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Ciel's current goofy staff are ghosts.
We know that Tanaka was stabbed by cultists right before the fire. It's possible they were all killed and Sebastian's keeping up their images to keep his contractee sane until he can fulfill his contract.
  • As per ep 7, we know that Finian was used for weird experiments. Possibly they aren't all ghosts, but they might all be weird, in different ways.
    • The latter does have some truth to it as a result of their Dark and Troubled Past. They were hired after Ciel's return to the manor, though...
    • Jossed; we see Tanaka in the hospital after Sebastian saves Ciel from the kidnappers.
Grell is the bastard son of Suigetsu and Karin
I mean look at them. He gets his teeth, sense of humor, and his love of giant swords from his dad and his hair and his taste in "friends" from his mom. The resemblance is hard to deny even if you don't ship it.
  • MUWHAHAHAHAHA! I'm not the only one that thinks Grell bears a resemblance to Karin!
    • Wait, didn't Grell appeared earlier than either of them? Besides that, yeah that makes so much sense.
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  • They are also in love with characters played by Noriaki Sugiyama.
  • Sebastian does resemble a typical Uchiha, at least physically...

Ciel's current staff is/was his personal army
(note: I'm going from the manga) Ciel picked this Power Trio for their usefulness in combat but they haven't been needed because of Sebastian. With nothing else to do Ciel made them his house staff, much to his eternal regret.
  • Maid - Child soldier and expy of Roberta and Ms. Van Winkle.
    • That's First Lieutenant Van Winkle.
  • Cook - Guerrilla fighter/gun runner/demolition expert. (He wants to be the flambe chef from Ratatouille but he just can't.)
  • Gardener - Cute Bruiser due to experimentation (super soba with a side of gamma rays?) Is currently about to HULK SMASH! an intruder due to trespassers in Phantomhive Manor being a Berserk Button
    • The above three are confirmed.
  • Butler Tanaka - Very, very extended Heroic BSoD due to the fact that his dead master has returned as the butler combined with, just maybe...

Sebastian slaughtered Ciel's family
He wanted Ciel's sweet, delicious young soul (after a bit of "tenderizing"). One day Butler Tanaka's going to snap and go "It's HIM!!!" and attack Sebastian with his own pastry.
  • Alternate theory: Sebastian was summoned by the cultists, but he liked Ciel better.
    • The 'Alternate Theory' is confirmed as of chapter 63. The main theory, however, is jossed.
  • If that were the case he wouldn't have agreed to eat Ciel's soul only after he killed his parents' murderer would he? Catch 22

The Noah's Ark circus' performers prosthetic limbs
Are made of PEOPLE!!!
  • All of them (save for the doctor and maybe Joker) have been slaughtered by the servants (who are indeed Ciel's personal army) and this doesn't appear to be the kidnapped children's purpose, so I guess we'll have to wait.
  • Confirmed as of Chapter 34.

Sebastian is not in his real form.
He is actually assuming the shape of Ciel's father, as per his request.. I thought they looked uncannily similar.
  • ...Ciel's father was Alucard?!
  • The final episode confirms that Sebastian's usual butler form is not his true form.
  • In chapter 62, it is shown that Sebastian merely conjured the form up because he wanted to 'suit the servant of an earl'. He didn't even know Vincent when he made his form, nor did Ciel instruct him to look like his late father, so that's another theory Jossed.

Sebastian's feline friend is a supernatural of some kind.

Sebastian does not eat Ciel's soul.
Instead, he forces Ciel into becoming his Battle Butler, and they have even zanier adventures in Hell.
  • I have to tell myself this to stop myself from crying.
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  • Maybe confirmed now that the anime is getting a second season.
  • Only about half-confirmed Sebastian cannot eat Ciel's soul, but must serve as one hell of a butler for eternity.
    • I wonder which one Ciel would prefer, given the choice...

Ciel is (somehow) the lovechild of Count Cain and Lelouch.
Pretty self-explanatory.

Sebastian, in his true form, is female.
Either that, or a crossdresser. All we know is that he wears a pair of dominatrix boots.
  • Given his status among fangirls this would be quite the hilarious revelation.
    • Sebastian's true form is HIM?!?!
      • It's not outside the scope of possibilities.
    • Whatever he is is Nightmare Fuel, judging from Ash's reaction and Sebastian's insistance that Ciel shield his eyes.
      • That's anime continuity, though. Sebastian had no problem with appearing in his true form in front of Ciel in the manga. Ciel didn't even seem too fazed by it.
    • Sebastian's true form is an Eldritch Abomination which drives people insane just by looking at it. What we saw was the closest thing a human could see without going crazy.

Alois, his brother, Claude, Hannah, and the three other demons did end up "together forever"... as the cast of boku no pico
(Bear in mind I haven't actually seen that show, and am trying to reconcile its horror with a reality that doesn't condone child abuse and fetishization). So at the end of Black Butler II, Alois made the wish that he and the others would always be together. That didn't really make sense, what with demons eating people's souls, not keeping them. I propose that somehow, the group ended up as the cast of boku no pico, which is eternal torment. From what I've seen, that show features a blonde child (Alois) and brown-haired/ginger child (Luka) a black haired adult (Claude) a female (Hannah) and another black haired male (Claude of the three demons).

The Cultists were trying to summon Sebastian.
In the manga, if you look closely, his symbol is on the floor of the room where they were torturing Ciel. Maybe they were trying to summon him using the children's souls as payment instead of their own? Furthered by the fact that Ciel seemingly manages to summon him 'accidentally'... by renouncing God and calling for "someone, anyone" to come save him, "It doesn't matter who, it doesn't matter how". If the link was already open by the cultists' attempts, that seems much more likely to work.
  • Confirmed as of chapter 62, but only for the manga version; the first anime reveals that the symbol branded on Ciel is actually that of the Fallen Angel Angela/Ash.

Sebastian doesn't really have sex with either of the girls.
He just fingers them. Note how in both scenes Sebastian seems to be fully clothed and not moving very much, and after he comes back to Ciel in the manga he isn't wearing his gloves because "They got dirty".
  • Well, I guess that's somewhat better...
  • The inflagranti delicto scene in the manga IS rather ambiguous. However, both hands are accounted for (one gloved, one not — he'd removed one already because it had gotten bloody from the preceding confrontation with Spears), suggesting either he wasn't using them OR there was some creative position-switching occurring between frames. It's likely left unclear on purpose to allow the reader to insert his or her own interpretation... which I'm sure many of us have done with gusto. But there is something delicious about the implication that Sebastian is so efficient, even during sex, that he doesn't need to disrobe.
  • Fangirls would like to think that he just fingered them. His scene with Beast is rather ambiguous, but it's pretty obvious that he at least had penetrative sex with the nun. Also, all over Kuro fandom, Sebastian always has sex fully clothed. I'm pretty sure that it's canon that he doesn't like being naked around humans, so there's that, too. It is canon, as quote "However, the first time in my long life as a demon... that I ended up showing humans such a humiliating state. [they were looking for Ciel's master key, so they de-robed him.] while explaining to Wordsmith about the solution of the Phantomhive Murder Mystery, in chapter 49.
  • The sixth episode of Book of Circus makes it pretty clear in the silhouette shot that he did penetrate Beast. Doggy style, no less.
  • It was standard intercourse on both occasions, but another alternative is that he might have incorporated some supernatural means into his encounters *cough*cough*he can summon tendrils*cough*cough*. Again, it's all up to the viewer's interpretation.

Sebastian in his true form is... Uryu Ishida.
They do look similar. A lot, if you ask me. The events in Black Butler happen after Bleach, and Ishida could have become Sebastian in an arc we have yet to see. And since he's a powerful demon of sorts, he doesn't need his glasses anymore. Also, it'd be hilarious to see Ishida as a Sex God. Not that he isn't really near of one in the original series, though. He just needed to lose his awkwardness, which happened majestically. Also, he changed his name so Ichigo and the others won't mess up with his current mission/forms. He'd be at disadvantage if they decide to "cure" him.

If you still doubt that, compare them.

...Alternatively, Rokudo Mukuro is one of his reincarnation (or getting possessed by Sebestian).
They look ''extremely'' similar, have the same suave attitude and have supernatural powers. Plus, their closest partner both wear eyepatches signifying the bond between them.
  • It *is* stated that Mukuro has been through all six paths of the afterlife, so it's plausible that he could have been a demon at some point.

is not dead.While this is probably not very wild, by looking at what happened in the newest chapter we have Sebastian giving Ciel his 'comfort pillow.' My guess is that this is BS and really Sebastian slipped a note in said pillow, outlining the plan of the 'fake death.' Finny was ordered to clean out all the fireplaces; Ciel probably burned said note- that chain is pretty long so it's possible- and Finny unwittingly disposed of the evidence. Ciel was awake before Arthur, giving him plenty of time to do this. My guess is that the servants are not in on this plan and their reactions are genuine. Ciel, however, is acting albeit extremely convincingly. During his seeming hysterical fit, he manages to pull something off of Sebastian's clothing, which will help Ciel determine the identity of the true murderer or confirm his suspicions. It also is likely to be whatever was found in the fireplace.
  • Somewhat confirmed with chapter 47.
  • Completely comfirmed in Chapter 50 with his 'revival' in the cemetry
  • Okay, come on. Did anyone actually believe that? He can freaking tank barrage of bullets, why would a simple stab to the back kill him?!

The killer in the mansion is a shinigami, likely Grell.
Therefore making the 'needle and string' theory unnecessary. In earlier chapters, William and newcomer Ronald mention that Grell is somewhere on the premises... What if he NEVER LEFT and is hiding out somewhere in the mansion?
  • Supported by the fact that the killer does seem to holding a weapon that looks a lot like a scythe
    • Jossed. That wasn't the murder, it was just Bard.
      • Jossed again. Everything is explained in chapters 48 and 49. one faked, later killed by Grey. Phelps is killed by a snake. Sebastian is 'killed' by Grey. Besides, Grell was probably there for actual Reaper duties. Who knows what kind of punishment he went through after the Jack the Ripper arc.

Combining the above two theories...
Sebastian's 'death' is an attempt to make Grell SO DAMN UPSET that she comes out of hiding, either in front of everyone, where she would be revealed as an obvious suspect or alone, where Sebastian could incapacitate her without breaking character. He is pretending to be dead after all.

