Creator / Masako X

Team Four Star member, TGWTG reviewer, Brit.

You probably know him as Goku of Dragon Ball Z Abridged.

Masako X is an "internet personality" as much as it is the guise of Lawrence Simpson.

Has a fondness for animé and abridges / abridged several series, amongst others; Naruto, Dragon Ball, Kämpfer and recently Rosario + Vampire. Personally helmed the Kämpfer Abridged project, and played Gruda in a fan dub of Ys IV: Dawn of Ys.

He's also a Whovian, cosplaying as the Doctor and makes the Doctor Who themed Openings for several specials like "YGOTAS: Bonds Beyond Time" and "History of Trunks Abridged".

He also does Let's Plays and hosts his own show, Bad Fanfiction Theater, As well as host livestreams on his YouTube channel specifically, "Bad Fanfiction Live" (as Master Norman Gamington Smythe the Third) and the occasional gaming stream.