Awesome: Death Battle

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  • Really, any Death Battle that is a close call where the (eventual) loser nearly takes the win is a CMoA.
  • Sometimes Awesome Moments occur in the actual rundowns of the characters, usually when their ultimate weapons/techniques are analyzed or their greatest feats are listed. For some particularly awesome examples, the rundowns for Doomguy's BFG, Metal Sonic, and Goku's Super Saiyan forms are accompanied by intense music and preceded by dramatic buildup.

    Akuma vs Shang Tsung 
  • Shang Tsung transforms into Akuma and gains the upper hand. He goes for the finishing blow... and Akuma catches him mid strike with the Raging Demon..

    Haggar vs Zangief 
  • Two paragons of Manliness falling off a building at terminal velocity while both perform a spinning piledriver on each other. It ends as a swirling ball of Briefs, Boots, Trousers, and Men impacting the ground.

    Yoshi vs Riptor 
  • The fact that Yoshi, an adorable little dinosaur from a cutesy series, basically delivers a Curbstomp Battle to Riptor, a terrifying and extremely powerful raptor basically MADE for fighting. Wow.

    Vegeta vs Shadow 
  • Both Vegeta and Shadow's TransformationSequences into their GoldenSuperModes, with the orchestra swelling in the background for each of them
  • Super Vegeta punching the moon at Super Shadow.
  • The fact that the voice actor of Vegeta is the voice of Abridged Vegeta of TFS.
  • Even though Shadow was completely outmatched, if it were anyone else in Vegeta's position who couldn't breathe in Space or underwater. Shadow would have won.
  • When Vegeta pushed the moon towards the Earth, Shadow uses all his power. In other words, Shadow lost by Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Vegeta is the first being to ever defeat Super Shadow. In contrast to his usual role, this is quite impressive.

    Mario vs Sonic 
  • Two of the greatest rivals in video game history fighting each other to the death. And it is as every bit as glorious as it sounds. Especially the montage where they start bringing the Final Boss music of Super Mario Galaxy 2.
    • Despite losing the battle, you gotta give it to Mario for being able to use the Metal Cap, Starman, and Giant Mushroom to tank Super Sonic.
      • "Tank" nothing! Super Sonic could barely even move Mario in his powered-up forms, while Mario was actively knocking Sonic around, all with a carefree look on his face.

    Starscream vs Rainbow Dash 

    Wily vs Eggman 
  • Probably the highest scale Death Battle in the series history with tens of animated robots attacking each other. And it is awesome!

    Peach vs Zelda 
  • The ending for Zelda vs Peach. The princesses have a projectile war with Peach's turnips and Zelda's fireballs. All of a sudden the Sleepy Time sheep Peach cast earlier lands on Zelda, knocking her out. Peach jumps back, grows wings and kicks Zelda in the face so hard it explodes!

    Link vs Cloud 
  • Animated with 3D graphics rather than sprites, exceptionally close, no way to tell who would win, and possibly the longest battle yet. What's not to like? Except the result, for Cloud fans?
  • The final exchange of blows is the crown jewel: Link blocking the Omni Slash by parrying every strike, slashing Cloud on a Single-Stroke Battle, bombing him and finishing with his down-stab Meteor Move from Zelda 2.
  • The reason for the outcome? USE STRATEGY, KIDS!

    Batman vs Spider-man 
  • While it was ultimately Spider-Man's victory, Batman outsmarted him throughout almost the entire battle, giving Spidey barely any breathing room.
    • Batman destroying all of the lights inside the skyscraper because that is exactly the kind of thing he would do in the situation he was in.
    • Spidey rapidly firing web balls until Batman is knocked back on a giant web and finishing him off by using himself as a human slingshot.
    • Spidey's own reaction after kicking Bats' ass also counts as one.
    Spider-Man: Sorry about that.
    • There's also the idea that Spider-Man was keeping up with the quips the entire fight, even during the portions when he was losing. He really wasn't scared of the Bat.
      • Alternatively, the more trouble Spider-Man finds himself in, the more quips he makes. He jokes around to cope with the stress of the danger he's in. The fact that he was running his mouth throughout the entire fight could be an indication of just how hard of a time Batman was giving him.
      • The spider sense and his super human reaction speed keep him safe and help him avoid harms way, meaning he only has to think of the quips, because his spider sense literally does everything for him.
  • Think death itself can keep Batman down forever? Think again,as of August 16 2014, he's the first ever loser to return to the battlefield.

