Video Game / Panzer Bandit

Panzer Bandit is a 1997 Japan-only Beat 'em Up developed by Fill-in Café and published by Banpresto for the PlayStation. The game is a mix of 2D sprites with 3D backgrounds, with sprite-based characters running in a 2.5D environment. The game plays similarly to Treasure's Guardian Heroes, except with only two planes of movement to jump back and forth from. Each character has three basic attack options: two melee attacks and one energy draining special. There are special moves done with button combinations, as well as powerful Hyper Attacks, both of which cost energy as well (which is recovered by rackiung up big combos).

Set in a not-so distant future where the natural sources of energy are disappearing due to human consumption. Then along it comes an evil organization known as Ark, with their whale-shaped air fortress and gang of robot mooks seeking to claim the remaning sources of energy to, obviously, Take Over the World. Good scientist Kron confronts the heads of Ark: the Mad Scientist Farado and his ally Golden, but can't do much to stop them. Thus, he gathers a 4-man team (comprised of Kou, Ein, Kasumi and Miu) in order to get back at Ark and stop their plans.

The game was re-released in 2011 via Play Station Network in Japan, this time published by Bandai Namco. Not to be mistaken for Panzer Dragoon.

This game provides examples of: