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For theories about other subjects, see The Legend Of Korra Wild Mass Guessing Index.

The future of The Avatar verse is The world of Asura's Wrath.
It's simple, really. Sometime after the end of Korra's adventure, a new power source of energy was discovered that rendered bending of the elements worthless, the power of Mantra. Taking their old bending powered machines and enhancing them with mantra the people of the avatar world advanced to new heights the world had never seen before.

Because bending was no longer needed, the benders decided to utilize mantra instead, and via genetic manipulation, became the first demigods, and thus, the Shinkoku Trastrium Civilization came to be. Any former non benders stayed regular humans, and eventually developed their own language to distinguish themselves from the former benders, that while still could be understood between the demigods and regular humans, it is untillegible to us veiwers.


Now what happened to the avatar spirit, you may ask? Simple. Because the world advanced way to quickly, pollution and overpopulation plagued the formerly unified world, and the Demigods did exactly what The Equalist anti bending group of The Legend of Korra feared, and that was have regular humans be lower class citizens under the Demigod's rule. With The Golden Spider/Chakratarvin irritating and making the avatar spirit angry and full of rage at the demigods for ruining the balance it tried to keep together so much, the spirit twisted into Gohma Vlitra, and thus caused the first war of creation between the gohma and the Demi-gods.

So now, instead of keeping the world in balance, the former Avatar now turned into Gohma waged war for thousands, if not millions of years, thus the Avatar never being able to reincarnate ever again. It was now up to the demi-gods to take back their world from the Gohma.


  • Going along with this, perhaps the Avatar was created in the first place by Chakravartin, the spinner of life and mantra. He used the image of the Avatar as his personal agent of enlightenment and prosperity, with a bit of his power through the extended control of the four elements. However, the Avatar proved to flawed in each recent reincarnation (letting loved ones die; Roku failing to stop Sozin and forcing the mantle onto his descendant Aang, a preteen at the time; Korra's initial lack of control and discipline) that Chakravartin, as the Golden Spider, decided to end the Avatar's reign through subtle manipulation and create a new heir and ruler to the world; not only in his own image, but one who has rising amongst mortals and gained power on their own, without a predestined duty to bring balance to the world. He even admits as much to Asura at the final episode that "Gaea must be led by one of its own", implying that mindset. Destroying Vlitra, the previous 'guardian' of the world, would be the ultimate test.

Korra takes place in the new Pokémon games.
A lot of nature vs. technology stuff in both this show and Pokémon Black and White.

The obligatory Magic: The Gathering WMG
  • Korra is so Red it's not even funny. Maybe Red/Blue/Green given her powers as the Avatar.
    • Korra would be Red/Blue. Earth and Fire are Red, Air and Water are Blue.
    • Depends. Green has wind spells, and on Avatarverse, Air is more associated with spirituality, which is Green.
      • Korra herself is probably mono-Red, with the Avatar Spirit separately being either WUBRG, or a non-artifact colorless entity like the Eldrazi.
      • With what we've seen recently, Earthbending is White (Nahiri and the Kor of Zendikar would definitely fit in in the Earth Kingdom), Firebending is Red, of course, and Waterbending and Airbending are both Blue, due to Blue's purview of Sea and Sky.
  • Mako is ironically White/Blue
  • Bolin seems Green/Red
  • The airbenders as a whole gravitate towards White and/or Green, with Tenzin being whiter than most.
  • Lin Beifong is the epitome of White bitchery.
    • And White's self-sacrifice. She's an impressive microcosm of the color, in her own way.
  • Amon is probably White/Black if not pure White. His Lieutenant seems Blue, so it'd be fun if he were White/Black.
    • Currently I'm leaning towards a White/Red interpretation. It suits his nature as a rebel and puts him in contrast with Tarrlok. Besides, MTG's Creative thinks V is W/R, and Amon is a V expy.
      • Given how manipulative Amon (and V, for that matter) is, there's gotta be Blue somewhere in there.
      • Blue =/= manipulation, it's just the colour that makes the most use of it. White, Black, Red and even Green have had it's master manipulators.
      • The reveal of his true heritage suggests Blue/Black for Amon, he just casts Quickchange a lot.
      • Heritage goes against Blue's ideology, though.
      • White/Black is most likely, as Amon really does believe in his goals of Equality.
  • Skoochy is Black in the "not evil, but still opportunistic" way.
  • Tarrlok is either Black/White or Black/Blue, depending on how one interprets his motivations.
  • Unalaq is either White/Black, Green/Black, or Green/Black/White. He is clearly power hungry and has moral goals, it's just a matter of whereas his moral goals are more in line with White's ehtics or Green's traditionalism.
    • Screw that, he is mono-Green, with methods more common of Blue/Black, but that nonetheless don't shift his alignment significantly. He probably got Green/Black after becoming fused with Vaatu, though.
    • Vaatu and Raava could be five-colored, but have a strong claim to non-artifact colorless by way predating anything that might serve as a comparison.
  • The Red Lotus as a whole is, well, Red-aligned, since their goal is to bring about anarchy in order to free the world from opressive governments. Zaheer seems either Green/Red or White/Red, Ming-Hua Black/Red (given how psychotic and sadistic she is), and both Ghazan and P'li show Red tendencies (a laid back disposition and intense passion, respectively), though we'll probably need more screetime to see how they are otherwise.
  • Varrick is Red/Blue. I don't think he could be pegged as anything else.
  • Kuvira is so White/Blue that Augustin IV is looking at her from behind the grave and high-fiving, as is King Brago.

