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Video Game: PAYDAY: The Heist

It's time for a PAYDAY... So don your masks, and launch The Heist!
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PAYDAY: The Heist is a downloadable four-player cooperative First-Person Shooter in which a crew of hardened criminals attempt to execute a variety of daring heists, in pursuit of "the next big score." It was developed by OVERKILL Software and published by Sony Online Entertainment, and runs on the Diesel engine. It was released on October 18th, 2011 for the PlayStation Network and for PC via Steam two days later.

Borrowing heavily from Valve's Left 4 Dead series, PAYDAY attempts to render a concise cinematic experience in cooperative video game form: In this case, the Heist Film. So if you notice that a lot of the tropes below seem familiar... well, now you know. Four career bad guys (Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf and Chains) in scary clown masks, seven (plus two in the Wolfpack DLC) objective-oriented heists, a variety of weapons and equipment, and innumerable trigger-happy cops trying to keep you from making a dishonest buck.

Unlike Left 4 Dead, you earn cash for completing objectives which goes towards your "Reputation" level, earning you new weapons, equipment and upgrades as you play. You can change up your loadout before each heist.

Examples falling under Shout-Out belong on the specific subpage. The soundtrack for PAYDAY: The Heist is also available through Steam and Bandcamp.

PAYDAY: The Heist provides examples of:

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  • Absurdly Spacious Sewer: The escape plan in Counterfeit involves running through a wide sewer with a drainage outlet on a Florida beach.
  • A.K.A.-47: All the Cool Guns present have fake names.
  • Affably Evil: Bain will offer nothing but encouragement and the only time he ever raises his voice to you is if you kill civilians. If you fail a mission he'll even apologize and say it must have been his plan that went wrong because he knows you're the best. All in all he seems like a pretty nice guy... Then he drops a guy out of a helicopter to his death and threatens to do the same to Mr. Garnet's son when Mr. Garnet refuses to give up the vault codes. Unless, Luck-Based Mission says the guy gives up the codes in which case, Bain lets him live.
    • The crew has shades of this as least some of them do. If you have a bot playing Wolf on your team during the bank heist, they'll jump up on a table in the lobby and tell the civilians in the bank that they're not after their money and they won't get hurt if they just stay quiet.
  • A.I. Breaker: The cops are very aggressive and will even split up their forces to flank your team should your crew split up into 2 teams of 2. However, the enemy AI will typically focus on 3 players that are clustered together and will usually ignore the lone 4th player running around by himself.
  • All or Nothing: In the Counterfeit level, there's a chance that the basement will have tons of money bundles worth over a million dollars a piece. However, the room is rigged with bombs and you only have around 20 seconds to either get as much money as you can and get out of the room or press your luck in defusing all 7 bombs, which is impossible to do with one or two players. If the bombs go off, all the money in the room gets destroyed and any player caught in the blast is instantly incapacitated. If everyone can defuse all the bombs in time, all the money is yours and there's enough of it to level up more than once.
  • All There in the Manual: Bios on the crew can be found online.
  • Alternate Reality Game: Overkill Software informed the community that the Counterfeit level had a secret and the clues in the level would help them find the secret. The clues pointed to various real life locations, people, and words not in English. The clues pointed to First World Bank and players had to perform certain tasks under strict conditions in order to gain access to the secret itself.
  • Asskicking Pose: The crew can be seen striking various poses in the menu screens.
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Hoxton was eventually caught by the police and got sent to jail. Hoxton's lawyer reads off a list of crimes Hoxton committed (robbery, breaking into private property, etc.) and then mentions how Hoxton has beat up Matt on a daily basis in his jail cell.
  • Artificial Stupidity: Civilians are really, really bad at avoiding your shots. Telling them to get down is a good idea, as accidentally shooting one adds a 10 second penalty to your re-spawn timer plus a money penalty if the mission is a success. The civilian AI makes Heat Street extremely painful to play through due to all the civilians running everywhere in front of your shots, even at a distance. The Cops can't hurt them, and will gladly shoot through them to hit you.
    • AI Teammates also have a few shortcomings beyond those put in for balance. They always try to kill law enforcement (even when you're getting them to cuff themselves), they tend to ignore the Taser that has you stun-locked and kill every enemy EXCEPT the taser (and thus leaving you to get downed from the taser), and prior to a patch, they wouldn't follow you through the escape route in First World Bank, although that doesn't stop them from rescuing you from a football field's distance away. AI teammates also tend to lag behind you quite badly and will never sprint, which makes certain escapes more difficult since if you get incapacitated and the AI is too far behind, you're boned.
      • Your allied bots are also randomly oblivious to Cloakers that downed you, so don't be too surprised have a bot trying to revive you without killing the Cloaker first. Since bots do not sprint, you are pretty much screwed if you go down and your bot team is too far away to reach you in time.
  • Ascended Meme: During the Counterfeit secret event hunt, many fans messed with other players who were trying to find the secret by saying "Have you answered the phone?" note  The developers caught wind of the meme and they threw it in for the sequel in the form of a graffiti tag that says "Answer the phone!"
    • The Payday developers are fans of The Creatures, and it shows through several easter eggs. While the group was playing the first game's Panic Room map, Uber Haxor Nova noticed a toothbrush in the bathroom that was unusually large. The game was later patched to include a gigantic toothbrush in the same bathroom of that map. The devs even got a large toothbrush for their office. In Payday 2, there's graffiti that says "The Creatures were here" and "Gefilte fish," which references Nova specifically.
  • Author Avatar: Wolf is voiced by and modeled after an Overkill developer. The Taxman character in the Undercover heist is also modeled by another Overkill developer and is also voiced by him.
  • Badass: The player characters. Even the cops in the sequel wonder how a group of four men can be so damn difficult to take down.
  • Badass Boast: The AI controlled robbers during an assault wave. Most notable is Hoxton's line of "I got a bullet here with your name on it, sunshine!"
    • Badass in a Nice Suit: In many of the heists, the crew wear variously-colored suits. They even wear them in "Green Bridge", albeit under yellow raincoats.
  • Bank Robbery: In the first heist, at "First World Bank". The sequel also has a bank heist, but on a much smaller scale due to the bank being a local branch.
  • Bloodless Carnage: Surprisingly, very little blood is seen in the game. You only see specks of blood on your vision if you get shot and there's only small specks of blood that fly out when a character is shot. In the Diamond Heist mission, if Bain drops the CFO to his death, you can see a quick spray of blood that appears when the character's head smashes against a light fixture on the way down. Other than that, there's no blood or any other wounds shown in the game at all, even if you shoot up a security guard with a full magazine from your machine gun.
  • Body Horror: The infected patient in the No Mercy heist looks normal, but as you draw blood from him and time passes on, a pool of blood forms under his arm, very large boils start to form on his arm, his breathing starts to get wheezy and raspy like a Smoker, and he winds up shitting all over himself and the bed.
  • Bulletproof Human Shield: Bodies (living and dead) can still block shots, even grenades, so spraying bullets doesn't accomplish much in most cases.
  • Bulletproof Vest: The crew all wear these. Upgrades for it are spread through the trees, providing overall decreased damage taken. SWAT troopers wear them as well, as do Cloakers. Tasers and Shields wear full-on riot armor and Army Of Two-style armor masks, and the Bulldozer has massive bomb squad-looking armor.
  • Battle in the Rain: In the "Green Bridge" heist.
  • Big "OMG!": Male Civilians will often shout this when guns are firing.
  • Boom, Headshot: An excellent way to conserve ammo. This is especially important when facing Bulldozers, as you once you crack their visors they go down much more easily.
  • The Caper: But of course. Some of them don't go according to plan, like "Heat Street", and what you play is the fallout and attempt to turn it around.
  • Character Class System: Sort of. Your choice of class only affects what your next reward will be upon a Level Up. In practice, you can mix-and-match weapons, equipment, abilities and crew bonuses to your liking. You begin the game with a silenced pistol, assault rifle and the "Noob Lube" crew bonus, which causes your teammates to earn extra cash.
  • Cheat Code: Multiplayer version. There have been sightings of players using hacks and other cheats to gain things like infinite health, infinite ammo, infinite supplies, and never having to reload. Luckily, since the game is purely co-op, there's not much the cheaters can do to spoil someone's game and they are easily kicked out.
  • Cherry Tapping: You can smack enemies to death with the butt of your gun, including the deadly Taser and Cloaker, but it takes too many hits on heavily armored enemies to have real effect.
  • Choice Of Three Weapons: Each character can carry a primary weapon, secondary weapon, and a sidearm.
  • Classic Video Game Screw Yous: This is more apparent on higher difficulty levels in most heists when it's time to escape. There's always a chance that a special unit will spawn right before the exit just to screw you over if your health is already low. Diamond Heist is a special case since it doesn't have a defined escape route, but should the vault codes work during the stealth portion, you may have SWAT and special units spawn in the balconies above you the moment you start stealing the diamonds. Players who know of this ambush may purposely be spotted by the guards after disabling the security system during stealth so that the cops spawn in elsewhere instead of the diamonds room.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: The crew will voice their displeasure with civilians, cops and just about anything else at will. Chains, especially.
  • Continue Your Mission, Dammit!: Played straight and averted. Bain will sometimes nag you to complete your objectives if you are dawdling too long. The sequel retains Bain nagging you plus having mission objective reminders pop up on the screen if you take too long. However, you can turn off the mission reminders as an option.
  • Cool Guns: Many examples.
  • Cool Mask: All the masks are quite awesome and many of them are shout outs to other franchises or people. There are also two masks that are quite cool and are only exclusive to moderators of the Payday steam group and the developers themselves.
  • Creator Cameo: Several mission related civilian characters are voiced and modeled by the developers of Overkill Software.
    • The No Mercy heist also has Chet Flaiszek's name appearing on a nametag in the locker room, which is fitting since he is the writer for the Left 4 Dead series.
      • Also in No Mercy, take a look at the nametags that your crew wears to impersonate as doctors. All the names on the tags, along with their photos, are the artists from Overkill Software, the creators of the game.
  • Cross Over: This is the main appeal behind the No Mercy DLC; it's a level based on Mercy Hospital, the same one found in Left 4 Dead. Bill from Left 4 Dead may appear in the elevator with you in the beginning and you're at the hospital to steal a sample of the virus that's been causing the Green Flu, which is the cause of all the zombies in Left 4 Dead. You might even spot the Witch.
  • Damn You, Muscle Memory: The default use key (which is also used for starting heists, using zip-ties, and screaming at people) is "F", not "E". "E" is the default melee key. Cue newbies accidentally meleeing the Bank Manager in First World Bank for an accidental civilian kill, and when it bugs them enough to swap the two, cue them accidentally whacking the Bank Manager AGAIN because they forgot they swapped the keys.
  • Danger Deadpan: The team's helicopter pilot, Alex, is a smooth talker. Even at times when a lesser man would be screaming in terror. How the hell do you casually ask people to take out the sniper when you can probably see the red dot on your windshield? Justified perhaps since he's non-hostile meaning the police wouldn't legally be able to shoot him (or his copter/crane/whatever) even if they knew what he was doing. Turns into Fridge Brilliance since if Alex is a copter, this prevents the police from being able to subdue him non-lethally.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Dallas and Hoxton, on occasion.
  • Death by Cameo: Because the bank manager in First World Bank is modeled after a developer, you can choose to invoke this trope.
    • According to some newspaper in DLC-Heists, the bank manager actually died.
    • A civilian in a blue shirt in Counterfeit is also modeled after the same developer, you can invoke this trope again.
  • Difficulty Spike: Going from Hard to Overkill was usually a bit jarring for the first timer. This was made easier in a later patch, but then came Overkill 145+ difficulty... and that's another spike entirely, see Harder Than Hard below.
    • If you're playing each level in order, Heat Street is this trope. Many first time players who play Heat Street after First World Bank get to see just how brutal cops can be as they shoot at you from several yards down the street and cover is very poor.
  • Disaster Dominoes: This happens to an extent in "Diamond Heist", involving some bad door codes and a succession of kidnappings. Whether it goes all the way is up to you and your crew, of course.
  • Doomed by Canon: The bank manager in First World Bank can either be killed for his key card or allowed to live by tying him up for his key card. However, the newspapers found in No Mercy and Counterfeit state that the crew killed the manager.
  • Downloadable Content: The "Wolf Pack" DLC adds two new heists ("Counterfeit" and "Undercover") and a new skill tree, Technician. Interestingly, those without the DLC can still play the new heists if the host has it.
  • Earn Your Fun: Unlike most first person shooter games, PAYDAY lacks a tutorial mode and you have to learn everything on the fly, watch videos on YouTube, or play with people who are willing to teach you the basics. It isn't uncommon to see people who played other FPS games while being new to PAYDAY get torn to shreds by the swarm of cops or easily taken down by special SWAT units. The game also has a level up mechanic, which can only be made slightly more bearable if you play on a higher difficulty level to level up faster. Granted, the game can turn off many people who aren't up to the challenge, but it rewards people that stick with the game after much trial and error.
  • Easter Egg: The No Mercy level has several. In the locker room, one of the names on the lockers is Dr. Faliszek, which is the name of Valve's story writer for Left 4 Dead. When the power gets cut out, one of the locked doors contains the Witch, zombie character used in Left 4 Dead. Very rarely, you'll bump into Bill on his way to surgery as the mission begins. You may also hear Chains starting to cough like a Smoker.
    • The game also contains names of 200 players who won a contest to get their names into the game. The names can be found almost anywhere and a good portion of them can be heard from the DJ in Diamond Heist when he announces who made the next request.
    • The most (in)famous easter egg is the ARG that spanned over multiple levels and forced players to meet extreme requirements and tasks in order to find the secret.
    • More names were added to the game after the ARG event had passed. The names are from the group of people that were the first to discover the game's secret.
  • Easy-Mode Mockery: Only the first two heists can be played on easy. The second two, plus "No Mercy" and the DLC Heists require you to play on at least normal, and the last two originally required hard or above. On top of this, playing on Easy won't even net you a million dollars should you beat a level on this difficulty.
  • Elite Mooks: The cops have four types of "specialist" units they will send after you. How often they appear depends on game difficulty. In general, they take more hits then the regular cops and are very dangerous if faced alone.
  • Enemy Chatter: An important element in the game. SWAT units will constantly announce what kind of special units they are going to send after you before Bain can inform you about it.
  • Escort Mission: Thankfully, mostly painless due to the NPC being immune to gunfire, but you still have to prod them along and they will refuse to move if there's cops in the immediate area.
  • Expy: The entire crew, much like all of Heists, heavily resemble movie counterparts.
  • Evil Brit: Hoxton.
  • Faceless Goons: The crew, though you can see their faces in some levels before the heist begins. A lot of the cops are this as well, mostly SWAT and the specialists. The ones that aren't faceless tend to suffer from Only Six Faces.
  • False Flag Operation: "Panic Room" begins with the crew feigning a drug deal with the thugs running the meth lab where said Panic Room is located.
    • "Counterfeit" also begins with the crew disguised as a group of plumbers to fix the waterworks that belong to someone that also happens to have a money-making machine.
  • Fast Roping: SWAT helicopters often fly in to drop squads behind you or in otherwise advantageous flanking positions. They often have a Taser or Cloaker mixed in, so it pays to watch where they drop. On rare occasions, they may even be carrying a Bulldozer. In the sequel, they may do this through sunroofs.
  • FBI Agent: Occasionally mixed in with SWAT Units. Called "Hostage Rescue" in-game, they will actively seek out civilians you've told to get down, and order them to leave the area. They are otherwise no more dangerous then the local cops.
  • Five-Man Band:
    • The Leader / The Team Benefactor: Bain (He sets up the heists and keeps the team informed of current situations during heists.)
    • The Smart Guy: Wolf (He is the poster image of the Technician class, using gadgets like sentry guns and a toolkit that can speed up use of other devices or other actions.)
    • The Big Guy / The Medic: Chains (Big Scary Black Man and and poster image of the Support class that uses the Doctor Bag)
    • The Lancer: Dallas (Leads the Slaughterhouse heist and is usually the pseudo leader of the group in other heists as well.)
    • The Face: Hoxton (Encourages the team when heists get rough and helps them come up with a plan B when the codes in Diamond Heist doesn't work. He is also the most calm member of the group when he tells hostages to stay down when there's no assaults going on.)
  • Friendly Fire Proof: Played straight and averted at once. You can't harm your teammates no matter how much you shoot them, but the grenade launcher will cause splash damage to yourself.

