Creator / Masako X

Hey guys, Masako X here.

Team Four Star member, TGWTG reviewer, Brit. You probably know him as Goku/Gohan of Dragon Ball Z Abridged.

Masako X is an "internet personality" as much as it is the guise of Lawrence Simpson. He most likely took the name from Goku's Japanese voice actress, Masako Nozawa.

Has a fondness for animé and abridges / abridged several series, amongst others; Naruto, Dragon Ball, Kämpfer and recently Rosario + Vampire. Personally helmed the Kämpfer Abridged project, and played Gruda in a fan dub of Ys IV: Dawn of Ys.

He's also a Whovian, cosplaying as the Doctor and makes the Doctor Who themed Openings for several specials like "YGOTAS: Bonds Beyond Time" and "History of Trunks Abridged".

His various YouTube video series, which are also cross-posted to Channel Awesome, include:
  • AniFile, his anime review series.
  • Dragonball Discussions, his editorial series largely focusing on Dragon Ball Super and its effect on Dragon Ball franchise, as well as episode reviews of Super (from episode 27 onward).
  • Bad Fanfiction Theater, where he reads fanfics of low quality as "Master Norman Gamington-Smythe III".
  • Goku's Gonna Show You, a spin-off of Team Four Star's Two Saiyans Play featuring Goku playing video games, with Gohan commenting in the background.
  • Googledegook, where he feeds song lyrics into Google Translate repeatedly and invites viewers to guess the song from the resulting "Blind Idiot" Translation.
  • GoQ&A, where Goku (appearing on-screen as a plushie) answers questions posed to him via YouTube comments.

In addition to these videos (and more), he hosts livestreams on his channel, specifically "Bad Fanfiction Live" and the occasional gaming stream.