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Need someone to voice an energetic young boy, a comic relief, or a Nice Guy? Hire this guy!

Bryce Austin Papenbrook is a voice actor born of California, excelling mostly in young heroes. He's the son of the late Bob Papenbrook, and he's doing a good job in filling him in after his departure.

While he's not working in voice acting, he serves as a a kickboxing instructor who had received many black belts and trained over 16 years under (you guessed it) the Chuck Norris version of Tang Soo Do. So don't even think about trying to mug him (as it happened to two robbers who tried to mug Chuck Norris).

Often cast alongside with Cassandra Lee. Mind you, he, like Cassandra Lee, is not a newcomer in the voice acting industry, as he does have some years of experience. His Canadian counterparts are Vincent Tong and Gabe Khouth, and his Texan counterparts are Greg Ayres, Sean Michael Teague, Josh Grelle, Jason Liebrecht, Corey Hartzog and Clint Bickham, though his history of career seems to be mirroring Canada's Andrew Francis and Texas's Aaron Dismuke. His Japanese counterparts are Yoshitsugu Matsuoka note , Ryota Ohsaka, Nobuhiko Okamoto and Yuki Kaji.

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