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Since most anime-viewers are big nerds, there are naturally going to be a lot of anime-inspired Internet memes.

Please add entries in the following format:

  • The name of the anime (if it belongs in the "Other" folder).
    • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme, if necessary.[[/labelnote]] Explanation 
    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

Works with their own pages:

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    Fullmetal Alchemist 
  • When Roy Mustang becomes Fuhrer, all of his female employees will be required to wear TINY MINISKIRTS! Explanation 
    • HE LOVES DOGS! Explanation 
    • And is dead sexy... in a miniskirt! Explanation 
    • And then Vic got Ed's Japanese voice actress Romi Park to say it.
  • FULL METAL ALCHEMIST! Explanation 
  • King Bradley killed a tank. With a sword. Explanation 
  • Keep calm and look for an ice cream truck. Explanation 

    Haruhi Suzumiya 
  • "Nyoro~n" Explanation 
    • And then official Haruhi staff made a series off of it for YouTube, much to the chagrin of the Unpleasable Fanbase, was referenced in the live concert for the show by Taniguchi's voice actor, Minoru Shiraishi, who proclaimed "Nyoro~n! Smoked cheese!", and also in Lucky Star, produced by the same company as Haruhi.
  • Suzumiya Haruhi No Seitenkan Explanation 
  • "Hare Hare Yukai" Explanation 
  • Everyone is Itsuki for Kyon. Explanation 
  • "You made Mikuru cry!" Explanation 
    • Everything makes Mikuru cry. Explanation 
  • Haruhiism Explanation 
  • "We've entered an endless recursion of time." Explanation 
  • "Kyon-kun, denwa." Explanation 
  • "Wawawawasuremono... ore no wasuremono..." Explanation 


  • "Why can't anyone her horns?" Explanation 
    • "I'd her horns" (NSFW). Explanation 
  • Remember kids, you should tell your friends if you shoot kids for fun. Explanation 
  • Ni-pah! Explanation 
  • "OMOCHIKAERI~!" Explanation 
  • Do you know Oyashiro-Sama? Yes, Hinamizawa. I kill you, you kill me. No, Hinamizawa! Explanation 
  • USO DA! Explanation 
    • Use Soda! Explanation 
  • ANY Evil Laugh in the series will get this. Not only are there a bunch of loop videos of the girls just laughing for ten minutes, there are a bunch of remixes of their laughs, too.
  • 4Kids Entertainment became notorious for their infamously Bowdlerized, sanitized and Americanized dubs; hence it spawned Casey and Friends.
    • "Some people who are lactose-intolerant can go to the emergency room!" Explanation 

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 
  • MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDA!!!!! ZA WARUDO!! Toki yo tomare! (throws knives) Soshite toki wa ugokidasu. ROAD ROLLER DA! WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! Explanation 
  • "Even Speedwagon is afraid!" Explanation 
  • Speedwagon withdraws coolly. explanation 
  • Giorno always wins. Always. Explanation 
  • It just works. Explanation 
    • "Get a feeling so complicated." Explanation 
    • "Who in FACE are you?!" Explanation 
    • "Is this a beautiful scene?" Explanation 
    • "ABAJ" Explanation 
    • "The first time I saw her, with her hands on her do I say this...I had a boner..."Explanation 
  • "What was that?! Depending on your answer I may have to kick your ass!" Explanation 
  • "This taste... it's of a liar!" Explanation 
  • It's also become somewhat of a meme to describe the male characters' clothes, hairdos, and poses as "FABULOUS."
  • FUCKING PIRANHAS Explanation 
  • 4chan has taken to posting plot summaries of an imaginary 4Kids Entertainment Macekre known as JaJa's Kooky Quest, like so:
    JaJa's Kooky Quest - Spooky Water: The company you all know and love bringing you a completely new cartoon. Join us and watch our hero, Jack Jackson fighting the forces of bad men who absorb the aura of others and put them in comas. These baddies are led by the rough and tough Daniel Brandon. After his father got sick and left to see a doctor, Daniel found a magic mask that turned him evil! Together with the super waves, Fastcart, and his long lost brother Willy Z. they will rescue his dog, Spot, from Daniel and his magical mask.
  • In the Japanese community, "But I refuse/Daga kotowaru/だが断る"Explanation 
  • Wham/Wamuu's "Holy Wubstorm" Explanation 
  • Parallels being drawn between Mark from Part 2 and Marco from Attack on Titan, both of which are killed an episode apart from each other in their respective shows, have the same Japanese voice actor, and are both killed by getting eaten in half longwise by Humanoid Abominations.
  • You thought it was another meme, but it was me, Dio!" Explanation 
  • Rerorerorerorerorerorerorerorero. Explanation 

    Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha 
  • "Shall I... cool your head a little?" Explanation 
  • White Devil Explanation 
  • PS Vita. Explanation 
    • The extraordinary popularity of overdubbing scenes from the show with the soundtrack of mecha shows, including but not limited to Subaru's Final Fusion.
    • To the point that in Japan, Subaru is more commonly known as GaoGaiGar-tan, since she is well, a walking homage to the aforementioned series.
  • Rainbows are straighter than Subaru. Explanation 
  • Befriending. Explanation 
    • This has reached the point where if it involves making friends, Nanoha becomes a Memetic Badass who could make Chuck Norris wet himself. This naturally makes one wonder, if this is how she treats people she wants to be friends with, what would she be capable of against someone for whom she really wanted to bring the pain.
  • Erio, the biggest playah. Explanation 
  • "Listen or be shot." Explanation 
  • Nanoha is a Gundam disguised as a Magical Girl!Further Explanation 

    One Piece 
  • YO HO HO HE TOOK A BITE OF GUM GUM! Explanation 
  • Thanks to the advent of Emporio Ivankov's powers combined with the author drawing Gender Bent versions of the main characters, there has been an absolute deluge of Rule 63 fan art. Absolutely no one is safe.
  • Magma is hotter than fire. Swords are hotter than magma. Explanation 
  • Fishman Island is the next destination. Explanation 
  • Oda NEVER Forgets! Explanation 
  • Nobody dies in One Piece outside of Flash Backs! Explanation 
    • This is a bit of an Invoked Meme, as it just applies to people the protagonist has met. Partly because even with villains, he doesn't kill them, but leaves them alive to watch their hopes and dreams crumble around them (though how they're able to keep breathing after Luffy's through with them is still ridiculous). Plenty of ''unimportant'' people die.
      • After the timeskip, it seems like characters with names have started dying, like Monet in the end of the Punk Hazard arc.
  • STRAY HAT LUFFY! Explanation 
  • X is Sabo.Explanation 
  • X for Straw Hats. Explanation 
  • Meadows.Explanation 
  • "Feel the pain of Sabo and Issho's victory!" Explanation 

    Tiger & Bunny 
  • A few episodes into Tiger & Bunny, a couple of fans noticed that Kotetsu's goatee looked, shall we say, adorable. And thus the legendary catbeard was born.
  • Batman's "MY PARENTS ARE DEEEEAAADDDDD!!!!!" meme has also been adopted for Barnaby. Altering famous Batman comic panels to make them about Barnaby also seems popular.
  • "X! And X again!"Explanation 
  • Since episode 15, many a crack has been made about Keith Goodman/Sky High's incredibly obvious status as a clueless virgin. The 4th drama CD has only encouraged them.
  • "Goddammit, Sunrise. Stop doing this to us."Explanation 
    • "I must have that delicious Oyaji Moe scent!"Explanation 
    • Sold out in X seconds Explanation 
  • "Is it Saturday yet?"Explanation 
  • After unwittingly winning the affection of not one but three tsundere (Karina, Barnaby and his own wife, Tomoe), the fandom has concluded that Kotetsu has magical tsundere-attracting powers.
  • "Yes, yes, Baaahnaby. Jut out your hips more." Explanation 
  • After the twenty fourth episode (wherein Barnaby confesses that he's been learning how to make Kotetsu's Trademark Favorite Food, among other things, while begging him not to die), Kotetsu's preoccupation with fried rice didn't just become a meme - it became an international event
  • Being Bison is suffering. Explanation 