  • Game-Breaking Bug: Due to the wonky collision detection, it's possible to fall through the floor of the map and fall forever in an endless void. The only way out is to reset the level.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: Dallas was a heavy smoker, and has shortages of breath at times; yet this topic never really comes up in game.
    • And on many of the heists that contain cameras its suggested through story that they are not functional. Bain has you sabotage the CCTV footage in First World Bank (Which suggests the cops can't use them if they don't get to the security room) and Bain has already deactivated the Cameras in Diamond Heist. The importance and effect of shooting out the cameras vary by mission - in FWB, The first batch of cameras affect if the cops know where you are, while the second batch (the 9 in the vault) determines how many elevators open up.
    • In "No Mercy" the military arrives and bombs the building to insure that you don't escape, all this does ingame is force you to open the elevator hatch in order to either make your escape via helicopter or through a backdoor in the basement.
  • Genius Bruiser: The whole crew (under AI control) during bank speech; not only do they explain what they're after but they also explains why the civilians money isn't actually affected by the heist. They're also absolutely correct.
  • Glass Cannon: The gangsters in Panic Room are easy to kill but their machine guns can cause a lot of damage to you if you aren't careful. The players themselves can become this as well on high difficulty levels.
  • Grenade Launcher: The GL40 (an M79) is added with the "Wolf Pack" DLC.
  • Griefer: Thankfully averted for the most part due to lack of friendly fire, missions with stealth having alternate ways of beating them should the stealth fail, and players having the ability to get cops to cuff themselves as a hostage should all the civilians get killed by the griefer. You'll still have the occasional player who will purposely not help you get up after you go down or waste supplies deployed by another player, but those types of players are easy to remove.
  • Gold Makes Everything Shiny: The gold bars in the Slaughterhouse level are quite shiny, including the gold bars found in First World Bank's secret vault. The Gold masks are also shiny.
  • Guide Dang It: Every heist save "Green Bridge" has an extra objective not required to finish it, but necessary to get the full amount of Cash. Taking out all the cameras in First World Bank is easy enough. Less easy is finding all the cash bundles in "Panic Room" (which requires you to search literally every nook and cranny in the building) or getting all the sapphires in "Diamond Heist" (which requires you to not be spotted by guards, as tripping the alarm will cause the cases with the gems in them to disappear.)
    • "Heat Street" is also an odd case of not actually having an extra objective - The devs confirmed that there are supposed to be one less objective than actually noted at the end-of-mission summary screen, as the only way to get the last objective (Extraction at the base of the bridge) is to fail the objective immediately before it (Quickly clear an area for extraction at the top of the bridge).
    • Players who successfully reached the ICU without tripping any alarms in the No Mercy level have to draw a blood sample from a patient. While this sounds easy enough and every level tells you what you need to do, what this part does NOT tell you is each isolation room is connected to a security alarm box in a nearby closet via colored wires and once you start the heist, you can cut one of the wires to prevent one of the isolation shutters from closing. Many first time players most likely attempted to break the glass of the isolation room, only to be stopped by an invisible wall as the shutters closed on them.
    • Getting law enforcement to handcuff themselves is not made clear. You have to weaken the cop by either smacking him or shooting at him and then spam the action key to get them to drop their gun and cuff themselves. Players either find this out by accident or through word of mouth from more experienced players.
  • Gun Accessories: The appearance of the guns will change to reflect certain upgrades. For example, the last accuracy upgrade for rifles gives each a red dot sight, while the shotguns will get longer magazine tubes in response to capacity upgrades.
  • Gun Twirling: When first beginning the Heist, the crew can be seen spinning out their pistols as they put on their masks.
    • The STRYK is always drawn with a spin.
  • Hammerspace Police Force: So much that the police will organize all out Assaults, in which they come at you in such staggering numbers that your only choice is usually to bunker down and hold them off.
  • Hand Cannon: The Bronco .44 hits much harder then the B9-S, Crosskill .45 or STRYK, and can put down a Heavy SWAT with one or two shots. It does however have a lengthy reload time.
  • Harder Than Hard: Overkill and Overkill 145+
    • 145+ ends up cranking this Up to Eleven. You only get ONE bleedout without using medibags (if you get downed a second time, other players only have one second to get you back up before you go into custody), you get left with 25% health after being downed once, the Elite Mook spawn rate is brought over the top, certain new events only occur on 145+ (Including having 4 bulldozers in the bank vault on First World Bank), and you will generally be getting the short end of the stick on any and all random events.
  • Hard Mode Perks: The Hard, Overkill, and Overkill 145+ difficulties are tough for players playing on those levels for the first few times, but they offer a much bigger payout compared to Easy and Normal difficulty. More money earned in a single mission means faster leveling up. Once you get skilled enough to play on the higher difficulties without failing constantly, it will be quite easy to reach the max rep level in a few sessions.
  • Heal Thyself: Players can carry and drop a medical bag so the team can heal up. Upgrades from the Support tree increase how many refills the bag has.
  • Heart Beat Soundtrack: No Mercy has this during assaults.
  • He Who Must Not Be Seen: Bain is portrayed in this trope; he never appears anywhere in the game and official media showing him has his face hidden within the shadows. Alex, the helicopter pilot, is also not able to be seen due to his helicopter being too far away for you to get a good look.
    • Bain has also interacted with the PAYDAY community directly, dropping hints, news, and other clues regarding PAYDAY 2 through Steam. Naturally, Bain's identity still remains a mystery.
  • Hold the Line: Usually your best option during police assaults. There are exceptions: you have to force your way through during the final segment of Green Bridge, or be overwhelmed.
  • Hollywood Silencer: Played straight in the first game where the silenced pistol will never alert anyone no matter how close you are when you shoot the weapon.
  • Hostage Situation: In deference to the standard, this is actually beneficial. Innocent Bystanders can be taken hostage by simply ordering them to get down (by facing them and using the action button) and then cuffing them with twist-ties. If a player is downed and not helped up in the allotted time, they go into police custody. After a certain amount of time passes, you can trade a hostage for an arrested player, returning them to the game. This is, however, the only way to respawn on Hard and Overkill,note  so manage your hostages carefully. They can be freed by cops if you aren't paying attention.
    • It's actually possible to get law enforcement to cuff themselves, which in turn adds to your hostage count WITHOUT requiring a twist-tie. You can even do this to the SWAT guys, although it's particularly tricky to get them to cooperate.
  • Hostage for MacGuffin: Diamond Heist pulls this off twice where the crew takes the CFO hostage and will let him live if he gives up the vault codes. If he refuses, then the crew moves on to take the owner's son hostage and also threaten to kill him if the codes are not given.
  • Hot-Blooded: Hoxton during his early years was always picking fights with people just to prove he could kick some ass. Hoxton is also the most aggressive member of the group during assaults as he tells his team to go for the kill when coverfire won't work and threatens the cops with bullets that have their names on it.
  • Hyperspace Arsenal: One can easily hide a pistol on their person, maybe even a shotgun if it's been sufficiently trimmed down. These guys can conceal two large guns (one of which can be a general purpose machine gun), a pistol, zip-ties to take hostages and a gym bag of ammo/health, a portable Sentry Gun or a stack of up to ten laser tripmines. Funnily enough, the guards will notice you're packing if you stay near one too long. At the very least, the body armor the crew wears is visible under their suit jackets.
  • Idiosyncratic Difficulty Levels: Only the two highest ones: Overkill. Overkill 145+ (from Patch 6) ends up being a case of Exactly What It Says on the Tin - It's an even harder difficulty level SPECIFICALLY for players with a rep level of at least 145 (which, without DLC, gives you Mr. Nice Guy). It's not even available to those who are of lower rep.
  • Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy: Totally averted. Despite their lemming-like behavior, the cops sure don't shoot like them- they can consistently land multiple hits on you whenever you so much as stick a finger out of cover, so pop and shoot.
  • Incredibly Lame Pun: The chest armor of Cloakers features an inverted omega and knife symbol, with the letters S.P.O.O.C. written below.
  • Insecurity Camera: The cameras in some levels don't raise the alarm if they see you and they don't even move. The only thing the cameras do are aiding the police in finding your location faster. In No Mercy, pulling out your guns at the start of the heist will trigger the alarm after 7 seconds go by because of the cameras, even if you pull out your guns away from the cameras. If you destroy all the cameras, the hospital will either send a repairman to see why the cameras are not working or they will send a security guard to see if everything is alright.
  • Infinite Supplies: Played straight by the cops, but not for your crew. You have fairly limited ammo for each of your guns. The only ways to get more are to pick up paltry ammo drops from the cops or to use the ammo bag. Upgrades from the Assault tree can increase the amount of ammo refills you can get from a bag.
    • Also played straight by AI teammates, thankfully.
  • Informed Equipment: Security guards in First World Bank can detect your guns attached to you, even though weapons are not shown until the players don their masks and pull their weapons out.
  • In the Back: This is only way you can kill a Shield unless you have the grenade launcher or use trip mines.
  • It's Up to You: Teammate AI in both games only give you cover fire and revive you when you go down. They won't do mission objectives or carry loot bags.
  • Jack-of-All-Trades: Played straight in the first game where you can use anything and be proficient at everything once you unlock all gear and bonuses. Averted in the sequel where you can't unlock every skill and have to carefully think about where to spend your skill points.
  • Jump Scare: No Mercy has a witch locked in a room during the blackout which will jump up to the window, scream at you and then disappear if you approach it.
  • Kaizo Trap: Can happen randomly during any escape; even if you pull the perfect heist, there's nothing stopping the AI from blocking your escape route by spawning a Bulldozer or two.
    • Diamond Heist is a special case since there's no defined escape route, but if you manage to reach the vault with working initial codes and no alarms, there's a random chance that the AI will make SWAT units ambush you from the balconies once you start looting the vault.
  • Kill It with Fire: Double-crosser Matt in "Heat Street" can't be arsed to get out of his wrecked van and hand over the stolen printing plates. So what does the crew decide to do? Burn him out. He gives up before he runs out of oxygen and comes out.
  • Killed Off for Real: Bruce, a getaway driver who tries to help you out in "Heat Street". Likewise, the bank manager from First World Bank is dead according to the newspapers in the No Mercy and Counterfeit levels, making him Doomed by Canon whether you let him live or not.
  • Lampshade Hanging: Upon meeting the requirements for the "Are You Ready Yet" Achievement (have Bain circle around 7 times in Diamond Heist), Bain will spout out "Okay, you've got your trophy, can we go now!?"
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Matt finally gets what's coming to him for backstabbing the crew, though it happens outside of the game. According to the introduction in the PAYDAY 2 Christmas Soundtrack, he regularly gets his ass kicked by Hoxton (from the first game) in prison, whom he shares a cell with.
  • Last Stand: Take enough damage and you get downed. You can use your equipped pistol to fight off the cops, but you still take damage. Take enough damage while downed and you won't even be able to shoot back. If you are cuffed, tased down, or taken down by a Cloaker, you are completely helpless.
    • Also, depending on whether you shoot at cops while downed or otherwise have made yourself a threat (killing civilians), the police may or may not shoot at you when downed. So if you act relatively harmless, it can occasionally be a good tactic not to have a Last Stand and simply wait for your teammates to kill the cops rather than go into the shorter bleedout mode.
  • Lemming Cops: The cops tend to act more like Left 4 Dead's infected hordes then actual cops, rushing you with all guns blazing. The special units take this Up to Eleven, especially Bulldozers, who are deliberately designed to charge the nearest player with a shotgun.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: The bots may not know when to retreat unless you tell them to, but keep in mind it's not a typical FPS by any means. Rushing WILL get you shot(quite a lot) unless you know what you're doing.
    • People new to the game tend to blindly rush against the swarm of SWAT units, not realizing that concentrated fire from the enemy tend to get you killed fairly quickly, even on Normal, or that shooting like a madman wastes ammo and the cops don't drop enough ammo to give back what you spent.
  • Lightning Bruiser: The Bulldozer appears to be a Mighty Glacier at first glance, but once he starts to sprint, his threat level shoots up.
  • Lost Forever: While obtaining extra masks is purely optional, there are several that are no longer obtainable if you had missed out on the events that gave them out:
    • The Santa mask was obtained by finding Christmas presents hidden in the levels. Since Christmas from 2011 (the year the game launched) has long passed, getting the Santa mask is no longer possible. However, Overkill decided to release the mask again for the 2012 holiday season, which becomes lost forever once more after time has passed.
    • The Troll mask was given out by the developers to people who took part in trolling people about the release date for the Wolf Pack DLC. Since the DLC is out, getting the mask is not possible now if you missed your shot.
    • The Vyse masks were given out by a member of the Payday community during his charity event. Since the event had passed, getting the Vyse masks is not possible anymore.
    • The Secret masks earned from finding the hidden secret in the game is no longer obtainable due to the time to find the secret expiring.
  • Level Up Fill Up: You wouldn't expect this to happen in a game like this, but if you gain a reputation level in-game, your health and inventory gets completely replenished. Very handy, as it even brings you BACK from being downed. However, it doesn't happen when playing on Overkill difficulty.
  • Lightning Bruiser: All the SWAT units act this way. While most of them tend to walk slow most of the time, they can suddenly start sprinting towards you to close the distance. SWAT units are also heavily armored and require several headshots to kill quickly. They also have a lot of firepower and get even more dangerous in groups.
  • Luck-Based Mission: Each mission has some random elements in it, ranging from subtle changes  to complete dick moves . A list of all the known ones is here.
    • No Mercy has the most luck based elements out of all the missions. The first phase has its cameras in random locations and it is possible to have a set of cameras set up in a way where you will never be fast enough to get them all before the alarm goes off. To make it worse, the amount of cameras will increase if there are other players in the game. The patient you are sent to find is also in a random location, so if you the alarm was triggered in the beginning of the game, the doors in the ICU get sealed and you will have to saw each door off until you can find the right guy (hopefully you got it on the first guess!). On top of this, once you do have the blood samples, you have to get them validated, which can either take several tries or just a few attempts. And just to put the icing on the cake, the power will be cut by the police, but how many times this happens is also randomized and this also forces you to call the elevator again after each power cut.
    • The entire game itself can be luck based depending on what enemy types spawn. Sometimes the extra Bulldozers can ruin your game if you aren't prepared.
    • The presents found during the 2012 holiday season may sometimes be inside a room or area that may be closed at random.
  • Luckily My Shield Will Protect Me: This is the Shield SWAT unit's purpose; block all attacks from the front while his friends hide behind him for cover. Quick maneuvering around the Shield will get you to his unprotected backside. If you have the grenade launcher, then the shield pretty much doesn't exist.