He knows that he's in a television show, and has either read the script or been told what is going to happen, and so has taken on the job of narrating the Previously On… segments.

Obligatory Haruhi Suzumiya WMG

Haruhi saw Avatar The Last Airbender, and thought it would be pretty snazzy to be an avatar, and her unconsciously omnipotent reality-warping head brainfarted the Korraverse into in existence, where:

  • Korra is Haruhi,
  • Mako is Kyon,
  • Bolin is Koizumi,

and so on.

  • Only problem I can see with this is that the show is virtually hated in Japan (it has something to do with their portrayal of Asian culture).
    • [citation needed] for that. Actually, Bryan Konietzko (Avatar co-creator) on his tumblr said "that Books 1 & 2 of Avatar were officially dubbed in Japanese, but then the Nick Japan network was closed and they were never broadcast," and that knknknk was a Japanese Avatar fan.
      "So it seems that at least one person in Japan has seen Avatar. That’s a start!"
      • To be fair, this show, like a lot of Western animations, is not as popular in Asia in general given that fewer people have seen it or even heard of it. Most are, however, more familiar with the live-action movie, and we all know how well that went out. With that said, there is still devoted Asian fanbase for the show, cuz face it, ATLA is pretty good in terms of a Western animation as portrayal of Asian culture. You try something like Jackie Chan's Adventure and quite a lot of other shows that have this cliche portray of an overly stuffed stereotype token Asian episode, ATLA was really a welcoming fresh air.
  • Alternatively, Varrick is Haruhi. And Pabu is Mikuru. You all know why.

Come on, using a car to crash into it would be awesome, and I'd assume the Equalists/Chi Blockers have little defenses against a speeding vehicle.

Amon is Rodger Smith, and is related to Mako, Bolin, and Lightning Bolt Zolt in some way.

Amon is voiced by Steve Blum and has blueprints for a Giant Mecha. Also, Rodger Smith is obviously Batman/Bruce Wayne, just like Amon and Mako are. Finally, Mako and Zolt have a very similar appearance to Rodger. Coincidence?

...Most likely.

Amon is the other Roger Smith, because why not?

Roger DOES like wearing disguises and being a sociopath.

Hiroshi Sato is an ancestor of Hoshi Sato from Star Trek: Enterprise.

They have similar names.

It isn't a firebender going around and killing everyone's parents...'s actually a non-bender with a flame-thrower.

Amon is Zero.
When Amon takes away a bender's bending he's actually placing a Geass on them.
  • And The Lieutenant was the person he made a contract with. That is how he survived all those injuries from falling from the Pro-bending stadium roof to being shocked; he's immortal. Does that mean his real name is A.A.?

Amon is secretly setting up for the Holy Grail War!
And he's going to summon Sokka as Saber!!

The three Councilmembers apart from Tarrlok and Tenzin are hopelessly senile.
They're lucky if they can remember the topic at hand by the time it's time for a vote. Tarrlok just moves their hands up with some Bloodbending at the right moment, and they just assume that they meant to do that.

Tarrlok is a TimeLord.
Because every WMG page needs this.

Asami is a Time Lord. She used to be Azula.
Ya know, because yeah. She probably forgot how to firebend.

The book Jinora read about a heroine riding a dragon into battle and burning down a country was A Dream of Spring.
  • Alternatively, it was 'Love Amongst the Dragons.'

In the end...

Mako and Asami will break up somewhere in season two and the rest of the time he and Korra will be Twice Shy. Mako and Korra will finally confess their love and get together a few episodes before the final battle and they will share a night of passion before the battle. In said battle, Mako will be killed in saving Bolin or someone and Korra tries her best to save him but fails, leaving her heartbroken. After Mako's funeral, Bolin and Asami get together and Korra is found to be pregnant with Mako's child.

