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In the wake of Super Mario Odyssey, Bowser decided to work with Mario on a plan to make Peach jealous. He then used the power of the Super Crown to become the gorgeous (if partially monstrous) blonde bombshell Bowsette. To her genuine surprise, Bowsette falls in love with Mario and ends up marrying him.

This is where the story starts, with Bowsette finally finding happiness. But after an angry and drunken Peach plants a seed of doubt in Bowsette's mind, one that Kamek unwittingly fertilizes, she sets out to make certain that her happy ending doesn't disappear.


Starting off as a one-page comic, Tony Kuusisto's Bowsette Saga is now running three chapters strong and with more on the way. All of the pages can be found here in chronological order. The artist also uploads new pages to their tumblr as they are created.

Readers be advised that this comic is technically Not Safe For Work; no explicit pornography ever occurs, but there are frequent partial shots of "tame" female nudity (buttocks, the side of the breast, covered-nipples cleavage, panties, etc).

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This work contains examples of the following tropes:

  • A-Cup Angst:
    • Invoked. Bowsette isn't exactly flat, but after seeing the enormous breasts that the Super Crown gives to Booette, she grumbles that the Super Crown has to be malfunctioning.
    • The new Toadette is initially happy to be turned into a cute girl... until she finds out that she's still flat as a pancake, irritably observing that even a transformed Goomba got more cleavage than she did.
  • Adaptational Ugliness: The Koopa Troop members are much more wrinkled and elderly-looking than their game counterparts. Kamek in particular seems to be showing his age.
  • Ain't Too Proud to Beg: Bowsette is captured by an old Lakitu named Jugem who incapacitates her by attacking her injured ribs. She eventually resorts to begging for mercy before she passes out from the pain.
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  • Ambiguous Gender: Invoked. After Boo is transformed into Booette, she notes she's been dead so long that she's forgotten what gender she was before she became a Boo, so she's not sure if this is a Gender Bender or not.
  • Armor-Piercing Question: Kamek asks one that sets off the rest of the comic.
    "That's all well and good, Bowse...-ette, but did you ever stop to consider he may not love you, but whom you look like? Do you think he'd have the same eyes for you if the crown was gone?"
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: After her Berserk Button gets seriously pushed in Chapter 3, Bowsette instinctively reactivates her Sizeshifter powers, turning her into a gargantuan Bowsette.
  • Bad Boss: Like with Bowser, Bowsette zigzags between this and Benevolent Boss; she's not afraid to yell at or beat up her minions if they do something stupid, or even for fun, but she also cares for them and listens to them. Perfectly encapsulated by the letter she leaves Mario after she goes on her quest to become Bowsette permanently, wherein she both asks Mario to keep Yoshi from gobbling up all her Koopa Troopers and admits she thinks that smashing them out of the resultant eggs with a baseball bat is actually pretty fun.
  • Battle in the Center of the Mind: The climax of chapter 3 is a psychic showdown between Bowsette and Bowser.
  • Big Eater: Bowsette may be smaller than Bowser, but her appetite is still pretty sizable, as shown when she wrestles a fish as large as she is and then proceeds to eat the whole thing by herself in a single sitting.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: When Bowsette asks her at the wedding reception why she was always leading Mario on, confessing that she had plenty of reasons to turn down Bowser by comparison, Princess Peach admits that she was afraid that Mario would stop wanting to help her if she gave him what he wanted. When Bowsette mocks her for this lack of faith in Mario's character, she lashes out by claiming that Mario only loves Bowsette for her Bowsette form and that he'll abandon her if she ever returns to being Bowser. The doubt this instills in Bowsette kicks off the whole plot.
  • Boring Return Journey: Bowsette and Chompy return back to the castle with very little trouble.
  • Boobs of Steel. Despite looking like a voluptuous woman, Bowsette is only slightly less strong and tough than she was as a giant dragon-turtle-thing, as she repeatedly demonstrates.
