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For all those other things that make us laugh that don't fit anywhere else.


  • CJ Collins (who owns the account lolfilmworks in YouTube) makes a GOOD Kefka, as you can see in these videos.
  • Kefka and Harley Quinn terrorise an anime convention.
    Kefka: Well Poke-freaks, have you caught yourself a life yet with those balls?
    Pokémon Trainer 1: Alright, that's it!
    Pokémon Trainer 2: Kefka, we challenge you to a Pokémon match!
    Kefka: Um...o...kay.
    Pokémon Trainer 2: Piplup, I choose you! (tosses Piplup plushie to the floor)
    Kefka: Ifrit! I CHOOSE YOU!
    (Ifrit cosplayer comes in and stomps the Piplup plushie while the Trainers cower)
  • Sasuke is so emo.
    Chouji: (picking up a notebook) Hey, what do we got here?
    Sasuke: Hey! Those are my inner thoughts! (gets restrained by Kakashi)
    Chouji: It's his poetry journal! Let's see what we got here. Let's see... (starts reading) "My blood should be red, but it's black / My tear should be clear, but it's red / The sky is black / The ground is gray / A crow cries out my name...Sasuke" (gawking) Dude... you write this crap?
    (Chouji slaps Sasuke with his poetry journal)
    Sasuke: guys can't understand me! You don't know what it's like; my older brother killed everyone in my village. Because of that, every day I suffer an inner pain that I can only express through poetry.
    Kisame:'re a pansy!
    Kakashi: Are you telling me Itachi is one of those wiener emo kids, too?
    Sasuke: Dude, Itachi is way more emo than I will ever be; he's got thicker glasses, he turns his poetry into music on the guitar, and he paints his nails. I wish I were as emo as him. (Kakashi, Chouji and Kisame laugh) You know what, I wish I were dead, too!
    Chouji: Yeah, Sasuke, we all wish you were dead!
    Kakashi: Hey, remember your training—down the tracks, not across them.
    Sasuke: You know what, I'm gonna write a song about this! And when I sell out and make millions of dollars, you'll all wish you were nicer to me! [Exit]
    Chouji: You know, the sad thing is, he is gonna get famous for that whiny crap. Hey, Sasuke! Come back here! I'm not done harassing you yet! I gotta still stick your head in the toilet! [Exit]
  • Several conventions (AnimeNext at the least) have an "anime dating game" for which this, in the form of wacky Crossover Ship, is the entire purpose.
    Vanille: So, bachelors, how do you feel about dating... older women? Like, really older? As in... hundreds of years older?
    Hohenheim: *grins, laughs indulgently, puts legs up on the table in front of him*
  • Demyx Time
  • A pair of stormtroopers playing Dance Central 3. That is all.
  • This. Poor Saitama can't catch a break.


  • Figure skater Evgeni Plushenko and his Sex Bomb in a 2001 exhibition show.
  • Plushenko exhibition Asissay, a one-man pairs routine. The dress looks pretty good on him.
  • There's also Matteo Rizzo's Ghostbusters-inspired exhibition routine for the 2018-19 season. Ghost included.
  • Bruce Springsteen sliding into the camera crotch-first during the Super Bowl XLIII halftime show.
  • Any of Novak Djokovic's pre or post match impersonations. Especially the ones of Rafael Nadal and Maria Sharapova.
  • In baseball, any time a ball bounces off a player's head and goes over the fence for a home run, most famously happening to Jose Canseco.
  • Randy "The Big Unit" Johnson gets a disproportionate number of these. To wit:
    • The infamous "Bird Beanball incident" (not because a bird died, but because it chose the absolute worst time to fly into the field, resulting in a one-in-a-billion moment).
    • The 1994 MLB All-Star Game. Johnson nearly decapitates John Kruk with a pitch that's way inside, way high and way over Kruk's head. Kruk acts like he's about to have a massive heart attack, and spends the rest of his at-bat feigning absolute terror and is "almost at the on-deck circle" he's so far back in the batter's box.