    Goku vs. Superman 
  • The reveal. At first, there is darkness. Then, as a familiar voice chants the name of his most famous attack, a peculiar shape is partially shadowed by the glow of energy gathering. When the beam is finally released, the shape is revealed to be the symbol of the world's most famous superhero. This makes Wiz and Boomstick go absolutely wild.
  • Much like Shadow vs. Vegeta, they lined up a pair of well-known internet voice actors for the fight, this time being MasakoX of Team Four Star and It'sJustSomeRandomGuy of I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC.
  • Think there was a Schedule Slip? That's because they've been researching everything about these characters, doing their most thorough analysis yet to provide the ultimate, irrefutable, and unquestionable answer to this most ancient of fandom rivalries, with the release date of 12-21-12, just to expound the significance. As of 12/21/12, there has been a Schedule Slip. This is because Lange is taking a while to animate the fight. However, it's thanks to this slip that we are let in on some info about this Death Battle that's never been done in any Death Battle before: Half-hour. That's right, this Death Battle is going to be about 3 or 4 times longer than the average Death Battle!
  • The very premise itself. Son Goku, the anime hero and cultural icon of Japan, versus Superman, the superhero and cultural icon of the United States! No way!
  • The first thing before the death battle actually begins? The famous "World of Cardboard" Speech itself followed by Superman going all out.
  • Superman not being the least impressed at Goku's After Image technique.
  • How the battle went from lighthearted and comical to the two heroes having a friendly spar to getting more and more heated by the minute the more serious both became and the soundtrack and animation (dark clouds, the blackness of space) helped set the ambiance. Even Goku's voice darkened after his final transformation.
  • Every time Goku transformed beyond the initial Kaio Ken.
  • "You think this is a game? I haven't even begun to play..."
  • Goku Dragonthrowing Superman.
  • Several following Goku going SS4:
    • Goku's Beam-O-War with Superman's heat vision bolstered by the soundtrack playing at the time.
    • The climactic battle-ending punch of Goku's Dragon Fist VS Superman's Infinite Mass Punch.
  • Goku slamming Superman to the ground with his Power Pole and then Superman grabbing said Power Pole and using it to slam Goku (Who was on the other side of the pole) into the ground.
  • Both warriors firing energy attacks at each other from near point blank range. By point blank we mean at the face!
  • Superman smashing a car onto Goku's head in a Shout-Out to Superman's earliest comic cover.
  • Superman powering straight through Goku's Kamehameha and smashing him into the core of the earth.
  • And as a meta continuation of the above praise for the episode, consider this: less than twenty-four hours after it was originally posted, the number of Facebook recommendations for Goku vs. Superman (~49,000 as of the 21-hour mark) was higher than all the other episodes of Death Battle combined (~46,426).
  • Another meta example for the above, just the sheer amount of research and math they put into determining the limits of their strengths. They've Shown Their Work before, but this took it Up to Eleven.
  • The main theme for Goku vs Superman, created by The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra. It really gets everyone who waited so long for this legendary fight all hyped up, and makes the episode seem like an epic movie.

    He-Man vs Lion-O 
  • He-Man lifting an entire mountain to hurl at Lion-O.
    • Lion-O retaliates by completely destroying said mountain with a well-placed blast from the Sword of Omens, equally as awesome.
  • Also, the fact the fight plays homage to both shows from playing their theme tunes to giving them voice overs and saying quirky 80's one-liners. It felt very much like a dream battle for both fans. Well, the He-Man ones anyway.
  • Every time He-Man does something awesome we are treated to his theme "HE-MAN!"

    Shao Khan vs M. Bison 
  • Shao Khan being the victim of the Psycho Crusher, but getting up without a scratch and complaining, "Is that your best?".
  • M. Bison shooting a barrage of energy balls at Khan, only for Khan to simply deflect them.
  • Bison's Super Mode transformation is also fairly awesome despite not really getting much accomplished in the brief time he's in it.
  • Shao Khan's unrelenting demeanor results in him repeatedly hitting True Bison over the head with the Wrath Hammer, eventually knocking him out of the Super Mode.
  • And right after that, he rips Bison in half with his bare hands.
  • ' And right after that, Bison tries to control him, only for Shao Khan to absorb him with the Soulnado and win his powers.
    Boomstick: ... That can't be good.
  • The alternate ending where Friendship happens and they end up conquering the world together. Could probably double as a Heartwarming moment

    Ryu Hayabusa vs Strider Hiryu 
  • The Single-Stroke Battle near the end. It's a pretty sweet Shout-Out to the original Ninja Gaiden, even though it's Strider's moment of triumph.
  • Considering Strider won was there any other way the end of the fight could've been animated other than a Ragnarok finish? I think not.
  • Hayabusa uses all of his melee weapons in the fight at some point and Strider counters by destroying everything except the Dragon Sword, with the use of Falchion.
  • Strider directs an entire battalion of Option 2 and 3 drones at Ryu, Ryu's response? Effortlessly dice them all into metal chunks before they could so much as even touch him.