    Yu-Gi-Oh! and spin-offs 
  • "In America!" Explanation 
    • "Attention, duelists! My hair is now an internet phenomenon!" Explanation 
    • Pegasus and Bakura play children's card games the manly way... with ancient Egyptian laser beams! Explanation 
    • Hiroto Honda / "Tristan Taylor" has spouted the now-famous lines: "My voice gives me super strength!" and "Burn the witch!" Also, people at anime conventions love to swipe the Millenium Rings from Bakura cosplayers and fling them across the room while shouting "Go, Millenium Frisbee!" Explanation 
    • Screw the Rules, I Have Money! Explanation 
      • Screw The Rules, I Have Green Hair! Explanation 
    • CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES!!!!! Explanation 
    • BROOKLYN RAGE! Explanation 
      • Nyeh? Explanation 
  • "Doro... MONSUTAA KAADO!" Explanation 
  • 8| Explanation 
  • Yami is a canon Peachshipper. Explanation 
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Tenth Anniversary Movie "Synchro What?" Explanation 
  • The Classy Ass. Explanation 
  • Super Saiyan Yuma. Explanation 
  • Upon the announcement of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, people have associated the protagonist Yuya Sakaki with tomatoes because of his red and green hair.
  • Bukkusu! Explanation 

  • "Special Feeling" note 
  • If only Kircheis were here Explanation 
  • "desu". Explanation 
    • You mean de geso? Explanation 
      • You mean the inknovative translation? Explanation 
  • After the horribly animated Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro Na -Crescent Love- drew two cabbages as simple green circles, Fan-Art with Feena holding one such cabbage was everywhere, and it actually survived a round in the SaiGAR "manly character" competition. Negima!!? also spoofed this one.
  • "IT'S A TRAP!" Explanation 
    • Also used in reverse — a woman hiding as a man is called a "Reverse Trap".
    • Funny thing is that it already overlapped with the whole Trap Card meme, so, you'll usually see photoshopped cards of Bridget and Jun, among other lesser known traps.
    • Similarly, male characters who end up in drag for zany schemes will usually prompt fans to create Wholesome Crossdresser or even outright female personas for them. A famous example is 'Ranko', a false persona Ranma Saotome creates which many fans distanced from the male character.
  • "Ideon destroyed the universe!!!" Explanation 
    • It doesn't help that in Super Robot Wars Alpha 3, they said the universe would be destroyed if Ideon went out of control.
  • NICE BOAT! Explanation 
    • The "Magical Heart Kokoro-chan" OVA episode gives a quite deliberate Shout-Out to the meme, featuring a lifeboat labeled "NICE BOAT" drifting down a river of blood...
    • And then Kadokawa posted up a short clip of a (admittedly quite nice looking) sailboat with the words "It's not finished yet" (or something to that effect) the day Haruhi-chan was supposed to start.
  • Similar to the Loituma Girl cartoon, a looped short clip of Mai and Mii dancing from the Popotan H-game opening was set to "Caramelldansen" by the Swedish Eurodance group Caramell. Thus the Caramelldansen Vid trope. Any videos that fit that trope should be listed there.
  • Card Crusher. Explanation 
  • Similar to the Rambo example in the film section, in the 1970s Ferdinand Marcos' regime banned Super Robot show Voltes V in the Philippines, officially because of excessive violence, but really because the heroes were rebels fighting a brutal dictator. Voltes V proceeded to be adopted as a mascot by Filipino rebels.
  • The ending sequence from CLANNAD, the touching "Dango Daikazoku", has been made into hundreds of different versions.
    • The opening theme of CLANNAD ~After Story~, Toki wo Kizamu Uta, has a tendency to be remade with any anime that has a Improbably Female Cast, any other work of Key Visual Arts, or just any work in general.
    • Tomoya seems to be known to some as "the Clannadman". (Related expression: "You will never be the Clannadman!")
    • Fuuko's love of starfish has reached memetic levels. "HITODEEE~~~!<3"
  • Sailor Moon
