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Funny: Attack on Titan
  • The anime sometimes makes some scenes in Slow Motion, mostly the dramatic ones; but sometimes they do it in moments like Eren spitting a drink and Oluo bitting his tongue.
  • In Chapter 1, Armin is getting beat up by some bullies who are angry about him outsmarting them in an argument. Eren comes running, and the bullies are confident that they can take him on. But then they see Mikasa with the most deadpan serious look on her face, her head bobbing up and down like a hummingbird's wings as she follows Eren. That's when the bullies start to haul ass. Eren thinks it was him they were running from.
  • In Chapter 2, Hannes is preparing to attack an oncoming Titan to protect Eren's family, but then he takes a good look at the Titan's Slasher Smile and immediately abandons the battle and grabs Eren and Mikasa and runs. What happens after that isn't so funny though.
  • In episode 3, we have the recruits' initiation rite, where a Drill Sergeant Nasty stalks up and down their ranks, intimidating each of them into submission. Then he spots Sasha, who is busy eating a potato. When he questions her about this, she offers him half (read: much less than half) of it. His expression is priceless.
    • Sasha collapses next to the dorms after she finishes the laps she had to do as punishment, and Krista walks over with food. Sasha smells it, her glowing red eyes shoot open and she launches towards Krista like a rocket. She catches the bread in her mouth, and then Krista reveals that she got it for her, but also brought some water to drink. Sasha sees Krista surrounded by angelic feathers, and asks if she is a God. In the anime she screams God at the top of her lungs, jarring many viewers who were wearing headphones.
  • Jean's first meeting with Mikasa. He falls completely head over heels for her when she walks by, taken aback by her attractive features. He even says that he's never seen a face like her's before.note  Then he sees her walking off with Eren. Connie then walks by, and Jean wipes his hand on his shirt. Connie asks what he just wiped on him. Jean explains that it was his faith in humanity.
    • Jean initially compliments Mikasa on her hair, saying that he finds it beautiful. Immediately afterwards, Eren comes along and tells Mikasa her hair has gotten too long for the military life and tells her to cut it, which leads to the above.
    • And later, when he and Eren are about to square off again, Mikasa goes between them and gently pulls Eren away, facing him while ignoring Jean. Eren calms down and it looks like the conflict's passed when-"DAMMIT YOU ASSHOLE!!!" The "wtf?!" expression on Eren's face just serves as the icing.
  • During basic position control training an entire page is dedicated to Eren hanging upside down. He tries again but slams his head against the ground and almost dies as a result, much to the amusement and bafflement of some other trainees.
    "He was like 'I'm gonna slaughter them Titans to the last' wasn't he?"
    "I hear he almost killed himself on basic position control training."
    "Seriously? I can't imagine how someone could fail at that..."
    • After Eren looks like he is about to flunk out of military training Mikasa says not to worry about going back to farming. Eren leaves when Mikasa is still talking, but the funny thing is she was saying she would follow him back to the farm, while blushing. After finishing her sentence, she sees that Eren left a long time ago and Sasha was sitting next to her. Mikasa's expression was priceless, then Sasha asks for her bread. Which Mikasa teases her for and eats herself.
  • Episode 4, we're treated to the recruits practicing hand-to-hand combat, except for Annie, who's just walking around. Reiner more or less drags Eren along to pull Annie into a fight. She beats Eren and starts to walk away, only for Reiner to remind her that she has to take the knife. Cue another beatdown. Then she goes and reminds Reiner it's his turn. He's obviously afraid and after Eren prods him, he gives a Badass Boast. This instantly cuts to Annie walking away with Reiner in more or less the same pose as Eren used to be.
  • When Jean and Eren are almost caught fighting when the Drill Sergeant Nasty walks into the mess hall, what is Mikasa's deadpan response? "Sasha just ripped a giant fart, sir."