    • In the All-Star Game in 1998, Larry Walker had to face Randy Johnson again after he had done so once in interleague play, where Johnson famously threw wildly out of the strike zone and Walker fanned himself afterward. When they both face each other, it happens again. Walker then turns around his batting helmet, grabs the other end of the bat, and switches hands. He eventually walked, at which point even the announcers were cracking up.
  • "Look at all the fine money to be collected by the Rangers..."
  • Colts vs. Texans, 2008 Texans home opener. Texans are beasting, up 27-10 with less than five minutes to go. Colts score a touchdown to make it 27-17, but the Texans recover the onside kick and need just one first down to ice it. Texans back-up quarterback Sage Rosenfels, starting in place of Matt Schaub (who was suffering from some kind of illness) attempts to get this first down by vaulting himself into the air, getting himself knocked silly and flipped 360 degrees in the air, fumbling the ball to Colts defender Gary Brackett, who takes the ball back for a touchdown, making it 27-24. On the next Texans drive, Rosenfels fumbles, and the Colts are able to score another touchdown, making it 31-27. Rosenfels then throws an interception to seal the game for the Colts. After spending 55 minutes creating a quarterback controversy in Houston, it only took Sage Rosenfels five minutes to perhaps jeopardize his career.
  • Any time in soccer that the ball goes through the goalkeeper's legs.
  • Anything pertaining to Boston Red Sox left fielder Manny Ramirez. A personal favorite moment is the time that Manny acted as the cutoff man for a throw from centerfielder Johnny Damon in 2004. There was also the time he was in the dugout randomly petting teammate Julian Tavarez in 2007. But there's too many to list here about Manny.
  • Somewhat related to Manny Ramirez but not quite. In 2004 or so, Manny had robbed New York Yankees utility infielder Miguel Cairo of a homerun. Cairo had already circled the bases and was in the dugout and had no idea that he was out until someone in the dugout pointed it out to him. The look on Cairo's face as he realized he was out was priceless
  • Jonathan Papelbon's Irish Jig after the Red Sox clinched the AL East...actually that whole celebration is made of hilarity. That was just the crowning moment.
  • A football player trips over his own feet and bites the dust. Without missing a beat the announcer says "Claude Raines on tackle."
  • Chess example: At the closing dinner after the 1960 Chess Olympics in Leipzig (East Germany), 17-year-old Bobby Fischer, already considered the West's best hope for a non-Soviet World Champion, told then World Champion, Mikhail Tal, that he could read palms. Tal offered him his hand, Fischer examined it and said solemnly: "I see that in the near future you will lose the title of world champion to a young American grandmaster!" Tal promptly turned to American Grandmaster William Lombardy and, shaking his hand, said, "Bravo, Billy! So it's you who are destined to succeed me!"
  • In NASCAR, you can typically rely on Kenny Schrader to have a good sense of humor. Here's how he attributed a 4th place run in the 1998 Daytona 500 despite a broken sternum.
  • A tasty compilation of funny moments from various sports. Depending on how you look at it, #3 is either Harsher in Hindsight or Hilarious in Hindsight.
  • Chris Kamara of Soccer Saturday, when he doesn't notice a player getting a red card.
  • Formula One driver Kimi Räikkönen has spawned quite a few:
    • When asked if he'd attended a presentation prior to the 2006 Brazilian Grand Prixnote , Kimi responded - on live TV - "No, I was having a shit". Equally funny is Martin Brundle, without missing a beat, replying, "Well, obviously you'll have a nice light car on the grid, then".
    • Kimi's increasingly irate responses to his team's radio messages during the 2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, culminating in, "Just leave me alone, I know what I'm doing!". Got even funnier when, two races later at the Brazilian Grand Prix, he span off the track and then got lost while trying to return to it.
  • This intro for Alaska Nanooks hockey.
  • After the Euro 2004 final, German captain Bastian Schweinsteiger received a literal Humiliation Conga!
