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Characters: Dragon Quest IX
Dragon Quest IX has lots of characters, as well as a Job System for The Hero and their True Companions to use, as outlined below:

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The Apprentice

The Hero (or Heroine) of IX, a Celestrian who has recently begun their training to become a guardian, protecting the mortal realm and tending to the Great World Tree, Yggdrasil. But when something goes horribly awry, the trainee winds up stranded in the mortal realm, and at the start of a perilous journey to learn the root of the world's problems...

Stella (Sandy)

A spunky, pink-winged Fairy Companion who accompanies the hero on their travels, keeping a record of everything that occurs.

    Classes - Basic 

Their Companions

Adventurers who have all gathered at the Quester's Rest, seeking companions and work. Who will the hero bring along on their various travels? Who will become their closest companions?

Classes of Choice - The Basics

Warriors are your basic fighters, who have chosen to pick up a sword, spear, or knife and fight to protect what they believe in. Naturally, this means that any good Warrior has great Courage that will support them through the toughest times. If they choose to hone that Courage, they learn how to defend their allies from enemy attacks, prepare themselves to launch a more powerful attack, or even brazenly whistle to attract monsters' attention!

Martial Artists naturally can train in the art of fighting with their bare hands, though that may not be what attracts everyone to this class. Trainees may instead choose to learn how to handle claws — they're one of only two classes who specialize in handling these dangerous weapons — or to wield staves or even fans. Their Focus grants them great agility, as well as giving them the fortitude necessary to withstand even the most powerful enemy assault, whether physical or due to horrendous breath. Martial Artists who have almost completely mastered their Focus can also learn to heal themselves through Meditation.

Priests are dedicated healers who are supported by their Faith. The stronger their Faith, the more powerful their blessings become, and they may eventually learn how to withstand instant death attacks. Every party may not need one, but they certainly make the going a whole lot easier.

Mages are all about learning how to control and use powerful Spellcraft. Training boosts their MP and magical might considerably, as well as enabling them to resist enemy spells and weaken their magic, as well as recovering a little MP on the go by simply concentrating. They may prove a bit of a Glass Cannon, but that's presuming their opponents can get to them without a fireball exploding in their faces.

Thieves steal (haha, see what we did there?) their weapons of choice from Soldiers and Martial Artists: they can carry swords, knives, or even claws, or go bare-handed so their nimble fingers aren't preoccupied. Of course, they have a knack for using their Acquistiveness for shadier purposes, and can steal from their enemies or set traps for them. They can also learn how to hone in on hidden treasures and lead their party to them.

Minstrels are jacks of all trades, dabbling in various arts without really mastering any particular one. Their specialty is Litheness — they're nimble and quick-thinking, willing and able to improvise with skills that might surprise their opponents with their deadliness... or laughing at the absurdity of it all. Don't underestimate these resourceful entertainers.

    Classes - Advanced 

Classes of Choice - The Advanced

Gladiators are masters of battle, physically and mentally fit for any challenge thrown their way. Aside from the classic swords, they may also arm themselves with massive axes or clubs, or simply take on opponents bare-handed. Those who train their Guts learn a host of powerful slash attacks, and can willingly eschew defense for a doubled offense, for a hopefully quick and decisive end to any battle.

  • The Berserker
  • Cast From Hitpoints: Their Signature Attack, Double-Edged Slash, does incredible damage... and 25% of it right back to the Gladiator. It's entirely possible (and likely) to kill yourself outright when using this, especially if combined with Tension and Double Up.
  • Glass Cannon: A rare melee variant. While able to equip heavy armor, their Double Up ability lowers defense and maxes offence, and by default they cannot use shields.
  • Limit Break: Tension Boost — their Tension level jumps sharply, with a good chance of automatically maxing itself out!
    • Working together with a Martial Artist allows for Omnipotense, giving everyone's Tension a serious spike.
  • Linear Warriors, Quadratic Wizards: Averted. Gladiators are far-and-away the best attackers in the game, able to deal damage in the thousands with the proper buffs and Falcon Slash (which costs 2 MP) while wielding an Uber Falcon Blade, thanks to their stupendous Strength. Having a pair of these in your party is essential to victory in the toughest battles.
  • Magically Inept Fighter
  • Mighty Glacier: Almost tied with Paladin for slowest class in the game.
  • Prestige Class
  • Weapon of Choice