Ciel planned the murders
For unknown reasons, Ciel planned a string of murders with Sebastian as his accomplice. Ciel invited Arthur Conan Doyle to the party so that there would be someone smart enough to "solve" the case based on the subtle hints arranged by Ciel, confident that Arthur wouldn't discover the real truth since he wouldn't know that Sebastian was a demon and what he was capable of.

Ciel shot von Siemens and then did the trick with the thread and needle, which he had practiced earlier. He told how he did it to Arthur since Arthur would be intelligent enough to be suspicious of what would have been such apparent stupidity had Ciel been the murderer. Ciel also made a point to act like a nice child around Arthur in order to evoke his sympathies.

Sebastian brought Ciel a means of opening the lock of the chain inside the pillow. Ciel faked sleep until Arthur was soundly asleep and then opened the chain and slipped out to "murder" Sebastian. With Sebastian playing dead on Ciel's previous orders, the both of them now had good alibis: Sebastian due to supposedly being dead and Ciel due to having been under guard. Moreover, Sebastian was now free to move about stealthily and murder additional people without himself or his master being suspected.

It's possible that Sebastian even made the weather to suit the plan.

  • Partially true. It seems he knew the murders were going to happen but he let them happen in order to expose a few of the guests. It's also explained above

Sebastian is Ciel's grandfather

Ciel's father Vincent looks suspiciously like Sebastian, but the reason for that is not that Sebastian based his current appearance on him but that Vincent is Sebastian's son. The Phantomhive family's reputation for evil goes back for generations, and Sebastian was the demon they dealt with. During this time Sebastian became an expert in the ways of English noble households and learned to cook all of those fancy dishes while remaining ignorant of things like curry. Sebastian took different shapes during the years. He served as Vincent's familiar in the form of a black dog.

  • Actually, a more recent chapter makes it far more likely that Undertaker is Ciel's grandfather. Undertaker at least had some connection to Ciel's grandmother (Vincent's mother). If Sebastian was Ciel's grandfather, I think the two would have run into each other at some point before the series started, and Sebastian would have figured out long ago that Undertaker is a reaper.

Sebastian is Malphas from real-world demonology

I saw this basic Sebastian = Malphas suggestion elsewhere on the Internet; here is a version with more detail. I shall compare text from the rather terse article from The Other Wiki with how Sebastian has appeared in Black Butler.

He builds houses, high towers and strongholds, - Sebastian has shown the power to restore the Phantomhive manor when it gets wholly or partially destroyed. This is especially apparent as supernatural in the manga chapter 37.

throws down the buildings of the enemies, - The end of the Circus Arc shows him doing that.

can destroy the enemies' desires or thoughts (and/or make them known to the conjurer) and all what they have done, - This one doesn't have much in the way of solid proof, but Sebastian has shown insight into human behavior. However, Sebastian could be based on the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum description of Malphas which differs here from Ars Goetia.

gives good familiars, - Or rather, is a good familiar.

and can bring quickly artificers together from all places of the world. - If you expand the definition of artificers to include all manner of experts, the servants qualify here.

Malphas accepts willingly and kindly any sacrifice offered to him, but then he will deceive the conjurer. - Perhaps this was what happened with the black magic ceremony that led to Ciel getting the contract.

He is depicted as a crow that after a while or under request changes shape into a man, - The beginning of episode 1 of the anime shows this very thing.

and speaks with a hoarse voice. - The black speech bubbles in the manga suggest a voice different from his human one, but his voice in the anime isn't really that hoarse.

Overall, I'd say that's a pretty good fit.

  • I agree with this interpretation. My first impression when watching the Anime was that Sebastian was more than just a regular demon. He is obviously a high ranking one, perhaps at Duke or Prince level (from demonology). The entry for Malphas says that not only does he take a crow/hybrid man-crow form when summoned but that he is a high ranking demon of hell, a "great president" or prince. Also, there is Angel/Ash's reaction to his 'true form' in the anime. a BSOD 'oh shit' reaction like if s/he was realizing that Sebastian was much more than just another demon. Angel/Ash knew she had opened up more of a kettle of fish than s/he could handle seeing Sebastian's true form.
  • The ghosts from the Tower of London in the anime did say that he looked like a crow in his tailcoat.
  • One diminutive for "Sebastian" is "Bastion" — and a bastion is a well-built stronghold: being able to conjure and repair architecture almost overnight is one of Malphas' purported skills in a few variants of the Ars Goetica. Remember how the Phantomhive manor was a burnt-out shell? And, gets other regular, heavy repairs at stunning speed throughout the story?

Alois from Season 2 of the anime is on the side of Heaven

Claude Faustus the chartreuse-eyed butler is a shinigami with the most misleading name ever. Hannah the super-blonde, violet-eyed maid is an angel. Alois himself is a key player in some plan to "purify" the world, possibly even being the Antichrist. They will be the main adversaries of Ciel and Sebastian in Season 2.

  • It's unlikely that Hannah is an angel, what with Alois' Eye Scream moment over breakfast, and her reaction to him later in the episode.
    • We'll see if Hannah's eye grows back like Sebastian's arm apparently did... In any case, remember Angela the angel maid from the first season. She got whipped by her master and stayed in character, and also seduced/got seduced by the same man. The similarities are clear.
  • It's also noteworthy that the Tarot card Alois holds in the Eye Catch is Judgement. The card shown has a cross and an angel blowing a trumpet in it. It refers to the Christian Last Judgement.

Or, Faustus and Alois are related to TheFairFolk
In episode 1, we had Alois referred to as a "changeling" (at least in the English subs) and his trickster-like behaviour is similar to how traditional fairies are depicted. The fact that the contract involved a spider also seem more attuned to nature than either heaven or hell. Plus, Faustus is a great tap dancer - what more evidence do we need?
  • Jossed: Alois did summon Claude Faustus believing him to be a fairy, but he is, as he himself admits, a demon.

Grell is the 13th guest
Oh come on. We all want him back.
  • It's Snake from the Circus Arc as of chapter 50 Yeah...didn't see that coming either.

The killer from the recent arc is Beatrice.
The recent arc is starting to play out a lot like the first game in particular, though like the following games as well- Sebastian being a demon, who knows, there could be some sort of connection between them. Plus Beatrice would have absolutely no trouble committing those murders, being a witch and all. Basically, Beatrice is trolling him out of boredom. Works particularly well with the above theory that he is originally Malphas, which means he may be one of the 72 demons mentioned in Umineko (similarly to Gaap and Zepar and Furfur).

A snake is used as a weapon in the recent murder mystery arc.
Because since they are parodying Sherlock Holmes, they might as well run with it....Actually, might as well say the whole arc is a condensed version of A LOT of Sherlock Holmes stories.
  • As of Chapter 47, this is confirmed.

Jeremy is really Sebastian in another body.
Considering Jeremy's extensive knowledge about dead bodies, criminology, the Phantomhive estate, and cooking, it's not that far out there to think that Sebastian may have just switched bodies since we all know he can't be killed for real due to Plot Armor. Maybe he switched bodies on purpose under Ciel's orders in case they actually did murder the guests or maybe the killer got the upper hand and he didn't want to resurrect himself in front of them so he was forced to come back as another person. In addition, in Chapter 45 Finny says he has the odd feeling that he can trust Jeremy. There's also Jeremy's creepy smile and impeccable manners that are far too similar to Sebastian's to be a coincidence.
  • As of Chapter 47, this theory is confirmed. Boo-yah. Though it wasn't Sebastian in another body. Jeremy was just Sebastian wearing a mask.
    • Plus Jeremy had the same gloves as Sebastian

Sebastian and Claude are Non-Identical Twins
Self-explanatory, really.
  • I believe the term you want is "fraternal twins".

Series 2 Sebastian got his new arm from Noah's Arc Circus
He lost an arm in the final episode of the first series, remember? So unless it grew back, this is the only way he could have obtained such an advanced prosthetic.
  • I think he can just regenerate. He's received multiple headshots from bullets before and his skin healed without any scarring, plus seeing as he's a demon it's more likely he can just grow new limbs. Plus the Circus Arc takes place BEFORE the season one finale. (It starts after the Curry Arc)

Series 2 Sebastian made a deal with Undertaker bring back Lau and Abberline, who had clearly been offed in the first season, before bringing Ciel back around. He then modified Ciel's memory to remove the more traumatic events of the past season, which would explain why he has no memory of Grelle and thinks Madame Red is still alive, when it is hinted by Sebastian that she, in fact, stayed dead.
  • Pretty much jossed; it's explained about halfway through the season that Sebastian couldn't eat Ciel's soul because his arm with the contract seal had been lopped off by Ash/Angela; while he was busy regrowing his arm to be able to extra Ciel's soul, the demon Claude transferred Ciel's soul into his ring and made off with it, hoping to eat it himself. Ciel lost his recent memories as a side-effect, and that's why Sebastian got him involved in his clash with Alois; he wants Ciel to feel like he has had his revenge so his soul is "perfectly seasoned". It just wouldn't have been as tasty if he took Ciel's Soul Jar back and scoffed it from there.

Sebastian has been poisoning Ciel's tea
The story puts a lot of emphasis on Sebastian serving tea to Ciel. What if that's actually plot relevant? In the anime Sebastian has shown the ability to make supernatural kind curry, and several things that have first appeared in the anime have later appeared in some form in the manga, such as the backstories of the servants, suggesting that the makers of the anime have had access to spoilery information. My theory is that Sebastian has been using his culinary demon powers to make Ciel's tea suffused with evil. That tea has been gradually poisoning Ciel's soul throughout the manga and is in large part responsible for the direction of Ciel's character development. In the manga Ciel is not aware that Sebastian can do that kind of thing, which is why Ciel has given no orders to forbid it.
  • He's a British nobleman. Drinking tea is practically a prerequisite. I'd say jossed purely because Sebastian prides himself on being the perfect butler, and the perfect butler would never tamper with his Master's tea.

Alois's sense of taste is screwed up.
Ciel's magic-demon-pentagram eye screws up his vision. Alois's demon-summoning symbol is on his tongue. Therefore it only follows that Alois's sense of taste would be off. Everything Alois eats tastes like crap, and this is why he is such an evil prick.