  • Bullying a Dragon: Jugem's interactions with Bowsette revolve repeatedly around attacking her verbally and even physically, including forcing her into an Explosive Leash and repeatedly insulting her. Even after she grows into a giant and threatens to squash/eat him, he still doesn't learn from his mistake: despite Bowsette leveling the castle and finally giving the Lakitu his freedom, he decides to delay his mission of seeking out his son to instead try and get revenge on Bowsette. And he decides the perfect way to start is by kidnapping Bowsette's beloved husband, Mario...
  • Bunny Girl: During the dress-up sequence in the 2nd chapter, Bowsette puts on a bunnygirl costume, which looks quite odd when paired with her draconic horns, tail and shell.
  • Chekhov's Gun: After she and Chompy are permanently "Peach-ized" by the Firmamentor, Bowsette is given back the Super Crown and informed that it's still fully functional. When she gets back to her castle, she tests it on a random Boo, and turns them into Booette. And then she accidentally blows it up, transforming her entire army into Cute Monster Girl versions of themselves.
  • Clipped-Wing Angel: Downplayed: As Bowsette admits, her new human-like form does lack some of the powers of her natural form, such as being more vulnerable to low temperature and not being quite as strong because she can't put her former multiple tons of weight behind her blows. This becomes more prominent when she is separated from the Super Crown by an explosion, somehow retaining her Bowsette form, but also being severely weakened by its lack.
  • Clothing Damage:
    • Bowsette is attacked by robots who eventually catch her in an explosion that renders her naked.
    • Chompy is attacked by the robots and her dress is shredded.
  • Cute Monster Girl: Bowsette herself, of course, but then the Super Crown falls onto a Giant Alpha Chain Chomp and turns it into a Chompette. Named Chompy. And in chapter 3, Bowsette decides to test the post-Firmamentor Super Crown on a Boo and turns it into Booette. In chapter 4, the Super Crown explodes and "Peachette-ifies" Bowsette's entire army; although only "Kamakette" and Booette appear in the first page of the chapter, the second page confirms that everybody in the castle has been transformed.
  • Cuteness Overload: Bowsette's reaction to the mole people village; she finds them so adorable that she literally starts squeeing over how cute they are. Yes, seriously.
  • Cute Witch: "Kamakette", Kamek's Cute Monster Girl form after the Super Crown blows up, is an adorable witch girl without any bestial features at all. Oh, and she's a Meganekko for good measure.
  • Didn't Think This Through: Jugem says he bred Chain Chomps to get rid of a rat infestation, but didn't anticipate that afterwards he would have to deal with the much more dangerous Chain Chomps.
  • Drowning My Sorrows: Peach's reaction to Mario and Bowsette's wedding is to start getting very, very drunk.
  • Evil Me Scares Me: The reason that Bowsette goes on her quest is that she's afraid that Mario might leave her as a result of what she used to be. She wants to make sure that she doesn't lose the happiness she's found.
  • Extreme Omnivore: Chompy likes to take a bite out of anything, including metal and people.
  • First Law of Gender-Bending:
    • Played with. It's Subverted, in that Bowsette could easily change back into Bowser by just taking off the Super Crown. But it's Invoked, in that Bowsette wants to play it straight, and her whole quest is about doing so.
    • Played straight after Bowsette accidentally "Peach-izes" her whole army; the magical energy released by the exploding crown has basically permeated the Life Energy of the hosts to cause the transformation, so unless "Kamakette" can figure out a way to distinguish the Super Crown's magic from the background spiritual energy so she can extract it, the change can't be cured. She likens it to a fungal infection of the very soul.
  • Forgot Flanders Could Do That: Bowser's ability to use dark magic doesn't get a whole lot of attention in the games due to his preference for brute force. Bowsette is able to defeat a Bowser copy by using a magic spell to pin him down with his own weight.
  • From Bad to Worse: First, Jugem kidnaps Mario (and then takes Luigi hostage when he comes to his brother's rescue). Then he demands that Bowser come and see him to get Mario back safely, being unaware that Bowser and Bowsette are the same person. The problem is, Bowsette just got back from an adventure to make it so that she couldn't turn back. And in the process of trying, the Super Crown that caused the transformation in the first place explodes, transforming Bowsette's entire army into cute near-human women just like Bowsette.