    Ivy vs Orchid 
  • Ivy countering Orchid's death flash. And that absolutely epic "not one fuck was given" laugh she lets out when she does it.

    Fox vs Bucky 
  • While getting your legs blown off in most battles would mean defeat in Death Battle, not so for Fox McCloud. What does he do after becoming Half the Man He Used to Be? Simple. Amp up his jetpack, rocket right into his opponent causing the momentum to dislodge both combatants' jetpacks and sending both fighters to the ground. Upon choking Bucky, Fox whips out his blaster, charges it up and blows his head off.
    • Considering that Bucky had killed his closest friend, Slippy Toad, at the start, that was some pretty thorough payback.

    Robocop vs Terminator 
  • The shining moment has to be Robocop's solution to the Terminator's unstable hydrogen cells. He straps him to what's left of his jetpack and watches him rocket off before the big kaboom. Right before the final explosion, Terminator roars, "I'll be Back!"
  • Terminator's Defiance to the End really deserves some recognition. Does any other losing Death Battle combatant spend their last moments telling off their opponent?
  • Robo's deadpan list of felonies to Terminator whilst setting him ablaze and knocking him off a tall building.
    Robocop: "Property damage, resisting arrest, assaulting an officer, murder... your hot streak ends here."
    Terminator: "Fuck you, dickwad!"
    Robocop: "You have the right to remain silent." *kicks T-850 off the building* "I suggest you exercise it."
  • "YOU. ARE. TERMINATED." Okay, so it doesn't really work, but man that line is cool and the delivery is so awesome!
  • On a meta level, the voice actor for the Terminator does a spot on imitation of Arnold's performance.
  • How does Robocop get past the Terminator's gatling gun? He shoots into the barrels of the gatling gun and jams it.

    Luigi vs Tails 
  • Luigi & Tails' brief mid-air cyclone clash.
  • Anytime Luigi utilizes his Thunder Hand technique in his moves, which Tails hardly does anything about because he's afraid of lightning.
  • Luigi destroying most if not all of Tails' inventions throughout the fight with nothing but his hammer.
  • Tails, for a young 11 year old fox, being able to endure all of Luigi's punishing blows.
  • In a blink-and-you'll miss moment, Tails attaching a bomb on Luigi's Poltergust while he was dazed. It fails to finish Luigi, but it does destroy the Poltergust and blow Luigi far away, setting things up for Tails to go for the final blow.
  • Luigi whipping out a Smash Ball from HIS POCKET to use the Negative Zone, all with a shit-eating grin on his face that says, "Yeah, I'm doing this."
  • Tails finishing the fight in a flash with the Magic Hook, plowing through Luigi's chest and the Warp Pipe.
  • Tails not even flinching as a cluster of bombs heads straight for him.

    Pokemon Kanto Starter Battle Royale 
  • Venusaur and Charizard's beam struggle turning the forest around them into a wasteland just shows how powerful the two Pokemon are.
  • Blastoise's primal roar after finishing off Charizard is nothing short of epic.
  • Blastoise ripping off Charizard's wings is a quite the holy shit moment.
  • The combatants invoking Battle Amongst the Flames and Battle in the Rain at the same time!
  • After Venusaur's death, the last two standing see each other and trigger a Pokemon style scene transition. Especially awesome for those who grew up with Red or Blue.

    Fulgore vs Sektor 
  • Fulgore vs. Sektor did have some pretty awesome moments, like the fact that it's two awesome cyborgs from violent fighting games fighting each other
  • There was the lightsaber moves from Sektor followed by an epic combo breaker from Fulgore
  • Fulgore stopping Sektor's Compactor fatality and then finishing it up with an Ultra Combo complete with Devastation Beam finisher
  • The preview of the next Death Battle showing off Godzilla!!!!

    Godzilla vs Gamera 
  • Two of the most famous Giant Monsters in history finally going head to head!? It's literally the Goku vs Superman in Kaiju and one that people have been waiting for for years.
  • The preview shows that it looks set to be the biggest Death Battle to date, both literally and figuratively.
  • While the rundown was lost due to Ben's hard-drive dying, we didn't lose the fight animation! It premiered on July 11th at SGC and broadcasted on Twitch for all to enjoy! And there was more tension filled pauses in the fight than you could shake a stick at.
  • Heck, the fact that Ben/Wiz and Chad/Boomstick made the episode look awesome even as a short, quickly-made Powerpoint presentation (complete with live, improvised jokes) proves how much dedication the both of them have.
  • Remember that hilariously bad Flight scene Godzilla pulled off? Death Battle turned that ability into something awesome, using the Atomic Breath to slow down and redirect Gamera's path and slow down his fall back to Earth from Gamera's attack.
  • Godzilla ripping Gamera's arm clean off! The live audience at SGC gave out a huge gasp of the HOLY SHIT! variety when that happened.
    • Credit to Gamera for carrying on fighting with all his might, even after that loss.
  • Godzilla no-sells Gamera's Mana Cannon, throws Gamera into the air when he tries his Suicide Ejection Technique, and uses the Red Spiral Beam to not only push him far enough that the explosion doesn't hurt him but pierces Gamera's shell.
  • Gamera grabbing Godzilla, flying with him out of the earth, then performing a Suplex Finisher from space. As mentioned above, Godzilla managed to escape, but had he been against a less versatile or durable Kaiju, Gamera would have won the fight right there.

