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Nightmare Fuel / Black Butler

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Deals with the devil? Sounds like it should be creepy!

Unmarked spoilers below.

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    Circus Arc 
  • In Chapter 31 when Ciel and Sebastian are at Baron Kelvin's mansion and are having dinner. The "circus" show he has a few children put on isn't all that scary... Until we see a little girl on the tightrope fall and we're treated to a panel of her leg and a nice splat complete with blood squirts. Then we see two other children drag off her headless corpse, leaving a lovely, bloody trail behind. Or how about the child who was a lion tamer that's eaten right on stage? The fact that Baron Kelvin is laughing and applauding makes it all the more frightening. Then he acts surprised that Ciel doesn't like the "show" he had the untrained children put on special for him. It was a pretty disturbing chapter.
    • Also, he wasn't just using the kidnapped children to perform in the circus or turning them into ceramic doll parts. He kept more of them locked up underneath his manor, trying to recreate the torture Ciel underwent while he was a slave.
    • Thought the manga part was bad enough? Wait until you'll see the anime adaptation. You just have to hear Baron Kelvin's voice once to know he's not exactly sane.
  • Near the end of Chapter 32, it seems as though Jumbo took care of Finnian, complete with a bloodied forehead. As soon as he stands back up from the impact, we were then treated with a creepy image of a smiling Finni, still with a bleeding forehead.
  • Ciel's flashbacks. A crazed cult leader stabbing a child in front of you? Horrific. How about a doctor who uses children's bones in his prosthetics stabbing a child in front of you the same way the cult leader did? Really horrific. Ciel got physically sick when he saw the doctor do this.
    • It's as bad in the anime, where there's no sign of Ciel having been stabbed, but it's implied by Angela that he may have been raped. The flashback in the 22nd episode is also pretty creepy, with a naked Ciel calmly walking (through some rather eerie white mist) on top of the piled up corpses of the cultists without any fear or hesitation in his eyes.
    • "The book of circus" however gives us a LOT of Ciel's flashbacks, two are even in the opening clip. We even learn why the cultists wanted to summon a demon: to get enough money to be rich for the rests of their live]. Too bad Sebastian thought that Ciel was far more interesting as a contractor.
      • The manga makes this worse. Only ONE person wanted to have money and power, since he was the only one who thought the sacrifice could actually work. The rest of the "cultists" were just bored rich folks having fun, torturing children and killing them purely for entertainment.
  • In Book of Circus's fourth episode, we watch the circus members' abduction of a young girl, which seems to involve some sort of drugging or hypnosis (possibly by using Mind-Control Music) that causes her to hallucinate. The police try to stop them, but are killed by the circus crew. What really makes the scene stand out is how the girl sees the policemen as cute bears that "bleed" confetti. While the deaths we see for what they are are quite bloody, most of them are seen from the girl's pont of view. It's quite unsettling to hear her laughing and clapping her hands in delight as the "bears" get offed and then happily entering the "Carriage to the Dreamland". It's even worse once you learn where the "Carriage" is actually going...
    • Now we know that the poor girl was being kept locked in the basement, in a perfect recreation of the cultist's room where Ciel was tortured. And in episode 9, Doctor used her for his lovely demonstration on how he extracted the material for his artificial body parts.
    • The anime makes it even worse by giving every child captured by the Baron matching scars on their foreheads- which implies that they might have been lobotomized, especially since these children are so... uncannily quiet and obedient, not even crying out when they're all burning to death.
  • Book of Circus episode eight: too many things to count. Let's just say that the episode is way bloodier and creepier than manga. Oh, and Grell is back.
  • Book of Circus episode nine, The last shot of Sebastian while he's engulfing the building in flames. He looks downright psychotic.
  • Grell's reaction to viewing Beast's death record (and her "relation" to Sebastian) can either be absolutely hilarious or absolutely disturbing.
    • Speaking of the infamous scene, just how Sebastian seduced Beast can be unsettling to some viewers. They were outside alone at night, he persisted both while she was at a low point and while it was obvious she wanted nothing to do with him, he constrained her to prevent her from attacking or moving while he propositioned her, and then he emotionally breaks her until she finally gave in. Manipulation/Pressuring at its finest and darkest, and the overall ambiance of the scene (Sebastian's demeanor at the time, his prior "incidents" with Beast (getting too close to her crotch when he needed not to and without her consent), and Beast's uncomfort/misery during the sex) did not help at all.
    • Even worse is the "demons seduce then drag humans into darkness" aspect that William/the manga brought up. While this does refer to how Beast fell for Sebastian's temptation no matter how she felt about/during/after it, another interpretation could be that Sebastian's demonhood allows for him to know exactly how to easily and quickly manipulate his prey to the point it's nearly impossible for the target to reason or refuse an offer no matter their initial feelings, using their own weaknesses no less. And even if there was truly no foul play going on, just remember this was all to gain information and Sebastian most likely had a clue on what was going to happen to Beast a little later...
    • And to top it off, remember that, again, Sebastian is a demon. Not only does this throw the affair even more (if not definitively) into rape territory (given not knowing exactly who/what you're sleeping with is deception which automatically nullifies any consent given), it also raises some questions into what could have happened had Beast managed to survive note 
  • Doctor, after telling Sebastian and Ciel the whole story behind the children kidnapping, actually had a nerve to ask Ciel of hiring him! Or recommending him to the Queen because "she's not getting any younger" and "could use some maintenance". To prove how brilliant he is, he made a lovely little demonstration on how he "extracted" the material needed to make artificial body parts. Ciel snapped.
  • Ciel's Laughing Mad moment at the end of the Circus arc in the manga is terrifying, especially considering how reserved he generally tries to be. After a massive PTSD attack in Kelvin's mansion and arguably crossing the Moral Event Horizon by burning down the entire mansion with uncountable innocent kidnapped children inside, discovering it was All for Nothing makes him... laugh, and laugh, and laugh, and babble about how humans are revolting and desperate and "even more demonic than a demon", and how he's the same. And as the ribbon off his hat is stolen by the wind, you remember that this is a thirteen-year-old kid....

