Nightmare Fuel / Death Battle
Higher animation budgets. Keeping fights fluid and deaths extra-terrifying.
This show is called Death Battle, so naturally there's going to be violence...
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     Season 1 
  • Harry Potter's scar being torn open and exploding from Luke Skywalker's Shatterpoint as he screams in agony.
  • Peach's finishing move for Zelda. She kicks Zelda in the head with 160 times the power needed to decapitate her, and more than twice the amount of pressure needed to cause her head to explode.note  The move is so powerful that it outright gibs Zelda's head so hard the screen is temporary obscured with blood and fragments of of her brain and skull. Her shrill, echoing death screamwhich shouldn't be possible at that moment due to her head being gone — from Super Smash Bros. Melee doesn't help, either.
  • Raiden's death. Thor splits him in half with his hammer and throws him into the sun. The expression on his face as he burns up is unnerving.

     Season 2 
  • He-Man vs. Lion-O
    • The Eye of Thundera attacking He-Man fits here. He-Man breaks the Sword of Omens, then Lion-O, and walks off, content to allow Lion-O to live. Then the Eye just up and attacks him of its own accord. Not to mention it's shooting three other beams as well, meaning it's not able to control its own power. Plus it's just so freaking abrupt. Especially nightmarish for those not familiar with the Thundercats series, as there's hardly any prior indication that the Eye of Thundera could do this. Just a brief, easily-missed mention of the gem being sentient in the rundown, that's all. And when it does attack, dramatic orchestrated music blares out as the Eye produces some unearthly noise.
      • He-Man's reaction when the Eye attacks him. With all the hits Lion-O did land, such as getting blasted into a mountain and stabbed in the shoulder, He-Man didn't do more then yell a little and shrugged it off no problem. The Eye is what makes him scream.
  • During SGC the creators spoke about the original ending to Batman vs Spider-Man. It sounded...horrific to say the least. Originally Spidey was supposed to web Batman in place and then spray webbing down Batman's throat until he either suffocated or exploded.
    • This death was eventually worked into the Pokemon Battle Royale, with Blastoise causing Charizard to burst with his cannons: cannons which, in the leadup, were said to have 90000 PS Is (pounds per square inch) of force. It is... messy.
  • When Bucky's bombs blew off Fox's legs, it was mostly thanks to Fox's cybernetic enhancements that he survived.
    • Honestly, Fox himself is more terrifying than Bucky's grenades. At the end of the fight, we get to hear Bucky choke as Fox wrings his neck, and watch his head get splattered all over the dirt by Fox's blaster. "You don't fuck around with Fox McCloud," indeed.
  • Terminator vs. Robocop
    • After getting sent careening into an exploding oil tank. Terminator rises up from the fire without his artificial skin, revealing his true form. Complete with glowing red eyes and noticeably more jerky movement coupled with the fire creating a hellish image.
    • Even after Robocop destroys half of Terminator's body, his other half still keeps coming at him. Then, as Robocop picks up said half-of-a-Terminator body, he warns Terminator that the fight is over. Terminator's response? Slowly turning his head 180 degrees and give a deep, low, and slow "Noooooooot. Yeeeeeeeet." The guy really is a Determinator unlike any other Death battle combatant.
  • Tails vs Luigi ends with Tails plunging a robotic hand into Luigi's chest, and he lets off a chilling death cry before expiring.
  • The Starter Pokemon Battle Royale
    • This battle adds two more entries to the Cruel and Unusual Death list. First up is Venusaur, who dies trying to escape Charizard's flames with an utterly terrified look on its face, and second is Charizard, who gets filled with water until it pops like a balloon. After this episode, you'll probably be thankful that Pokemon just get knocked out, no matter how absurd the power imbalance.
    • When Venusaur's plant is slashed off by Charizard, and blood/tissue is visible inside the stump despite it appearing to be made of wood on the outside. A minor detail, but noticing it makes that part so much worse.
  • Godzilla Vs. Gamera
    • Godzilla towering over Gamera after shrugging off his blast like it was nothing, right before exploding him into bloody chunks.
  • Batman hanging Cap with his grappling hook, breaking his neck in the process coupled with a Sickening "Crunch!" is certainly not a pleasant sight (or sound) to behold. Bats goes the extra mile and slices Cap with two with his own shield Batman stole prior. Guess there's a good reason why Batman usually doesn't kill.
  • Ryu vs. Scorpion
    • Ryu flaying Scorpion to the bone... AND NOT KILLING THE NINJA WRAITH, the way Skeleton!Scorpion cricks his neck up for the first time is unnerving, spooky scary skeleton indeed.
  • The promotion for the Funko Super Saiyan God Goku before the Kirby v. Majin Buu battle. What starts out as a simple lighthearted promotion suddenly turns into the climax of Toy Story, where SSG Goku begins to call out Ben Singer for the outcome of Superman v. Goku, much to Singer's horror.
  • Gaara vs. Toph:
    • Both combatants try to kill the other in a similar manner, encasing them in sand/earth and compacting them. Only Toph succeeds. She then drops his armor off of the pillar that they were standing on, audibly shattering it. Thankfully, we're spared the sight of a horrifically crushed, bloodied, impaled, and mangled corpse that this would inevitably cause.