  • Gag Boobs: Booette is stacked, to the extent that Bowsette herself, who's not really a slouch in the breasts department, gets jealous.
  • Gender Bender: The central character is Bowsette, who is Bowser after turning into a Cute Monster Girl version of himself.
  • Genius Loci: The world that Bowsette goes to to make her transformation permanent is home to Vatzomak the Eternal, a sapient moon in the form of a giant human face that has been mostly disintegrated on its left side, leaving a disembodied eye and teeth floating in the void where the face once was. He's a peaceful entity who takes an interest in Bowsette's presence as somebody to talk to at long last.
  • Girly Bruiser: As part of Bowsette's general Girly Girl with a Tomboy Streak personality, she sees no dichotomy between her newfound feminine interests and lady-like behavior and her continuing to be the butt-kicking, name-taking badass she always ways. In particular, she actively enjoys dressing up or looking good, but also enjoys beating up anyone who ticks her off — one sequence in chapter 2 involves her spending time eagerly dressing up in various dresses, before reluctantly settling on a relatively modest and replaceable one, as she'd hate to ruin them by fighting in them.
  • Girly Girl with a Tomboy Streak: Bowsette's personality is a blending of a classically feminine traits (maternal instincts, love of being perceived as beautiful, love of dresses and cute things), "dark" feminine traits (lustfulness, feminine braggadocios) and masculine traits (voracious appetite, love of fighting, regular use of profanity, willingness to resort to violence).
  • Godzilla Threshold: Bowsette putting the Super Crown back on at the end of chapter 3 in hopes that it will now work in reverse and change her into Bowser. She doesn't want to become Bowser, or to experiment with what she's well aware is a highly unpredictable piece of magic, but Jugem is expecting the "real" Bowser to show up to rescue Mario & Luigi, so she has to give it a try for her husband's sake. Oh, and her brother-in-law's, too.
  • Good Feels Good: Bowsette discovers this over the course of her quest.
  • Hero with an F in Good: Since Bowsette used to be a villain and isn't exactly familiar with playing on the side of the angels, she often slips into a more malicious mentality, even beyond her usual bad temper — such as when she considers how she would have tortured the Dry Bones if they'd damaged the Super Crown, or when she contemplates eating the villagers of the lone mole-folk settlement in Vatzomak's realm if they prove inhospitable. Played for Drama in that this is why she's afraid that Mario will ultimately reject her and leave her, and she's trying to get over this.
  • Humanity Ensues: The Super Crown turns a mostly mindless and instinct-driven Alpha Chain Chomp into a girl with a child's level of intelligence.
  • Innocent Fanservice Girl:
    • Chompy still has a mind mostly based on her original dog-like Chain Chomp brain, so she often acts like a dog in ways that look really fanservicey thanks to her new cute girl body.
    • Normally subverted with Bowsette, who knows exactly what she's doing when she does the sexy thing, but even she gets her moments of it. Such as when she unwittingly gives one of her commanders a look straight down her new cleavage before beginning her quest, or when she dresses up in a Bunny Girl costume and starts hopping up and down, having mistaken it for a jump-enhancing costume along the lines of the traditional Tanuki Suit.
  • Insistent Terminology: Bowsette and Bowser always describe their species as "dragon".
  • Irony: Mario goes after Bowsette when he gets worried about her, expecting to have to rescue her, only to end up being taken hostage himself. Which means Bowsette arrives home to find that she now has to go and rescue him.
  • Jumping the Gender Barrier: Despite the fact that Bowser was always after Princess Peach, Bowsette quite happily marries Mario and settles into a physical relationship with him. Comments by the creator of the webcomic on their Tumblr is that Bowser is, fundamentally, just desperate to be loved, and doesn't care what either their gender or his gender is in pursuit of that goal.
