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Fridge: Death Battle
Warning; unmarked spoilers lie ahead.

  • In Felicia vs Taokaka, Felicia throws her opponent down mid-combo and Tao lands without a hitch. Why? Cats always land on their feet.
  • I was kind of confused in the Cloud VS Link battle; when Cloud used his Omnislash, it looked like Link was easily about to die, but then Link somehow landed a hit that saved him without any explanation as to how. I didn't understand why until I watched the battle again; I previously Failed a Spot Check and didn't notice the yellow reticule around Cloud during the attack. Link was Z Targeting! This also extends into the research shown earlier, where they flat out stated Z-Targeting = Fast Reflexes. This not only explains how Link countered the Omnislash, but also how he was able to keep pace with Cloud's super-soldier speed in swordplay. It is an ability shown consistently throughout the series, which is what the weapons and abilities chosen for the fight were based on. And just because Cloud can slash like crazy doesn't mean he has Z-Targeting or Spidey-Senses- that's not how it works. Link's quick reaction time was shown as a confirmed ability.
  • It should be noted that Cloud's Limit Breaks cannot be performed multiple times in a single turn. This means after each attack, Cloud is wide open (he can still block or dodge but in gameplay he can still be hit very easily). So Cloud can perform large combos but cannot overwhelm another superhuman or magical swordsmen like Link on speed alone.
  • Link appears to be as strong or as fast as a normal human, but his magical items do give him superhuman abilities. Link with his weapons isn't much different from Mario without his powerups or Taokaka running out of Seithr. These warriors are very effective with their weapons and magic, and because of this they can stand up against naturally superhuman opponents with ease.
  • Makes sense how Starscream VS Rainbow Dash is the only battle where A) there's no blood whatsoever (aside from Cloud VS Link), and B) technically, neither fighter "dies", since Starscream is still alive in his Spark (though with Rainbow Dash having eaten him, he won't be doing anything for a while); both fighters come from kid's shows, where blood and graphic deaths are very, very rarely - if ever - shown.
  • The reason why Batman didn't win in his battle with Spider-Man, if you read the comics, is obvious—Spidey had the jump on him, and when it comes down to it, Batman's main advantage is being Crazy-Prepared. As Wiz and Boomstick pointed out, Spidey's weaknesses are impossible to utilize unless one is prepared, which the rules of Death Battle prevent.
    • While of course they could bend the rules to allow Batman time to study Spidey, it would also give the latter time to prep up as well. Considering that Spider-Man is one of the smartest characters in the Marvel Universe, the fight would have ended with the same results. However, if one thinks about it, Batman would have been trumped by Spider-Man regardless of any precautions he may make.
      • If Spider-man knew how serious and aggressive Batman is as a fighter, he probably would have been less cocky and more careful during the fight—like how he didn't realize that Batman had explosive Batarangs.
      • Spider-Sense: Any of Batman's gadgets would have no effect on this, since this is one of Spidey's innate abilities.
      • Stamina and strategy: Whilst Batman may have encountered enemies and defeated them, this was due to having some form of advantage due to his gadgets. Compare this to Spider-Man, who is known for taking a lot of punishment but not necessarily dying and defeating enemies with plans formulated on the go. This could prove effective in countering whatever scheme Bats may cook up.
    • And in canon, Batman's very aware that in a straight up fight against meta-humans with no prep time, he'd probably lose.
    • Also most of Batman's weapons are DESIGNED to be NONLETHAL. Since Death Battle is about KILLING the enemy, Batman didn't use the right tools because of his pacifist fighting style.
      • You don't use non-lethal weapons to kill someone who survived encounters with The Rhino, The Juggernaut, Thanos, or Galactus multiple times. Also, Spiderman has defeated these guys.
      • This is Fridge Brilliance in and of itself. Batman does not kill, period, outside of Final Crisis. He knows that he is a master of fighting, and that there is a chance that his mind may be subverted by some enemy (probably Poison Ivy or the Mad Hatter). Thus, he designs his equipment and techniques so that, even if his will is subverted by an outside force (like, say, whatever it is that removes a Death Battler's compunctions about killing), he won't be able to break his oath to himself not to kill. Which is to say, Batman is so crazy prepared, he outsmarted Wiz and Boomstick.