    • As the cherry on top, he doesn't even question it, saying "You again, eh...?" and walks away, implying Sasha has actually done this before. Her expression is priceless.
    • As he's leaving, Mina is seen desperately trying not to laugh.
  • In Episode 6 of the anime, the scene of a Titan charging at a group of civilians just before Mikasa swoops in to make the first Titan kill of the series may be ruined for some by the way its arms are awkwardly waving at its sides and the way it kicks a random soldier offscreen.
  • In episode 8 a Titan smashes through a wall...with its face. Just in case you needed confirmation that the Titans were indeed Dumb Muscle.
    • Reiner before the warehouse battle, where he confidently declares that, just in case, everyone should be aware that Titans have a second weakness! Connie seems to think he's serious.
      Jean: Reiner, those may just be your last words.
    • Gains a whole new meaning with the revelation that he's Ambiguously Bi and a Titan Shifter. Bertolt's horrified expression in the background just adds to it.
    • The trainees briefly debate saving the Rogue Titan who's been killing the other Titans and is now pinned to a wall by several foes as big as he is, missing both arms. Before they finish the discussion, the Rogue Titan proceeds to kill the remaining enemies with nothing but his teeth, prompting Jean to note, awestruck, "Hey, who was it you wanted to save again?"
  • Episode 9: The first thing Eren did after returning from his Rogue Titan mode was to say "I'll kill you" with a creepy grin on his face. The next scene shows Armin's priceless reaction to it.
    • It's extra hilarious in that Eren's sanity, from a modern viewpoint, is pretty damned questionable, but because of the Crapsack World he lives in, it's easy to let it slide because crazy or not, he ain't wrong. Finally watching Armin have a normal reaction gets even funnier because it's as if he just realized that Eren might be fucking bonkers.
  • Also from episode 9, Levi tells Hange what he thinks of her obsession with Titans:
    Hange: I wonder what kind of Titans I'll see this time! I'd really love to see some abnormal ones!
    Levi: I can see an abnormal already.
    Hange: Huh? *looks around* Where?
    Levi: *takes her head and turns her to face him* Right here.
  • Episode 10 : This episode is the second time we see Commander Pixis and this is the introduction we get about him.
    Narrator: Dot Pixis. The Commander-in-Chief of the defense of the southern territories, including Trost. A man entrusted over complete authority over the key area of mankind's defenses.
    Pixis: Still haven't seen one... I wouldn't mind being eaten, as long as it was by a scorchingly hot lady Titan.
    Narrator: He's also known as an inveterate eccentric.
  • Pixis strikes again later on. After Eren accepts a drink from him, the segment ends with Eren performing a slow-motion Spit Take due to how awful it is, and Pixis ignoring the whole thing.
  • When preparing for the counterattack, Eren gives a passionate speech to Mikasa about how he doesn't need her to protect him anymore and she should go join the garrison on the walls. Then the commander of the elite group runs by and tells Mikasa she's going to be coming with them.
  • In episode 12, there's something darkly funny about Titan!Eren trying to hit Mikasa by punching himself in the face.
  • Episode 13 has Sasha in stunned horror upon seeing Titan puke. However, it's pushed here because she's then told that the Titan's have no digestive tract, eating purely for pleasure - and she's the show's resident Big Eater, so of course she'd find this thought terrifying.
  • Episode 15 of the anime. Eren and the Survey Corps head to the old HQ, with Oluo approaching Eren to tell him Levi won't be babysitting him and... His horse steps on a rock, loses control and makes Oluo bite his tongue. Petra is sure to tell him how lame he is.
    • On the same episode, we are treated to Hange's story about her Titan research. Apparently she names captured Titans after telling them a story (not that the Titans would understand) about a tribe of human cannibals. As she goes into detail on how the tribesmen cook their victims, the other people present are visibly squicked by her story... one poor guy could not take it and pukes his guts out.