Paladins balance the art of fighting with healing and defending their dear companions, routinely putting themselves on the line to keep their allies safe. Their Virtue is unparalleled — a well-trained Paladin can even siphon off their own HP or MP and give it to their companions. And if the worst should happen and an enemy tries to finish off a nearly fallen friend, the master Paladin may step in and bear the blow themselves.

Armamentalists combine magical might with superb swordsmanship — though they may prefer a sturdy bow or wand to a blade. Whatever their Weapon of Choice, an experienced Armamentalist can imbibe themselves with elemental Fource, be it fire, ice, windnote , or even the very force of darknessnote  or light itself...!

  • Elemental Powers
  • Fantasy Counterpart Culture: Evocative of 17th century French fencers/musketeers.
  • Limit Break: Voice of Experience, summoning a wheel of fortune that boosts how much experience the party earns from that battle.
    • Thieves and Armamentalists can pull off an improved version offering the chance to gain more experience, treasure and gold — Haulellujah!
  • Magic Knight: The class was even originally called "Magic Knight" before the Dub Name Change to the more distinct Armamentalist.
  • Magikarp Power: While at first they are fairly sub-par, in the deep post-game, they do come into their own as being the Jack-of-All-Trades. It helps that Fource spells are almost required to effectively handle the stronger post-game bosses, having a very noticeable effect... provided you look up what elemental effect to use.
  • Master of None: Let's just say that compared to some of the other classes, Armamentalists are a bit... sub-par. Fource has tiny upgrades to a handful of different stats, as well as the Fource spells themselves — which rely on the hidden Elemental Damage system and class skills. (However, these Fource skills are percentage boosts, so if you do master the Elemental Damage system, they are very, very powerful at high levels.)
  • Nice Hat
  • Power-Up Letdown: Maxing their skill tree gives you the awe inspiring and unique HP +30 (a boost to your max HP by 30, where even an easy Bonus Boss will deal damage in the high 100s with good defenses). The progression from the previous part of the tree costs a heavy 18 points to make it worse. This reward is not unique in any way (half the classes give HP bonuses at some point, all doing it earlier, for fewer points and/or higher bonuses), or substantial (like the other bonuses for finishing a tree).
  • Prestige Class
  • Shout-Out: To Angelo from Dragon Quest VIII: they equip all his same weapons and the males have a surprisingly similar outfit plus a Nice Hat (though as an inn guest, he recognizes priests as being his class).
  • Quirky Bard: The other reason they're considered a bit sub-par. They are, however, the earliest you are likely to get to use bows, and mastering Fource provides buffs to just about every ability.
  • Weapon of Choice:

Rangers have attuned themselves to nature. When it comes to evading monsters on their home turf, and even turning that terrain against its own denizens, no class can match their Ruggedness and survival skills. Want to calm a rampaging enemy with a little smooth talk, evade their attacks, or even avoid combat entirely? The Ranger is easily your best bet. Of course, they're certainly no slouch when it comes to fighting, either...

Sages have a long and illustrious history, the most ancient of all Prestige Classes. A Sage's Enlightenment is dazzling, much like their incredible magical skills. With their vast knowledge, they can change their classes at any time, continuously heal their allies, remove their opponent's hard-won enhancements, boost their own skills, and conserve their magic so that they can spend it even more effectively. However, such power can be quite difficult to earn...

Luminaries are perhaps the rarest and most elusive of all the advanced classes. Their focus? Why, a certain STYLE, of course! Every good Luminary has a winning Je Ne Sais Quoi, and know all the tricks of the trade, from passing out autographs to stealing the spotlight, instant makeovers, and even inspiring scandals — and watch out for those backstage dances; they're simply killer.