  • Sonic's victory against Mario was foreshadowed from the beginning. At the start of the fight, base Sonic's physical attacks were too quick for base Mario to counter. A similar ambush was used at the end (when the power-ups apparently ran out) before Sonic ground Mario into the ground.
  • As several observers have noted, Starscream lost his fight with Rainbow Dash because he's always doomed to lose in the G1 continuity.
  • It should be noted that Spawn's near-immortality and instant regenerative powers made him immune to almost every attack that Kratos had. If Spawn lacked his god-like defenses, the outcome would have been different. In a way, Kratos is mortal and Spawn is immortal/extremely difficult to kill.
    • But the reason why Kratos didn't decapitate Spawn is because Death Battle doesn't allow the warriors to know of each other unless they do in canon—so he didn't know Spawn could survive getting impaled by his deadliest weapon, the Blade of Olympus. Besides, Kratos doesn't use much strategy to begin with, instead just thrashing things to death wildly.
  • Despite Pikachu's enormous popularity, he is still one of the weakest Pokémon in terms of base stats (at 300 base stats, Pikachu is slightly below average for ANY pokemon). Real people use Pikachu because of his popularity, not his skill.
  • Rogue may be one of the cheapest characters for being able to add her enemy's abilities on top of her own. Even Superman had trouble with a similar character; Parasite.
  • Some characters or abilities may not have been used because they don't have sprites or animations that the Death Battle animators can use. This may explain the lack of Sheik for the Peach VS Zelda fight. While she didn't use Sheik attacks (like the chain or needles from SSB), you may have noticed that Zelda was a lot more speedy and agile than normally depicted.
  • Many players believe that a Goomba is less dangerous than a Koopa. This is the case only because the Koopa's shell can bounce back at you, but otherwise the Goomba and Koopa can both be defeated by one jump. Even though it takes 2 to kill a Koopa, it will be immobile after the hit for so long that it doesn't really matter.
  • The odds of ANYTHING without a homing device to launch randomly miles into the air and directly hit a human head is WELL OVER a million to 1. This means Peach won by luck. What makes it Fridge Brilliance is that this in itself is an ability attributed to Peach. The sheep summoning spell appears to aim itself at the intended target.
  • One can wonder where the heck that Chaos Emerald randomly came from during the Wily VS Eggman battle, but it was explicitly stated earlier that Silver Sonic is powered by a Chaos Emerald, which is what allowed Metal Sonic to later absorb it and become a near unstoppable force even BEFORE he absorbed the Egg Fleet.
  • Sonic VS Mario ultimately ending in a Curbstomp Battle, as much as it may upset Mario fans was a given since Mario lacks any unique abilities without power-ups. While he and Sonic were evenly matched while using power-ups, without them, all he has his jumping skills and his above-average strength. Compare that to Sonic's super speed, homing attacks, and razor rapid spin, and you can see why Mario was outclassed.
  • It should be noted that the reason that pre-1986 Superman is not being used is because not only are his powers inconsistent throughout the series because of different authors, but some technicalities would be too cheap for the fight (i.e. destroying entire solar systems with sneezes or feeling no pain from being attacked by The Incredible Hulk).
  • As they themselves noted and hinted at the end, the victory of Superman over Goku makes perfect sense. Both of them deal with limitations; the difference is, Superman has emotional limitations (his history of mental limitations on his power, his devotion to saving lives rather than training, his dilemma of Krypton vs. Earth), and completely lacks physical limitations; Superman's story is an unending one of a Physical God dealing with the realities of life, balancing the world's needs against his own, and finding his identity. By contrast, Goku, being simpleminded and living for the fight, has no emotional limitations, but has many hard-and-fast physical limitations, with his story being an unending one of trying to overcome those limitations by unceasing training and determination. Both of them excel where the other struggles; just as the limitless Superman will always overcome the limited Goku in battle, the limitless Goku will always overcome the limited Superman at simply living, enjoying life, and coping with backstory and plot events. Unfortunately, this is a Death Battle, so Goku's quality-of-life victory is a bit hollow here.
  • The Goku VS Superman fight was originally scheduled for December 21, 2012; the day many people feared the world would end. At the end of the battle, the Earth was destroyed.
  • Some of what the two did in the fight didn't make sense, then I figured it out.