    • What happened before that was funny as well. After Eren says that he wants to learn more about Hange's research, the rest of the squad suddenly gets up from the table and leaves, leaving Eren confused and slowly wondering if maybe he wouldn't want to learn more.
    Hange: So we didn't learn anything we didn't already know.
    Eren: (looking dazed) Yeah.
    • What happened before THAT was also funny, with the episode displaying how much of a neat freak Levi is. Seeing the deadpan Levi suddenly complain about dust and put on a house uniform is just way too odd not to laugh at.
  • It crosses straight over into Gallows Humor but in episode 18 the Female Titan grabs one soldier by his wire and spins him around the way one would spin a pocket watch (or a leek) before idly flinging him over her shoulder. It doubles as Nightmare Fuel though, as a slow motion shot of the spinning suggests that the force of the spinning ripped the soldier's limbs off
  • When they enter the forest of giant trees, Eren demands that Levi tell him what's going on only to be told to shut up and figure it out, leading Eren to go on a thought tangent to the effect that this must be part of being a veteran, learning how to analyze a situation. Then he looks around and realizes that the rest of the squad is just as confused and scared as he is.
    Levi: Look around, Eren, at all of these big-ass trees.
  • Eld revealing that both Oluo and Petra cried and pissed themselves during their first mission. Petra's horrified shrieking is hilarious. Eren asks if the piss "sprayed everywhere" while she was in mid-air, prompting Gunther to tell them that they're in dangerous territory and should stop their silly conversation, but also wants Eren to know that he, in fact, did not piss himself.
    • Before that, the squad discusses Erwin's plan and his cryptic question to them after Sawney and Bean were killed by a spy. Everyone agrees that Erwin may have told them of the plan if they had answered his question correctly. Except Oluo that is, who claims he knew exactly what the right answer was. When he is asked about it, he just notes that he is not surprised that the others don't get it as they "aren't on his level yet". Petra looks entirely unimpressed.
  • As dramatic as titan!Eren's fight with the female titan is, it's hard not to laugh when he's straddled her and is roaring in her face like a maniac, to the point she has to turn her head away as if she's thinking "Holy hell, simmer down, you're busting my ear drums!" In the manga, she also does it to avoid his rage drooling.
  • In chapter 39, Krista rips off part of her skirt to bandage Reiner's wounded arm after a Titan bit it. Then Ymir complains about a cut finger to Krista - obviously to get her attention — but Connie tells her "spit on it and you'll be peachy".
    • Possibly a Shout-Out to Hot Shots! Part Deux?
    • Reiner's mental response to her bandaging is "Just marry me already".
    • Even before this, when Krista arrived with additional horses, and thus saved Armin, Jean and Reiner from being stranded in Titan territory, their thoughts are:
      "I wanna marry her."
      "She's God sent."
    • Note that the one thinking "I wanna marry her" was in fact Reiner.
  • In Chapter 41, Krista standing on the edge of the tower and fist pumping while cheering Ymir on. Everyone else looks horrified, since the tower is teetering on the brink of collapse already
    • In the same chapter, Eren fights a Titan against orders. Upon killing it, he shouts: "I did it! My first Titan kill as a human!" (Having to this point either been protected, eaten, or a Titan himself in battle) before he nearly gets crushed by the body.
  • Reiner casually revealing that he was the Armored Titan and Bertolt is the Colossal Titan. It was done with no emphasis on a small part of a page that mostly showed others walking instead of the full page spread such a crucial reveal would normally trigger. A lot of people had to do a Double Take just to see whether they skipped a page or not. To make it even funnier, even Bertolt, Reiner's accomplice and fellow Titan Shifter is surprised to hear this.
  • Chapter 44: Eren remembers during his training as he and Annie practice, Annie has him in a lock. Then all of a sudden Reiner falls from the sky; Annie dodges, but Eren was not so lucky. Mikasa reveals she threw Reiner.
    • And immediately prior to that Annie was telling Eren that she needed him to "learn to talk to girls." The Implication being that Mikasa threw Reiner at them to interrupt their flirting.