Alois wasn't abused by his father in the first scene
Naked and bruised Alois in bed with his father wasn't anything like it might seem. Firstly, I think Alois was so thoroughly messed up that he tried to seduce and manipulate his father by appealing to his sense of sympathy just like he would later accuse Hannah of doing. It didn't work, because his father wasn't a pedophile. Secondly, Alois's father wasn't his biological father at all. The hair color of the abducted baby doesn't fit Alois. My guess is that the old Lord Trancy found himself a son not for any sleazy purpose but simply because he knew his younger brother would bring dishonor to the title and bring the estate to ruin.
  • As of Episode 8, this theory is only about half wrong. The old Lord Trancy was a sick pedophile, but Alois/Jim wasn't his real son and Alois/Jim did seduce him, apparently with demonic help and thoroughly enough to get himself declared heir.

Claude is only pretending to be a demon
Claude is not really demon. It's just an act. He gives himself glowy eyes and fangs with the same supernatural method he used to redecorate the Trancy manor dining hall in the first episode. (Fairy glamour? Although he might not be a fairy either, but for example a shinigami...) Claude's long-term plan has something to do with Ciel, and Claude needs to manipulate and deceive Sebastian to ensure that the plan stays on track. As for Sebastian, he is likely not fooled at all, but as a sneaky demon is hiding that fact from Claude.

I think it's noteworthy that Claude has a spider form while in the story of the Spider's Thread, which gets referenced several times in Black Butler, the spider is a saint who interferes to save a damned soul from Hell.

  • To be exact, Claude is William T. Spears in disguise, which is how he knows Sebastian under his current name that was given by Ciel. William put on different glasses, changed his hair from neat to messed, and spoke with as deep a voice as he could manage in order to appear as a different person. From Grell we know that it's possible for a shinigami to work as a butler while still doing his shinigami job. Also, perhaps demons and shinigami are fundamentally the same species, which would explain why their combat and other capabilities are comparable, allowing them to make plausible impressions of each other. The difference would be that demons have gotten to the taste of eating souls, which is very much against the shinigami rules.
  • As of Episode 8, this theory is definitely out. Claude is a demon.

Alois Trancy is Count Waltz in another universe.
Look into your heart. You know it to be true.

Hannah made a contract with ...
Luca. To keep Alois safe and alive. Which is part of the reason why she went against Claude to take Alois to Ciel in episode 8, and fought Grell to keep him safe. She could've easily left him there, as he was about to die anyway.
  • Confirmed as of episode 11.

is going to come back to life. Somehow. If Ciel and Lau could die and come back in the anime, it's not much of a stretch that Alois could come back too. Especially as both Ciel and Alois had their contract mark appear under them in their blood as they were dying/dead, and both of them had their rings stolen (both of which are implied to contain their souls), it's possible that Alois could come back, albeit in a pretty messed-up body.
  • Semi-confirmed as of episode 10. Alois is back, in Ciel's body.

Hannah worked for the previous Trancy earl before his death as well as Alois.
Think about it. She has the same uniform as the maids in Alois' flashbacks in episode 8, and she would have known about the earl abusing all those boys and done nothing about it, explaining why Alois' hates her so much, even in comparison to other demons (for example the triplets.)

The entire second season of the anime is secretly promoting PS Company (a visual kei label).
The Gazette does the opening theme, and the whole spider/tongue thing ties in with a pun in an old alice nine. song. If you try really hard, it's possible to interpret the entire storyline as an expansion of the song.

Finny is the real heir to Trancy
Blond hair, blue eyes and probably kidnapped at a young age... Hmmmm...
  • Jossed. Finny was an underground experiment humanoid.

Alois is the alternate of Oz from Pandora Hearts
What do you meanthat's not Alois?
  • Though he does have a lot of similarities to Vincent as well.
    • No no no, When Vincent gets his well-deserved death, he gets to become a reaper - Grell, naturally.
    • Oh, yeah. That makes sense. And is Undertaker Break after he became a Goth?
    • Lizzy's brother looks a lot like Elliot.
  • Ooh! Ooh! I only just thought of this! Does Philippe grow up to be Ciel?
  • I'd say Phillippe looks more like Luca, Alois' younger brother. Alois looks out for Luca and Oz looks out for Phillippe.

Snake will turn out to be as 'incompetent' as the other three.
It's Black Butler, what do you expect?
  • Unlikely. Sebastian has stated he's a fast learner, and besides his snakes getting everywhere, he seems to be doing fine.
    • Also, they brought Snake along on the Campagnia, leaving the other three servants behind at the manor. Snake was actually of considerable help to them there, at least up until the fight with the shinigami at the end, though they didn't have him participate in that at all. It's probably safe to assume that he is more competent than the other servants based on that alone.

Claudia P. is related to Ciel. A Phantomhive
Remember that pendent that Undertaker had at the end of the Circus Arc? The name Claudia P was scribbled on it. My guess is Undertaker might be a demon too, hence the black nails. He's destined to never be human, like the anime. Claudia Phantomhive might have been one of his contractors. Heck, Claude from the anime might have been named after her, for teh lulz or to show that the manga name might have importance....
  • Jossed. He's a Grim Reaper. Possibly THE Grim Reaper.
  • Confirmed for the main WMG, though. Claudia is Ciel's grandmother, who died before he was born.

Claudia P. WAS Ciel.
As opposed to the above WMG, I'm subscribing to the reincarnation theory. Hold on a sec, here. ~cracks knuckles~ Undertaker When he was still a Shinigami. fell in love with a human, possibly Ciel's original incarnation (bonus points if Ciel's original name was in fact Ciel). Over the lifetimes, Undertaker was always the one to oversee Ciel's death i.e. collect his/her soul, or what have you and faithfully wait for his/her next incarnation, making funeral lockets of each incarnation as keepsakes.

Along comes Claudia P., Ciel's most recent incarnation. Something was different about this one; maybe Claudia's life was filled with misfortune that took away her beautiful smile he'd fallen in love with, maybe she died in a truly horrific way, maybe she fell in love with another man, or maybe she refused to acknowledge her past with Undertaker, etc. Either way, Undertaker chose to join the human world during this time. He did say he hadn't been called a shinigami in roughly fifty or so years. It's also possibly when he stopped giving a damn about practically everything, and I'm sure there's a deeper meaning behind his fascination with resurrection than just "curiosity".

This is supported by Undertaker's soft spot for Ciel, his potential obsession with his happiness (and happiness in general), his readily apparent distaste for the Queen forcing Ciel to do unsavory things for her, and the mere fact that he had no problem with him holding on to his "treasure", almost acting as if it was only appropriate that Ciel held onto it for him.

P.S. The kicker about if this were all true and Ciel's first name WAS Ciel is that the Undertaker avoids ever saying Ciel's actual name, referring to him almost exclusively by his title.

Springboarding off the above theory, what if Ciel used to be an ANGEL?
(Heads up, this one's pretty far-reaching.) Firstly, let's ignore the anime's version of angels (as the anime and manga are practically In Name Only ). Now, let's take into account that Ciel is considered beautiful by practically everyone, an almost "otherworldly" beauty about him; the only others with this particular trait are, in fact, otherworldly. Then, there's the matter of Ciel's soul, which apparently has enough strength to it to summon a goddamn higher demon at the age of ten, not to mention how it is of a higher level in terms of taste (though that one might in fact just be all the negative energy the kid's soaked up). And the name Ciel does end in "-el" which is commonly the ending of an angelic name, I think meaning "of God"(?).

Moving on, let's assume Undertaker was acquaintances with Ciel during Ciel's time as an angel. And that following orders from higher ups (or, hell, GOD) has taken its toll on Ciel, which earns Undertaker's sympathies and causes him to turn Ciel into a human to escape the misery of being an angel. Only misery seems to follow Ciel around even as a human, and due to not actually having a human soul, he/she just repeats the cycle, living one life after another. Eventually, Ciel gets tired and, as Claudia, makes a vow to Undertaker that in this life or the next, to finally be free of this constant hell. Wanting to give him/her the best last life possible (and also not actually wanting to lose Ciel), Undertaker decides to stick around in the human world this time.

Hence why he clearly does not like Sebastian all that much, or at least the effect Sebastian presence has on Ciel, considering he only causes Ciel more misery (and is going to eat Ciel's soul, effectively killing him for real). And why he's dislikes Ciel's loyalty/near slavery to the Queen (as it reminds him of Ciel's miserable time as an angel).

Ciel ate Lizzy at the end of the anime.

Which is why Sebastian never had to send her a farewell card, why Ciel's not so hungry-acting, and why his eyes flashed red at her while they're dancing.Know it in your heart to be true that Mary Sues will always die.

  • Except that she 'did' receive a package and went to tears over it. Also, Lizzie is flawed, not the focus of the story at all, and not everyone likes her. Mary-Sue? Doubt it.
    • OP: No she didn't. We only saw Sebastian give out packages to Undertaker, Lau, and Soma + Agni. Plus, Mary Sue isn't defined by everybody liking a person. Though, I did leave it as a YMMV. You may not think she's a Sue, but there are people in the Black Butler community do. It's all based on matter of opinion.
    • She's mostly thought of as a sue because everyone wants her to Die for their ship. If anything, Sebastian is probably closer to Mary Sue/Gary Stu.
    • Yes, actually we did see her receive her "package". The others received a gift from Ciel, delivered by Sebastian. Lizzie's gift is the dance with Ciel, something she's always been pestering him about. Also, it is unlikely that he devoured her soul since demons require a contract to do so, right?
    • Actually, a contract is not required. Waaaay back during the ripper arc William ans Sebastian have a talk that basically implies Sebastian is a 'classy' demon. In other words, a contract isn't required, but is sometimes offered.
  • By the way, Lizzie's personality is the opposite of Ciel's (cheerful, definitely not vengeful...) Would her soul taste good for a demon?
  • Quite honestly this WMG seems more like a bad fanfic than an actual theory. Ciel would never have eaten Lizzie, the White Stag episode shows that they're either close friends or actually in love.

Ciel is the alternate-universe version of Batman.
Both run their own companies and are the children of wealthy families. They are both pessimistic cynics, very intelligent, fond of dark colours and sometimes have to mask their true natures. They wage war on the criminal underworld, driven by the need to avenge their parents' deaths. And has anyone else noticed that Tanaka and Alfred look awfully alike? The manga even has a character named Joker, who happens to be a circus performer! So either Bruce Wayne is the reincarnation of Ciel Phantomhive or the both come from alternate dimensions.