  • Made of Iron: The crew can withstand bone-shattering amounts of gunfire. They are at least shown to wear body armor, but, really. How many shotgun blasts to the face can four masked malefactors possibly take? You can take even more hits by using the "Thick Skin" upgrade or if a teammate has the "Protector" crew bonus.
  • Malevolent Masked Men: PC Gamer dubbed them the "chuckle brothers."
  • Men Are the Expendable Gender: There aren't any female cops, not counting the occasionally-heard dispatcher.
  • Mission Control: Bain notifies you of your current objective, when police assaults begin and end, negotiates hostage trades with the police on your behalf, and coordinates with other support like the plane or chopper pilots. The voice overs at the end of each mission suggest he's the one masterminding the heists as well. If you fail a mission, he states he has ways of bailing you out.
  • Money for Nothing: Money is only used as an experience level system where getting enough cash will get you a level up. Other than that, money is not used for anything and money becomes totally worthless once your rep level hits the maximum. Averted in the sequel where money will be used to buy new weapons and other items.
  • Monster Closet: During the end segment of "First World Bank", it's entirely possible for a specialist (like, say, a Bulldozer) to burst out of a door right into your face, or just behind the crew in an attempt to pick one of you off. An update lets this also happen on other heists, such as in the alleys of "Heat Street" and "Panic Room."
  • Monster Clown: Just check out the page image. Those masks are creepy.
  • More Dakka: The Brenner 21 Machine Gun has far and away the highest capacity of any weapon- and that's before its stack of capacity upgrades, the last of which changes its drum magazine into a box one. It levels police charges like nothing else. For the curious, fully upgraded, a Brenner has just shy of 175 bullets per magazine which is enough to let you continually fire (abit with little accuracy) into double digits of seconds.
  • Nerf: All over the place in Patch 3, with some old tried-and-true strategies no longer working without adjustments. Most notably, Overall difficulty was decreased across the board (particularly in single player). This was met with considerable amounts of complaining, which may have lead in part to the addition of Overkill 145+ difficulty in patch 6.
  • The Nicknamer: Wolf is this with Hoxton. Nicknames he has given him include; Hoxtilicious, Hoxitron, El Hoxo, Hox, Hoxtinator, Hoxtonite, and Hoxifier.
  • Nobody Can Die: The player characters never die no matter how much they are shot by the cops. Bleeding out completely just places the player into police custody and when they are traded, they are back in the game without a scratch. Averted with everyone else, however.
  • Noob Cave: First World Bank is quite easy and simplistic to play through. The objectives are straightforward without gimmicks and randomized events are quite minimal.
  • No Fair Cheating: Players who fall into police custody may attempt to leave the game and come back in, hoping to be out of custody and back into playing. This only works if a new player has joined the game to replace a bot that is in police custody. A current player that is in custody will still be in custody if they try this trick. Likewise, a player that has used a deployed item (medical bag, ammo bag, trip mines, or sentries), leaves, and then returns will have their used item vanish from the playing field. This prevents people from trying to duplicate supplies.
  • Noodle Incident: According to Hoxton's profile, he obtained his nickname for committing a crime in a city of the same name and said crime was very unique. It is never explained what Hoxton exactly did that made the crime so unique.
  • Notice This: Objectives, teammates, player-dropped bags and "spotted" enemies are all highlighted with colored outlines, making navigation a snap.
  • Not the Intended Use: The secret vault in First World Bank made the trope very apparent. Reaching the vault leads you to 70 gold bars and each one is worth a million dollars. You'll be able to level up several times from the gold bars alone. Unsurprisingly, everyone started to farm the secret vault just to level up really fast, causing two things to happen: 1) The majority of First World Bank games are people doing the secret vault, which means that anyone who just wants to play the level normally won't be able to do so. 2) Many new players who abused the secret vault are now joining high difficulty level games, thinking their new equipment would carry them through, Players that have level grinded from the secret vault quickly discovered that they didn't have the skills to back it up and were quickly slaughtered, which also greatly annoyed the more skilled players who now have to babysit the overconfident player or boot them out of the game.
  • Oh Crap: The character's reactions upon spotting a specialist unit usually sound like this. The player might do this too.
  • Pacifist Run: You can perform a heist with no violence and no alarms being tripped, but good luck. It's Nintendo Hard.
    • Diamond Heist is the easiest to pull this off if you managed to get all the alarm boxes without being spotted and the codes work on the first try. However, due to the level being a Luck-Based Mission, you won't always have a chance of doing this.
    • The trope is also an achievement for beating Counterfeit this way and it is a level where you are forced to run all over the place to complete objectives as the cops surround you.
  • One-Hit-Point Wonder: Civilians are so weak that a single Pistol Whip can kill them instantly.
  • Palette Swap: The Clown mask's model is reused for the Gold and Secret masks with different textures.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: The crew wear nice suits in order to blend in with the crowd in First World Bank and No Mercy, yet no one seems to notice or mind that the crew are wearing latex gloves or bulletproof vests outside of their shirts. Not even the gang members in Panic Room seem to take notice.
  • Player Tic: Nearly every player during the Counterfeit heist will shoot out the radio just to silence it.
    • Players also constantly shout at important hostages to keep moving, even though the target will always keep moving unless there's a heated gunfight nearby that scares them or the players are not walking with the escort.
  • Pistol Whip: You can perform a melee attack with any equipped weapon. This is a good way to force cops to surrender— generally, one whack and then spamming your "use" key will do the trick.
  • Point of No Return: Once all of the objectives are done, an endless swarm of cops rush in and you have a limited amount of time to reach the extraction point or be considered Left for Dead.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: Don't shoot civilians. Each civilian is a potential hostage, and every one you kill makes the Police take longer to agree to a hostage trade if you get taken into custody. You also receive a cash penalty at the end of the round for every civilian killed. Morality doesn't really enter into it...
  • Private Military Contractors: You fight some Murkywater mercs in "Slaughterhouse", who are escorting the armored truck of gold you are hitting. This was also Chains' former occupation.
  • Rapid Fire No: Bain has a line like this for failing a mission.
  • Regenerating Shield, Static Health: You have a regenerating armor layer on top of non-regenerating health. It pays to let the armor regenerate, as the only way to get health back is the precious medic bags... or a well-timed Level Up Fill Up if on Hard or below. Your remaining health also determines how much armor you'll get.
    • AI teammates follow the straight Regenerating Health, so they won't need Health Bags.
  • Respawning Enemies: The cops and SWAT teams during assault waves keep swarming into the level. Even when the cops are not on the offensive, you will still have a few cops trickle in during lulls between assault waves. Guards, gangsters, and hired mercenaries don't respawn at all.
  • Retired Badass: In Counterfeit, it is revealed that Bain was previously a heister.

