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While Gen Urobuchi attempted to mislead the audience that the show overall has a heartwarming story, there are heartwarming moments here and there so he wasn't trolling us completely. In retrospect, he didn't lie that much.
  • In Episode 3, Madoka promising to fight alongside Mami. Mami's reaction to this is so heartfelt and happy that you just know something bad's about to happen to her.
  • In Episode 5, Madoka expresses concern about Sayaka becoming a Magical Girl particularly after what happened to Mami. Sayaka brushes her off saying that if she hadn't then she would have lost Madoka and Hitomi which she finds to be even scarier and assures Madoka that she wont need to contract because she will protect the city now. It's a Heartwarming moment since it shows just much Sayaka values her friends and ideals that she was willing to sign on to what she knew was a dangerous job.
    • Sayaka bringing up the newly-healed Kyosuke up to the roof for a impromptu concert. Kyosuke's parents, nurses, and doctors are all there to see him play his violin again, and you can tell that everyone present knows that they're in the presence of a true miracle. Putting aside her friend's rescue, this one event convinces Sayaka that "There's no way I'll ever regret it".
  • In Episode 7 Kyoko takes Sayaka to her family's old church and tells Sayaka her backstory and why she became a Magical Girl. She wanted to cheer Sayaka after she learned that her soul gem is a Soul Jar and to give her advice on being a magical girl. While Sayaka does decline her offer of becoming more selfish she does apologize for judging her earlier.
  • In Episode 8 Kyoko saves Sayaka from Homura even though it went against her policy of helping people. Later on both of them meet up in the subway station and Kyoko's line implies that she went through the trouble of looking for Sayaka all over town. It seems that Kyoko considers Sayaka her friend.
  • In Episode 9, Kyoko performing a Mercy Kill on Witch!Sayaka, along with a Heroic Sacrifice. Not because Sayaka couldn't be defeated without one, but because she didn't want Sayaka to die alone.
    • Kyoko and Madoka's talks give the girls some sweet bonding time.
  • In Episode 10, Homura swears to repeat her time-travelling 'eternal maze' as many times as it takes to save Madoka, her only friend. This is after you see what led her to be so cold in this version of the timeline...
    • Timeline 2 starts off as a series of these for Homura. In her second introduction to Madoka she expresses joy at seeing her friend alive again, she's accepted into Mami's Magical Girl team and then she kills her first witch. Theses are the only times we ever see Homura truly happy in contrast to her usual stoic self in the show until the finale.
  • In Episode 11 comes a moment that also classifies as a moment of awesome: Madoka talks her mother into letting her out into the storm and her mother understands her and trusts her enough to let her out.
  • In Episode 12,
    • Madoka: If someone ever tells me it's a mistake to have hope, well, then, I'll just tell them they're wrong and I'll keep telling them 'til they believe No matter how many times it takes.
    • Madoka gives hope to other magical girls (including the ones from history like Anne Frank, Queen Himiko, Cleopatra, and Joan of Arc), and makes sure the ones who can't be saved will pass on smiling peacefully instead of despairing and being bewitched.
    • Afterwards, Sayaka and Madoka being able to share one last talk before passing on (or ascending to a higher plane of existence depending on how you look at it), which makes Sayaka's fate a little less bitter. (Thank God Kyosuke is shown later recalling her when he's back to music.)
    • Madoka calls Homura her best friend and giving her a heartfelt goodbye before she Ascends to a Higher Plane of Existence, leaving her with her ribbons as proof that she existed.
    • That little moment when Madoka pets an Anthony is very touching.
    • Meta example, with a bit of Foreshadowing: Remember how Urobochi mentioned his tragedy syndrome in the quotes section? And how the protagonists overcoming it would require a fundamental change in the universe they were in? You finally got that happy ending you wanted, Urobuchi. Good for you.
    • Homura, near the end: "You can have it if you want." With everything that ribbon must have meant to her, she still offered it freely and happily, with the most gentle smile. After all the horror and anguish she struggled through, Homura Akemi found peace.
    • Madoka's little brother Tatsuya loving his sister enough to remember her, despite the fact that he's barely a toddler and hadn't been at all involved in the Magical Girl stuff. That's right, his love for his big sister is powerful enough to survive a complete and utter rewrite of the world—just because she was his sister.
      One hopes that as he grows, Tatsuya and Homura become close, and can share memories of Madoka... together.
    • The scene where Madoka goes up against Walpurgisnacht, telling the colossal witch, "That's enough. It's alright now. You don't have to hate anyone anymore and you don't have to curse anyone anymore either. I'll go back before you turned into this and take the burden of all your pain."
    • The fact that Homura is willing to hang out with and talk to Kyubey in the new timeline, since he honestly doesn't remember the horrible things he had done.
    • In the final scene just before the credits, Homura steps up to fight a horde of Wraiths, and she pulls out a bow. Madoka's bow. She doesn't have the time-changing shield anymore. She doesn't need it anymore.
    • The whole series can be summed up into one quote:
      "Don't forget. Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember her, you are not alone."
  • The end of the Madoka manga. After the normal ending, there are a few extra pages; Madoka and Homura, who is once again bespectacled and twin-braided, implying all her mental trauma is a thing of the past. Homura apologizes for being such a gloomy friend, and Madoka laughs, assuring her that the two of them will be friends forever.
  • The Golden Ending in Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable. Everybody Lives, they come to terms that they're liches and will make the best out of it, Madoka doesn't become a Magical Girl, and everyone has one big final tea party. It can happen, you just gotta earn it.
  • The various endings in Grief Syndrome. In either ending where Sayaka dies, it shows Kyoko and Oktavia (Sayaka's witch form) getting along just fine. Also, there are two endings that require the survival of two characters: Madoka / Homura and Sayaka / Kyoko, respectively. They're wedding scenes.
  • Holy cow, this vid is adorable.
  • The Compilation Movie version of Episode 12 adds a brief scene where Madoka whips out a handkerchief and cleans the blood off of Homura's face while she apologises to her for deciding to become a Magical Girl. It's both adorable and sad.
  • There was a petition to change the official name of NGC 6357, a diffuse nebula in the Scorpius constellation, from the "War and Peace Nebula" to the "Madokami Nebula", due to its resemblance to Madoka's goddess form. Madoka Kaname has touched the hearts of so many people that they wanted an entire celestial formation to be named after her.

"Don't forget:
Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you.
As long as you remember her,