Funny: Dragon Quest IX

  • Two villagers search the battlefield after the Wight Knight is defeated to see if they can salvage anything...if you look around, you can find horse manure.
    • An old man in Dourbridge wants fuel for his fire. Guess what you can give him...
    • "Wait a minute! You've got great manure practically comin' out of your ears there!" ... Ummmm, thanks?
  • Stella saying "What the flap?!".
    • Actually, anything Stella says can be this. The girl is so full of malapropisms you can help but crack a smile.
  • The player invading the royal bath chamber in Gleeba.
    • Later that dungeon, a lizard has wished to turn into a mortal. He became a dragon instead, and did not realize it, attacking you. He admits that he realized during the fight that he hadn't become human, however, when he realized that humans aren't known for their ability to breathe fire.
  • Some of the quests in the game feature gathering items so that they can do ridiculous things.
  • When you cast Zoom, a teleportation spell, the party are lifted upwards and off to their destination. Casting it indoors, though, abruptly interrupts the animation and cool sound effect when the party smacks their heads off the roof. Ouch.
  • Before you get them to act friendly, one old man in Wormwood goes "LALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU!"
  • If the unpriestly priest of Dourbridge didn't make you grin, wait until you meet the one in Batsureg!
  • The first line we get from ghost Catarrhina? "Oops! I appear to be dead."
  • The constant puns throughout the game.
    • The first town you find, Angel Falls. Guess what you are and how you got there.
    • Ever heard the phrase "Who does she think she is, the Queen of Sheba"? Well, the Queen of Gleeba's just as bad.
  • Should you succeed the final fan quest (find and kill a Liquid Metal Slime with a random-target attack, while wearing bunny ears and a bunny tail), it gets you "Success! The 'Oh, the Indignity' quest has been transgressed with... a modicum of finesse!"
    • Thimilarly, thuccethfully completing Thethil the fithticuffth inthtructor'th quetht givth you the methage uthing hith Funetik Akthent, telling you it'th been trangrethed with fineth.
  • In the Bad Cave, one can find this sign within the FICKO Headkworters:

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