    Batman vs Captain America 
  • Just the fact that Cap successfully gave Hulk a Groin Attack, even Boomstick is impressed.
  • Batman using all of his stealth tactics for the win. He disarms Cap of his shield, lather it with explosive gel, throws it back, and detonate the gel right next to Cap. Next he attacks Cap's pressure points while he's dazed, steals his shield again, uses it to launch Cap into the horizon. He whips out his grappling hook, strangles Cap mid-air with said grappling hook, and finally tethers Cap around a lamppost with said grappling hook with enough force to break his neck. He does all this in one fluid motion.
  • Every one of Cap's blows carry a much greater degree of crunch to them than Batman's. He seemed to be pressing the offensive far better than Spider-man did, dominating up close. Unlike Spider-Man, Cap lost

    Gundam Epyon vs White Tigerzord 
  • Zechs's Pre Ass Kicking One Liner:
    Zechs: I'LL BREAK YOUR FACE!!!!
  • Tommy calling the Zords to form the Mega Tigerzord, even Zechs didn't know what to do for a moment.
  • Zechs dodging the Phoenix Strike at the last moment and taking out the Mega Tigerzord with his Beam Saber, all to the tune of "White Reflection".
    Zechs: FOR NOIN!
  • The fact that the Mega Tigerzord is so powerful, it made the Zero system see the possibility of the Epyon being obliterated by the Phoenix Strike. Unfortunately for Tommy, this also meant that Zechs literally saw it coming and was prepared to do the above dodge and counter.
  • Kirbopher's absolutely spot on performance as Tommy.

     Ryu vs Scorpion 
  • From a meta-perspective the very notion that Scorpion becomes the first fighter ever to avoid the trivia of "if anyone attacks before the FIGHT! sound clip they lose".
    • Following that same perspective, the close-ups of Ryu and Scorpion before they're both brought to the Netherrealm is pretty cool.
  • Ryu reduces Scorpion to a skeleton. There's even a slight pause of silence that would indicate that that's the end of it as would normally happen along with the usual KO sound effect. NOPE! Scorpion's skeleton moves and unleashes a massive hellfire attack and reduces Ryu to a pile of ashes.
  • The fight, in general, is extremely well animated for a sprite battle, with both Ryu and Scorpion's animations looking very nice. It may be one of the best animated Death Battles, and it's backed up by having A Soul Can't Be Cut playing during some of it!
  • Scorpion literally tanks everything in Ryu's arsenal. Even the two super forms didn't make a difference. What makes it work is that he doesn't simply go into No Sell mode - he is literally thrown around like a ragdoll, but keeps getting up and coming after his opponent.

    Deadpool vs Deathstroke 

    Kirby vs Majin Buu 
  • The whole thing is one for Kirby. There were plenty of fans, even among his own fanbase, who thought he didn't have a prayer of surviving the fight with Majin Buu, yet come the fight proper not only is he holding his own, he's landing some good hits, even killing Buu by the end. Perhaps the greatest example of Badass Adorable and Killer Rabbit in Death Battle history.
  • Kid Buu tearing his way out of Kirby's stomach dimension after being eaten, perhaps the first creature who's ever succeeded in such a feat.
  • The final moment of the fight, naturally. Kirby completely incinerates Buu by redirecting his strongest attack back at him with the Hypernova and pushing him into the sun. Practically everyone was saying their prayers for the poor little Star Warrior and he actually won. It was like Yoshi vs. Riptor in a much heavier weight class.
    • The best part is just how hopeless things looked for Kirby- He was crying and lying in defeat as Buu charged his best attack while looming over him mercilessly... but then the second he turns into Hypernova Kirby and the Hypernova theme begins playing, it becomes pretty clear who's about to win.
  • While it is debatable that he might have been running for his life, it almost looks as if Knuckle Joe was running to Kirby and offering his Fighter-ability to fight Kid Buu. If true, it would technically go against Death Battle rules, but it is still awesome to think this was his intention. Especially considering Kirby and Joe are allies in the anime.
    • Then when Kirby gains the Fighter-ability, he punches his "fists" together and proceeds to kick Buu's ass, using a shoryureppa and hadoukens, until Buu lands the one mighty hit necessary to take away his ability. Fact of the matter is that Fighter Kirby, master martial artist, managed to keep up with one of the most powerful DBZ characters in hand to hand combat despite the speed disadvantage (Instant Transmissions) is incredible.

