Heartwarming / Dragon Quest VIII

  • Yangus's backstory: He was a former bandit who'd tried to turn his life around but due to his apperance he was forced to go back to his old life of crime to survive. He then ran into The Hero and Co, demanding money to cross a bridge. When King Trode refused, Yangus attacked but ended up breaking part of the bridge and falling too, clinging to it for dear life. Despite having every reason to leave him, the Hero goes back to save him, earning Yangus gratitude and service as a result.
  • Yangus's "Golden Oldies" super attack. Calling out to King Trode "Grandad", it's nice to know that the pair have been bonding all throughout out the game in spite of their normal interaction.
    • It's also shown earlier in the game. After cheering up the King of Ascantha, King Trode is moping about not having been able to enjoy the same feast and being stuck outside town in the wagon. Who says he knows how he feels and immediately suggests going to Pickham just so the guy can at least have the opportunity to go to a tavern? Yangus.
  • Felix's sidequest, Baumren's message to Felix specially. "Tell him that I... Baumren... owe a lifetime of happiness entirely to him."
  • Wrapping up the Cash and Carrie sidequest, where the two siblings finally put aside their petty feud to inherit the Golding fortune together. The portrait of Golding in the mansion even smiles.
  • The story of King Pavan and his queen, particularly after you play the harp for him. Sniff.
  • Empyrea's grief at losing her baby turns to joy when you find out that the chick's spirit was too strong to be destroyed. Then despite his mothers protests he chooses to become a party power-up! That little guy's quite the badass, and he's just a baby!
  • When despite Marcello hating Angelo's guts for like EVER, Angelo still saves his life all because of a few moments of kindness.
  • Both the normal and unlockable ending's are very sweet. They both have the hero marrying Medea.