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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

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    Season 16 
Reverse Cowgirl
  • Cartman's exaggerated imitations of Clyde's mother bitching about the toilet seat.
  • At the end of the episode, we see Clyde using the toilet after his mother had been killed by falling into it. Clyde idles for a bit...then leaves the toilet seat up. Then he looks skyward and flips the bird.
  • The TSA Monitor's reaction to Cartman kidnapping the security guard and leaving her with a gun and a baby.
    TSA Monitor: ... [turns on intercom] Security breeeeeeaaaaaaaach.

Cash for Gold

  • True to form, far from being horrified at the obvious scams being carried out by home shopping channels and Cash for Gold merchants, Cartman is inspired by them, and reveals an "equation" for gold revolving around selling grossly overpriced tacky merchandise to gullible seniors and then buying it back for pennies on the dollar. Kyle is so disgusted he can't even be bothered to tell Cartman directly:
    Kyle: Kenny, will you tell Cartman to shut up?
    Kenny: [to Cartman] (Shut the fuck up, dude, you're a fuckin' asshole.)
    Cartman: Oh, I'm an asshole for doin' math?!
  • Cartman starts his own jewelry channel, and when an old lady buys a ring he's shilling, he asks her if she likes to "fuck little boys". It gets turned against him by Asian jewelery store owners.
  • Stan, Kyle and Kenny are in India and Stan's yelling at an Indian worker because a ton of old people including Stan's grandpa are getting taken advantage of by the jewelery channels. Cartman happens to be there since he does Cash for Gold now and accuses them of trying to fuck him.
  • The montage revealing the Cash for Gold sale-and-buy cycle. Complete with this song.
  • Stan, angry at jewelry channels for ripping off seniors (his grandpa mostly), calls a channel and flatly tells Dean, the salesman, to kill himself.
    Dean: We got a caller already on this one! Hello, sir, you must be a fan of panzoto-panzanite!
    Stan: Yeah, hi. Uhm, you should kill yourself.
    Dean: What's that?
    Stan: I said: "you should kill yourself." What you do is sort of unjustifiable. And you know its unjustifiable. And you don't care. You're the definition of evil... Kill yourself.
    Dean: Okay... We're gonna sell this ring for just 3,795! (a price tag of $3,795 appears on screen) How's that?
    Stan: I just read that the day shopping networks makes most of their money is on the day seniors pick up social security checks. Kill yourself.
    Dean: Alright, well, you shouldn't say things like that, 'cause, some host of a jewelry channel sure might up and do it, and then you'd feel really bad.
    Stan: No, I wouldn't.
    Dean: Yes, you would.
    Stan: No, because I really want you to kill yourself.
    Dean: (getting slightly angry) Now, how about this? If a jewelry network host goes home tonight and blows his brains out, you'd might be liable! That's a lawsuit worth... 2,7 million dollars! (a price tag of $2,700,000 appears on screen) How does that sound?
    Stan: I don't care what happens to me. I care about my grandfather! You morally-empty, corrupted maggot.
    Dean: Alright, I tell you what... I'll bring the lawsuit down to 2,939... (a price tag of $2,939 appears on screen)
    Stan: I-it doesn't matter what price you put on anything! Your only chance to right the wrongs you've done and repay all the elderly people who's lives you have destroyed, is to kill yourself.
    Dean: (audibly clears throat) Well, you think it's funny, but that's... that's calling up and... telling someone to kill themself. That's not a joke.
    Stan: I'm not joking... Do it.
    • Turns out this sparks a series of similar calls; in the end, Dean does it.
      Dean: Oh, do we have a buyer on the line? Hello...?
      Old lady: What are you waiting for? Kill yourself!
      Dean: Alright, goddamn it, we have another "comedian"! Ever since that little kid called up... Now everybody wants to call and tell me I should kill myself.
      Old lady: He was right. Do it.
      Dean: Folks! This is an 800-number! Every time you call and tell me to kill myself, it's costing us 2 dollars and 37 cents! (a price tag of $2.37 appears on screen) So now, how about a caller who wants to buy jewelry? Yes, hello, sir?
      Old man: You're too scared to do it, aren't ya? You don't have the balls!
      Dean: (indignant) Goddamnit! I am not scared to do it!
      Old man: Nah, you're scared. You got... you got lady-balls. (hangs up)
      Another old lady: Hello? I'm calling about the peridot earrings?
      Dean: (hopeful) Yes, ma'am?
      Another old lady: They'd look good on your dead body. Why don't you kill yourself?
      Dean: (indignant) Alright, that's that! That there's the... the straw that broke the camel's back! I've got a gun, right here! What do you think about that?!
      Another old lady: (coldly) Put it against your temple and pull the trigger.
  • Grandpa apparently forgot that he bought Stan his bolo tie, and gives this little critique of it.
    Grandpa: Billy, that bolo tie you're wearing?
    Stan: Yeah?
    Grandpa: I don't know where you got that, but it's fuckin' gay as fuck.
    Stan: Cool, I-I won't wear it anymore...
    Grandpa: That's a good idea.

Faith Hilling

  • The continual random death-by-train moments, especially the one in the episode's final moments. As a few astute AVClub commenters noted, it was like the Christine of mass transit vehicles.
  • Cartman singing a parody of Faith Hill with three of the 2012 Republican presidential candidates dancing backup while pulling their shirts out to look like boobs... simply fantastic.


  • One of the episode's running gags is Kyle saying that to believe in Jewpacabra and other imaginary animals you have to be lying or stupid. Once Cartman has his dream sequence conversion to Judaism and tells Kyle he really isn't lying, Kyle responds with "I know you aren't lying" while leaving the rest off in the most subtle CMOF in the show's history.


  • Upon finding out that Butters is being bullied, the kids give him advice on what to do. First it's tell an teacher but Butters doesn't want to be a tattletale. Then they suggest that he write the principal anonymously, but Butters doesn't want to be an Anonymous Andy. So they suggest that he gets a bigger bully to beat the other bully up, but Butters does not want to be a "Cliche Conflict-Resolution Kevin".
  • Stan "Jackin' it in San Diego", which was a parody of Jason Russell's (the director of KONY 2012) freakout on a San Diego street.
  • And of course the earlier "Make Bullying Kill Itself" song, video, and Cartman's random interjections in drag about his vajay (a callback to an earlier line about female pop stars always singing about their vajays), capped off with a very reluctant naked Butters in a glass cube. Really captures the selective outrage of the anti-bullying movement.
  • The chain of bullies awaiting in the bathroom, that consists of Butter's grandma, an anti bully representive, a lawyer, Stan and Jesus.
    "Aww, you gonna cwy?"