  • A Liverpool fan threw a beach ball onto the pitch during his team's match vs Sunderland. Seconds later, the beach ball scored the only goal of the game — for Sunderland!
  • What happens when you get a brilliant pairing of thoroughbred names racing down to the wire? "Mywifeknowseverything! Thewifedoesntknow!"
  • This interview by Dustin Pedroia. Not only was it funny, but quite prophetic.
  • June 19, 2010: The vuvuzela has undergone Memetic Mutation due to The World Cup which began a few days prior, for obvious reasons. So what do the Florida Marlins do? They give them out to the first 15,000.
  • July 21, 2010: Tim Lincecum does this.
  • The Buttfumble by Mark Sanchez. Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
  • At the 1975 Artistic Gymnastics World Cup at Wembley, Soviet gymnastics queen Ludmilla Tourischeva dismounted the uneven bars — and the entire apparatus collapsed behind her as she saluted. But the truly funny bit was that Tourischeva didn't even blink. She simply walked away as though nothing had happened, in a moment that can only be accurately summarised with, "And not a single fuck was given that day, or ever again." Incidentally, she also swept the all-around and all four event finals.
  • Billy Sianis' curse on the Chicago Cubs is kind of funny if you aren't a fan. In his own words to the team owner:
    You are going to lose this World Series and you are never going to win another World Series again. You are never going to win a World Series again because you insulted my goat.
    • The Cubs finally won the World Series in 2016, which probably takes most of the sting out of it for even the Cubs fanbase.
  • Washington Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth's nonverbal reaction to being thrown a 57-mph Eephus pitch. note 
  • The entire Monday Night Football game between the Miami Dolphins and Pittsburgh Steelers from 2007. There was a problem with the sod and heavy rain, leading to a huge, muddy mess that the players could barely perform on. Most notably, one punt ended up lodging itself in the ground like a cannonball. The Steelers won 3-0 and it was both the lowest-scoring Monday Night Football game ever played and tied for the lowest scoring NFL game ever.
  • The Monday Night Football intro for the 2015-2016 season highlights many famous moments in the history of MNF. One of those highlights? The infamous "Fail Mary" during Week 4 of the 2012 season between Packers and Seahawks, complete with the 2 replacement refs giving two completely different calls and a close up of the play.
  • On 10 October 2014, American gymnast Simone Biles became the first world all-around champion to repeat her title since 2003 and the first American to do the same since 1994. Despite Biles' megawatt smile, the award ceremony proceeded with all due solemnity — until after the playing of the national anthem, when silver medalist Larisa Iordache of Romania, Biles' good friend, pointed out a bee lurking in her bouquet. At which point Simone Biles, who can perform feats of daring that would make a Green Beret blanch, squeaked and ran off the podium — leaving the unconcerned bee to fly on and terrify the bronze medalist, American Kyla Ross. Biles' comment on the episode?
    Simone Biles: I don't do bugs.
  • Outfielder David Hulse of the Texas Rangers had a rather memorable at-bat where he fouled off four straight pitches into the opposing team's dugout. The same spot in the dugout, in fact. Even better was the other team's reaction; after the first couple of foul-offs, the players in the dugout began to move to the other end of the dugout, and after the third, everyone in the dugout was bunched up at that far end.
  • American Pharoah became the 12th horse to win the Triple Crown and ended a 37 year drought. The reaction of his jockey, Victor Espinoza, was purely this trope.
    Espinoza: HOLY SHIT!
  • The San Francisco Giants' parody of the Full House opening, aptly named Full Clubhouse. Brandon Crawford rocking his long hair and strumming a guitar like Uncle Jesse, Hunter Pence polishing his scooter, and Jeremy Affeldt's shit-eating grin must be seen to be believed.
  • During the Thanksgiving night game between Packers and Bears a bad snap on 3rd and 15 went between the legs of Packers QB Aaron Rodgers his response? "Ah fuck!" heard throughout the country. [1]
    • A couple of years before that, Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks said, "Oh shit!" While playing against the San Francisco 49ers. On national primetime television.
