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Video Game: Phantom Breaker
How far would you go to grant one wish?
— 7sixty's Preview Trailer

Phantom Breaker is 2D fighting game from Delta Factory and published by 5pb. for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Its story takes place in modern-day Japan. where the mysterious man named Phantom has arranged a fighting tournament in Tokyo, and granting a wish to whoever comes up on top. While the premise may seem like an Excuse Plot to add another anime-styled fighting game, it has an extensive visual novel-like Story Mode for players to tackle. The character art was also done by Hiro Suzuhira, the mangaka of Yosuga no Sora and SHUFFLE! visual novels among others.

The game itself is not a total button masher as with other fighting games of the genre, and its gameplay is centered on parrying and countering attacks. Each character in Phantom Breaker has two different fighting styles: a Quick style that focuses on quick attacks for combos, and a Hard style focusing on defense and countering attacks. Performing special moves are also much more simplified compared to fighting games in the veins of Street Fighter without having to input complex directional commands to execute them.

Originally released in Japan on June 2, 2011 for Xbox 360, the game was picked up for an English localization by 7sixty, a subsidiary of Southpeak Interactive, for an early 2012 release. Unfortunately, the game's localization has been going through Development Hell as it has yet to be released outside Japan. The game was later brought to arcades in Japan as Phantom Breaker: Another Code in December 2012 and introducing another character into the story. An Updated Re-release titled Phantom Breaker: Extra has been released on September 2013 in Japan for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Should the fighting game never see the light of day outside of Japan, at least importers can pick-up Phantom Breaker: Extra on their respective platform as the game is region-free unlike the original.

So until the fighting game does hit stores stateside (if at all), a cutesy retro-styled brawler Spin-Off developed by Division2 titled Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds -Cocoa's Nightmare Attack- was released on February 27, 2013 on Xbox LIVE Arcade starring Mikoto, Waka, Itsuki, and Yuzuha as the main characters while villainous characters like Cocoa and Infinity are reserved for the Arcade, Co-op, and Battlegrounds versus modes. There's also a DLC that adds Kurisu Makise as a playable character (except for Story Mode), a bump in the characters' level cap from Level 50 to 99, and extra Achievements for an extra $5. An updated port of Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds is slated to be released on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 with a new playable character Frau.

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