    • Why did Superman fly away after saying "I haven't even begun to play"? He was going around the earth to punch Goku in the face when he came back, it's a common enough move used by the Flash and other speedsters that he should be familiar with the concept and probably use it himself. However, Word of God is that Superman noticed the sun setting, so he traveled to Japan (Goku's DBZ arena) so he would be where it is high-noon, and the sun would be high in the sky. You can see the sun 'rising' from Superman flying around the world, that was his intention— not to punch Goku.
    • Why would Goku say "Oh no you don't!" While chasing Superman? He didn't understand that Superman got stronger. If Goku thought Superman was like the average Dragon Ball villain, the only reason to get above the ground a lot would be to fire one massive beam at it and blow it up.
  • The revelation of the new Super Saiyan God form from Battle of Gods would not have much effect on Goku's loss against Superman match. Why? Because the form requires six pure-hearted Saiyans to gather their energy, and that's five too many for a Death Battle. In fact, it actually might dig Goku's hole even deeper, since with a new canon source after DBZ proper, GT may not count as a permissible research source and Goku wouldn't have access to Super Saiyan 4, leaving his physical limitations far lower than even the inadequate stats calculated by Wiz and Boomstick for use in the battle.
    • Also, God Form has a time limit and its limits were never fully measured.
  • As Goku gets stronger throughout the fight with his Super-Saiyan forms, Superman gets stronger by getting closer to the sun. That way, both warrior's 'power levels' consistently grow throughout the match.
  • The battle between Goku and Superman is pretty much the hosts Shown Their Work of their research and responding to many fan predictions of the fight, specifically actions or situations that would have one fighter overwhelm the other IN THEORY.
    • How would Goku survive getting overwhelmed early in the fight before transforming? Senzu Beans.
      • Which Superman would destroy quickly after realizing what they do.
    • Would Goku use Kryptonite? No, Goku has too much pride and honor to defeat Superman like that.
    • Can the magical Power Pole hurt Superman? Yes, but Goku had little experience with it in DBZ and GT, so Superman could quickly disarm him. Also, a pole is not the most lethal weapon to use.
    • Would After-Image work on Superman, who has super-vision? No.
    • Would the Spirit Bomb have any use in a fight against Superman, who is pure of heart? Well, if Goku absorbed the energy of the Spirit Bomb it would be useful, but not as an actual weapon.
    • Goku had read minds in the past, wouldn't he just discover Superman's weaknesses like that? No, Superman trained himself to resist psychic attacks with his superhuman mind.
    • Would Solar Flare work against Superman, who is not only powered by the sun but has superhuman vision and has stared into the sun before? No.
    • Ice Breath is one of Superman's weaker attacks, so would it be effective against someone as powerful as Goku? Overall, no.
    • Shouldn't Superman just fly into the sun and get stronger so he can beat Goku? Well since Superman's speed and durability are virtually unlimited, Goku has little chance to slow him down if Superman decides to do that.
    • Why not teleport Superman away from the sun? Four reasons; (1) Goku wants to fight his enemies at full power. (2) Goku doesn't understand Superman's powers. (3) If Goku tried to, he would need time to concentrate, and Superman would try to fight back, so it would be risky. And (4) Goku might accidentally teleport Superman closer to a sun or to a blue sun, making the situation worse. (5) Goku would have to teleport to somewhere with a Ki signature and be breathable to him, further narrowing down his choices.
    • Why not destroy the sun? Even if the Kamehameha was powerful enough to do so the supernova explosion would kill Goku (and would suffocate in outer space if he isn't instantly incinerated) but not Superman (who survived supernova explosions).
    • Doesn't Goku have an enormous power-level? Power-levels were used as a plot-device to make the villains overconfident by underestimating the Z-Fighters. Realistically Goku is too powerful for his power level to be measured. Also, Superman's power level is never leveled by DBZ's definition of what a power-level is.
    • Isn't ki a type of magic, thus easily killing Superman? No, Dragon Ball shows an obvious difference between ki and magic.
      • Ki is relevant to how powerful someone physically is and acts more like energy.
      • Magical characters like Kami, Babidi, and Dende can be very powerful with their magic despite being physically weak. Also, their magic is not always designed to kill but to alter logic or physics. For example, Majin Buu can turn people into candy and Kami can create objects out of thin air, but Ki users like Goku cannot.