  • Safecracking: Pssh, who has the time? In "First World Bank", the crew burns through the vault roof with cans of thermite, bypassing the door entirely. In "Panic Room", they simply steal the whole panic room. In "Diamond Heist", the codes either work... or they don't, and a Hostage Situation ensues to get the vault open. In "Slaughterhouse", they drill through the front of the safe. In "Counterfeit", they drill through the top of the safe, fill it with water and blow the door out with C4. Sensing a pattern yet?
  • Scary Black Man: Chains, all the time.
  • Sentry Gun: An automated turret with two SMGs as turrets can be used by the Wolf Pack DLC's Technician class. Comes with the Technician in the sequel and can be upgraded.
  • Schrödinger's Cast: The CFO in Diamond Heist may be lucky enough to live when either the codes actually do manage to work, or he gives the codes himself when he's taken hostage (unlike all those other times when Bain drops him to his death in order to intimidate Mr. Garnet).
  • Screaming Woman: Female civilians are this when the guns start firing and the crew shouts at them.
  • Smug Snake: Matt when he pulls a Heel-Face Turn on the crew. He taunts the group when he refuses to come out of the wrecked van but after the crew decides to light the van on fire, he comes out and constantly begs to be let go.
  • Sniper Rifle: The M308 serves as one, with far and away the greatest accuracy of any weapon and a red dot sight to help you along. Some heists feature SWAT snipers which can quickly inflict nasty damage on you if you aren't smart enough to duck. However, their shots have highly visible tracer lines and they aren't any tougher than Blue SWATs. However, given the distances they set up at and their spectacular accuracy, simply hitting them can be a challenge depending on the weapons you're carrying.
  • Status Buff: The crew bonuses. Each affects only your teammates, but you benefit from each one your teammates equip, though they do not stack. "Noob Lube" isn't usable after you reach level 5, but if you max out one of the class trees you get access to the "Mr. Nice Guy" bonus, which does the same thing.
  • Stealth-Based Mission: "Diamond Heist" begins with you infiltrating a high-rise office area. If you're sufficiently sneaky, you can place the alarm scramblers and open the vault without firing a shot- and you can grab all the sapphires scattered about, which are worth a great deal of Cash. If not, you lose your shot at the sapphires, have to take some hostages, and then shoot your way out. Luckily, your AI teammates will stay where they are during the sneaking portion of the level so you don't have to worry about them being spotted.
    • Counterfeit and No Mercy also use elements of this, albeit briefly.
  • Sliding Scale Of Hero Effectiveness: On-site guards < local cops, FBI agents, and Gangsters < Blue SWAT units < Heavy SWAT units < Murkywater mercs < the specialist units.
  • Short Range Shotgun: Actually averted by the Reinbeck, which can reliably hit enemies across most rooms. Played straight by the Locomotive 12G, though given its rather short barrel this is probably justified. The Locomotive has a far greater fire rate, however.
  • Shout-Out: Has its own page.
  • Shown Their Work: While the developers don't capture all the details and behavior of the SWAT units exactly right, most of the SWAT portrayal shown in the game are accurate to the real life counterparts; the strafing, flanking, and infiltration are spot on and there are use of heavy metal shields in real life SWAT teams. The Bulldozer seen in the game are mostly used for bomb disposal in real life but there have been occasions where they are also used to handle more violent crimes. While Cloakers don't exist in real life SWAT teams, they do have members in SWAT trained to blindside their target and knock them down in a single hit, a tactic known as cloaking (or to cloak someone). SWAT snipers in real life are trained to never miss their targets are are usually in blue armor, just like the snipers in the game.
  • Smug Snake: Matt in the Heat Street heist steals your money and gives you the finger before fleeing in a van. Even when you catch up to him when his van is totaled, he refuses to come out, forcing you to set the van on fire to smoke him out. After he gives up, he meekly begs you to let him go while you prod him to move along.
  • Speed Run: Possible to do in Diamond Heist if the codes work the first time and you stealth the run. Many people have attempted to get the quickest time in Diamond Heist as possible.
  • Stun Guns: The Taser SWAT unit will shock you when given the chance, causing the screen to shake and your weapon to fire uncontrollably. Being tased for 10 seconds without interruption automatically incapacitates you.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: Trip mines and the grenade launcher gives all the boom you need. SWAT units will also blow up walls in some levels to reach you faster.
  • Super Window Jump: Averted, the cops will break the windows before jumping through, or blow them out with an explosive charge in the case of the heavy glass in the front of "First World Bank."
  • The All-Seeing A.I.: Smoke grenades won't deter the cops from shooting at you with pinpoint accuracy through the smoke. Fortunately, this also applies to your AI teammates. At least for the police, it's partially justified/explained that they're wearing night vision or infrared goggles to see through the smoke.
  • The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard: Cops tend to be extremely accurate in their shots no matter how far away they are from you, including with their use of a shotgun. Cops also tend to have their shots clip into the level geometry and objects, hitting you even though you are hiding in cover. When the cops use smoke grenades, they can see through the smoke perfectly to shoot at you, despite the fact that most (save the Bulldozer and Cloaker) have zero protection from the smoke at all. On top of this, the cops can shoot through civilians to hit you, whereas you will instantly kill a civilian if just a single bullet from your gun grazes them.
    • On a more positive note, AI teammates don't run out of ammo, and their health is renewable. They can also do certain scripted events better and have a few quirks (such as leaping on a table and announcing that this is a stickup) and do a few moves human players can't do.
  • Time for Plan B: Bain pulls this off in Diamond Heist if the codes to the vault don't work; he'll ask you to capture the CFO so he can use him as a bargaining tool with Mr. Garnet for the codes. If that plan fails, then Bain goes to Plan C: dump the CFO out of the chopper to his death and kidnap Garnet's son. Bain also has a back up plan for the No Mercy heist if the alarm is triggered by having you hacking open the doors leading to the ICU booths.
  • The Goomba: The security guards and local police are the weakest enemies in the game due to being unarmored and using mostly pistols. However, a security guard can, but rarely, handcuff you if you get too close. There's even an achievement for it.
  • Too Dumb to Live: The civilians will generally stay down when you tell them to, but they tend to get up and run around in a panic whenever you're in a shootout with the cops. This makes Heat Street become That One Level because of all the innocents running around getting in your line of fire.
  • Torture Always Works: The Taxman in the Undercover level will always buckle and give up the codes needed to hack the server, but you usually have to smack him around with your gun a few times and then shout at him before he gives it up. Depending on the randomness factor, the Taxman may go unconscious because you hit him too many times, forcing you to wait until he wakes up.
    • Getting Matt out of the van in Heat Street follows this too.
  • True Companions: As with Left 4 Dead before it, being a gung ho lone wolf as a player is a really fast way of getting arrested or killed, perhaps even more so. Whereas L4D allows you a fairly generous amount of time to rescue someone against enemies with few, if any, ranged attacks and limited speed, PAYDAY has fast enemies with multiple ways of attacking and subduing you, at range and at melee, and it's possible to run out of ammo for even your sidearm.
  • Twenty SWAT Helmets: Many of the listed challenges in the game require you to kill X amount of cops with weapon Y (sometimes with headshots only). It gets absurd once you reach the grind challenges that require a thousand kills.
  • Unwinnable by Mistake: The Counterfeit heist requires that at least one player with a crowbar so that they can open the sewer hatch and escape when it's time. The level has 2 crowbars and if the two players that have them are in police custody when the finale begins (finales make the police assault endless, preventing you from making hostage trades), the remaining players are stuck can do nothing but get blasted by the cops or wait until the timer runs out, making the level a failure.
  • Video Game Cruelty Punishment: Having an itchy trigger finger will work heavily against you when civiians are around. Each civilian killed adds a 10 second penalty to your negation delay timer if you get taken into custody and you will also have a reduced cash award at the end of the level.
  • Villain Protagonist
  • Violation of Common Sense: One of the challenges in the game is to go into bleed out mode from fall damage. You're usually conditioned to always use the stairs, so most people looking to complete this challenge will break their legs from falling on purpose.
    • The achievement "Easy Street" requires players to beat Heat Street on Overkill difficulty while the crew's accuracy is 60% or more. You can shoot civilians to boost your accuracy if you don't mind waiting longer to be traded from custody. The "One Shot, One Kill - Repeat" achievement follows a similar mechanic where you have to kill 30 targets in 30 shots with the M308 and civilians count towards the achievement.
    • The "Pacifist" achievement can be obtained from beating Counterfeit without killing a single civilian or law enforcer, which means you can't attack the cops at all while they pump you full of lead. Try not to give in to temptation by shooting back!
  • Voice with an Internet Connection: Bain, who guides you through each heist. Among other things, he will tell you when an Assault is about to happen and when specialist units are heading your way.
  • We Cannot Go On Without You: If all human players are in custody, the heist ends in failure, even if the difficulty is on normal or easy and any player is 3 seconds away from auto-respawning. In Single-Player, this pretty much means you (and only you) have to survive the entire level without being taken into custody. Luckily, this also means only you have to make it to the end when it's time to escape and the bots don't need to be with you to make it count.
  • Wham Line: During the No Mercy campaign, it's possible for Dallas to either cough like a smoker ("there's something in my throat"), one of the others to comment about feeling ill, or for Bain to leave you for dead after the elevator crashes.
  • What the Hell, Player?: Bain will scold you if you accidentally or purposely kill civilians and he may even ask if you've gone mental or postal.
    • Killing civilians and/or shooting a non silenced gun during the stealth portion of the No Mercy heist also gets you a scolding from Bain and he will also chastise you if you don't answer the phone when it rings (they all cause the alarm to be triggered). Botching the stealth sections of Undercover and Counterfeit gets Bain annoyed at you as well.
  • Xanatos Speed Chess: Bain is no chessmaster, but he's surprisingly good at improvising. He has about nine backup plans for the Diamond Heist, sets up an enormous trap on short notice for The Slaughterhouse, and still arranges your escape after everything goes wrong on Heat Street. It helps that he's always listening to police scanners, and knows every move the Police make. Not only that, on lower difficulties he can get you out of custody about three minutes after you've been arrested, assuming you didn't kill any civilians, and even if everyone goes to jail he can somehow get the people who'd usually be on death row for their actions back in the streets.
  • You ALL Look Familiar: The civilians have limited amounts of models and face models, so they all tend to look alike fairly quickly. All enemies, save for the Heavy SWAT and the special SWAT units share the same body model and only have a few varieties of different faces.
  • Zerg Rush: The cops do this during Assaults.

Following the success of the first game, Starbreeze (makers of the Riddick games) decided to buy the OVERKILL outright and fund a sequel. Dubbed PAYDAY 2, the game was released worldwide on August 13th on Steam and August 16th on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in 2013. A playable beta was released on July 24th on the same year for players that pre ordered the Steam version of the game.

Rather than having swappable classes, the game uses a more refined character class system; you spend skill points to level up different class trees that contain different abilities, allowing you to mix-and-match abilities. The game also contains weapon mods that allow players to tweak and customize weapons as they wish for optimal performance, as well as customizable masks that have different materials, patterns, and colors.

Overkill Software created a web series, simply called PAYDAY: The Web Series, which is an online short film (usually around 10 to 20 minutes) based on the game. The series showcases the main characters in action while also showing minor characters that play a role in the overall story arc or what kind of people they are. The series is produced and directed by Demian Lichtenstein, who also directed 3000 Miles to Graceland. The web series is also co-produced by Overkill Software.

The crew from the first game return except for Hoxton and Chains, who are new characters using the old aliases/masks and are based on the actors from the web series; Word of God says that the old Hoxton and Chains were either arrested or have retired from their criminal careers. The game had five DLCs planned until Overkill's publisher 505 Games gave several million dollars in funding to ensure content and support for the game for the next 20 months. The successful beta test from the community had the developers release the first DLC, Armored Transport Heist, for free towards anyone who pre-ordered the game. Notably, pre-order sales alone were enough for the game to break even on development.