    1st Post: Bowser is Bowser, He over the years had grown to respect Mario as enemy, and once they gained a new “enemy” in Peach, the old rivalry turned to alliance. This then with the effects of the crown woke in Bowser feelings that he was not prepared for. Once Mario dropped the marriage bomb, Bowsette followed along because that’s the kind of silly over the top dedicated individual they are.
    The sudden new feeling of happiness, being finally wanted by someone, being loved, Bowser did not expect it, even with Peach, he has always been kidnapping her because Bowser knew she would not fall for a big scary lizard, or even give him a chance. So he was trying to “steal” that chance.
    It was never truly about Peach, it was about having a family, happiness, love, and once Mario offered those, the crown to Bowsette seemed like the key to this happiness, after all that is what enabled Marios feelings to change too.
    How I see it, Bowsette / Bowser is not gay, but just the female body, its hormones, neuro-specific reponses and other factors allowed these feelings of solidarity, brotherhood and respect to take a new form. In a world of magic these kind of things needn’t be so chiseled into stone.
    How I see it, Bowser / Bowsette is comfortable in any form as their identity is not gender-tied, but more about what they do, and how well they can play at the given “hand of cards”. The strength of character that is Bowser / Bowsette is in the fact that what ever tools they have, what ever shoes they stand in, what truly matters is how well they carry themselves. Flamboyant, determined, headstrong.
    And this is why when Bowsette sees lack of crown a threat, this threat must be addressed. As they now have acquired something they always sought for, a chance of happiness.
    This is why Bowsette truly is a perfect character for this kind of content. It doesn’t matter what they have between the legs, but what their heart feels at the time. Happiness is always a fleeting moment, to Bowsette it only matters where those moments are found, and now, learning to find them with Mario, finding them in acts of nobility and kindness poses to Bowsette a perspective to see from and new horizon to expand upon their magnificent presence.
    What of Mario? Well, he is a genuine, fun loving character. We all can see him to be the noble hero, not a great sage of a deep philosopher, but a man who listens to his heart and once that heart saw Bowsette suddenly open for retribution, exposing vulnerable side, and even compassion where before there’d been only anger, his eyes were opened to the side of Bowsette/ Bowser he always had wished to be there. The side that he could befriend, rather than battle.
    Once this door was open, Mario realized that in Bowsette, he would have companion that would always be genuine, would be fiercely dedicated and hard working. And these virtues are tempting. And Bowsette is hard working, that strongheaded character full of gung ho spirit would maybe test Mario, but also provide him excitement Peach would not be able to bring to the table.
    2nd Post:It’s not that complicated if you just try imagine what would you do, having expected certain behaviors from a lady, then finding yourself one. We act in certain ways because we have personal expectations as well as societal ones to meet, for social functionality. Big scary monster acts monster like, gentleman and lady have their own mannerisms. It’s all an act anyway, underneath it all we are all just savage primal apes, or dragons in Bowser’s case. Our culture and manners are superficial layers we pick up and fulfill in lieu of what is the social contract we enter. Bowser used to be a king, and conqueror, and a fire breathing beast, he is a sum of those parts, once you mix in some pretty lady, Bowsette will naturally pick up on those expectations too and add them to the mix.
    There always was a degree of softness to Bowser, you see it in his interactions with his kid, and how he still wasn’t violent and ruthless towards peach when he kidnapped her. Or how he cares for his subjects even if they aren’t the most competent and intelligent lot. This part of Bowsette now just gets to grow more, as suddenly she has new experiences in her life, in form of Loving relationships, friends who aren’t just fake ones claiming friendship in fear.
    The crown has very little to do with it. It’s just part liberation, part growth, part shifting of values imposed upon you by the image you project. Bowsette is still coming to terms with this new area so it’s still seeking balance of identities, her adaptivity comes from acceptance and willingness to take the new form, rather than resisting it due to having to take it against their own wishes, a premise we see more in fiction. Bowsette undertook her journey maybe in a moment of turmoil, but act was still of free will, and thus enabled more receptive stance to the change of form.