I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining

  • The live action scenes. Especially the "YOU SOLD US OUT FOR AN IPOD NANO?!"
    • Live action Cartman crapping off the boat. Which does in fact attract beavers. It's not actually that hard to see the hose.
      • The only way to make those scenes better, would be if they'd gotten a blond kid to do Kenny.
  • Getting to see and hear a classic Cartman vs. Kyle argument in live action.
  • The boys' constant angst and Big Nos to every minor (yet admitedly tedious) letdown in the trip.
    Kyle: Why do people keep saying "Make a long story short"? They're not making it short Stan."
  • Cartman spends the episode insisting Kenny is infected with herpes, while Kenny insists it is just a coldsore. Later on, all the boys get it from drinking from the same glass as Kenny; Cartman then has to correct the narrator that "it isn't herpes, it's a coldsore". It's really, REALLY tough to decide if it really is. Because after all, it's Kenny.
    • Cartman mentions that you have herpes until you die. To Kenny.
  • In the end of the debacle, Stan starts a crusade to start informing everyone about the dangers and boredom of ziplining. However, the failure of his endeavors leads him to once again start "Jackin' It in San Diego."

Cartman Finds Love

  • Cartman insisting to the entire school (and stadium) that he and Kyle were gay lovers so that he can ensure that Token and Nichole (who Kyle was quite interested in) would end up together. The entire pretense for his matchmaking was that they are black and thus automatically belong together.
    • His rendition of All For One's "I Swear" on a jumbotron was icing on the cake.
  • Mr. Garrison's Game of Thrones lesson should count as a minor CMOF.
  • Cupid-Me, full stop.


  • It spans the entire episode, but Randy speaking completely sarcastically and everyone being Sarcasm-Blind to him never gets old. It enters Kafka territory when it spreads throughout the country, yet no one simply calls the other side on it in order to stop the madness.
  • Special mention really has to go to the subplot: Butters feeding his "creamy goo" to the rest of his Sarcastaball team, and eventually a bunch of professional atheletes as well.
  • Everything else to do with that creamy goo too. Butters sure has a lot of it... Oh, and how does Randy know what cum tastes like?
  • The whole reason Sarcastaball was invented. Randy sarcastically suggests it at a school meeting because he's pissed about the boys not being able to tackle at football, and sarcastically says he should be the coach (which they actually make him).

Raising the Bar

  • The opening sequence of Here Comes Fatty Doo Doo, which comes complete with a Randy Newman theme song!
  • Michelle Obama's literal take on fighting childhood obesity: beating up Cartman, then smashing his scooter.
    • James Cameron doesn't do what James Cameron does for James Cameron. James Cameron does what James Cameron does because James Cameron is... James Cameron.
    • The real James Cameron's reaction? "It's like they were actually on the expedition, except I didn't actually make the crew sing a song about me." No confirmation/denial of beating up Randy Newman.
  • Kyle's speech on the bar lowering.
    Kyle: How did shamelessness get to this? Did it start with fat people on scooters or did the bar get lowered way before that? And then I started thinking that maybe it was us. I don't know, but maybe somehow we lowered the bar... a long time ago and now we're just sitting in the stink of it all.
  • "Token Blaaaaaaaaaack Production"
  • Randy Newman was in the ocean near the Bar, and when James Cameron asks how he got their first, Newman responds: "I don't want anyone raisin' the bar, 'cause nobody'll hire me!"
  • The light-hearted yet pointless orchestral flourishes that play during the Honey Boo segments, if only for their dead-on accuracy to the real show.


  • Cartman's obsession with the security company and at one point ranting about how he could have been a white guy breaking in to rape his mother and Mrs. Cartman walks downstair and hears him and then walks upstairs.
  • Randy and the other husbands of South Park threatening the UPS man who they think is sleeping with all their wives and beating him up, all while wearing Bane masks and talking like him. At the end Cartman wearing the Bane mask and threatening the Home Security guy with a pistol:
    "It doesn't matter who we are. What matters is our plan. You should have respected my authoritah!"
  • Stephen Stotch being completely convinced that the UPS man is trying to seduce him.
  • The Comically Serious old man who tells stories about how husbands used to deal with their wives Cheating with the Milkman.

Going Native

  • This episode has Kenny's inner monologue as he writes his letters.
    "To wit, I have found nothing wrong with this remote place, and I must admit it will be with some melancholy that I will leave this island and return home. I saw this chick in a bikini on the beach too. She had the nicest boobs ever."
  • The boys reading and puzzling over the letters back home, owing to Kenny's flowery speech: "'On the morrow?' What the fuck is wrong with Kenny?"
  • Cartman beginning the episode by running up to the guys eating lunch and shouting,"Fellas, hey fellas!" a la Butters.

A Nightmare On Face Time

  • Cartman yet again being mistaken for Bruce Vilanch, while wearing his Hulk costume.
  • Mixed with a bit of Narm Charm, the cops' exchange about scouring the town's Halloween party for a group of criminals:
    Yates: How many people are at the Monster Mash?
    Cop 1: Most of the town, sir. It's a graveyard smash.
    Cop 2: Look, whatever we do, we'd better hurry. It gets on in a flash.

A Scause For Applause

  • The end, in which Jesus hulks out on HGH and destroys the Scause factory. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • The entire town of South Park turning into a Seuss-like wonderland.
    Jesus: ...And causes shouldn't be worn on our wrists with a sneer. Let's keep our causes where they belong, which is [places his hands over his heart] right here. On T-shirts! [opens his robe enough to show his cause] Free Pussy Riot!
    Crowd: [Cheers wildly]

Obama Wins!

  • In a parody of the Cyanide Pill trope, Butters swallows an almond, which causes an allergic reaction and makes his face swell up to the point of making him incomprehensible. The boys try to interrogate him about Cartman's plan, but no one can understand what he's saying—except for Kenny and Jimmy.
    Kyle: Butters, where's Cartman supposed to hand over the ballots?!
    Butters: At Red Lobster.
    Kenny: (At Red Lobster.)
    Kyle: Where?
    Jimmy: He said at R-r-re...