     Phantomhive Manor Murders Arc 
  • The murder mystery arc ends with Ciel and Sebastian telling the young Arthur Conan Doyle exactly what happened: Charles Gray was responsible for the murders, and they framed someone else anyway (he's a criminal for other reasons). When Arthur asks how Sebastian was capable with all of the things he did, Sebastian tells Arthur the truth that he is a demon. And if Arthur ever tells anyone, they'll be sure to kill him. His last words "we're always watching" haunt Arthur for the rest of his life and convinced him to continue writing. The only reason Sebastian did that was because Ciel liked his writing.
    • The anime makes it worse by having Sebastian show Arthur his true form.
    • Connected to this, the Book of Murder Side Story could also count if one interprets it as Sebastian being able to infiltrate Arthur's... or really anyone's (including Ciel's) mind at will via dreams. Gets worse if one wants to think that Sebastian did that to Arthur multiple times instead of only once.
  • Mr Phelps' sudden close-up during the conclusion of the Mystery Murder Mansion Arc when Sebastian relates how he heard the snake and checked in the room, Phelps was begging for help and foaming at the mouth.

    Luxury Liner Arc Arc 
  • Any time the bizarre dolls show up. Especially when they start acting more human- and begin repeating the same lines over and over.
  • During the Campania Arc, just the faces of the Zombies/Bizarre Dolls at times... especially unsettling how wide they open their mouths, if not weird movements like walking backwards or contorting themselves into weird shapes.