    Ragna the Bloodedge vs Sol Badguy 
  • The fight itself until Ragna turns into the Black Beast is the kind of second-to-second action you expect to come from One Minute Melee, except this one lasts more than 60 seconds.
  • Sol interrupts—the first time anyway—Ragna attempting to activate the Azure Grimoire. In this battle talking is not a free action. Even better is that Ragna learns from this and traps Sol with his Dead Spike before trying again, successfully now.
    • Speaking of which, when Ragna first uses the Azure Grimoire and starts to show Sol why he got that 90,000,000,000 bounty.
  • Ragna and Sol pulling out all the stops, unleashing their respective Power-Ups against each other, before Ragna finally manages to get the upper hand, grab a weakened Sol, and run him clean through while holding him up. Especially impressive when you realize that Sol is the strongest character in the Guilty Gear universe, so to be able to overpower him, even if only for a short time, is a feat worthy of itself.
    • And then Sol returns the favor, showing he's not down and out just yet.
  • The fact that Sol wiped out the Black Beast in one attack. Nobody in BlazBlue has that kind of power. Not to mention the setup to it, with Ragna, now the Black Beast, and Sol, in full-out Gear mode with DragonInstall, going at each other for the final clash of blows. You know, one way or another, it's gonna end awesomely.

    Gaara vs Toph Beifong 
  • Several of Toph's one-liners can come across as this.
  • Toph successfully managing to pierce Gaara's Shield of Sand cocoon, by using none other than a piece of the Shield fashioned into a hardened spike.
  • Toph using her Metalbending to craft a metal suit out of her whip strong enough to withstand Gaara's Sand Coffin/Sand Burial finisher, complete with a Pre-Asskicking One-Liner.
    Toph: Pay attention, Sandy. I'm about to school you.
    • Even better is Gaara's sheer shock over it. He's never gone up against an opponent who has literally No Sold the Sand Burial without some form of damage, yet this little blind girl just did.
  • The ending. Toph proves her mastery over the earth, sand and metal (thanks to the Gold Dust merged with Gaara's sand) by sensing and redirecting all of his rapid attacks, then gets in close, grabs him in a chokehold, and turns Gaara's own Sand Armor into a death trap, literally entombing him in his own armor and crushing him to death. Toph caps this off with an Ironic Echo of Gaara's own Bond One-Liner when he thought he killed her.
    Toph: That's how it's done.
  • Getting a well known voice actor, in this case Kira Buckland, on the show surely counts.

     Samus Aran vs. Boba Fett REMASTERED  
  • Two words: Lightsaber Duel. Even the animator was looking forward to seeing the audience on Twitch completely freak out when they saw it.
  • After getting the shit beat out of him by Samus, Boba lays a trap and is able to malfunction Samus' suit and force her out of it.
  • Instead of her normal high-heel jet shoes from Smash 4, Samus keeps her suit's heavy boots in the same manner as in Haloid, yet another tribute to Monty Oum. She uses them to kick Fett's lightsaber.

     Chuck Norris vs. Segata Sanshiro 
  • How awesome was their match? They broke the universe! They tied! Highlights from the battle include:
    • Chuck splitting the earth in half by launching a giant Segata through the middle.
      • And then, in an easy-to-miss-moment, he weaponizes the act of doing push-ups to send half of the planet hurtling toward Segata!
    • Segata using the rings of Saturn as a chakram, slicing through Mars, Venus, and Mercury and launching Chuck through the Sun.
    • Their reaction to the sun exploding: silently telling the solar system to deal with it while two pairs of sunglasses drop in front of their eyes.
    • The final blow we see: Chuck and Segata hitting each other so hard that they cause the universe to collapse in on itself.
      • To repeat. They scored the first official tie in Death Battle history! There was no double ko, as far as the viewers know they're still fighting. Just in another realm of existence.
      • Also, when their attacks collide, we see a montage of other Death Battles, including Superman vs Super Saiyan God Goku.