  • Chuck Norris & Segata Sanshiro essentially destroyed the universe (or at least the one they were residing in) as a result of their fight, and they just didn't care at all. Now it's really no surprise for Chuck to show little to no emotions toward this, however Segata himself just caused the destruction of the company he saved from various disasters, as well as other loyal SEGA players, all for the sake of one man who refused to play his console.
  • Lex Luthor vs. Iron Man:
    • Lex's arrival; he kills two guards without even changing expression-just to steal a specific crystal over the freakin' Dragon Balls. Just a reminder the man is pure evil.
    • Tony's "Playing human" speech, with him getting up in his suit from Superior Iron Man and his brutal disposal of Luthor. The suit is based on a symbiote, probably Venom's, which are known for amplifying people's darker personality traits and the speech itself is a reference to a time when Tony has been turned evil. Combined with brutality of his victory, it looks like to defeat Lex, Tony had to let out the very worst of him.
  • Beast vs. Goliath
    • Beast's death at the hands [or claws] of Goliath. Relentlessly slashed enough to make a HUGE puddle of his blood, and then Goliath digs his claws into Beast's chest and basically RIPS his upper body clean off.
  • Solid Snake vs. Sam Fisher
    • The killing blow is gruesome, with Snake stabbing Sam through the head with a Karambit knife. The distinctive curve of the blade also means that it went through Sam's throat, and blood slowly oozes down his face from the exit wound at the top of his head as he staggers and falls. While it killed Sam nearly instantly, meaning that he would hardly have felt it, it's a pretty horrific way to die.
  • Goku vs. Superman, the rematch:
    • How does Goku die the second time around? He gets his brain completely incinerated by Superman's heat vision! It's quick, probably painless, and totally within Superman's power to do - doesn't make it the least bit less horrifying as we see it happen right before our eyes.
  • Raiden vs. Wolverine
    • Raiden goes into Ripper Mode during his spat with Wolverine, the audience is treated to this sight.
    Raiden: (Laughs sadistically) It's time for Jack the Ripper, to let er' rip!
    • There's how Raiden finishes off Wolverine. After decapitating him, he proceeds to savagely keep slashing at his head until it's just pieces and laughs sadistically after he kicks it to bits. Boomstick's reaction says it all.
  • Tifa vs. Yang.
    • How Yang kills Tifa: by grabbing a hold of her head and firing Ember Celica, with the recoil snapping Tifa's neck! Yang's VA Barbara (who was watching the fight during the live stream) was visibly mortified and jumped back a bit.
  • Red and Charizard vs. Tai and Greymon
    • Poor Red gets punched out by Tai, clearly having no idea what's going on. Unfortunately for Mega Charizard X, he doesn't know how to fight without Red commanding him, and gets slashed and cut up by WarGreymon's claw gauntlets as a result. This is followed by Charizard and Red getting incinerated by WarGreymon's Terra Force. Red gets this particularly bad, since Charizard falling on him breaks his legs, so he has no choice but to comfort the dying Charizard and wait for the inevitable. He's also 16.

     Season 3 
  • Dante vs. Bayonetta
  • Bowser vs. Ganon
    • The death of Bowser is nothing to scoff at. Bowser attempts to swallow Ganon whole and believes he did so for a brief moment... until he's surrounded by purple aura and begins shrinking and losing his color, which is actually Ganon decaying his body with a death curse, much like how he killed the Great Deku Tree. Eventually, this leaves behind only his skeletal Dry Bowser form, which Ganon then explodes immediately afterwards with a burst of dark magic as he finishes with a distorted Evil Laugh. And then, just to rub insult to injury, the post-fight animation has Ganon telekinetically manipulating the late Koopa King's arm and leg bones and spinal cord to make a gruesome marionette.
  • The Joker vs. Sweet Tooth
    Joker: Killing someone from inside a tin can? That's no fun! The cold of their skin... The blankness of their eyes... The reveal, of who they really are... so much better when you savor all the.... little emotions.
  • Mewtwo vs. Shadow
    • How Mega Mewtwo Y finishes off Super Shadow. After the two turn into their respective super forms and fly off into the sky, Mega Mewtwo Y uses its mind-altering abilities to Mind Rape Super Shadow, wiping his memory clean and leaving him completely motionless in shock... just long enough for his Super Shadow form to run out of energy. Then as Shadow begins to fall, Mega Mewtwo Y summons its giant telekinetic spoon once more, launches it at him, and impales him all the way through with the blunt end.
    • This battle is a reminder why fighting a telepath- especially one of Mewtwo's caliber- without any way to protect your mind, is a truly terrifying prospect. They can scan your brain for all of your attacks, weaknesses, and strategies in the time it takes them to think, and with a second thought can make you forget not just who you're fighting, but who you even are. This battle was a little under two minutes, but you get the feeling that the only reason it wasn't shorter was because Mewtwo didn't think that the little black, red, and annoying creature was worth the effort until it learned Shadow could stop time.