The Noah's Ark Circus is Coming Back
The mangaka could have killed him off arbitrarily, but didn't. Instead, he was spared and put to work as a footman with the promise that they would find the rest of the circus. There's no other reason to keep Snake alive unless he's going to sacrifice himself during this chapter or he's going to find his buddies in the circus and they'll ALL work for Ciel.
  • Jossed. They were all Killed Off for Real.
  • They might come back in a metaphorical sense, as in Snake will learn the truth about what really happened to them. What would happen next would depend on how much of the truth came out, and if Snake thinks that what Noah's Ark did was enough to justify their deaths, if he understands why they were killed but doesn't like it, or if he's completely unsympathetic and just tries to kill the entire household.

Lizzy knows everything
She's just pretending to be oblivious because she doesn't want Ciel to feel guilty.
  • Semi-confirmed as of chapter 57. She is apparently aware of her future husband's duty as the Queen's Watchdog, but how much else she knows has yet to be revealed.
  • At the very least, she knows that Ciel lives a dangerous life- marrying into the Phantomhives was one of the reasons her mother insisted that she learn sword fighting, so she knows that those skills would be useful to Ciel.

Ciel isn't the real Ciel Phantomhive.
He just another kid that looks a lot like him, or somehow he was able to transfer his looks to another body after being sacrificed by the cultists. Would explain how in chapter 54, he can't seem to tell whether he was in the cage, or dying on the sacrificial altar.Or alternatively....

Ciel has an identical twin.
And they had some memory melding like process and can't tell whose memory is whose anymore.
  • The "identical twin" part seems to have been confirmed as of chapter 129, at least.

The Ciel "imposter" that appeared in chapter 129 is the real Ciel.

Adding to the above theory, the Ciel we'be been following throughout the series is his twin brother, who took his identity after he was seemingly killed by the cult. Our Ciel's real name is either Sol or Soleil (meaning "ground" and "sun" respectivly in French).

  • Confirmed. Rachel Phantomhive gave birth to twins. The Ciel we've been following refers to himself as merely being "Ciel's replacement". A name has yet to be mentioned.

Ran-Mao is a demon.
When the story Lau tells Ran-Mao is true and he actually is that Zhou he is talking about, then it could be possible that like Ciel he had sold his soul to a devil, just with the twist that he could get a little (super-strong)sister that would do anything for him and follow him everywhere he goes.
  • Sister? You DO realize Lau means something else, right?
  • It would explain her fighting skills. And those cat ear shaped odango could be hiding demon horns.

Lau's gang is (or is affiliated with) the cult that captured Ciel
He got Ranmao in a ceremony like the one where Sebastian was summoned. Sebastian rejected the cult leader and chose Ciel. Ran-Mao went to Lau, as planned.

In the anime, Fred Abberline became an angel in the afterlife.
He wants to make the world a better place. Ciel called him a man in the light. Sebastian said he had special abilities and he was glaring at him while saying so. And in episode 20, he actually acts more heroically than Ash/Angela ever did.

Ash and Angela were originally two distinct beings.
One day they decided to fuse their two bodies into one and they enjoyed it so much that they did the same thing with other happy couples, like Vincent and Rachel or Victoria and Albert.

In season 1, Undertaker had been on Angela's side all along.
In episode 17, he helps Ciel without asking for a laugh in return, as if someone had told him to bring Ciel and Sebastian to her. Next episode, he distracts Spears and Sebastian in the library, which allows Angela to escape. And the scars on his face look very much like the ones on Ciel's dead parents. Did she fuse him with a loved one?

The whole season 2 is Ciel's Dying Dream.
The way everyone wants his soul and his feeling of relief in the last episode looks like Wish Fulfillment.

Kazuki from Glamorous Lip is Ciel as a demon in the 21st Century.
They look and act very, very similar sometimes. If you disregard the whole yaoi thing. Considering that both series are written by Yana Toboso...Maybe when Kou-chan saved Kazuki that was Ciel the demon's way of making a contract.

Sebastian's true form is that of Dr. Frank-N-Furter
That or Catwoman.

Ciel and his staff are 19th century Shadowrunners
Ciel is a noble who secretly works for the Queen clearing out the worst of London’s society (usually under the cover of night). He is a Face, the one who speaks for the group and accepts jobs from the Johnson (the Queen, usually). His day job (negative quality) is running the company, being an earl and doing noble things. When he gets a job, he rallies Sebastian - while classified as a demon, is a force (insert obscene number here) spirit summoned by Ciel under dire circumstances and is thus bound to him (Ciel must have drained something fierce to not have instantly killed himself). They go, they do their job (usually standard Shadowrunner fare - missing children, drugs, information) and they get paid handsomely.
  • Ciel is a Face. He is competent in combat, but why should he ever have to show his skills when he has such a crew around him?
  • Sebastian is a summoned spirit, force is unknown. How many services he owes Ciel is unknown, as the first was to save him, the second was to serve him as his butler, and several orders are given throughout the series. The contract mark in his eye is actually to show that Sebastian is bound to him, and the act of eating Ciel at the end of the series frees him from the boy’s service. However, come the second series, he has become a free spirit and decided he was rather fond of the boy, decides to return him to his body and keep working for him. Not because he wants to eat him once more, but because he genuinely enjoyed working for him.
    • By rights, Claude would fall under much the same rules as Sebastian. However, he does not enjoy Alois’ presence, and enjoys draining his essence and magic at every turn.
    • Ash/Angela, however, is considered a free spirit. Yes, he was summoned at one point, but not anymore!
  • Finny, though naive, is a physical adept who cannot quite control his strength. It is simple, and rather obvious. His super strength may have been natural, and the experimentation done on him was just placebos and saline, and perhaps drug work to attempt to augment his powers. Obviously, he is aware of his adept powers, though perhaps not entirely how to use them properly.
  • Meyrin, obviously, is a gunslinger adept. It shows in her marksmanship, and were it a proper Shadowrun world, her eyes would quite obviously be augmented somehow (possibly cyber eyes), but at present, her powers all go into Hawkeye and Longarms Proficiency. This makes her rather inept when it comes to other sorts of tasks, as her build is not meant for anything but shooting.
  • Bard is simple - a street samurai with specializations in explosives and improvised weapons. Everything can become a weapon to him, and he will make it something powerful and useful, even if it is only short-term.
While Ciel and Sebastian are generally the only ones needed for a mission, the others are there if needed, and if they need help defending the manor (their ‘haven’ as it is). Ciel has a vast network of contacts as well, from Lau (drug merchant) to Undertaker (former Shinigami), I would assume most of them are high Loyalty/Connection ratings (especially Undertaker). His success in missions has lead to the Queen relying on him and no other groups throughout his services.
  • It is entirely possible that his family were rather renown runners, and that he was well aware of his parents’ (yes, plural) work in his youth. Vincent was also a Face, and Takana, while not a summoned spirit, definitely qualifies as a physical adept. While I have no doubt that the job of a Shadowrunner could be kept from a spouse, I do not believe that Rachel did not know of her husband’s work, and perhaps had her own contacts that she could use to gather information for him on his jobs.
    • This, of course, brings me to Lizzy.
    • It was recently revealed that the entire Middleford family are knights for the Queen, Lizzy included, I would not call them Shadowrunners. They are more of the private, contracted police force like Knight Errant, working directly under the queen to protect the populace (Frances’ distain for Ciel possibly comes more from his line of work, as sneaking around in the underground and back alleys is not fitting for someone who will marry her daughter). This would put them at odds with the Runners, as some Runner work does work to undermine the Queen’s authority, and in the end is less honorable than openly defending the populace.
  • And what about the Shinigami?
    • Anyone who knows Shadowrun would be well aware that there are megacorps, giant corporations that in some places rule entire countries, and are capable of waging massive wars against one another. Sure, sometimes they hire shadowrunners, but mostly they loathe and despise them. They are the ones keeping tabs on the runners, ensuring that they are not getting out of line, and when their paths cross, more often than not - someone gets pretty dead (look at Madame Red). If someone needs to be getting dead, they’re right there to do it, and fuck if anyone gets caught in the crossfire.
The Black Heart is piloted by Grell and Sebastian.
The Black Heart is black with red trim. Sebastian is the titular butler in black. Hearts are red. And Grell loves her red.

Soma Asman Kadar had an ancestor or relative who died and became Yoruichi Shihouin.
They both are rich kids with purple hair, golden eyes, a somewhat excentric yet nice personality and a very special relationship with their bodyguard.

In episode 17, Sebastian had sensed Angela's presence from the beginning.
That's one of the reasons why he made Matilda dirty. He wanted to taunt Angela by showing her that he could do whatever he wanted on her territory.

Trauma, and not any of the things that most real-life Western churches consider "unclean", are the only things that the purification church in the anime considers an impurity.
Mathilda smelled like a demon because she had demon on her, both metaphorically and literally. She was still pretty "pure" or would have been if it and her boss's reaction wasn't traumatic. It's kind of like them getting the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil pumped from their stomach, only in this case it's the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Life's Suckiness.

Every time Ciel says, "Sebastian, this is an order," he owes Sebastian a little bit more.
He does tend to restrict that phrase to important times.

Ciel told Sebastian to treat most of his orders as requests in order to keep Sebastian from having as many opportunities to be a Jerkass Genie.
"Sebastian, this is an order" means "Now, exactly as I say". They have a standing deal that any other orders he gives are to be treated as requests from a boss, and for Sebastian to take his time and use common sense to try to interpret them as Ciel most likely means rather than as might benefit Sebastian the most.

Why Not? It's possible that he was wished into being/ wished himself to become a demon, much like Ciel in the anime. Another possibility is that he was (most likely unwillingly) turned into a demon by another cult. His Extreme loyalty to Ciel could be a parallel to a strong devotion he had to someone while he was human and/or the last empty remnants of his personality after a horrifying dose of Break the Cutie. As for the reference to the black death, he has either been a demon for hundreds of years (This would explain his Antiquated Linguistics) or is straight up lying. Demons aren't the most honest creatures in the world. I'm rather new to the series, so let me know if this is Jossed already, and please don't get angry if it is! >__<
  • Not completely Jossed. However, Sebastian and demons in general do not lie, and the reference to the black death wasn't in the manga. Furthermore, his devotion to Ciel isn't exactly 'extreme' per se and he has no qualms about endangering Ciel. This is only in the manga though, so your theory may or may not be correct in the anime!verse.
  • I think this was Jossed in season 2 (which this trooper completely disavows BTW!). At one point Sebastian reminisces about when he first started serving Ciel and he says that he didn't know what human food tasted like because had always been a demon. I think he also says something along similar lines in his cinematic record when he was stabbed by the Undertaker during the Campania arc. Several times throughout the manga Sebastian makes various comments that indicate he has never been human. If he was ever human then he died too young to remember it or he has lived so long that he has completely forgotten what it is like.