PAYDAY 2 provides examples of:

    PAYDAY 2 
  • Adam Smith Hates Your Guts: So much so he'd dance on your grave; EVERYTHING costs an extortionate amount of cash. Whilst it's understandable a rare weapon might cost upwards of a few hundred thousand (plus because of balancing), upgrades are on par with weapon costs. Attaching purely cosmetic wooden-handle to your shotgun? $34,200 without discount upgrades. Removed it and decided you want it back on again? I hope you have another $34,200 handy.
    • Done to absurd extremes on — if you want to play a specific level with specific settings without waiting,you're expected to have a few million to spare (though it thankfully comes from your offshore account instead of your actual spending cash). Patches nerfed the costs of buying contracts where most of them cost a few hundred thousand dollars and a few will reach a million bucks.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Frequent, as some missions allow certain classes to thrive whilst others are reduced to support. The typical pairings are: Mastermind & Enforcer, who focus on theatrical, powerful approaches; and Technician & Ghost, who focus on indirect, defensive approaches).
    • Partially due to post-release patches, "Techforcer" is now a popular direct-combat option because it combines the technician's "Bulletproof" skill with the Enforcer's heaviest body armor, while Mastermind is more useful for stealth because stealth is more often than not a matter of managing civilians and guards (Mastermind's ability) rather than staying out of sight and moving quickly (Ghost's ability).
  • A.I. Breaker: Averted unlike the first game. SWAT units are more synchronized in their attacks and will flank players from every possible angle when given the chance. There's almost nothing that breaks the enemy AI.
  • All or Nothing: The sequel ramps up the trope with having a lot of cash and valuables being optional. You can try to get more of them for a bigger payout, but if you are not careful, your team can get wiped out and you'll lose everything.
  • And Your Reward Is Masks: Completing heists allows each player to draw one of three cards, and possible cosmetic prizes include different mask "ingredients"; designs, fabric/material, and color schemes.
  • Animesque/Moe: Parodied with the Kawaii mask, which turns your murderous criminal into a pink-haired moeblob. Uguu.
  • Anti-Frustration Feature: PAYDAY 2 has any bags of coke tossed into the water during day 2 of Watchdogs respawn at the truck where they first appeared in. All mission critical loot bags cannot be completely stolen by the cops, but they can be moved elsewhere.
    • Averted in the final parts of "Rats". Players need to wait for a second loot helicopter that hovers beside the bridge and, should they miss when throwing a bag, it falls off the bridge and is Lost Forever.
    • Advancing to the next tier of infamy resets all your skill points, but as compensation, the points needed to unlock the next tier in a class tree is cheaper. Experience points needed to level up is also reduced.
  • Anti-Grinding: PAYDAY 2 discourages players who try to grind for EXP and cash by having heists you completed show up less frequently, forcing you to play other heists instead of playing the same one over and over. The game also had an level limit penalty by reducing EXP gained on heists that are above your level, but it was changed to have the EXP gained be scaled to your level.
    • The game also has some single day heists include an escape sequence if you finish them loud instead of quiet (some levels can be done quickly with the right skills if you rush it), forcing you to secure your loot and to not farm a level over and over.
    • The booster system also discourages grinding the same levels by reducing your EXP gains while boosting gains for playing levels you haven't been playing. It's possible to have a 100% penalty, but that's only if you do nothing BUT play one level only.
    • The contract fee on is also extremely expensive in order to prevent players from buying the same contracts (levels) repeaditly to grind for cards, experience points, or money.
  • Artificial Stupidity: The sequel mixes this up. This time around, civilians are less likely to run around if a fire fight is happening near them. However, shouts and other intimidation sources now vary in strength meaning that shouting people down may take more or less time; a high level mastermind upgrade can even terrify people by sounds other than shouts.
    • Sometimes occurs with friendly AI. Since starting a heist is only character specific (i.e. Player 1 can mask up and break in the back while Player 2 keeps watch without drawing a weapon) it's entirely possible to start a heist only to have an AI stand about outside unarmed; this can even extend to being downed in a firefight only to have an AI stroll up all incognito, revive you, and wander off again.
    • Friendly AI can sometimes (for no discernible reason) either: 1. Charge into a swarm of enemies without regard for survival; or 2. Hide in cover when you really need help, such as staying hidden in Rats when SWAT start scaling the building.
    • It often happens to the enemy AI as well - setting the gym on the top floor of the Mallcrasher mall on fire can occasionally lead to the cops trying to take cover inside the burning room. They don't survive very long.
  • Armed Blag: Armoured Transport lets you pull these on GenSec convoys, albeit with more violence than the original trope. Each convoy has between one and four trucks, with each truck having several lockboxes you'll need to crack open to get the goods. You need at least two bags of loot (gold, jewels, or plain old cash) to complete the heist - each van has at least two, with a potential third available if you don't blow the doors off.
  • Ascended Meme: When you first start the game, you'll start a "heist" (actually just a tutorial) where you enter your safehouse. Bain will tell you to go inside, and the first command he'll give is for you to answer the phone on the table. You can't actually answer it, just like in Counterfeit-fortunately, Bain talks to you anyway, and says "See? I'm one step ahead of you, as always! You didn't even have to answer the phone!"
  • Ascended Glitch: Patch 11 introduced a bug where street cops had triple the amount of power than they normally have, which meant a cop using a pistol could easily shred your armor and health, even if you had obtained armor and health upgrades. Many people liked the bug for the challenge it presented, so the developers decided to give street cops the Bronco .44 a few patches later, which is a freakishly powerful revolver.
  • BFG The light machine guns are this by having an extremely large ammo pool, magazine size, high rate of fire, high suppression, and being huge. The trade off is you move slower while you have the gun out and you can't use iron sights, forcing you to hip fire.
  • Bloodless Carnage: Averted in the sequel; enemies unfortunate enough to be in the way of your bullets will introduce their insides to the walls behind them, leaving for a rather gruesome wallpaper.
  • Blown Across the Room: The Bronco Revolver, Deagle, and any shotgun is capable of sending a mook ragdolling through the air. Special mention to the Mosconi Shotgun which, by being a long range shotgun, can even blow an enemy across the room from across the room.
  • Bottomless Magazines: In two forms; the Enforcer's Bullet Storm skill grants temporary Bottomless Magazines for a few seconds after deploying an ammo bag, and the Technician's Mag Plus skill increases ammo capacity for all but the Bronco and the Mosconi. It's entirely possible, with extended magazine upgrades, for some pistols to hold more ammo than the default maximum pool - and for shotguns to hold upwards of 20 rounds!
  • Bonus Level: An odd example for the genre. During any Armored Transport Heist, there's a random chance that a military blueprint can spawn in one of the deposit boxes. If you find it, you get to play an extra level afterwards called the Train Heist, which cannot be played through at all. The Train Heist has the biggest payout in the entire game if you can steal all 40 bags of military ammo and steal the main objective item, which is a military turret. On Overkill, the payout in spending cash alone is over $2 million!
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Several of the Cloaker's lines, now that they're back.
    Cloaker: "I know, I know, I'm late!"
    Cloaker: "I've got your DLC right here!"
    Cloaker: "Now go to the forums and cry like the little bitch you are!"
    Cloaker: "I bet you let yourself get beat up just to hear what I have to say!"
  • Bullet Dodges You: The Dodge mechanic, which is more like Immune to Bullets in practice due to gameplay limitations; it's a chance for shots that actually hit you (complete with impact sound) to be completely negated and do no actual damage. Heavy armour reduces your Dodge rating, but certain skills increase it. The Ghost tree specializes in this, able to achieve a very high Dodge score when sprinting.
  • Bullet Time: PAYDAY 2 has the action slow down for a moment whenever you get incapacitated in order to get some clean shots off your attackers before the action resumes. Bullet time also kicks in when you put on your mask near a guard and have a few slow seconds to dispatch him before he attacks you.
  • Chase Scene: Done off screen in PAYDAY 2 where in between days, your group may get ambushed by the cops as your driver fruitlessly tries to outmaneuver them and crashes. You take control of your character after the crash.
  • Cheat Code: Multiplayer version again. This time, cheating has become worse than it was in the first game since players have been spotted using every single skill at once, having infinite supplies, infinite health, converting special SWAT units to fight for the player (which is currently impossible to do), spawning enemy units at will, and having enemies drop loot bags when killed.
  • Cherry Tapping: In the sequel, every enemy can do this to you now (even security guards) if you invade their personal space. Balancing this out are various perks that improve your own melee ability - from knocking back/down enemies to simply doing more damage.
  • Class and Level System: Mixed up from the first game, as you can't choose a specific class at mission start. A Level Up grants you one skill point (three for every 10th level), which can be placed into one of four classes; each class has certain bonuses and/or exclusive specials, but upgrades can be mixed and matched onto your one character. Each class has skills useful to the other classes as well - such as Enforcer's Oppressor making your gun more threatening; very useful for a crowd-controlling, cop-intimidating Mastermind.
    • The Mastermind (Dallas) has the most team bonuses, and focuses on situation control and manipulation. Also doubles as team medic, and abilities can expand to team buffs, exclusive mission purchases, personal discounts, and enemy/hostage manipulation. The Mastermind's Weapon of Choice is pistols, especially the Bronco .44.
    • The Enforcer (Chains) specializes on strong armor, high damage, and has exlusive use of the best armor and a circular saw that can cut locks. Is also the only class that can instantly open safety deposit boxes (with the saw). The Enforcer's Weapon of Choice is the shotgun or the saw. Or maybe just everything.
    • The Technician (Wolf) is objective based, and has the most gadgets: it comes with better drill abilities, can deploy sentries, multipurpose mines (works as tripwire mine or motion sensor), and C4 (can blast open some doors and secure locks). The Technician's Weapon of Choice - rifles, automatic or single-shot.
    • The Ghost (Hoxton) focuses on stealth, and comes with a jammer to block alarms and electronics, and can pick locks much faster. Also comes with dexterity upgrades, luck bonuses (such as higher unlock chances and a random self-revive ability) and can crack safes. The Ghost's Weapon of Choice is SMGs, especially suppressed ones.
  • Cold Sniper: Certain missions allow you to purchase a Sniper asset for a reasonable sum of money. They generally aren't in the best position and will occasionally miss, but their supporting fire can help quite a bit. You also don't need to worry about the cops taking them out for some reason. The icing on the cake, though, is the voiceovers, as the sniper will count off his kills.
    Sniper: " down. It has begun."
  • The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard:
    • Just like in the previous game, cops can shoot through civilians to hit you while you can't do the same thing. On the flip side, the lack of friendly fire shooting through allies (even if you're clipping into them) is fine. Civilians being immune to gunfire is also a god send since the Stockholm Syndrome skill has a civilian revive a player and they may do so when the cops are shooting at the player that is downed.
    • Physics has no real concept (surprise!) and SWAT will routinely do things like stand in mid air on the outside of a window to shoot at you.
    • Players need to bypass secure doors by drilling, sawing, detonating, etc., whilst the AI can open secure doors immediately by turning the handle.
    • Whilst the friendly AI can only shoot, move, and revive players, enemy AI are capable of carrying loot bags and interacting with hostages, among other things.
  • Concussion Frags: The Gage Weapons Pack #1 DLC adds frag grenades to the game, which damages enemies and stuns them at the same time. It can easily kill most weaker police forces such as streetcops and basic SWAT units; if it doesn't, it can still (sometimes) knock the helmets off them and tougher enforcers, leaving them open for quick headshots.
  • Continuity Nod: The safehouse in PAYDAY 2 has a front as a dry cleaning store called Bohdi's Dry Cleaning, which is a subtle nod towards the front the crew used in the Counterfeit heist from the first game named Bohdi's Pool Repair.
    • If you have Alex drop off ammo bags for you in day 2 of Big Oil, he may sometimes drop them within inaccessible locations, like at the bottom of the cliff or on top of the trees. Bain may say "This is like Panic Room all over again!", referencing to the time Alex dropped the bag of C4 in an undesirable location in the first game.
    • The Bank GO heist has you air lifting the loot via a plane with a hook. Bain references the event to Green Bridge, another heist from the first game which also had a similar event.
  • Cool Mask: There are tons of masks as the base and letting players customize their masks with various patterns and colors.
  • Cool Shades: Unlocking your first tier of infamy gives you a pair of shades that you can wear during a heist instead of a mask and it is badass.
  • Corrupt Politician: The Elephant falls squarely into the trope; he wants a lot of shady and high risk criminal activity done under the radar in order to make him look good, benefit his agenda, or ruin the image of his political opponents while paying you handsomely for your work.
    • One of the Elephant's jobs has you double crossing a crooked Democrat by stealing paintings for the Democrat and exchanging them for money, then proceeding to infiltrate his apartment to steal his illegal cache of gold (he got them from an arms deal) while planting cocaine. You really get to see how corrupt the Democrat is during plan B (heist goes loud) where Bain digs up dirt on him and sees that the Democrat not only exchanged arms for gold, but was also involved with drugs and other illegal activities.
  • Counterattack: The Shockproof skill in the Technician tree gives you a small chance of staggering a Taser that is stunning you while the aced version of the skill lets you do massive damage in retaliation against him.
