Heartwarming: Dragon Ball

"I looked for you everywhere and I couldn't find you!"

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  • Say what you want about Chi-Chi, but her devotion to her family is this. Sure she may be harsh sometimes, but there are a lot of scenes that show that she really does care about them. Such as when she beat up the tutor for insulting Goku and hurting Gohan, her arguments with Bulma over their husbands, and (even though it was a Too Dumb to Live moment) when she slaps Super Buu in the face, because she thought he killed Gohan.
  • One from a minor character: Throughout EVERY tournament the gang has been in, there's only been one commentator. Years after, even when the whole world fell for Mr. Satan's lies, the commentator still believed Goku defeated Cell (close enough). Especially heartwarming since he's known Goku since he was a kid, and has been present in a lot of important moments in his life (his marriage proposal, defeating Piccolo Jr. and so many more). Thus, it feels good to see him talk to Goku like an old friend.
    • Also, early in the Junior Division Tournament of the Buu Saga, the Commentator expresses shock and pride when he recognizes Goten as Goku's son. We even get to see him briefly flash back to Goku and Jackie Chun's fight from back in the early days of Dragonball, which the announcer remembers as the best match he'd ever seen.
  • The fact that the Pilaf Gang stick together even in their old age is rather heartwarming. One has to think that they stuck around because they formed a genuine friendship over the years.
  • From the bonus chapter of Jaco The Galactic Patrolman called Dragon Ball Minus. Whether you take it as canon or not compared to the Bardock Special, it is heartwarming seeing Goku's parents going out of their way to save him when they suspected that Frieza was up to something when he recalled all the Saiyans back to their planet. It gives a new light on Goku's arrival on Earth since he wasn't there to destroy it, like everyone told him, but to shelter him from Frieza. It worked, because Frieza didn't know Goku existed until he was right in his face.
    • What they did also gets more heartwarming when you considered that this action was completely out-of-character for Saiyans since they usually don't care about their off-spring. At the end of the day Frieza was ultimately done in by a selfless act of love by a race not known for it.
      • Heck, Bardock and Gine in general. Word of Toriyama-sensei is that they were an extreme rarity among their Saiyans because they actually loved each other and in general acted the way a normal married couple would, rather than simply reproducing for the sake of convenience as most other Saiyans did.
  • Whenever we saw Master Roshi filled with joy because of how far his students have come. Special mention to the last Tournament arc of Dragon Ball where he's filled with pride seeing how far Krillin has come.
  • Piccolo saves Gohan in almost every DBZ movie until the Buu Saga. While it might have gotten formulaic, it was still heartwarming to see.

  • In addition to training them, Master Roshi gave Goku and Krillin reading and math lessons, and basically became their surrogate father. There's also a cute scene where Roshi pauses their training and tells them to take a nap. Goku worries that someone will train and become stronger than them while they do this, but Roshi assures him that everybody needs to sleep, as a montage of warriors around the globe take a nap as well.
  • The entire Red Ribbon Army saga is the ultimate heart-warming story of Dragon Ball. It completely embodies the spirit of the original series. It's just Goku as a child wandering the world searching for his lost 4-star Dragon Ball and meeting a lot of new friends and enemies along the way. He rescues #8 and the village elder from General White, he gives away his own heirloom just to resurrect Upa's father, and moved to tears, he meets his grandfather while fighting at Baba's palace.
    • An easy to miss one during Goku's reunion with his grandpa: Son Gohan, Sr. is fully aware of the Oozaru transformation. He was killed by it. But when he's reunited with Goku there's no anger or resentment towards his grandson whatsoever. He was only concerned that the kid was growing up all right.
  • The climax of the 22nd Tenka'ichi Budokai in the anime, which led to the fight been taken a few miles outside the arena but ended in Tenshinhan (while completely unconscious) barely winning the match because Goku was unfortunate to land first (he flew a van), the entire audience vacates the arena and runs towards the two combatants to applaud them. Later, a large man offers to hold Tenshinhan on his shoulders, claiming he must be exhausted from the fight. Keep in mind just hours before, Tenshinhan was very much the biggest Heel seen in a Tenka'ichi Budokai thus far and only changed his ways during the fight with Goku. The same is almost done with Goku, and the two are brought closer together to congratulate each other, and they just smile at each other. Even Krillin was getting teary-eyed.
  • There's something about Goku and Krillin's reunion in the original series episode, "Changes." Krillin had been revived by Goku three years prior but never got a chance to thank him.
  • Goku's proposal is also adorable. As a naive little kid, he mistook marriage for a kind of food (understandable, given this is Goku...), but when he's grown, he nearly breaks Chi-Chi's heart when he tells her so, and then turns around and proposes for real.
    Goku: Sometimes my brain doesn't know what my mouth is saying. Good thing my heart does. Will you marry me?
    • It's a miracle he could disengage his arm from her embrace to fight Ma Junior. Or Tien, for that matter.
    • The original version just have Goku states that he thought "bride" was something you could eat. "But a promise is a promise, so let's marry."
  • After Goku defeats Piccolo Jr., Kami laments that he has not accomplished anything significant during his reign as Guardian of the Earth and he had to rely on mortals to save the day. Master Roshi points out that had Kami never created the Dragon Balls, Bulma would have never gone on a journey and met Goku, met Yamcha, Roshi, etc. If it wasn't for Kami, none of them would have met and become the heroes they are today. Touched, Kami tells Goku that Roshi is a wise man indeed.