  • During the fourth test of the 2015 Ashes series, Australia crumbled to 60 all out for their first innings. It looks like someone at Sky Sport has a sense of humour, because the recap video at the end of their broadcast was a montage of Australian batsmen getting out, set to the Script's "Breakeven". It featured some very appropriate lines such as "I'm still alive, but I'm barely breathing..." and "I'm falling to pieces, yeah, I'm falling to pieces".
  • Spanish association football squad CD Leganés is quickly becoming famous for its amusing promotional posters for its home games since earning promotion to Spanish footy's top tier in 2016.
    • Against FC Barcelona: "Lega" took advantage of Barça star Lionel Messi having inherited the D10S moniker previously held by Diego Armando Maradona — playing with "dios", Spanish word for "god", and the number 10 that both Maradona and Messi use often — and the promotional poster was an image of the stadium surrounded by clouds forming the silhouette of Messi, complete with the tagline "May it be as D10S would have it... or not". They got defeated 1-5 by Barcelona, but hey, at least they had some laughs.
    • Valencia CF has a bat on their team crest, and their match at Butarque, CD Leganés' home field, was scheduled to be at noon. The poster for the match was an image of a bat sleeping in bed with the caption "Here's hoping this is one of the advantages of playing in the morning".
    • Sevilla FC has well-known sporting director Monchi in their ranks, known for signing cheap, lesser-known players to the squad who eventually become stars in the club. The first poster had an allusion to Leganés players, saying "Don't call their names, Monchi is coming and he'll write them down in his notebook". They outdid themselves with a second poster, capitalizing on Sevilla chairman José Castro accidentally misnaming their stadium as Albucarque. The new poster had the United States flag in the background, and read "C.D. Leganés vs Seville FC in Albucarque Stadium: a show better than the Super Bowl", complete with a blue foam finger that said "Come on Cucumbers", playing with Lega's "pepineros" nickname.
    • In the 2017/18 Spanish Cup, they had their best run ever in the tournament making it to semi-finals (and eliminating reigning European and world champions Real Madrid in the process). After Sevilla ousted them from the tourney in a hard-fought tie, they released a poster with the caption "Leaving with our head up high." The picture was an exit door of Sevilla's stadium... with a head-shaped hole in the wall right above it.
  • The Australian Open hosts the Legends tournament, where the greatest and most skilled retired players of Tennis's history team up in a doubles competition. However, the players themselves don't take it seriously, and would often get into the kind of mischief that would get them kicked out of a regular tournament note . Examples include turning a serve into a table tennis game, taunting opponents and their own partners, enlisting the ball boys to play on their team, bribing the umpire, switching sides at a moment's notice, hitting on audience members while their partner continues playing, making up rules, hamming it up and the list goes on. All this coming from tennis Grand Slam Champions.
  • In German football, the producers of the matchday program for Union Berlin, at the time playing in the country's Second Bundesliga, pulled off one of these when RB Leipzig came to town in August 2015. The visitors (now in the Bundesliga proper) were already the most hated club in the country for their backing by Red Bull and (probably more to the point) how they got around most of the rules designed to limit corporate involvement in the sport. Normally, one page of the program introduces the visiting team. Not this time... instead, fans were treated to a 700-word article on the history of bull farming.
  • After the 2017 Hungarian Grand Prix, Renault driver Nico Hulkenberg lashed out against Haas driver Kevin Magnussen for having overtaken him by forcing him off the track during the race, sarcastically complimenting his unsportsmanlike behavior. Kevin's response? "Suck my balls."
  • During a horse riding competition, the rider causes the horse to bump into some of the bars while it was jumping, until the rider falls off and the horse itself does a better job in the competition without its rider.
  • March 27, 2019: David Pastrnak of the Boston Briuns is called for hooking in a game against the New York Rangers. The NBCSN feed of the game plays a Dunkin' commercial, which depicts Pastrnak going to the penalty box... alongside the live video of Pastrnak going to the penalty box.