A time skip of about seven or eight years will reveal that RC has achieved the dream Aang had for it. It is a peaceful place and the streets are safe and gang-free. Amon, Tarrlok, the Equalists and that annoying protester are all gone, benders and non-benders are friends again and Bolin and Asami have married and had kids. Korra, who is still living at Air Temple Island with Tenzin and his family, never married, remaining faithful to Mako even after his death. She has not only lived up to Aang's legacy as the Avatar, but she also the proud mother of opposite-gender-twins who look and act just like their respective parents (A feisty waterbending daughter who looks like Korra and a calm firebending son who looks like Mako) and spend the better part of their time bickering. The boy cherishes his red scarf just as his father did.

This is only here because it is unlikely to happen on the show seeing how young Korra still is. If anyone would like to make this into a fic, they have my permission.

The first season is twelve episodes long, frequently outdoes itself with Wham Episode after Wham Episode, the center protagonist is a female with the potential to change things, and the main villain focus is someone with a mostly white and red face that is frozen. All it needs is for Asami to make a contract with him and have the city wiped out.
  • So if Korra = Madoka and Amon = Kyubey, who are the other characters?
  • Lin = Kyouko(for the anti-hero bits) or Mami in a Iron Lady Lady of War sort of way, especially being the first main hero to get de-bended (bonus points both of their falls involved damage to their head in some way), Asami = Sayaka or Homura former having a Start of Darkness and the latter being a Weak, but Skilled fighter and unsure on Mako or Bolin since they're guys.

Amon is Gommu.note 
We do not know much about Gommu, and it would be a shocking plot twist.

Amon is a cabbage.
I don't mean that he's the Cabbage Man, but that he's literally a crop of cabbage seeking to avenge its fallen kin. Hell, it even adds motivation for why Cabbage Corps was framed; it was angry that the Cabbage Man decided to abandon it to go into industry, so it takes revenge on his descendents.

There is a connection between Airbending and Gurren Lagann.
I'm sorry, but the fact Tenzin stresses SPIRAL movements as key to Airbending is too good to pass up. For those who don't know, Gurren Lagann is a Mecha anime where mechas are powered by being Hot-Blooded and Crazy Awesome. Note the contrast with Airbending in general.

Amon and Tarlock
will be reborn as Korra's children.They will finally find the happiness and peace both so longed for.
  • Alternate theory: they will be reborn as 2 small animals (like, jay-anoles or something) that shall frequently appear in the background. They will be quite content.

The Sequel Series to Korra will be set in the equivalent of the modern day.
The show will then proceed to go meta by having people argue about Shipping on the internet. Or would it be avatarnet?

Everything Really is Hasook's fault
You know all those jokes that Hasook is the source of all problems in Korra? There's a truth to those. He is. He never meant for things to get so out of hand, but it was born out of anger. Here's what happened:

Hasook was pissed off at Mako for insulting him all the time. Every time he messed up he became the worst person in the world. Mako never treated Bolin like that because they were brothers. Mako protected Bolin and never blamed him. Everything was Hasook's fault. He felt like a third wheel with Mako and Bolin being so close and him just being "the Waterbender." Sure, Hasook isn't the best Waterbender in the world, but he'd appreciate just a little respect from Mako. This hit its breaking point when we last see him in "A Leaf In The Wind." Pissed off, Hasook left and never planned to come back. He left looking for a way to get revenge. Koh the Face Stealer, being the jerk he is, saw this and offered him power. Power to rewrite reality to his liking. Hasook, being very emotional at the time, took him up on the offer.

He attained this power right around the time of "The Revelation", and Hasook planned to make them suffer. His first target was Bolin. Mr. I Can Do No Wrong. He made Mako start being rude to him. Rude in a way that he never was before. Mako became snappy and dismissive of Bolin. He made sure Bolin was kidnapped. Seeing him freak out in front of Amon made Hasook happy. He then decided to make Mako a huge jerk by having him suddenly develop feelings for the girl Bolin liked while still dating Asami. Mako and Korra kissed and made Bolin suffer more than Hasook had ever seen. This was when he started ignoring Bolin. Bolin became merely window dressing at this point. Now Hasook toyed with Mako's feelings. He made his feelings for Korra drive his actions. He made him rude to Korra, giving her an ultimatum and lacking any reasoning for his arguments. He used Hiroshi Sato being an Equalist to his advantage. He made Hiroshi reveal himself to everyone. He made sure Mako was there and that his girlfriend lost everything. He didn't really have anything against Asami, so he didn't really bother with her. She ended up saving everyone.

Everyone except the police.