    Other Celestrians 

Other Celestrians

Aquila (Izayarl)

A seasoned guardian who has taken the hero under his wing and been showing them the ropes. Known to be one of the best, Aquila takes his job very seriously, and is known for being strict, yet not unkindly so. Once oversaw Angel Falls himself, but has just passed that duty down to his apprentice.


A friend of Aquila who can usually be found in the library. Instead of becoming a Guardian of the Protectorate, she chose to remain at the Observatory, working as their bookkeeper. Despite their mostly good-natured disagreements about the different ways they have found to serve their land, Columba also serves as Aquila's most trusted friend and confidant.

Apus Major

The eldest and most respected of all the Celestrians, he acts as their leader, overseeing the Observatory and guiding the guardians. A truly benevolent figure who sets an example for all.

Corvus (Ergios)

Aquila's former mentor, who went MIA centuries before the events of the game. Held up as a specific example of what happens to guardians who are too close to their human flock, of Celestians who are made guardians before they are ready, and what not to do while in the Protectorate.

    Other Characters 

Angel Falls

Erinn (Rikka)

A young girl with big shoes to fill and even bigger dreams. At one time, her father was a famous innkeeper, and after learning of this legacy, she wishes to follow in his footsteps and develop a world-renowned inn of her own...


Erinn's late father. Once ran an amazing inn, but left all of that behind upon moving his family to the out of the way paradise of Angel Falls. Passed away two years before the hero's journey begins.


As Mayor Litlun's son, Ivor demands a certain amount of respect... and receives none. Viewed as an aimless layabout, he frequently fights with his father over his refusal to work. Has a blindingly obvious crush on Erinn, which he expresses by... mocking her belief in the Guardians and antagonizing her. This works about as well as you'd expect.

Quester's Rest

Patty (Ruida)

Head of the fantastic Quester's Rest establishment, Patty has a reputation for being quite the organizer. She's even earned the playful nickname 'Patty the Party Planner'. Anyone who needs help setting up a solid group just needs to consult her, and she'll set them straight in no time!


Runs the Rainbow's End Gold Bank inside the Quester's Rest. Briefly protests Erinn's arrival, reminding Patty that she made the same promises about Ginny helping the inn re-establish itself after she first showed up.

Pavo (Raviel)

A Celestrian who has the ability to open the Rapportal, which bridges the gap between alternate universes and allows people to cross between them, however briefly. Rather than hanging out at the Observatory, she prefers the Quester's Rest.

Al Capinne

The nefarious leader of the Inntouchables, the infamous innkeeping mafia (no, seriously, there's an inkeeping mafia). It turns out that Sellma's been trying to arrest him for years, and with the hero's help, she finally has her chance... that is, if the hero can best Al's bigass Drackal guard dog first.

Sellma (Roxanne)

An intrepid merchant who runs the exclusive service known as the DQVC, which offers exclusive items for tantalizingly brief periods of time. Postgame DLC reveals that she's also a secret agent working to capture the notorius Al Capinne.


King Schott

The sharp-tongued ruler of Stornway, King Schott is not precisely patient. He wants to take care of the recent Wight Knight problem as quickly as possible, but seems to be suffering a surfeit of able-bodied men. So, he has set out to hire any able-bodied adventurers willing to lend his troubled kingdom a hand.

Princess Simona

The well-loved princess of Stornway, and target of the Wight Knight. Unlike her father, Princess Simona thinks that he could actually be reasoned with, if she just had the chance... But her father certainly won't permit that!

Wight Knight

An undead horseman who has begun terrorizing Loch Storn, defeating all of the soldiers sent after him and demanding to see the princess. Yet despite his fearsome appearance, his reign of terror appears to be merely that, without the usual accompaniment of death and destruction. What drives him, then, to such actions...?


A witch that lives in the ruins of Brigadoom and claims that the Wight Knight is her slave.