    Public School Arc 

     Emerald Witch Arc 
  • The werewolf curse. First you cry, then you get rashes, your nose starts bleeding uncontrollably, your face swells up, until eventually you die in agony. Even more terrifying when we learn that the "curse" is actually the effect of inhaling a toxic gas, made by the villagers. And Siegliende was needed only for completing a formula for making the gas even more deadly.
  • Chapter 94. The second half. Sebastian finally snaps. However, it was probably just an act as we see in Chapter 95 (though Sebastian did say he was 90% serious about it...and probably would've gone through with it if Ciel hadn't snapped out of his BSOD right then and there.)
  • Chapter 97: The miasma that affected Ciel is actually a chemical weapon that kills anyone who breathes it in when it vaporizes. Think about that. Humans created a chemical gas potent enough to affect a demon like Sebastian.
    • Then again, chapter 99 gives a new nightmare moment for Sebastian. He actually suffers no ill effects from he mustard gas, as shown when he breathes in an entire room of the stuff and exhales it later.
  • Sieglinde got her legs and feet permanently broken and then tightly bound up as a part of "The Ritual" for the introduction of her as the new Green Witch. The whole werewolf story was entirely made up by the villagers to trick Sieglinde into completing and then giving them the formula for a new chemical weapon, the "ritual" was just to keep her from suspecting anything or keep her from escaping if she ever found out the truth.
  • The cliffhanger at Chapter 98: Ciel has an emotionally broken Sieglinde alone and held at gunpoint, forcing her to choose between going out into the outside world (promising that she'll most likely "be used by countless people and experience even worse tragedies than what already happened") or just "get it over with". This is also right after Wolfram was given the order to find Sieglinde and kill her even though it's obvious that he doesn't want to.
  • Chapter 100 has Wolfram believing to have found Sieglinde after defeating Bard and Snake, but it turns out that it's Ciel dressed up like her and he's about to shoot Wolfram point-blank. It gets worse since it goes into Adult Fear territory in that Wolfram could have understandably assumed that Sieglinde was either long gone, being tortured, or murdered at the time.
    • The satisfied look that Ciel has when it looks like he killed Wolfram can also count.
    • Wolfram nearly shooting Ciel the next chapter also counts, especially with Bard and Snake being within seeing distance but unable to do anything.
  • Chapter 105 once again hints that Queen Victoria is planning on starting a world war in order to conquer it in the name of England. Not only that, but she might have had some knowledge of Germany's advancements in weaponry and has now obtained its most deadly one by having Sieglinde and samples of it on their way to England.
    • Doesn't help that Sascha happily informs that the sulin gas could easily kills hundreds with just a drop of the stuff...not to mention he himself is extremely happy with the idea of a world war happening.