    • Aren't there several depictions of Superman showing him to be much weaker than most DBZ characters? Superman's powers are inconsistent between the writers of DC but according to Superman canon, his power is dependent on how much sunlight he has absorbed. With more sunlight, Superman gains more strength. Also Superman is able to control his strength to any level; from having trouble opening a soda can to pulling THE EARTH. Superman limits his strength so that he does not kill his enemies as he is a pacifist. Also, because his strength is determined by his solar aura, which also determines his defenses, Superman can appear vulnerable when he is not at full power. Also, Superman had to break mental blocks that limited his abilities in his youth. This is why Superman wore a spacesuit in Superman: The Animated Series.
  • Some losing combatants like Batman and Goku were given the benefit of the doubt for their fight, allowed to use every weapon they commonly use, have many opportunities to overwhelm their opponent. This was to make their defeats more acceptable.
  • Usually in Death Battle, a combatant's personality restraints about killing are removed. However, that was not the case for He-Man. He never tried to kill Lion-O, only brutally beat him down. Lion-O's death came when He-Man shattered the Eye of Thundera to protect himself. He couldn't have known that it would have killed Lion-O… And the other Thundercats…
  • Season One's second episode was a Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat match-up (Akuma vs Shang Tsung). Now, Season Two's second episode is a Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat match-up (M. Bison vs. Shao Khan).
    • Also, when you consider that Season One was originally going to end at Mario vs. Sonic and not Goku vs. Superman, if you don't count Justin Beiber vs. Rebecca Black as a real episode, then the second episode would've been Chun-Li vs. Mai Shiranui, not a SF vs. MK, but a SF character is still in the ring here.
  • Starscream surviving having his Spark eaten at the end of his match makes perfect sense even without the Word of God; Sparks are ephemeral energy, so there's nothing for Rainbow's stomach acids to actually digest, so Starscream was never in any real danger. Besides which, Starscream is intangible when in his "ghost mode", so he could just fly straight through Rainbow's flesh whenever he wanted to. He may well have popped out of her, shouted at her for being disgusting, then flown off a minute after the episode ended.
  • In "Goku VS Superman", Vegeta states that he could've defeated Superman faster than he could've defeated Shadow the Hedgehog. There's a scene during the fight where Superman gets crippled by Kryptonite and Goku destroys the Kryptonite so he could fight Superman fairly. Vegeta isn't as merciful to his foes as Goku. Unless Superman used Vegeta's "Saiyan roots" against him, there would be a chance that Vegeta would've left the Kryptonite there so Superman could die.
  • Why did Wiz and Boomstick have to change the "FIGHT" to a different voice? Probably because Shao Kahn, who did the voice in the first season is now a contestant of Death Battle, so it would be unfair to let him decide when the battle should start.
  • Something that might strike a viewer as odd in the Wily vs Eggman fight is the inclusion of Scratch and Grounder when the armies seem to be primarily based on the games. However, not only did they both appear in a game once, both are canonically based off/expies for Badniks from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 — Grounder is lifted directly from the Grounder badnik (which itself was a slightly redesigned version of the Burrobot from Sonic The Hedgehog 1), while Scratch is a less-accurate version of the Clucker badnik (the turret gunner chicken Badniks that guard Robotnik's flying fortress).
  • Starscream's Fate Worse Than Death…when you think about what's established for the character it's not that bad. Starscream doesn't need a physical body to survive, he can exist just fine as a ghost indefinitely. It just means he can't interact with the material world in significant ways. Furthermore, Starscream is indifferent to time; what's waiting a century or two for Equestria to develop more advanced machinery to somebody who's already been alive for millions of years? Finally, among the things Starscream can do in his ghostly state? Travel from planet to planet. So, ultimately, Starscream doesn't need to be stuck in any Equestrian machine unless he wants to; he can just fly away as a ghost to some other, more advanced world and take over machinery there.
  • Both Link vs. Cloud and Ryu vs. Strider were said to be very close, and Cloud and Ryu left relatively intact bodies at their moments of death compared to other Death Battle combatants. While Ryu's body was eventually disposed of, he died when he was driven through the building by Strider. Maybe if the fights were more one-sided, the weaker defenses/stronger attacks would have left behind messier corpses.
