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Awesome: Death Battle
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  • Really, any Death Battle that is a close call where the (eventual) loser nearly takes the win is a CMoA.
  • Sometimes Awesome Moments occur in the actual rundowns of the characters, usually when their ultimate weapons/techniques are analyzed or their greatest feats are listed. For some particularly awesome examples, the rundowns for Doomguy's BFG, Metal Sonic, and Goku's Super Saiyan forms are accompanied by intense music and preceded by dramatic buildup.

     Akuma vs Sheng Tsung 
  • Shang Tsung transforms into Akuma and gains the upper hand. He goes for the finishing blow... and Akuma catches him mid strike with the Raging Demon..

     Haggar vs Zangief 
  • Two paragons of Manliness falling off a building at terminal velocity while both perform a spinning piledriver on each other. It ends as a swirling ball of Briefs, Boots, Trousers, and Men impacting the ground.

     Vegeta vs Shadow 
  • Super Vegeta throwing the moon at Super Shadow.

     Mario vs Sonic 
  • Two of the greatest rivals in video game history fighting each other to the death. And it is as every bit as glorious as it sounds. Especially the montage where they start bringing the Final Boss music of Super Mario Galaxy 2.
    • Despite losing the battle, you gotta give it to Mario for being able to use the Metal Cap, Starman, and Giant Mushroom to tank Super Sonic.
      • "Tank" nothing! Super Sonic could barely even move Mario in his powered-up forms, while Mario was actively knocking Sonic around, all with a carefree look on his face.

     Starscream vs Rainbow Dash 

     Wily vs Eggman 
  • Probably the highest scale Death Battle in the series history with tens of animated robots attacking each other. And it is awesome!

     Peach vs Zelda 
  • The ending for Zelda vs Peach. The princesses have a projectile war with Peach's turnips and Zelda's fireballs. All of a sudden the Sleepy Time sheep Peach cast earlier lands on Zelda, knocking her out. Peach jumps back, grows wings and kicks Zelda in the face so hard it explodes!

     Link vs Cloud 
  • Animated with 3D graphics rather than sprites, exceptionally close, no way to tell who would win, and possibly the longest battle yet. What's not to like? Except the result, for Cloud fans?
  • The final exchange of blows is the crown jewel: Link blocking the Omni Slash by parrying every strike, slashing Cloud on a Single-Stroke Battle, bombing him and finishing with his down-stab Meteor Move from Zelda 2.
  • The reason for the out come? USE STRATEGY, KIDS!

     Batman vs Spider-man 
  • While it was ultimately Spider-Man's victory, Batman outsmarted him throughout almost the entire battle, giving Spidey barely any breathing room.
    • Batman destroying all of the lights inside the skyscraper because that is exactly the kind of thing he would do in the situation he was in.
    • Spidey rapidly firing web balls until Batman is knocked back on a giant web and finishing him off by using himself as a human slingshot.
    • Spidey's own reaction after kicking Bats' ass also counts as one.
    Spider-Man: Sorry about that.
    • There's also the idea that Spider-Man was keeping up with the quips the entire fight, even during the portions when he was losing. He really wasn't scared of the Bat.
      • Alternatively, the more trouble Spider-Man finds himself in, the more quips he makes. He jokes around to cope with the stress of the danger he's in. The fact that he was running his mouth throughout the entire fight could be an indication of just how hard of a time Batman was giving him.
  • Think death itself can keep Batman down forever? Think again,as of August 16 2014, he's the first ever loser to return to the battlefield.