Elizabeth is going to find out that Sebastian is after Ciel's soul and then she'll try to fight him.
We can all see where that's going to go...

Shinigami can see in more dimensions than humans.
Cinematic records are only visible in a dimension that humans are generally unable to see. Shinigami eyes are configured to be able to see this additional dimension, but it throws off their sight in regular dimensions. Hence the reason all shinigami are nearsighted. Their glasses are constructed in such a way that they correct vision problems without making the shinigami unable to see the extra dimension.
  • Not that you don't have a point, but the only Shinigami to be seen with horrid vision is William, and that was just in the anime. Ronald's reaction didn't seem to be one of that who truly knew the importance of reaper glasses. Still though, everything else is plausible and makes a lot of sense.
  • as of chapter 61 there seems to be some truth to this. At least the nearsighted part was confirmed although if they are aware of more "dimensions" or something like it, it's probably not through sight as Undertaker said to Ronald "you seem to relying on your eyes" .
  • While an interesting theory, it doesn't explain demons and angels. None of the demons or angels shown wear glasses regularly, except Claude (although he seems to do just fine without them), but are proven to be able to view cinematic records. Perhaps this puts them one step above Shinigami.
  • Or the bad sight could be an effect and not a symptom, as it seems to be implied that Shinigami are required to watch the entire cinematic record of every victim, and such a task could be taking a toll on their sight. It could be that shinigami are the ones who decide where to send the souls, so while angels and demons are able to see the cinematic records, they are not exactly relevant to their jobs, since thye simply receive the already-judged souls.

Grell Sutcliff is related to Death the Kid from Soul Eater
Think about it.Death the Kid is a grim reaper. Grell is a grim reaper.Kid is trying to turn his weapons into death scythes. Grell already has a death scythe.Coincidence? I think not!
  • That applies to both characters' entire species. This could just as easily apply to Ronald, William, or Undertaker.

Sebastian's actual demon form in the manga is female.
All the hints of of Sebastian's demonic appearance seem to be leading up to more of a Fashion-Victim Villain than an Eldritch Abomination (seriously, heels, what might be mascara, and Femme Fatalons?) but is actually playing on the assumption of the readers who have gotten used to all the Ho Yay that gender means anything to Sebastian; unlike Grelle, who's transsexual and actually is mentally female, Sebastian elected to Gender Bender herself a) For the Lulz (guys still want her even as a man, something that amuses her to no end, and now women are swooning over *her) and b) Ceil saw what she used to look like and seeing her in a male form possibly modeled after his father is meant to make him uncomfortable; Sebastian's not going to be a servant for god knows how long without SOMETHING to make that less pleasant for the one giving orders, after all.

  • That is possible. In fact, I think demons are the same as angels in the Kuroverse in that they are genderless. Sebastian's VA once said he thought Sebastian became exactly what Ciel needed at that time. I agree. Sebastian could have taken a male form because it offered him the most amount of freedom in Victorian England. He can get away with things that a woman would not in that time period. It's probably a case of Art Evolution, but in the manga Sebastian's features are more feminine in the beginning chapters than the later ones.

Sebastian hates being naked (especially in front of humans) because his true form has built-in clothing.
We see that it has something resembling stiletto winklepickers when he transforms in the anime. Perhaps he feels that humans are naturally vulnerable as well as weak, using clothes as prosthetic scales/feathers/whatever in the way that a hermit crab finds a shell, and that he feels less like a naked human and more like a plucked bird when stripped of clothing in his human form.

We only saw flashes of his intermediate stages of transformation in the anime, not bits of the final structure. The feathers are not a direct result of his transformation, but a screen he creates so that the people of London don't get an eyeful of madness if they happen to look up at the wrong time and have particularly good eyesight. Ciel was close enough (both spatially and socially) that Sebastian didn't want to risk him seeing at all, and thus told him to close his eyes.

Sebastian is The Guide, Mk. 2.
With all the raven symbolism, the interpretation that he is meant to be Malphas (a black bird...thing), and the guess directly above (that Sebastian's true form is an Eldritch Abomination with Alien Geometries), this is the logical conclusion.

The killer of Ciel's parents...
Is the Viscount of Druitt. Why? Because he just won't go away, he seems to have really shady connections to damn near everything (selling unsuspecting women into slavery, naming himself Caesar of an immortal society...) and this manga has a habit of turning its Joke Characters into Lethal Joke Characters. And you don't get more "Joke" than the Viscount.
  • If he's not the killer, he could have been the one who sold Ciel to the cult. We know he is/was active in human trafficking, and how often do you get the chance to sell a boy from the noble class? For that matter, how much do you think you could get for him? If the Viscount was able to sell girls who he picked up from his own party without getting caught, he'd be able to sell a child presumed dead in a fire. Viscount Von Druitt might be the link Ciel needs to who killed his family- anything he knows about the people who sold Ciel to him might help.
    • Not sure I buy this - wouldn't Druitt have recognized Ciel on the Campania and asked uncomfortable questions?

The Undertaker loved a human woman who lied to him.
Manga continuity. She was either in a deeply committed relationship with him or they were actually married, if shinigami can marry humans. She possibly betrayed and/or left him, but he never stopped loving her. Eventually she died, whether by natural causes or as a consequence of the betrayal—it's possible that he even killed her, given his recently-revealed willingness to slaughter innocents for a selfish whim. This is why he says that the dead are more beautiful because they can lie no longer, like the living always do—because he was lied to before, and found his lover the liar to be more beautiful after her death. It also accounts for the momento mori that he keeps around his waist and calls his "treasure," since (though I'm no expert) lovers and married couples often had them made as mourning pieces, out of locks of the dead person's hair. It's quite possible that this grief and love had to do with him giving up life as a shinigami to work as an undertaker instead. He probably kept her body and "played" with it. (Ew.)
  • Support. For extra WMG, the woman who died/he possibly killed was Rachel, Ciel's mother.
  • If recent events are anything to go by, it's more likely that this WMG is accurate- but instead of Rachel, the woman was Claudia Phantomhive- Ciel's grandmother.

Grell will finally get that sex-change operation that she's apparently always wanted.
Sebastian will be squicked. Or maybe he'll like it. Who even knows with this series sometimes.

In episode 17, even if just momentarily, Sebastian was aware of the Fourth Wall.
And when he slammed his hand against the wall, he was really trying create a loud enough noise to get your attention and warn you that you should probably not watch this next part if your mom is anywhere in the immediate area.

The "Ciel" we are seeing is not the real Ciel Phantomhive.
When the real Ciel was in captivity, he befriended another prisoner who looked almost exactly like him, a la The Prince and the Pauper. The real Ciel was killed by the cultists, and his doppelganger took his place as Ciel Phantomhive.We see "Ciel" get quite brutally stabbed on the altar in several flashbacks (at the time that the contract is made, the real Ciel looks like this, and the text even says "Ciel isn't here anymore."), but the Ciel who contracts with Sebastian is not wounded in any way, and even if it had been long enough for the wound to have healed 'and' the wound was survivable in the first place, there's no sign of blood. Not to mention when the contract scene is taking place there's a bloody hand on the altar still. And in Baron Kelvin's recreation of the scene, there's the dead "Ciel" on the altar, and another boy in the cage who looks just like him.When introducing himself to Sebastian, "Ciel" hesitates before referring to himself as the Earl of Phantomhive. Sebastian even seems quite amused that this is what his new master is calling himself, though that may just be because of "Ciel"'s age."Ciel" has no knowledge of things that a young nobleman would have already begun to learn, which is why Sebastian has to start tutoring him from scratch."Ciel" also seems to have a very impersonal connection to his family after his return, as though he knows who they are and knows who they are meant to be to him but lacks the familiar love of a whole childhood spent with them (he even exclusively refers to Vincent as his "predecessor", not his father). He warms up to Lizzie and Madam Red as time goes on, because they show him love and he begins to love them back.Though "Ciel" has the goal of avenging Vincent and Rachel, perhaps he's doing it to avenge his dead friend and put his spirit to rest.Not unreasonable, but remember when Sebastian brought the boy at the mansion, Ciel had very discerning tastes regarding tea and food, which indicates that he is a spoiled rich boy used to having everything perfect, at the very least. As for him not knowing to ride and shoot is because he is a frail child with asthma and his parents would have been loath to strain him too much while still delicate.

  • Semi-confirmed as of Chapter 90. No confirmation on the 'Prince and the Pauper', though.
    • I do think this is a possibility. Especially considering the latest Manga Arc. However there are still several things that cannot readily be explained, such as Not-Ciel recognising Tanaka in the hospital (although he did call him Grandpa), knowing a lot about the Phantomhive family history (including Ciel's Dog's name), and claiming to have met several people during Ciel's childhood (such as Baron Kelvin). Which to leads to another WMG...
    • Honestly, I suspect a situation somewhat similar to Ryougi Shiki from Kara no Kyoukai. The works are fairly different in most respects, but you could make a case for certain points, i.e. a rather particular type of loss leading to obtaining a form of power.

The Ciel we are following is a soul-jar for the real Ciel Phantomhive
The real Ciel was killed by the cultists and his 'sacrifice' was what called Sebastian. However Ciel's soul latched onto Not-Ciel's body and they now share a single body. Thus Sebastian is only after one of Ciel's souls. This may be supported by the two Ciel's interaction in Chapter 90(?).

In conjunction with the above, the Ciel we are following in the series is biologically female.
This is rather more on the "Wild" side of Wild Mass Guessing.

Whether he truly identifies as male or is living as male in order to take the real Ciel Phantomhive's place, as mentioned above (it's highly unlikely that this theory holds water if the Ciel we're seeing is the real Ciel, because it's Victorian England, and he's engaged to a girl he's known since birth.) there are a handful of signs suggesting this- and it's even lampshaded a few times. Ciel is very feminine in appearance (as proven by how exceptionally well he passed in drag) and he's been getting progressively more feminine as the series has gone on.(Contrast this picture to this one.) Beginning to go through puberty, perhaps? In chapter 37, Nina Hopkins comments that his measurements have stayed the same, with the exception of his waist being slimmer, implying he's getting somewhat of an hourglass figure. Frances comments that he's built more like a girl. And this is, perhaps, slight nitpick, but in Noah's Ark Circus, considering the backgrounds of most of the performers, he seems resistant to removing his clothes in front of other males beyond what one would expect for just the brand on his back. And even when he knows that Freckles/Doll is able to lift up his shirt at the back and see the brand, he determinedly holds his shirt down over his chest.Sebastian would obviously be aware of this (and most likely Tanaka as well, though Tanaka most likely knows EVERYTHING) as he's the one who dresses and bathes Ciel, but he would have undoubtedly been ordered not to breathe a word of it to anyone immediately.Just putting the W back in WMG, don't mind me.

