dentist.
    • Only Known by Their Nickname: New Hoxton, Wolf, and Chains; the second episode of the web series names Dallas as Mr. Nathan Steele, and the trailer for "The Dentist" identifies Old Hoxton as Jim Hoxworth. Bain probably fits this as well.
  • Evil Laugh: The Taser will sometimes gloat in an evil tone if he electrocutes you. Bulldozers may also laugh in an evil voice when they wreck you.
  • Expy: Like the first game, PAYDAY 2 is a Spiritual Successor to the Left 4 Dead series, and holds similar special enemies. Specifically: a suicide rush-er (Cloaker/Charger); a stunner (Taser/Smoker); a distant glass cannon (Sniper/Spitter); and a devastating giant (Bulldozer/Tank). The exception is the Shield, who is entirely unique.
  • Faceless Goons: Especially so compared to the first; both Hoxton and Chains are different people, but they still hold the same codenames and masks as their predecessors.
    • Averted with Taser units, as killing them with a headshot makes their entire helmet fly off, revealing a stubbled, brunette man.
  • Fake Difficulty: There are a number of random variations on factors and events in every heist. Sometimes a room will be located in a really bad spot, or a vault door you need to defend has no cover near it whatsoever. Sometimes, the loot vehicle will just keep missing its mark over and over again, or the escape vehicle will arbitrarily decide to set its landing zone across the map from your perfectly viable and already secured area. Also, the fact that the police will send hundreds of SWAT units at a mere four bank robbers in endless waves, even if it gets dozens of civilians killed in the process, doesn't help matters (after all, when hostage takers clearly care far more about keeping hostages alive and out of harm's way than the police, something is terribly wrong).
    • GO Bank's stealth runs can qualify as Harder Than Hard if the security call goes badly as, on activating the vault's time lock, a GenSec officer asks for banker Barney so he can confirm it. Thus, one of the following two can happen:
      • The caller is fine with Barney not speaking, and disables the lasers when the vault opens. Players will only deal with the police chief if they take too long (presumably as Barney didn't call back).
      • The caller demands Barney call her back, meaning; she sends GenSec officers (with pagers) over after a few minutes; players have to carefully avoid the vault lasers when it finally opens to reach the deposit boxes; the local police chief calls due to the GenSec tip-off and sends cops to investigate; when the cops don't report back, players are finally given an ultimatum of four (or less) minutes before he sends every available cop over, forcing players to then drop everything and run or go loud.
  • Fake Longevity: To discourage charging through multi-day heists for the extra cash, being aggressive and loud often adds an additional mission where the vehicle crashes, forcing the players to guard their loot and/or evade the police. The whole trope is avoided if a player who has access to additional assets buys the Expert Driver asset, which guarantees that the crew can escape without a police chase.
    • Notable in Framing Frame: failing the stealth part on Day 1 means the hand-off on Day 2 is much more likelynote  to be ambushed by the police, forcing you to fight your way to the escape vehicle instead.
  • Flipping the Bird: In the Xmas Heist trailer, the crew robs a bank while a nearby civilian records it all on his cell phone. As the crew escapes, the last one to exit approaches the civilian, aims his gun at him, then lowers it as he flips the guy off.
  • Forced Level Grinding: The PRO and harder heists require a great deal of preparation beforehand, and level grinding is the direct line to cash and skills. This also applies to online too as, while you can join games well above your skill, expect to be kicked from sessions if you're level doesn't show you've been grinding enough.
  • Fragile Speedster: Cloakers move insanely fast and can instantly take you down with a single kick, but they can't take much punishment—relatively speaking. Expect to empty five or six shotgun rounds at point-blank before getting a kill, where a normal enemy takes two such shots at most. The major difference is that Cloakers have no armor for their heads, so headshots will quickly kill them, if you can manage it. Generally, if a Cloaker is rushing at you, your only hope is to get a headshot or land a hit with an extremely powerful weapon (like a sniper rifle) in the second or two before he reaches you and instantly downs you.

  • Game-Breaking Bug: The Cloaker in the pre beta version of PAYDAY 2 caused a player's game to crash if he kicked that player. Due to the bug, the Cloaker was removed for the remainder of the beta and was not included in the final game until Patch 23, which reintroduced the Cloaker along with some achievements involving them.
    • PAYDAY 2 on launch day had an extremely nasty bug that caused everyone's games to crash at the end of the heist or when an achievement was unlocked. Luckily, Overkill fixed the problem in less than an hour.
    • Patch 11 caused a terrible bug with body armor where all armor types had the same defensive value as a two-piece suit, meaning no defense. The bug alone made the Enforcer class nearly crippled because the exclusive full suit body armor now had no protection and the burden of slower movement speed. The bug also caused players to switch to the two-piece suit since they had no protection at either rate, they might as well go with extra movement speed. The same patch also caused blue SWAT and gangsters to have triple the amount of firepower.
    • For a while, picking up the top secret blueprints in an armored heist mission would trigger a bug that caused the game to crash when it attempted to load the secret military train mission. Not only did players have to restart the mission, but they'd lose any money and experience they had accumulated in the previous heist.
    • It's possible in Diamond Store for a bug to result in the 'Escape Available' objective never activating if too many bags are thrown into the van at once, forcing a restart or termination.
    • A milder example than most, but in stealth-only mission Shadow Raid, there are certain spots where guards can detect players through walls, resulting in the sixty second to failure countdown.
  • Glass Cannon: You can become this if you carry powerful guns and wear a two-piece suit, which offers no additional defense (bar Dodge) compared to the various types of body armor. Gangster enemies can easily be killed with at least two shots to the torso, but their machine guns can quickly tear you apart.
    • This goes doubly so for gangsters after certain patches that left Mac-10 armed Gangsters capable of tearing through the players heaviest armor faster than a Bulldozer at close range, but still just as unarmored.
      • Regular uniformed police officers now count. Though totally unarmored, some of the regular uniformed cops now come equipped with .44 magnums, that can drop a fully armored players regenerating health down in one shot, and on overkill, can rapid fire. Though technically a low level unit, they now occasionally warrant showing up on higher difficulty waves due to their devastating firepower.
    • Snipers are also deadly to the point where being shot by one causes all damage that exceeds your remaining armor to bleed over to your health, making you a One-Hit-Point Wonder if you are wearing light armor or none at all. Snipers also have poor defense and can easily be killed with a single shot with most decently powerful guns.
    • Cloakers can take their targets down in one hit and are reasonably resistant to body hits, but take much more damage from headshots than other specials; most guns require two or three headshots to drop them at most. They are also very reliant on cover and ambushing to take down targets effectively; catch them out in the open (which can happen easily on certain maps) and they don't stand a chance.
    • The Hostage Rescue Team are the guys in balaclavas that come in between assault waves. They have minimal health but the highest DPS of any law enforcer short of a Skulldozer; getting surprised by one at close range can result in near-instant incapacitation.
  • Good Old Fisti Cuffs: You can choose to go with your fists instead of using a Pistol Whip when it comes to close quarter combat. While your fists obviously lack power compared to the knives, you can throw punches a bit faster than a knife swing and you can build up a charge for a harder hitting punch faster than charging up a knife attack. Your fists also have the most knockback effect against enemies, more than what a knife can do.
  • Gratuitous Japanese: In GO Bank, the pilot may refer to Bain as "sensei."
  • Guide Dang It: The Train Heist from the Armored Transport DLC requires players steal a military turret, and bag its ammunition should they want a larger prize. Do note, however, that the game fails to emphasize how incredibly volatile the ammo is, as by shooting or simply throwing said bags a little too far causes a strong explosion that can ruin an entire game: as bags are typically moved from pile to pile, and ammo bag explosions can cause chain reactions, one player's error can accidentally cause a huge detonation, either killing the entire team or costing a significant amount of pay.
    • Doors are given little explanation beyond "pick the locks until you level enough." Granted, it's not to difficult to figure out after thoroughly examining the upgrades pages, but it's unsurprising that most players don't realize you can shoot locks out with enough force.note 
    • While it doesn't tell you directly, the safe house has a section that lets you practice your skills on opening doors. Every door whose lock can be shot out are marked with a gun icon. Of course, it's not an obvious tell at first and players who don't bother exploring the safe house fully may not even know about the ability to shoot out locks.