    Season 17 
Let Go, Let Gov
  • Butters takes Cartman's statement of the government are always watching you and turns it into a religion, praying to the government and even gets followers. He turns going to the DMV into confessing your sins and his followers start confessing there, much to the annoyance of DMV workers. Officer Barbrady's confession is about how he masturbated to Game of Thrones.
    Barbrady: And that was when I masturbated to Game of Thrones. I know it was wrong to masturbate to Game of Thrones, and I know it was especially wrong to masturbate while on duty.
    DMV Worker: What the— Why do these people keep coming here?
  • Damn near everything Alec Baldwin says in the episode.
  • The 1984 puppet show at Casa Bonita.

Informative Murder Porn

  • Cartman's running gag of slowly booing Wendy when she keeps trying to voice her opinions on certain topics.
  • Cable company executives getting off (literally) of their customers' frustration.
    "Because at your local cable company, the customer is always... our bitch."
  • Also, Randy ranting to Stan about how he thinks Jaden Smith is way cooler than him because he's not controlling over his parents and is an actor who can sing, which ends with him saying that he and Sharon only irritate each other.
  • All the adults in town becoming obsessed with Minecraft.

World War Zimmerman

  • Every time a plane crashes, which is Cartman's fault either directly or indirectly.
  • Cartman's last nightmare is the ending of World War Z, complete with his own rendition of Michael Bubble's "It's a Beautiful Day".
  • George Zimmerman getting the death sentence. Why? Because the next kid he shot was Cartman in blackface.
  • Cartman shooting Token, claiming he was within his rights via the "Stand Your Ground" law. Crossing the line twice at its finest. Then, when Token wants to know why standing your ground doesn't apply against white people, Cartman runs out in a panic and crashes yet another plane as the credits roll.
    Cartman: Yeah, Token. That's the law. Everything inside the red line is lava.
  • "Fist bump, bro."

Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers

  • At one point, a seance is held in order to summon the father of all gothic subcultures, Edgar Allan Poe; soon after manifesting, he acts like a typical goth. Oh, and don't call him Edgar Allen Poe; that's the stupid name his stupid parents gave him. Call him by his true goth name: Nightpain.
  • The stereotypical black vampire kid known as the Gangsta Vamp (who's actually probably in his 20's or 30's). Every line of his is golden.
  • Pete's reaction the first time said kid appears.
    Gangsta Vamp: Okay, hold up! Hold up! Are you saying one of us might not really be a vamp kid?
    (Pete stares in utter confusion for a few seconds.)
    Pete: Uhh.... right.
    Gangsta Vamp: Well, whoever you is, you better get your ass ready to RUN, motherfucker, 'cause you a damn traitor! And I'll betcha it was (points at a small white girl) THIS. LITTLE. NIGGA. RIGHT. HERE!
  • The twist ending where the garderner of the Emo-Plants is just on a prank show.
  • Michael's reaction to Henrietta telling him that the camp is turning goth kids into emos.
    Michael: (softly and unconvincingly) No waaayyyy!
    Michael: (after Henrietta continues) (more unconvincingly) Oh, my God, no waaayyyy!
    • He continues to say this after Henrietta convinces him to join her in a devilish voice. Michael contacts Pete and tells him about this.
      Michael: And I was like, "No waaayyyy!"
      Pete: No waaaayyyy!
  • Pete's ringtone. Death and despair! Death and despair! Death and despair!
  • This rebuttal:
    Mrs. Biggle: Henrietta! I have dinner ready!
    Henrietta: Shut up, mom! Leave me alone, you conformist bag of demon jizz!
    Mrs. Biggle: ...Fatty!

Taming Strange

  • Mr. Mackey: "Ike made a nice picture of his brother Kyle, with a nice birdie hanging out of his head." (It's actually a picture of Kyle with a penis on his forehead.)
  • Upgrading to the highest tier of the incredibly convoluted and ineffective Intellilink system involves the Intellilink technician ripping all the Intellilink panels off the walls and burning them, wiping out all the Intellilink software and then shooting himself, so that the users don't have to deal with their shit anymore.
  • The entire Canadian Healthcare subplot from the Canadian Puberty video to the subplot of how his wife queefed on him and him trying to figure out why.
  • In addition the revelation that the beginning of the plotline where he confronts his wife about queefing on him then goes to therapy was a part of the healthcare video Kyle & Ike were watching. Kyle's reaction sells it
    Kyle: What the fuck is going on here?
  • The scene of Tom Brady uncontrollably crapping himself on the field when he gets Ike's laxatives.
  • When Mr. Mackey hires an intelligence worker (an expy of Kathleen Sebelius) to help out with Intellelink, only to blast her for her incompetence and fire her the second she sits down.
  • The Yo Gabba Gabba! crew and Sinead O'Connor trying to get Foofa to go back to doing kids' entertainment by singing "Don't Show Your Strange on TV." Also, the fact that Bill Hader is the voice of Plex the robot (all the more hilarious considering the fact that Bill Hader actually did appear on an episode of "Yo Gabba Gabba").

Ginger Cow

  • Kyle calling his mom a fat skank whose tits belong in a morgue.

Black Friday

  • The entire episode, especially if you're a Game of Thrones fan because it's a perfect parody of it.
    • Butters complaining about the amount of male frontal nudity in the show.
  • Kenny...or rather, "Lady McCormick".
  • The interview with the fat lady, voiced by Trey Parker doing his manliest voice.
  • Stop-Touching-Me Elmo, who puts his hand on kids' knees while making suggestive comments. Then there's his toothpaste dispenser... three guesses where that is on his body.
  • The old man sick of kids dressing up and plotting betrayal in his garden.
  • Cartman reluctantly recruits the Star Trek enthusiasts to the XBox One army by hailing them with "Big dong and prosper."
  • Stan, Craig and Jimmy trying to convince the goth kids to join them fighting for the PS4, arguing that if they don't make it the dominant system, it will become outdated like Betamax was to VHS, resulting in the following enchange:
    Henrietta: What's Betamax?
    Stan: Exactly!
    Michael: What's VHS?
  • Cartmen's comment about pre-orders, which is basically a Take That! at THQ promising pre-orders for South Park: The Stick of Truth, despite it being far from ready.
  • Randy: "Winter is coming, Sharon, and I'm a sneaky little bee. Buzz buzz."