The first postgame story-Bonus Boss. 300 years ago, King Schott's predecessor, King Nonus, in an act of desperation, summoned a powerful demon named Yore and begged him to defend Stornway from the advancing Gittish Empire. Yore agreed to do this, but in return demanded a terrible price: that he be allowed to wipe out the kingdom of Brigadoom. Desperate to save his kingdom, the king was forced to agree to his terms, and Yore wiped out Brigadoom in a single night. He kept his word and repelled the Empire, but the king grew fearful of Yore's power and sealed him inside a coffin in the depths of the palace cellar. Were he ever freed, he would surely take his vengeance on not just Stornway, but all of humanity. Lately, the magics that keeps Yore imprisoned have seemed to weaken...


Alanna and Petra

A pair of elderly women who have been friends for most of their lives. Alanna used to work in Castle Stornway as Princess Simona's maid.


Doctor Phlegming

The resident doctor, Phlegming is great at all forms of research and studying... it's people he really struggles with. The only one he really cares for is his wife, Catarrhina; everyone else gets shut out while he focuses on whatever topic has currently arrested his attention. Doesn't help that the mayor seriously hates him for taking his precious daughter away...


The doctor's lovely young wife, and the only one in town capable of getting his attention... and even she struggles in that area sometimes. Despite this, she remains deeply devoted to him; her greatest wish is to help him learn how to connect with others and for him to get the respect she feels he deserves.

Mayor Laria

The leader of Coffinwell, he has been struggling to deal with two major problems: first, the outbreak of a strange disease in town. Second, coping with his distasteful son-in-law, whom he absolutely despises.

Alltrades Abbey

Abbott Jack

The heart and soul of Alltrades Abbey. This elderly priest has the power to help others change their profession, becoming whatever they wish to be with the blessings of the Almighty.

Tom Foolery

A cheerful spirit haunting Alltrades Abbey, searching for a talented minstrel to take on as his student.

Wanda and Wandine

A pair of mischievous fairies who appear in the dreams of any sufficiently skilled mages staying at the Abbey.

  • Dream World
  • Punny Name: Names starting with "wand" are very appropriate for the ones giving the mage quests.
  • Sealed Good in a Can: They refer to themselves as being stuck in the Faeries Wand. Though some dialogue suggests it may be out of their sense of duty, rather then a literal seal.
  • Terse Talker: They talk like this. Alternating their sentences. It can get jarring.
  • You Gotta Have Purple Hair

Brusque Lee

A student of Grandmaster Wun Tun Punch who will help any Martial Artists who impress him gain an audience with his master.

Grandmaster Wun Tun Punch

The master of martial arts.


A somewhat vain Armamentalist who is willing to teach others the secrets of the Fource if they pass his tests. Likes to stand around talking about how awesome he is.

Port Llaffan

Jona Jones

A recently orphaned girl who has discovered the ability to summon Lleviathan. While this has helped the port survive the recent hardships, she fears that they have grown entirely too reliant on the whale's bounty and have begun neglecting their work.

Mayor Bryce

The Jerkass head of Port Llaffan, who is more focused on personal gain than what's best for the town. Very interested in exploiting Jona's ability to its fullest.

  • Angst Coma: After learning the Awful Truth behind Lleviathan.
  • Bastard In Sheep's Clothing - Acts sweet towards Jona, but deflects her concerns about overreliance on her powers with cold, cutting comments about her being useless otherwise.
  • Freudian Excuse: In the Playable Epilogue. His wife walked out on him and their child because she couldn't stand being poor, leading to an obsession with acquiring wealth.
  • Greed
  • It's All About Me: Very self-absorbed. Has a private fishing spot that he refuses to let anyone enter, even when the fishing was poor and threatened the whole village.
    • Talk to him after Lleviathan swallows Jona and threatens him. His first thought? Outrage that you dared enter his private beach.
  • Jerkass
  • My God, What Have I Done?: What causes his Angst Coma.


The mayor's young son. Unlike his father, he genuinely cares about Jona and only wants her to be happy.

