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Nightmare Fuel: Death Battle
Well, this show IS called Death Battle.

  • Harry Potter's scar exploding and his agonized scream might be either this or Narm.
  • Metal Overlord destroying everything and everyone from Eggman VS Wily might be either this or a Moment Of Awesome.
  • Doomguy and Batman's corpses may be unnerving to some, despite how hilarious Master Chief teabagging Doomguy and Spider-Man's humorous quips may be.
  • Raiden's death. Thor splits him in half with his hammer and throws him into the sun. The expression on his face as he burns up is unnerving.
  • Donatello's death at the hands of Raphael.
  • Superman's deep-voiced and deadpan "My turn..." before blasting Goku point-blank with laser vision is extremely scary to see for a hero normally thought of as nice and cheerful.
    • And after that, the skies darken and the landscape warps as Goku transforms into SSJ 4.
  • For any Dragon Ball Z fan, seeing Goku get wiped out along with the rest of the planet as he fades into white similar to how Frieza and Cell have done so in the past can be this. And then it gets taken Up to Eleven when it's revealed he and Supes wiped out the entire Earth.
  • He-Man crushes the Eye of Thundera, which is the source of Lion-O's life force...and that of all other Thunderians. So yeah, He-Man basically committed genocide.
    • Also, there's something unsettling about He-Man throwing a mountain at Lion-O. It might be because we get to see it from Lion-O's point of view, or because the mountain is, y'know, aside from being a huge object falling from the sky, rendered in three dimensions instead of two, unlike the characters.
    • One could argue that the Eye of Thundera attacking He-Man fits here. He-Man breaks the Sword of Omens, then Lion-O, and walks off, content to allow Lion-O to live. Then the Eye just up and attacks him of its own accord. Not to mention it's shooting three other beams as well, meaning it's not able to control its own power.
      • Plus it's just so freaking abrupt. Especially nightmarish for those not familiar with the Thundercats series, as there's hardly any prior indication that the Eye of Thundera could do this. Just a brief, easily-missed mention of the gem being sentient in the rundown, that's all. And when it does attack, dramatic orchestrated music blares out as the Eye produces some unearthly noise.
      • And He-Man's reaction when the Eye attacks him. With all the hits Lion-O did land, such as getting blasted into a mountain and stabbed in the shoulder, He-Man didn't do more then yell a little and shrugged it off no problem. The Eye is what makes him scream.
    • Was anyone else unnerved by He-Man being so...happy, throughout the battle? He's still joyous and grinning even after brutally killing Lion-O.
      • Lion-O was still alive and probably would be after the end of the battle if the Eye of Thundera didn't force his hand. He also did not know how the Eye was connected to the Thundercats, and would likely have no idea what he has done.
  • During SGC the creators spoke about the original ending to Batman vs Spider-Man. It sounded...horrific to say the least. Originally Spidey was supposed to web Batman in place and then spray webbing down Batman's throat until he either suffocated or exploded.
    • This death was eventually worked into the Pokemon Battle Royale, with Blastoise causing Charizard to burst with his cannons: cannons which, in the leadup, were said to have 90000 PSIs (pounds per square inch) of force. It is... messy.
  • Shao Kahn gained Psycho Powers along with flight after killing M Bison... Let's put that in perspective. Psycho Power weaponizes the soul of a person, turning him into a living WMD. But keep in mind that Shao Kahn has BILLIONS of souls at his disposal! Think about that for a moment!
  • Peach's finishing move for Zelda. She kicks Zelda with 16 times the power needed to decapitate her and with more than twice the amount of pressure needed to cause Zelda's head to explode.note  The move is so powerful it outright gibs Zelda so hard the screen is temporary obscured with blood and bits. Her scream (which shouldn't be possible at that moment) doesn't help.
  • When Bucky's bombs blew off Fox's legs, it was mostly thanks to Fox's cybernetic enhancements that he survived.
    • Honestly, Fox himself is more terrifying than Bucky's grenades. At the end of the fight, we get to hear Bucky choke as Fox wrings his neck, and watch his head get splattered all over the dirt by Fox's blaster. "You don't fuck around with Fox McCloud," indeed.
  • Terminator vs. Robocop had some of these
    • After getting sent careening into an exploding oil tank. Terminator rises up from the fire without his artificial skin, revealing his true form. Complete with glowing red eyes and noticeably more jerky movement coupled with the fire creating a hellish image.
    • Even after Robocop destroys half of Terminator's body, his other half still keeps coming at him. But it may also count as Nightmare Retardant since he is moving very very very slowly and missing 3 other limbs. Along with Robocop's nonchalant picking up him with one arm.
    • Then, as Robocop picks up said half-of-a-Terminator body. He warns Terminator that the fight is over. Terminators response? Slowly turning his head 180 degrees and give a deep, low, and slow "Noooooooot. Yeeeeeeeet." The guy really is a Determinator unlike any other Death battle combatant.
  • As mentioned on the Fridge Horror page, Tails is 8 years old. Either Luigi kills a child, or a child becomes a murderer.
    • Apparently, he's 11, but it's still horrific to see him plunge a robotic hand through Luigi's chest, partially because of his age and partially because the rest of the fight is free of gore.
      • There's also the fact that Luigi is probably Nintendo and gaming's biggest Butt Monkey and his death cry sort of strikes at the heartstrings.
  • The Starter Pokemon Battle Royale adds two more entries to the Cruel and Unusual Death list. First up is Venusaur, who dies trying to escape Charizard's flames with an utterly terrified look on its face, and second is Charizard, who gets filled with water until it pops like a balloon. After this episode, you'll probably be thankful that Pokemon just get knocked out, no matter how absurd the power imbalance.
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