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Short for E! Entertainment Television, E! is a channel dedicated to news and gossip about the entertainment industry. It is owned by NBCUniversal (which in turn is owned by Comcast), thus is a sister channel to NBC, USA Network, Syfy, etc. From its founding in 1987 until 1990, the network was known as Movietime.

Notable for its E! True Hollywood Story documentary series, which is essentially the general entertainment version of VH1's Behind The Music.

Their Canadian counterpart had previously been known as Star!, and was owned by CHUM Limited before CTVglobemedia (now Bell Media) bought them in 2006; Star! rebranded as E! in 2010. Prior to then, the E! name, logo, and some programming were licensed to Canwest (owners of Global Television Network), which rebranded its secondary TV system, CHnote , as E! in 2007. But due to a crippling debt load, Canwest went bankrupt in 2009, resulting in the CH/E! system being dismantled as the stations were either sold off or shuttered.

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