     Blue Cult Arc 
  • In Ch. 108, it appears that during the night Undertaker snuck into Ciel's room while he was sleeping and fed him some sort of liquid from a vial. It plays out to have looked like a nightmare, but the possibility of it having been real isn't exactly excused...
    • A moment not so much for us but in-verse for Sebastian of all characters. After the nightmare/the Undertaker’s nighttime visit, Ciel’s contract seal was either flickering in and out or just not there for a while after he woke up. All this work, all the condescension he’s endured, and Sebastian was absolutely terrified for a moment that he’d lost his reward and he didn’t even know how.
    • There's also the idea that the sulin gas might actually come back into play again, given Sebastian opted to hide it in an underwater abyss as opposed to outright destroying it. Not exactly a far stretch to imagine another supernatural being getting a hold of it or something else occurring.
  • The Blue Sect arc revolves around a cult that welcomes members of all classes, offers free food and education, and even has live entertainment akin to Japanese idol groups. Sounds wonderful (and strange) enough, but in actuality it is sedating its members during said live concerts and taking large amounts of blood for the so-called masters, leaving a large amount of people (kids included) dead. It gets worse since Elizabeth is currently involved, and it has gotten to the point she has no desire to leave even for Ciel's sake
    • Ciel's plan to take away Bravat's audience becomes this when it's revealed he did it to purposely see if more people would die as a result of Bravat having to take even more blood thanks to his resources dwindling. Of course Ciel hid this tidbit from the rest of the P5 members.
  • Sebastian effortlessly and callously striking down Elizabeth after she attacked him when he was investigating the sphere hall. Not only was he surprised that he didn't break any of her bones, but he blatantly admitted that if she was not engaged to Ciel he would have simply killed her.
  • Ch. 125 features Blavat locking his patrons to their loungers and draining them near complete of their blood. The only survivor appears to have been Gregory Violet, who was brought due to having the rarest blood type, and even then he's not in the best condition.
  • Ch. 126 has Agni discover something shocking from the pieces of a picture that Ciel threw into the fire, and Soma has someone whom he is familiar with point a gun to his head, pulling the trigger as the chapter ends just as Agni rushes out to inform him what he has discovered.
  • Ch. 127, the ambush was already horrible enough, but seeing Agni's bloodied corpse with multiple knives still in its back is as jarring as it was heart wrenching.
  • Ch. 128: "Who stole the candy from my tummy?" Whatever it means, along with the picture fragments Agni gave to Soma, it has Ciel Phantomhive horrified.
    • Later this is revealed as the Phantomhive ring, which the older twin swallowed to hide it from their kidnappers. This is the revelation to Ciel that his twin was somehow alive and involved.
  • YMMV, but the sight of the kind-hearted, happy-go-lucky Soma looking absolutely infuriated once he gains consciousness and learns Agni is indeed dead. It could almost be forgiven if one assumes he's willing to murder Agni's killer, who at this moment Soma could be mistaking Ciel for.
  • Ch. 129: by the time Ciel and Sebestian return to the manor, Ciel is horrified to see a stranger that looked exactly like him and claims to be the real Ciel. The reason why Ciel was scared of him, as if he had seen a ghost is unknown, but it seems that he somehow knows that this stranger is the real Ciel. He was completely speechless at the end of the chapter, frightened of his presence.
  • Ch. 135 ends with one of the series' worst examples of Nightmare Fuel and also happens to be a massive spoiler and trigger warning. Long story short: the Phantomhive twins' Rape as Backstory gets confirmed.
  • Ch. 137 shows us Sebastian's true form. He/it is a constantly shapeshifting mist. Any solid form isn't constant and furthermore is PART OF the mist, not made from it or at the center of it.
    • And then there's what he does to Ciel's corpse, while Gaslighting the other twin to convince him that Ciel's death was his fault.
  • Ch. 140 Finally reveals who resurrected the real Ciel Phantomhive: Undertaker.
    Undertaker: I didn't want to lose anymore Phantomhives.
  • Ch. 141 It turns out Undertaker and the real Ciel Phantomhive had been spying on our Ciel's entire journey since the start of the manga.
    • Want more details? The coffin that our Ciel sat on at Undertaker's parlor during the Jack the Ripper case? The real Ciel was developing in it. The burning of Baron Kelvin's mansion? Undertaker and the real Ciel watched the whole thing from afar. The coffins containing the Bizarre Dolls on board the Campania? The real Ciel was in one of them and was just as feral as they were. The reason Undertaker, disguised as the principal, rushed to get away from Sebastian during the cricket tournament at Weston College? Vice-principal Agares was keeping an eye on the real Ciel at the garden where the Midnight Tea Party would take place.
  • Ch. 142 Elizabeth tells Scotland Yard and her family that Our Ciel is a liar after they arrive at the mansion and find out that there are two Ciels. How is Our Ciel going to recover from this now that his whole fabrication has been revealed?
  • Ch. 143 Blavat has been hiding in the Phantomhive Mansion and as he's arrested, he calls Our Ciel "Lord Sirius". It's now become clear that the Real Ciel is the leader of the Blue Star Cult and he's framing his brother. Worse still, it's revealed that the number of deaths have gone up since the Phantom Five Music Hall. With all these factors against him along with the charge of identity theft, Abberline declares Our Ciel the prime suspect of the Blue Star Cult murders.
  • Ch. 144 When Lizzie found out the real Ciel was still alive and Our Ciel is the twin brother, she at first hated him, but then she realized something. If Our Ciel had been honest, she and her family would have wished he, the boy who was sick with asthma and did not inherit the title of Earldom, was dead and his brother still alive. It's very hard to imagine someone so sweet like Lizzie wishing someone, let alone a boy sick with asthma, dead.
  • Ch. 147 Our Ciel, overcome with anger, starts stuffing his face with food and water before declaring he's going to fight his own brother to take everything he stole back.
  • In Ch. 148, Soma flies into an uncharacteristic rage and kills three robbers when they assault a boy and his family and try to steal the urn containing Agni's cremated remains.
  • In Ch. 149, Othello explains to Grell that the Undertaker's zombies are not perfect. There's a reason why they need all those blood transfusions just to move. Without the blood, they would be nothing more than lifeless dolls.
  • In Ch. 151, the real Ciel discovers the prototypes for the Funtom Company's Christmas line as Tanaka tells him how the Funtom Corporation was one of the reasons for Our Ciel's successes. The real Ciel is so excited and proud in his brother's success, commenting on how if it were up to him, he would have invested in communication systems or railways lines. ... And then he tells Tanaka to dispose of the toys as he sees fit.
  • Chapter 155: Mey-Rin and Ran-Mao are disguised as maids working at a new master's mansion as part of Ciel's plan to destroy the blood supplies needed to keep the real Ciel from reverting back to a mindless doll. Now there's one problem. The master is revealed to take certain maids that remind him of his dead wife so he can keep them. And now, Ran-Mao is missing...
  • Chapter 156: Mey-Rin discovers a hidden room in the baron's mansion; a room filled with hospital beds and machinery. The beds are filled with all the maids Baron Heathfield summoned to his bedroom and liked. They are all fast asleep and connected to the machines which carefully draw their blood without killing them. Worse still, the head maid of the mansion, Jane is a combat specialist just like Mey-Rin and has been following her from the very start.