  • Jossed in chapter 71, we see his bare chest when he gets attacked, and it's clearly male.
    • Maybe. But remember that Ciel is pretty clearly either prepubescent or just starting puberty. Not all girls have begun growing breasts by that age, and before a young girl grows breasts her chest looks no different from a boy's chest. Maaaayyyybe.
    • Jossed as of the 'Witches Forest' Arc. The Green witch gropes Ciel and remakes that he's definately a man.
    • ... but what if Ciel is super-paranoid about being found out and wears, um, filling?

Ciel's contract with Sebastian feeds off his energy
It's the only explanation I can think of for how someone that spends most of his days sitting around or being carried by his butler — while eating a diet predominantly made up of sweets and cakes — can stay so skinny. It may also have something to do with why his asthma suddenly came back after years of health.

Yana Toboso is a Bleach fan.
Compare Prince Soma with Yoruichi, Undertaker with Urahara, and William with Uryu Ishida. Also William and Ishida have the same Japanese voice, Noriaki Sugiyama.

William was once in love with a human woman who died.
This is based off of the "Shinigami OVA." Since the Toboso has been known to utilize plot devices from the anime, this doesn't at all seem farfetched. My theory is that William fell in love with a human woman who died, but he somehow got her to be reincarnated...only to have her completely forget about him in return. It's the reason he's so stoic and cold, and why he tells Ronald that "bringing your emotions into your job is a waste of time." The entire ordeal left him rather emotionless and bothered. Bonus points if the reason he hates being called "Will" is because the woman he once loved used to call him that.
  • Alternatively: The woman he loved had her soul devoured by a demon. Since we don't know exactly how reapers are created in the Kuroverse, it could very well be that William was once a human, and then he "died" and somehow became a reaper. Since he became unable to see that woman again, she thought he had died for real and in despair, summoned a demon to bring him back to life. But then the demon was like "nah I tricked you I just wanted noms," and that's why William hates demons so much more than the other reapers seem to.
  • Alternatively: William and Grell confess their love for one another, then Grell is killed. William makes a contract with Sebastian or another demon to trade his own life for hers, mirroring Thomas' story. It would be tragic, but it does fit with the series. And it would present an interesting conclusion to William's feud with Sebastian.

Ciel, Batman, and Barnaby are alternate dimension versions of eachother.
Think about it. A rich kid see's his parents killed. He then becomes obsessed with avenging them. All three of them are the same.

Mei-Rin's likes wearing her glasses because they impair her vision.
In the beginning of her backstory, there's a man that says that her eyes are special and that she was born to be an assassin. Maybe she loves wearing her glasses so much because they keep her from seeing everything as a target, and that's why she only removes them when she's shooting. Even if they do make her a clutz, she won't take them off because she'd run the risk of killing everyone.
  • If I recall correctly, she's canonically far-sighted, having clear vision at a distance but horrible vision up close. The glasses do impair part of her vision, but they fix another part.

Doll survives.

And then she kills everyone. Including Ciel, that heartless son of a bitch. The end.

  • I support this and demand fanfic.

Ciel will become a Shinigami
I mean, come on, the Undertaker loves the guy.He'd totally take him for an apprentice. Plus, it's possible that his soul will no longer be 'human' after said event occurs, allowing him to loophole his way out of the contract.
  • Given the reveal in chapter 105 that all shinigami were once humans who committed suicide, this seems incredibly unlikely. Ciel would be unlikely to pull something like that successfully, as should he even try to, Sebastian would surely find a way to heal him before he could die. (I presume, should Ciel die in such a way, Sebastian couldn't have his soul).

Agni is actually Agni
That is, Soma's servant is an avatar of the Hindu God of Fire. Sebastian sees him as human because he is human, that's the form he's chosen to take, but he's also a god.
  • In this series, normal servants are the exception, not the rule. Grell's a shinigami. All of Ciel's household are war machines. And if Earl Grey is human, I'll eat my stovepipe victorian tophat.

Sebastian will deliberately break the contract
Whether it's due to a slowly-built affection for his charge, or merely a requirement for one of his plots, Sebastian can end the contract at any time by betraying Ciel, disobeying one of his commands, or lying.
  • Depending on the nature of some of the things that have happened and the exact nature of the contract and a broken contract (I'm not perfectly up-to-date on the manga, so this may not count), it may even be possible that Sebastian already broke the contract and is using a considerable fraction of his power to imitate a valid contract. Selfishly, he can guide Ciel's orders through him to his own ends, in a large yet subtle multi-stage plan like Father's multi-generation plan for Amestris in Full Metal Alchemist. Benevolently, he could just be in the demon version of whatever passes for (hopefully platonic) love with Ciel.

Angels will play a part in the manga continuity
There are a lot of differences between the two continuities in both plot and characterization. And sure, Ash and Angela were a Filler Villain thrown in for the sake of the anime's first season Gecko Ending. And no, their presence didn't make much sense, nor was their goal clarified much beyond standard antagonism labeled as "purity". But the anime was also spot on about a few things, like Undertaker being a Shinigami (though he's much friendlier there than in the manga). The presence of angels in the manga!verse is entirely reasonable, though whether they'll be Knight Templars or Hero Antagonists is anyone's guess.
  • A similar theory, adding to it that Queen Victoria's butlers (or Earl Grey, at least) are actually angels. It would also explain their general white appearance while Sebastian, a demon, leans towards all black. Atthe very least, those gus abilities are far beyond any human, even a superhuman like Agni. There's also the blatant distrust that Earl Grey seems to feel towards Sebastian during the Murder arc: it could be because he can somehow sense his demonic nature.

Mei-rin is going to be a Reaper.
Her "special eyes" which are perfect for an assassin aren't just good for sniping- they can see exactly how to kill someone with a metaphorical gardening tool, let alone literal "real" weapons, and after becoming a full-fledged reaper can see the kinematic records. If true, this will lead to a hilarious scene (at the very least, an Imagine Spot) where she has to be taught by Finny how to use pruning shears or a sickle.
  • Highly unlikely, as it's been confirmed that all Reapers have the same (highly unusual) color of eyes. Undertaker had to hide his eyes in order to avoid being discovered. If Meirin was a reaper, somebody probably would have commented.
  • Reapers are humans who have killed themselves, so unless you want that...

Some of the reapers are...
Werther imitators.

Elizabeth has some supernatural abilities.
In vol. 13 of the manga, right at the end of Lizzie's zombie-killing moment, after she finishes with the zombies, she points her sword at Grell. Sebastian moves it out of the way, and she stops trying to attack when she sees that it's him. But why did she point it at Grell? It could be that she has some innate sense for detecting supernatural beings. We've seen before that other characters have this; Grell and Sebastian recognize each other for what they are from the beginning. Sebastian can detect Grim Reapers from Demons from zombies from whatever else, but considering that he's been doing so for many centuries (and is insanely powerful regardless), it stands to reason that Lizzie's sense would not be as precise. But it does seem that she could detect some similarity between Grim Reapers and zombies, that humans don't have. Either that or reapers carry the same aura of death as an actual corpse, but the Circus group's acceptance of William would seem to disprove that idea.
  • Considering Madame Red's connection to Grell, it seems that there might be something supernatural going on in that family.

Grell will show up in a scene involving Soma and he will think she is Kali.
This will end up with William as Shiva (i.e. under her foot by accident).

Something major will be revealed about Soma
in the Weston Arc.And his section on the character page will expand with white spoilers, just like Lizzie's and Undertaker's did in the Campania arc.
  • Jossed, sadly.

Sebastian is an incubus.
  • This would explain why his true form appears to wear dominatrix garb.
  • He is able to manipulate people through sexual acts.
  • He is very attractive. He claims his appearance was rendered to be "suitable to of being in service to an earl" - apparently servants for earls need to be extremely handsome.
  • During a flashback of when a cult summoned him, we see a woman covering herself with another cultist's cape, implying there may have been an orgy going on.

Sebastian's true form looks like Ulquiorra's Segunda Etapa form. It looks demonish, minus the hooker boots

Violet is a seer and can see the future
  • During the scene in the Swan Gazebo, Violet is busy drawing some scenes totally not related to what's happening in the gazebo at that moment. One of the scenes truly happens during the night gala before the annual cricket tournament, as Ciel can attest. And unfortunately, according to Violet's drawings, Ciel will be accosted by some monster.
    • [[spoiler:Not just "some monster", the Jabberwock! Incoming Alice arc? Well, we can dream....

Tanaka was Vincent Phantomhive's demon butler/servant
  • Please hear me out on this. So we know that Tanaka is a peaceful, old, and overall a comic relief character in the series, compared to the intensity that it can get to on occasion. However, we learn later on in the murder mystery arc of the manga reveals that not only do Sebastian and the rest of the servants kick butt, but Tanaka does, too. He's a swift master of a Japanese martial arts of some sort, which no elderly man should be capable of. He's also extremely loyal to Ciel for one of two possible reasons: Vincent ordered him to protect Ciel no matter what, due to them being kindred; or because he knows Sebastian could easily defeat him, so he keeps his distance. When he's not the main comic relief of the moment, he's oddly calm, especially when Sebastian "dies" during the murder mystery arc, while nobody but Ciel, Sebastian, and probably Earl Grey knew the true nature of the event. Everyone else was extremely panicked and worried, while he was the Only Sane Man. Not to mention that apparently the original Phantomhive manor got burnt to the ground and he survived. I had more when the realization hit me, but this is all I've got so far.

Agares is a demon

Grell is wearing a red wig.
  • His straight black hair as a butler is his real hair. That choppy red thing is merely a wig. It's probably a safe assumption.
    • Are you not considering the Reaper OVA canon? Younger Grell's hair was short and just as red.

Based on the WMG above where Violet is a seer, he actually has foreseen Blue house's victory due to both Ciel and Sebastian's underhanded efforts.
  • And yet due to tradition, he will not blow that cover so easily. However, this advantage will eventually cause a Blue vs Violet final in the cricket tournament.
    • The Blue vs Violet part is Jossed; It's Blue vs Green instead.

