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While the show is generally known for making Affectionate Parodies, it is not above making jabs:

  • Spidey straight up calls the decision to show Topher Grace's face more than Venom lame.
    • The movie's failure is also presumably why Batman and Superman hesitate to let Spidey join them in the cafe until the Amazing movies came rolling in.
  • To Green Lantern, who they say can only come in the cafe when he actually makes a good movie! In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice they hesitate when he asks if he can also be in the Justice League. He then switches to his Deadpool costume and admits he's just kidding. "I'm not doing that anymore."
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  • To George Lucas, for his constant need to edit the original Star Wars films, much to the displeasure of the fans, and for the "Han Shot First" controversy, pointing out Han also did so in Empire;
    Vader: Whoa, whoa! What are you doing? shot first?
    Han: Yeah? Why wouldn't I ?
    Vader: I...I, uh, don't know the answer to that.
  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which is especially vitriolic:
  • Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has Jetfire turn Optimus Prime into "the greatest Autobot, that everyone wishes [him] to be." The extra armor and weapons make Optimus look even clunkier, but then, it all falls off, revealing G1 Optimus.
    Optimus Prime: Aw, yeah, that's what I'm talking about!
  • In Avengers: Age of Ultron Part 2, Magneto saves the day.
    Magneto: Those two [points at Wanda and Pietro] are my children. And we are called mutants!
  • Also, in Avengers: Age of Ultron Part 2, even though the film was released after Sony announced that Spider-Man is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is sharing film rights with Marvel Studios (unlike Fox's position with X-Men and Fantastic Four), the film was too far in post to include him, so they do another Take That! with Spider-Man helping to stop the bullet train in South Korea the same way he stopped an L-Train in Spider-Man 2.
    Spidey: Just your friendly neighborhood, Marvel Universe Spider-Man!
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  • The cast of Aliens laugh and scoff at what is essentially the premise of Avatar.
    Hudson: Maybe it's a precious unobtainable mineral that's gonna save the Earth from an energy crisis.
    Drake: [laughing] That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
  • Their videos for Michael Bay's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows are probably their most blatant use of this trope to date, actively pointing out how utterly inferior the new product is to previous versions and doubting Megan Fox's ability to portray April O'Neill.
  • Their video on the 2015 Oscars has Superman mention how Hollywood seems to hate superhero movies. Batman responds that if it bothered them that much, then maybe they should stop starring in them.
  • Superman directly asks what went wrong with him and Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, pointing out that they were supposed to be the "cool kids." In response Wonder Woman points out that the backlash was due to Batman killing people and Superman failing to smile. Though it's subverted as Superman points out that the movie makes sense after a second viewing.
  • While HISHE's crew initially responded pretty positively to The Joker's new design in Suicide Squad (to the point they actually made a video about it), once the movie came out to mixed reviews, including regarding the Joker's portrayal in it, subsequent Villain Pub episodes have pretty much made where the HISHE crew's stance on it lays now crystal clear. The fifth episode even has Batman use the Infinity Gauntlet to punch the Joker back into his Heath Ledger appearance. In all subsequent videos afterwards, he's still in his Dark Knight persona.
    Loki: Should we try and stop him?
    Voldemort: Not in this case, no, I don't think so.
  • In Beauty and the Beast, there is another one to Suicide Squad, when the prince refuses to let the old lady enter his castle:
    Narrator: Suddenly she became a beautiful enchantress.
    [shows the Enchantress from Suicide Squad]
    Narrator: So the prince immediately slammed the door because, well, he saw Suicide Squad, and that movie sucked.
  • The villains all leave in disgust when Deadpool brings "Barakapool" into the Pub.
  • The Holiday Special mocks The Polar Express for its creepy motion capture models.
  • If you look at the background of "Hulk Spoils Movies" closely, you can see a banner for an Expy of D23 Expo note  with the Tagline "Thanks For All the Money," which also takes place at the "Big OK Convention Center."
  • In the video for Wonder Woman, Batman pulls up to Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batgirl at the cafe and spouts his "Do you wanna know my secret identity" spiel. Batgirl in particular retorts in disgust and yells that Batman is friends with her dad, referencing the controversial decision to make them lovers in Batman: The Killing Joke.
    • As a shout out to the film's critical score the girls comment how the film is more inspirational than both Batman and Superman's movies.
  • They seem to take a lot of issue with Jurassic World, considering it's in list form and ends with a rather annoyed text card about the stupidity of the running in heels scene.
  • In the HISHE for Thor: Ragnarok, Batman uses Loki's Chronic Backstabbing Disorder as the reason why nobody should trust him. Loki retorts if Batman thought he's "getting people's hopes up only to let them down when the time comes", when Batman says yes, Loki then mockingly replies "What do I look like? the Justice League?": a Take That! to Justice League's polarizing reception.
  • In the HISHE for The Last Jedi:
    • The Resistance's plan is carefully explained so no one "freaks out and mutinies", referencing how in the actual film, Vice Admiral Holdo keeps it a secret and causes a mutiny.
    • When Rose and Finn were headed to get the slicer they needed, Rose explains that they have no time to feel sorry for kids or rescue horses as their friends are quite literally running for their lives and every moment counts.
    • When one of the endings results in Finn and Rose's deaths and Poe tells it Leia, Leia inquires: "Finn and who?"
  • Saying that HISHE tore apart Justice League's reputation would be considered an Understatement.
