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Memes: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Despite being a cruel deconstruction of the Magical Girl genre,(or possibly because of it) Puella Magi Madoka Magica has generated a surprising amount of memes. Because being meguca is suffering...

Please add entries in the following format:
  • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme, if necessary.[[/labelnote]] Explanation 
    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

  • Deny the obvious, uphold the inane! Explanation 
  • HEADCHOMP and variations. Explanation (major spoilers!) 
    • MAMI MOGU MOGU. Explanation (major spoilers!) 
    • Headless Mami. There's more merchandise of her than you can shake a musket at.
    • Even the ANN has made a crack at this scene when announcing that Mami would adorn her own cake starting in April 2012: The Mami figure is not edible.
      • And when a Charlotte plush toy measuring at 4 feet was announced in October 2013: Let's just say it's big enough that someone's head could fit in its mouth.
    • Fanartists have developed a streak of Black Comedy when it comes to depicting Mami post episode 3, in particular showing her with Celty (Link has NSFW advertisements.).
    • The victim of that scene has practically verbified; "to Mami" can now mean to Off with His Head!.
    • Even the Japanese voice cast has had their fun with it; in a subtitled foreword that they gave before international showings of the films, Kaori Mizuhashi, who voiced Mami, is given the title of "Head of Shocking Events"
  • Kyubey stares into your soul. /人‿‿人\\ Explanation (with spoilers!) 
  • In Japan (real life), you eat cake. In Soviet Russia (magical world), cake eats YOU!! Explanation (Episode 3 spoiler) 
  • I r in ur magical anime, KILLIN UR MAGICAL GIRLZ. Explanation (major spoilers!) 
  • Because of the general depressing and horrific nature of the show, the "MORNING RESCUE" Japanese commercial that a certain fansubbing group left in has been the only thing considered as a safe haven. Taken to its logical conclusion. (Spoilers in both links!)
  • NOW SHE'S LOST IT / SHE KNOWS SHE CAN KILL Explanation (major spoilers!) 
  • You thought it was a cute girl? Too bad! It was just Sayaka-chan! Explanation 
  • "being meguca is suffering..." Explanation 
    • Some lines from the Meduka Meguca "series" have become particularly memetic:
      • "mumi why" Explanation 
      • "do not throw souls!" Explanation 
      • Referring to Walpurgis Night as "Brazilian Night" and rendering her laugh as "huehuehuehuehue huahuahuahuahua".Explanation 
    • "being _____ is suffering..." Explanation 
  • We need to go wider. WIIIIIIIDER. Explanation 
  • Homerun-chan Explanation 
  • Homu homu Explanation 
  • Homura, for one reason or another, is often drawn with cat ears. Sometimes this spills over into a full-blown Little Bit Beastly portrayal.
    • Might be an Ascended Meme as in the Halloween event of the online game Madoka Magica Online Homura is using a cat costume.
  • After people clamoring over the Fridge Logic/Horror of Sayaka's body still being in that hotel room: Weekend at Sayaka's.
    • Episode 11 softens it somewhat: It's shown that her body was found.
  • "If I wished for it, would Kyubey let me fuck him/her/it?", accompanied by a cropped image of Kyubey porn. And yes, not only does it exist, there is also a disturbing large amount of it.
  • Misspelling "Walpurgis Night", e.g. Whatsburger Night, Walmart Night, Walrus Night, Walt Disney Night, Brazilian Night, Walgreens Night...
  • "That won't be necessary" Explanation 
  • ZA WARUDO! Explanation (spoilers!) 
  • In Episode 4, Madoka finds Hitomi being controlled by a witch. When Madoka attempts to run away, Hitomi stops her by slamming her in the stomach. Now most fanart with her in it somehow involve tummy punching.
  • After the finale came out in April 2011, there's suddenly a lot of noise about NAKED LESBIAN SPACE HUGS and Magodka/Godoka/Madokami.
    • The Church of Madoka/Madoka died for your sins./Do you accept Madoka as your Lord and Savior?
      • Serial Experiments Madoka/Homura May Cry. Explanation (major spoilers for Lain and Madoka) 
    • I am Penitent Gretchen, or rather, Kriemhild Gretchen as she should have been. Explanation (major spoilers!) 
      • The finale is often referred to as End of Madoka due to the similarities between End of Evangelion and it. Somewhat.
    • Madoka Old Spice Explanation 
  • Unlimited _____ Works Explanation 
    • On that last one: Unlimited Explosives Don't Work
  • The Perverted Homura - (NSFW)Explanation 
    • Then after the finale, a whole slew of fanart appeared depicting goddess!Madoka turning the tables on Homura, usually by using her omniscience to peep on her.
    • Then comes the Movie Rebellion, it completely turns around on goddess!Madoka when devil!Homura captures and usurps her position as god.
  • Tiro Finale (Physical) note 
  • Mami's mammies. note 
  • LOVE ME DO! \( *´ 3`*)/ note 
  • Poorfag/Poor-chan and Failurefag. Poor-chan in particular has gotten fanart, comics, Puella Magi and witch forms, shipped with Mami or Kyouko, and a series of stories on 4Chan about her Perpetual Poverty. note 
    • There's a chance that the animator intended to draw a Libretto W100 folding tablet.
  • Cake Planet. note 
  • I was... such a fool/I was... such an idiot: Explanation (spoilers!) 
  • MadoTitusnote 
  • Yeah, it's that kind of show. Explanation 
  • You're mine Madoka, mine, mine, mine. Explanation 
  • Mami is forever alone/lonely Mami is lonely. Explanation 
  • Girls can't love girls! Explanation 
  • It's become quite common for fanart to depict Madoka as a white harp seal, or "Gomadoka/Sealdoka" (a pun off "goma", the Japanese word for spotted seal).
    • Less known are Homuotter, Dolphin Sayaka, Penguin Kyoko, and Jellyfish Mami.
  • "homura resets the timeline" Explanation (spoilers!) 
  • LuminousExplanation 
  • Madoka is the Evangelion of anime. Explanation 
  • Thanks to SF Debris, "Bunnycat is a dick" is gaining traction.
  • ORIKO WAS RIGHT Explanation 
    • If Oriko was right, why did she wear a bucket on her head? Explanation 
  • What do I look like, a fucking miracle worker? Explanation 
  • PEDO MAMI Explanation 

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