Hasook didn't mind. He didn't want anyone to really get debended. After he was satisfied he would just make everything better. After that Hasook got everyone arrested and then made Tarrlok reveal his true nature. But then Korra got kidnapped. Hasook tried to stop this, but realized that things were starting to get a little difficult to control. He didn't want anything truly bad to happen to Korra, so he had Korra suddenly discover Yakone's story, and made sure people discovered Tarrlok's lies and then had Amon pop up to debend Tarrlok. It was justice, right? During this time, he tried to make it easier for the Krew to find Korra, but something strange happened. Everything heaped onto Mako. Mako became the only one to show any real emotion in the situation. Hasook found that he couldn't stop it. His control over his powers were slipping.

They found Korra, and Mako disregarded everything for her. Hasook started to freak out. He wanted to stop Mako but he couldn't. It had gone too far. Mako became of force all his own. Hasook had to watch Asami be hurt by Mako denying all of the things that he caused. Mako was obsessed with Korra. When Amon took over Republic City, Hasook made sure that General Iroh got the message. When the fleet was attacked, Hasook ensured General Iroh's survival, and at a loss of what to do, sat back and watched Mako degrade. Hasook tried to have Mako apologize to Asami, but all he could do was make Mako give an ambiguous statement. When Korra and Mako found Tarrlok, Hasook tried to explain Amon, but he couldn't think of anything. He made up some story about Amon being Yakone's son. He tried to explain things, but all he could think of was how bad it would be if Amon was a Bloodbender. Then Amon was a Bloodbender. Hasook was horrified. Being a Waterbender, Hasook feared Bloodbending more than any other kind of bending. When Amon had debended Korra and was about to debend Mako, Hasook gave Mako a boost so that he could break the rules on Lightning Bending and hit Amon. But Amon wasn't so easy to stop. Hasook had to pull out all the stops to get Korra to Airbend, and made Amon reveal himself as a Waterbender. Amon escaped and went to Tarrlok. Hasook took his chance to get them both out at sea and then made Tarrlok kill both himself and Amon.

Seeing how much he hurt Korra, Hasook tried to help by unlocking her spiritual side and giving her her bending back as well as giving everyone else their bending back. But Mako came out and kissed Korra. Hasook was ashamed. He made so many people suffer just to get revenge. He realized that Bolin really didn't deserve what he got. He dragged Asami through the dirt just to get to Mako, and Mako became unstoppable. He couldn't make everything better. He had lost total control of his powers. It took everything to give Korra Energybending. Now Hasook is stuck in the Spirit World, unable to leave. Koh is amused, and everything is so much worse than he ever anticipated.

Lin's father is really Azula
And she's an hermaphrodite. Doubles as explanation for why Azula stated her mother thought of her as a monster: Azula accidentally overheard her complaining how awkward it was...
  • Or, Azula is secretly a man. "The Beach" proves nothing. We've all seen those screencaps of James in a bikini...

There will be a character named Gondor
And Rohan will save him in his darkest hour when he calls for aid.

Season two will see the emergence of alchemy, which may or may not eventually lead to the world of Fullmetal Alchemist
It gives bending a more scientific but still fantastical counterpart fit the modern vs traditional theme and would give the now fully realized Korra something to master. And if it does lead to Fullmetal Alchemist, Korra's teacher could PASS HIS BEAUTIFUL ARTISTIC ALCHEMY DOWN HIS LINE FOR GENERATIONS!

Tarlok smells like a lady because of bloodbending
He bends his own body to alter his ferramones to smell pretty.

In his youth, Noatak was known to tell inexplicably horrible jokes.
And during his travels, he once got kicked out of a town because of it.

Tarrlok can mimic the sounds of various animals almost perfectly.
Because Dee Bradley Baker.

The Big Bad of Season 2 is a fan of Amon who's angry that Amon's just an Arc Villain rather than an overall Big Bad.

Credit to Archereon for the idea [lol]

Jinora and Wan Shi Tong will create the avatar equivalent to the internet.
Jinora will learn about spirit library from reading her's grandfather's journals. When old enough she'll travel to desert and “somehow” unearth the library.

Wan Shi Tong will try to turn her away. After all the humans just going to abuse his knowledge again! She'll manage to convince him to stay and offer new medias to store knowledge on records and record players, silent films, etc

The owl spirit will be impressed by her devotion to knowledge, and as the years pass Jinora will drop by the library during her travels and catch up with him.

The knowledge spirit and the airbender would bond over their love of learning,and Jinora would want others to have access to the library.

Saddened by the fact he'll outlive mortal friend. He'll see that her wish comes true in a way that can still protect the library and share it at the same. So together they create a global network where people share and save information and communicate with each other.

Yakone did Theme Naming/Fun with Acronyms when he christened...
Noatak and Tarrlok. Noatak = NO Avatar Korra, Tarrlok = The Avatar - Rage!! Legend of Korra?!

Possible sequels, spinoffs, and extended universe that no one would expect from nickelodeon.
Happy Avatar Days, That 70s Avatar, Avatar 90210, Avatar Jersery Shore, Avatar Glee...continue if you have more ideas.