  • Loophole Abuse: Played for laughs when Bowsette falls afoul of Jugem, a crazy Lakitu trapped in the same ruins as her; he wants something from the control room, which only a human can open, so he forces her to help him by planting a bomb in her stomach. When Bowsette points out she can't be human, because she has horns and a tail, the Koopa simply replies that having those traits doesn't necessarily disqualify her... to Bowsette's irritation.
    Bowsette: You're shit outta luck, crazy old koopa. I am no human. Or did you miss the tail and horns?
    Jugem: (stares at Bowsette, hand on chin, then points at her) ...There's nothing saying humans can't have horns or tails.
    Bowsette: (Comical Angry Face) Are you F@#$) serious?
  • Loving Bully: Mario and Bowsette's relationship has overtones of this, since Bowsette is a rather... tomboyish sort of woman, and she's used to expressing her affection in more blunt and/or villainous ways, but there's no questioning that she genuinely loves her former rival turned husband. Even when she does things like think about how much she'd love to take Mario fishing, and in the same thought muse that he'd have fun playing "bait" for the various giant fish monsters they could catch.
  • Man, I Feel Like a Woman: A Toad who was visiting Bowsette's Castle for an unexplained reason at the time when the Super Crown went kablooie is initially excited about being gender-bent, eagerly grabbing at her new tits... only to discover that she was just turned from Toad into Toadette, and is thusly flat as a pancake.
  • Mugging the Monster: Shortly after arriving in Vatzomak's realm, Bowsette is mugged by a pair of feral Dry Bones (undead Koopas)... which knock the Super Crown from her head. She promptly vaporizes them with her fire breath.
  • Mundane Utility: Bowsette uses her fire breath to heat her bath and cook a fish.
  • Muscles Are Meaningless/Muscles Are Meaningful: Zig-zagged. Bowsette is about as strong as she was as Bowser. When facing down her old self, she finds her punches don't mean as much against someone both as strong and with some major muscle mass to back it up.
  • Mythology Gag: Subtle and overt references to the Mario universe abound throughout the comic.
    • Per a question-response on their blog, Bowsette and Chompy's bonding is a reference to how Bowser gains his Chain Chomp attack in Super Mario RPG.
    • When Jugem captures Mario with the aid of a tranquilizer dart, he tells the nearly-comatose human that "your princess is in another castle".
    • After returning to her castle, it's mentioned that Bowser actually commissioned Kamek to magically tinker with his Super Crown to make it able to turn him into Bowsette; this is a nod to the way Nintendo quickly shut down Bowsette and the other non-Toadette users in canon by stating that only Toadette can use the Super Crown in game.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Bowsette puts the Super Crown back on herself, despite being warned by Kamek that the results could be highly unpredictable, given that it was first tampered with by Kamek himself and then subjected to whatever the Super Firmamentor did. The result? It explodes, flooding Bowsette's castle with a sparkling aura and turning her entire army into Cute Monster Girls, as the Super Crown's magic is dispersed. In fairness to Bowsette, putting it back on was also her Godzilla Threshold, and one that didn't pay off.
  • Now That's Using Your Teeth!: Being a transformed Chain Chomp, Chompy's primary weapon is, of course, her monstrously strong choppers, with which she can bite through steel.
  • One-Winged Angel: If she's really desperate in a fight, Bowsette could theoretically revert to her original form for a power boost, but she tries to avoid this — and it stops being an option after using the Firmamentor to meld the Super Crown's magic into herself. Around the end of the second chapter, though, she figures out how to use her Sizeshifter powers in her new humanoid body.
  • Operation: Jealousy: How the story starts. Mario and Bowsette apparently were hoping to make Peach jealous enough to break the status quo. What actually happens is the two fall in love and are married. In fact, Bowsette didn't figure that the plan had changed until they were literally at the altar and Mario confirmed it; she thought they were just taking the plan really far.
  • Outrun the Fireball: Bowsette attempts to do this when the robots self-destruct. Despite her efforts, she is caught in the explosion, but it only destroys her clothes and gives her minor injuries.