  • Meta vs. Carolina
    • The Meta is as terrifying as ever. His blank helm and eerie deathrattle-like breathing are creepy enough, add to that his status as an Implacable Man and you have one terrifying mass murderer. At one point Carolina staggers him by unloading an entire magazine from her magnum into him, he just gets back up, throws his brute shot with enough force to open a gash on her chest and leave the weapon embedded in the wall and then starts beating the shit out of Carolina.
  • Cammy vs. Sonya
    • The vicious, painful way Cammy is killed, and the sheer amount of things she suffered before her death came.
  • Hulk vs. Doomsday:

     Season 4 
  • Scrooge McDuck vs. Shovel Knight
  • Venom vs. Bane
    • Venom is a monster in the episode proper: he yanks two of Bane's minions into the darkness and eats them, constantly taunts Bane with a nightmarish voice and ends the fight by blowing Bane's head open and eating his brain. When Batman drops by after the fight, he can only look on in horror at what's left of Bane. You know you have a grisly sight when even the Dark Knight visually recoils at the sight of it.
  • Natsu vs. Ace
    • Ace completely disintegrates under Natsu's lightning-charged assault, and we get to see it in disgustingly close detail, as the page image above illustrates. It's not a quick disintegration either; it takes a few seconds for his skin to start to blister before properly burning, and his eyes boil away, as he screams all the while. It's not until he's little more than a charred skeleton about to crumble into ash that he's finally granted the mercy of death.
  • Sub-Zero vs. Glacius
    • Glacius melts off Sub-Zero's hand after Subby's Punch Parry goes wrong. Literally melts it off. It's not even his Ice Clone's— it's the real deal, and is still spraying blood when the real Sub-Zero stands victorious.
  • Android 18 vs. Captain Marvel
  • Lucario vs. Renamon
    • Lucario kills Renamon with an Impromptu Tracheotomy via its Bone Rush attack, leaving the Digimon suspended in the air by its neck until it dies. It's not a particularly quick way to go by Death Battle standards, either, as Renamon chokes on its own blood for several seconds while feebly grasping at its neck before going limp and ultimately expiring; its corpse being dropped onto the floor in a bloodied heap afterward.
      • According to the commentary, Renamon's death was going to be much more gruesome, with Lucario using Bone Rush to smash off its top jaw, then its bottom jaw, before finally killing the Digimon by ramming the bone down its throat, until it either choked to death or was impaled all the way through.
  • Balrog vs. TJ Combo
    • Near the end, we get a nice scene of TJ beating the everloving snot out of Balrog — from Balrog's perspective!
  • Shredder vs. Silver Samurai
    • After the Silver Samurai succumbed to his wounds from his last fight, he wound up in Hell. Somehow, it got worse: he was brought before the Devil and was torn apart by the Devil's Soulcutter, a sword that leaves wounds that can't be healed. That is an astoundingly horrible fate for the Silver Samurai, who might have been an asshole, but also showed the capacity for human decency.
    • Silver Samurai's death. By far among the most brutal, and seeing the long the list above, that's really saying something. First, Super Shredder tears off Silver Samurai's left arm with a knifehand strike to his shoulder — with High-Pressure Blood for extra measure — and punches his Tachyon Blade clean through his eye socket, leaving his right eye hanging out. He then decapitates him, catches the head, and crushes it in one hand — all drawn in horrifying detail, including Harada's other eye bulging out of his skull and his bloody scalp bursting out from between Super Shredder's fingers as it happens. Really goes to show that while his portrayal is all over the place, Shredder does not fuck around.
      • And then just to rub salt into the wound, the KO screen shows Silver Samurai in Hell, getting smashed to pieces again by the aforementioned Soulcutter. Poor Ken Harada has probably gotten the absolute worst fate out of any Death Battle loser, besides maybe Bayonetta.
    • The brief shot of Super Shredder ominously walking towards Silver Samurai from the latter's perspective, complete with blank white Glowing Eyes of Doom. With his sheer size and spiked armor forming a monstrous silhouette and the forest burning down around the two as well from a deflected lightning bolt— Shredder looks far less like his usual self and more like a demon marching straight out of Hell.
  • Thor vs. Wonder Woman:
    • The sheer abruptness of the killing blow. One moment, Thor is stunned — the next, he's been stabbed through the back of the head, with Wonder Woman's sword sticking out of his mouth.
  • Batman Beyond vs Spider-Man 2099:
  • Sephiroth vs. Vergil:
    • After Sephiroth gets cut by Vergil's Speed Blitz, he gets one very nasty-looking open and bloody gash on his chest that exposes a good bit of raw flesh. It sticks for most of the fight too, even on his doppelganger illusions, only disappearing once he heals himself up with Curaga.
    • Sephiroth's Supernova attack has always been intimidating, thanks to blowing up several planets before it hits Cloud and company, but in his fight with Vergil, we get to see in gruesome detail just how badly it can hurt somebody. Vergil is screaming in agony during his time in the center of Sephiroth's summoned sun, and by the time he barely escapes it, he's covered in burnt flesh and open wounds. Sephiroth's coup de grace right after would almost count as a Mercy Kill if he'd been interested in showing Vergil mercy at all.

    Season 5