Pointless and possibly disturbing reincarnation theory.
The souls of Mai, Ty Lee, and some air nomads Aang knew got wanted to be together in their next life. Some spirits reincarnated theme as Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, and Rohan. Then their souls wanted to live on another world...our world. These are there reincarnations:
  • Mai/Jinora=Daria Morgendorffer
  • Ty Lee/Ikki=Quinn Morgendorffer
  • Meelo=Beavis Sherman
  • Rohan=Buford Sherman, or as everyone calls him, Butt-head
Note that all franchises are owned by Viacom.
The series will end when Korra and her Krew are at the North Pole.
One of the Krew, probably Korra, will use Waterbending to shatter an iceberg (for the sake of Book-Ends). Inside the iceberg is Ursa. Just because.
prosthetic limbs in Avatarverse.
It's hard to believe that after the Hundred Year war in the previous series that even primitive prosthetics have not been developed. Coupled with the ability of metal, earth, and water benders it would be possible to create advanced bending powered prosthesises for the severely injured and powerful benders.
  • Prosthetic limbs. You mean, like the kind Combustion Man had?

The Equalists are an alternate version of COBRA.
Because defacing the local equivalent to the Statue of Liberty by covering it with your leader's face is such a COBRA move.
The person causing all the murders and death is not a Firebender.
Really its one person named Amadeus Firebender and it just so happens they bend water
  • Considering how many waterbenders are colossal jerks in this series, this may not be that far off.
Varrick will use his "Mover" technology to create this.
Sozin's Comet: The Rise of Wang Fire.

At the very least, something like it will appear as a poster in the background.

The dark spirits are actually Heartless
And Unalaq is a keyless keyblade master.

Eska and Boling WILL get married.
After the end of the series, after Eska spent a decade or two playing as the waterbender on the Fire Ferrets. In that time, she gets to be slightly less creepy. Except in bed.

That Nolan North voiced waterbender is riding a wave straight onto Ensemble Dark Horse beach.
Put up a decent fight keeping back Korra and revealed to have a Badass Beard. What's not to like?

Senna is a surprisingly good driver.
Because they can't have used that name for nothing.

Varrick has a crazy water bending ex.
When Bolin asked if the boat was fast enough to escape his crazy waterbending ex. Varrick's response? "Why do you think I built this thing?" Of course, he could be implying it was made for quick escapes.

Asami is shipping Varrick/Zhu Li and/or has a dirtier mind than we expected.
Note her subtle tone of reading something more into it when asking if Varrick's assistant is also in the bear with him.

Advice!Varrick will be a thing.
He spends a whole episode giving relationship/political situation advice from inside a bear suit. How does that not sound like a meme?

There will be a Hays Code or something like it in the future.
The Nuktuk films already get quite a bit of crap past the radar, and who's to say there aren't some more risqué movers out there already? Well, someone's going to clutch their pearls and demand a very strict policy to censor them...

Either Korra or the next Avatar will take note of the Hays Code, and deliver some epic, well-deserved jabs at Moral Guardians and Nickelodeon.

Eska and Desna are Ravers.
Seriously, they're apparently devoid of empathy, lack much in the way of distinct personalities (so far) and the creepily synchronized way they act when they're together bears a strange resemblance to how the Ravers Herem and Jehannum act when they're on-page together in The Power that Preserves. And Unalaq having to specify that he wants Korra, his niece and the person he needs for his plan to succeed, alive is exactly the kind of order you'd need to give a Raver. E and D's emotional detachment is a side-effect of the Ravers trying to conceal their natural Ax-Crazy behind a veneer of humanity, but since they don't really get how and why people do things, they can't get it quite right. Of course, the question is whether Unalaq knows that his kids are possessed by ancient spirits of pure evil, and what exactly Lord Foul is getting out of having two of his lieutenants doing this gig. Unless Foul and Vaatu are the same being, or different manifestations of the same power, and Unalaq seems to be playing right into Vaatu's hands...

Of course, that begs the question of where the third Raver is. Unalaq himself? Varrick? Zhu Li?

The Avatarverse is the same universe that JoJo's Bizarre Adventure takes place in.
A long time ago, before humans had permanently inherited bending from the Lion Turtles, a race of benders known as Pillar Men, who had shared a common ancestor with the Lion Turtles, created several masks of stone carved from the shell of one.

These masks, when soaked in blood, would give their wearers an alternate form of waterbending. This technique, though limited in its uses, was immensely powerful, allowing its user to weaponize their own bodily fluids, freeze the water vapor around them, and even live thousands of years longer than a normal human. But the technique was also very dangerous, as it was so potent that the user required the blood of others for sustenance, and they shared the Pillar Men's weakness to sunlight, but instead of turning them to stone, exposure to the sun would kill them. This specific group of waterbenders would later become known as vampires. When Avatar Wan sealed off the gate to the spirit world, the Pillar Men, who had a strong connection to the spirits, turned to stone indefinitely.