  • Many commenters say that Starscream should have won against Rainbow Dash because he has all those weapons. However all those weapons would have been rendered ineffective for different reasons. His Null Ray is stated to be useless on anything but a machine, which Rainbow isn't, and it has been used on humans in the cartoon to no effect. The various missiles he has would also be useless because they are designed primarily to destroy other aircraft or vehicles and she is too small and fast to be hit by them. And finally his minigun which is what most people say should guarantee his victory is also ineffective. The reason being that the gun (M61 Vulcan) has a muzzle velocity note  of roughly 1050 meters per second. Rainbow can easily fly at Mach 5, which is at least 1710 meters per second. In short terms, Rainbow can fly faster than Starscream's bullets. You can also say that since Starscream regularly fails to hit targets that are on average 15-20 feet tall, he has an abysmal chance at hitting a target several times faster and 5 times smaller than him.
    • Many others claim that while G1 Starscream was incompetent, Michael Bay's Starscream or later versions would be far superior. And they are. However, even the competent versions of Starscream feature him bringing down tanks, jets, and other Transformers with ease, but he's clumsier when hunting individual humans. It's a trait shared by most Decepticons; Soundwave, Barricade, Frenzy, and Laserbeak are the only ones who can do it, which is why they're saddled with the duty, and are not the greatest fighters amongst their faction. Also, speedsters like Sonic the Hedgehog have dealt with giant, competent robots, and done so without magical powers; Dash is faster than even Sonic, with Flying Brick powers, not to mention several magical abilities and techniques.
      • Rainbow Dash is not faster than Sonic her limit is Mach 10 while Sonic has been shown to reach the speed of light(Tikal dialouge against Perfect Chaos, Comics, Sonic X)almost outran a black hole (Sonic Colors) and has no known limit to his speed.
  • The scene of Ryu being blown up even after he was already killed is also a case of brilliance for Strider's end for the main reason that his healing ability takes awhile to activate, hinting that Ryu was faking death and Strider had his Option C blow up the corpse to make sure.
  • In the teaser for Fox McCloud vs. Bucky O'Hare, Bucky appears to be following Slippy, and calls for battle stations shortly after his entrance. This makes a lot of sense, since Bucky's nemeses are…well, look at the title of his franchise.
    • The above observation was made before the whole fight was released.
  • Why was Starscream pitted against Dashie? For the contrast! She represents the Element of Loyalty; he has a betrayal trope named after him.
  • Master Chief managed to block Doomguy's bullets with the energy sword, despite not having much ability with the sword and not being able to do it in the game. He knew it was possible because an Elite had done it to him.
    • It also demonstrates one of Doomguy's weaknesses: being oldschool, he only usually fired at chest level, and the Chief only needed to hold out the sword in front of him to block the shots. If Master Chief had tried that in his own games, his opponents would merely have shot his legs instead, which is why he can't usually do it.
  • While the animation is for pure dramatization in Fox McCloud vs. Bucky O'Hare one thing stuck out at me. At first it seems like Slippy getting downed by Bucky with him just sitting there taking damage seems like just an excuse to get Fox's blood boiling. However, keep in mind that the group was flying with their wings closed. Anyone whose played Star Fox knows that in order to change directions on a dime you have to be in All Range Mode and then U-turn. BOTH take a few seconds to execute. On top of that Slippy was trailing behind the rest of the team so Fox had to speed up to get there, but, of course, once the Arwing's wings are out it moves slower. Anyone who has played the "true" ending to 64 would know that too. All of this leads to one thing: Fox wanted to save Slippy the moment he got hit, but he just didn't make it in time, hence his Roaring Rampage of Revenge throughout the entire fight.
  • If Terminator was given knowledge on all weapons which would include his shotgun, he didn't know how many shots he had? Then it hit me: One thing they said was that Terminator could learn how to feel sadness, meaning it might be able to learn how to feel other emotions like, say, anger. Given how Robocop survived his Grenade Launcher, jammed his minigun, set him on fire, and destroyed both his right arm and plasma rifle, it's quite possible Terminator was incredibly angry. One of the traits that comes with being angry is the inability to realize, remember certain things, or even to think logically, meaning Terminator just wanted Robocop dead so much...he forgot he had only 9 shots. Another possibility is that, since the Terminator is less durable than Robocop, it was damaged enough that it forgot to keep track of its ammo.
  • When the fight went in Terminator's favor, the music tended to be from the original 1984 film. That was the only film, until Salvation, where the T-800 series was sent out to kill.
  • It's rather ironic that they ended the Terminator's rundown with the clip of him driving the car through the police station. Especially since he was going after a cop in this episode. And said cop being the victor in the end.