     Guts vs. Nightmare 
  • An awesome swordfight between two badass BFS-wielders.
  • Nightmare sending Guts into the air with a powerful strike then blowing him away with a gigantic Sphere of Destruction.
  • As he gets in close, Guts lets Nightmare bring his sword down, grazing his cheek, just enough to get his mechanical arm in place to blow off Nightmare's head with the one shot cannon. It's not the end, Nightmare growls "Impressive." before stepping up his game as Night Terror.
  • It's a blink-and-you-miss-it kind of thing, but if you watch carefully when Guts is sent flying up and off the screen by Nightmare, you'll see a tribute to the previous Death Battle...
  • Nightmare (now Night Terror) shows his power by assaulting Guts three times (the first pushing back Guts far enough until he hits a tree), then stabbing Guts and causing the sword to explode, destroying the tree AND sending Guts flying into a rock.
  • Guts takes Nightmare's/Night Terror's very powerful attacks and gets thrown around, but he tanks them all like a man and is still able to fight properly.
  • Guts leaping through Night Terror's wall of flames and hacking off Night Terror's sword arm.
  • Guts then tops that feat by summoning the Berserker Armor and using Dragon Slayer's astral properties to one-shot Inferno, who in the Soul Series proper is nearly impossible to kill, even with Soul Calibur.

    Iron Man vs. Lex Luthor 
  • The fact that they got Chuck Huber to play Tony Stark/Iron Man.
  • The actual fight itself, with Tony donning his Hulkbuster armor, and securing the kill with his Endo-Sym armor, forcefully ripping Luthor from his power suit and disintegrating him with a full-force Uni-Beam.
  • Luthor using his Energy Shields to easily block all of Hulkbuster!Tony's strikes, all while smugly going on about his superiority with a Badass Armfold. Then Tony breaks through it.
    Luthor: You call that power? Ha, you are nothing! I have seen true power. You are nothing more than another ant to crush under my- *Tony finally breaks through* -well, how about that?
    • Let's put that into perspective: the Hulkbuster was made to fight The Incredible Hulk on an even level, and Lex can comfortably disregard its attacks and go on an evil monologue. Even after it breaks through, it starts shutting down because Lex already crushed its batteries, allowing him to use his Kill Sat energy blast and nearly kill Iron Man.
  • Heck, even Luthor's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Tony as he's charging up for the kill is a moment all unto itself.
    Luthor: Fool. You're just like all the others. Building a suit to save the world, trying to play God. Let me tell you something, Stark. There's only one man in the world fit to play such a role: Me.
  • Which Tony answers, while donning his Endo-Sym suit.
    Tony: I don't know, Lex. It can't be that hard to play god. I mean, I'm the most brilliant and capable man on the planet. I'm not playing God. All this time... I've been playing human.
    • Cue rousing orchestral swell and One-Woman Wail as Tony proceeds to mash the living shit out of Luthor.
    • Perhaps the greatest part of all? This isn't a line written by Death Battle. This is a line actually uttered by Tony in-universe. DB didn't need to write Tony Stark's material; Tony Stark makes his own damn material!
  • The moment Tony dons the Endo-Sym and drains all the energy from Luthor's armor.
    Iron Man: Everything.

    Solid Snake vs. Sam Fisher 
  • Christopher Sabat is playing Solid Snake!
  • Something on a meta level that might overlap with a crowning moment of funny. Long before the fight was officially announced, Ben would often make jokes about how this fight would be "easy to animate" of just a dark room, gunshots and then turning on the lights to show who won. Not only is the fight itself beautifully animated and clocks in at 6 and a half minutes, but a dark room with gunshots actually happens and isn't so much the whole battle as it is the beginning of the climax. So...awesome in hindsight?
  • For Metal Gear fans Otacon hacking Grimm's comm line and crashing forcing it blow up. Overkill, much? But not only that, as a result he makes two instances of Death Battle history, not only as the first (ignoring the robot war Wily Vs. Eggman fight) character whose name isn't in the title to score a kill, but also the first man in the series (Yoshi doesn't count because Death Battle doesn't consider him to have a gender) to ever defeat a woman.
  • Snake's cardboard box trick works by him not hiding in it and using it as a decoy.
  • Before the fight Sam Fisher has already infiltrated the location and killed everyone in it long before Snake got there.
  • The lead-up to the end of the fight: Sam follows Snake into a dark room, and all we can see are the lights on Sam's goggles. Then the red light from Snake's Solid Eye appears right behind him, showing Snake smoking a cigarette before he says Ocelot's catchphrase from Snake Eater.
  • The finish: Sam and Snake engage in one last close-quarters fight, before Snake turns the tide in his favor by planting Sam with a German Suplex and slashing him open while simultaneously shocking him, before stabbing him through the mouth with his own karambit knife. To cap it off, Snake grabs the flash drive he and Sam were fighting over and lights a cigarette before walking away. No wonder why he's history's greatest soldier.
    Snake: Piece of cake.
  • Lets not forget that despite Snake's victory being a curb-stomp battle in the analysis thanks to countering everything the other had, with the addition of his CQC Training from Big Boss. Sam Fisher landed the first blows in the battles, including a Bullet Wound and knife slash, not bad with how one-sided the affiar was in the analysis.
  • During the final knife fight, Snake uses a familiar knife flip.
  • The teaser for the next episode. Guess who's coming to Death Battle? The one and only Darth Vader.