    • The "talent" joke. In Sailor Moon R the girls were trying out for a role in a play. In the DiC dub, Lita said she should get the role because she has the most talent. In the original version, Makoto said she should get the part because she has the biggest boobs. However, the dub still has a close-up of her chest. Talent has since become a euphemism for breast size.
    • "Sailor Mars is the hottest". This tends to show up in discussions about which of the Sailor Soldiers is the hottest. Sailor Mars' powers are based around Playing with Fire, so the pun was inevitable.
  • Not exclusively related to anime but the infamous Finnish dubbing team Agapio Racing Team's Macekre-dub of certain series has achieved meme-like qualities in Finland, especially the emotionless expressions of emotion from Digimon.
    • Examples of this can be found here and here.
  • "____ is mai waifu" Explanation 
    • The male version should be "hasubando" but is usually just "husbando."
    • An alternate origin could be the Japanese otaku practice of proclaiming a female (or male) character "ore no yome", which means exactly the same thing. A Shout-Out to this practice appeared in Lucky Star.
    • There's even a Mai-Waifu Fansubs, the waifu in this case being Enma Ai.
  • Fate/stay night: GAR! Explanation 
  • "OW MY NUTBLADDER!" Explanation 
    • |___________| Explanation 
  • 2008: "The Year of Dead Snipers". Explanation 
  • Symmetrical Docking Explanation 
    • There's even a video out of it (not using the above heroines, but you get the idea)
  • Backbeard, noted Celtic eyeball monster and Gegege no Kitaro villain, has become associated with criticism of lolicons. Explanation 
  • Among Humongous Mecha fans "G is the most powerful/hot-blooded letter of the alphabet". See Gundam (especially G Gundam), GaoGaiGar, Getter Robo, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, among others.
  • "JUST AS CLAMPED!" Explanation 
    • Tsubasa's manga also brings us the fan pairing of Apple-kun/Freckle-chan. Explanation 
  • Not from the anime itself, but from the English dub outtakes of Noein:
    "C-Crispin Freeman! Get out of my bedroom!"
    • This gag continued in the outtakes for Durarara!!
    "Because you're Yuri Lowenthal and I'm in your bedroom again."
  • Thanks to the characters in Saki never showing any panties even in angles where a Panty Shot should appear (naked flesh is shown instead), Japanese fans in 2chan have declared that "Saki is not wearing any".
  • ... Bang. Explanation 
  • In any nonserious artbook or doujin for Ronin Warriors - and even some of the serious - one of two things from the image CDs is bound to be referenced: Seiji/Sage really loves pumpkin, and Touma/Rowen is a terrible singer.
  • From Pokémon: (Insert name here)! I choose you!
  • From Saint Seiya: "DANCEN ROSAS PIRAŃAAS, AAAAAAAAH!" Explanation 
    • ANOTHER DIMENSION! Explanation 
    • Shiryu amigo! Explanation 
      • Que bom, Hyoga. Explanation 
    • What happens in the Libra Temple stays in the Libra Temple. Explanation 
  • "Sai-shou-dou-kin!?". Explanation 
    • Pactioooooooo!!' Explanation 
    • Eveyone is Shotacon for Negi. Explanation 
    • Akamatsu's really hot wife demands HIATUS. Explanation 
  • S-stupid Meme... I-it's not like I'm spreading you because I like you or anything! *blushes* D-dummy... Explanation 
    • Urusai! Urusai! URUSAI!!! Explanation 
  • Black Butler: "Yes, my lord." Explanation 
    • Sebastian is a pedo-demon. Explanation 
    • Ciel in a box/Box-chan. Explanation 
  • It has become popular on several sites to, whenever Ogin gets mentioned, talk about her amazing assets by ending the sentence with "and that is a very good thing." Explanation 
  • The Laughing Man is an in-universe example. Explanation (spoilers) 
    • He's become quite the meme in Real Life, too. Especially his unmistakable logo.
  • I'm Tv Tropes, tantei sa! Explanation 
    • This troper learned to do that in Hawaii! Explanation 
    • Oi oi oi! Explanation 
  • Tekkaman will deactivate that giant robot with his SPACE LANCE! Maybe the SPACE LAN- Oh, it slipped! I've got to get this GIANT ARM off me! IT'S SO HEAVY! Explanation 
  • More known in Japan, but the final shot in Ashita no Joe where Joe slumps over in the ring in his corner, dead after his final match has become one of the most well known and well remembered images in Japanese pop culture history.
  • Dr Slump: N'cha! Explanation 
    • Hoyoyoyo/Ayayaya Explanation 