A Song of Ass and Fire

  • How Princess Kenny - a little boy in a bad costume - is portrayed as a perfect parody of Daenerys Targaryen, complete with a spot-on Emilia Clarke impersonation for her "inner monologue" voice.
  • The president of Sony making Kenny a Japanese princess, which cuts to him being in an anime-esque opening complete with theme song and Art Shift.
  • George R.R. Martin conducting a choir to sing the Game of Thrones theme, only every other word is "wieners". His obsession with wieners in general, too. And hyping the pizzas ("Like, five of them, and they're gonna be huge!") ...which he hasn't even ordered yet.
  • The Running Gag of Cartman leading one of his "allies" through a lush garden and telling them that they both know the scheme is all about getting the two of them their XBoxes while the others simply get them through the doors sees a variation when he goes for a walk with Bill Gates, and Gates uses the line on a thoroughly confused Cartman.
    Garden owner: [from his upstairs window] Ha ha! How's it feel!? Now who's walking through the betrayal garden?!
    Cartman: Why don't you stay the fuck out of my business!?
    Garden owner: Why don't you stay the fuck out of my yard?! [slams his window shut]
  • It wouldn't be a Game of Thrones parody without Brother–Sister Incest; we see Tom and Tammy, the Channel 9 anchors, having sex when they are interrupted by field reporter Niles Lawson, who speaks as though he's doing a piece to camera. The next broadcast announces Tom and Tammy as an award-winning brother-sister news team.
  • The mall security officers are horrified to learn that Black Friday (and Thanksgiving) have been postponed by a week. Niles Lawson delivers a piece to camera:
    Niles Lawson: This Genius idea was proposed by George R.R. Martin who said 'Fuck it, let's just move Thanksgiving 'til next week.'

Titties and Dragons

  • Kenny as a Japanese Princess in the anime scenes. Specifically: how strange Kenny looks wearing a princess wig and dress over his parka (even more so with Moe anime eyes), how every single man falls in love with "her" and calls "her" "kawaii", and how (apart from the intentionally mangled Japanese) the voices sound exactly like a typical undubbed anime.
  • The Running Gag reaches its payoff as the old man whose garden that Cartman constantly uses to betray people gets his revenge by revealing Cartman's plan to Stan.
    Garden owner: [from his upstairs window] He's lying to you! [Cartman glares at him] They're just acting like they've given up, but it's a double bluff!
    Cartman: Dude! Dude!
    Garden owner: They're gonna betray you at the Red Robin wedding! He got the idea watching Game of Thrones!
    Cartman: Dude, shut the fuck up!
    Stan: Who is that?
    Cartman: He's just this old crazy guy who gets pissed off because I'm in his garden all the time.
    Garden owner: They're gonna lock you in!
    Cartman: God damn it, shut up!
    Garden owner: He talked about it in my garden to like three other people! They're gonna lock you in the Red Robin and go get all the XBoxes! That's why he wants you to stay back from the doors!
    Cartman: Well, why don't you just tell the whole world everything, huh!? Why don't you tell everyone what Prometheus was about while you're at it?!
    Stan: Did Kyle know about this?
    Cartman: Dude, we're not gonna betray you. Come on! [goes for a distraction] Did you see Prometheus? I don't think the writers even knew what that was about.
    Stan: Did Kyle know about this!?
    Cartman: [sighs] Kyle thought of it. [Stan runs off] Stan, dude, hold on! XBox One is fuckin' sweet, dude! [turns to glare at the garden owner] You're a fuckin' asshole!
    Garden owner: Fuck you, get out of my garden!
    Cartman: I'll shit in your fuckin' garden!
    Garden owner: Go fuck yourself! [slams his window shut]
  • When Butters asks Martin why they're traveling on horses and not in a car or plane, Martin says that the horse has something the others don't. You get three guesses what it is.
    Butters: Aww, geez!
  • George R.R. Martin proceeds to annoy the massive horde of Black Friday shoppers by reciting loving poetry about wieners instead of cutting the red ribbon to signal the start of Black Friday. Eventually he unzips his trousers and shows off his own - and an enraged shopper castrates him, then uses the same knife to cut the ribbon.
    GRRM: Oh soft and pink with purple head. Gently you lay with me on my bed-
  • Just the image of Bill Gates covered in punk tattoos. Includes "RIP Steve Jobs", "MS DOS", and Windows logo among others.
  • Black Comedy to the very extreme when the group casually walks throughout the body-filled and blood-soaked mall to get their XBox Ones. Among the sea of dead bodies is a Stop-Touching-Me Elmo, who happily asks, "Can Elmo smell your genitals?"
  • The ending, which is a Take That! toward the numerous delays of South Park: The Stick of Truth.
    Announcer: South Park: The Stick of Truth, coming to stores soon!

The Hobbit

  • Butters being a completely innocent misogynist.
  • Kanye West throughout the episode continually trying to prove to people that his fiance Kim Kardashian is NOT a Hobbit, describing her and realizing she does fit the description of one, then calling her to make absolutely sure she's not.
  • Kanye introducing himself as a "recovering gay fish" in his first scene, after being called Aquaman by Mr. Garrison.

    Season 18 
Go Fund Yourself
  • The boys attempt to start up a Kickstarter company, where they do absolutely nothing and try to come up with offensive names for it. Unfortunately, they are all taken. Cartman comes up with the best idea: calling themselves the Washington Redskins.
  • Cartman doing the presentations about how they're not doing anything, and how they've changed the logo from the Washington Redskins logo to the same logo with a stick figure containing boobs, a penis and balls.
  • When they start GoFundYourself, the logo is two Washington Redskins logos having sex.
  • In lieu of the recent NFL scandal, wherein a player was caught beating his wife in an elevator, not only does the episode contain a shout-out to it in dialogue, but towards the end, the Washington Redskins are invading and beating people at Kickstarter HQ. One woman haplessly runs into an elevator, and guess what happens to her after the doors closed? Not that it shows the actual beating, just her screaming before cutting away, which arguably makes the gag even better.

Gluten Free Ebola

  • The running gag of penises flying off.
  • Randy, after finding out that beer contains wheat:
    "Shut up! Beer is bad for you?!"
  • The reveal that, before the events of the previous episode, Butters set fire to the gym and isn't allowed to come back like the others.

The Cissy

  • Randy revealing that he is actually Lorde to Stan. And Stan actually fainting when it sinks in for him, that Randy isn't just being his usual stupid self. It's for reals.
  • "You're watching E! Entertainment News! That's how low you've sunk."