  • August 19, 2019: Paul DeJong of the St. Louis Cardinals hits a home run ball that hits, and takes out, the "M" in Busch Stadium's "Big Mac Land" sign.
  • Yuzuru Hanyu: Figure skating ace, pride of Japan, fountain of memes and funny incidents. As Avenue Q has it, "Ain't it fun to watch figure skaters falling on their asses?", the way he laughs off minor falls really is adorably hilarious. Searching "Yuzuru Hanyu funny" will net you great YouTube videos, including this one. Highlights include: Hanyu putting his Winnie the Pooh tissue box on his head like a hat, crawling behind fellow Japanese skater Shoma Uno to avoid getting in the way of the cameras interviewing Uno, screaming in delight as he's lifted off the ice by Ondřej Hotárek, and many more.
  • In 2020 The Denver Post ran a poll on who was the best player to have played for Colorado. One of the highlights listed for the winner, Avalanche captain Joe Sakic? The one time he beat up Doug Gilmour. (For some context this is almost literally the only fight Sakic got in.)
  • In American Football, a play officially starts when the center snaps the ball; movement before that by the offense is a false start penalty. However, the rest of the team isn't watching the center; they're relying on play-calling to know when to move. If the center fails to snap the ball at the right time, this can lead to penalties being called on "The entire offensive line" or "Everybody but the center"; the latter is particularly humorous because, as some commentators have noted, those kinds of penalties are usually the result of an error by the center, but the way the rule book works, the center is the only one who didn't commit a penalty. Even some referees will struggle to keep a straight face making these calls, and you can expect the TV announcers to crack up too.
    • In this same vein, the Pro Bowl from around 2013 should be mentioned here as well; for those outside the US who may not know, the Pro Bowl is the NFL's version of Major League Baseball's All-Star game, and is generally viewed as an exhibition game held the weekend before the Super Bowl; there's nothing at stake unlike other games during the season. During the second quarter of the 2013 game, a flag was thrown, half-heartedly in the announcers' opinion, for a pass interference call. Before explaining the penalty to the crowd, referee Ed Hochuli quipped, "Yes, there are penalties in the Pro Bowl..."
  • April 28, 2021: With the Chicago Cubs trailing the Atlanta Braves 10-0 in the bottom of the 7th, the Cubs bring in first baseman Anthony Rizzo to pitch to the Braves.note  Rizzo faces reigning National League MVP Freddie Freeman, and strikes him out, leaving both players amused.
  • During the women's field hockey event, the camera cuts to a cockroach trotting down the field. It ends with the bug turning its head as if to ask "I'm on TV?"
  • Among other achievements the Colorado Avalanche got to win the 2022 Stanley Cup, they also got this: "first team to dent the cup before it even left the ice". Nicolas Aube-Kubel tripped while bringing the cup to the team picture and dented the base. The expressions are priceless.
    • Related, at the celebration parade a cop mistook defenseman Bowen Byram for a fan that breached the barricade and tried to force him back over. Even the Denver PD got in on hazing that cop.
    • When noted that Nathan MacKinnon, who infamously comes from the same town as and is good friends with Penguins star Sidney Crosby, would be hosting a Stanley Cup celebration for the first time, Nathan said "I've been the drunkest guy at two of [Sidney's parties] so he better be drunk at mine!". (Reportedly, he wasn't, but it wasn't for a lack of trying.)


  • Yes, politics. The 2008 Al Smith memorial dinner was a highlight for both presidential candidates, John McCain and Barack Obama, who both got off dozens of jabs and zingers. Senator McCain may have lost the election, but he could easily have a promising career as a standup comic in front of him. The line of the night?
    Barack Obama: Contrary to the rumors you have heard, I was not born in a manger. I was actually born on Krypton and sent here by my father, Jor-El, to save the planet Earth.