    • Arale's glasses have also become memetic to the point where "Arare Megane" refers to any pair of round glasses similar to the ones Arale wears.
    • pupipupipupipupi Explanation 
  • "Mahariku Maharita Yanbara Yan!" Explanation 
  • Rumiko's Reply: "I don't think about such things, and neither should you!"Explanation 
  • Natsurium, The densest material known to man. Explanation 
  • I watch it for the economics. Explanation 
    • Stupid Potato! Explanation 
  • Every time you bring up real world physics in a discussion about fantasy anime, God kills a Cat Girl. Please, think of the catgirls. Explanation 
  • Amen, hallelujah, and peanut butter. Explanation 
  • KOUME! It's eight of clock! WAKE UP! Explanation 
  • "Captain! No smoking on the bridge!" Explanation 
  • Soul Eater: GODDAMMITSHIT Explanation 
    • FOOLS! Explanation 
    • (ﺧ益ﺨ)Explanation 
  • SURVIVAL STRATEGY! Explanation 
    • VIVA MUFFLER! Explanation 
    • FABULOUS MAX! Explanation 
    • Making photoshops of Shoma's very Off Model face from episode 10 has become quite popular in some image boards.
      • As of episode 16, doing the same with a certain shot that shows the return of the Princess of the Crystal is starting to go that way too.
    • Shouma is mai waifu. Explanation 
    • Lol wut? u mad? Explanation 
    • Everyone is getting NTR'd. Explanation 
    • HEY MR. PRESIDENT, WATCH OUT! Explanation 
    • Himari no tame ni! Explanation 
    • Shibireru darou? Explanation 
    • Mario will never be relevant. Explanation 
  • Blood-C:
    • BEST COMEDY OF THE YEAR, MAN! Explanation 
    • "Protection." Gonna get "protected." Explanation 
  • Baccano!: THANK YOU, FUCK YOU, THE STAR IS HERE! Explanation 
  • The creepy face Yuno makes at the end of the first episode of Mirai Nikki. It's gotten to the point where it's gotten its own tags on Pixiv (恍惚のヤンデレポーズ, lit. "yandere pose of ecstasy") and Danbooru (yandere_trance).
    • Akise isn't gay. He's Yuki-sexual.
    • Akise is a boss.
  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
  • In Soviet Anatoray, ship steals YOU! Explanation 
  • Itsumo Hitori... Explanation 
  • GOTTA GO FAST! Explanation 
  • Make yourself taller Explanation 
    • I'm in despair!X has left me in despair! Explanation 
  • AKIRA gives us this gem: "TETSUOOOOOOOOO!!" "KANEDAAAAAAAAAAA!!" Explanation 
  • DRR DRR DRR. Explanation 
  • No6 due to the amount of Ho Yay between Sion and Nezumi has fans saying sarcastically "THIS ANIME IS VERY HETEROSEXUAL."
    • Sion's sperm is all for Nezumi. Explanation 
  • "You should tie your scarf in a proper knot." Explanation 
  • Guilty Crown:
    • Dropped every week. Explanation 
    • Shoe... Explanation 
  • Jormungand "Her name is Koko She is Loco I said Oh no"
  • Steins;Gate "El Psy Congroo"
    • "CHRISTINA" Explanation 
    • "Dr Pepper" Explanation 
    • "I am Mad Scientist, It's so cool sonuvabitch"Explanation 
    • Tuturu~ Explanation 
  • Fairy Tail: It's all Sting's fault! Explanation 
    • ______ is actually Jellal! Explanation 
  • Onii-chan! My hips are moving on their own! Explanation 
  • There's no moe in Psycho-Pass. Explanation 
    • 'CAUSE I FEEEEEEEL Explanation 
  • Kotoura-san:
    • COMEDY!Explanation 
    • MOTHER OF THE YEARExplanation 
    • The ride never ends!Explanation (Spoilers warning!) 
    • Koshi Koshi Koshi!/ Rub, rub, rub!Explanation 
    • Kotoura-san has 12 seasons.Explanation 
  • "Bokurano: For people who think Neon Genesis Evangelion isn't depressing enough."
  • From Berserk: "Homoerotic waterfights!" Explanation 
  • "What if 4Kids got ___?" Explanation 
  • Kabuto Kouji dies in lava! Explanation 
  • Rikka can't dance Explanation 
  • Girls und Panzer:
    • "Panzer vor means Panzer Vor!" Explanation 
    • "This too is sensha-do" Explanation 
  • The My Neighbor Totoro visual where Satsuki, Mei, and Totoro are waiting at a bus stop is extremely parodied.
  • The art for the ending of Kannazuki no Miko has been parodied by a lot of fan artists.
  • SETSUMEI SHIYOU!"Allow me to explain" 
  • GIRUGAMESH! Explanation 
    • And GAYMEN!
  • Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo: Plan CExplanation 
  • The World God Only Knows: "I can see the ending!"note 

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