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Memes: Bleach

When your own creator is said to be a troll by the fandom...

Format to use:

  • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme.[[/labelnote]] =] Explanation 

  • The Loituma Girl cartoon Explanation 
  • NOBODY DIES IN BLEACH: Explanation 
    • Which is Hilarious in Hindsight, given that the shinigami were already dead: Explanation 
    • Briefly averted when Choujirou and Yamamoto were killed off, before being played straight again when Byakuya was confirmed to have survived his truly gruesome injuries.
  • QUALITY: Bleach frequently has bouts of Off Model in a variety of ways.
  • Kubo is a Trolling Creator: Explanation 
    • In fact "author x is a troll" is quickly becoming the default manner to bitch about anything that happens in a work of fiction.
    • A popular manifestation is the all caps I LOVE MY LIFE stories about being in Kubo's shoes for a day that start with "SO THERE I WAS BEING KUBO" and end with "I LOVE MY LIFE"
    • WHO EVER SAID ESPADA WENT FROM 1 TO 10?: Explanation 
      • "Who said the letters go from A to Z?": Explanation 
    • An entire page dedicated to memes about Tite Kubo and THE HEART[1] thanks to this.
    • "X just died, that means X/Y was canon!" is another Running Gag variation.Explanation 
  • The Worf Effect is common and several of the characters are used commonly.
  • TACO AIZEN: Explanation 
  • BAN... KAI!: Explanation 
  • Uryuu Ishida has become a Memetic Badass: Explanation  Also, HARDCORE SEWING.
  • "All your opinions are rejected" Explanation  Source
  • "Are they still in Hueco Mundo?" or alternatively "Are they still in Mexico?" Explanation 
  • "Kool Aid Kubo": Explanation 
  • "Animu and Magma" Explanation 
    • Kubo vs Nick Simmons Explanation 
  • Rape, Kazeshini. Explanation 
  • "Since when were you under the impression [action]" Explanation 
    • Since when have you been under the illusion that (X is X) / (you are you) / (you aren't Hinamori)
    • If you have to know, ask Aizen.
    • The background artist finally got to design a character Explanation 
  • Gin's description of his Bankai included numerous Innuendos:
    • "It's 13 kilometers"
    • * holds hands apart about 15 inches or so* "It's 500 times that"
      • Kinda funnier considering he was talking about how fast it can be...
  • "Aizen is Superman."
  • "Capton Condom" Aizen is Captan Condom Explanation 
  • Lol, Hogyoku. Explanation 
  • "Rukia Rocket" Source.
    • Imma firin' ma Rukia!?
    • Notice that Renji is holding out his sword when Ichigo throws Rukia to him. Good thing he had time to sheath it off-screen...
  • "Titty Kubo" Explanation 
  • The panel focusing on Aizen's finger as he tells Ichigo "Don't raise your voice like that, Kurosaki Ichigo."
  • "Aizen has been watching [these memes] ever since they were born." Explanation 
  • Komamura is not amused: Explanation 
    • Some versions have Komamura presenting a mirror to this "new and improved" Tosen.
  • "Mullets": Explanation 
  • Aizen's transformations to various forms have resulted in the following:
    • "All hail Butterflaizen".
    • KKK!Aizen.
    • "Aizen has become Lady Gaga".
    • That's LORD Gaga to you!
      • Or the Lady!Butterfly Gaga!!!
    • Gin's bankai should have been a flyswatter or a can of Raid.
  • Any attack being replaced with Momo on the receiving end. Explanation 
  • AizenxTeacup is tru canon lub!!!11!!
  • OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Aizen was successfully attacked and overreacted.
  • DPE Explanation 
    • DPE/s Explanation 
    • the cyclical nature of bleach's plot (substitute mexico/hueco mundo for crap!heaven/soul society): Each iteration of the cycle results in an increase of the DPE levels of the characters exceeded by an even greater increase of the DPE/s rate.
  • Ichigo's costume changes:
    • 80s Punk!Ichigo (Ichigo's appearance in chapter 417).
    • Ninja Ichigo.
  • Aizen is Satan.
  • Ulquiorra is The Batman. Explanation 
  • ABANDON YOUR ARROGANCE, HUMAN! Aizen begins suffering a Villainous Breakdown and begins shouting.
  • Soul Society is the Worst Heaven EVAR!!1!
  • "Kurosaki-kun!" Explanation 
  • Hitsugaya: I'm going to violently kill you, Aizen!
  • Sosuke Aizen: The Couch Behind The Man
  • It/He is over nine Tousen!
  • Chapter 426: "Want some ramen?"
  • Chapter 427: Ichigo likes chocolate.
  • Everything is part of Aizen's plan.
  • Chapter 433: Riruka glancing at Ichigo's face and going "OMG He's a hottie!"
  • Kira Izuru is a complete gangster. Explanation 
  • Orihime wants donuts badly.
    • She also likes hot dogs. This is to the point where people have photoshopped images and made gifs of Bleach characters eating huge hot dogs.
  • Tsukishima's Retcon sword: Remember when Tsukishima helped to found TV tropes?
  • Kenpachi Fried Chicken
  • Gin is a pedophile.
  • Take it off! Here.
  • GET OFF MY BED! [kick] Explanation 
  • "OOK! That's not how it works!" Explanation 
  • As Nodt is a troll. Explanation 
  • And then Rukia was a zombie. Explanation 
  • Not even Gekka Tensho works! Explanation 
  • Ichigo is part everything.Explanation 
  • When in doubt, GETSUGA TENSHOU! Explanation 
  • "Your Stern Ritter Name" Explanation 
  • "Bye-Bye!" Explanation 
  • Suì-Feng, the last Airbender. Explanation 
  • "Hmmm...Nope!" Explanation 
  • Luders Friegen.. are you perhaps, a prophet? Explanation 
  • ON!Explanation 
  • "Too much happens, fake." Explanation 

Since when were you under the impression that you were reading this page?
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