  • Special mention has to go to the Wacky Races spoof. It even has Dastardly and Muttley!
  • And for the rest of the episode, we're treated with the return of Nathan and Mimsy and their attempts at ruining things for Timmy.
  • The cab drivers breaking Timmy's legs. And then the obvious reason of why this accomplishes nothing.
  • Mimsy's moments of surprising eloquence.
    Mimsy: Hey I got an idea! Why don't you guys just make your cars cleaner and nicer, and try to be better to your customers so that you can compete with Handicar's popularity in the marketplace?
    Nathan: Just ignore my friend. He's mentally disabled.
  • "And I thought a shark was bad"

The Magic Bush

  • The people of South Park honoring Laura Tucker (Craig Tucker's mom) for using her "bush" (it's a long story) to draw the drones out of town (it was actually a sex doll strapped to a drone piloted by Cartman), complete with an Elizabethan-style bard singing a ballad about Craig's Mom and her giant "bush".
  • The episode has a drone police chase — a cop's drone chasing after Randy's, which ends with the latter being shot down. The following news report then goes on to say that, yes, the unarmed civilian drone was black. (It was a literal black-colored drone.)

Freemium Isn't Free

  • Randy's insistence that Stan and Grandpa Marsh share an addiction problem and should acknowledge it... while he continuously drinks wine and gluten-free beer. Each time anyone points this out, he readily follows up with an excuse. By the end of the episode, he's drinking wine out of a trophy... that he won by drinking. Then he brings up the idea of betting money on a board game that Stan and Grandpa Marsh are playing to suppress their addictions. Stan appropriately does a headdesk in frustration.
  • The Alcohol commercial.
    Narrator: You. Friends. Fun. Drink. Hot girls. You're hot. Drink more. Expensive cars. Ass. Drink. Ass. Money. You in a tuxedo. Threesome. Vodka. Pussy. Drink, drink, drink! You! Drink! Vegas! Fun! Pussy! You! In a tuxedo! Fucking this girl! VODKA! DRINK, DRINK, DRINK! DRINK IT ALL, YOU FUCKING PUSSY! MORE TUXEDOS! MORE CARS! MORE PUSSY! MORE VODKA! DRINK, DRINK, DRINK!!! Please drink responsibly.
  • Kyle decides that they need to tell people that pushers are preying on freemium app addicts with the Terrance and Phillip game, and starts concocting a Zany Scheme... only for Cartman of all people to come up with, and carry out, a much simpler plan:
    Kyle: [pacing back and forth while Cartman and Kenny look on] We have to find a way to get the word out! People need to know pushers are being hired to take advantage of people with addiction problems! [Cartman starts tapping his phone's screen with both thumbs] There has to be a way we can get to the news company and sneak in and somehow borrow their TV signal. If we could disguise ourselves as something ridiculous, then maybe-
    Cartman: Okay, it's done.
    Kyle: W-what's done?
    Cartman: The word is out. [shows Kyle his phone, then reads off the screen] "Terrance and Phillip hire pushers to make money off addicts." [shows Kyle his phone again] I tweeted it. [checks the screen, then shows Kyle again] It's trending.
  • Stan and Satan sitting on a bed while Satan gives a long lecture on the nature of addiction. It comes from nowhere and is so hilarious.
    • Hell, the part where Satan politely asks Stan if he can possess him for a little while counts too.
    • What caps this off is the Unusually Uninteresting Sight of Stan leaving the house while suddenly sporting bright yellow eyes and a loud, booming voice.
      Satan!Stan: I shall return. Do not attempt to stop me.
      Told ya. Kid's got demons. I don't do that.
  • There's a Canadian devil... named Beelzaboot. In the episode's climax, Stan, temporarily possessed by Satan, fights Beelzaboot in the skies over Ottawa.

Grounded Vindaloop

  • "Grounded Vindaloop" deliberately invokes the Mind Screw aspects of sci-fi/paradox films (The Matrix, Total Recall (1990), Inception) into an incoherent mess. Hilarity Ensues.
  • The running gags regarding the customer service rep from India if he offered "good customer service" and Kyle's prolonged "Fuuuuuuck youuuuuu". Special mention goes to Steve the customer service rep saying it.
    Steve: No, no, no, do not fuck me, because I am you and we will just be fucking ourselves.
  • By the time the episode ends, you see real-life versions of the kids playing with Oculus Rift. Including Butters.
  • Butters, believing he's in the virtual world, decides he's had enough of his being grounded for sometimes no reason at all and punches his dad straight in the balls before going on a Grand Theft Auto inspired rampage ending in his being stabbed after trying to kill a hooker. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome. It's Cartman's reactions while this is happening off-screen that really sell this.

Cock Magic

  • "Cock Magic" is just one long showing of Refuge in Audacity. From competitive "Cock Magic" with roosters playing underground Magic: The Gathering, to Randy's "Cock" magic. The highlight has to be when Randy is hired as a magician for a child's party. He does the typical sawing a person in half trick with his cock only for blood to start flying everywhere after he cuts it off and has a little girl pull his severed cock from behind her ear before revealing that it was all part of the show.
  • "I HATE YOU!"
  • Plus Stan's skewering of the girls' volleyball team, only to go into shock when he finds out that Wendy is the girls' volleyball captain. Cartman then has some fun at Stan's expense.


  • The hologram of Tupac Shakur hijacks a by-passer's car. The owner's reaction? Posting it on Instagram.


  • These moments from The Washington Redskins: Go Fuck Yourself Holiday Special.
  • The Kurt Cobain hologram's performance of "Up On The Housetop" where he waves a gun around.
  • Iggy Azalea farting while she performs "Holly Jolly Christmas" with Elvis Presley's hologram.
  • Taylor Swift singing a parody of "Baby, It's Cold Outside" while Bill Cosby tries to slip her a Date Rape drink.
    Swift: Well, I guess it's time to leave. (tries to get up)
    Cosby: (pushes her down) Oh, but it's snowing out there!
    Swift: Yeah, but I need to get home. (tries to get up again)
    Cosby: (forces her back down and gives her a wine glass) But it's snowing out there.
    Swift: I really should go.
    Cosby: Oh, what's the hurry?
    Swift: Say, what's in this drink?
    Cosby: That's just some J-E-L-L-O.
  • The following tweets during the show:
    • @benn_shansbury And i thought Peter Pan was bad... #ihatecartmanbrah
    • @IggySux I'm so hate watching this! #ihatecartmanbrah
    • @greenANDstuff Is this real life? #ihatecartmanbrah
    • @UTgirl_21 OMG, I used to love this song. Now it's creepy #ihatecartmanbrah
    • @stepOneUnderPants Why are we in somebody's living room now? #ihatecartmanbrah
    • @stanzMom He's in my bedroom #ihatecartmanbrah
    • @cheezedOut Why won't this turn off? #ihatecartmanbrah
    • @ShellyzMom Now we're in a control room? LAME #ihatecartmanbrah
    • @tim_tam884 I thought this was a holiday special #ihatecartmanbrah
    • @cisginger1 I am so lost is this still the special?
    • @fraichefan Now we're in an Italian restaurant? Sheesh
    • @howamIfunny_JP Someone please get rid of the fat kid. #ihatecartmanbrah
    • @lucaveethewarlord55 Who is this fat kid and why is he on TV? #webelieveinyou
    • @reeseKIRKwood what is this show on again for? #webelieveinyou
    • @cbcastillo_03 Put a fork in him! Cartmanbrah is done! #webelieveinyou