    Darth Vader vs. Doctor Doom 
  • Vader smashes Doom to pieces, but "K.O!" does not appear. Instead, there's another portal and another Doom. Like every Marvel hero, Vader fell for the Actually A Doom Bot trick.
  • During the fight, Doctor Doom uses time travel to take him and Darth Vader back to prehistoric times. The two are ambushed by a T.rex, and Vader decapitates it with his lightsaber.
  • Doom no sells Vader's Force Choke.

    Goku vs Superman 2 
  • The very fact that there's a rematch at all can be considered awesome when one considers that once these fights are done, the results tend to be spoken for.
  • Goku is finally going to fight Superman in his Super Saiyan God form.
    • Not only that, he later ascends to his Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form.
    Goku: Ready for a rematch?
  • The rematch is in fact a direct sequel to the first fight, with Superman having gathered the Dragon Balls to restore Earth.
  • Superman admits "I felt that" from one of Goku's blows with genuine shock.
    • It honestly sounded more like a compliment.
  • Superman, who is now more aware of the situation, spends more time trying to talk Goku down as they're fighting; to get him to recognize he just can't win. While he's absolutely right in that it's Goku's fight to lose, Goku's defiance and unshakable confidence really rally you to his side, even if you were for Superman out of the gate.
    Superman: With each earthquake! With every breath...I could create a hurricane! This is my burden. Be thankful it isn't yours.
    Goku: Don't get ahead of yourself, buddy... You aren't the only one with that kind of power.
  • During the SGC live show, Goku and Superman end up crashing through the building the conference was held. Suddenly, the video rewinds as Goku and Superman performers fight in front of the live crowd!
  • Superman walks through SSGSS Goku's fully charged Kamehameha. No theatrics, no concern, no sweat.
    • Let's elaborate. Cell's full-power Kamehameha had, according to himself, enough power to wipe out the entire solar system; Goku was stronger than that by the Buu Saga at Super Saiyan 2, 4x stronger than that at Super Saiyan 3, 10x stronger than 3 at Super Saiyan 4, by all appearances titanically stronger than THAT at Super Saiyan God, and farther above still as a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. And his all-out Kamehameha, all focused on a single point so as not to destroy the Earth with the recoil, seems to provide all the resistance of a blustery gust of wind to Superman.
    • To be fair, this is also a moment for Goku. Superman was using the tiniest fraction of his power in their original fight, presumably feeling Goku out before easily overtaking him with each escalation. This time? This time, Goku has earned a damn good look at what the Man of Steel can really do, and Supes doesn't bother dialling himself down again to humor his opponent, instead opting to No Sell everything the Saiyan can throw at him.
  • Even though Goku loses, he manages to shift the balance of the fight in his favor for a bit after each of his transformations, and genuinely hurts Superman a few times.
    Superman: I'm impressed — I actually felt that.
  • The ending. Kal-El decides to truly fight with all he has and finish it before the Earth is destroyed again, ultimately giving Goku a quick death with heat vision through the skull when it becomes clear Goku will never stop fighting. It's short, it's poignant, it's not even all that brutal, and it's perfect.
    • And after Superman finishes him off, Goku admits in the afterlife after a talk with King Kai that being stronger than Superman wouldn't really be satisfying for him anyway, because then there'd be nothing left for him to strive towards.
    • In their first match, Superman had to use the Infinite Mass Punch to take Goku out. This time, he practically Cherry Taps Goku with a Heat Vision scalpel, just to drive home the point that he is in a completely different league from Goku.
      • For the sake of the battle, perhaps, but this ease for Supes isn't just awesome, it's heartwarming. He takes Goku out in a way that's instantaneous. The human mind itself lacks pain receptors, so not only was Goku's death immediate, it was without the slightest know, as opposed to getting physically torn apart and utterly annihilated by the Infinite Mass Punch and Earth's exploding.
  • Screw Attack recalculates Superman's capabilities as infinite. Plain and simple. Even when throwing numbers around, they still come up with lowest possible limits like 1,000,000x faster than the speed of light and able to withstand the force of 50 supernovas (that's 500 octillion megatons of destructive power, incidentally) based on what he does in the comics. The end makes clear there won't be another rematch, because no matter what further transformations Goku might uncover and how many times he multiplies his power, there isn't, nor can there ever be, a comparison.
  • The fight itself is effin' gorgeous!