     Goku vs. Superman 
  • The reveal. At first, there is darkness. Then, as a familiar voice chants the name of his most famous attack, a peculiar shape is partially shadowed by the glow of energy gathering. When the beam is finally released, the shape is revealed to be the symbol of the world's most famous superhero. This makes Wiz and Boomstick go absolutely wild.
  • Much like Shadow vs. Vegeta, they lined up a pair of well-known internet voice actors for the fight, this time being MasakoX of Team Four Star and It'sJustSomeRandomGuy of I'm a Marvel... And I'm a DC.
  • Think there was a Schedule Slip with the battle between Superman and Goku? That's because they've been researching everything about these characters, doing their most thorough analysis yet to provide the ultimate, irrefutable, and unquestionable answer to this most ancient of fandom rivalries, with the release date of 12-21-12, just to expound the significance. As of 12/21/12, there has been a Schedule Slip. This is because Lange is taking a while to animate the fight. However, it's thanks to this slip that we are let in on some info about this Death Battle that's never been done in any Death Battle before: Half-hour. That's right, this Death Battle is going to be about 3 or 4 times longer than the average Death Battle!
  • All of Son Goku vs. Superman. All of it, literally from the first second to the last, is a crowning moment of awesome, and could have easily served as a series finale. Highlights include:
  • The very premise itself. Son Goku, the anime hero and cultural icon of Japan, versus Superman, the superhero and cultural icon of the United States! No way!
  • The first thing before the death battle actually begins? The famous "World of Cardboard" Speech itself followed by Superman going all out.
  • Superman not being the least impressed at Goku's After Image technique.
  • How the battle went from lighthearted and comical to the two heroes having a friendly spar to getting more and more heated by the minute the more serious both became and the soundtrack and animation (dark clouds, the blackness of space) helped set the ambiance. Even Goku's voice darkened after his final transformation.
  • Every time Goku transformed beyond the initial Kaio Ken.
  • "You think this is a game? I haven't even begun to play..."
  • Goku Dragonthrowing Superman.
  • Several following Goku going SS4:
    • Goku's Beam-O-War with Superman's heat vision bolstered by the soundtrack playing at the time.
    • The climactic battle-ending punch of Goku's Dragon Fist VS Superman's Infinite Mass Punch.
  • Goku slamming Superman to the ground with his Power Pole and then Superman grabbing said Power Pole and using it to slam Goku (Who was on the other side of the pole) into the ground.
  • Both warriors firing energy attacks at each other from near point blank range. By point blank we mean at the face!
  • Superman smashing a car onto Goku's head in a Shout-Out to Superman's earliest comic cover.
  • Superman powering straight through Goku's Kamehameha and smashing him into the core of the earth.
  • And as a meta continuation of the above praise for the episode, consider this: less than twenty-four hours after it was originally posted, the number of Facebook recommendations for Goku vs. Superman (~49,000 as of the 21-hour mark) was higher than all the other episodes of Death Battle combined (~46,426).
  • Another meta example for the above, just the sheer amount of research and math they put into determining the limits of their strengths. They've Shown Their Work before, but this took it Up to Eleven.
  • The main theme for Goku vs Superman, created by The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra. It really gets everyone who waited so long for this legendary fight all hyped up, and almost makes the whole episode seem like an epic movie.

     He-Man v. Lion-O 
  • He-Man lifting an entire mountain to hurl at Lion-O.
    • Lion-O retaliates by completely destroying said mountain with a well-placed blast from the Sword of Omens, equally as awesome.
  • Also, the fact the fight plays homage to both shows from playing their theme tunes to giving them voice overs and saying quirky 80's one-liners. It felt very much like a dream battle for both fans. Well, the He-Man ones anyway.
  • Every time He-Man does something awesome we are treated to his theme "HE-MAN!"

     Shao Khan vs M. Bison 
  • Shao Khan being the victim of the Psycho Crusher, but getting up without a scratch and complaining, "Is that your best?".
  • M. Bison shooting a barrage of energy balls at Khan, only for Khan to simply deflect them.
  • Bison's Super Mode transformation is also fairly awesome despite not really getting much accomplished in the brief time he's in it.
  • Shao Khan's unrelenting demeanor results in him repeatedly hitting True Bison over the head with the Wrath Hammer, eventually knocking him out of the Super Mode.
  • And right after that, he rips Bison in half with his bare hands.
  • ' And right after that, Bison tries to control him, only for Shao Khan to absorb him with the Soulnado and win his powers.
    Boomstick: ... That can't be good.

     Ryu Hayabusa vs Strider Hiryu 
  • The Single-Stroke Battle near the end. It's a pretty sweet Shout-Out to the original Ninja Gaiden, even though it's Strider's moment of triumph.
  • Considering Strider won was there any other way the end of the fight could've been animated other than a Ragnarok finish? I think not.
  • Hayabusa uses all of his melee weapons in the fight at some point and Strider counters by destroying everything except the Dragon Sword, with the use of Falchion.
  • Strider directs an entire battalion of Option 2 and 3 drones at Ryu, Ryu's response? Effortlessly dice them all into metal chunks before they could so much as even touch him.

     Ivy vs Orchid 
  • Ivy countering Orchid's death flash.

     Fox vs Bucky 
  • While getting your legs blown off in most battles would mean defeat in Death Battle, not so for Fox McCloud. What does he do after becoming Half the Man He Used to Be? Simple. Amp up his jetpack, rocket right into his opponent causing the momentum to dislodge both combatants' jetpacks and sending both fighters to the ground. Upon choking Bucky, Fox whips out his blaster, charges it up and blows his head off.
    • Considering that Bucky had killed his closest friend, Slippy Toad, at the start, that was some pretty thorough payback.

     Robocop vs Terminator 
  • The shining moment has to be Robocop's solution to the Terminator's unstable hydrogen cells. He straps him to what's left of his jetpack and watches him rocket off before the big kaboom. Right before the final explosion, Terminator roars, "I'll be Back!"
  • Terminator's Defiance to the End really deserves some recognition. Does any other losing Death Battle combatant spend their last moments telling off their opponent?
  • Robo's deadpan list of felonies to Terminator whilst setting him ablaze and knocking him off a tall building.
    Robocop: "Property damage, Resisting arrest, Assaulting an officer, murder... your hot streak ends here."
    Terminator: "Fuck you, dickwad!"
    Robocop: "You have the right to remain silent." *kicks T-850 off the building* "I suggest you exercise it."
  • "YOU. ARE. TERMINATED." Okay, so it doesn't really work, but man that line is cool and the delivery is so awesome!
  • On a meta level, the voice actor for the Terminator does a spot on imitation of Arnold's performance.
  • How does Robocop get past the Terminator's gatling gun? He shoots into the barrels of the gatling gun and jams it.