  • In the Starter Pokémon Battle Royale, the three starters are in their first evolutionary stages before being fed a bunch of rare candies in order to reach their final forms. This isn't just for humor. At the beginning of the video, it is stated that they would not be taking EV training into account for the final battle. Rare candies help bypass that problem as while they do level up the Pokémon, they also don't give them any EV values (as opposed to leveling normally).
  • Venusaur and Charizard died horrendously and painfully, even by the standards of Death Battle, but what did you expect from a fight between wild Pokemon? Nature Is Not Nice doesn't just apply to humans, after all.
  • Why did Captain America fail to defeat Batman, when Spider-Man did it? Spider-Man had the Spider-Sense, which negated Batman's stealth tactics. Cap has stronger than normal senses, but nothing like the Spider-Sense, meaning Batman's tactics could overwhelm him.
    • Someone else also noticed that one advantage Cap could have had over Batman was that he can use guns. This is important considering that Batman wouldn't be proficient with guns based off his no-guns policy. However, when did a gun ever become a part of Captain America's default arsenal?
    • If anything, using a gun would have made the fight even worse for Captain America. Batman's fought many people who use guns and come out on top. Granted, most of them aren't as skilled as Cap, but still. Plus, Batman possesses light body armor which should allow him to survive most gunshots.
  • Why was Batman brought Back from the Dead after getting killed in Season 1? Do you know just how many times superheroes get killed and are later revived?
    • This was also addressed in a Q&A where a fan asked if a dead fighter can come back for a future episode. As Boomstick put it.
      "Sure? We have the power. To do ANYTHING~"
    • Considering Metal Sonic and Superman wiped out the planet in Season 1, this isn't that surprising. Also, both Cap and Bats have died in the past, only to return back to the land of the living.
  • Reptile's theme may seem out of place in Scorpion's recap, but it makes sense from the perspective of Reptile originally being a Palette Swap of Scorpion and Sub-Zero, combining their moves before establishing his own skill set.
  • More of Foreshadowing in any case: part of the Ryu vs. Scorpion fight used music from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, which ended up being a subtle cue to the fight's winner. What is the one thing Raiden and Scorpion have in common? Funnily enough, the Rising music kicked in when the fight moved to the Netherrealm, which gave Scorpion the home-field advantage needed to take Ryu down. In addition, a remix of the Volcanic Rim theme played at the beginning of the fight. What happened to the last Ryu who had his theme play during his fight? Ask Strider Hiryu.
  • Most of Ryu vs. Scorpion ended up echoing what occurred in a previous Death Battle: Goku vs. Superman. Like Goku, Ryu aims to continue improving himself through training and fighting others. The two also possess various Super Mode transformations, as well. On the other hand, Scorpion echoed Superman (ironic, ain't it?) through Nigh-Invulnerability relating to a heat-related power source: the sun for Supes and the Netherrealm for Scorp. When this was established, it was only a matter of time before both attained their respective victories.
  • Near the end of the fight, why does Scorpion casually stroll towards Ryu, who was charging a Shinkku Hadouken enhanced by the Power of Nothingness, despite the fact that he has tried to defend himself beforehand (especially with the Raging Demon)? Scorpion had spent more than half of the battle already in the Netherrealm, which can increase his power with no clear limit. By then, he would not need to try and defend himself against anything Ryu could throw at him.
  • During Kirby vs. Majin Buu, Kirby gains his Fighter ability by eating a Knuckle Joe. Why is the Knuckle Joe still hanging around several minutes after the fight began, long after every other Mook nearby had either ran or been killed/eaten, let alone running ALONGSIDE a dazed Kirby riding a Warp Star? Simple: Kirby, having saved Dream Land from several Eldritch Abomination level fighters, was clearly the best chance the planet and its inhabitants had against Majin Buu, so if Kirby lost he was going to die anyway. The Knuckle Joe, being a skilled fighter and arguably one of the more heroic of Kirby's garden-variety enemies, stuck around in case Kirby needed help. In other words, he committed a Heroic Sacrifice, letting Kirby eat him to gain any advantage possible over the invading Buu. Some might argue that this breaks Death Battle's rules about outside help, but since Kirby could technically have drawn upon the power of any Knuckle Joe he's consumed over his adventures anyway (see: the consumed Miracle Fruit that turned the tide of the battle), this was done simply for the sake of providing Rule of Drama. Rest in peace, little guy.