     Donkey Kong vs Knuckles 
  • Donkey Kong's knockout blow. After getting circles run around him by Knuckles, during a momentary pause, DK literally smashes the echidna to a paste between his hands. To wit, this was the only time he really got his hands on Knuckles, and once ended up being all he needed.
    • By extension, just the fact that Donkey Kong is now the first (to date) Mario series character to have defeated a Sonic character in a Death Battle. Bowser might have beaten him to being the first Mario character to defeat a Sonic character in a ScrewAttack video, but One Minute Melees are settled by the creator alone. Donkey Kong has an actual analysis backing up his victory.
    • Another note for Donkey Kong is what the analysis revealed and put to use in the fight. Namely, DK was so much stronger that he was able to continuously brush off a beating from his Sonicverse counterpart. That's right, Knuckles the Echidna got tanked by Donkey Kong.
  • For not being too smart, a little outside-the-box thinking turns the early stages of the fight in favour of Knuckles, who utilizes his tunneling ability and Super Speed to sabotage DK's ground pounding, sending him falling deep underground. In fact, had he not been hit by one of DK's homing coconuts, he would have been able to escape the fight right then and there.
  • DK plans a sophisticated attack strategy around distracting Knuckles with direct combat while his Homing Coconuts swerve back around to hit him and create a few openings. Not bad for someone whose usual combat strategy is to stomp on his foes or punch them very hard.
  • As mentioned on the Fridge Brilliance page. Realizing that Knuckles's fists can be used as wall-climbing and ground-digging tools is pretty damn ingenious for someone who was described in the intro as being less than the sharpest tool in the shed.
  • When it becomes apparent that he isn't going to win a straight-up fist fight, Donkey Kong literally swings back into the fight while rapid-firing his Coconut Gun, like an 800-pound, hairy Rambo. It makes for quite the scene.
    • Not to be one-upped, Knuckles proceeds to bob and weave around the entire salvo of coconuts; while the fact that they're Homing Coconuts means that he can't evade them forever, it's definitely an impressive feat, especially considering he was caught off-guard. He even manages to punch a few out of the air and right back at DK.

     Wolverine vs. Raiden 
  • Wolverine makes his entrance by slicing a Gekko in two with his claws in a single stroke.
  • Raiden initially getting the upper hand in the fight, pulling a sick combo on Wolverine (who of course heals it off). Shortly after, Raiden pulls another combo while holding the Murasama with his foot.
  • When Raiden attempts to ambush Wolverine, Logan literally sniffs it out, then dodges the initial strike and turns the fight in his favour.
    Wolverine: No use hidin', bub... the nose knows...
  • This conversation between the two combatants:
  • Wolverine tanks getting impaled by Raiden's Murasama, and then lands a pretty wicked combo while the blade is still stuck in his chest and Raiden is disarmed. Once Raiden gets a firm grip on Murasama once again, he manages to temporarily incapacitate Wolverine within SECONDS.
  • After getting impaled through the chest by Wolverine's claws, which would kill most combatants, Raiden turns off his pain inhibitors, activates Ripper Mode, headbutts Wolverine to daze him and pulls himself free, then continues the fight anew.
  • The killing blow. Raiden, down an arm, lops off Wolverine's head, and then slices it into tiny pieces, destroying his brain and inadvertently disabling Wolverine's famous Healing Factor, killing him. Let's reiterate: Raiden EFFORTLESSLY sliced through one of the most powerful metals in all of fiction, literally single-handedly.
    • In most Death Battles, losing a limb mid-fight without a rapid healing factor is a sure sign that the character is about to die. Raiden, on the other hand, turns the fight around... AGAINST a character who is arguably the Trope Codifier for healing factors.
  • Every blow was amazing! From Raiden's Battoujutsu to the Pummel Duel, each hit was cooler than the last! As with Ragna vs. Sol, this was the fast-paced action one would normally see in One Minute Melee.
  • For a meta example, the voice acting in this episode is really quite good. Xander Mobus in particular gives us a fairly convincing 90's Wolverine impression. Even his roars, which could have easily been Narm, sound pretty ferocious.

     Hercule Satan vs. Dan Hibiki 
  • While it doesn't nearly match up to any of the other previous combatants, Hercule Satan's feats are very awesome for a regular human. He can rip 3 phone books in half, pull four tour buses at the same time on his own, and not only convinced Majin Buu to stop killing, he also played a huge role in destroying his evil manifestation, Kid Buu.
    • He's also the only major character in DBZ to never die.
  • Even though it's brief, Dan channeling the Shun Goku Satsu does make him look a bit intimidating. Of course, this being Dan, it doesn't last long.
  • Moments before the killing blow in the battle. Hercule picks up Dan and gives him a beating, showing off how much of a Badass he is
    Hercule: Watch closely, you're about to witness the real deal!
  • The next episode's teaser, featuring the one-and-only Yang Xiao Long!