  • In the first episode of the anime, a businessman comes to Ciel's house for dinner. At some point, he excuses himself and goes to make a phone call, in which he tells how he sold a Phantomhive factory without Ciel's knowledge or permission and how he plans on getting more money from Ciel. Of course, our favourite demon butler hears this and decides to make him pay by driving the man insane with hallucinations, which are scary enough on their own. When the man finds a place to hide from him—actually the oven—Sebastian locks him in and turns it on. The calmness of Sebastian's voice is chilling, especially compared to the hysterical pleas for his life from the other man. What's worse is how Sebastian slides the viewing window closed right in front of the terrified eyes staring out.
    • That whole scene is scary. The guest is reminded of the horrifying things that happened in Ciel's board game as they happen to him—"bewitched by the eyes of the dead", he sees ghostly faces coming from the portrait of the late Mr. Phantomhive. He runs, only to "lose a limb," twisting his right leg horribly on the stairs. He tries to crawl away from Sebastian, who keeps pace with him easily and taunts him about his slowness with a sadistic smile. And when he is locked in the fiery oven, Ciel's words still haunt him—"your body is burned by raging flames".
  • Drossel Keinz living dolls are terrifying for people with pediophobia (fear of dolls). But also the fact that he himself is a doll is quite the Fuel itself. But the worst thing for pediophobic is the puppet of Drossels "Master".
    • For the few episodes he's in, Drossel is loaded with creepy. He decapitates someone on screen, uses jewelry to pick out his victims, and always has that Creepy Monotone along with the Ironic Nursery Rhyme. One notable bit of terror is when he's talking with Elizabeth on picking a gift for Ciel before he comes to his decision, you get a close up of his face with Lizzy reflected in his eyes.
    Drocell: It's perfect. We'll give him you.
  • We never get to see Sebastian's demon form in full. Judging by his mostly-offscreen No-Holds-Barred Beatdown of Ash/Angela, what he looks like and is capable of doing is probably pretty damn vicious.
  • Angela/Ash during the last two episodes of season one. "Every one...every one...every one, every one, every one, every one, every SINGLE LAST ONE OF THEM BE CONSUMED BY HELLFIRE."
    • complete with nightmarish computer glitch-like transition between Angela's face and Ash's face. Oh man. And this troper thought only the When They Cry series could get that creepy...
  • Episode 1 where Alois stabs out Hannah's eye with his fingers.
  • Black Butler II also has its fair share of horror, but the one scene that tops everything occurs in episode 10. It begins with Hannah talking to Ciel and saying that she has something to show him. Perfectly pleasant, right? Then her mouth opens unnaturally wide to reveal this black abyss where the inside of a human mouth would be. The eye she stole from Alois Trancy is rooted in the back of her throat, and since Ciel's soul has been partially fused with Alois's at this point, he's basically staring at himself from inside her. Hannah watches calmly while Ciel suffers a severe nervous breakdown. Also counts as Paranoia Fuel, since up to this point the episode made you believe that they were really going to hit it off as master and servant.
  • That bit where Claude is brainwashing Ciel into thinking he's Alois and rewriting his past.
    • Going more into it, remember that Alois/Jim was a Sex Slave who was raped multiple times by the old earl, not to mention it was implied that he was probably forced to prostitute even before hand to survive. This basically means that Claude figuratively AND literally mind raped Ciel.
      • The above makes Claude's interactions with Ciel while he was Ciel's butler all the more creepy than they already were.
  • When Sebastian puts on glasses it's a bit frightening! Imagine waking up to THAT hideous sight serving you your morning tea!
    • Or, what about that second after Sebastian explained to everyone about Hamlet after they were goofing off? Grell said it best:
      Grell: My my, Bassy you're terrifying!

  • In general, entering into a contract with a demon causes a marking to appear somewhere on your body (like Ciel's eye). The more obvious/visible the area will give more power and make the contract stronger, all while making it easier for the demon to find you. And once you're branded, there is no getting rid of it, no means of escape.
    • To make things worse, it seems that once the contract has been made if at any moment the demon believes it's contractee is in violation of their end of the bargain the demon will be free to eat their soul right then and there, and Sebastian already demonstrated this in the Green Witch arc. And yes, Word of God indeed confirmed this.
    • As the Anime also demonstrates, if the demon feels the contractee’s soul is unsuitable for his or her tastes, then the demon can simply kill the person and abandon the contract as Claude did to Alois.
  • YMMV, but Ronald's character song Kudoku Kiku Jyanakute is fairly creepy. Imagine you're in a club or on the street or anywhere, just minding your own business, and then a complete stranger walks up to you and brightly tells you, "You have only seven days left." And there's nothing you can do about it.


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