    • Actual upgrade figures, in several cases. Since upgrades are often measured in non-specific figures (e.g. 50% armor regeneration is pretty unhelpful unless you know fast it is normally. Thankfully countered by the OVERKILL endorsed fan-made calculator, which gives more definite figures.
    • Day 1 of Firestarter has you either stealing the weapons for cash or destroying them so the contract's rival gang can't use them. Stealing the weapons for money is easy and obvious, but there's nothing in the level that clearly tells you how you can destroy the guns. note 
    • Day 2 of Big Oil is all about sneaking into a scientist's mansion and stealing the working fusion engine prototype from his lab. However, he has about a couple dozen of prototypes, and there's only one that Bain will accept. Players are supposed to use clues from around his lab (a computer, clipboard, and a few whiteboards) to determine the correct engine. The first two hints are simple, as they refer to the color of the engine's fuel tanknote , and how many nozzles feed into the machinenote . The hint that qualifies as a guide dang it moment is the pressure gauge of the engine; you have to find the computer that tells if the pressure per square inch (P.S.I.) is less than or more than a certain figure, and convert it to BAR measurement. Unlike other mission critical set pieces, the computer that contains the P.S.I. info can be destroyed by gunfire and grenades, which makes the guesswork much harder.
    • More generally, figuring out what some skills actually do. Their interactions with the game aren't always clear and some bonuses don't actually do anything - Hard Boiled, for instance, boosts shotgun accuracy, which actually makes shotguns worse by limiting their spread without increasing their damage against targets they do hit.
  • Gun Accessories: Firearms can be customized using various grips, barrel mods, sight mods, and so on; this even extends to purely cosmetic mods. Most, however, have at least some mechanical function.
  • Handy Cuffs: Once again, security guards can cuff you if you approach them too closely.
  • Hard Mode Perks: The sequel makes the trope almost a necessity if you want to get a lot of money in one session. Later missions require this, as level-up requirements increase significantly around level 40.
  • Hand Cannon: The Judge Gun looks like a slightly oversized revolver and is carried in place of a pistol or SMG. It fires shotgun shells, and at close range, it's more damaging than the Mosconi. It's also too light to compensate for its own recoil, and carries less ammunition than any other secondary weapon.
  • Harder Than Hard: Pro heists. Simply put, a higher payout comes with even steeper difficulty; not only is the game even harder, but failing kicks the players from the map, meaning multi-day heists require a full replay and even single day heists become hard to find again.
    • Death Wish difficulty. Similar to Overkill 145+ in the previous game, Death Wish has damage taken from enemies skyrocket, every enemy type receives a health boost, assault waves last longer, and you will have extremely low health when you are revived. Bulldozers with a light machine gun and a new durable and harder hitting SWAT team appear on Death Wish, along with Titan cameras that can't be broken. In addition, Titan safes and additional difficulty factors (such as skylights on Bank Heist variants) have a much higher chance of occurring.
    • The Big Bank heist. Advertised as making the original game's bank heist "look like a candy store", players must either go to extreme lengths to avoid an alarm (i.e. navigate a huge, very busy bank and jump through several hoops to simply reach the vault's inside) or hold off massive, swarming waves of cops and move an enormous drill through two huge areas ''a mere half minute after the alarm alarm, before fleeing through a very dangerous (yet theatrical) means.
  • Heart Is an Awesome Power: While the Ghost seems somewhat redundant on louder heists, they still have their merits. Fulfilling all speed upgrades, for example, mean you can run/sneak/walk 50% faster, stamina and armor regen 50% faster, and you have a 45% dodge chance when running, making the Ghost also cover the Fragile Speedster category.
    • Combined with a couple of Enforcer abilities, the Ghost skills can also make for an amazingly good bag-mover (especially for bags you can sprint with, like the meth in Rats), able to move several bags to a safer location much faster than otherwise possible. This can save a crew a lot of time and effort, either with moving or potentially retrieving bags.
  • Hell Is That Noise: When Cloakers are nearby, there's a dull hiss over the radio. Even better is the electronic 'scream' they do when charging.
  • Highly-Visible Ninja: Averted with the Cloakers; most of them will hide around corners or even under cars, waiting to ambush any player foolish enough to run through the area blindly. Their uniforms are also similar to a normal SWAT unit, which makes them blend in with regular SWAT teams. Cloakers will also use smoke grenades aggressively in order to hide in the smoke. Cloakers will also deploy smoke grenades to blend in with after he downs a player so that everyone else has a harder time finding him.
  • Hitbox Dissonance: Due to the wonky Diesel engine, nearly all enemies lack hitboxes on their legs, which makes shooting the legs do nothing but waste your ammo. Factor in lag and the use of (optional, for performance reasons on weaker PC's) low-quality animations, and this issue can get very frustrating. The standard feature of a hit-marker, however, helps to alleviate the matter somewhat.
    • The Bulldozer's weak point is his faceplate, but the faceplate itself is really small and thus it's harder to land constant shots on it.
  • Holiday Mode: From October 31st to November 4th (for 2013 anyway), PC players got treated to an extra heist called "The Safehouse Nightmare", which takes place in the crew's safehouse. The mission description has massive repeats of "All work and no play makes Wolf a dull boy." The level has near zero lighting, save for some candles and scary music from the radio is playing. You use the thermal drill on the vault and suddenly, swarms of headless Bulldozers with triple health start coming after you (no other enemy ever spawns) and the inside of the vault is on fire. You have to secure whatever cash is safe and then your last objective is to "Wake Up." During the entire heist, many random events can happen, such as smoke filling the whole basement, fires starting in random spots, getting electrocuted if you jump, getting downed if you walk through the metal detector, etc. There's also random masks floating upstairs; one of them is real and you can keep it to wear later on while the others are fake, including one that changes into a Witch and instantly downs you.
    • Don't think the special Bulldozers only appear in the Halloween heist; they can appear anywhere alongside normal Bulldozers during the event.
    • For the month of December (2013), the main menu got a Christmas tree in the background and instead of burning money, there's falling snow.
  • Hollywood Silencer: Averted, as silenced weapons act more like their real life counterparts; silenced guns are less noisy than a non silenced gun, but people will still hear it if you fire too close to them. Then later played straight when Overkill updated all silencers to be completely silent, and balanced around damage reduction and concealment instead of noise educational value. The change was due to the noise from silenced guns being heard by people from a great vertical distance, regardless on what was obstructing between the shooter and the NPC that heard the shot.
    • You can now also silence thermal lances which are about as loud as jackhammers.
    • Played Straight with a Technician drill upgrade; by using a modified drill tip (effectively an industrial silencer) allows you to stealth drill, despite the fact a drill cutting a wall-mounted safe is easily as loud as a gunshot.
  • Hostage Situation: Extended in the sequel, as assault waves are delayed if you have a lot of hostages tied up.
    • The Mastermind with the Stockholm Syndrome skill can even convince loose hostages to revive him if he is downed.
  • Hollywood Tactics: Zig-zagged all over the place. On one hand, expect plenty of flanking maneuvers, moving from cover to cover, deploying snipers at vantage points, and only attacking in waves or groups. On the other hand, SWAT's general strategy is "let's try to kill them by burying them in the bodies of our dead. After the last three waves were completely annihilated, I'm sure the next wave will do the trick." We Have Reserves really doesn't cut it.
  • Hyperspace Arsenal: Averted, as not only can you only carry one primary and one secondary weapon, but your total ammo is almost jarringly limited for most weapons (such as a mere 80 bullets for an SMG that uses a 40-round magazine). Even then, your loadout has a meter to mark how conspicuous you look, as different types of guns and body armor affect how quickly people notice you; smaller guns are easier to hide, while wearing better body armor or carrying bigger weapons make you more bulky and make you stand out like a sore thumb.
  • Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy: Both subverted (as the cops are the good guys) and averted. All but the least experienced cops, which won't even spawn on difficulties above Hard, can reliably hit players from dozens of yards away.
  • Infinity+1 Sword: Some abilities are near Game Breaker status save for usage limits:
    • Mastermind's "Pistol Messiah". Once per mission (or thrice if upgraded), getting a pistol kill when downed grants an instant self-revive that's even refilled if you escape custody.
    • The Mastermind's "Inspire" skill lets you revive downed players 50% faster and also lets you shout at other players to make them move faster for 10 seconds. Acing the skill lets you instantly revive downed players from a distance by simply shouting at them and, provided you're close enough, works through walls and floors/ceilings.
    • Technician's "Bulletproof". The basic skill alone gives you 50% more defense in your armor and acing the skill gives you and your friends 25% faster armor regeneration. On top of all that, the tier 7 bonus gives you 10% more armor defense and and speeds up everyone's armor regeneration by 10%. Simply put, you will be very difficult to take down.
    • Enforcer's OVE9000 saw. Capable of cutting straight through locks, it can completely bypass the 3 minutes it takes to drill a lock or the time it takes to pick a deposit box, and even doubles as a melee weapon. Even the downsides are negligible; the saw can't break into safesnote  and the blades break quickly, though upgrades can increase the ammo refills you can carry and strengthen the blades.
    • Ghost's "Lockpicking Expert" lets you pick locks 25% faster; acing the skill increases the bonus to 50% and lets you silently pick the lock on normal black safes in under a minute - about 25 to 15 percent of the time a basic drill would take!
    • The Thanatos sniper rifle. It can kill anything but Dozers in a single hit anywhere in the body, pierces through thick armor, and can kill Dozers themselves in two hits. Most players equip this when facing a Death Wish mission gone loud.
    • The baseball bat, for melee weapons. It's tied for highest damage for a melee weapon, but also has significant knockdown power and the longest range of any melee weapon. It's also free to all community members.
  • Infinity–1 Sword: The C4. Granted, it eats into your mine ammo and can't really be used offensively, but it can detonate most locks and obstacles. The "Ukrainian Job" heist even comes with an achievement for abusing C4 — the heist can even be beat in under a minute by charging to the safe, blowing it, and charging to the escape vehicle.
    • The Tomahawk. The highest-damaging melee weapon so far, but even it cannot be foolproof against special units.
  • In Name Only: The robbers from the first game return as playable characters, but only Bain, Dallas, and Wolf are the same people from the first game. Word of God states that the old characters have either retired from their heisting ways (Chains) or have been caught by the police (Hoxton).
  • Insecurity Camera: Averted compared to the first, as cameras sound the alarm if you stay in its view for too long or destroy too many of them. On the flip side, certain heists have security centers that let you use the cameras to see what's going on in other areas.
    • Camera sensitivity depends on the heist and difficulty. In certain jobs, such as Day 1 of Big Oil, shooting a camera will instantly raise the alarm if the security room is still manned.
  • Informed Equipment: This happens with some weapons, as weapons need pretty high visibility to make you more noticeable. Body armor is averted, as even the level above the basic suit has a visible armor vest, drawing attention towards you.
  • Interface Screw: Smoke grenades block your vision in the affected area as it has done in the first game. New to the sequel are flashbangs which create a flash and a loud noise to blind you and make you deaf for several seconds. You can lessen the effects of a flashbang by looking away at the right moment and the Enforcer has a skill to weaken flashbang effects as well.
  • Inventory Management Puzzle: Invoked for PAYDAY 2 where you have a limit on how many guns and masks you can store. If you want a second copy of a gun that uses different mods or want to make two masks using the same pattern, you better make sure you got room and sell your stuff if you don't.
    • The available storage space has since been quadrupled so now most people can keep all their favorites in their inventories.
  • I Resemble That Remark: When the Cloaker was fixed and returned to the game, Overkill took a friendly jab at its colorful fanbase by giving the Cloaker several lines that insult the player, including one where he tells them to cry on the forums like a little bitch. As soon as the Cloaker went live, several people proceeded to complain about the Cloaker acting too mean and find insults hurled at the player was done in poor taste.
  • Ironic Nickname: The crew's getaway driver, Twitch, is solid as a rock (his model has no animations).
  • I Shall Taunt You: The Special SWAT units will taunt you with various lines before attacking you and even have lines that play out if they down you. The Cloaker in particular has a taunt that is Leaning on the Fourth Wall by telling you to "go cry on the fourm like bitch you are" after he downs you.
  • Jack-of-All-Trades: Possible, but in a different way to PAYDAY: The Heist. Since it's impossible to master all classes like PAYDAY 1, the closest a player can come to this is to be a mix of all; players cannot even master one class entirely, as acing all abilities requires 145 points against a cap of 120.
  • Joke Weapon: A bundle of cash can be used as a melee weapon. As one would expect, killing an enemy with a wad of cash takes forever, but it comes with a fast wind-up, quick swing, and a funny-yet-satisfying "whap!" noise.
  • Justified Tutorial: While completely optional, there is a mission at the safe house where upon visiting it for the first time, you're given a message by Bain about arriving at the safe house and he explains how certain things work (grabbing loot bags, taking loose money, putting on your mask, picking locks, CrimeNet, and so on). The trip to the safe house is due to you moving to Washington D.C. and needing a place to lie low after doing a heist. Luckily, you don't have to endure the tutorial when coming back to the safe house.
  • Knife Nut: If you own the DLC for them, you can become a knife nut. With proper use, it's possible to kill many enemies with a knife and save yourself ammo in the long run. Unfortunately, law enforcement can also use a knife against you and they hurt a lot.
  • Lawman Baton: The Telescopic Baton, another melee weapon added by the Gage Shotgun DLC. Of note is how it's used: it has very low damage but very high knockdown, making it perfect for intimidating law enforcers into submission without actually killing them, much like how it's used in real life.
    • The basic street cops will also use a regular straight baton against you as their regular melee attack.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: If you pre-ordered the Criminal Career Edition, you'll start the game with a bundle of cash and then you get a bit more when Bain shows you around your safe house for the first time. He calls the extra cash as a gift towards you for your generous donation to OVERKILL (the developers of the game).
    • The long-awaited Cloakers rest some weight on the wall, as well. Occasionally, after downing one of your crew, he'll say "I know, I know... I'm late."note 
  • Level Grinding: Discouraged through slower leveling from around level 40, which then becomes even slower from level 60 onwards. It possible to acquire a total of 120 upgrade points, but the later XP requirements mean even a flawless multi-day heist on the highest difficulty will never get you more than 3/4 of a level. Thankfully, upgrades now come with a respec option that refunds all your points and around 50-60% of your upgrade expenses.note 
    • Also discouraged further with the boost and penalty systems that rewards players more experience points for playing heists they haven't played in a while and reducing experience points gained for playing the same heists too many times in a short burst.
  • Limited Animation: Both the player characters and the cops and SWAT units share the same animations for moving and melee attacks. Even civilians reviving the player via Stockholm Syndrome skill use the same syringe revive animation that the team AI uses. Word of God says that keeping animations limited helps save on time and development costs since the game doesn't exactly need unique animations for an NPC that will probably get killed as soon as he appears.
  • Lost Forever: The four baby masks are only added to your stash by completion of secret achievements during the Safehouse Nightmare "job" in the PC version. If you sell any of the baby masks, you will never get that mask again because it is only added by the achievement being completed for the first time on your steam account and have a drop rate of 0. Notably, this is the first instance of "unique masks" to ever appear in Payday 2 - even the Loot Bag DLC Skull masks will drop in Paydays.
    • Averted everywhere else; even if you sell your masks and its mods, you can still get them back if the loot drops are kind enough.
    • Averted even moreso with the Infamy-Exclusive items, which are only added to your inventory when you spend an Infamy point on the corresponding perk BUT return straight to your inventory if sold instead of disappearing. The downside is that you can only use them on one thing at a time (or, for masks, only have one of them made at a time).