Thousands of years later, a few decades after the end of the Hundred Year War, the mask found its way into a part of the world that remained separate from the four nations and was unaffected by the war; a little continent called Europe, which consisted almost entirely of non-benders. An English man named Dio Brando donned the mask and became a vampire with the intention of taking over the world, but was quickly defeated by his stepbrother, Jonathan Joestar, who harnessed the power of the sun using an ancient form of firebending known as the Ripple.

Some time after the next Harmonic Convergence, the last four remaining Pillar Men had awakened from their ten-thousand-year sleep; Santana the Waterbender, Esidisi the Firebender, Wham the Airbender, and Kars the Earthbender. They were soon defeated by Jonathan Joestar's grandson, Joseph Joestar.

Over the next several decades, bending began to disappear, and spirits found their way back into the human world, becoming one with the humans. They had learned to join with humans without harming them, and these new spirits became known as Stands. During this time, the great-granddaughter of Avatar Aang, who lived in a district of Republic City known as Morioh, married into the Kishibe family and had a son, who she named after her father. Rohan Kishibe would grow up to be a famous manga artist.

Yes, this whole elaborate theory was a setup for a name similarity joke.

The Friday Night Death Slot will unfortunately lead to the show being cancelled.
Unfortunately, shows screwed over this badly tend not to do so well, which may or may not lead to the inevitable.
  • We got some form of this. Halfway through the 3rd Book, the entire series moved from Friday nights to online distribution.

Vaatu and Raava were husband and wife.
Don't tell me no one saw it.

Future hurricanes and/or tornadoes in the Avatar world will be rated on the Tenzin scale.
From zero to, "You threatened an airbender's daughter, didn't you?"

Add Varrick to that list of possible Time Lords we have going.
He's got the eccentricities for it, he's Crazy-Prepared, has a ridiculous amount of post-modern technology at his disposal, and he can practically predict the future. Also, like most Time Lords, he's arrogant, manipulative and self-serving. About the only dissimilarity he has is his spite for non-interference policies (mainly when they get in the way of what he wants).
  • Zhu Li is his companion, naturally.
  • His TARDIS is Ping-Ping.
  • So is Varrick the Master?
    • Couldn't be. He does occasionally help people with little to no return value, and he seems to genuinely care about those he considers his friends or closest allies. Even his desire to take over Asami's company wasn't out of spite toward her, and he maintained his business relationship with her, even after she was bankrupt and he could have bought her out completely with just a few carefully selected words. He's manic like the Master was in his last incarnation, but not malevolent. If he is a Time Lord we've met before, I'd say he's more likely to be Drax.

The Avatar!verse is one of the Nine Realms, and Unalaq was enacting his plot to utilize Harmonic Convergence at the same time Malekith was enacting his.
Because the Book 2 finale releasing the same month as Thor: The Dark World is too much of a coincidence to ignore.

Zhu Li is Varrick's bastard daughter.

Her mother was an employee of Varrick's and died in childbirth. Foreseeing that having an illegitimate daughter would cause succession issues with any other children he might have down the road but not being completely without a conscience, Varrick ensured that she was brought up by loving foster parents, paid for her education, and ensured that she would have a job where he could keep close watch on her.

Mako is a very successful version of Bud Bundy.

Crazy, I know, but David Faustino does both Bud AND Mako, and imagine if Mako is actually one of Bud's alternate egos that were actually successful, and he was kept that way!

The main plot of Book 3 is that some jerk steals the cast's clothes.
Korra and company have to go on an epic quest in their underwear to retrieve them.

And before you call me crazy, keep in mind that most of the Book 3 screenshots seen so far have the characters undressed.

Hence the title. Book 3: Change of clothes.

  • Varrick will be filming their wacky hijinks, because Naked People Are Funny (PG, of course, although you could probably recut it as a sex comedy if you felt the need).

Amon is inexplicably linked with that other thing named Amon
Because they have the same name and... stuff.

We do know that Amon-the-Dark-Voice has a thing for Let's You and Him Fight, and stirring up trouble to divide the Avatar world between benders and non-benders to make it easier to invade is right up his alley. Not to mention, he does his best work through intermediaries who lie like rugs about their intentions and identities until The Reveal.

The only flaw being, what possible reason would a Physical God have to take out such a minor world? (Maybe Raava foiled his plan one time, somehow. Or... for fun?)

There will be an Actor Allusion to one of Henry Rollins' past roles
And it will involve a frustrated Zaheer ordering his earthbending magma-shuriken buddy to "BLOW IT ALL UP!" (Oh don't look at me like that, you know you want it).