    • Kinda have a soft spot for this one:
      John McCain: Now, of course, it would be unfair — and even a little unkind — to put my opponent on the spot before he gets up here or to throw him off his game with unreasonably high expectations. But I do need to warn you, ladies and gentlemen, you all are about to witness the funniest performance in history, in the 63-year history of this event. Let's not add to the mounting pressure he must be feeling; just prepare yourself for nonstop hilarity, the funniest 15 minutes of your life or any other. I think he knows that anything short of that would mar the evening, insult our hosts, and perhaps even cost him several swing states. Senator Obama, the microphone is all yours.
  • The White House Press Correspondents' Dinner can always be expected to be this, but there are a couple of incidents that stick out...
    • George W. Bush is joined by an impersonator that exposes the "thoughts" in his head, showing he's more than capable to make fun of himself.
    Real!George: Members of the White House Press Correspondents Association, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen...
    Fake!George: Here I am!
    • This was, of course, immediately upstaged by Stephen Colbert giving a twenty-minute spiel as his character from The Colbert Report, who gave some of the harshest zingers only a few feet away from his targets.
    Colbert: I just like the guy. He's a good joe. Obviously loves his wife, calls her his better half, and polls show America agrees.
    Stephen Colbert: [As Obama] "It's funny 'cause I'm about to kill him!"
  • John F. Kennedy was a Harvard man, and when Yale awarded him an honorary degree and invited him to deliver the keynote address at their commencement ceremony that year, he graciously accepted, but could not resist letting fly a few zingers in the speech he gave.
    Kennedy: It might be said now that I have the best of both worlds, a Harvard education and a Yale degree. I am particularly glad to become a Yale man because as I think about my troubles, I find that a lot of them have come from other Yale men.
  • Bush gets...a boot to the head. Sort of.
  • Boris Johnson. All of him. Especially when he gets stuck on
  • Calvin Coolidge: "You lose."
  • Ronald Reagan: In a story told by his youngest son of his father's unflagging optimism, Reagan spent some time in his Presidency trying to revive the "thumbs up" sign. During this time, Reagan has his head outside of the limo's sunroof, with his wife, their son and daughter-in-law in the car, and he is giving the thumbs up to the people outside when a gentlemen gives him a gesture of his own...with a different finger...Reagan unfazed by this sits back down, turns to his family and responds, "See, it's catching on."
    • Reagan reading a letter he received from a child after getting wounded in an assassination attempt: "I hope you get well quick or you might have to make a speech in your pajamas."
  • Edwin Edwards. Former four-term governor of Louisiana. Well-deserved reputation as a ladies' man—married three times, currently to a woman more than 50 years his junior. Served time in federal prison on corruption charges. Read and enjoy...
    • In 1983, when running for his third term as governor against incumbent David Treen, he said that his opponent was "so slow it takes him an hour and a half to watch 60 Minutes."
    • In 1991, when running for his fourth term as governor against former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke: "The only place where David Duke and I are alike is we are both wizards under the sheets."
    • During a roast after he was released from prison in 2011: "I give blood for them to make Viagra."
    • During the same roast, on the reputed aphrodisiac quality of oysters: "I had a dozen last night, and only 10 of them worked."
    • When his younger brother warned him that sex with his current wife would be dangerous (for him), he reportedly said, "Well, Marion... if she dies, she dies."
    • The lifelong Democrat on the use he's found for Republicans, during a 2012 press conference with his new (Republican) wife: "You sleep with 'em."
  • When North Carolina senator Jeff Jackson was snowed-in at the General Assembly, he found himself the only legislator in the building. He took the opportunity to make a bunch of fake laws since any vote he made technically made it unanimous.
  • Mo Udall, a Democratic Representative who had run for President in 1976, was approached by reporters in 1983 and asked if he would run for his party's nomination in 1984. He responded with his own funny take on the Shermanesque statement.note 
    Udall: If nominated, I shall run to Mexico. If elected, I shall fight extradition.
