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A link to Mistborn brought you to this page. Mistborn is a High Fantasy series created by Brandon Sanderson as part of his Shared Universe The Cosmere. You may be looking for one of these parts of the Mistborn series.

The Books

Other Works

  • "The Eleventh Metal": A prequel short story starring Kelsier, first packaged with...
  • Mistborn Adventure Game: A tabletop game set the Mistborn world.
    • A House of Ashes: A short story collection (not written by Sanderson) designed to give players unfamiliar with Mistborn a feel for the world.
    • "Allomancer Jak and the Pits of Eltania". Included in the Alloy of Law supplement to the game.
  • Mistborn: Birthright: A canceled video game set 300 years before the original trilogy.
  • Mistborn Film: A film adaptation of the first novel, Mistborn: The Final Empire. Still in very early development.
  • Mistborn: House War: a board game simulating the Noble intrigues of the Lord Ruler era of Scadrial. Ends when player draws the Vin card and she overthrows the Final Empire (or fails if the Houses manage to solve the crisis).

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