Zaheer's crew are all related to past characters
  • Ghazan is Toph's son and Lin's brother.
    • Well, since it's been revealed that Lin has a half-sister and that neither girls knew their fathers, who's to say this is as unlikely as it first seems?
  • Ming-Hua is Hama's great-grandaughter.
  • P'Li is Iroh's great-granddaughter.
    • This, at least, is just plain Jossed. There is no indication that Iroh had any living descendants, and there would have been a difficult succession crisis if he had.
    • Plus, based on the pictures of her, she looks more like Azula's descendant.
  • Zaheer is...drumroll please...Sokka's son!

Lin and Suyin are the daughters of Sokka and Aang, respectively.
Toph talked the Gaang into having orgies now and then and those two came out of it. Toph's not about to admit it to her daughters, though.
  • Was Aang drunk when this happened?
    • Yes, very. Much alcohol was involved, and all parties agreed that they would never speak of these nights to anyone.

Bumi is an interdimensional traveler.
At some point in his naval career, Bumi discovered a means of passing between our world and his own. During his time here, he learned about Samuel Morse, became a fan of Hogan's Heroes, and also discovered bronies.

The name of Book 4.
The books of Avatar are fit the elements of the world. In TLA, Books 1, 2, and 3 were Water, Earth, and Fire, and Korra continued this theme. However, it's more than just the four classic elements, they're the elements necessary for the world to live, and for life to flourish. Water, Earth, Fire, Air, Spirit, and Change. The last two are important, as things must change for there to be prosperity and innovation, and without spirituality and harmony, society will stagnate. Given how poorly Legend of Korra has been faring, it's very likely we won't see a third series, so the final season of Avatar will have to end on a high note. And what element is necessary for live to thrive, without being killed off and killing the world? The element that's most important to the Avatar, which drives their eternal quest. Legend of Korra will end with Book 4: Cabbage.

Korra is going to give someone, probably the Earth Queen, a Hannibal Lecture.
Come on, how they are keeping her captive is just asking for it! She even has a mouth-covering face mask! She'll tell the queen what a horrible job she's doing, how she can't compare to her father, and otherwise "bend" her mind without moving. Even after the Earth Queen is killed it could still happen in the spirit world. Which would be totally awesome and kinda creepy.

Zuko named his Dragon, Druk, when he was drunk.
  • It's a long story, but it involved cactus juice, Zuko's lesser known illiteracy, and Sokka pranking Zuko into believing he still had to restore some of his honor.

Pro-Bending will become an NCAA recognized sport within the Avatarverse.
  • Representatives from the Big Ten Kingdom will consequentially lose every big game played.
    • This troper may or may not be a student of a school from a similar conference. Also, he may or may not have been motivated by this weeks performance of said conference.

Spongebob is Red Lotus.
That's why Nick is trying to stifle Korra.

Korra, after changing her hair style, will inspire the rest of the team to change hair style, as well...with less than flattering results.
  • Asami will get a mohawk, Mako and Bolin will grow their hair and beards out like ZZ Top, and Tenzin will grow an afro.
    • Or maybe they will all just grow mullets.
  • Partially confirmed! They all look good, though.

The governor of Yi and Jinora will meet.
  • Did those two actors even shared a scene on Mad Men?

Toph will have Korra metalbend an X-wing out of the swamp.
And she'll switch words around in her sentences.

One day, the world of Avatar will contain Papermasters
  • They have all these crazy bending styles so why not paper like in Read or Die?

By the end of Book 4, there will be nearly 100 predictions that Korra will die on the general WMG page
  • It seems to be a very popular prediction.
  • Anyone willing to count how many estimates were incorrect?

is supposed to be the Avatarverse equalivalent of Vladimir Putin
  • She's going around, taking over bits of the world (kind of like the aforementioned President is beginning to do). Also, it seems likely that a cult of personality will begin to develop around her, much like it has with Mr. Putin.
    • On top of that, she tries to force people into her thrall under the pretense of "protecting" them, and constantly denies that she's doing anything wrong, even when directly confronted by other world leaders. Zaofu might as well be Avatar-verse Crimea.
      • And now she wants to invade Republic City too, on the grounds that it was historically Earth Kingdom (now Empire) land— pretty much the same rationale Putin and his supporters have for wanting to re-absorb the former Soviet republics.

Kuvira's appearance emits a signal that causes people to constantly misspell Kuriva's name.
  • Kuivra has such a powerful influence over people, that she can make people misspell her relatively simple name of Kuveera. It is commonly seen that Kuivara has her name mistakenly printed across message boards, online reviews, and many other forms of discussion. Qivereh would be deeply insulted, if it weren't part of her plan.

