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Awesome: Dragon Quest VIII
  • It may not be as awesome as the first time you get to fly, but the cut-scene where the playing of the harp causes the desert to "remember when it was an ocean" and carry the stranded ship out to sea for your party to sail is still rather impressive.
  • During the Initiation in Argonia, where Charmles is abusing Medea, King Trode tries to get Charmles to stop, and when he initially fails, says that Charmles can beat him instead of the horse-princess.
    • When Charmles's behaviour bites him in the ass. HARD.
  • Marcello, Angelo's estranged brother. He fights off being possessed by Rhapthorne, the lord of darkness and the Big Bad of the game, by stabbing himself in the arm.
  • You cannot deny that Marcello's speech before your battle with him is worthy of applause, even with its shades of anarchism.
    The Lord High Priest, our kings, our Goddess! All of them reign over us from their high exalted thrones! Each one as useless as the next!
  • It's not often that you see a party actually celebrate a victory over the Big Bad. Yangus sums it up nicely: "We dun it, guv! We only went an' bleedin' dun it!!"
  • King Trode in the normal ending, where he disarms a guard wielding a halberd using nothing but a small twig. Then he knocks him out with one blow to the stomach.
  • Like his fellow ruler, King Clavius gets one during the ending when he finally calls out his worthless Spoiled Brat of a son and reveals he knew all about his cheating the ritual by buying an Argon Heart. He'd given Charmles every chance to own up and show some character, but he'd wasted them all, expecting everything to keep going his way just because of his rank. Even sweeter in the good ending, where he then reveals that the Hero is his cousin, and thanks to Charmles' trying to cheat, he's completed the Rite of Passage instead and proven himself a more fitting and able heir.

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