  • Crossover: The Christmas Heist is based on a bank level from Counter-Strike Global Offensive, a game made by Valve.
  • Difficulty Spike: Some heists are unlocked after you reached a certain rep level. Around level 30, you unlock jobs given by The Elephant, which are very difficult for first timers due to the heists encouraging stealth and having SWAT swarm in from many spots if the stealth fails; other heists have levels that are more straightforward with cops coming in from predictable locations.
    • Heists released after the game launched tend to be harder than 'stock' ones despite having equal or lower official difficulty ratings, almost always due to absence of good cover. Additionally, all but two cannot be stealthed and one of those two can only be stealthed if you're lucky with random events.
    • Following the tradition of Overkill 145+ in the original Payday, the Death Wish difficulty has been added. Not only do the police hit harder, but there are special elite SWAT who spawn in mobs, specials begin appearing everywhere, all safes become drill-required titanium, and many cameras can no longer be broken. That's saying nothing of the new 'Skulldozer,' an elite bulldozer wielding a machine gun.
  • Double Unlock: To get new guns and weapon mods, you have to unlock them through leveling up or getting lucky with the Random Drop system and then purchase them with your money. Getting masks and mask materials are done through the same way.
    • Unlocking skills requires you to spend enough points to climb the class tree; unlocking said skills requires spending money and assigning skill points.
  • Dynamic Entry: Cloakers, with their nasty habit of looking just like blue SWAT units, do so love to wait until the group is occupied with a huge ass shootout, then launch themselves at an unaware crew much like a rocket-propelled law-breaker-breaker missile... thing.
  • Early Game Hell: New players will be having a rough time trying to acquire anything, do any serious damage, or survive long enough to not go down in their first few hours of the game. Players only start off with a weak assault rifle, pistol, and no body armor, though they quickly can unlock a new gun and better armor within the first few level ups. Buying weapons and new skills are extremely expensive, which is something the developers pushed for so that "every choice you make matters". Once you start racking up money effortlessly, the expenses become trivial.
  • Earn Your Fun: Similar to the first game, PAYDAY 2 pulls no punches and will force new players to learn through trial and error. While there is a tutorial of sorts in the safe house, it only teaches the mechanics to heists such as lockpicking and opening safes; combat skills have to be learned on the fly. The game also has a Random Drop feature for weapon mods, so you may not be able to have a fully pimped out gun if your luck isn't in your favor.
  • Easter Egg: Music from the first game playing on the radio in the safe house.
  • Elite Mook: The special SWAT units from the previous game return and behave the same way. New to the game are tan FBI SWAT units that wear full body armor and can't be hurt unless you hit them in the back or headshot them. The Death Wish update also added GenSec armored SWAT units, which are more accurate than the tan FBI SWAT and react faster too.
  • Enemy Mine: The Mastermind class can convince officers to fight alongside the robbers and turn against their own allies. They also also convince civilians to revive them and even give them ammo.
  • Faceless Goons: Especially so compared to the first; both Hoxton and Chains are different people, but they still hold the same codenames and masks as their predecessors.
    • Averted with Taser units, as killing them with a headshot makes their entire helmet fly off, revealing a stubbled, brunette man.
  • Fake Longevity: To discourage charging through multi-day heists for the extra cash, being aggressive and loud often adds an additional mission where the vehicle crashes, forcing the players to guard their loot and/or evade the police. The whole trope is avoided if a player who has access to additional assets buys the Expert Driver asset, which guarantees that the crew can escape without a police chase.
    • Notable in Framing Frame: failing the stealth part on Day 1 means the hand-off on Day 2 is much more likely to be ambushed by the police, forcing you to fight your way to the escape vehicle instead.
  • Flipping the Bird: In the Xmas Heist trailer, the crew robs a bank while a nearby civilian records it all on his cell phone. As the crew escapes, the last one to exit approaches the civilian, aims his gun at him, then lowers it as he flips the guy off.
  • Fragile Speedster: Cloakers move insanely fast and can instantly take you down with a single kick, but they can't take much punishment at all.
  • Game-Breaking Bug: The Cloaker in the pre beta version of PAYDAY 2 caused a player's game to crash if he kicked that player. Due to the bug, the Cloaker was removed for the remainder of the beta and was not included in the final game until Patch 23, which reintroduced the Cloaker along with some achievements involving them.
    • PAYDAY 2 on launch day had an extremely nasty bug that caused everyone's games to crash at the end of the heist or when an achievement was unlocked. Luckily, Overkill fixed the problem in less than an hour.
    • Patch 11 caused a terrible bug with body armor where all armor types had the same defensive value as a two-piece suit, meaning no defense. The bug alone made the Enforcer class nearly crippled because the exclusive full suit body armor now had no protection and the burden of slower movement speed. The bug also caused players to switch to the two-piece suit since they had no protection at either rate, they might as well go with extra movement speed. The same patch also caused blue SWAT and gangsters to have triple the amount of firepower.
  • Glass Cannon: You can become this if you carry powerful guns and wear a two-piece suit, which offers no additional defense (bar Dodge) compared to the various types of body armor. Gangster enemies can easily be killed with at least two shots to the torso, but their machine guns can quickly tear you apart.
    • This goes doubly so for gangsters after certain patches that left Mac-10 armed Gangsters capable of tearing through the players heaviest armor faster than a Bulldozer at close range, but still just as unarmored.
      • Regular uniformed police officers now count. Though totally unarmored, some of the regular uniformed cops now come equipped with .44 magnums, that can drop a fully armored players regenerating health down in one shot, and on overkill, can rapid fire. Though technically a low level unit, they now occasionally warrant showing up on higher difficulty waves due to their devastating firepower.
    • Snipers are also deadly to the point where being shot by one causes all damage that exceeds your remaining armor to bleed over to your health, making you a One-Hit-Point Wonder if you are wearing light armor or none at all. Snipers also have poor defense and can easily be killed with a single shot with most decently powerful guns.
    • Cloakers can take their targets down in one hit and are reasonably resistant to body hits, but take much more damage from headshots than other specials; most guns require two or three headshots to drop them at most. They are also very reliant on cover and ambushing to take down targets effectively; catch them out in the open (which can happen easily on certain maps) and they don't stand a chance.
  • Good Old Fisti Cuffs: You can choose to go with your fists instead of using a Pistol Whip when it comes to close quarter combat. While your fists obviously lack power compared to the knives, you can throw punches a bit faster than a knife swing and you can build up a charge for a harder hitting punch faster than charging up a knife attack. Your fists also have the most knockback effect against enemies, more than what a knife can do.
  • Hard Mode Perks: The sequel makes the trope almost a necessity if you want to get a lot of money in one session. Later missions require this, as level-up requirements increase significantly around level 40.
  • Hell Is That Noise: When Cloakers are nearby, there's a dull hiss over the radio. Even better is the electronic 'scream' they do when charging.
  • Gun Accessories: Firearms can be customized using various grips, barrel mods, sight mods, and so on; this even extends to purely cosmetic mods. Most, however, have at least some mechanical function.
  • Guide Dang It: Doors are given little explanation beyond "pick the locks until you level enough." Granted, it's not to difficult to figure out after thoroughly examining the upgrades pages, but it's unsurprising that most players don't realize you can shoot locks out with enough force.note 
    • While it doesn't tell you directly, the safe house has a section that lets you practice your skills on opening doors. Every door whose lock can be shot out are marked with a gun icon. Of course, it's not an obvious tell at first and players who don't bother exploring the safe house fully may not even know about the ability to shoot out locks.
    • Actual upgrade figures, in several cases. Since upgrades are often measured in non-specific figures (e.g. 50% armor regeneration is pretty unhelpful unless you know fast it is normally. Thankfully countered by the OVERKILL endorsed fan-made calculator, which gives more definite figures.
    • Day 1 of Firestarter has you either stealing the weapons for cash or destroying them so the contract's rival gang can't use them. Stealing the weapons for money is easy and obvious, but there's nothing in the level that clearly tells you how you can destroy the guns. note 
  • Harder Than Hard: Pro heists. Simply put, a higher payout comes with even steeper difficulty; not only is the game even harder, but failing kicks the players from the map, meaning multi-day heists require a full replay and even single day heists become hard to find again.
    • Death Wish difficulty. Similar to Overkill 145+ in the previous game, Death Wish has damage taken from enemies skyrocket, every enemy type receives a health boost, assault waves last longer, and you will have extremely low health when you are revived. Bulldozers with a light machine gun and a new durable and harder hitting SWAT team appear on Death Wish, along with titan cameras that can't be broken. In addition, titan safes and additional difficulty factors (such as skylights on Bank Heist variants) have a much higher chance of occurring.
  • Heart Is an Awesome Power: While the Ghost seems somewhat redundant on louder heists, they still have their merits. Fulfilling all speed upgrades, for example, mean you can run/sneak/walk 50% faster, stamina and armor regen 50% faster, and you have a 45% dodge chance when running, making the Ghost also cover the Fragile Speedster category.
    • Combined with a couple of Enforcer abilities, the Ghost skills can also make for an amazingly good bag-mover (especially for bags you can sprint with, like the coke in Rats), able to move several bags to a safer location much faster than otherwise possible. This can save a crew a lot of time and effort, either with moving or potentially retrieving bags.
  • Highly-Visible Ninja: Averted with the Cloakers; most of them will hide around corners or even under cars, waiting to ambush any player foolish enough to run through the area blindly. Their uniforms are also similar to a normal SWAT unit, which makes them blend in with regular SWAT teams. Cloakers will also use smoke grenades aggressively in order to hide in the smoke. Cloakers will also deploy smoke grenades to blend in with after he downs a player so that everyone else has a harder time finding him. Cloakers also wear uniforms similar to the standard blue SWAT, making them almost difficult to spot among a regular group of SWAT teams.
  • Hitbox Dissonance: Due to the wonky Diesel engine, nearly all enemies lack hitboxes on their legs, which makes shooting the legs do nothing but waste your ammo.
    • The Bulldozer's weak point is his faceplate, but the faceplate itself is really small and thus it's harder to land constant shots on it.
  • Holiday Mode: From October 31st to November 4th (for 2013 anyway), PC players got treated to an extra heist called "The Safehouse Nightmare", which takes place in the crew's safehouse. The mission description has massive repeats of "All work and no play makes Wolf a dull boy." The level has near zero lighting, save for some candles and scary music from the radio is playing. You use the thermal drill on the vault and suddenly, swarms of headless Bulldozers with triple health start coming after you (no other enemy ever spawns) and the inside of the vault is on fire. You have to secure whatever cash is safe and then your last objective is to "Wake Up." During the entire heist, many random events can happen, such as smoke filling the whole basement, fires starting in random spots, getting electrocuted if you jump, getting downed if you walk through the metal detector, etc. There's also random masks floating upstairs; one of them is real and you can keep it to wear later on while the others are fake, including one that changes into a Witch and instantly downs you.
    • Don't think the special Bulldozers only appear in the Halloween heist; they can appear anywhere alongside normal Bulldozers during the event.
    • For the month of December (2013), the main menu got a Christmas tree in the background and instead of burning money, there's falling snow.
  • Hollywood Silencer: Averted, as silenced weapons act more like their real life counterparts; silenced guns are less noisy than a non silenced gun, but people will still hear it if you fire too close to them. Then later played stright when Overkill updated all silencers to be completely silent, and balanced around damage reduction and concealment instead of noise reductional value.
    • You can now also silence thermal lances which are about as loud as jackhammers.
    • Played Straight with a Technician drill upgrade; by using a modified drill tip (effectively an industrial silencer) allows you to stealth drill, despite the fact a drill cutting a wall-mounted safe is easily as loud as a gunshot.
  • Hostage Situation: Extended in the sequel, as assault waves are delayed if you have a lot of hostages tied up.
    • The Mastermind with the Stockholm Syndrome skill can even convince loose hostages to revive him if he is downed.
  • Hyperspace Arsenal: Played With, as your loadout has a meter to mark how conspicuous you look, as different types of guns and body armor affect how quickly people notice you; smaller guns are easier to hide, while wearing better body armor or carrying bigger weapons make you more bulky and make you stand out like a sore thumb.
  • Infinity+1 Sword: Some abilities are near Game Breaker status save for usage limits:
    • Mastermind's "Pistol Messiah". Once per mission (or thrice if upgraded), getting a pistol kill when downed grants an instant self-revive that's even refilled if you escape custody.
      • The Mastermind's "Inspire" skill lets you revive downed players 50% faster and also lets you shout at other players to make them move faster for 10 seconds. Acing the skill lets you revive downed players from a distance by simply shouting at them.
    • Technician's "Bulletproof". The basic skill alone gives you 50% more defense in your armor and acing the skill gives you and your friends 25% faster armor regeneration. On top of all that, the tier 7 bonus gives you 10% more armor defense and and speeds up everyone's armor regeneration by 10%. Simply put, you will be very difficult to take down.