  • Meaningful Name: He's the son of Mayor Bryce. It's another hint as to how self-serving his father is.
  • Missing Mom: Though a quest lets you bring him a letter from her, implying she's still alive.

Dylan Jones

Jona's father, who was lost at sea during the earthquake. Still, Jona clings to the hope that he survived somehow and will return eventually. He actually drowned, but with his dying breath wished to continue looking after her, and was transformed into Lleviathan.

  • Gone Horribly Right: He found a way to care for Jona after his death... but did so well that the rest of Llaffan started sponging off of the whale's bounty instead of working.


Cap'n Max Meddlin

A pirate captain with a semi-secret royal lineage. Though he used to sail the seas seeking whatever booty he could plunder, he later came to realize that he garnered the most joy from collecting those wee little Mini Medals. Since then, he has settled down in Dourbridge and will trade all sorts of treasures to anyone who brings him any medals they've found.


Head of the B-Team, a gang of thieves operating out of Dourbridge. Any thieves hoping to learn the tricks of the trade would do well to get into his good graces.

The Heights of Loneliness


An elderly stonecutter who lives by himself, working on his greatest project...


A lonely ranger who has settled in the Heights of Loneliness. Though she has become disillusioned with humanity, she may still teach others how to attune themselves with nature if they impress her enough.



The daughter of the richest family in town. She struggled with a terminal illness all her life, but suddenly got better. She now spends her time showering people who please her with gifts. However, there are rumors that she's become absurdly naive, and seems to have an extremely volatile temper...

  • Cloudcuckoolander
  • Dead All Along
  • Ill Girl: And no, she did not get better.
  • The Ingenue
  • Not Quite Dead: Alluded to in the credits with Marionette. The mansion's nanny finds her next to the real Marion's grave, despite the fact that Marionette had reverted to an ordinary doll, and she had been placed in Marion's room.
    • Marion's soul had already moved on by then, so the implication is that Marionette isn't so ordinary after all.
  • Punny Name: Marion has a life-sized doll of herself named - wait for it - Marionette.
  • Mood-Swinger
  • The Reveal: Marion is already dead by the time you reach Bloomingdale. The Marion we see is Marionette, her favorite doll that was given sentience by the power of a Fygg.
  • Tsundere: Usually very dere-dere, but when those mood swings kick in...


A retired toymaker who designed a special doll to keep Marion company. After she lost her family, he became the only one capable of drawing her out of her worst mood swings.

The Kidnappers

A pair of crooks that plan to kidnap Marion and hold her ransom. Only trouble is, they're not very good at their job. At all.


Queen Voluptua (Ulysses)

The beautiful and haughty queen of Gleeba. Because her legendary father was never able to spend time with her when he was alive, she grew up believing the only one she could rely on was herself, and thus became selfish and hedonistic.

His Dryness, Lord Drak

Queen Voluptua's beloved pet lizard.


A paladin who lives in the palace of Gleeba and can normally be found on its rooftop. She is willing to teach any who qualify how to become a true Paladin. Her constant companion is Willow, a somewhat sarcastic and bitter soul.



The quiet and timid son of the village chief. His father urges him to man up and slay the beast harassing the village, but he refuses.


A mysterious shaman that appeared to advise the chief of Batsureg. She is actually a Slugger that was given a beautiful (and powerful) form by a Fygg.

  • Karma Houdini: Her punishment for trying to kill Batorzig and take over the Plains is... to be friends with Batorzig's pet baboon?
    • Though to be fair, the whole sequence was more about showing the depth of Batzorig's character than anything. She did get the ever-lovin' crap pummeled out her though, so it isn't like she got off scott-free.
  • Sdrawkcab Alias

Swinedimples Academy


A troublemaking student who has recently seen his gang start to get whittled down by mysterious disappearances. Despite this, though, he claims that he isn't the least bit frightened, and doesn't believe any of the rumors about why they've gone missing.