    Season 19 
Stunning and Brave
  • All the PC people being portrayed not as the usual suspects, but as fraternity bros. Granted, they're not so different in the end anyway, so...
  • Eric Cartman's dream which re-enacted the then-recent legal standoff between Tom Brady and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell over Deflategate.
  • Cartman assaulting the PC frathouse using 200 pregnant Mexican women, taco launchers, child refugees from Syria, and Jared Fogle.

Where My Country Gone

  • Mr. Garrison complaining about illegal immigrants and the viewer is lead to believe that he's complaining about Mexicans due to his past prejudice against them. It turns out they're Canadians.
    • And the Canadians display their cultural dissonance by talking fast, saying "buddy" a lot and singing patriotic songs when it's least convenient.
  • The Canadian alphabet, which is basically the English alphabet but with guy (G), buddy (P), friend (V), eh (Y) and fart (Z) instead. The teacher Mr. Stkrdknmibalz (stick your dick in my balls) ends it with "These are Canadian ABCs, Susie likes hairy balls what do you think of these?" as he grabs his crotch.
  • Everyone getting sick of Kyle's constant speech giving and either storming out or giving him angry stares until he stops.
  • Mr. Garrison's plans to deal with the Canadians is to fuck them until they die.
    • As Mr. Garrison claims America needs a wall to stop Canadians from entering, it turns out they already built a wall first which leaves Mr. Garrison furious.
    • Apparently the Canadians don't want the Americans coming over and raping their women. Xenophobia can go both ways.
  • The Reveal that the new Canadian President is... a Canadian version of Donald Trump.
    Canadian Trump: If people want to leave Canada let them, you can tell those pussy homos to suck my balls!
    Johnson: But Mr. President!-
    (Canadian Trump puts his feet up on the desk and his hands behind his head)
    Canadian Trump: And tell the Prime Minister of China to suck my balls! And Johnson?
    Johnson: Mr. President?
    Canadian Trump: Suck my balls!
  • Remember how they made fun of Jenner in the last episode? Yeah, they didn't let it rest. Jenner actually appears... and is fucking hideous. They even reference the infamous car wreck this time around. Twice. And Obama applauded her for it.
    "Buckle up, buckaroo!"
  • A bit of Fridge Brilliance sets in regarding Mr. Garrison raping the Canadian President to death for the sake of comedy. If Political Correctness can be ridiculed for the entertainment of its opponents, then no-one is immune.

The City Part of Town

  • The live action mixed with animation shots for Sodosopa and CtPtTown, mixed with a quiet deep-pitched voiceover (CtPtTown even having Tuong Lu Kim doing the voiceover).
  • When the town is preparing for the arrival of the Whole Foods representative, the mayor tells the townsfolk off: making them promise no cursing, no weirdness, and finally "no speeches." At which point everyone stares at Kyle.
  • "Let's go child labor let's go!" CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP "Let's go child labor let's go!" CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP
  • When the Mayor and Wholefoods guy enter the 4th Grade room, the Wholefoods guy asks if Token, Timmy, and Jimmy are always at the front of the class and the Mayor says yes and says Timmy is right next to Craig who is a homosexual. Craig then glances annoyingly at the Mayor.
  • When the ranchers are being asked questions about the local cows, the Wholefoods guy asks where the butchery happens and the cow is shot in the head right in front of the Mayor (who is horrified) and Wholefoods guy (who only cares about whether the bullets were made out of recycled material).

You're Not Yelping

  • The "Boogers and Cum" song at the end. Though as a warning you shouldn't eat anything while you are watching this.
  • David's parents refer to their former home as a horrible place, leaving to the viewers to assume that they're speaking of Mexico. But then it gets clarified they're actually from Idaho.
    • Possible Fridge Brilliance in that in a previous episode, Butters restored the prosperity of Mexico and made it a wonderful place to live.
  • "Me ride mi tiny bicicleta to school."
  • The scene where, in a parody of ISIS beheading videos, the Yelpers "behead" the Whistlin' Willy's mascot by pulling the mascot head off to reveal the person underneath.

Safe Space

  • Every time Randy goes to Wholefoods, he's guilt-tripped into making a $1 donation. If he refuses, he has to go through a complicated procedure and publicly announce his lack of generosity. When Randy finally gives in, the cashier forces a shirt on him that reads "I gave a whole dollar to charity", has his picture taken and then his photo is pinned on a bulletin board, which reveals that out of the dozens of (very generous) donors, Randy was the only one who gave $1.
    • The cashier forcing randy to remove a sandwich from the mouth of a cardboard cutout of a hungry little girl to get his change.
  • Randy making public awareness ads about how middle-class Americans are "suffering" due to people asking them for donations. He then gets a very malnourished-looking child to speak up for him.
  • Steven Seagal is a blubbering wreck who wants people to tell him he's ripped when he's anything but.
  • Butters' Sanity Slippage from having to filter all the negative comments from peoples' posts. He ends up so traumatized that he runs around the school naked and afraid of the man called Reality.
    Butters: "Run for your lives you little fuckers, the man is coming!"
  • The fact that the biggest threat to safe spaces, Reality, is presented as a Dastardly Whiplash style villain.

Tweek x Craig

  • "All right everyone, listen up. Today we're going to be showing you some art from our Asian-American students and-DAMMIT LESLIE, SHUT YOUR FUCKING PIE HOLE!" This is also the first time that PC Principal called out Leslie during an assembly and she actually wasn't talking to anyone.
  • The fact that all the Yaoi art of Tweek and Craig in the episode is actual fan submitted content.
  • Randy, after mishearing the Rape of Nanking, informs the adults of South Park about "the Rape of Don King".
  • After everyone starts believing that Tweek and Craig are lovers, they give them money for no adequately explained reason.
  • Cartman's Cupid alter-ego is back, and he is on fire in this episode:
    • He pees in people's mouths.
    • He tries to flirt with Cartman, then when Cartman rebuffs him, he goes to a gay bar for a one-night stand.
    • He gives Cartman an erotic massage, which Cartman finds uncomfortable. His mother overhears her son's painful groaning, opens the door and sees Cartman on the toilet talking to himself while masturbating.
      Ms. Cartman: ...Aww.
  • PC Principal explaining Affirmative Consent to Tweek and Craig and forcing them to go through the exercises of asking to touch the other's penis.
    PC Principal: Okay, Craig, what would you say if you wanted to take a gander at Tweek's asshole?
  • In the musical sequence, the fact that everyone in the town is buying yaoi of two ten-year-old boys.
  • Craig proposes he and Tweek "break up" in front of the school to stop the yaoi being made of them, and Tweek is worried because he isn't a great actor. Come the break-up, Craig gives an unconvincing performance while Tweek explodes into an overdramatic (and very convincing) speech. It's a whole different side of Tweek, and it's goddamn hysterical.
  • Near the end, there is a sweet scene where Tweek says that Craig made him believe in himself like he never had before and that he wants to fix whatever's hurting Craig. Cue Craig's father, who is spying on them through a window in the background, suddenly and loudly bursting into tears.
  • The ending song, and the sudden shift from a soft, romantic ballad to simple shouting.
    Singer: In the darkness, we all seek - A perfect love like Craig and Tweek - We must fight or love's a goner - We must hold Tweek and Craig with the HIGHEST HONOR!! GANBAREEEEEEE IRASHAI!!

Naughty Ninjas

  • The adults mistaking the boys playing ninja for ISIS and none of the boys say outright that they're playing ninja.
    Jimmy: Wow, the fellas were right; people are really freaked out by ninjas!
    • As well as Cartman mistaking Stan, Kyle and Clyde for each other, especially since he's conspiring against Kyle the whole time and not realizing that he's either torturing Clyde or revealing his plans to Kyle.
  • Despite the town's smugly progressive attitude towards minority groups, they still use "gay" as an insult.
  • When the town rush to get the aid of the police force, they find, of all things, the police rehearsing for a luau with grass skirts and coconut bras over their uniforms, a Brick Joke to an earlier point in the episode where Sergant Yates was mockingly saying that they'd rather convert the entire police station to a hula dancing school than arrest white people they don't even get to beat up.
  • Randy using musical cues as a means of telling the difference between terrorists and ninjas.

Sponsored Content

  • The episode opens with PC Principal storming through the school demanding to know who edits the school paper, as the word "retarded" appeared in an article. It's Jimmy.
    • During his rampage, he declares he will break the editor's legs. After he discovers it's Jimmy, Stan snarkily asks if he's still going to do it.
    • We also see that PC Principal is afraid to confront a handicapped child over a microaggression, either out of fear of being labeled a bigot or because he finds the handicapped unsettling.
    • PC Principal then gets Nathan to speak on his behalf about how genuinely retarded children dislike that word. Jimmy points out that Nathan uses the word "retarded" 400 times a day! That can't be physically possible!
  • Stephen's description of the "black void" that is trying to look for news on the Internet without running into ads.
  • PC Principal surrounds the PCA frat house with police tape, declaring that everything within it a "safe space".
  • The ending repeats Caitlyn Jenner's "Buckle up" gag, this time with her running over and killing several people at once!
  • At a PC frat party, we see that the PC bros use their ultra-progressive views to try and get laid, but they always make sure they have full consent before having sex. They even have release forms to confirm that all parties were consenting adults.

Truth and Advertising

  • The boys try to dig up some dirt on Leslie, but are immediately distracted by several pop-up ads. Cut to them sitting in either a food court or trying on some new shoes, making gay jokes about Craig.
  • When Mr. Garrison, Principal Victoria and Caitlyn Jenner are sneaking into South Park, they all don disguises, but Caitlyn Jenner refuses to wear a fake moustache.
  • Randy warns Garrison, Victoria, and Jenner that they can't get into PC Principal's frat house as it's a safe space right now, and it's impossible to get into it. The three of them just go under the police tape and get in without a problem. Randy's genuine shock is hilarious.
  • "Jimmy... You're thinking with your dick."
    • What sells the moment is the smile on Jimmy's face.
  • Several of the names of the recently gentrified neighborhoods in the world ("Chimichanga" in Chicago, "NoMo Auschie" note  north of Auschwitz.)

PC Principal: Final Justice

  • Nathan gets himself a private escort named Classi.
    "Classi, with an I, and a little dick hanging off the C that bends around and fucks the L out of the A S S."
  • Whenever a character tries to threaten a family member with a gun, only to have one pulled on them.
    • When the Marsh family run out of the house, Randy tells Shelly to "take care of Grandpa". Shelly gleefully takes aim at Grandpa, so Randy runs back in and tells her to "literally take care of him". Hilarious in Hindsight considering Grandpa wants to die. On that note, how Grandpa just nonchalantly kept eating while the rest of the family pointed guns at each other.
    • When Kyle is protecting Leslie, he figures that the safest place in town would be the gun show. Cue the gun show, where the entrants treat their guns like dogs.
  • The town all uniting against their common foe, with Randy telling them to get out of their town. He's talking to the Wholefoods supermarket.

    Season 20 
Member Berries
  • Mr. Garrison's campaign advisors including Chris Christie and Brian Williams.
  • Cartman's t-shirt says "Token's Life Matters" instead of "Black Lives Matter".
  • Colin Kaepernick getting frustrated when he can't think of a way to protest the national anthem after the reboot.
  • Whether people will sit or stand during the national anthem being treated more seriously than the sports.
  • At an assembly, Cartman starts harassing the girls to be funny, to try to prove girls are funny. One girl responds by calling him a "fat fuck"
    "That's good, now just say "my vuh-giiiina"."
  • The opening where everyone is at the school volleyball game and people are betting on whether or not the players will sit or stand before the game. Followed by everyone leaving before the game actually begins.
  • The fact that the 2016 Presidential candidates, Mr. Garrison and Hillary Clinton, are regularly referred to as "Giant Douche" and "Turd Sandwich" respectively. Nobody treats this as strange, and neither candidate gets offended when they're called these names to their face.