  • Panty Shot: Circumstances conspire to flash Bowsette and Chompy's panties at the reader on a semi-regular basis.
  • Power Dyes Your Hair: After Bowsette successfully uses the Firmamentor to permanently assume the Bowsette form, a side-effect is that her hair changes from Princess Peach's blonde to her original red hair.
  • Power Makes Your Hair Grow: Chompy powers up by eating her own chain, and her bob cut turns into waist length hair.
  • Reality Ensues: Bowsette may still retain her old strength as Bowser, but her body is now that of a super-strong human female instead of a gargantuan dragon-turtle. This means that she doesn't have near the muscle mass she used to, and as a result her punches lack the same power as before. This proves very dangerous when fighting a copy of her old Bowser body, which is around half a ton of solid muscle. Her lack of force combined with his sheer mass and strength means she can't inflict damage with physical blows and even one good hit from him would a killer blow.
  • Removable Shell: This is canon for Koopa Troopas in the Marioverse anyway, but as Bowsette, Bowser's shell also qualifies. In fact, it becomes a literal Shell Backpack, becoming an accessory she can take on and off as she pleases and which she wears on her back as a means to store goods. Lampshaded with a brief expose to the readers, where she explains that Koopa shells are their race's version of cuirasses, so this trope actually applied to her even when she was male.
  • Sapient Eat Sapient: Invoked; when Bowsette is directed to the mole people village in Vatzomak's lair after her supplies are ruined by a Dry Bones attack, she muses to herself that if they prove inhospitable, she could just eat them. The thought immediately vanishes when she sees them, and she regrets thinking it in the first place.
  • Second Law of Gender Bending: Played with? It's seemingly played straight, but Word of God is that Bowser simply doesn't care what gender he is or how he looks; what's important is if people care for him. Mario loves Bowsette, whilst Peach hated Bowser, so Bowser prefers to be Bowsette.
  • Self-Destruct Mechanism: After Bowsette defeats several robots, they self-destruct in an attempt to take her with them.
  • Shapeshifter Mode Lock:
    • Invoking this is the entire point of the first arc of the story. After getting worried that she might lose the Super Crown, Bowsette goes on a quest to find the Firmamentor, an artifact send to be able to make enchantments permanent. During her adventure, she loses the crown in an explosion, but to her surprise, she doesn't turn back into Bowser, then guesses that the explosion caused some of the crown's magic to enter her, though it is wearing off. She eventually finds the Firmamentor and uses it to lock herself and Chompy into their human forms.
    • Those transformed into Peachette analogues by the exploding Super Crown are likewise modelocked, because the energy that causes it is carried by "spores" of magical energy that have taken root in their Life Energy; the only way to undo the change is to extract all of the spores, and nobody knows how to do that yet.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Spit Take: Peach has one when Bowsette shows up during her pity drinking binge.
  • Synchronization: According to Chompy, Chain Chomps feel any damage their chain takes, a precaution that prevents them from biting through them. Chompy is willing to take the pain when she bites through her chain so she can help Bowsette, getting a power boost in the process.
  • Tears of Joy: Bowsette sheds these during her wedding when Mario declares his love for her.
  • Third Law of Gender Bending: Played with. Bowsette does invoke the trope, but her motivation is fear that not acting more "lady-like" will ultimately drive Mario away. In practice... she does act a little more girly, in some matters — such as when she squees over the cuteness of the mole people or eagerly starts dressing up when presented with an abandoned dress shop, but for the most part, Bowsette is still very much the same person as Bowser.
  • Third-Person Person: Chompy tends to talk about herself like this.
  • Tranquil Fury: After learning that Mario had been kidnapped by Jugem and then seeing the video where Jugem both shows off the badly beaten Mario and demands Bowsette come to him, the Koopa Queen is dead calm. Speaking only through clenched teeth with smoke spilling out from between them.
    Bowsette: Kamek, send Lakitu my condolences for the passing of his father.
  • Victoria's Secret Compartment: Invoked; after forcibly recruiting her, Jugem stuffs a handheld computer/communicator down Bowsette's cleavage.

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