  • Luck-Based Mission: Most missions can be approached with stealth, but factors like the AI Director and general luck greatly influence your success. If the stealth fails, you can still beat the level, just with more difficulty.
    • The Rats heist is this in trumps, though most of the random elements are limited to Day 2. Day 1 is rather predictable, except occasionally Bain will tell you the wrong ingredient. note  For Day 2, you have to trade the meth you cooked in Day 1 (and kept through the Escape sequence afterwards, if there was one) with some gangsters and the deal can go sour if you failed to bring the minimum of 3 bags, and WILL go sour if you didn't bring any. However, if you do have meth, there are still several uncontrollable variables, such as if the gangsters decide to screw you over or if the cops just happen to turn up. Day 3 has no variance other than the C4 in the bus, which cannot be disarmed if you failed to take the intel from Day 2.
    • The Harvest and Trustee bank (Pro job version). There's always a chance the vault is empty, meaning you have to break into the safety deposit boxes. Granted, it's easily done with a saw, but lacking one means you have to start picking into each and every one until the team can scrape enough together.
    • The Armored Transport heist has a small chance of spawning military blueprints, which you will need if you wish to play the Train Heist. Another smaller element in these jobs is that, on higher difficulty levels, the game can decide to spawn a massively-armored and highly dangerous Bulldozer enemy in the back of one of the armored trucks, just to keep you on your toes when opening them up. The type of loot you need to secure is also random ranging from easy to move (jewelry) to a pain in the ass to haul (gold).
    • Mallcrashers on Death Wish has an interesting variation. There are two police officers standing out front drinking coffee. Because Death Wish increases sight ranges, it's possible for these two officers to detect you and raise the alarm almost as soon as you load into the map unless you back up immediately. You probably weren't going to stealth it anyway, though, right?
    • GO Bank is so random it's cruel, especially as achievements require a zero alarm run and/or zero civilian casualties. Even if everything is perfect, stealth runs mean you must take a call to confirm the vault unlock, and the said caller can randomly ask to speak with "Barney" to confirm, or can be a police chief demanding to speak with an officer; if Bain can't convince them otherwise, either of the callers will send enemies to check out the bank and then raise the alarm when they don't report back things are fine. In other words, unless you're willing to leave a chunk of loot, you'll being forfeiting stealth acheivements and XP and, since the driver flees at first alarm, you have to do the tedious "Plan B" method.
      • If that isn't bad enough, do note that several random factors can sabotage the mission. Not only do passing civilians frequently spawn into the map, but even cops can sometimes walk past and sound the alarm; even one of the portable toilets out back can randomly open, resulting in a bank guard wandering in from the back without warning. Throw in things like, for example, how a blackmailer can call and demand you throw a cash bag over a fence or he calls the cops, and you've got some unleaded Fake Difficulty. Finally, the vault is almost always secured by motion-sensing lasers, so it only takes one person on the team not knowing about them to rush in and ruin the stealth in the mission's final moments. Plus, the lasers move in a semi-random pattern, taking massive amounts of either luck or pattern-observation to get through the door safely. Repeatedly, since there is no way to disable them even once inside.
      • Not even Plan B is safe from the RNG gods. While you can buy the Ace Pilot asset to have a better chance that the pilot will use the roof as the extraction point for the loot, there will be times where the pilot will refuse to use the roof and opt to either use the street (which is filled with cops) or the parking lot (shootout for snipers) to pick up the loot. When the time comes for the pilot to pick up the loot, he can miss several times in a row if you're unlucky enough and each miss forces you to wait several more minutes until the pilot circles around to try again. If you're REALLY unlucky, the pilot can get shot down and crash, causing the loot bags that you secured to be scattered all over the place and force you to move them yourselves through the sewers while under a time limit. Even if the snag is successful, there's a chance the pilot just flew away with an empty cage because the cops took all the bags out before the pilot got there.
    • Being a purely stealth-based heist, Shadow Raid can be a lot easier or tougher depending of randomized elements in the map. Chief among them, there is a chopper that has a high chance to spawn minutes into the mission, carrying a varying amount of guards which will start patrolling. Plus, those guards may simply stay still, guarding key access points that you need to pass in order to access the loot. On the other hand, it's possible that the chopper won't bring any guards, but leave a crate containing even more loot.
    • It's rare but possible for five guards to spawn in Ukrainian Job. If you don't know this and try to stealth the mission by getting all the guards down, as is standard procedure, then you'll run out of pagers and the alarm will go off.

  • The Man Is Keeping Us Down: Chains says the trope name to an extend in the web series, claiming the banks and corporations are designed to keep people in debt for life and that they (the PAYDAY gang) are out to steal what's rightfully theirs. In the second episode, Dallas tells the civilians in the bank during the robbery that First World Bank has been robbing them all blind.
  • Machete Mayhem: The Utility Machete, a weapon added by the Gage Shotgun DLC, deals the most damage out of any melee weapon when charged.
  • Made of Iron: The combination of the top-tier skills Iron Man and Bulletproof (Enforcer and Technician trees respectively) can give a player the ability to take dozens of hits before their armour breaks.
    • The cops are continually frustrated by the Payday Gang's absurd resistance to gunfire.
    Cop: "Center mass! Center mass, for fuck's sake!"
    Cop: "Double tap! Triple tap! JUST KEEP TAPPING!"
    • The AI players also count, should you choose to have them enabled, as they can have anywhere from 2000 to 2500 HP - half that of a fucking Bulldozer!
  • Marathon Level: The Train Heist. Not only is it pretty lengthy in itself (players must open several train cars, resorting to drilling when abilities and keycards run out, and then use thermal lances to open a few vaults), but unlocking it requires grinding the Armored Transport mission, which can take upwards of ten minutes each time.
    • Cooking a full seven bags of meth on Rats can take upwards of half an hour for one day of the three-day heist. If the RNG Gods are unkind this can result in a five-day marathon due to the potential for both Day 1 and Day 2 to have escapes.
  • Mighty Glacier: Enforcers (or anyone else using Enforcer skills in general) tend to fall into the trope if they don't invest in extra speed from the Ghost tree. A fully pimped out Enforcer wearing the ICTV armor will be slow as molasses, but can take gunfire like nothing while dealing out a ton of hurt to enemies. Bulldozers also move slow while having lots of health and firepower.
  • Missing Secret: After unlocking your last item around level 50, you may occasionally see the game tell you that you unlocked a new item on your next level up, only to see you earned nothing. Some people looked through the game's coding and saw there was something to be unlocked every few levels all the way up to level 100, but there's nothing there.
    • Semi-averted in that at those levels you unlock weapons that also need the corresponding DLC pack to be unlocked, except that there are still new weapon DLC packs that have yet to be released, hence unlocking nothing.
  • More Dakka: Gage Weapon Pack 02 DLC introduces LMGs to the game, including the return of the Brenner from Payday: The Heist. To balance to ammo capacity and rate of fire, they have 20% movement speed reduction while held, and you can't aim down sights with them.
  • Money for Nothing: Since money works as experience and actual cash to spend, this occurs every PAYDAY. After level caps reduce money for XPnote  an ~80% cut then goes "to an offshore laundering account" — meaning a multi-million heist result could leave you with as little as a few hundred thousand to actually spend. Once you obtained most of your skills and preferred guns, however, money becomes useless unless you're interested in using the respec system.
    • Which costs $200,000,000.00 of your offshore account money and ALL of your spending money. Have fun grinding for a pair of sunglasses! (And permanent bonuses to allow lower requirements for rank seven skills)
    • Mask materials, patterns, and colors follow this the same way. While the masks themselves can be sold from the inventory, materials, patterns, and colors cannot. Even worse is the fact that patterns MUST be selected with Colors in order to be finalized and discarded.
  • Nerf: Enemy AI used to come in huge swarms and were extremely aggressive until the community complained about it, causing the developers to scale down the aggression to more reasonable levels. Mask mods were obtained too frequently over other payday bonuses, so the drop rate for mask mods were scaled down and a money bonus card was added to keep things interesting. The Cable Guy skill used to allow the user to have 10 cable ties but it was reduced down to 5 ties after the developers saw players were easily tying up every hostage in the level to do stealth with little trouble.