    • Immediately afterwards, Mikasa asks Annie to teach her some of those moves. Annie says the moves are intended for humans, but wants to know if they even work on a beast. So, after essentially calling Mikasa a wild animal, Mikasa gets mad and walks dramatically toward Annie. Cue everyone else gathering around them like high schoolers to a hallway brawl.
    • The fact that everyone stops to place bets. Marco bets on Annie, to which Jean angrily bets his entire dinner on Mikasa.
  • Chapter 46 of the manga: Eren desperately realizing that if he wants to learn anything from the other Titan-shifters, he must control his emotions!. Coming from him, the Hot-Blooded Berserker that's a really hilarious sentiment, especially when he naturally (and understandably) fails.
  • Chapter 47. Ymir and Bertolt are having one of the most plot-central and tense conversations ever had in the manga so far. And then we suddenly get a quarter-page sized panel of Reiner on top of a still limbless Eren, keeping him in a choke hold in order to keep him from transforming and trying to murder them all. Ymir and Bertolt calmly turn back to each other and continue to talk.
    • There's also something darkly humorous about Krista smiling as she sees Ymir again, only for Ymir to swallow her whole to kidnap her. The "Eh?" Krista says while Ymir's jaw closes around her, her happy smile still plastered on her face, is just priceless.
  • In Chapter 48, This exchange between Ymir and Krista
    Ymir: The Titans aren't so bad! There's nobody there who'll say it'd be better if you'd never been born!
    Krista: Of course not! They're a little too busy trying to eat us!
    Ymir: Nobody's perfect!
  • Chapter 51, Sasha's potato girl nickname is called back and Jean's comment on it leans on the fourth wall. Or that Eren having understood Levi tries to get everyone to clean their shoes and make their beds.
    • The last example is one of the best comedic moments of the series. There's Eren's sheer panic at the idea of Levi coming home to a dirty house, followed by him and Jean bickering Like an Old Married Couple:
    Eren: Even this morning, if I hadn't fixed the sheets on your bed—
    Jean: Shut the hell up! Are you my mom or something?!
  • Chapter 53, the Survey Corps pulling out Eren after a failed transformation is full of comedy.
    Levi: He's not even ten meters tall and he's missing meat here and there. Also, Eren's ass is hanging out.
    • Hange's not above letting Eren turn permanently into a Titan For Science!. And her reaction to Eren's face peeling off his skull upon pulling him out?
    Hange: HURRY! Get a sketch of this!
    • It gets to the point where Mikasa has to slice Eren's flesh just to get Hange to shut up.
    Mikasa: We must hurry. Fake Eren will be soon be discovered.
    Levi: Really...
  • In chapter 54, Levi manages to corner a businessman who was working with the Central MP in order to negotiate their conditions for switching their loyalty to the Survey Corps. Levi's first two conditions make sense, but the third?
    Levi: From now on, whenever the Reebs company manages to acquire rare foods or luxury items, they will referentially hand them over to the Scouting Legion. For example, black tea.
    Sasha: WONDERFUL! That is a wonderful condition, president!
  • In Chapter 55, when Armin starts coldly analyzing the upcoming revolution and how best to manipulate the populace to side with them, everyone gives him a weird look and he defensively protests that he's just speculating.
    • Also some Black Comedy when it's apparent Hange has no experience torturing people to the point where the torturee gets confused and frustrated with Hange's clumsy methods.
  • In chapter 56, Eren suggests to Historia that when she becomes Queen, she should give Levi a good whack and dare him to retaliate, furthermore wondering "what kind of face he'd make". Eren apparently hasn't quite gotten over the beatdown Levi once gave him.
  • The Second OVA is made of this. Nearly every is humorous. It probably helps that it somehow adapts nearly every fake preview, yes even the one with Mikasa, Jean, Armin, Connie and Krista transforming to Titans.

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