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Memes: Attack on Titan
Attack on Titan may be a lot younger than the big three, but it's gained almost as much popularity around the world in very little time, and has spawned many memes as a result.

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  • The meme[[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme, if necessary[[/labelnote]]Explanation 

Guren no Yumiya

Character-specific memes

  • Bertolt sweating and his various distressed facial expressions.
  • Then there is Jean and people (jokingly... most of the time) mistaking him for Reiner or Thomas due to similiar character designs. Jean also is somewhat of a memetic Butt Monkey on certain boards, where people who like him or ship him with Mikasa are often told: "Jean, please leave/go to bed."
  • Levi's ass has achieved memetic status, because of his bizarre pose after kicking Eren.
  • Levi is a Disney PrincessExplanation 
    • Bonjour!Explanation 
  • Photoshopping together pictures of Armin and Coconut Head, due to their resemblance is becoming popular. Observe.
  • Moves Like Jaeger, a meme that arose due to how similar Eren's last name is to "Jagger", from the Maroon Five song "Moves Like Jagger." Here are a few examples of thememe.
  • According to this chart, Levi and Mikasa are both heavier than Eren despite being shorter and the same height respectively. Encouraged by official artwork that shows Mikasa having distinct abs, many fans have humorously depicted Eren as being noticeably scrawny in comparison to the two's much more muscular builds.
  • Eren's Japanese voice actor, Yuuki Kaji, was mostly known in the west for voicing characters that were often Base Breakers at best, and scrappies at worst. Now that he's voicing Eren, jokes about comparing Eren to his less popular roles are becoming quite common.
  • Another popular meme, mainly from Japan but gaining popularity in the west, involves depicting Eren as in love with Rivale/Levi and Mikasa's feelings for him unrequited as a result.
  • Demon Lord Corporal.Explanation 
  • Riva-Sha...Explanation 
  • Marco is all rightExplanation 
  • Ha?Explanation 
  • Two words: Shota He-Man.Explanation 
  • Potato GirlExplanation 
  • Pole dancer LeviExplanation 
  • (눈_눈)Explanation 
  • Reiner's bara tittiesExplanation 
  • Mylius Zeramusky aka background-chanExplanation 
  • Eren should really stop leaving Mikasa's sideSPOILERS! 
  • Annie are you OK?Explanation 
  • LegoutExplanation 
    • The nickname has since extended to an actual character named Nifa, who bears a striking resemblance to Armin. 4chan has also dubbed her Armin's "good twin."
  • ** As of Chapter 57, her fate has given her the additional nickname of "Faceoff."
  • Jean is a horse. Explanation 
  • Sorry, that was a strange thing to ask. Explanation 
  • Petra-ing Explanation 
  • Mikasa es su casa Explanation 
  • Levi wanted to finish his tea. Explanation 
  • Eren is Princess Peach Explanation (minor spoilers) 
  • Eren's dad has pretty much become the third member of the "Big Three" aloof fathers in anime, alongside Gendo Ikari and Hoenheim the Wise.
  • Annie is Kira Explanation 
  • Poor Armin. Explanation 
  • People mistaking Armin for Krista. The fact that he later crossdresses as her to fool the kidnappers certainly didn't help anything.
  • You're an Ackerman. He's an Ackerman. Everyone's an Ackerman. Explanation 
    • You're an acronym. He's an acronym. Everyone's an acronym.
  • Kanye Ackerman. [[labelnote: Explanation]] The brutal and mysterious Captain Ackerman of the First Brigade is stated by Levi to be a former Serial Killer and his mentor/surrogate father whose first name is Kaney, which lends itself nicely to an anagram.
    • "Yo Levi, Imma let you finish, but I'm Humanity's strongest. Explanation 
  • Your friendly neighborhood Military Policeman. [[labelnote: Explanation]] Happens during Levi and Kaney Ackermans' fight where Levi escapes into the bar and Kaney smashes through yelling about how he was there to get rid of all the bad guys. Helped tremendously by the fact that both Kaney and Spiderman do similar acrobatic fucking pirouettes off the handle.
  • Many people are parodying Kaney's Guns Akimbo pose, mainly because of how his legs are drawn to be incredibly long.
  • Marlow is a kappa. Explanation 


Despite being the series' biggest contributors to Nightmare Fuel, the titans walk the fine line between Narm and Narm Charm. The anime just follows in the same tradition, and probably made things even better. (Both funnier and scarier, really.)


  • Attack on Teen Titans, a popular image and play on words that feature the titular Teen Titans in the soldier's place for the anime's page image, and with Trigon in the Colossal Titan's place.
  • Attack on Titan Cat.Explanation 
  • From Japan, there's a Photo Perspective meme quickly gaining popularity, in which some people pose close to the camera to look as big as Titans, with other people jumping around in the background to look like human warriors. Some images even have the titans from the manga photoshopped in with the people posing. IGN News even picked up on it, but they didn't seem to be aware of how the meme held its origins with this anime. Here are a few.
  • "Hey, what did you wipe on my back!?"Explanation 
    • My faith in humanity. Explanation 
  • Everything is Titans.Explanation 
  • Sink fandomExplanation 
  • Do you love the sky?Explanation 
    • It should be noted that this meme is not exclusive to Attack on Titan, and will sometimes end in a comedic image.
  • What am I willing to put up with today? NOT FUCKING THIS!Explanation 
  • Commander MeowingtonExplanation 
  • I clooose my eeeye—I CAN'T DO IT!!! Explanation (SPOILERS IN THE LINK) 
  • "You're Bean." Explanation 
  • Attack on Con Explanation 
  • The supposedly terrible drawing abilities of Hajime Isayama, the manga's author, have become something of a Running Gag in the fandom.
  • Is this Attack on Titan? Explanation 
  • Do You Want to Kill Some Titans? Explanation 
  • What the fuck is in the basement? Explanation (minor spoilers) 
    • Who wants to bet it's someone watching the events of SNK on a giant t.v?
  • Frodo getting told. Explanation (SPOILERS) 
    • We already tried that, it didn't work, you midget, gout-ridden bastard.

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