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Slaughterhouse Fight
A fight that takes place in a slaughterhouse, amongst the meat chunks hanging from the hooks. Adds a certain edge to a confrontation, surrounding it with death from the onset and simultaneously blocking the line of sight in all directions. Expect No OSHA Compliance.


Anime and Manga

Comic Books

  • Predator 2: The chilly temperatures to keep the meat from spoiling are a plot point.
  • At the end of Wanted, fighting the knife master.
  • Erin is forced to play cat and mouse games against Leatherface in the climax of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Chrissy does the same in the prequel.
  • Happened in the 2009 Sherlock Holmes movie, with the Damsel in Distress chained to a Conveyor Belt-O-Doom leading to a bandsaw and gas pipes spewing flame. The location was later justified when it was revealed the Big Bad was refining his poison gas in the bellies of swine.
  • The 1990 Captain America film has one fight scene that takes place in a slaughter house.
  • Van Damme's character finds himself in such situation in Maximum Risk, as he is chased by a chainsaw wielding bad guy.
  • The 2005 horror film The Slaughterhouse Massacre.
  • Motel Hell had a scene in which the villain fought the hero in a slaughterhouse while wearing a pig's head as a mask.


Live-Action Television
  • There are at least two examples in The X-Files, one of them in episode "Red Museum".
  • Happened at least once on Highlander.

Video Games
  • Norman fights a minor criminal inside a slaughterhouse in Heavy Rain. A meathook ends up playing an important part in the fight.
  • The second escape sequence through Lupino's hotel in Max Payne takes Max through a slaughterhouse full of gangsters at one point.
  • In a late level in the original Splinter Cell, Sam has to crawl through a slaughterhouse filled with enemy guards (and turrets).
  • The fight against Eddie in Silent Hill 2. The theme of "butchery" is also significant in Silent Hill Origins.
  • Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard has the beginning of the second level (arguably the first real level, since the first is more of a tutorial/setting-of-the-stage thing) set in a butcher's store, complete with a shootout in the meatlocker, and an achievement for destroying all the hanging sides of meat.
  • In Half-Life, there was a level that partly took place in a giant walk-in refrigerator with hanging meat.
  • There's a brief scuffle between Todd and rival gang members in a slaughterhouse in Beavis And Butthead Virtual Stupidity.
  • In Saints Row 2, the protagonist faces off against Mr. Sunshine (Hollywood Voodoo-powered Dragon of a drug cartel) and his men in a slaughterhouse. For extra creepiness, there are occult symbols scrawled all over the walls, floor, and ceiling.

Western Animation
  • The end of the King of the Hill episode "Pigmalion". The villain, a crazy meat tycoon voiced by Michael Keaton, dies when he is run through the machinery... after an electric shock restores his sanity.

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