Skank Hunt

  • After reading one of skanthunt42's nasty tweets, one man brings it up at work and his supervisor says that it's probably just some self-loathing loser who lives with his mother. Nope. He's Kyle's dad, Gerald, a happy, fulfilled guy who lives with his wife and two children in a house he paid for with his successful career.
    • Gerald's trolling montage to Smokin'.
      WeAllScream_07: Hey just wanna remind everyone about the ice cream social to benefit homeless teens. Looking for volunteers.
      maddies_mommy018: This is my daughter at the triathlon today! Go Little girl!
      Announcer Voice: You've been DICK-SLAPPED!
    • Gerald taking a happy and smug (given that he is the troll SkankHunt42) stroll while running errands to Steal My Sunshine.
  • Scott Malkinson keeps bugging Mr. Mackey about his urge to quit Twitter because he feels like nobody cares about him. After being called in the middle of the night, Mr. Mackey begins to see why.
  • Butters perfectly summing up the current climate created by political correctness, activists, and social justice warriors:
    Butters: That's how the world works now! You get blamed for the group you belong to, even if you didn't do nothing!
  • The school reacting to Heidi Turner quitting Twitter as if she committed suicide, with cops even showing up.

The Damned

  • As horrible as his trolling was, the Punny Names skankhunt42 uses during the interview were hard not to laugh at.
  • Heidi Turner's cryptic and monotone voice as she calls out to Cartman while he's walking through the school hallways. The scene plays out as if both of them were ghosts, brilliantly leading off from the concept of quitting Twitter equating to suicide.
  • The revelation that the Member Berries are so popular that to keep up with supply and demand, they're grown in a field bigger than a football stadium.
  • When dealing with how Hillary Clinton is just repeating how her opponent is a liar and cannot be trusted, while Garrison is TRYING to throw the election:
  • The ending with Heidi Turner about to show Eric her vagina:
    Cartman: Heidi, can I ask you something?
    Heidi: Yeah, of course.
    Cartman: Do girls not have balls?
    Heidi: ... Girls do not have balls, no.
    Cartman: So when a girl goes to scratch her balls, how does that work? I just don't understand what's at the bottom of a vagina.
    Cartman: ... HOLY SHIT.

Weiners Out

  • Gerald is caught by Sheila and tries to protect his alias by saying he's addicted to pee-porn. Sheila believes him and he's forced to act out his fake fetish to keep cover. Ike and Kyle then walk in on their fat mother pissing in their dad's face.
  • After seeing Heidi's vagina, Cartman attains enlightenment.
  • Kyle being completely dumbfounded when he discovers Cartman and Heidi are in a happy relationship.

Douche and a Danish

  • Everyone's reaction to Cartman and Heidi's relationship is priceless. Highlights include Annie fainting and Bebe puking.
  • Cartman and Heidi singing a duet while everyone else is making danishes.
    • One Freeze-Frame Bonus near the end of the duet shows that the back of Cartman's t-shirt says "And Token's life still matters".
  • The song the Danish sing.
    • The song itself is from one of the Julekalender (Christmas calendar) programs that airs in Denmark each December. The original version of the song can be found here.

Fort Collins

  • The subplot of the Member Berries sneaking out of Randy's house and giving one of their own a Mafia style death.
    • 'Member all those films from the 80s and 90s which had a group of kids as the protagonists? The Member Berries are just like them, complete with a token fat one.
  • DildoShwaggins, once again, tries to convince Gerald that there's a deeper reason to his trolling than just because it's funny and asks if it would still be funny if someone posted a picture of Sheila with a penis in her mouth. Gerald replies with this:
  • When Cartman has a mental rewind and fast forward, it looks like it's just padding since we've seen all of this in previous episodes, but in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it shot, we see Heidi flashing Cartman.

Oh, Jeez

  • The very first thing we see is a man who just voted vomiting in a fit of anxiety.
  • When traps the trolls, what is in their briefcases? Why, of course, it's a Rickroll.
  • The preview for this episode had PC Principal telling the students that the new POTUS had someone who could help end the gender wars. He then introduces Bill Clinton. "Bill Clinton's gentleman's club." In the actual episode this introduction isn't quite as funny...until Bill Clinton introduces his partner Bill Cosby!
  • "Oh! He's pressing pickle!"
  • Ike to Kyle: "Daddy called you a pussy!"

Members Only

  • Mr. Garrison demonstrates his "stank face".
  • Butters admits that he finds tons of women funny, causing Heidi to warm up to him. Cartman decides to make him look bad by having Heidi tell a joke that Butters wouldn't find funny, but he cracks up before she can get to the punchline.
  • Mr Garrison is guided around the Pentagon, being told about all the rooms which allow him to breach civil liberties and Garrison cooing about how awesome this is. When he's shown the Diplomatic Strategies room, Garrison comments on how it's not as fun.
  • Gerald is given a phone so he can confess his crimes. He instead calls Ike and tells him to proxy-troll.
    • Even funnier is when he's telling Ike to "Put the worm in the lady's mouth".
  • Also, Lennart Bedrager, the troll hunter, reveals that all of his work was his own version of trolling, ending with everyone in Trolltrace HQ being Rickrolled at the same time.
  • 'Member a couple of episodes back when the Member Berries were listening to Toto's "Africa" in their tiny car? This episode takes it up a notch by having a group of Member Berries sing this at a concert for fellow Berries in the White House.

Not Funny

  • Yates attempts to calm down the panicking masses by convincing them that they won't reveal each other's internet history, and that they should rely on the faith of the American people. They panic even harder after that last line.
  • Sheila going stark-raving bonkers at Kyle and Ike throughout the episode whenever they go on the computer.
  • What did Ike say to Sheila:
    "Suck my balls, you're a fat bitch."

The End of Serialization As We Know It

  • When Kyle goes on a trolling crusade he asks Jimmy and Token what would be the most offensive things to say to black and handicapped people. Their responses are priceless.
  • When Gerald tries to escape the conference room, a TrollTrace employee helps him out.
    TrollTrace Employee: Oh, the passcode the the conference room is "9"...
    Gerald: -runs over to the door- Yeah?
    TrollTrace Employee: That's it. 9.
    Gerald Aw, for fuck's sake!
  • After the internet went out and was wiped, the new internet started. The first email's content was hilarious:
    Person who sent the email: Showed him my dick, called him a fag.


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