    • Enforcer's "Bullet Storm" is an early unlock that grants 5 seconds of infinite ammo (without reload needs) after deploying an ammo bag. Upon reaching later levels, however, it becomes borderline ridiculous, as Acing the skill makes the boost last 10 seconds and can be used twice by carrying an extra ammo bag; considering the Mosconi shotgun has high damage and is only restricted by having two shots between reloads, using both can allow a player to level assault teams and Bulldozers as fast as they can mash the trigger.
    • Ghost's "Lockpicking Expert" lets you pick locks 25% faster; acing the skill increases the bonus to 50% and lets you silently pick the lock on normal black safes in under a minute - about 25 to 15 percent of the time a basic drill would take!
  • Infinity–1 Sword:
    • The OVE9000 saw. Capable of cutting straight through locks, it can completely bypass the 3 minutes it takes to drill a lock or the time it takes to pick a deposit box, and even doubles as a melee weapon. Even the downsides are negligible; the saw can't break into safesnote  and the blades break quickly, though upgrades can increase the ammo refills you can carry and strengthen the blades.
    • Also the C4. Granted, it eats into your mine ammo and can't really be used offensively, but it can detonate most locks and obstacles. The "Ukrainian Job" heist even comes with an achievement for abusing C4 — the heist can even be beat in under a minute by charging to the safe, blowing it, and charging to the escape vehicle.
  • In Name Only: The robbers from the first game return as playable characters, but only Bain, Dallas and Wolf are the same people from the first game. Word of God states that the old characters have either retired from their heisting ways (Chains) or have been caught by the police (Hoxton).
  • Insecurity Camera: Averted compared to the first, as cameras sound the alarm if you stay in its view for too long or destroy too many of them. On the flip side, certain heists have security centers that let you use the cameras to see what's going on in other areas.
    • Camera sensitivity depends on the heist and difficulty. In certain jobs, such as Day 1 of Big Oil, shooting a camera will instantly raise the alarm if the security room is still manned.
  • Informed Equipment: This happens with some weapons, as weapons need pretty high visibility to make you more noticeable. Body armor is averted, as even the level above the basic suit has a visible armor vest, drawing attention towards you.
  • Interface Screw: Smoke grenades block your vision in the affected area as it has done in the first game. New to the sequel are flashbangs which create a flash and a loud noise to blind you and make you deaf for several seconds. You can lessen the effects of a flashbang by looking away at the right moment and the Enforcer has a skill to weaken flashbang effects as well.
  • Inventory Management Puzzle: Invoked for PAYDAY 2 where you have a limit on how many guns and masks you can store. If you want a second copy of a gun that uses different mods or want to make two masks using the same pattern, you better make sure you got room and sell your stuff if you don't.
  • I Shall Taunt You: The Special SWAT units will taunt you with various lines before attacking you and even have lines that play out if they down you. The Cloaker in particular has a taunt that is Leaning on the Fourth Wall by telling you to "go cry on the fourm like bitch you are" after he downs you.
  • Jack-of-All-Trades: Possible, but in a different way to PAYDAY: The Heist. Since it's impossible to master all classes like PAYDAY 1, the closest a player can come to this is to be a mix of all; players cannot even master one class entirely, as acing all abilities requires 145 points despite the cap being 120.
  • Justified Tutorial: While completely optional, there is a mission at the safe house where upon visiting it for the first time, you're given a message by Bain about arriving at the safe house and he explains how certain things work (grabbing loot bags, taking loose money, putting on your mask, picking locks, using CrimeNet, and so on). The trip to the safe house is due to you moving to Washington D.C. and needing a place to lie low after doing a heist. Luckily, you don't have to endure the tutorial when coming back to the safe house.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: If you pre-ordered the Criminal Career Edition, you'll start the game with a bundle of cash and then you get a bit more when Bain shows you around your safe house for the first time. He calls the extra cash as a gift towards you for your generous donation to OVERKILL (the developers of the game).
    • The long-awaited Cloakers rest some weight on the wall, as well. Occasionally, after downing one of your crew, he'll say "I know, I know... I'm late."note 
  • Level Drain: The Infamy system. Once you hit level 100, you can choose to reset your character level back to 0 while also losing all your spending cash and $200,000,000 in offshore funds. All of your guns and armor are relocked due to level restriction and you'll also lose all of your class skills. Becoming infamous earns you a card to show off to other players displaying your infamy and you'll earn infamy points to spend on items that can only be bought with infamy points. You can earn up to 5 levels of infamy, which also means having to reset 5 times.
  • Level Grinding: Discouraged through slower leveling from around level 40 onwards. It possible to acquire a total of 120 upgrade points, but the later XP requirements mean even a flawless multi-day heist on the highest difficulty will never get you more than 3/4 of a level. Thankfully, upgrades now come with a respec option that refunds all your points and half of your upgrade money.note 
  • Lost Forever: The four baby masks are only added to your stash by completion of secret achievements during the Safehouse Nightmare "job" in the PC version. If you sell any of the baby masks, you will never get that mask again because it is only added by the achievement being completed for the first time on your steam account and have a drop rate of 0. (Notably, this is the first instance of "unique masks" to ever appear in Payday 2 - even the Loot Bag DLC Skull masks will drop in Paydays)
    • Averted everywhere else; even if you sell your masks and its mods, you can still get them back if the loot drops are kind enough.
    • Averted even moreso with the Infamy-Exclusive items, which are only added to your inventory when you spend an Infamy point on the corresponding perk BUT return straight to your inventory if sold instead of disappearing. The downside is that you can only use them on one thing at a time (or, for masks, only have one of them made at a time).
  • Luck-Based Mission: Most missions can be approached with stealth, but factors like the AI Director and general luck greatly influence your success. If the stealth fails, you can still beat the level, just with more difficulty.
    • Also the Rats heist is this in trumps. For Day 2, you have to make a meth deal with some gangsters and the deal can go sour if you failed to make enough meth on Day 1. However, if you do have meth, there are still several uncontrollable variables, such as if the gangsters decide to screw you over or if the cops just happen to turn up.
    • Also the bank heists. There's always a chance the vault is empty, meaning you have to break into the safety deposit boxes. Granted, it's easily done with a saw, but lacking one means you have to start picking into each and every one until the team can scrape enough together.
    • The Armored Transport heist has a small chance of spawning military blueprints, which you will need if you wish to play the Train Heist.
    • Mallcrashers on Death Wish has an interesting variation. There are two police officers standing out front drinking coffee. Because Death Wish increases sight ranges, it's possible for these two officers to detect you and raise the alarm almost as soon as you load into the map unless you back up immediately. You probably weren't going to stealth it anyway, though, right?
  • Missing Secret: After unlocking your last item around level 50, you may occasionally see the game tell you that you unlocked a new item on your next level up, only to see you earned nothing. Some people looked through the game's coding and saw there was something to be unlocked every few levels all the way up to level 100, but there's nothing there.
  • More Dakka: Gage Weapon Pack 02 DLC introduces LMGs to the game, including the return of the Brenner from Payday: The Heist. To balance to ammo capacity and rate of fire, they have 20% movement speed reduction while held, and you can't aim down sights with them.
  • Money for Nothing: Since money works as experience and actual cash to spend, this occurs every PAYDAY. After level caps reduce money for XPnote  an ~80% cut then goes "to an offshore laundering account" — meaning a multi-million heist result could leave you with as little as a few hundred thousand to actually spend. Once you obtained most of your skills and preferred guns, however, money becomes useless unless you're interested in using the respec system.
    • Which costs $200,000,000.00 of your offshore account money and ALL of your spending money. Have fun grinding for a pair of sunglasses! (And permanent bonuses to allow lower requirements for rank seven skills)
  • Nerf: Enemy AI used to come in huge swarms and were extremely aggressive until the community complained about it, causing the developers to scale down the aggression to more reasonable levels. Mask mods were obtained too frequently over other payday bonuses, so the drop rate for mask mods were scaled down and a money bonus card was added to keep things interesting. The Cable Guy skill used to allow the user to have 10 cable ties but it was reduced down to 5 ties after the developers saw players were easily tying up every hostage in the level to do stealth with little trouble.
    • The Mastermind's Dominator skill used to allow the player to intimidate multiple cops at once, making some stealth portions of a heist extremely easy. Now the team can only scare one cop at a time.
    • All the shotguns in patch 11 got nerfed to the point where they can no longer hit an enemy at a long distance for full/high damage. The Mosconi shotgun used to be the only weapon with a maxed out damage rating until it was hit with the nerf.
      • This is quite annoying with the automatic shotgun, which is about as strong as one of the higher end assault rifles.
    • Death Wish (Patch 24) brought along some painful nerfs to stealthers in the form of limiting body bags (2 per player) and disabling the Joker ability (which, among other things, frees up the single "Dominated Guard" slot the team has) while in stealth. While the latter could be expected given the odd situations it causes (such as a jokered guard calling in a busted camera, breaking your stealth attempt), the former was completely out of left field. These changes, understandably, did not go over well with the fanbase.
  • Necessary Drawback: Class balancing enforces this. On a scale of Fragile Speedster to Mighty Glacier, the order is: Ghost — Mastermind — Technician — Enforcer.
  • Noob Cave: Jewelry Store and Four Store (one star paygrade) are very straightforward with minimal randomization elements and simple objectives.
  • Obvious Rule Patch: The developers saw players were constantly playing levels like Nightclub, Four Stores, and Ukrainian Job because they were extremely easy to complete in a matter minutes (or even seconds!), which led to people farming the levels for experience points, cash, and random loot with little effort. The developers then patched the game to include escape sequences in the mostly farmed levels if the players finish them loud instead of quiet in order to discourage them from farming the same level over and over. Additional patches also changed the layout of the Nightclub heist so the safe with the money is in a random location in order to discourage farming.
    • The Death Wish update enhanced this further by introducing EXP reduction if you play the same level over and over while giving you an EXP boost if you play different heists each time.
  • One-Hit Kill: Cloakers return from the previous game, retaining their ability to instantly down you regardless of your health or the type of armor you have on. There's even an appropriately named achievement (HOLY SHI-) for getting caught by surprise from a Cloaker.
  • One-Hit-Point Wonder: Again, civilians are fragile as ever as they were in the previous game. Even the weakest gun in the game can kill innocents with a single shot. Accidentally hit one when you meant to shout for them to get down? Yeah, that'll penalize you too.
  • Pacifist Run: Entirely possible with many heists having stealth as an alternate method instead of running in guns blazing, but it takes a lot of coordination and the right tools at times.
  • Palette Swap: The Bulldozer that uses the automatic shotgun wears a black suit of armor compared to the green colored pump-action counterpart.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Played straight or averted depending on what the player has equipped. If the player uses highly concealable weapons and wears a two piece suit or light armor, guards and cameras won't bat an eye unless the player gets way too close to a guard or a restricted area. Players wearing heavy armor and bringing big guns will be noticed a lot quicker due to sticking out like a sore thumb.
    • Played straight with the bouncer in the Nightclub job. You can walk up to him decked out in a full suit of body armor, carry highly visible weapons, and he will still think you're a classy gentleman, letting you inside. Also played straight with civilians until you have your weapon drawn.
  • Pistol Whip: You can still whack enemies with the butt of your gun in the second game, but cops will also pistol whip you if you get too close to them, causing you to be forced into crouch mode. Certain Ghost skills make it less likely for you to be knocked down and reduce the damage you take from enemy melee attacks, and certain Enforcer and Ghost skills increase the damage you deal with such attacks.
  • Point Of No Continues: Pro heists have a higher payout, but are sometimes harder than the standard difficulty, can play out slightly different, and have no returns. This means that failing any day of the mission boots you to lobby (meaning restarting repeatedly to force certain director conditions requires a full restart), and failing a mission that spans multiple days requires a full start over if you fail.
  • Point of No Return: Escape sequences involve your replacement driver or chopper pilot only sticking around for a limited time and will ditch anyone who is not in the safe zone once the time limit is up. The GO Bank heist, should stealth fail, has an escape sequence similar to those used in the first game where you had to go through an escape route and reach the safe zone before the time limit expires.
  • Poor Communication Kills: In Rats Day 1, Bain sometimes says the wrong ingredient (easily caught if two players heard something different).
    • Bain will repeatedly encourage heisters on Ukrainian Job to check the display cases and remind them that the tiara doesn't have to be in the safes in the back. It's always in the back, and it's always in a safe.
  • Pre-Order Bonus: The Steam version of PAYDAY 2 had a ton of bonuses for players that pre ordered the game, such as unique mask patterns, extra in game money, a weapon mod, and more. The criminal edition gave even more goodies like beta passes and the game's soundtrack.