     Luigi vs Tails 
  • Luigi & Tails' brief mid-air cyclone clash.
  • Anytime Luigi utilizes his Thunder Hand technique in his moves, which Tails hardly does anything about because he's afraid of lighting.
  • Luigi destroying most if not all of Tails' inventions throughout the fight with nothing but his hammer.
  • Tails, for a young 11 year old fox, being able to endure all of Luigi's punishing blows.
  • In a blink-and-you'll miss moment, Tails attaching a bomb on Luigi's Poltergust while he was dazed. It fails to finish Luigi, but it does destroy the Poltergust and blow Luigi away far enough to go for the final blow.
  • Luigi whipping out a Smash Ball from HIS POCKET to use the Negative Zone, all with a shit-eating grin on his face that says, "Yeah, I'm doing this."
  • Tails finishing the fight in a flash with the Magic Hook, plowing through Luigi's chest and the Warp Pipe.
  • Tails not even flinching as a cluster of bombs heads straight for him.

     Pokemon Kanto Starter Battle Royale 
  • Venusaur and Charizard's beam struggle turning the forest around them into a wasteland just shows how powerful the two Pokemon are.
  • Blastoise's primal roar after finishing off Charizard is nothing short of epic.
  • Blastoise ripping off Charizard's wings is a quite the holy shit moment.
  • The combatants invoking Battle Amongst the Flames and Battle in the Rain at the same time!
  • After Venusaur's death, the last two standing see each other and trigger a Pokemon style scene transition. Especially awesome for those who grew up with Red or Blue.

     Fulgore vs Sektor 
  • Fulgore vs. Sektor did have some pretty awesome moments, like the fact that it's two awesome cyborgs from violent fighting games fighting each other
  • There was the lightsaber moves from Sektor followed by an epic combo breaker from Fulgore
  • Fulgore stopping Sektor's Compactor fatality and then finishing it up with an Ultra Combo complete with Devastation Beam finisher
  • The preview of the next Death Battle showing off Godzilla!!!!

     Godzilla vs Gamera 
  • Two of the most famous Giant Monsters in history finally going head to head!? It's literally the Goku vs Superman in Kaiju and one that people have been waiting for for years.
  • The preview shows that it looks set to be the biggest Death Battle to date, both literally and figuratively.
  • While the rundown was lost due to Ben's hard-drive dying, we didn't lose the fight animation! It premiered on July 11th at SGC and broadcasted on Twitch for all to enjoy! And there was more tension filled pauses in the fight than you could shake a stick at.
  • Heck, the fact that Ben/Wiz and Chad/Boomstick made the episode look awesome even as a short, quickly-made Powerpoint presentation (complete with live, improvised jokes) proves how much dedication the both of them have.
  • Remember that hilariously bad Flight scene Godzilla pulled off? Death Battle turned that ability into something awesome, using the Atomic Breath to slow down and redirect Gamera's path and slow down his fall back to Earth from Gamera's attack.
  • Godzilla Ripping Gamera's arm clean off The live audience at SGC gave out a huge gasp of the HOLY SHIT! variety when that happened.
    • Credit to Gamera for carrying in fighting with all his might, even after that loss.
  • Godzilla no-sells Gamera's Mana Cannon, throws Gamera into the air when he tries his Suicide Ejection Technique, and uses the Red Spiral Beam to not only push him far enough that the explosion doesn't hurt him but pierces Gamera's shell.
  • Gamera grabbing Godzilla, flying with him out of the earth, then performing a Suplex Finisher from space. As mentioned above, Godzilla managed to escape, but had he been against a less versatile or durable Kaiju, Gamera would have won the fight right there.
  • At SGC's Death Battle panel, Ben and Chad said they were thinking of battles where previous combatants return to fight, but we would have to wait and see. That alone would have made fans excited, especially if there favorite character lost. When Godzilla vs. Gamera was finally released on ScrewAttack's site, they changed the next time from being Zechs Merquise vs. Tommy Oliver. Instead, the next fight will have Captain America. Who is his opponent? The Batman, back from the grave after his fight with Spider-Man, another Marvel hero

     Batman vs. Captain America 
  • Just the fact that Cap successfully gave Hulk a Groin Attack, even Boomstick is impressed.
  • Batman using all of his stealth tactics for the win. He disarms Cap of his shield, lather it with explosive gel, throws it back, and detonate the gel right next to Cap. Next he attacks Cap's pressure points while he's dazed, steals his shield again, uses it to launch Cap into the horizon. He whips out his grappling hook, strangles Cap mid-air with said grappling hook, and finally tethers Cap around a lamppost with said grappling hook with enough force to break his neck. He does all this in one fluid motion.
  • Every one of Cap's blows carry a much greater degree of crunch to them than Batman's. He seemed to be pressing the offensive far better than Spider-man did, dominating up close. Unlike Spider-Man, Cap lost
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