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Nightmare Fuel / Paper Mario
aka: Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

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You are foolish to oppose me...

The Paper Mario series is filled with many quirky characters and vibrant locations. That doesn't stop it from having its moments.

Games with their own sub-pages:

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     Paper Mario 
  • Forever Forest, with its creepy laughing trees, giggling flowers, and Bootler's Nightmare Face.
  • Tubba Blubba himself is pretty frightening, especially since he really is invincible and almost all of that part of the level centers around hiding from him. The Boos are all terrified of being caught by him and at one point, when Mario searches Tubba Blubba's house, he finds a Boo who came in with a group and ended up hiding after they got separated. (And for added Fridge Horror, consider that Mario sees no other Boos in the house besides that one.) It's all somewhat mitigated by the fact that Tubba Blubba turns out to not be such a mean guy and spits up the unharmed ghosts he ate, but anyone who doesn't know that will be pretty on edge throughout the level.
  • Crystal Palace has an unsettling atmosphere, thanks to the isolation, subdued music, and plentiful doppelgangers.

     Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door 
  • In the Glitz Pit, you quickly get sucked into a mystery about the strange things that happen in the ring, and keep receiving mysterious emails from someone simply called "X". At one point, a Koopa who befriends you called King K tells you he's retiring and you see nothing more of him. Also, a character called Bandy Andy who tells you about the urban legends of the ring also stops appearing. You don't pay it much thought at first, until you're instructed to go into the storage room and find a secret staircase. When you enter the locked room at the top of the stairs and destroy the box in there, you find King K and Bandy Andy, lying unmoving on the floor with a fly buzzing around them. King K manages to weakly acknowledge Mario, and Bandy Andy tells him not to go to the ring at night. Then, they just stop responding to you. They get better after you defeat the boss, but it's seriously creepy.
  • Twilight Trail is very similar to Twilight Town, except that it leads into a coniferous forest which becomes darker and darker as you venture further in. The music in this area takes a level in creepiness.
  • Creepy Steeple is at the very end of the trail, and although small as compared to other dungeons within the Paper Mario series, it's a classic example of Big Boo's Haunt. Add to that the dimly lit hallways and stained-glass windows, and you've got a very unsettling place indeed. As with Twilight Town and Trail, the background music helps in establishing the atmosphere.
  • Mario's body when Doopliss takes it over becomes pretty unnerving with its facial expressions and posture not seen from Mario otherwise. His eyes become wider and hollow, and do not blink; his body more hunched over, and his voice becomes metallic. When fighting against Doopliss alongside the Shadow Sirens the Palace of Shadow, he uses this ghastly form of Mario when copying his form.
  • Functionally how Twilight Town works isn't too weird in its own right. You must have a name and have it attached to you to both enter and exit... except what do you do when a supernatural opponents steals your very appearance and even manages to steal your name? Now you're trapped in a world of perpetual twilight where said invincible villain can use everything you know and can even convince your allies to fight against you. Worse yet, the villain can apparently even steal entire letters right out of the alphabet, so even if you did know his name in order to be able to make him vulnerable, you'd be supernaturally unable to defeat him without realizing this detail and finding a way to speak the letter you need.
  • Riddle Tower. Especially thanks to the music and the cryptic text on the signs in each room - the middle line in all of these is unrelated to the other ones, and together these middle lines spell out a mysterious, cosmic message.
  • The Shadow Queen is nothing less than pure evil. In the prologue, she destroys an entire city by sinking into the ground. She later goes on to create three dragons and use the Pit of 100 Trials as a torture chamber to those who would oppose her. If it weren't for the four heroes, she would have probably gone on to conquer the entire world. And when she's finally defeated, she curses the four heroes by locking them into chests. You later have to go through her palace, which gets more and more disturbing the longer you go through it. And then Grodus releases her, unaware of just how horrible she is...
  • The Happy Lucky Lottery is, for the most part, a very fun and bright interpretation of the lottery run by a big, enthusiastic Bob-omb named Lucky. It also happens to run based on the console's clock. Try to exploit it or accidentally change the time in some way, and Lucky will look frustrated when you load the game. Talk to him, and he'll reveal that there were shenanigans with the lottery and ask if Mario/the player was responsible. If you say yes, then Lucky will go absolutely crazy, repeating the same phrases over and over before in manic distress as he comes very close to exploding in your face before he shuts the game down. Or at least, so it seems. In reality, he'll charge you 500 coins for a new ticket and warn you not to do it again.
     Paper Mario: Sticker Star 
  • World 4-3, The Enigmansion. While it later gets quirky and relaxed, when you first enter the house, it's completely silent. Nothing is heard, absolutely nothing...
    • The remix of the original Ghost House theme. The saxophones and xylophones/music boxes just make it sound that much more worse, and it only plays when you first talk to the Toad steward and when you talk to him again while hunting for Boos.
     Paper Mario: Color Splash 
  • Upon arriving at Prism Island, Mario and Peach witness a Shy Guy sucking all the color out of a screaming Toad with a straw, leaving behind a blank Toad-shaped piece of paper that lifelessly falls to the ground. Making it worse is that Mario and Peach interrupt them halfway, and the Toad yells at the Shy Guy to put his color back.
  • In the Indigo Underground, Mario finds the sixth member of the Rescue Squad has already been drained of color... and the apparently normal Slurp Guy folds its head backwards to look at you and inches forward using its body, like a worm. The ensuing battle starts with Mario failing to run away, the music is replaced with "Psycho" Strings, and the Shunned Guy can only be hurt by fire.
  • The Game Over cutscene. Mario falls flat on the ground. Then, a group of Slurp Guys jump out of nowhere and proceed to suck Mario's color dry, turning the entire screen white as it zooms in on them before fading completely. The Game Over message itself is in black and white.
  • If Mario loses the game of Snifit or Whiffit: Seabed Edition, a large urchin pops the air bubble he's in. Mario turns blue and starts flailing his arms as the screen goes white.

Alternative Title(s): Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door, Paper Mario Color Splash, Paper Mario 64, Paper Mario Sticker Star


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