  • Pretty Little Headshots: Shooting enemies in the head will paint the wall behind them, but that's about it. Even done humorously with armored mooks, as any helmets or hats will fly off vertically and there's still no wound.
  • Put on a Bus: The original Hoxton and Chains have been replaced having left for unspecified reasons.
  • Random Drops: A card game occurs after a successful heist. Want a weapon mod? A new mask? Mask materials? You have to get lucky and hope the game gives you something you need!
  • Random Event: Not as prevalent as the first game, but random events do exist, such as specific doors appearing/not appearing and loot locations. There's also a random chance that one or two players in the beginning of an escape sequence will automatically start the level incapacitated due to the van crashing.
    • Taken to ridiculous levels with GO Bank, where stealth runs live and die on random events. These events can include an armored car with additional guards outside, additional guards with pagers spawning to check on the building, police officers that will do the same but cause an alert if they die, to someone demanding a bag of money or he'll call the police. On the plus side, another random event is that the vault starts out open.
  • Rare Random Drop: Rare items are dubbed as "infamous" items. Several masks rarely drop, including the Death Dillinger Mask that has a one in a million chance of dropping. Other masks include extra copies of the default masks (which allows you to use them on any character) and textureless versions of the default masks so you can customize them any way you want. Many mask materials, patterns, and colors are also rare drops. The Lucky Charm skill increases your chances of scoring infamous items.
  • Renaissance Man: Encouraged. Since it's even impossible to ace every ability of one class, the overlap of abilities (e.g. Mastermind has can carry more zipties and are more convincing on pagers — both of which are useful to a Ghost) means players are better off mixing and matching some skills.
    • There is a Steam achievement called "I'm a Healer-Tank-Damage-Dealer," which is to spend 10 skill points in each skill tree.
  • Safecracking: The Ghost can unlock an upgrade to do this, though any interruptions force a full restart and there are more creative means of opening locks.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Patch 26 introduces several specific items that spawn in random locations that you can pick up. You'll get a small experience bonus for collecting them, but if you own the Gage Courier Pack DLC, collecting all items in a particular group gets you weapon mods.
  • Screaming Woman: Female civilians use the exact same screams as they did in Payday 2 and a few more, despite the male civilians having a brand new set of panic sounds.
  • Scripted Event: The meth cooks in day 1 of Rats are scripted to die as soon as you reach the second floor no matter how you approach the level.
  • Self-Deprecation: After Steam gave games the ability to be tagged with custom genres, Overkill took the piss at themselves by tagging the game as a "Bag Throwing Simulator", which is a nod to the community that always complained how the game makes you do nothing but throw bags around.
  • Sequel Difficulty Spike: Harder difficulty enemies do a lot of damage compared to damage done in the first game, you can suffer knockback from enemy gunfire, enemies are more durable this time around, and you have less chances to stay alive if you go down multiple times. Cops can also steal your loot bag if you are not watching it.
  • Shock and Awe: During the third day of Firestarter, attempting to use the thermal drill on the vault door gets you electrocuted the same way a Taser unit would shock you. Cutting the power to the door is required to bypass the shock.
  • Shoot Out the Lock: Some doors have locks can be shot out with any weapon in order to bypass picking the lock. However, metal or high security doors cannot have locks shot out, and the lock needs to be drilled, cut through with a saw, or detonated with C4.
  • Short Range Shotgun: Averted once again as every shotgun, even the double barreled Mosconi, can reliably paste enemy cops from several yards away with only one or two shots. Possibly justified in-game by the fact the shells are blue, signifying the shotgun rounds are slugs rather than pellets.
    • Unfortunately, several post-release patches gave the shotgun an arbitrary cutoff past which they won't do any damage, thus playing this trope straight.
  • Shout-Out: Has its own page.
  • Shown Their Work: Gold is extremely heavy and can't be tossed very far due to its weight, which is exactly how real life gold acts. It stands out because when carrying other forms of loot such as jewelry or drugs, the crew can throw them a decent distance, sometimes jump and run. When carrying gold, you can't run and you walk slower. Likewise, you also get to carry engine parts at one point and you move even slower with them on your back than gold does while jumping is restricted to just an inch high.
    • The landscape of Washington D.C. isn't perfect, but it looks close enough to its real life counterpart. The Harvest and Trustee bank also looks very similar to what a typical small branch bank looks like in real life.
  • Signature Move: Every class has a few special powers and (eventually) a few "super power"-grade abilities on upgrade tier 5/6; unlike their standard skills, these give a significant edge in very hard heists.
  • Speed Run: Possible with the right tools like faster drills or C4 charges. One heist has an achivement unlocked if you beat it in 30 seconds or less.
  • Status Buff: Buffs can cover yourself or the team once they are unlocked, such as having more stamina for running, faster armor regeneration, or having unlimited bullets for a few seconds after deploying an ammo bag.
  • Stealth-Based Mission: Much more opportunities exist compared to the first game through The Ghost.
  • Stockholm Syndrome: An ability for the Mastermind allows you to turn civilians and hostiles to your side.
  • Stealth-Based Mission: Expanded upon in the sequel. Several heists are totally possible to complete without the alarm being raised, allowing you to complete your objectives without the threat of cops. The Ghost class is all about stealthing heists as well. However, some heists cannot be stealthed at all.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: Used the wrong ingredient to cook meth? The lab explodes. The truck took too much damage while you were moving the coke out? Explodes. Throwing cache of guns into a fire to destroy them? Big explosion. Failed to defuse the C4 on a bus? You know what happens.
    • Previews of the game during its alpha stage showcased cars exploding when shot at enough times. Sadly, the feature was removed.
    • The Train Heist has explosive shells you can steal for money, but if the shells are tossed too far, the shock of the impact makes the shells explode.
  • Take That: PAYDAY 2 has an achievement that pokes fun at Call of Duty: Ghosts and the infamous fish A.I. meme.
    • The addition of titanium safes; they can only be opened with a drill and cannot be blown up with C4. Sometimes, you can find a message on the safe saying "suck it!", which is a jab at players who farmed heists for loot drops and other things by using C4 to quickly complete objectives.
    • The trailer for the Xmas Heist content, done in the style of a live newsfeed, shows a message at the bottom saying "Video game company releases free content, internet outraged," which is a jab at the less than kind fans that believed the (then) upcoming Christmas heist level was going to either be paid DLC or just plain suck because it was a copy and paste of a map from Valve's Counter-Strike Global Offensive (Valve worked on the map with Overkill as a collaborative project, similar to the No Mercy crossover heist).
    • The Cloaker has several lines he says that break the fourth wall by insulting the people who kept complaining about the lack of safe house customization and assuming that the Cloaker itself would be DLC. The developers also knew people would complain about the Cloaker being "overpowered", so the Cloaker has a line telling those people to bitch on the forums. note 
  • Take Up My Sword: Word of God revealed in development that the original Hoxton and Chains were either arrested or retired from crime, and their successors are new people, but still hold the same masks and codenames as their predecessors.
  • The Man Is Keeping Us Down: Chains says the trope name to an extend in the web series, claiming the banks and corporations are designed to keep people in debt for life and that they (the PAYDAY gang) are out to steal what's rightfully theirs. Dallas in the second episode of the web series also tells the civilians in the bank during the robbery that First World Bank has been robbing them all blind.
  • The Power of Friendship: The Mastermind's Inspire skill has the user yell various versions of the encouraging "GO GO GO!" at another player to give them a temporary speed boost. Acing the skills also lets the player revive a downed friend by yelling at them with some words of encouragement.
  • Those Two Guys: On Jewelry Store and Mallcrashers, you may notice a pair of off-duty police officers buying food. Many a stealth run has been foiled by these two.
  • Time for Plan B: Bain, as always, has back up plans in case plan A fails. In levels with stealth, if you go loud, your objective(s) may either change or adapt to the situation. The trope is more apparent in day 1 of Watchdogs where Bain summons Bile to airlift you out of dodge if your escape driver is killed by the police.
    • And should Plan B fail in day 1, or the players mess up Plan A by tagging the wrong truck during Election Day, Bain comes up with a Plan C, which is to distract the cops by doing a bank heist while "accidentally" destroying the ballot machines. Though the only way to get to Plan C is to do day 1 horribly and Bain will chastise you for it.
  • Too Awesome to Use: Rare masks and mask materials with absurd drop rates (one mask has a one in a million chance of showing up). Since you cannot remove materials or colors applied to a mask, you better make damn sure that the colors and patterns you want on a certain mask are the ones you want to stay. Most players will never use their rare materials.
  • Took a Level in Badass: The entire police force gotten a significant upgrade since the last game. Not only the cops and SWAT units are more durable, they are also smarter by flanking you, pulling back and taking cover when needed, and bashing you with the butt of their guns if you try to take them on very closely. Cops are also smart enough to steal your loot bags if you leave them unattended. The Gage Weapons Pack #2 update also gave cops the ability to use knives against you.
    • Some patches introduced to the game made cops and special SWAT units even more badass than they were originally. Street cops can now use the Bronco .44 (a freaking hand cannon), Tasers will bum rush you in unison with Shields, and Bulldozers may sometimes use the Izhma 12G shotgun, which is a semi-automatic shotgun.
    • The crew in shows shades of the trope; while they still rob the usual stuff like banks and stores for cash and jewels, they also raid the FBI headquarters to steal intel and they also and steal engine parts that could lead the way to renewable energy. Of course, the crew still get paid quite handsomely for their efforts.
    • Some of the weapons from the previous game also get quite a hefty boost in the sequel; the Locomotive shotgun was considered a Joke Weapon in the first game due to its short range and not so great power, but the same gun in the sequel now has a lot of power and decent range.
    • The entire SWAT force got a badass upgrade in the Death Wish update. The new SWAT teams can hit harder, move faster, and have better accuracy than their tan FBI connterparts. The Bulldozer also got a major upgrade by not only having his faceplate painted with a skull on it, but also carries a light machine gun, the same heavy and fast firing weapons that players can use.
  • Train Job: As noted above, under Bonus Level. Sometimes you'll find special plans in an Armoured Transport heist that let you play the extremely profitable Train Heist.
  • Undesirable Prize: Completing a heist allows you to earn a bonus item through a Random Drop system, ranging from weapon mods, masks, mask mods, extra cash, and extra experience points. Many players groan in disappointment when they get the cash card after already having several million dollars in spending cash, or get yet another completely useless mask pattern or color.
  • Unwinnable by Mistake: Day 2 on the Big Oil heist has several objects that act as clues to help you figure out which engine is the correct one to steal. Playing the game on a low graphics setting can make the clues too blurry to read.
  • Variable Mix: There are a few different tracks that can play during a heist, with varying levels of intensity - this often leads to a Musical Spoiler, as the music will start to build up about ten or fifteen seconds before a police assault wave actually starts.
  • Video Game Cruelty Punishment: Having an itchy trigger finger not only instantly saps your spending cash as a penalty, but it ramps it up by spawning enemy snipers and/or more special SWAT units if you kill one too many innocents and having a steep cash penalty per civilian killed. You also have a higher chance of being forced to do an escape sequence after the heist if you rack up too many innocent casualties. Thankfully, this is balanced out by making the Civilian AI much easier to handle: they stay on the ground longer after being yelled at, and can be Bound and Gagged with cable ties for a Non-Lethal K.O..
  • Violation of Common Sense: In some heists that have civilians in them, some players that plan to do the level in stealth will go the extra mile by killing civilians so that they don't alert the police, even if it means losing cash as a penalty.
  • Welcome to Corneria: Bain's messages throughout Day 3 of Framing Frame, while in stealth mode.
    • Also his dialogue in Ukrainian Job when stealthed.
  • What Kind of Lame Power Is Heart, Anyway?: The Ghost "Lucky Charm" boosts, which increase rare item drops. Considering it's $2,483,000 and 53 points (at it's cheapest without Infamy bonuses) for the maximum +200% boost, it's an enormous waste when you realize your odds of getting an infamous item with a 0.66% drop rate (after the +10% boost from reaching tier 6) is only increased to 1.86%.
    • The first infamy point doubles your base Infamous drop rate to 1.2%. It still doesn't make Lucky Charms worth it at a final drop rate of 3.72%.
    • Lucky Charm was replaced with the slightly more useful Camera Loop skill in Update 25. It still plays it straight due being slow to use, limited in range and only allowing to be used on a camera at a time - while still being a Tier 6 skill.
  • What the Hell, Player?: Bain will yell at you for killing civilians and will warn you that getting out of custody will be harder while the cops will become more aggressive in response.
  • White Mask of Doom: It's entirely possible to make a mask that is pure white simply by using the base 'white plastic' material with no pattern and no colour; several masks start out this way. Though none are quite as featureless as the trope's page image, Alienware, Mr. Mannequin, and Mrs. Mannequin all come quite close.
  • Zerg Rush: Cops don't rush in as much as they used to in the first game, preferring to strategically flank you instead. On Death Wish, the cops play the trope straight at all times.

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