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Memes: Naruto
My body's too intense. Oh yeah.

This wiki's gonna have the number one meme list for Naruto and Naruto Shippuden! Believe it!

Please add entries in the following format:
  • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme.[[/labelnote]] Explanation 

  • SASUKE, I'LL SAVE YOU! Explanation 
  • The series' Uchiha clan as being masters of "the Art of Run," a ninja technique that looks suspiciously like running away from your opponents. The meme originated because the ambiguous villain Itachi Uchiha of the clan has on numerous occasions begun a battle and then left the scene after exchanging only a few blows with the series's heroes.
    • In addition, it has been common to mark members of the villain group Akatsuki for death once they take off their cloaks (which has been accurate for seven of them so far),
  • Sharingan: the ultimate hax.
  • Tobi is a good boy!
    • Which was altered by some later to Tobi is a bad boy!.
    • "Who in the HELL is Tobi?! ToMaTo?!" Explanation  More Explanation  Even More Explanation 
    • Tobi is (Insert random name for crack theories here)Explanation 
    • And thanks to The Reveal, this quote has an another version: Tobi was a good boy!
    • And in Chapter 603, apparently the "Tobi is a good boy!" meme got a shot out!
  • Good, Naruto, you look kinda cool!
  • His name is Sas-UKE, thank you.
    • SAUCE GAY!
    • Duck-butt Mc Crazy.
    • "Raven Butthead" - Referring to Sasuke's, at times, jerkass-ish behavior and hairstyle that looks like a duck butt.
    • The Sauce.
    • Dr. Snakes.
  • Who could forget the helpful Kabuto and his catchy ninja info cards song?
    • Some backstory: a user on YouTube named "KingNecroPope" (now going by "YOUCANTKILLTHEPOPE") was watching the episode in which Kabuto explained his Ninja Info Cards, and when the BGM matched his lines, it caused him to burst out laughing. He then created the video "MY NINJA INFO CARDS", which was a short Youtube Poop featuring Kabuto repeating the line with the BGM's beat playing in the background to make it sound like a continuous song. Once it got a little popular, "KajetoKun", the one who made "It's over 9000" such a massive hit, discovered the video and asked Pope if he could make his own version, which he allowed. The resulting remix is what most people know of, as it has accumulated over a million views.
  • Dynamic Entry!
  • My Zabuza sword cannot be beat!
    • Shuriken! Launch! ...cuts through rice paper.
  • And don't forget our dear Orochimaru, AKA Voldemaru. Jackson. Get the pedophile away from our boys.
  • Lately it's been something of a meme that anyone covering an eye has a Sharingan (or more rarely a Byakugan or Rinnegan) unless proven otherwise. This also comes with the revelation that "covering an eye" describes like 20% of the cast.
    • This also applies to persons from other anime.
    • After Danzo's took his arm out, it seems it doesn't even need to be an eye, it's just anyone covering any part of their body.
      • Sharingarm.
      • With optional Shouldai
  • Itachi also wants you to know that you lack hatred.
    • And Sai wants Naruto to know that he lacks penis.
      • And that even your dog is smarter than you.
      • And that he likes ugly bitches like you.
      • And also, don't put him in the same group as that gutless little homo (Sasuke).
  • Sasuke's rape faces from the latest chapters achieved memetic status fairly quickly.
  • And from chapter 469: Naruto hates people who lie to themselves!
    • A woman's heart is as fickle as the autumn sky.
  • Gaara's Minor Injury Overreaction: BLOOOOD! IT'S MY BLOOOOOD!
  • Naruto's Verbal Tic where he says "dattebayo" at the end of his sentences. Not to mention "Believe it!"
  • Who can forget the infamous line from Chapter 465: A CAVE-IN BORN OF HATRED!
  • The "Screw You" Fodder Nin.
    • 40-YEAR-OLD GENIN.
  • THOUSAND YEARS OF DEATH/PAIN (In the real world, it is called Kancho)!
  • "Yamato Wood", which was spawned from a rather oddly drawn panel of Yamato, often a subject to photoshopping onto various naked characters implying he just raped someone, with him saying "HELLO FRIENDS".
  • Uchihahaha!
    • Really, any Not So Stoic moment from the Uchiha is met with an "OH EXPLOITABLE!"
    • Sasuke's Laughing Mad face in chapter 483.
