Awesome / Death Battle

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  • Master Chief vs. Jango Fett:
    • Jango uses his jetpack to pull off an eye-opening combo, uppercutting Master Chief several feet into the air, stomping him so hard he leaves a dent in the floor, and dragging his prone body along the ground into volatile machinery.
    • Lightsaber vs. dual-wielded Energy Swords. Lightsaber wins.
    • Jango had been getting the upper hand during a good amount of the fight, even beating Master Chief at an energy sword Duel. Master Chief turns this around and pulls the win by using his Armor Lock to block a deathblow, before planting a Plasma Grenade on Jango's helmet, One Hit Killing him.
  • Bruce Lee vs multiple characters inspired by him; Bruce flattens them with no real effort. There's nothing like the original!
  • Donald Trump vs. Hilary Clinton: Captain America being declared president over these two.
  • Predator vs. Prophet:
    • After getting cut up by the Predator's claws, Prophet diverts all his armor's energy to his defenses. The upgrade is so effective, it shatters the Predator's claws like porcelain.
      • He then uppercuts the Predator into the air, kicks him into a pillar, and charges into him so hard, he breaks the column.
    • After Prophet cloaks, the Predator mounts his shoulder cannon on his wrist, waits for Prophet to make a move, and lays a plasma-enhanced beatdown on him when he tries to attack.
    • The final showdown, where Prophet and the Predator swing out against each other. Prophet's fist meets the Predator's face, cracks his mask, and lays him out, leaving Prophet free to lift the destroyed pillar and squash his enemy for the win.