The Principal of Weston is a Demon or a Reaper
  • or some other form of supernatural, and Sebastian will reveal him as such. I doubt he's anyone major we've seen before (it wouldn't make sense for William, Druitt, one of the Charleses, etc. to be the principal) but the way his face was hidden could indicate that he's someone we've seen in some capacity before. Or maybe Toboso just wants us to think that... (I mentioned William before because any of the other reapers would stand out too much. They could disguise themselves like Grell did as Madame Red's butler, but it doesn't really seem like any of them (Grell, Ronald, or Undertaker, I mean).
    • Confirmed: Despite Sebastian being able to catch up to grab the Principal, he suddenly disappears, leaving behind only his cape and hat. So yeah, the Principal is totally not normal.
    • Confirmed: In chapter 82. Surprise, it's Undertaker!

Undertaker IS Grell... from the future
  • Strange theory, really just from the fact that they have pretty much the same hairstyle. Also, I can think of how Grell might go crazy enough to end up like that... I put it in a WMG above, a while ago - if Thomas' story comes true, but with Grell as the maiden that William must give his life for. Maybe a Reaper's memories aren't erased that easily, and Grell goes mad not only from half-remembering, but from guilt.
    • In support for this theory, we know that both Grell and Undertaker are grim reapers, have somewhat similar personalities, and seem to prefer dead people over the living in some way (Grell likes the blood that comes from killing people, Undertaker believes the dead are more beautiful because they can no longer tell lies). We also know that both of them can hold their own against Sebastian. However, if they were to be the same person, there is no explanation of how they are existing at the same time, unless we assume that all shinigami are time lords or something.

Lau was blackmailing Madame Red
  • If you watch Lau in episode 4 and the corresponding parts of the manga, it really looks like he knew about Madame Red (It even seems like he's trying to cover for her a bit when they're in Undertaker's shop). What if he was blackmailing her? What if, in order for him to not have her gotten rid of, he wanted her to help him get closer to Ciel (in some way that will affect Ciel around when this is revealed). Especially if Lau is connected to Ciel's parents deaths. Maybe he got her to help him destroy some evidence. How would he stop her when she was working with a reaper? Really, you know Lau has to have supernatural connections. (See also: Lau's gang is the cult, above.)

More demons will appear in the manga, and Sebastian is actually a lower ranked demon than they are
  • We had zombies, grim reapers and people of extraordinary power, it would make since if demons should up eventually. Maybe reveal his/her true form in full page spread. Sebastian might have to reveal his true form and use it to fight them. And after losing a fight, it might go Neurmo on us and how the supporting cast be useful against them.
    • Add witches and werewolves to that list.

Lin in the film is a composite expy of Meyrin and Grell
  • Going with the theory that Hanae is like Madame Red. They're giving her a whole lot of attention, really, in the promotional releases. Unless, of course, they release photos and information about "so-and-so pop star is in the Kuroshitsuji film as Hanae's butler, who's timid and quiet and bad at making tea" (which would be stupid, because at this point, everyone who's even heard of the series knows where that goes). Or they'll release that and it's a red herring.
    • No she's just another awesome Meyrin. And she knew about the Ciel expy being Sweet Polly Oliver.

Gregory Violet is a Sweet Polly Oliver
  • Dude doesn't just look like a lady, dude looks specifically like the way Toboso Yana draws ladies. (Or, uh, cis ladies at least.) The shape of the eyes, the definition of the lips... it could just be because of makeup, but it's possible. That swishy cape means that she wouldn't have to bind too tight all the time, and given that Violet House is full of "weirdoes", a girl crossdressing to study her art (and perhaps to be her family's heir?) probably wouldn't have much trouble fitting in.

The reason Earl Grey is so eager to mess with Ciel is that he's in love with Elizabeth.
  • He was seen during her flashback, watching her compete and commenting on her ability. As a man with powerful fencing prowess, it seems plausible he would admire her and therefore hate Ciel who is set to marry her. This would also give a new light to his very keen desire to humiliate Ciel in the egg chase.
    • If so that would be really creepy, since he's in his twenties (at least) as the Queen's Butler, and Elizabeth is fourteen at most.
      • Considering the series, this might be true and if so it would solidify Earl Grey's role as an antagonist.

The experimentation Finnian underwent took place in Germany.
  • Turns out he speaks some German, and he's been uncharacteristically down whenever not actively doing something ever since they arrived. He deflected Snake's question about his language skills, when it seems more like him to be enthusiastic about anything he can successfully do. Maybe returning to Germany is bringing up bad memories.
    • Confirmed

Wolfram will become the manga's expy of Pluto.
Ambiguously Human ,introduced in a wolf-themed arc, and called a "guard dog." Now for him to reveal he is actually a canine and join the Phantomhive manor.

Wolfram is the werewolf.
In addition to the above, if the historical-style illustrations accompanying Sieglinde's story are any indication, the "Great Werewolf" is shown holding the first Green Witch much like Wolfram carries Sieglinde. ITTRC, they never share a scene, either. Note that the attack on the other witch happened while Wolfram was taking a suspiciously long time to prepare food. Also, he is very adamant about not letting anyone go into the forest, and to point out that the village does not tolerate outsiders; when Ciel and Sebastian fall prey to the curse, he positively lashes out and says, among other things, "Werewolves do not simply want to hurt people, do you understand?!"

Maybe the werewolf is only dangerous when in wolf form and the Green Witch's task is to keep him human, busy, and in control. He does seem to obey Sieglinde personally, moreso than the village women.Ciel and Sebastian get cursed either because they left earlier than Wolfram told them to (they would have been able to avoid him otherwise), or, being asleep, Sieglinde has no hold over him and he decides/is compelled to curse them anyway.He may suffer from Alternate Identity Amnesia, hence acting like he had nothing to do with both incidents in their aftermath.Heck, being a werewolf might even explain why he does have trouble doing "human" things, such as cooking.This raises the question why that woman who took off her talisman was wounded rather than cursed. Maybe the villagers, being witches, have some kind of immunity or defense against the curse other than the pendants, but she was too close and he couldn't help assaulting a talisman-less person?

Lau made a contract with Ran-Mao
She follows him everywhere, is a powerful fighter, and obeys his orders without question. It should also be noted that Lau commented on how Sebastian follows Ciel everywhere, so perhaps he knew/suspected that Ciel had made a contract with Sebastian.

Demons are not the only beings capable of making contracts
The Green Witch has a contract with the werewolves, who are not demons.
  • Grell could have had a contract with Madame Red.

Contracts can be broken by humans or the supernatural
In chapter 63, Sebastian begins asking Ciel if he's going to give up on revenge. Ciel considers it, and while he does Sebastian reaches for him with demonic hands- seemingly to devour his soul. Ciel didn't know the full terms of the contract- he has to have a goal in mind when he makes it (revenge), and if he gives up on that goal before he reaches it he breaks the contract. If he broke the contract and gave up on revenge, Sebastian would be free to devour his soul.
  • Confirmed as of chapter 94.

Pluto is Clifford's ancestor.
Over the years though, the demon bloodline waned, leaving descendants without the ability to become human and breathe fire, leaving only the immense size.

Undertaker is Ciel's grandfather
We know he has some connection to Ciel's grandmother, he knew and helped out Vincent for no real reason, and he cares deeply about Ciel for some unknown reason. At some point in his life fifty years ago, Undertaker spent a lot of time on Earth as a human. Those lockets? They're all humans Undertaker either fell in love with (as a more caring and empathic option) or just screwed (as a more shallow option.) Yes, some of the names are male, but considering the genre, it's possible Undertaker is bi (or some other sexual orientation besides heterosexual and homosexual), and in the Victorian Era homosexual relationships did happen, they were just kept secret. Claudia happened to get pregnant by him, so Undertaker watched over his offspring. It's possible, depending on how "adventurous" the younger Undertaker was, that Claudia was actually married when Vincent was conceived, but they were able to convince her husband that the baby was his (Undertaker could have had some supernatural method of confirming that the kid was his).

Also, the reason why Sebastian considers Ciel a "high quality" soul? Because he knows that Ciel has some non-human ancestry. It's possible that interbreeding between species is rare, and the chance to devour the soul of a half-human hybrid comes across once in a demon's lifetime. It may not be that Ciel has some unknown trait that makes his soul "delicious"- just rare.

  • As much as this one makes me pouty, given my Headcanons about why the Undertaker initially committed suicide, I'll be a good sport: this is supported by the German Reapers' off-handed comments in (I believe) chapter 105 about how most humans usually can't see reapers.
  • Alternatively, Undertaker is Ciel's great-grandfather. Think about it- he said something changed for him "fifty years ago," which going by the death records for Claudia Phantomhive, is around when she was born. If he fathered children with her, him defecting around the time of her birth is quite a coincidence, but if he defected because she was born it explains a lot more. Likewise, Ciel's ability to see reapers is implied to be a result of non-human ancestry, and in the Cambina arc Lizzy sees Grell and attacks her with a sword, proving she can also see reapers. If so, the options involving Undertaker as Ciel's ancestor are that Undertaker fathered both of Claudia's children, Vincent and Francis are twins, or Undertaker fathered Claudia herself.
  • While I'm leaning more towards the Undertaker being Ciel's ancestor (because we do see him shed some tears over a picture of Vincent), I also have another theory: In chapter 105 we see a one-panel flashback of a light haired Shinigami holding a dead man in his arms. Theory is that the light haired one was the Undertaker and the other man was the Shinigami, who was Ciel's ancestor and the reason he died, was because he protected the Undertaker, who then felt it his duty to serve the Phantomhives.

The Manga series will conclude with a massive battle for Ciel's soul
Because it would be awesome to see the whole cast of badasses; Sebastian, Finny, Mey-Rin, Bard, Tanaka, Snake, Elizabeth, Edward, Double Charles, Agni, Grell, William, Ronald, Lau, Ran-Mao, and of course Undertaker (assuming they all survive that long) fight each other. Sebastian will be forced to fight through a whole bunch of people who are all desperate to save Ciel's soul, and it will be epic.

Sebastian looks similar to Vincent Phantomhive because
He is Vincent...'s soul. To be precise, when the Phantomhives were killed and Ciel kidnapped, Vincent's soul was not collected/properly checked by a Grim Reaper because it was no longer there. The demon that Sebastian is, noticed the soul, thought it would taste delicious (since as the previous Queen's Watchdog, and with Ciel and Undertaker's various words on how depressing and difficult the life of the Queen's Watchdog is, it would likely be delicious) and devoured it - or perhaps Vincent's soul managed to flee the scene of his murder. Either way, he was devoured by Sebastian. And that's why Sebastian looks so similar to him when he made himself in the image of a butler that would "fit an Earl".