  • Former Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy became known for his uncanny ability to mess up basically any sentence he said. We will focus on an amusing moment that happened on May 2013, almost a year and a half into his first term as Prime Minister:
    Rajoy: [starting a speech during a Congress meeting] Mr. Prime Minister, Deputies in attendance... Well, it has been...
    [some deputies start laughing and applauding]
    I wasn't talking about any of you, I don't know why are you applauding.
    [laughter continues]


Web Original
  • The Leet World, being a primarily humorous Machinima, has many.
  • Hot Kool-Aid.
  • "...The hammer is my penis."
  • Two brilliant zingers from the Skeptoid podcast regarding the various claimed "powers" of wheatgrass juice: "It's not true at all that chlorophyll is a good source of oxygen. I suggest you continue to rely on your lungs for that, which are probably better since you don't have leaves." And "If you want magnesium, take a vitamin pill. If you want oxygen, take a breath. If you want sex hormones, get a girlfriend."
  • The section of the TV Tropes Wiki Drinking Game concerning the word egregious.
  • Sprite TV 2 has the Running Gag of a giant 8-bit Mario eating random things.
  • THIS parody of Rebecca Black.
  • This little gem from The Other Wiki:
    Often denouncing a "Worldwide Mad Deadly Communist Gangster Computer God" mind-controlling mankind, [Frances E.] Dec is considered to have been a paranoid schizophrenic of the influencing-machine delusion kind, and is often referred to as a "kook".
    • The best part is that it has FIVE DIFFERENT CITATIONS for him being called a "Kook"
    • Similarly, the page on DB Cooper include a reference to him being called a "rotten sleazy crook"— exactly those words, and a citation.
  • An Easter egg hidden in the source code of a page that tells you if the Large Hadron Collider has destroyed the world yet.
<!— if the lhc actually destroys the earth & this page isn't yet updated, please email to receive a full refund —>


  • After a performance of The Phantom of the Opera, the actress playing Christine stepped forward to urge the audience to give donations to a charitable cause (since it was in San Francisco, I believe it was AIDS-related). She prefaced her remarks, "Now, before we continue with Act III of Phantom of the Opera..." The reaction of the actor playing the Phantom was priceless.
  • Picture it: a tense scene during the second act of Wicked, when Fiyero has his gun trained on the Wizard, Glinda and Elphaba are both telling him to flee, and he admits he loves her and is going to go with her. Cue a little girl in the audience going "Yay!"—clear as a bell and quite loud in the silence. Everyone in the theater busted up—and while the actors were quite professional and did not break character or the scene, the actress playing Elphaba was visibly struggling not to burst out laughing, and giggles were in fact audible. Unsurprisingly, the same was true of Glinda's actress.


  • One LEGO book showing examples of fan-creations includes pictures of a Viking ship built by a fan. One Viking minifigure has the speech bubble "If us Danes want to conquer the world, we should focus on the toy industry!" Because LEGO is a Danish company.



  • The Windows 8 Blue Screen of Death, which looks as if Windows is apologizing for crashing:
    Your PC ran into a problem that it couldn't handle, and now it needs to restart.
  • There is a new ransomware virus making the rounds, known as "RensenWare". Typically, ransomeware viruses encrypt your files and will not decrypt them unless you pay money via a prepaid card (if it decrypts at all). RensenWare doesn't want your money, though: all it wants is for you to play Touhou Seirensen ~ Undefined Fantastic Object and get a score of 0.2 billion points on "Lunatic" difficulty.note 


  • D'oh Frenzy in The Simpsons Pinball Party causes every target to elicit a "D'oh!". In more frantic games, it becomes rather amusing to hear it every second.
    • And then you start multiball!
  • Medieval Madness is a nonstop cavalcade of Funny Moments, thanks to clever writing by Chicago Second City writers Scott Adsit and Kevin Dorff.
    • "I'm the Duke of Bourbon... it's happy hour!"
    • "I'm the Duke of Bourbon... I think."
    • "You will never defeat the Duke of Bourbon! ...well, maybe."
    • "They took our pinball machine!"