    • The Mastermind's Dominator skill used to allow the player to intimidate multiple cops at once, making some stealth portions of a heist extremely easy. Now the team can only scare one cop at a time.
    • All the shotguns in patch 11 got nerfed to the point where they can no longer hit an enemy at a long distance for full/high damage. The Mosconi shotgun used to be the only weapon with a maxed out damage rating until it was hit with the nerf.
      • This is quite annoying with the automatic shotgun, which is about as strong as one of the higher end assault rifles.
    • Death Wish (Patch 24) brought along some painful nerfs to stealthers in the form of limiting body bags (2 per player) and disabling the Joker ability (which, among other things, frees up the single "Dominated Guard" slot the team has) while in stealth. While the latter could be expected given the odd situations it causes (such as a jokered guard calling in a busted camera, breaking your stealth attempt), the former was completely out of left field. These changes, understandably, did not go over well with the fanbase.
  • Necessary Drawback: Class balancing enforces this. On a scale of Fragile Speedster to Mighty Glacier, the order is: Ghost — Mastermind — Technician — Enforcer.
    • Light machine guns: high ammo capacity, high rate of fire, and is great to use to clear out crowds in small areas. Has lengthy reload times and can't have iron sights used so that the weapon isn't completely overpowered.
    • Sniper rifles: high power (including the Thantos), can pierce multiple enemies, and can hit enemies from behind certain walls. Has a low ammo pool, lengthy reload times, and has a very slow rate of fire.
  • New Game+: The Infamy system. Once you hit level 100, you can choose to reset your character level back to 0 while also losing all your spending cash and $200,000,000 from your offshore account. All of your guns and armor are relocked due to level restriction and you'll also lose all of your class skills. Becoming infamous earns you a card to show off to other players displaying your infamy and you'll earn infamy points to spend in a special infamy tree. You can earn up to 5 levels of infamy, which also means having to reset 5 times. OVERKILL intends to increase the number of Infamy levels as time passes.
  • Ninja: Repeatedly referenced. There's the Shinobi Ghost Skill, and then the Shadow Raid heist. All the achievements read together sound like a Badass Creed.
  • No Fair Cheating: Effectively what makes Death Wish difficulty so hard; not only is the AI advantage maxed out, but even cutting corners isn't allowed. Try to charge to the "Ukranian Job" safes and and detonate them for the tiara? The safes can only be drilled. Want to blow up the "Rats" meth lab and skip the tedious, difficult part? The whole map sets on fire to incap everyone and the escape van trigger doesn't fire, forcing a restart.
  • Noob Cave: Jewelry Store and Four Store (Normal difficulty) are very straightforward with minimal randomization elements and simple objectives.
  • No One Gets Left Behind: If a Point of No Return occurs during a day (or escape), all human players have to be in the escape zone OR in custody for the day to successfully complete. If even ONE player is 5 inches away when the timer expires, the entire day is failed. While this behavior has been in Payday 2 since launch, it was exceedingly rare that this situation would come up, as the only non-escape heists that have this are GO Bank (free DLC), Shadow Raid (free DLC) and the technically-an-escape Train Heist (Paid DLC, Bonus contract). Of these, Shadow Raid is the most likely heist where this can happen, due to it being possible to trigger the point of no return before the mission objectives had been completed.
  • Obvious Rule Patch: The developers saw players were constantly playing levels like Nightclub, Four Stores, and Ukrainian Job because they were extremely easy to complete in a matter minutes (or even seconds!), which led to people farming the levels for experience points, cash, and random loot with little effort. The developers then patched the game to include escape sequences in the mostly farmed levels if the players finish them loud instead of quiet in order to discourage them from farming the same level over and over. Additional patches also changed the layout of the Nightclub heist so the safe with the money is in a random location in order to discourage farming.
    • The Death Wish update enhanced this further by introducing EXP reduction if you play the same level over and over while giving you an EXP boost if you play different heists each time. The same update also introduced an anti-level grinding feature for the Death Wish version of Rats on day 1; trying to blow up the lab so you can skip cooking the meth? The lab still explodes, but the explosion and fire covers the entire level. Even if you try get around this, the escape van is programmed to never show up unless you cooked 3 bags of meth.
  • Oh Crap: Dallas's reaction to the dentist knowing his true identity has him dart his eyes back and forth before trying to get up from the chair to escape, only to be restrained by the dentist and the nurse.
    • In-game, the gang sometimes give one of these when calling out Special Units - usually when spotting a Bulldozer. Wolf is also terrified of Cloakers.
    • Bulldozers sometimes respond with this rather than a Badass Boast when their armoured visor is shattered.
      • Thanks the this allowing attacks on their vulnerable head, they are often Killed Mid-Sentence - not that this stops their corpse delivering the rest of their line from the floor. Particularly funny if they're still ranting about how they're going to kill you.
    • Some law enforcement chatter has shades of this. "The AO is a shitstorm!" indeed.
  • Ominous Latin Chanting: The theme used for the assault wave in Big Bank has opera singing in the background.
  • One-Hit Kill: Cloakers return from the previous game, retaining their ability to instantly down you regardless of your health or the type of armor you have on. There's even an appropriately named achievement (HOLY SHI-) for getting caught by surprise from a Cloaker.
  • One-Hit-Point Wonder: Again, civilians are fragile as ever as they were in the previous game. Even the weakest gun in the game can kill innocents with a single shot. Accidentally hit one when you meant to shout for them to get down? Yeah, that'll penalize you too. Patch 27 made the civilians a little more resilient to melee strikes, meaning one slap will force them to get down on the ground without killing them. Hitting them a second time will still kill them and shooting them still kills them instantly.
  • Only in It for the Money: Election Day is implied to be this - Bain openly insults Mc Kendrick, the candidate the crew is helping, and makes a point to mention to the crew that it's 'just politics' if he has to falsely implicate Mayor Nancy during Plan B. But The Elephant is offering a lot of money to get Mc Kendrick elected, and even offers to make sure Old Hoxton gets transferred to a lower-security prison if they succeed...
  • Pacifist Run: Entirely possible with many heists having stealth as an alternate method instead of running in guns blazing, but it takes a lot of coordination and the right tools and skills at times.
  • Palette Swap: The Bulldozer that uses the automatic shotgun wears a black suit of armor compared to the green colored pump-action counterpart.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Played straight or averted depending on what the player has equipped. If the player uses highly concealable weapons and wears a two piece suit or light armor, guards and cameras won't bat an eye unless the player gets way too close to a guard or a restricted area. Players wearing heavy armor and bringing big guns will be noticed a lot quicker due to sticking out like a sore thumb.
    • Played straight with the bouncer in the Nightclub job before the detection mechanic was altered in a patch. You were able to walk up to him decked out in a full suit of body armor, carry highly visible weapons, and he would still think you're a classy gentleman, letting you inside. A patch changed the bouncer's detection towards the players so only lightly armed players will get by him without incident. note  Also played straight with civilians until you have your weapon drawn.
  • Perpetual Beta: On release, the game was riddled with bugs that required a few hasty patches. This is an ongoing problem, however, as while the game keeps getting content, and has improved over several updates, they still come with a Game-Breaking Bug or two every now and then.
    • Also applies to playstyles, as updates have been known to nerf entire loadouts. Of course, due to the frequent updates mentioned above, a single update can even leave you nerfed by overpowering another, making you obsolete by comparison.
  • Pistol Whip: You can still whack enemies with the butt of your gun in the second game, but cops will also pistol whip you if you get too close to them, causing you to be forced into crouch mode. Certain Ghost skills make it less likely for you to be knocked down and reduce the damage you take from enemy melee attacks, and certain Enforcer and Ghost skills increase the damage you deal with such attacks.
  • Point Of No Continues: Pro heists have a higher payout, but are sometimes harder than the standard difficulty, can play out slightly different, and can't be restarted after failure. Failing any day of the mission boots you back to the lobby (meaning restarting repeatedly to force certain director conditions requires a full restart), and failing a mission that spans multiple days requires a full start over if you fail.
