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  • In the closing laps of the 1986 Indy 500, ABC commentator (and former racer) Sam Posey asked second-place driver Kevin Cogan for an interview over the in-car radio. Cogan brushed him off.
    I'm kind of busy right now Sam, I'll talk to you afterwards.
    • Posey's response was also hilarious.
      I wouldn't want to talk to me either.
  • The multi car pile-up at CART's 1996 U.S. 500. What made matters even funnier, was ESPN announcer Bob Varsha praising the professionality of the CART grid...then the crash occuring seconds later. In hindsight, this might qualify as an Epic Fail for CART.
    • It gets even better, when you consider that many people predicted the IRL's Indy 500 to be the crashfest of the weekend. To sum it up: The inexperienced rookies from the Indy Racing League started way better than the experienced pros from CART.
  • Many comments from Tom Sneva's stint in the commentary booth for ABC/ESPN's Indy Racing League coverage; for instance, while replaying a lap-one crash at the 1998 Indianapolis 500:
    Sneva: (referring to J.J. Yeley's near-miss with the wall) "You can see the skid-marks... I'll guarantee you there's some skid-marks inside the cockpit as well."
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  • The 2011 New Hampshire race. Will Power flipping BOTH birds to the race officials for their decision to restart the race under wet conditions. Enough said.
  • Graham Rahal's response to his dad giving him strategy pointers at the 2014 race at Mid-Ohio:
    Dad, please just let me drive the car, thank you!
  • Will Power winning the 2014 Indy Car championship? Awesome. Will's brother Damien running through the streets of Will's hometown in his underwear celebrating it? Hilarious.
  • EVERYTHING James Hinchcliffe does, while still staying respectful to his upbringing. Here are a few of his best moments.

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