    • "Now hurry up and marry me so we can get a divorce."
    • "The castle burns!" "Get the weenies!"
    • "They took our wives!" "YAAAAAAAAAY!"
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation can be rather funny at times for juxtaposing the gravitas of Patrick Stewart's enunciation with game instructions.
    Picard: "All hands, prepare for multi-ball!"
    • When you lose a ball, Data may sarcastically tell you how you could have played better. If you push a button during this speech, Picard will interrupt Data, and you'll get a small bonus.
  • Monster Bash is jammed with numerous quips and jokes, and the overall tone is very funny even if the individual lines are hit-and-miss.


  • A short film made by A&M Records in 1988 starring Toronto's Rick Moranis as David Steffen, the fast-talking executive for A&M.
  • This.
  • In CNN: Nancy Grace fails to get why FarmVille is so addictive and dismisses it as pretend. Her conversation with Clark Goldband about FarmVille and its sister game FishVille is funny, but this part stands out as the single funniest Take That! to games like FarmVille. (Transcript is here)
    Nancy: I really don't see how she'd be frustrated. I really don't see how she'd be frustrated about an imaginary fish in an imaginary fish tank having an imaginary death because she didn't give it imaginary fish food. No. I don't get it.
  • Game-review website IGN, when it decided to do an "English localization" of some of the cutscenes from the Final Fantasy XIII demo. The title screen plays it straight but then it quickly turns into a Gag Dub (link, NSFW), which sees protagonists Lightning and Sazh fighting a gigantic sex robot that Lightning forgot to pay. It also deliberately Flanderizes the original characters, with Lightning as a cardboard-cutout Action Girl equivalent of Keanu Reeves, the gentle and polite Sazh as a ne'er-do-well player-wannabe constantly looking for poon from Lightning, and the chocobo living in Sazh's afro as a player-mentor:
    Sazh: Say, little man... girl... I have no idea what the fuck you are, but we gotta roll.
    Chocobo: Let's bounce, bitch!
  • Someone took the generic 'Military Hand Signals', deemed appropriate for military personnel, and turned it into something that would suit the Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy training manual. Found here, it includes such gestures as to indicate 'Oh shit I think he was on our side'.
  • Back in 2008, a British illusionist/mentalist named Derren Brown put on a stage show called "An Evening of Wonders," during which he performed the Oracle act (you write a question on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope, seal it, then put your initials and what row and level you're seated on a sticker on the outside of the envelope; the idea was that he'd be able to guess your question based on how you wrote your info on the sticker). On one of the envelopes submitted, he looked at it, and guessed that, based on the fact that the person who put it in had written his info kinda scrunched up, that it was a teenage boy who, on a dare from his friends, had written something rude; Brown went on and guessed that it would probably say something along the lines of "why are you a wanker?" He threw the envelope into the audience and said they were welcome to look at the billet inside if they wished. They did, and he wasn't too far off. It said "cock." Here's a clip of the show. The whole sequence starts at around 3:02.
    • And it became a Brick Joke at the end. During a segment at the beginning (a game of 20 Questions), he sent someone back into the audience without guessing the object they were thinking of, concerned that he'd get it wrong. At the end, he unrolled a big scroll with a series of predictions of things that would happen during the show. The word "bracelet" showed up on the scroll no less than three times, and when he asked if anyone in the audience had thought of a bracelet in the 20 Questions game, it turned out that that was, indeed, what the lady that he sent back had thought of. Derren's response: "You know what, that kid's right, I am a cock!" Here you go. The actual unrolling of the scroll starts at about 3:15; the lady revealing that she thought of the bracelet is at around 5:05.
  • Atsugiri Jason is an American-born Japanese comic whose routines focus on the difficulties of writing Japanese, particularly kanji characters.
    Jason: (in English) WHY, JAPANESE PEOPLE?! WHY?!?!
  • The mere fact that Wikitravel has joke articles dedicated to vacations in Hell, King's Landing, Mordor...

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