  • Point of No Return: Escape sequences involve your replacement driver or chopper pilot only sticking around for a limited time and will ditch anyone who is not in the safe zone once the time limit is up. The GO Bank heist, should stealth fail, has an escape sequence similar to those used in the first game where you had to go through an escape route and reach the safe zone before the time limit expires.
    • Used again for the Shadow Raid heist where getting caught in stealth triggers a 60 second timer for you to get the loot and escape. Fail to get away in time and the mission fails.
  • Poor Communication Kills: In Rats Day 1, Bain sometimes says the wrong ingredient (easily caught if two players heard something different).
    • Bain will repeatedly encourage heisters on Ukrainian Job to check the display cases and remind them that the tiara doesn't have to be in the safes in the back. It's always in the back, and it's always in a safe.
  • The Power of Friendship: The Mastermind's Inspire skill has the user yell various versions of the encouraging "GO GO GO!" at another player to give them a temporary speed boost. Acing the skills also lets the player revive a downed friend by yelling at them with some words of encouragement.
  • Pre-Order Bonus: The Steam version of PAYDAY 2 had a ton of bonuses for players that pre ordered the game, such as unique mask patterns, extra in-game money, a weapon mod, and more. The criminal edition gave even more goodies like beta passes and the game's soundtrack.
  • Pretty Little Headshots: Shooting enemies in the head will paint the wall behind them, but that's about it. Even done humorously with armored mooks, as any helmets or hats will fly off vertically and there's still no wound.
  • Punch Packing Pistol: The Judge gun is in the shape of a revolver, but fires shotgun shells, (like the real life Taurus Judge). The gun's damage output is absurdly high and it has great concealment, which makes The Judge a perfect weapon to use for stealth as a backup plan if stealth fails. The Judge can also be fitted with a suppressor for stealth runs, a laser sight to aid in hip firing, and scopes for better iron sight aiming. Not only that, but because The Judge is shaped like a revolver, all the shells are reloaded at the same time rather than the one shell a time that most shotguns go by, AND benefits from the Enforcer's shotgun reload buff. The only downsides to the gun is extremely poor accuracy, can only hold 20 shells base note  total, and it costs over $700,000 to purchase.
  • Put on a Bus: The original Chains retired and old Hoxton got pinched. Old Hoxton is not happy to hear that his old crew has replaced him, but the Dentist and the Elephant have the connections to make a breakout attempt possible.
  • Quirky Bard: Sentry Guns. A single unmodified sentry doesn't do much good, but when upgraded sufficiently, they can really help in missions on the go such as Day 1 of Firestarter. Sadly it takes a LOT of points to do so, which people would prefer to invest in C4 instead.
  • Random Drops: A card game (the eponymous Payday) occurs after a successful heist. Want a weapon mod? A new mask? Mask materials? You have to get lucky and hope the game gives you something you need! Fortunately there is a formula: the Payday won't drop any mod, mask, or mask customization if you already have two of that item in storage (not equipped).
  • Random Event: Not as prevalent as the first game, but random events do exist, such as specific doors appearing/not appearing and loot locations. There's also a random chance that one or two players in the beginning of an escape sequence will automatically start the level incapacitated due to the van crashing.
    • Taken to ridiculous levels with GO Bank, where stealth runs live and die on random events. These events can include an armored car with additional guards outside, additional guards with pagers spawning to check on the building, police officers that will do the same but cause an alert if they die, to someone demanding a bag of money or he'll call the police. On the plus side, another random event is that the vault starts out open.
  • Rare Random Drop: Rare items are dubbed as "infamous" items. Several masks rarely drop, including Dillinger's Death Mask, which has a one in a million chance of dropping. Other masks include extra copies of the default masks (which allows you to use them on any character) and textureless versions of the default masks so you can customize them any way you want. Many mask materials, patterns, and colors are also rare drops. Spending infamy points will also boost your rare item drop chance.
  • Renaissance Man: Encouraged. Since it's even impossible to ace every ability of one class, the overlap of abilities (e.g. Mastermind can carry more zipties, which is useful to a Ghost) means players are better off mixing and matching some skills.
    • There is a Steam achievement called "I'm a Healer-Tank-Damage-Dealer" earned after spending 10 skill points in each skill tree.
  • Revolvers Are Just Better: The Judge, a revolver that fires shotgun shells, somehow deals more damage than full sized shotguns despite using smaller shells.
  • Running Gag: Many of the optional safes and deposit boxes would have nothing but a partially eaten cheese toast sandwich. The toast came back in a massive pile in one of the large safes during the Halloween event and the toast was quietly removed from the game. Big Bank brought the toast back for the safe in the manager's office and one of the news feeds in the level shows sales of Cheese Toast Inc. had a rise in stocks.
  • Russian Reversal: The Commisar pulls a vulgar one on you once you start trashing his motel.
    The Commisar: You think I'm a fucking ass hole? Well, in Soviet Russia, ass hole fucks YOU!

  • Safecracking: The Ghost can unlock an upgrade to do this, though any interruptions force a full restart and there are more creative means of opening locks.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Patch 26 introduces several specific items that spawn in random locations that you can pick up. You'll get a small experience bonus for collecting them, but if you own the Gage Courier Pack DLC, collecting all items in a particular group gets you weapon mods.
  • Screaming Woman: Female civilians use the exact same screams as they did in PAYDAY: The Heist and a few more, despite the male civilians having a brand new set of panic sounds.
  • Screams Like a Little Girl: Wolf, infamous for whooping and shouting, shrieks "IT'S A MOTHERFUCKIN' BULLDOZER!" when spotting one.
  • Scripted Event: The meth cooks in day 1 of Rats are scripted to die as soon as you reach the second floor no matter how you approach the level.
  • Self-Deprecation: After Steam gave games the ability to be tagged with custom genres, Overkill took the piss at themselves by tagging the game as a "Bag Throwing Simulator", which is a nod to the community that always complained how the game makes you do nothing but throw bags around.
  • Sequel Difficulty Spike: Harder difficulty enemies do a lot of damage compared to damage done in the first game, you can suffer knockback from enemy gunfire, enemies are more durable this time around, and you have less chances to stay alive if you go down multiple times. Cops can also steal your loot bag if you are not watching it.
  • Shock and Awe: During the third day of Firestarter, attempting to use the thermal drill on the vault door gets you electrocuted the same way a Taser unit would shock you. Cutting the power to the door is required to bypass the shock.
    • In addition, the game puts so many chain-link fences in your way that cutting through them tends to be an unconscious action for most players. However, if the game feels particularly capricious, the chain-link fence in the first day of the Big Oil mission can be electrified, shocking you and (due to the ensuing involuntary muscle spasms) discharging your weapon repeatedly. If it was un-suppressed, you just warned the enemy you were coming, and they will proceed to burn several important pieces of intelligence.
    • The Taser special unit, as the name suggests, shocks players with an electrical discharge. The shocked player is prevented from moving, has their view twitch and shake, and randomly fires their weapon (even working the action between shots on bolt and pump-action weapons, presumably for balance reasons) as they spasm uncontrollably. If the Taser is not killed, or at least staggered by sufficient damage, the unlucky player will be incapacitated after a few seconds of sustained shocking - not to mention the effects of any incoming fire from other law enforcers.
  • Shoot Out the Lock: Some doors have locks can be shot out with any weapon in order to bypass picking the lock. However, metal or high security doors cannot have locks shot out, and the lock needs to be drilled, cut through with a saw, or detonated with C4.
  • Shoot the Shaggy Dog: In the Big Bank Heist trailer, a random bystander assists the crew by reviving Dallas when he's shot by the cops. Dallas rewards him by tossing him a wad of cash. However, when the bystander attempts to catch the money, he falls off the roof of the bank and presumably dies.
  • Short Range Shotgun: Averted once again as every shotgun, even the double barreled Mosconi, can reliably paste enemy cops from several yards away with only one or two shots. Possibly justified in-game by the fact the shells are blue, signifying the shotgun rounds are slugs rather than pellets.