  • NINJA TANK (from fake spoilers saying that in Chapter 465, Madara and Zetsu turn up to Sasuke's rescue with a tank containing Itachi's Eyes. You can figure out why).
  • The "Fag Eagle".
  • Plot-no-jutsu! (the fandom's term for New Powers as the Plot Demands, especially when it comes to the Sharingan)
  • Naruto's reaction to being forced to swallow a seal frog in chapter 491 quickly became a meme soon after the chapter was released.
  • Shippuden episode 167 was Looney Tunes.
  • "It's true you were special but I am more special than you!"
    • Sasuke, you're special, alright.
  • Much of chapter 500 quickly became a meme shortly after it was released. For example:
    • "Fourth Hokage...Minato. Back away from the jinchuuriki or your son dies at the ripe old age of one minute."
  • Then there's the Running Gag among the fandom that the series itself should be called "Sasuke", in reference to the fact that it recently seems like Sasuke, not Naruto himself, is the main character.
  • What's behind Kakashi's mask?
    • Another mask!
      • What the Hell kind of ending is THAT?!
    • Behold! Kakashi's true face!
  • Itachi's crowjob.
  • X-no-jutsu. (Substitute any noun or verb with X)
  • Itachi's "foolish little brother" speech.
  • Haha... moo
  • Balansasuke
  • Chapter 476: Naruto hyperventilating and fainting.
  • Kakuzu Explanation 
  • Chapter 513: Armadillo Penis.
  • Things inside Naruto, in chronological order: that whore...
  • Zetsu's enthusiastic HALLOOO from episode 201.
  • "X confirmed for Final Villain"Explanation 
  • "Killer Bee Facts"
  • Any time Might Guy and Rock Lee have a bonding moment, an unbreakable genjutsu involving a sunset and a crashing wave is created and the image is placed in your mind for as long as you live. This technique is FAR WORSE THAN FREAKING TSUKUYOMI!!!
  • Meta-example, the 'Naruto is a gateway anime' copypasta. It's to the point that it became one of the banners in 4chan.
  • When Itachi finally dies, his face smacks into the wall as he falls to the ground. This has pretty much become a meme of "Itachi Style: Facewall" when something is completely ridiculous.
  • One joke for the huge amount of Ho Yay between Sasuke and Naruto is that Sasuke is SasuGAY for Naruto.
  • Chapter 599 brings us these golds:
    • GETS FRIENDZONED, -insert whatever Tobi did here- Explanation .
    • like the "Tobi is (Insert random name for crack theories here)" meme mentioned above, replacing Obito's face with someone else's on the panels where Obito's face is shown quickly becomes a meme on its own (especially on Tumblr). Be it the real Madara, Naruto, Goku, Aizen, and the list goes on...
  • Chapter 600:
    • "YOU HAD ONE JOB KAKASHI!" or variations of this quote. Explanation 
    • Answering every question with "Because you let Rin die." Explanation 
  • Chapter 619:
    • Silence! Explanation 
    • Uchihas are biologically emos. Explanation 
  • Chapter 624/625
    • Everything is Tobirama's fault! Explanation 
    • And also, let's not forget that he was the one who invented edo tensei
  • Chapter 628: Madara's epic rape face, the forums practically exploded with it, mainly because it was so out of character for Madara and the fact that it's genuinely terrifying.
  • Chapter 630: Ten tails just evolved into a Vileplume
  • Chapter 631: ANYONE for Hokage.
  • Chapter 634: BURN IT DOWN
  • Senju DNA is the answer to everything! Explanation 
  • After Chapter 644 it has become quite a common joke in some forums to take a picture of something amazing, astonishing and the like and edit a picture of Tobirama under it with him saying "I created it!".
  • Chapter 663: All hail the mysterious foot!Explanation (spoilers) 
  • Chapter 665: “I’m Madara, you’re Madara….we’re all Madara!” and “I’m the Sage of the Six Paths, you’re the Sage of the Six Paths, Naruto is the Sage of the Six Paths”…we’re all sages!” Explanation (spoilers) 
  • Tenten will be the hero of the story.Explanation 
    • Similarly, Teuchi, the Ichiraku Ramen guy, is regarded as one, too.
      • Either that or he's actually the mastermind who has been manipulating all the other characters behind the scenes.
  • Instant awesome just add lotr!Explanation 
  • Kakashi, don't be the third wheel.Explanation 
  • Obito was the coolest guy.Explanation 
    • STARTS A WAR, GETS THE GIRL! Explanation 
  • COMRADE SASUCHE! Explanation 
    • Not just any Revolution. French Revolution. Explanation 
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