  • E-101 Mark II can automatically dodge or deflect projectiles but he went down very easily. Magnet Man's Magnet Shield only drags enemies closer, but doesn't paralyze them.
  • Both Goku and Superman have had people write articles because Death Battle obviously couldn't read every single comic that Superman has been put in over the years, viewers have found instances where Superman went to Alpha centauri and back in less that 20 seconds - the required speed for that is astronomical.
    • Also on that point, I realized that since they disregarded Silver Age Superman (who could travel through time and annihilate solar systems with a sneeze) and included filler, GT, and movies (the canonicity of which have been debated) for Goku, that means they were using a buffed (for the sake of example, Super Saiyan 4 only appears in GT) Goku against a nerfed Superman, and it was still as mismatched as it was.

  • The destruction of the entire world at the end of Goku vs Superman is terrifying enough, but think about it from Superman's perspective. Superman, the do-gooder who had one homeworld explode on him, has killed several billion innocents and assisted in the destruction of his second home by accident. There may be some way to restore things to their previous state out there in the universe (Like the Dragon Balls), but Superman is going to have to work through a lot of anguish after what he did to Earth. A. Lot. Conversely Goku probably isn't too bummed about dying, since this is his third time and he's already got a 'life' over there, tying in well with the above Fridge Brilliance about the nature of their respective struggles. note 
    • Vegeta makes a cameo in this Death Battle, and makes a continuty nod towards his battle with Shadow. This means that all the Death Battles are set in a Shared Universe - and potentianlly every fictional character ever created exists here. This means that many of the characters you know and love, from Mega Man to Mai Shirunai, were blown up.
      • Even if the concept of a shared Earth in Death Battle is true, places like Equestria (which featured Rainbow Dash), Hyrule (Link, Zelda), and the Mushroom Kingdom (Mario, Peach, Yoshi, Goomba & Koopa) to only name a few all don't exist on a planet with either human life or real-world locations, so it is safe to assume they are all excluded. To an extent, Starscream, being he was trapped within Rainbow Dash at their battle's end, can also be excluded. Even if he did eventually escape from her after nature took it's course, and traveled over to the shared Death Battle 'Earth', he would've technically survived it's destruction from Goku and Superman's fight, being he is a harmless, ethereal ghost. And the Eggman vs Wily fight already seemed to have taken place on a desolate planet, and ended with a Barren Wasteland ruled by Metal Overlord, so it's unlikely this was the same shared Earth these fights normally occur on. Even then, as stated above and before by the creators, characters can always come back, either by the Earth or Namekian Dragon Balls (or whatever available method can be used to revive characters in-universe), or by Wiz and Boomstick's will.
      • Plus, one has to take note of the Season 2 combatants (He-Man, Lion-O, Shao Kahn, Bison, Hayabusa, Hiryu, Ivy, Orchid, Fox, Bucky, Robocop, the Terminator, Luigi, Tails, Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Fulgore, Sektor and Godzilla) still being alive for their fights to take place.
      • Not to mention Batman returning after dying against Spider-Man to take down Captain America.
  • Goku partially fought Superman thinking that the latter, being a powerful alien, would eventually destroy Earth. Ultimately, Goku was right. Double the FH, this is equally Goku's fault and that he himself is a powerful alien.
  • Goku's Kamehameha destroying the Lex-Corp building looks cool until you ask the question, how many people were in that place when Goku blew it up?
  • All of the other Z fighters could have joined the battle and helped their friend, but just stayed home...
    • The same can be said about the Justice League. With all the ruckus going on in Metropolis and such, at least SOMEONE had to have been watching from the Watchtower. Then again, some of the League's most valuable members AND leaders were currently dead at the time of the fight.
  • The end to He-Man vs. Lion-O has this when He-Man SHATTERS the eye of Thundera, likely killing the rest of the Thundercats and rendering them extinct. Making it worse, he has no idea he's done this.
  • Shao Khan now has M. Bason's Psycho Power, which runs on the power of your soul. Shao Khan, according to their analysis, has absorbed BILLIONS of souls...
