Funny / Dragon Quest VIII

  • Every moment between Yangus and King Trode counts. The two could have made a great duo in their own right.
  • Yangus's "Golden Oldies" super attack definitely deserves mention. Calling out to King Trode (whom he refers to as "Grandad"), who then rallies a band of Elderly NPCs to charge your enemies. Surprisingly, this is one of his stronger attacks without tension, and it doesn't even drop your tension level, Making it a Lethal Joke Attack.
  • When any of your characters - especially the hero - get the sudden urge to dance.
  • Using a Chimaera Wing or Zoom spell while indoors will cause you to hit the ceiling and knock the character to the ground.
  • The first quest has this when Yangus asks Kalderasha what else did he see in the ball. And Kalderasha notices the scratch and something written near it by Geyzer...
  • The bar fight when you first meet Angelo. What weapon does Yangus use during the brawl? An Axe, a Hammer... no a CHAIR! With guy still sitting in it!!!
    • Even funnier is the scene's parting shot: Yangus is wiping the floor with two of the patrons, and Trode appears out of nowhere to cheer him on.
      • And the hero is just watching as it goes down.
  • Gotta laugh at the puff-puffs in the puff-puff club. Let's just say this: it's not what you think it is.
    • Most humorously is if you have Jessica under go the Puff-puff treatment. Hero. Yangus, and Angelo clearly think they're being put in Marshmallow Hell. Jessica simply sits down, clearly unamused.
    • The 3DS version adds Red and Morrie. Red is seen sweat-dropping, clearly thinking "Oh god why am I doing this?". Morrie meanwhile has voice clips playing.
  • A But Thou Must! moment: try refusing Morrie's offer of a monster party, and he'll just YELL at you in Gratuitous Italian, asking you straight up if you're an imbecil.
  • Don Mole. From the mole that's knocked out from the music but still standing. To the fact that when you go up against him, his music is so bad that it not only can daze and confuse you, but his own allies too.
  • Angelo's little tidbit when the party must go to Red to retrieve Medea.
    "So we're off to the bandit woman's house...Urgh! I just had this image of Yangus dressed up as a woman! Merciful Goddess! Purge this frightful vision from my tortured mind!"
  • The scene in Purgatory Island in which High Priest Rolo and the party devise a ruse to escape. The whole ruse is complete with purposefully stilted melodramatic acting and Yangus's dancing.
  • King Trode finally returning to normal. He looks almost JUST like he did when cursed! Yangus's and Angelo's reactions are even funnier.
    • During the first flashback to the attack on Trodain, the game makes sure something is always blocking Trode's face until he gets cursed, so as not to reveal what he really looks like. Whether it's the camera angle, part of the scenery, or Medea's hand.
  • Up Jessica's Sex Appeal skill. Find a Witch enemy. Watch it use Puff-Puff on her... and then watch Jessica laugh hysterically!
    "Jessica laughs triumphantly, having won the battle of the bulges!"
  • King Trode's Dirty Old Man moments regarding Jessica. Possibly the best example occurs if you get Jess to level 99.
    Trode: Jessica has reached the highest level. Ah, how the once spoilt little girl has grown! They're a delight to hold- Er, I mean, IT'S a delight to BEhold! Yes, yes, that's right...
  • Why you should never eat Nook Grass Raw:
  • Use "Golden Oldies". It's as hilarious as it is heartwarming.
  • One in the Golden Jessica Ending: She explains that Medea had told her the wedding was off and that all of Medea/Trode/Clavius asked if Jessica wanted to get married instead. Due to a lack of context, she initially thought they were asking her to marry Charmles!
    • Bangerz doesn't know what to call the hero, so he calls him, "Mr. Jessica."
    • The post-credits scene also has this wonderful Lampshading of But Thou Must!:
      Jessica: To be honest, when we first met, I thought you were somewhat of a pushover. Always doing only what you were told.