    The Bad Guys 

The Gittish Empire

King Godwyn

The tyrannical ruler of the Gittish Empire. He seeks to use the power of the Fyggs to take over the world. Thought to have been defeated by Greygnarl 300 years ago, he and his empire have somehow returned, and are more powerful than ever.

Goresby Purrvis

A Feline monster that serves as Godwyn's second. He is a master swordsman, and is fiercely loyal to his patron. In the postgame, he reappears as a ghost and requests that the hero calm the fury of King Godfrey's vengeful spirit.

Hootingham Gore

An owl-like monster that serves as the minister of the Empire. Devious and intelligent, he's clearly the brains of the Empire's operations.

Goreham Hogg

A brutish pig monster that is in charge of the Goretress, the Empire's main prison facility.

King Godfrey

The original ruler of the House of Gitt, and King Godwyn's father. Shockingly, he is revealed to have been a kind, just, and fairminded ruler, a stark contrast to the Empire today. However, Godwyn had him assassinated so that he could take the throne and turn the Empire into the world domination-bent regime it is today. Godfrey's spirit was stripped of his memories and sealed inside the Quarantomb outside Conffinwell. However, upon regaining his memories, he goes half mad with rage, and begins rampaging through the ruins of Gittingham Palace. At the behest of Gorresby Purrvis' ghost, the hero must put Godfrey's spirit to rest.



Fallen Corvus

The embodiment of rage; a powerful demonic force of pure hatred. Seeks to destroy those he finds unworthy — and he finds everyone unworthy. Hates humanity, the Almighty, the Celestrians... but possibly hates himself most of all.


A mysterious ghost that the hero encounters throughout their adventures. She is always searching for someone. It turns out her death is what caused Corvus to descend to The Dark Side.
  • The Atoner: She unknowingly betrayed Corvus by dosing him with a sleeping potion in an attempt to keep him from harm; it was actually a trap by her father to exchange him for the village's safety. This resulted directly in Corvus' capture by The Empire and his subsequent madness. Her ghost now seeks to find Corvus and tell him what really happened, so she can calm his fury. She finds him just in time to keep him from destroying the world.
  • Big Damn Hero: The entire final battle is the heroes stalling for time until she can arrive.
  • Expy: Her role in Corvus' backstory makes her very similar to Rose from Dragon Quest IV.
  • Invisible to Normals: She's a ghost.
  • Mysterious Waif
  • Poor Communication Kills
  • Posthumous Character: Given that she's a ghost, it's a given.


The legendary white dragon that fought and defeated the Gittish Empire 300 years ago. Now old, but still mighty, he lives atop the Magmaroo, and is tended to by the people of Upover.


An infamously powerful black dragon that sided with the Gittish Empire and fought with them against Greygnarl 300 years ago. Although defeated, he, like the Empire, has somehow returned even more powerful, and serves as the Empire's most powerful weapon. In actuality, he is the only one aware of how Corvus resurrected the Empire, and is loyal only to him.

Grand Architect Zenus

The God of the world, commonly referred to as the Almighty. He mysteriously vanished centuries ago, but not before charging the Celestrians to gather enough Benevolessence so that Yggdrasil can bloom, promising to reward them with ascension to his Almighty Realm. It turns out that he grew fed up with humanity's inherent evil and desired to eradicate them and start over, but was stopped when his daughter Celestria transformed herself into the tree Yggdrasil. It turns out that the 10 grotto bosses are "fragments" of him, created when his body was destroyed by Corvus.

Celestria (Yggdrasil) (Celesia)

Daughter of Zenus, and a powerful goddess in her own right. 300 years ago, in order to dissuade her father from hitting the Reset Button, she willingly transformed herself into the tree of life, Yggdrasil, claiming that she would remain this way until her Fyggs bloomed, at which point humanity would prove their worth. Eventually, the Hero's actions cause her to awaken as promised, and after Corvus' defeat, she serves as the new goddess of the world in her father's absence.

Legacy Characters

The heroes and villains of previous Dragon Quest games. Party members occasionally check in at the Quester's Rest, while villains can be found in special grottos.

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