    • They waste no time mocking the Uncanny Valley brought about by the CGI removal of Henry Cavill's Synchro Voxing his mouth.
    • Cyborg declines Wonder Woman's offer to join the League, as he's already on another, more colorful, more fun team. The video also calls out the movie sexualizing Diana by having her scream at Beast Boy "My Eyes Are Up Here" when he and the camera lingers on her ass, just like the actual film did several times.
    • Steppenwolf is a big Butt-Monkey who is instantly shot to death with arrows by the Amazons, stabbed in the neck by Flash with Wonder Woman's sword, and stabbed in the neck by Flash with Aquaman's trident. The opening song (parodying Sigrid's "Everybody Knows", used in the actual film) straight up mutters that Steppenwolf sucks.
    • Flash confusedly asks the other Leaguers if they're still killing people or not, especially when Batman (who's killed, ahem, manslaughtered God knows how many mooks in Batman v Superman) calls him out on it. Batman's version of the "Save one person" speech from the actual film here even becomes "Stab one person" when Batman orders Flash to stab Steppenwolf with Wonder Woman's sword.
    • Superman is resurrected with not only facial hair, but also with a mullet and his black suit. A double whammy not only towards Henry Cavill's mustache, but also being more faithful to the comics and towards the film breaking the promise of showing the resurrected Superman in the suit.
    • Another towards the mustache, though seemingly in support of the decision to remove it. Superman has the mustache initially when the Super Cafe segment came along but Batman describes it as incredibly distracting and tears it off his face.
    • Batman bluntly tells Flash that a future version of him told him "Lois is the key," thus cleanly wrapping up the Knightmare plotline that Justice League failed to acknowledge.
    • Adam Warlock, err, Martha reprimands the League for failing to properly build their world and for assuming that their mere presence is enough to make up for whatever shortcomings their franchise has.
    • When Green Lantern appears, he declares that the Justice League now has seven members, a reference to the "Unite The Seven" poster that never got any resolution or payoff in the movie (at least for those who assume the poster isn't referring to Aquaman (2018)). GL's first lines also suggest that the HISHE crew wouldn't have even minded if he only showed up in the finale, they just want him to show up at all.
    • While he's rattled when "Martha" first says his name, Batman is no longer susceptible to freaking out over "Martha" the second time and decides that he's had enough of the damn "Save Martha" meme.
    • The video starts subverting the Take That! when it portrays the Justice League as having excellent chemistry and teamwork skills, even averting This Looks Like a Job for Aquaman by having Batman directly ordering Aquaman to work with Cyborg when it seemed that he was going to order him to order all the tuna in the city to gather as many jellyfish as they can. Everything ends up being Double Subverted, however, when Superman snaps "Martha's" neck and Batman angrily asks if they even learned anything from their failures.
  • "Super Cafe: Teens and Titans" flip flops between criticizing Titans for its comical Precision F-Strike whilst also criticizing Teen Titans Go! To the Movies for being too bright and colorful and relying heavily on poop jokes. Batman also expresses his frustration with DC's current tonal inconsistencies.
    Batman: One day, we're dark. The next, we're epic. Then, Aquaman's trying to be Lord of the Water Rings. Suddenly, Robin's dropping F Bombs, and Shazam is flossing! I'm just like: "WHAT ARE WE DOING?!"
  • "Nostalgia Detective" uses Batman as HISHE'S mouthpiece slamming the 2019 version of The Lion King for being what they claim is a cheap cash-grab to make money off of people's nostalgia - and they also knock the film for not being live-action (even though the media called it live-action, but Disney has never called it that themselves).
  • The video for Bumblebee briefly calls out the film for its Flip-Flop of God over the film's status as a Prequel or a Continuity Reboot.
  • HISHE!Batman calls Joel Schumacher's Batman's french fry "weird and gross" because it has nipples and they don't talk about it.
  • In the review for Avengers: Endgame, Daniel Baxter declares how Endgame is the "biggest movie of all time that brings the incredible conclusion to the insanely impressive ten year stack of Marvel movies." Captain Marvel is not among all the movies shown and Carol can be seen peeking out from the corner of the screen.
  • In Aladdin, as Aladdin and Jasmine marry early, the former gives the lamp to Jasmine, so that she can have one wish before he frees the Genie. Jasmine decides to wish that this film is never made into "a live-action cash-grab". When the Genie considers the wish done, his face briefly changes into that of Will Smith's, before he nervously claims that he will do his best to make that wish happen. Aladdin and Jasmine question this, but the Genie lies and tells them that her wish was fulfiled.
  • Avengers: Endgame
    • During the scuffle between Black Widow and Hawkeye on Vormir, they argue on who sacrifices themselves for the Soul Stone. One of Black Widow's points is that "[she] never gets to do anything important", referencing how she never had a solo movie, or any defining character moments until after this film, which ended with her dying before the climatic final battle.
    • The group shot of all the female heroes at the climatic final battle from the film is replicated in the HISHE... only for Captain Marvel to anticlimatically use her massive powers to clear the field from enemies and fly away from them, all while telling that their help isn't really needed due to said immense powers. She still thanks them for their good intention, though.
  • Godzilla: King of the Monsters has one towards clickbait videos and articles about upcoming movies, particularly those with thumbnails that have useless arrows and circles emphasizing and pointing at nothing.


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