Kuvira is being indoctrinated by Vaatu, who is a precursor to the precursors of the Reapers.
  • Kuvira will move the superweapon to a hidden location, of which Korra will find, but at the cost of Mako's life after staying behind to protect a spirit vine bomb. After a night of passionate romance with Asami (who accidentally spilled blue ink all over herself), Korra and the team will raid Kuvira's stronghold, and Korra will convince Kuvira that she is indoctrinated. Kuvira will thank Korra before killing herself with a sharpened metal band.

Varrick is a Genius.
  • And by their standards, he's a fairly tame and lucid one.

The Red Skull will enter the Avatarverse through the Tesseract...
  • ...after of which, Korra will beat him up and use the Tesseract herself. This will allow Korra to enter the Marvel Filmverse and become an Avenger. She will be then able to help Skye learn how to control her new earth powers.
  • Of course, this will also inevitably lead to shipping between the two. And Asami. And Kuvira. And so on.

Solid Snake will defeat the Colossus.
  • Armed only with grenades.

Korra has the snazzy, silky smooth dance moves of Commander Shepard.
  • This is the true reason why Asami didn't want to go back to the dance floor with Korra. Also, Mako doesn't dance because he only knows the Carlton.

Future sentences for talented illustrators who perform severe criminal acts will include creating Avatar episodes for life.
  • In the commentary for Book 4, Bryan stated that doing such would be like a life sentence, due to the high demands of the work. Sounds like he's onto something...

Toph's back is just fine
  • Claiming that she's unable to contribute to the final battle is her way of reinforcing An Aesop of "Stop leaving it up to the older generation" (imagine how short the fight against the Colossus would have been if she'd been there). After all, Bumi was past 100 and still kicking ass, there's no reason Toph couldn't be just as, if not more, capable than a kid. And even if she did have back problems, she could easily bend the calcium back into shape.

Rohan will found a cavalry with a herd of bison

And they will be known as the Riders of Rohan. Their main job: saving people right at the nick of time.

Zaheer will reincarnate when he eventually dies.

Avatar shares the world with Dragon Age.
  • Spirit World and spirits here have many similarities with Fade and spirits/demons of Thedas, such as:
    • Both Fade and Spirit World being eldritch locations with little to no regard to the laws of physics or common sense, being shaped or twisted by people's emotions.
    • Both were cut off from the real world in the setting backstory by the Guile Hero attempting to use it as a can to seal some evil in and therefore not accessible physically, but some people can get there as spirits while dreaming/meditating.
    • Likewise, form of spirits in both settings depend on the emotions of people around them (being around negative emotions turns the spirits in Avatar into dark spirits, and being fed on negative emotions corrupts Dragon Age spirits into demons).
    • On the other hand, spirits can possess humans and grant them special powers (e.g. the Avatar itself or Wynne in Dragon Age) and/or severely disfigure them.

Avatar shares the world with Dishonored
What the people in Dishonored call the void, the people in Avatar can refer to it as the spirit world. The Pandyssian Continent that the Isles call could be where the world of Avatar takes place. The people in the Pandyssian Continent might as well be called Benders as the people of the Isles view their bending technique as some sort of strange magic, while the Abbey of the Everyman outright calls them subhumans for their use of bending. And what era would they put the Dishonoredverse in, well judging by their use in advanced technology, I'd say they would fit squarely into the era of The Legend of Korra which leads to ...

A crossover between The Legend of Korra and Dishonored
Korra will learn about the Empire of the Isles and will travel there either alone, with Asami or the rest of her gang, and learn about The Outsider and his importance. The Outsider can even give Korra his mark claiming her to be quite interesting giving her even more powers. Korra's main opposition in the Isle will be the Abbey of The Everyman who will view Korra as an abomination and want to execute her; if Korra travels to the Isles after the events of Dishonored: Death of the Outsider her main opposition will be the Cult Of The Outsider who will try to sacrifice her to the void as a replacement to The Outsider. During Korra's journey to the Isles she will meet the likes of Emily Kaldwin and Billie Lurk, help her in her journey, and be something of a Sixth Ranger to her gang.

Avatar World is a planet in The Cosmere.
Raava and Vaatu are Shards of Adonalsium, and the Spirit Portals are their Shardpools. Or at least they are large Splinters, and the Portals are natural Perpendicularities. The Spirit World is the Cognitive Realm, and if you walked through it far enough you'd end up on another planet. Bending is the local manifestation of Investiture; much like on Scadrial, the locals are innately Invested and power is passed down family lines. Energybending reforges the Spiritweb the same way that burning Lerasium does. One could, in theory, Energybend someone into an Allomancer or Feruchemist, or use Hemalurgy to graft additional forms of Bending into yourself.


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