  • As mentioned in his rundown, Eggman uses innocent animals to power most of his robots. In the Sonic games, the animal always pops out alive and unharmed once the robot is destroyed. However, in the battle with Wily, none of Eggman's troops release animals when they're destroyed. So does that mean that the animals died too? Even if they ran away, those animals were probably going to die soon after anyway since Metal Overlord destroyed every last combatant on the battlefield, including some of the basic enemies that are powered by said animals, and since Metal is probably going to kill everything else as well due to the Roboenza virus
  • Tails is 8 years old, and he's being featured in a show that is nothing but violence and death. No matter what happens in his fight, it will be more brutal and disturbing than anything else on Death Battle, just because of who's involved.
    • At least many people can be grateful that the battle was bloodless and cartoonish up until the killing blow.
    • Mario vs. Sonic is also pretty scary, given Sonic is 15 years old and still has a lot to live.
    • In fact, Death Battle crossed the "juveniles fighting to the death" line way earlier than most people think. Remember the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Battle Royale, which was even morally worse because they were family?
    • The look on Luigi's face at the start of the battle. He didn't give Tails a mean glare because he felt like being a jerk that day. Luigi no-doubt was on a quest to avenge Mario's death at the hands of Sonic. Upon hearing the news, Luigi set off on a Kill Bill style quest to kill all of Sonic's loved ones, thus depriving him of all his friends and family just as Sonic did the same to Luigi. Tails was a name on the hit list, and that is why the battle existed from a Watsonian perspective. Look at Luigi's face again and you can see that the fight clearly means something more to him than the simple "I'm just gonna attempt murder this other fictional character for no reason" circumstances of the other battles.
  • Robocop may have defeated the Terminator, but his battery power has depleted all the way down to 1% over the course of the battle. He doesn't die when his battery runs out. He's just forced into sleep until he can be recharged. This means criminals can do things to him in the meantime.
    • 1% of a 24 hour battery gives Robocop roughly 14 minutes to find safety and/or call for reinforcements from OCP/the police force. Even with his car destroyed by the Terminator early in the fight and his abysmal speed on foot, he presumably would only need to find a populated building with people willing to help him make a simple phone call or flag down a vehicle to legally commander for himself or at least willing to give him a lift. Additionally the sheer magnitude of the destruction would have easily caught the attention of Robocop's superiors and reinforcements and/or a cleanup crew were almost certainly on route by the time the fight was over. Unless the fight ended in a PARTICULARLY bad part of town and a competent team of crooks stupid enough to charge TOWARDS the remains of a massive hydrogen explosion were able to keep Robocop at bay long enough to run out the clock, Murphy wouldn't be left hanging for long.
  • The Starter Pokemon were leveled up by rare candy instead of being already fully grown. Three kids just fought to the death.
    • To make matters worse, the losers died HORRIFICALLY AND PAINFULLY. Venusaur was clearly writhing in agony, and was absolutely terrified as it tried to escape the flames, and Charizard clearly felt its belly being filled with water until it exploded. Plus, Blastoise lost an eye...
  • Even if Bucky O' Hare had won against his battle against Fox McCloud. He'd still be a Sole Survivor of his whole crew including Child Prodigy Will. It'd have been his greatest failure and he'd be dealing with Survivor Guilt.
  • Similar to Eggman vs. Wily and Goku vs. Superman, Godzilla vs. Gamera ends with unfortunate aftermath. Godzilla's radiation can stretch across a city block. Whoever wasn't killed during the fight will probably die of radiation poisoning. Even worse is the fact that Godzilla launched one of his Nuclear Breath attacks into the water, so it might just cause people far from the battlefield to be poisoned.
  • Things may get bad for The rest of the Rangers following Epyon vs Tigerzord. Losing the upper half of the Tigerzord in that explosion means the Phoenixzord and Lionzord are destroyed just as much as Tommy is dead. Meaning the rest of the team has to fall back on the Red Ranger as their leader, And they are left with only the legs and inner body of the Thunder Megazord when in battle. Zedd's next monster will have it easy.
    • Then again, Since Zechs apparently lives in the same world, it's not likely he'd allow Zedd to take over the world. After all, he has shown himself to atone for any mistakes he's made. To lighten things up further, Zechs and Epyon proved to be the better pilot/robot combo over Tommy (arguably the most skilled out of all the Rangers) and the Mega Tigerzord (the most powerful out of all the Zords) in battle. Considering the Tigerzord's track record against Zedd's forces and Epyon's power, Zechs may end up making the life of the Earth a whole lot easier.
  • Kirby with the Candy Beam! Waddle Dees are as good as extinct.

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