    • Unfortunately, several post-release patches gave the shotgun an arbitrary cutoff past which they won't do any damage, thus playing this trope straight.
  • Shout-Out: Has its own page.
  • Shovel Strike: The K.L.A.S. Shovel, an entrenchment tool added by the Gage Shotgun Pack DLC.
  • Shown Their Work: Gold is extremely heavy and can't be tossed very far due to its weight, which is exactly how real life gold acts. It stands out because when carrying other forms of loot such as jewelry or drugs, the crew can throw them a decent distance, sometimes jump and run. When carrying gold, you can't run and you walk slower. Likewise, you also get to carry engine parts at one point and you move even slower with them on your back than gold does while jumping is restricted to just an inch high.
    • The landscape of Washington D.C. isn't perfect, but it looks close enough to its real life counterpart. The Harvest and Trustee bank also looks very similar to what a typical small branch bank looks like in real life.
    • The developers know exactly how to attack with K.L.A.S. shovel, but they also know how players would want to attack with it and used that instead. The description points this out.
  • Signature Move: Every class has a few special powers and (eventually) a few "super power"-grade abilities on upgrade tier 5/6; unlike their standard skills, these give a significant edge in very hard heists.
  • Smug Snake: Nearly all the special SWAT units will taunt the player in some way and act like they will dominate the players; you can almost taste their smug overconfidence. Examples: the Bulldozer may say things like "There's no Payday for you!", the Taser may give off an Evil Laugh as he shocks you, and the Cloaker will break the fourth wall and taunt the player directly by telling them to cry on the forums like the little bitch they are.
  • Sniper Pistol: With the right mods, the desert eagle can be outfitted as one.
  • Speed Run: Possible with the right tools like faster drills or C4 charges. One heist has an achivement unlocked if you beat it in 30 seconds or less.
  • Spell My Name with an S: It's Bain, not Bane. And Cloakers are not spelled as Cloackers.
    • Although calling them cloacas is a bit of a stealth(ha!) insult.
  • Status Buff: Buffs can cover yourself or the team once they are unlocked, such as having more stamina for running, faster armor regeneration, or having unlimited bullets for a few seconds after deploying an ammo bag.
  • Stockholm Syndrome: An ability for the Mastermind allows you to turn civilians and hostiles to your side.
  • Stealth Pun: Throwing money away from a bridge or a shipyard gives you a thought what would an "off-shore" account would be. Do you know there is also an achievement for this?
  • Stealth-Based Mission: Expanded upon compared to the first game. Several heists are totally possible to complete without the alarm being raised, allowing you to complete your objectives without the threat of cops. The Ghost class is all about stealthing heists as well. However, some heists cannot be stealthed at all.
    • Taken a step further with the appropriately named Shadow Raid heist. You can't have the alarm raised at all, otherwise you'll have just one minute to secure the rest of the loot and hightail it out of the warehouse before you're left behind.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: Used the wrong ingredient to cook meth? The lab explodes. The truck took too much damage while you were moving the coke out? Explodes. Throwing cache of guns into a fire to destroy them? Big explosion. Failed to defuse the C4 on a bus? You know what happens.
    • Previews of the game during its alpha stage showcased cars exploding when shot at enough times. Sadly, the feature was removed.
    • The Train Heist has explosive shells you can steal for money, but if the shells are tossed too far, the shock of the impact makes the shells explode.
      • This example is abused repeatedly by hackers, who figured out how to spawn said bags at a high velocity on a ballistic arc. Meaning the bags of artillery shells are actually being used as artillery.
    • The Gage Shotgun Pack DLC added 12-Gauge HE rounds as an option for all shotguns, which exchanges a little over half you ammunition capacity for higher-damage shells which deal area damage and stun all enemies in the blast radius.
  • Take That: PAYDAY 2 has an achievement that pokes fun at Call of Duty: Ghosts and the infamous fish A.I. meme.
    • The addition of Titan safes; they can only be opened with a drill and cannot be blown up with C4. Underneath the "TITAN" logo is a small message reading "Suck It", which is a jab at players who farmed heists for loot drops and other things by using C4 to quickly complete objectives.
    • The trailer for the Xmas Heist content, done in the style of a live newsfeed, shows a message at the bottom saying "Video game company releases free content, internet outraged," which is a jab at the less than kind fans that believed the (then) upcoming Christmas heist level was going to either be paid DLC or just plain suck because it was a copy and paste of a map from Valve's Counter-Strike Global Offensive (Valve worked on the map with Overkill as a collaborative project, similar to the No Mercy crossover heist).
    • The Cloaker has several lines he says that break the fourth wall by insulting the people who kept complaining about the lack of safe house customization and assuming that the Cloaker itself would be DLC. The developers also knew people would complain about the Cloaker being "overpowered", so the Cloaker has a line telling those people to bitch on the forums. note 
    • In Bain's Guidenote , there are a few jabs at the frequent fan complaints. For example, the ammo bag section has the word "clip" crossed out and replaced with "magazine", which is circled in red and noted "Never forget!" — mocking about the vast amounts of nagging Overkill suffered for accidentally confusing the terms.
    • In the description Graham mask, which talks about rabbits, it slips in a not so subtle jab.
    When fleeing, they hop in a zig-zag pattern, much like many Counter-Strike players do.
  • Take Up My Sword: Word of God revealed in development that the original Hoxton and Chains were either arrested or retired from crime, and their successors are new people, but still hold the same masks and codenames as their predecessors.
  • The Teaser: The Shadow Raid update came with a new intro video, titled "The Dentist", which teases future update heists: "The Big Bank" on June 17th, to be followed with "Hoxton Breakout", "The Diamond", and "Golden Grin Casino".
  • Those Two Guys: On Jewelry Store and Mallcrashers, you may notice a pair of off-duty police officers buying food. Many a stealth run has been foiled by these two.
  • Time for Plan B: Bain, as always, has back up plans in case plan A fails. In levels with stealth, if you go loud, your objective(s) may either change or adapt to the situation. The trope is more apparent in day 1 of Watchdogs where Bain summons Bile to airlift you out of dodge if your escape driver is killed by the police.
    • And should Plan B fail in day 1, or the players mess up Plan A by tagging the wrong truck during Election Day, Bain comes up with a Plan C, which is to distract the cops by doing a bank heist while "accidentally" destroying the ballot machines. Though the only way to get to Plan C is to do day 1 horribly and Bain will chastise you for it. note 
    • Averted with the Shadow Raid heist. You are required to stealth it. If you're detected, you have 60 seconds to complete (get the minimum amount of loot and get to the van) or you lose, which can be Unwinnable by Mistake and/or Unwinnable by Insanity if you got spotted early, or simply Screw This, Time To Get Out Of Here if the alarm was raised as everyone's already heading back to the van.
  • Too Awesome to Use: Rare masks and mask materials with absurd drop rates (one mask has a one in a million chance of showing up). Since you cannot remove materials or colors applied to a mask, you better make damn sure that the colors and patterns you want on a certain mask are the ones you want to stay. Most players will never use their rare materials.
  • Took a Level in Badass: The entire police force gotten a significant upgrade since the last game. Not only the cops and SWAT units are more durable, they are also smarter by flanking you, pulling back and taking cover when needed, and bashing you with the butt of their guns if you try to take them on very closely. Cops are also smart enough to steal your loot bags if you leave them unattended. The Gage Weapons Pack #2 update also gave cops the ability to use knives against you.
    • Some patches introduced to the game made cops and special SWAT units even more badass than they were originally. Street cops can now use the Bronco .44 (a freaking hand cannon), Tasers will bum rush you in unison with Shields, and Bulldozers may sometimes use the Izhma 12G shotgun, which is a semi-automatic shotgun.
    • The crew in shows shades of the trope; while they still rob the usual stuff like banks and stores for cash and jewels, they also raid an FBI branch office to steal intel and they also and steal engine parts that could lead the way to renewable energy. Of course, the crew still get paid quite handsomely for their efforts. The Big Bank also gives you the chance to rob a bank that hasn't been successfully robbed for over 200 years.