Sebastian was originally a member of the Uchiha clan...
...who made a Deal with the Devil to become stronger, and gained demonic powers in exchange for his humanity. He fits the physical description of the average Uchiha, as a Bishounen with black hair and red eyes. He's also familiar with throwing knives (a skill with kunai carrying on into his demonic life). For added irony, his original name as a human was Uchiha Akuma, making his Catchphrase a double pun.

The Undertaker is trying to save Ciel.
The Undertaker made the Bizarre Dolls out of plain curiosity, according the to manga, but he might not have just created them because he was bored. He’s made many comments about Ciel only having one soul, and has advised him to treat it well, implying that he knows about the contract. And since he’s been outed as a shinigami, it makes more sense that he knows about Sebastian being a demon. Bizarre Dolls function without their souls, so he may be planning to bring Ciel back to life after Sebastian takes his soul. Judging by the evolution of the Bizarre Dolls in the Weston Arc, he could very well bring them fully back to life. Ciel has a huge future ahead of him too, being the Earl of Phantomhive. Remember that the more “future-memories” a Bizarre Doll has, the better it functions.
  • The way it looks recently, the person Undertaker is trying to save/revive is Ciel's father, Vincent
  • Or, alternatively, Undertaker is trying to save Ciel- the real one that is. As in, Undertaker is responsible for the real Ciel showing up alive, after he's strongly implied to have been murdered by the cult.
  • [[spoiler: Confirmed as of chapter 130, Undertaker made a bizzare doll out of the true Ciel's (our Ciel's older twin) corpse.

Snake is the son of Medusa Gorgon
He inherited his gold eyes, snakelike features, and ability to control snakes from his mother. Since Medusa is a god-awful parent and doesn't care what happens to her children, she abandoned Snake as a child when she decided that he was useless to her, and he ended up being taken as a sideshow freak without her to protect him. And in keeping with the Greek myth theme naming the Gorgon family has going on, his real name is Ladon Gorgon.
  • Maybe he got his scales from a failed attempt to turn him into a Kishin?

In the future, Sebastian (after having completed his contract with Ciel) forms another contract with Tamaki Suoh and becomes Kyouya Ohtori.

Think about it.

-Both of them share some physical similarities (tall, dark hair, light skin) and have the same English voice actor.

-Both of them are loyal companions/ assistants to Ciel and Tamaki, respectively, helping them with whatever schemes and tasks they need done. Basically, they're both sidekicks that are in many ways more competent than the people they serve.

-Kyouya is noted to be 'evil' and is called 'the Shadow King' due to his manipulative nature. In fact, Haruhi was finally able to be convinced that Honey was dangerous when it was brought to her attention that he had the same blood type as Kyoya...

-Since everyone in-verse and out is attracted to Sebastian, it'd make sense that Kyouya would be in a host club. He'd be a hit with the customers without even trying.

-Sebastian is quite cultured and has ties to the wealthy; these traits also apply to Kyouya, him being of a ridiculously rich family like the other Ouran students (save for Haruhi).

-In their shows respective English dubs, they have the same voice actor.

-Since these two are obviously so similar, here's how it probably went down: Tamaki was new to Japan, lonely without his mother, and somewhat shunned from his family. In a moment of sadness, he performed a ritual to contact a demon and form a contract with him, and that demon was Sebastian/Kyouya. Sebastian was contracted by Tamaki to make his life less lonely and help him make others happy through the Host Club, which he also needed help running... so "Kyouya" was given the life of a wealthy classmate of Tamaki and inserted into the Ohtori family through supernatural means (none of them are aware of this, seemingly). As such, Kyouya helped Tamaki achieve his dreams and find friends and a lover. When Tamaki dies, the contract will be fulfilled and Sebastian/Kyoya will get his soul.

The Phantomhive family is in some way related to the Blackadder clan.
His Lethal Cook is even named Baldroy; this can't be a coincidence. Both families are even in cahoots with royalty.

Undertaker is...
the reincarnated soul of Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7.First of all: Long silver hair, leather clothing, intriguing green eyes, bishie face, most awesome oversized weapon ever...And there are two ways for Sephiroth to die that could count as suicide, after all: The alternate take on the Nibelheim incident in "Last Order" where he jumps into the Mako Reactor of his own accord, or the fact that he didn't even raise his sword during the final final final fight with Cloud.

Ciel's father became Sebastian.
Now, hear me out: Despite what Ciel's flashbacks may indicate, Vincent probably wasn't as innocent as he initially appeared. Given that he was the previous Queen's watchdog, it can be assumed that he did some very wrong things while he was still alive. (Just look at some of the things his son did so far in the manga.) However, after his death, he became a demon, as punishment for the the wrongs that he's done in his life. The thing that brought him back to the human world was a ritual that summoned a specific demon to come and help whoever wished to use their powers at a price. Given that he was that demon, it's safe to assume that he wiped out the entire cult there, then made the deal with Ciel, so as to assume a form of a butler by the name of Sebastian.

Personally, this makes sense for several reasons: he would know exactly how the Phantomhive manor looked like before destruction, figure out just the kinds of foods Ciel prefered, and why he was nervous around Lizzie's mother: she's his sister.

The Undertaker has somehow figured out how to attach Vincent's cinematic record to Ciel's
And the Bizzare Dolls are his way of figuring out if he can put the cinematic record back in its proper body.

The "guardian stars" relate to blood types
By now it's fairly obvious that someone is doing research that requires a steady supply of blood. Most likely several rich people are looking into blood transfusion, as Sullivan explains blood transfusion was difficult and risky in the 18th century, but much of the equipment seen looks like storage containers and some sort of chemical treatment plus, needles and bloody IV lines are given focus. Furthermore we've already seen a Mad Doctor being funded by depraved nobility through the Book of Circus arc (while hiding his actions behind a facade of being part of an entertainment group), so it's possible that Bravat is doing research on blood transfusion on behalf of dying nobles, as there's a number of diseases that can be treated with successful blood transfusions. Sebastian sneaks into the bedrooms of the four guardian stars. He sees one that looks fairly normal, one room almost bare except for a suspicious hook and a box of ropes, one room set up for a young child, and one room that's trashed. If the child's room belongs to the offspring of one benefactor, the trashed room and the empty rooms could belong to nobles who lashe out at the world and no longer cares for life because they've been sick a long time and don't see the treatments as working, with the first room belonging to someone who's confident that they'll recover.

There are four blood types, A, B, AB, and O. A and O are almost equally common in England, with B being slightly less common, and AB being the rarest, which explains why some "guardian stars" are rarer than others. In real life, the existence of blood types wasn't discovered until 1901, and again in the last arc we had technology roughly 50 years ahead of it's time show up. Cravat could have made this discovery on his own, but he'd be missing one crucial piece- negative and positive blood types. If all of his patients are positive blood type this wouldn't be much of a problem, but if even one of them is negative type even with 1900's technology most of the transfusions would fail, requiring more blood to be drawn, and subjects whose blood was particularly effective (i.e. those who happen to have the exact same blood type) would likely be... overdrawn, explaining the corpses. So Cravat's benefactors and patients are continuing to support him because he's able to do a better job at treating them than any other doctor in the world, but even so his treatments aren't always successful, meaning they have to continuously draw more blood than the patients actually need in order to have test samples for refining the process and advancing it.

  • The idea that the stars represent blood types is pretty much confirmed by Sullivan.

The Undertaker is actually a vampire
He has pale skin, long fingernails, and seems to look a bit like Alucard(at least to me). He drinks the blood of the bodies he buries.

Baron Kelvin and the former Lord Trancy are a Take That, Audience! and Toboso isn't really a paedopjile
It's no secret that Yana Toboso at least has an Author Appeal for Yaoi, however has stated in several interviews that Sebastian X Ciel is a case of Misaimed Fandom and that it's not true love especially since demon or not a thirteen-year-old is rather...Squicky to some people. Enter Baron Kelvin and former Lord Trancy from the anime. Both are middle aged men that are rather repulsive-looking (with Kelvin being this way due to plastic surgery caused by body dysmorphia) who are also pedophiles. Likely a jab at how people seem to accept questionable relationships with older men due to said older men being usually very attractive. Lord Trancy takes this even further by not only being a pedophile ,but had an entire Harem of young boys as Sex Slaves and it's not completely out of the question that Jim Macken actually is Alois, especially since he still had to pretend to be him as a cover story.

So yeah, could be wrong, but it is likely that they were made as an attack on Yaoi Fangirl's Double Standards when it comes to paedophilia and show how messed up it would be in real life.

Kuroshitsuji takes place in the same world as the Ma Cherie chapter from Glamorous Lip...
...And Snake is the same kind of demi-human as Letty and the other "pets." Kuroshitsuji would come before Ma Cherie in that world's timeline, since one is in Victorian London while the other features modern technology and clothes.

Undertaker took the real Ciel's film reel from Sebastian during the Book of Atlantic arc
In order to make the real Ciel a more advanced Bizarre Doll that wasn't a zombie like the others, he would have gotten a film reel that was not a fake or some extension like with the vice-principal during the Weston College arc. He would have had to extract it from Sebastian when he slashed him with his scythe.

[[Spoiler: Our
Ciel's real name is Finnian.He passed on the name to his gardener who did share some similar past trauma and, he used it as his alias while undercover in the circus. It's entirely possible that it used to be his name before he [[spoiled: assumed his dead twin's identity]]

     Settled through vol. 20 

     Anime continuity  
Ciel and Alois are just delusional orphans
  • Ciel's parents both died, and he was sent to stay with an aunt who treated him rather poorly (represented in Madame Red, thus why she is half of Jack the Ripper). He then went to an orphanage, where Alois also stays. Alois has a psychotic mother and sexually abusive father, so he was taken away from his parents. It is because of the lack of a strong male figure that "Claude" doesn't love Alois back.

Ash/Angela didn't actually have a plan behind their actions.
They're just completely Ax-Crazy and want to burn everything to the ground for the hell of it. All their talk about making everything "pure" was just insane rambling.

Claude is actually...
...the half-demon offspring of Doctor Faustus and Mephistopheles. He got his surname from his father and his demonic nature from his other parent.

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