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There are over 9000 memes in Dragon Ball. Some examples:

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     Dragon Ball  
  • "Therefore, every May 9th will be celebrated as Piccolo Day." Explanation 
  • "This isn't over yet. It'll continue for a bit longer." Explanation 

     Dragon Ball Z  
  • Toriyama planned to end it at the ________ arc. Explanation 
    • New life was breathed into this after Anonymous got Oprah to say "over 9000 penises" on live TV.
    • This is also combined occasionally with Disgaea, thanks to the game actually letting you level up to 9999.
    • Even World of Warcraft has gotten in on the act by adding in an achievement called It's Over Nine Thousand! It's not widely known at this point since getting to 9000+ achievement points is easier said than done. However it is in there.
    • The King of Fighters eventually caught on as well.
    • When the SH Figuarts was announced, a number of American fans suggested that it include a scouter-crushing hand accessory. The distributor, Bluefin, agreed, and the figure will indeed come with it.
    • One of the most common instances of vandalism at The Other Wiki is to add Vegeta's line, or some variant or reference thereof, to the article for 9001.
  • "I hope my body can take it." Explanation 
  • "This isn't even my final form!" Explanation 
  • "I'M A WARRIOR! Not some... VARIETY OF FLOWER!" Explanation 
  • ...Imma. Chargin'. Mah. Lazah. Explanation 
  • "OH SHIT! Explanation 
  • "Are they still on Namek?" Explanation 
    • YES.
    • This was eventually borrowed by the Bleach fandom to refer to the series similarly dragging on Soul Society arc. The next major Bleach arc was even longer, though.
  • HFIL. Explanation 
    • "I'll send you to the next/another dimension!". Explanation 
  • "SA-TAN! SA-TAN! SA-TAN!" Explanation 
  • The "Yamcha pose". Explanation 
    • Yamcha's weakness in general is a meme, period. The man seems to be the Japanese equivalent of Charlie Brown or something. Krillin is given this treatment sometimes as well.
    • Team Four Star's even written a song about it to the tune of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" (available for download on their website).
    • "Yamcha's here!" (Cue explosion) "Yamcha's DEAD!"
    • Finally reached the level of an Ascended Meme when Bandai released an official figure of the Yamcha pose.
    • Ascended even further during the baseball episode of Dragon Ball Super.
  • "HURRY UP GOKUUUUUU!" Explanation 
  • "If they set that android free, it will be the end of all of us! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!" Explanation 
  • "Você não é tão bom assim. É um fracassado." Explanation 
  • The Ginyu Force pose. If there's a team in a series, someone has drawn them in this pose.
    • To be more specific, Ginyu's pose has been mercilessly parodied. Explanation 
  • Japanese women teach their sons how to masturbate! Explanation 
  • NEXT TIME, ON DRAGON BALL Z! Explanation 
  • In the Portuguese dub, when the episode is ending, there's "Não percam o próximo episódio, porque nós TAMBÉM NÃO!" Explanation 
  • "Thank you Goku I will take this bean without hesitation." Explanation 
  • Whoa! Mondo cool! Explanation 
    • Yes, that's right boys. Mondo cool. Explanation 
  • Get away from me, Kakarot! I'd rather lose my body than have anything to do with you! Explanation 
  • I'm just saiyan. Explanation 
  • Mocking the show's Spoiler Title format, especially when the preview for the next episode is spoiled by the next episode's title. "Frieza Defeated!" is the canonical one.
  • ALL OF THEM?!explanation 
  • Vegeta: Father of the Year. explanation 
  • "That one was free." explanation 

     Dragon Ball videogames  

     Dragon Ball Z movies 
  • Broly (and his movies), for the Japanese fanbase at least, is a goldmine of memes.
    • \デデーン/ explanation 
    • "10円!!" explanation 
    • "DOOR!?" explanation 
    • His power is maximum. explanation 
  • One of the most memorable moments in any Non-Serial Movie is the point where Super Android 13 hits Goku right in the dragonballs.

     Dragon Ball GT 
  • Professor Omega explains the workings of positive and negative energy.
  • "Old Man Krillin is unbeatable." Explanation 
  • "Dragonball GT doesn't exist." Explanation 
    • "GT Logic." Explanation 

     Dragon Ball Super 
  • "Frieza decided to train for the first time in his life." explanation 
  • "We are the Evil Universe!"Explanation 
  • This still of Goku has been making the rounds lately. It's not actually Off Model, being an in-between frame designed to make the animation look more fluid, a common technique in Western Animation does. Here it is in gif form.
  • "Yamcha, no!" or "It's Yamcha's fault if the world's destroyed" in response to the preview clip in Super where Yamcha gives Beerus a good-natured slap on the back and seems to accidentally set him off. Turns out the preview showed the events out of order; just as it was in the movie, Buu pissed off Beerus by not sharing pudding. Hilarious in Hindsight as Yamcha actually sets off Beerus in a later episode for blurting out the secret about Monaka in front of Goku.
  • Vegeta cooking for Beerus in Super sparks some jokes from Jump Fans by renaming it "Shokugeki no Vegeta".
  • "Broly Cameo!" because when Vegeta initially went Super Saiyan after Bulma was struck, his eyes were pure white like Broly's.
  • Goku and Vegeta with full on beards was quite popular among the fandom to the point that some wished Goku kept it.
  • "This makes Dragon Ball GT look amazing!" Explanation 
  • The Goku & Vegeta Show Explanation 
  • Goku is John Cena. Explanation 
  • Vegeta is the Jobber. Explanation 
  • Gohan is the Saiyan Yamcha. Explanation 
  • Goku is faster than time! Explanation 
  • Is Broly back? Explanation 
  • Vegeta chewing on a pacifier. Explanation 
  • Future Trunks with blue hair dye! Explanation 
  • Turles is now canon! Explanation 
  • Everyone referring to Goku Black as "that Black guy" has led to a lot of jokes about how Earth's mightiest heroes are racist.
  • Goten is Black.Explanation 
  • Super Saiyan Power Rangers! Explanation 
  • ZAMASU! Explanation 
  • After the revelation that Gowasu watches Godtube and jokes about becoming a Godtuber, it has become ongoing joke that the reason why Gawasu doesn't notice the evil growing in Zamasu's heart is because he's too busy posting Godtube comments. Gowasu posting Godtube videos with clickbait titles is also common. This branches into another meme that all Whis' images on his staff are actually Gobtube videos, like Goku turning into a Super Saiyan against Frieza, and the entire tournament between U6 and U7 was live streamed by Vados and him.
  • Related to Godtube, it has become popular to post images of Gawasu watching television with photoshop pictures and gifs, like him watching Dragon Ball Evolution or Zamasu being killed by Beerus.
  • Beerus used Ctrl+Alt+Del on Zamasu!!Explanation 
  • Goku is a lip virgin. Explanation 
  • Now we know where the budget for Episode 5 went.Explanation 
  • "PRAISE AND ADORE HIM!" Explanation 
  • SON GOKU!! Explanation 
  • Zamasu was right! Explanation 
  • KONO HIT DA!!! Explanation 
  • FEMBROLY!!! Explanation 
  • SHE'S SO COOL...Hope her story doesn't suckexplanation 
  • Goku's the villain! Explanation 
  • Yeah, sure. Let's go see Yamcha. Explanation 
  • Ningen. Explanation 
  • Android 17 ranging the hell out of that park. Explanation .
  • West Supreme Kai is Goku Black. Explanation