    • Some of the weapons from the previous game also get quite a hefty boost in the sequel; the Locomotive shotgun was considered a Joke Weapon in the first game due to its short range and not so great power, but the same gun in the sequel now has a lot of power and decent range.
    • The entire SWAT force got a badass upgrade in the Death Wish update. The new SWAT teams can hit harder, move faster, and have better accuracy than their tan FBI connterparts. The Bulldozer also got a major upgrade by not only having his faceplate painted with a skull on it, but also carries a light machine gun, the same heavy and fast firing weapons that players can use.
  • Train Job: As noted above, under Bonus Level. Sometimes you'll find special plans in an Armoured Transport heist that let you play the extremely profitable Train Heist.
  • Trial-and-Error Gameplay: Every heist, though moreso for stealth missions. Since spawns can make-or-break missions, and even render some stealth games unwinnable without alert in certain circumstances, expect to restart an entire day on a single factor. There's a reason why HoxHudnote  adds a "restart day" option to pause screen — to save you having to kill yourself for a restart when anything goes wrong.
    • Also the reason that PRO Jobs were added. Players will get a higher cash prize, but cannot restart as failure kicks to the lobby. With no restarts available, the Trial-And-Error aspect becomes even more of a chore, requiring players to keep re-buying a map to guarantee another attempt.
  • True Companions: The crew. All the money and all the gold in the world doesn't convince Dallas to work with the Dentist. But as soon as the Dentist mentions how the crew had to leave Original!Hoxton behind on a heist and that he has Hoxton's transfer schedule on hand, Dallas doesn't even blink an eye before accepting the deal. Also, one of Dallas's potential lines when succeeding at a heist is "Tightest crew ever!"
  • Undesirable Prize: Completing a heist allows you to earn a bonus item through a Random Drop system, ranging from weapon mods, masks, mask mods, extra cash, and extra experience points. Many players groan in disappointment when they get the cash card after already having several million dollars in spending cash, or get yet another completely useless mask pattern or color.
    • The Train Job mentioned above can be viewed as one by some players; the main reason some choose Armored Transport jobs is because they are quick, clean sources of money and experience. The train job being accepted, meaning "(accidentally) picked up the item drop that triggers it", jeopardizes the gained money and XP by making you do a much more difficult bonus mission which takes time and, if failed, can lose you your previous profit. Throw in that the bonus heist's difficulty matches the unlock stage, and it gets worse: finally completing Armored Transport on OVERKILL or DEATHWISH means you're doing the Train Heist on the same level or getting nothing in the way of rewards.
  • Up to Eleven: The Shadow Raid heist in general. Not only is stealth so high stakes that getting detected will trigger a mission failure if you don't complete your objectives fast enough, but the kinds of loot you can find are nearly everything the game has to offer; money, gold, weapons, paintings, drugs, computer servers, and even pieces of ancient samurai armor or ancient statues. There's also an achievement for stealing one of each loot type as well.
    • And now Big Bank is even more escalated than that! Words really cant do it justice, but lets just say that it easily makes the FBI offices heist look downright simple, in both awesomeness and in scale no matter how you do it.
  • Unwinnable by Mistake: Day 2 on the Big Oil heist has several objects that act as clues to help you figure out which engine is the correct one to steal. Playing the game on a low graphics setting can make the clues too blurry to read.
    • As mentioned above in the Time for Plan B examples, Shadow Raid is a mission that requires stealth, and stealth is an inherently fragile state. One wrong move, and you can screw up the entire thing. In particular, lag can prove to be more of a hinderance on this heist than any other, and as this is the only mission where stealth is a must, some players might go into this one expecting to be able to shoot their way through.
  • Variable Mix: There are a few different tracks that can play during a heist, with varying levels of intensity - this often leads to a Musical Spoiler, as the music will start to build up about ten or fifteen seconds before a police assault wave actually starts.
    • Shadow Raid deserves special mention: Since the heist is stealth-only (having the alarm go off triggers a point-of-no-return timer), the music track ("And now we wait") changes in response to the progression of the heist instead of the status of an assault wave. There are at least three different mixes: the starting mix (which is timid), a slightly more intense mix that starts up when the vault is opened in stealth, and the "alert" mix/buildup.
  • Video Game Cruelty Punishment: Having an itchy trigger finger not only instantly saps your spending cash as a penalty, but it ramps it up by spawning enemy snipers and/or more special SWAT units if you kill one too many innocents and having a steep cash penalty per civilian killed. You also have a higher chance of being forced to do an escape sequence after the heist if you rack up too many innocent casualties. Thankfully, this is balanced out by making the Civilian AI much easier to handle: they stay on the ground longer after being yelled at, and can be Bound and Gagged with cable ties for a Non-Lethal K.O..
  • Violation of Common Sense: In some heists that have civilians in them, some players that plan to do the level in stealth will go the extra mile by killing civilians so that they don't alert the police, even if it means losing cash as a penalty.
    • Taken Up to Eleven by some 'stealth' heisters who realize the fastest way to secure the dance floor in Nightclub or the front lobby in Bank Heist involves grenades.
  • Welcome to Corneria: Bain's messages throughout Day 3 of Framing Frame, while in stealth mode.
    • Also his dialogue in Ukrainian Job when stealthed.
    • Bain's instruction while stealthing the Bank Heists. "Guys, the thermal drill, go get it!"
  • What Kind of Lame Power Is Heart, Anyway?: The Ghost "Lucky Charm" boosts, which increased rare item drops. Considering it's $2,483,000 and 53 points (at it's cheapest without Infamy bonuses) for the maximum +200% boost, it's an enormous waste when you realize your odds of getting an infamous item with a 0.66% drop rate (after the +10% boost from reaching tier 6) is only increased to 1.86%.
    • The first infamy point doubles your base Infamous drop rate to 1.2%. It still doesn't make Lucky Charms worth it at a final drop rate of 3.72%.
    • Lucky Charm was replaced with the slightly more useful Camera Loop skill in Update 25. It still plays it straight due being slow to use, limited in range and only allowing to be used on a camera at a time - while still being a Tier 6 skill.
    • There's also the Mastermind's "Stockholm Syndrome" skill, which allows civilians to revive downed players and give them ammo. Of course, civilians almost never last very long or stay for very long in a firefight, and the ammo given by them is equivalent to an enemy's ammo drop. That's it. Needless to say, people never invest in this.
    • Other less infamous examples include Black Marketeer, Dead Presidents, and Improved Crafting, which cut costs/increase loose loot value, when money eventually becomes a non-issue, Oppressor, which increases threat levels on weapons (when it may be more practical to shoot to kill or intimidate instead), Shotgun CQB Aced, as Shotguns aren't really used much with iron sights, Nine Lives, which relies on the player getting downed a lot, which is discouraged, Cat Burglar, since it's always a bad idea to jump from great heights regardless, and ECM Feedback, an ability for ECMs to last for a few mere seconds.
  • What the Hell, Player?: Bain will yell at you for killing civilians and will warn you that getting out of custody will be harder while the cops will become more aggressive in response.
  • White Mask of Doom: It's entirely possible to make a mask that is pure white simply by using the base 'white plastic' material with no pattern and no colour; several masks start out this way. Though none are quite as featureless as the trope's page image, Alienware, Mr. Mannequin, and Mrs. Mannequin all come quite close.
  • Witch Hunt: Depressingly common for high ranking infamy players online. Due to the rampant cheating from people who used said cheats to boost their levels to the max, legitimate players that reached infamy level 5 are often kicked out of many games because people assume that infamy level 5 is a cheater's calling card. Doubly so for infamy level 5 players who have their Steam profiles set to private since many people assume private profiles means that person has something to hide.
  • Zerg Rush: Cops don't rush in as much as they used to in the first game, preferring to strategically flank you instead. On Death Wish, the cops play the trope straight at all times and they got the health and firepower to back it up.
    • Played straight on Firestarter Day 1 if you get the far right hangar. Cops will never stop swarming over the fence until the assault wave is over or you've moved all the bags away from the hangar.

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